10/19 - Paul Charchian

The Day Shift
Thursday, October 19th

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About this guy Adrian Peterson. Last week had one of those eye opening performance like guys I still have it. And he goes up 26 carries a 134 yards and two touchdowns in a sea off there the week. This this that sustainable. But mostly it is with Kathy and so the site and open your heart stop as he set lap. Seventy hypocritical here opportunity at sort of like speaker here and get a court. To reproduce or a lot. And you think pot like a quick job that he and like art. On schedule would be able. He they would not say either not say. It popped by broad defense another on certain that it the world stopper for him direct the light out. Her caddie. Didn't Johnson. Yeah Everett the work with the industry timeframe. It was it was spoken about how Thanksgiving to Christmas so that you know that well one block impair. Everett. It's going to be back there he got capped off a week early. All the stuff that he's doing that we have we haven't yet so happy to have you took control. Peter and I'm here is like a look at it and. Don't give me again like you know three weeks of work out Adrian and and be ready to be ready to deal because. What did adopt it comes back it in these are pretty good across the way I'll go so. To build and keep happening doc keep them eat it up and you want on our current oil if he backs it. Really I've yet jobs we're just want to ask you that speaking of airs on running backs as new information about David Johnson that up. Ask the owners shouldn't need to know. They got that statement that bet I think he's got it up. Right out David definitely definitely great arc but you can get him to work stoppage if you want to trick orbiter and the cops go yeah I can help it looked like out there. On the cheap right now. It would get that was here in key in city and is now the GM and Indianapolis is Chris Ballard it was he. Sold on snake oil leaking the injury luck is he's got another listeners what he's got another setback here. In a few ticketed Jack sob youth tech quarterback. Is the final time just cut the cord and forget about Locke doing anything get out. I think again and I. We eat it may not happen to begin with but then walked by an illegal as well. You don't you can bet it slightly in the amendment you know on the accent. I'll let you know what he we'd get back to back with a backpack and you know numerous reports and you know it's. Here. I think at that point you to prop man you want outright it since you've got to stop when little odd that it's got the court. A little. Knob and the question that I I I posed to Twitter. You're the call right now you've got the bill one draft pick coming up at this year's crack. He didn't try to every quarterback in the draft wouldn't stand Donald. Would you treat that it for Andrew Luck. It is. If almond or would I read that he is from another you're out if on the brutal. And your your your your. Work or no dollar Nell Nell. Nell a win because he's already answered eight you don't it's a lie if you kill you don't you don't know how much longer this entire injury situation. Is going to linger I wouldn't. You would not do. Outlook and what you know what you're getting into a documentary like yeah I. Keep him under birdies at who is shall lead secret struck it and he came back to you ought. Even get called in knowing that Andrew Luck and be in absolute lock the quarterback. You'd rather hold it in happier selection of your choice quarterbacks in the car. It out Cleveland's had eighteen sacks given up so I it's not bodes well for a lot. What about the European actors are here right into brown hair you know the crown prince Andrew Luck. You're you're treating me for Dexter. Are not the money. Lambert and yet it up a bit are they on the big EQ if you ran the crowd keep you. Off on by the way at. Actor Brock also at fourteenth pick in the first round as well so you know they do that they were up to you that they make. But charts they always got when he appeared set at at at that that's that's a solid round enrollment and what we're talking to all sorts of completes their direct comment spam ball dot com here on the basis of our sell the seat situation. You know one day he's gonna be out for several games can be suspended the next day he's not because of an appeal and and all of the south they need no injunction see here injunctions there can you describe or at least tell us why maybe Zeke is unlikely to miss any time at all this year possibly. Yeah that it will add weight you like. I got on you want the short on them or you want the ball we shore course and sell land that job to issue temporary or street in order duck also that. K not only the you know the standard for campers string quarter. We're about to make permanent injunction. Issued an injunction date on what I know. That is what. I'll have a judge it. And it just one week suspension was unfair. And. It is why we know he jail as like the accuser but yeah in April it would and oh lead investigator. There's a lot. 08. Here. At. Agreed to. Go. Oh it's a. That we have yet the parliament injunction. After the Pampers in order and that in and out of the match it's gonna get pushed up into the opting in all probability he is not commitment. Our charge. Give the quarterback running back and wide receiver sleeper this week. But it. Our own tour we have read your op we want an optical back to your god you're seven now we. You look at them about that even you know well I need to do so. 275. Acting yards Kirk in that all the buildup and the talent secondary. That being bit after Peterson. Plight part. Cardinals are happy that we that the 32 point stop cooking the quarterback so. Chertoff has a quarterback. Our running back. It seems like going up against the do you guys remember what happened last line change like eight without. Yes. In the global right now that. Fourteen acceptance under ten yards later I thought to order BP let you know I. Don't turn out typically just. It. Didn't like one Super Bowl MVP. And so that senior political. And you're. Our you know you are you doing bill. Of course you know the you know. He can play each other seventeen to go to court that you're in light went down the beach so that one. And make sure that they don't do it like games like beat out. Would beat them but Belichick they ever were to come back and then beat the popular games like. Yes. That and always struggle against running backs either owe it to a year. There are a couple of touchdowns and the artwork. It is I'll go back. Apple and packed games like and they and it got in new wrinkles and achievable by the one consulate is chains like and then at receiver. Briefly on the into the terms of the puppet thing. And you know answer injured and dropped the ball. They'll square off again patriot fourth quarter Eric world. Who pro football focus and at 114. The quarterback position lap you're equally scored against him on the soap opera as my picture my sweeper. Wide receiver. Eight let me ask one bonus of final question because you're not just because this is a Butte really relevant player in physical ball and he's just a tasty dies so people in the area loved the home but Jordy Nelson how much is he affected now with with Aaron Rodgers being taken out of Atlanta because of injury. Yeah I mean I certainly expect that so many weapons like receiver. I think a I think I would not adapter you buy back. Quarterbacks there are. Already. On the it will help what he. On in his first Everett will start in football the tackles one tackle it in which weren't as well and it will tackle the ball in the majority down bought. Com still look like it because he goes up against. I thought he goes up against the saints who been rotating guys in and out in their quarterback again and all eat it and then in the cute but it. Well used by the players on that a majority primary side of the deal. Stepped on big market Gerald crippled call the games so actually I actually like dirty. Paramount at this game culture so that it'll work on the duck and cover for quite like he didn't in the game in in Minnesota last week. How would demand our charge is the best we'll talk this week. Circulated aren't going to hear this ball starts it'll leak Lisa dot com in Istanbul the act now.