10/19 8pm - Chiefs Recap, Worst Hair in Sports, Sutton Strategy, Marcus Peters/Marshawn Lynch Skirmish

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Thursday, October 19th

Ron & Serda recap the first quarter of the Chiefs game and keep you updated as we go. We catch Serda in a lie before we debate who has the best worst hair in sports. Is Bob Sutton coaching this defense properly or does he need to change his strategy? After Marcus Peters is involved in a scrum that leaves Marshawn Lynch ejected, we discuss what the fallout will be tomorrow to end The Show.


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Welcome into the L law arguing that the united second show Ryan how Steve concern as always sponsors are most certainly pending. During the drastic and shocking visual. Of the injury it's not actually so surge are referred to the aftermath of Gordon Hayward injury as the best case scenario but that's the truth. Could have been much worse instead it's a broken tibia and a dislocated ankle which is a party had. Surgery on and it's expected to make a full recovery the Celtics announced today that they do not expect him to play this year. I felt we observation out of this is. Was expecting him to play this year like did to make the announcer an act as if it's a breaking news means that there that you're holding out hope. Think he can actually played this season you saw that ankle. He was coming back this season but I was torn aorta speedier come show. I'm Rick heroes run they showed you these shout out to all our listeners. Put those fingers today because Italy salutes you. For allowing us to be a small part. Yours Thursday evening standard for Joseph produces bad boy. And in my left and guys even Saturdays in the building. The chiefs are trailing in Oakland fourteen to ten. I'm not a Mari Cooper just caught his second touchdown pass of course Marcus Peters was not in coverage on either one of them. He's been covering set the Roberts. And other Jabrel these. That are having a chance to get the ball on the play we'll see if they continue to do this. And even better Saturday. On a first down and ten. Marcia Aaron lynch got a hand Tony romo's response that he gets tackled is he sure. It that was third down back to start here that he show I'm the idiot who is questioning the secondary right. Derek during the Houston game when does John Watson was just thrown bombs on the and are now they Wear. They were lucky pass gorgeous he'd what was this awful. But what who its quest and he liked what was his appeal all of her Twitter work rushing let's split and crashed my at least fifteen people onto that I've questioning this secondary. That looks pretty explainable so why don't you say they were asserted people because you are saying all the over. And I just sit here at the equal maybe he did the post game show but that was. The day you did the post gave him. Certain. You'll have enough people following you to have all of these people prosecute not. People criticize me pick birdie. Observation about the job watching going for fifty plus touchdowns on you like every time. Still he's at fifty. So how how many do you think is an add on to the fifty. At around seven. I think you've probably got like five or six weird accidents and through the rest in there because he probably did get bombarded on the tax line. And he probably just combined the two there are avid at fifteen. Agencies I mean followed. Her to say a couple of time I. Is that tech OK I created most of those people can adopt all over Twitter I'm telling you I don't think this secondary. Is is is that bad. I think their line mideast U makes a lot worse OK but I. I mean markets Peters can't cover the entire field so the secondary is kind of bad way and mark is beaters. You don't see teams throw hands so you just avoid Marcus Peterson you can beat every other guy in the second. A joke. Who with the people who keep making the place it's inaudible. Who was it this week the guys are cover art speeders who is. Named him who's got into that stance ass there stars I believe his name's Laurie Cooper who I don't traders now they're plus dollars I understand that. Doesn't mean the secondary is not bad wrong who's the number one receiver for the raiders. And named Marty Cooper irony in numbers my credit and numbers it is Michael Crabtree. Well quote they put their best corners they'll. Typically a Marty Cooper who all who'll. Who was the best receiver. For the Pittsburgh Steelers. Antonio Brown who's the best receiver. War. OK I might have to those players continually burn. Your second third and fourth corner wouldn't you say that you're secondary isn't very good. Oh why ops teams that have one good corner but but but listen today. Maybe. If they if they were allowed to culprit the lesser receiver. I guess I mean. But New England does this Malcolm. They put they put him on the team's number two wide receiver because he is stellar. And playing the guys that Arnie leaked. And makes all combine in look like any weak corner. But what do they do on the other side is Malcolm but they're number one corner. I would say that they're biggest freeagent sightings