10/19 6pm - Better Coach/QB But Nervous, The Andy Gameplan, That Guy Gets The Show, Show's Change of Heart on KU/MU

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Thursday, October 19th

Ron always sides with the team he feels has the better quarterback and coach in NFL matchups. Despite him believing the Chiefs have the better of both tonight, something leaves him nervous about the Raiders. We discuss Andy Reid's likely gameplan and what it should be before "That Guy Gets The Show" is taken over by Popeyes Chicken. To end the hour, Ron admits he's had a change of heart about the KU/MU exhibition game. 


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Then alone. Zero. Euros. Run as soon as you ugly. Shout out to law a lot of listeners. Put those things as because only salutes. For allowing guys to be a small part not Thursday evening JJ. Rod. That shapes. Are in Oakland to face the raiders. And we'll have all that over where you're leading up to the game 7 o'clock remember. The bill Snyder's show will be back in eighth. Until. The halftime calls come up. Did me in shape think we will join you for the seventh street the same though. Read so a day hat to. Call in show and after the game the sinister casino. Rich and he postage. And FaceBook live guests guests start tonight. Will be marked from the as I might jump in over their during the commercial break to see with. But I'll be there hopefully answered it ripped off this evening as they did not come off for the first time last week Steelers so we'll have it all covered where. Stamford Joseph in his a beautiful beautiful. Mark is Peters to stooge Jersey thank you Sarah got her present. Is produced in this bad boy. 601. And at this time. As we do every night let me remind guys at sorted to the states. So I. Mr. it's very sad that it starts today minister I give my hair. Like every two weeks like most African Americans. There's a huge huge news breaking on Twitter right now. Albert wells and will be active tonight. I'm Ryan is called McGrath about that. Yes the Canadian football star. Will be playing tonight and not for the Toronto market knots he will be playing for the city's. I'd just I don't ever exactly whether you would think that it was Tyreke now. You don't have to go that high you'd think it was the market's drop its. Fugitives you just this football team. Like just he's caught attest fans and it caught the big play against the Watson dollars does not mean. They hit that is the new report. Like I like Albert Wilson. That type of player he is. We should it just noticed. I. That is number. It was a guy isn't he is Twitter handle is like I like I C twelve or some like that. So you went reckless you had no I. I mean yeah. But it puts it at a 100% confident that right now I'm a hundred breezing confident it's a joke on cops with twelve. It's a really is number twelve I think I see too. That it is that as of this and showed is that that's out of out of music I didn't remember the set up for the the insinuation. That he was the police but you'd go in there. I knew he was insinuating like he just seems like the guy weeds yes we just run into outwards. David notice. That and we're either watch the game I didn't even notice that Albert was an act. You would think that number I tie and was questionable. This case I thought about the upsets in the last game how many people do that Albert wills. But at what point did you find out Albert wills that's the purple. The first apple is going into the Steelers game at what point did you find out that Albert Wilson was an act. First quarter. Sect it. Act set first quarter second quarter second half or before the game. Does not telling you I was second quarter for me I have a good person that and I eyes and I know you repaid is. Ever notice. Us open the markets Robinson would show up to you I've met her never noticed. That's the first bowl. So let's let's step into this sort. A Canadian football player hijacked says he's already hides it three minutes of him. Saturday desk. I'm pretty actually. Like this on out certain high tech is and I didn't even know. Certain boy. Ice it was great Jon banner at more than just giving you just brought up outlook. And I just need to realize that hides it. Anyway pretty get that. Right so I'm gonna give service of graded here. Or not rated it an apology of some sorts. I gotta be real I have given sort of a lot of rap about. Something that they got need to be real with muscle. If you may if you miss yesterday's show it sick packet as page sixteen as bush dot com RM out at us. You know that we talked about. Good old Mark Davis for thirteen minute I said. I'm a bit nervous about this game especially the outcome of this game. And I think that'd be real about it because. So busted they just found though Wilson was an active list. Up. Agony and Albert Wilson more like Albert will spend. Luck of god. And I and I think a lot of the reason why have there is because I'd look at generally when I look at football game. And I've very simplistic I look at football games and us and that's that's the NFL has got the best quarterback who's got the best goats. And if you had the best quarterback I generally lean that way if you add both obviously I'm going with the coaching quarter. And I think. Out of service and why don't you just a look at the evidence I've played five aids he's player like