have argue martyrs they're number one court. You ideas. But in the years past would you say that Malcolm Butler was OK well now but it wasn't our number one wide receivers and yes he has the top corner what do they do find it and when they do on the other side with their bit with a better receipt they double team do you see. Mark do you see Terrance Mitchell with help. Note. So as I sit. The a lot of how things one. They don't mark is Peters on they don't allow markets Peters to cover the team's best receiver who keeps killing us. Allison on Jeffrey. To name another rating Kooks to name another they don't put Marcus Peters on their best receiver and it also they keep playing man. We did. Their second quarter guards the other team's best received. Well maybe they don't. Man is great when you have a devastating pass rush hour pass rush is hasn't been that great so far. Man is great we have two good corners as well. And I'm just saying. Unless they are not as there's a Terrance Mitchell and Philip gains are great. But it's Mitchell of Philip gains would look a lot better if they recovering set Roberts. It even Crabtree. I. I think. Like sooner or later there's going to have to be a change in this. Why if you if you are saying okay we're going to leave mark is on the left side that's why you have to GSA. Like New England okay. It's they're gonna keep running their top receiver away for market leaders were ever their top receiver goes we're going to give him hell. All of that play Terrence missile the first touchdown leads 101 coverage deep with a bar Cooper he's one on one coverage at a crossing route. The Marc Cooper at. But as a coach art is supposed to be able to see that. And I just doing that is keep writing the same defense that keeps getting burned over and over again but now it's a year arguing it would be about. Applauds that we put it out. I'd just tell it you'd like we can keep killing I and it's Mitchell and Philip game I get that but they guide. I didn't. I don't think there is bad is they're showing because they keep consistently giving sixty snaps against the number one receiver. And they're not as number one receivers they're some of the top receivers in the league. Like the reason. That Revis was so successful just staying on one side of the field for his entire career. Was because he generally had another guy that was solid on the other side I mean during his prime. In New York he had Cromartie on the other side who grew Marty in his prime was a very good quarterback when they're in New England he did the same Belichick at the same thing he does. With welcome Butler with him. It lifts previous singled. And doubled with his second best quarter. Might there Bob's going to have to do something different. Like we can keep killing. I like I say this if you wanna like you'd think that there so like it sounds like you think that there's geez. Like you think they're just so bad that. They can't play the state that the chiefs need to get out other. I have to get new core I think they can adjust and they yet they can number but it's frustrating watching this every week like. Pittsburgh gave you a game plan. A blueprint of how to beat this secondary which has been exportable. All season long so far but it's just something that we overlook when their when it gives us it wasn't as it's everyone's everyone's got by this start living it and it's something that we overlooked him we don't. And then. Now people say that I I'm just being a naysayers using that. Call this team was ill at AFC championship team all of these people because. Because they're winning football games like this is an issue of this week. This is an issue. It needs to be address. It's say that's where we said before that it's just frustrating seeing this because you're better than this football but I watch news. Ali used to give it. To understand I was a I think I disagree with him with you about who your anger is pushed towards. And I think you're confused about who your anger is pushed towards could you just get angry at everybody. If you've agreed with me but still argued with me while you are green with a. I added Fisher's low level by colonial map. The Leo that's pretty. But I I've seen him in let right now. It is that it doesn't have any help. It doesn't have any help that it is 89 down here on 39. Wait till they they you know what they did the last time okay hot outside I picked on. I picked on Terrance Mitchell on the lack on the second to us down they've moved to Lorie in the slot to give him a little 23. Any got a little Philip gains in that slotted just got left leg. I mean at some point. But we'll watch I applaud students ms. Mitchell cover. It do copperweld filler free well. On the long that's this was a decent coverage I watch him cover wolf the look pretty well. He's cartoons. I've seen I seen him I every quarterback that is playing at that level. Can cover a guy at some point can make good plays I mean at the touch analytical and game that was just that was just. A big time catch by willful there's no content there is no help likely meet K like Abby is K. Keep bill and meanwhile OK but sometimes those guys aren't going to have to go one on one and something that is just. Over and over again getting burning the GO. But what I'm saying if you see this why would you if they're going alive a bar Cooper. If they're going to lineup of Horry Cooper. Repeatedly. All had their best receiver other war or are not on market leaders. Why do you keep. Playing the same deep it's. A lie if they're not collect block. It is good at like you're not the only one who could see it we can see it's the why in God's name would you just keep. Witten your second best corner and your third this corner and letting them play one all along with their best receiver. That's just silly as it. Are coming up on the others that will continue to keep you updated on the chiefs raiders game fourteen sand. In. These second quarter. And remember at the half stay right here on sixth in. Myself and Jay Brinkley we'll have these seven street casino reds on behalf time. College. All right. It's. Teens. I've been getting hair on this show. I'm surprised that others of people that we actually have some publicity. Seles as evidenced by the most of you know the seasonal switch quarters of all I know. And this is going to be an issue we brought this prior to the Pittsburgh game and saying. What an issue of these. And and it's it cities especially when the chiefs play its teams that have. You know at least two decent. Receivers. But. Don't really. Did have to be. Because. You give me they have they have just a Mark Cooper is what got four catches 109. Out of one of them. All markets Eddie's in the slot against Bill Gates is on the outside of its there its bit so it's good single. It's just frustrating because you know that. Mark is Peters is talented enough to play the entire fee. Then there's no reason not to move him. And and there have been eight and I want to get this there have been multiple place. I would agree Crabtree he's pretty good right you you use it in numbers for entries are double receiver. But it respect in the team. Probably fears the most Cooper so those are two really good receivers there have been multiple times. That mark is Peters is not coverage either one of on three receiver sets I've watched him lovers at the Roberts number ten multiple times that I. And we've got parents Mitchell the Philip gains go when it gets cracked tree. And Cooper. I I I said this at a I have tidbits. They can run. They can run. A full day. To the left side of the field line. And markets Peter we'll be covering the full thing. Like this this to me say this right now I say. I think this is the number one problem on the T. Not to bid suggesting music Brinkley is all over the news just used it has dropped back. It covered sixty times this year you know there. It's they have a fourth of his top of his defense of that sixty times he's dropped in Cote. But I still think I think this is the number one issue. Because this is as easy let sometimes I don't even. I don't even know Howell the chiefs get off the field sometime. I thought I'd look at this unit like your car did these guys this opportunity. Where they just easy don't ever think about where to go. They can just roll balls is pitching catching easy easy mismatches like. Okay but Korean let's go with. It's it's just frustrating because yeah I do think that that is something. You can fix it's something that Bob Sutton needs to look at and say okay. Something's not working here in we we can fix this build though in the way that Andy Reid and Matt Nagy can cater to nonsense. Alex and outside it does having the best season of his career because of the offense they have built around him. They catered to his skill sets out Alex is doing some more challenging things we've never seen him do and that helps a lot. I can thrown from his own end zone. The Marcus Robinson. Probably with a bidders wrote that if east what does it could fill their feet and a nation of Fonda and answer back to back field there Oakland. There's. A bomb before we get into wood I'm used to playing in the garbage stating what I really wanna talk about the season. And that is the triple threat here it SEA. Went six and under fourteen. Then they get a new picture of it look at this. I know and he hates every time they soon. It may be cute. With. As authentic guy slip I've never noticed it got marking this Perot on that as Kate split. Derek the if that I was Andy like seven feet tall compared to their pets the skills to be the best but I wanna keep it laid out wanting one years old outlet and this cut. Because that would ease the year not only we have many people list. Joseph has debts of some real big time researched. That and and out once or go to tell me it and analysts say this is it if we need a way a little bit before we keep you updated until. Are this adept at Tyreke. I yes. Went deep eight got six at 69 yards and just burn him and it is it is 64 yards 6465. Yards Alex right on the money in stride. Against double coverage and they do it. And they didn't throw one of these passes it felt like one time against the Steelers down got to engage get a bump that man what do. It's Korean hunt is playing his tail off. And having a big time game Travis Kelsey as a touchdown. Maybe tomorrow will touch him. And out how to reach deal is in the game checking in with a 6465. Yard touchdown. That let's. Let's get what do we say to open the show. You don't need to be predictable. Put the ball in the hands of the people who need to head now Joseph go headed up. So just remind you didn't hear about twenty minutes ago I'm retiring pastor referring to the Texans she's game third add this to say who its quest it was it's a bit Oliver Twitter work rushing lets you want to crash at least fifteen people onto that I've questioning this secondary. That looks pretty explainable. And taking a look at third is Twitter from that wouldn't. Third I had one sweet about the secondary saying that it's concern enough. I continued. That is why I needed a bunch of people do not tell my Mike. I needed a bunch of people and when you meet then it gets rid of the two just an island just turning on and I don't. Tired of people down and started them. Go ahead so. That night third and one to me. Today that is concerning being exploited one person responded and it was someone that agreed with certain. Those are real. People that night because they were being unreasonable. And that's likely until later. He annoys me so there there's no way you raise the what do you mean on it deletes it doesn't show the tweaks abuse hot line it doesn't show you your job I'd be able to see it. They're not enough you guys know we've got by admitted this is no chance of more than the does this is no pain itself certain uses it. You line. First up what do you people well it leads on him deletes the mansion before we mentioned before we UT. Is anyone knows more than those new we're on live race at the Pentagon. And the guys and it. Who works at radio is back out back outside the door up all of the couple up all the card debt outside of the lord there's a lot. Tell you when them well with the microphones. In major on there what but the buzz is rated either. Duke is the real mark of the bus didn't just talking to be as important. Let me. Now sirte is line business right you do it until it. It was still show right it would it should show me that it got respondents knew he is wouldn't see it. I'm not what are Brisinger on that I don't think that's live this sort of I can't I get why would you still be able to see them and I can't and I didn't hide it. I know how to hide from my timeline Mallon knows that it is diagnosed. As these pieces to. I just don't think that's I don't think the answer. Eight was I it's I've got to have. To keep sending you whiny tics because every time I do something good happens it's not that superstitious. Real quick we're never gonna be able to test now we talked about this yesterday and we put as a probe. Who is who was waiting in the worse here it. It's like you think is my caddie Mike Gundy is like if you all about Mike Gundy is as strong as it. I mean I. Mike Gundy like he's just got it blows in the week. Again he flip it around I now. Guys can do you can quite do that but at least my gun diesel was at one point fashionable. And mark Davies is. The ball out. What's fashionable I got had a normal haircut at one point in his career. Oklahoma State and he just decided to start doing yeah I think Mike it's the wind because of I think might lead back at duke I agree with with. With certain he I think he did fights of new relations. And this person is told him I'd like it is and he's sticking with. And if he'd come if he gets fired and he breaks up with. That kid's mom and he's he's bang and right now or organ as he bent Mac it is old senile. Zia did Mecca do's and Mary Joseph we did she did that it. We have rain in Oakland by the late seventies and so does is married to a holding back did you. Know I'll I they've been man is it teal and what does Tony it actually is TO and I of course it's. It. Is not as he added behavior it is he is he smoked. Okay it was in his life today. I'm that's eyes was so it's Sony MacKey did his wife and the total Mac here is why the person that initially came out was not Tony Mac is like this I was accused. Tony. Yes it's hot it gets his squat. I've got to give it to my good like I. I don't want it to be mark Davis and I'm mad that they and we are now in the second quarter and well into it we have not gotten a site. I guarantee. Let Mike Gundy I think there's something behind. Like is it a joke or something and it looks like he's gonna have himself hearing of some some sort. My like he was canceled I owned Verizon. It hasn't happened the league right now I'd be the next day. Please select and he's a nipple ring wait no I right now and I'm just waiting for a hand to completely get rid of the beard and just go with the sole. So Mack adieu apparently last year an interview. Group referred to his wife as having the identity of his football team so things must not legal and very well for. Parole Tony I thought that's why he changed the stock is now he's trying to get out each and get back out east so are you slipping on the seat bill right now on Saturday in order. That's yeah amateur yes I am a big and he's Ott is DNA a troubled marriage arc. And he is stepping he he thinks he's stepping up his fashioned game because he's trying to get back out and get in the dating scene which he obviously hasn't been involved in years. They hope to god father. Was bins Peewee football coach thank. God of that's true now I view that America does not pose an island so I am line. FAB wags dot com that would I sound skeptical. And at. Miss it featured a bank and god almighty. You know. Obviously marks that Mary can get the names of all the last let's go to these lights me. Back to do is forty years old you don't just reached forty in the sign I'm gonna go what this would that pat rightly. You don't hit forty decides now ominous that this is an ulterior motive. Yeah this may be the end that we haven't seen bids that may be bid is a guy who hits multiple here hairstyle. Mike and his wife by the name wife's name by the ways Kristen. At the once again Kristen Gundy must in Gundy wants negated. In single or is there is that rod Parker Allen single coverage. We got rod Parker had one on one coverage with us are completely missed time that John and Martha dropped the URLs that yeah have you gained as well just he did lately inside that it is it is that. But what ever Eric oh I upset. I've got to get this I think Bob Sutton is now having fun with all the different guys give week. Every they're number one receiver. Well. Can we get ideal case Shiller author cover it marsh and her because they've been really using. Jalen Russia and India under Washington our producers sold out in that looking at the time but I will coming up. At that we're well to. Okay this is. Coming up next I had no clue we're going to talk about it will be unity. Oh. About four people listed. But I don't talk about that. But some furniture store move and out here I gonna have to talk about whose pay is the best tomorrow. I know I was done. Let Garza's more washout Lance is just get thrown out of this game war. And only a myriad of issues that he and he ran off ran onto the field when there's an altercation. In my gets to spend the next day. Ran analysts like the FBI is that they weren't as you watch our style milder. The bars ran onto the field where there is an issue between the offensive line or the Oakland Raiders. In this is started by Marcus Peterson is it that I did think was bad. But whatever and did he get an official try to grant him. It'd be official. As he was trying to look like he was trying to get to Peters. Added the official. That's. Oh it did the official. Grants. Marsha I'm Lance to get him to get away from the issue and much I'd lift its guts at all. It is eject. That was a I did think it was young was hit on the quarterback and Peters Dick kinda lowers helmets and that's probably what the penalty was about but I don't think it was intentional gladiators at all. But then Marge and was. You can't just run into the field when you're not even a part of a plus eight Graham let a lot of Trabant official by the shared. Pot I don't think that I don't think that it was. And the hill was that. Let's let it George Imus they've messed up Georgia Tech guys that bust seventy Neil. Lot Allah heist is well yeah game I think was that was Cheney was nick full field goal not series was that blocked or did he is. Ticket that they to the east. If we know it's not like wind or anything narrative but you could just kicked a 53 yarder that had hit more I is reign in. All clean said that commodity in. Spiller on mobile you've got to be cute. There's no way Spiller was there we go here before it does not get up that high there's no pillars what does Miller doing on the defense again is Noah is Noah. By the way real quick QE it hits the real quick. Man. It's this game and in its key this is even worse what they're doing deceit is militant. They're actually let me play he's gotten a scarier to. He's got the ball and on the passed down to bought more than a team he's got into the game in the red zone. And he's got to give credit to. That's at large John Ike. He's got to get suspended for this idea that that you like is has been the next game I think. I think it's guarantee you can't leave the sideline like dad I know in an UK bread and fish gap but I think he was genuinely just trying to pull people off the market speeders because they're very close and get markets Peters out my. What's gonna frustrate me about this whole narrative is that there's going to be a lot of people who are going to say this is part of the problem with. Marcus Peterson Marshawn Lynch is that type of thug mentality when it was clearly they're very loyal to each other they're very close friends. And Marchand was just trying to make share. Was just trying to help break up the fight when you you. The media's reaction tomorrow or people in your office's reaction. Just just listen for the slight. Slight racial undertone LA mesa and they'll just like this and we may have talked about tomorrow. Yes I'd odds it's going to be a hot topic tomorrow and that's like and want to go to guy right now because I'm gonna be frustrated probably with. How it's being talked what are the you think you think you think this is going to. Worsen. The memorize at this and it was yesterday one of these days this week at Sid Mark is speeders is the most valuable player. And he may be one of the only players in the NFL or Helen team sport who he's the most valuable player on sixteen but the most hate. You think do you think this. This thing right here people feel embarrassed to say god wouldn't I'd I'm scared to look at to a I think people are gonna expose themselves and there. Johnny B would expose them selves tomorrow and area Tuesday Wednesday they have the right to feel that way those. Other writes regularly wanna Theo. I bet you did all that well but that's say it's it's march on my key was clearly trying to get people lots of Peters he should have grabbed the rest. But that was clearly like heat of the moment thing like maybe he just. Instinctively grabbed him and then realized what was going on it's I keep their arrest in the ground some. But but I mean it with the way it's going to be talked about is all that's why. Al march Johns. Our Johns Canadian marsh on the dog that's why Mike we don't need markets Peters on our team I I can already hear but like. Marcellus protecting his boys project mark is Peter's they're they're from the same area they're great friends. He's just protecting out of that guy. It is out but like I think you ride it will be there will be some category of thuggery. Attached to this way they're acting in did it did it'll be cut it'll be combined because Marcus is going to talk manage the game. And and Lance is going to talk at the game. And we're gonna hear clips because they talk differently. Been some of these people hook who called thugs. They're it's got I. I'm not block I mean I'm watching it right it's ours and I is going to be there the referee does he kind of bear hug Marchand and marsh on kinda like. Initially I turned it like it was to give Atlanta gal like. And he kinda did you can seize kinda got a handful of his Jersey but he'd allow scientists alike. Are you look at another thing I had sat in his visit us at. At march on grabbed him and yanked him down and then he immediately when he gets out of the referee's way you media. He goes up to mark is Peters and pushes markets Peters out of the way. People are already calling markets Peters. Quote on Twitter at the most selfish player I've ever seen. So liner 785 so you think people dislike Peters more than Kelsey Hill yeah. That's not close. Hills haute to the yes. You know what what do you think would happen if mark is Peter's got a dating TV show. The reaction wouldn't be was for cows these. Yeah. Like like this general. Only you think the people would have. Pick like in this situation just think about it just I like oh I'm gonna say this for two. Because this is this it's. This is interesting. I just let it this of it is just think it's a must say this go out Obama was. You had that she's playing the most hated rival probably within the city I think the raiders. On any team that that that we have in this city is the most hated rival. Marcus theatres legally hit. The quarterback on the other team are. Which may the other team added the other team pushing him an offensive lineman picking on him. And did other guys that people really respect. It Justin Houston Ed Ed. Ed Derrick Jackson are coming to his aid and was in the raiders back. And he's going to be looked at as they Ed somebody. On that's going to be on the seat and he's doing this against the raiders. Like that evidence of terrorist. If that's scenarios created do you think that that would be an embrace a year scenario you. Is it fit the raider hated quarterback. League. League but I am fit. I mean if it was anyone else. It was anywhere else it was rod Parker. And I don't think it's a probable if it was rod Parker nobody would question it and say off the raiders. Screws are writers and shoot look at the royals when they were scrappy yeah they might see it. That's what I said shoot as soon as that is to Eric that I can't say the other thing. When the royals were scrapped in getting into fights against rivals people were happy about and saying now was the strapping is the team needed. And in mind that none. Unknown unknown known Novo. They were happy with the except one. That is a superb fair point. Yet there hadn't hit yeah with the except that the exception of one player who could reminds you of this player. Which I always wondered. Like the Boston Red Sox embraced and loved that Pedro. Other people may have hated Pedro but he he was embraced. On. But it breaks at this look player woods. Thanks coming up next let's grant what's it like it was just got back and that is talk in this out until. We rolled to a nine or. Halftime to a minute warnings coming up the the g.s are driving. It is seventeen to fourteen people did man later this year. I've been getting here a couple of more minutes which ever Toms rivers and we will. Look at. The we will get to the red center street casino red Sunday post game show. War. I'm sorry halftime says recent history casino rates and the halftime show. Or we will get done here at 9 o'clock there there's just over a minute left in the in the second quarter. In. The chiefs all our. An Oakland. And now leading twenty to seventeen with a minute six left. If you're coming in late march John Lynch has been ejected. After a scuffle. That marquee speeders on a quarterback sneak from their car and remember. Derek Karr has the a broken back that they did is they recovering from a back injury EA and and and it marked as Peter's. Missy was going down I thought it was clean. Some people say you live with a stated that his shoulder pads hitting first hit team and then there was a little. And a helmet contacts. At the end of no that's that's that's what the cause that's at the flags always going to be when a quarterback has gone down the ground and you had them like that aggressive he hit a hitting with. He hit him with a with a shoulder first and and I think like I think normal office of live and do the raiders office of line had a problem with. And they're doing it they're doing it right now. And they're going after him and Marshawn Lynch. It was off the field with all the field it ran on to the field to try to break things would market beaters and he was trying to get to mark his readers to get him out habit to break it up. And an official corrective he grabbed an official said that he'll get suspended Shubert. And we're looking at this and we are. Already feeling arsenals were seen it on Twitter already we can see. The headlines as stories tomorrow and I just fired off a two week. I wonder how many people go because on the. Wonder well when it that when that's I wonder what the thought process of Kansas City fans will be a market speeders if you listen to market speeders. Hit the Oakland Raiders that hated Oakland Raiders quarterback with a legal hit. Now they flagged them forward it was it was close idea hit him. Hit the quarterback. The offensive line again is. No one on his team went off on him not even the guys like Justin Houston new generally will do it. Just as used in bearcats and they're all coming to his aid kit after with the raider players. And I you'd. I bet they're people who were eighty markets Peters will work. Activities are being reported that Marshawn Lynch left the locker room upset and left in his street clothes headed to his car. In city. They were already giving Jalen Rashard India under Washington a lot of touches yet I think there the there that. Quicker shift year backs which you. The chiefs had more problems it is so serious I can't even have phone with this text from the 816 and I'm six meters in in and I can't handle Roma. It's. It's incredibly frustrating too because I did Eric I I think that we're at. We're at a point where. It's pretty easy for us to predict and aired its. At this point like where were I think we're pretty good at it we do all the time. And are usually pretty spot on and that's why I think it was important that we just get out the way tonight I'm sure we'll talk about it again tomorrow. But this is going to be a huge issue tomorrow where people are going to call marsh on. And markets dogs in the bad day they don't belong in the league anymore and it's ridiculous. Marcus was playing football people who hears and Marcus Spears can't tackle he was trying to make a tackle. Is trying to do it's an accident until it owes it out like he did you did make tackles guy he's out here doing what you've been asking him to do even though I think she's. Fine at tackling and that's not really his job. But it cuts it his his close friend I mean. Marshawn Lynch there a block party when he when he came out of retirement and sign operators and mark is Peters was there because marches beat uses very close friend. Is this this is going to be interesting him. And a and had fun for our jobs but I think I'm going to get man like I feel like I'm going to get man those. That I've I've tried to mentally prepared myself or coming. That is going to look for words like selfish as you guys said dog can't go prop eight anyway innocently or it what are what does this were the words were getting here. A thug is so large would selfish image show were. I he needs he needs to grow a lot is Paul the dude and is that the new one I've seen aid. Three times on the Tex IRAs and egg kind of making me think that might be the new code pot. Childs is Rolla we've got to get that. Grow up. Assists. Express. It's frustrating that I you oppose agency you're really gonna have to deal with that but you know what it did so on my outlook days I've noticed when in this business. I've that you personas are moves over here right here I don't know what this is it that we're like. Look at that. What is so funny to whites and I'm just gonna put it out here is so funny delights like it sold much more frustrated about that that we. No is coming. And you learned so much more frustrated that we are you should be frustrated that you're so easily predictable that's what you should be for like I. I'd just like you do like you. I did notice till it's that admit but did unlike unlike and I'll be the problem like he had. I know who I know with as we got you figured out we know exactly what you're thinking. I'm tired of them. I'm and we're now get ready for the half time show coming up would be a big.