him BP. There's just look at what you see and react to. I think I'd nerves calmed a bit because maybe. Just that mentally all the way there it is. Piece went up to be ready to say OK Alex. Is is is the MVP and I going to have expectations that he's the best quarterback of the V. Why not giving you crap about that that's where the lingering nervousness comes from because maybe. Just not completely there about Alex even though odd thing. I mean. You should be. And even. Even on a losing effort Alex didn't have horrendous game last eight that was one of his best losing gets any act in does that make him play before it or not the 300 gazans are down about forty. But like it it's Green Bay a couple of years of Monday night that as Kiki put. A lot of his best losing game efforts when it was close. As I said is why they need to take the nerves out it may be some people out there listening still the same way is. That's not an early look NFL games and that's and who's got the best quarterback is that this quote we obviously know that seats at the biz. Like I'm gonna look right and I saw. Remember how crazy people thought that wasn't us it'd probably Oakland Raiders and I've deer car I've got to get a better coast that it checked Hillary. Well. I think a better coach would have this raiders team. A lot better than nail they should be much better. I did OK okay and they lose tonight and go to and vibrant Jack Del Rio might be on the hot security act is adding that he sent people look at it. It's just a tool that all they gave him an extension because they can't play when they're quarterback's hurt. But. We got snow as the best coach but it. Should not be honest this year. That she's had a better quarterback. That was I thought does say that coming into the season. I can dig it up you. I had to get it dig it up I remember I sit here this this all. The Oakland Raiders have the best quarterback. And the better quarterback between the chiefs and raiders and it is probably the distance of the Grand Canyon. Between Derek all right Alex Smith. But the first six games of the season that is not true. The chiefs at the better quarterback so I don't know why not nerves are still staying there if I look at these six games and I say. What should get a bill games by team with a better quarterback in the team with a better coach. And if not real myself the way this season has gone the chiefs have well that I should Maynard. That's Billy yeah. Because even though the six aides say that I guess I'm not a hundred proceeds to a that the chief of the best quarter. And then. I in the raiders they started the season strong and their first two games of the season it looked really good they vause for Guerrero was aimed just in back. But and one of those games he didn't have dared card and then you start to question whether or not dared cars healthy but I was saying all season. This team is gonna take a step back because they were in too many close games their defense is good. They have no running game I it's hard. To put all of that undercard because why do you think their cars a good player dare cars Aaron Rodgers atlas has made this about color because I'd like. Use IQ what do you agree with. It's at Harvey do you agree that. That that he said the best quarterback in this game if we look at we'll look at it this season right now this is yes and I mean and it is weird because now the chief of the better running game boy you would think that Oakland's Oakland's got good weapons. I they have I would argue that Crabtree and Cooper erred justice strong it is Kelsey and Tyreke. And their offensive line's supposed to be on the best offensive lines in the NFL that she's certainly aren't trot out. One of the league's best units on their offensive line I just wanna say let's make it about dear color use diesel. Found a way to get to the offensive line in other position groups of the of the the I think it's okay but. As you say port and it didn't matter where it's arguably. Eight lesser supporting casts they want rats like if you look at this. Betsy what are the raiders two wood four yes I've lost or Guerrero. Another hole that we discussed yesterday home field advantage does not seem to. Be the same way it was 1015 years ago. But the teach at the better coached and I still do think between eighty greeted in Jack Del Rio it is the size of the green came. That she's at the better quarterback. They're five it won the best team in the league. They should witness and you should have been there a monotonous and it's like playing the the browns but you've got the best quarterback. A team that is didn't lose it in play in bad. An awful defense. And most places it's effort they're pasteurized. But they sign Navarro Bowman on month today and everyone is praising them for getting him ready to play in this outs. He's about he's gonna make a better whatever it was. Are you ready to make that Alex is the better quarterback to do you believe that to be the case bill or use there. Yet. And their card not fully healthy eight ounce or dollar annual Derek Karr has never shown that he can play as a very well. I've. Don't even think that much of a question yeah I think he's got like six touchdowns and five interceptions courier against the chiefs. Do you have any do you have many donors as of who's gonna win this. Yes it is Thursday night games are funky. I feel confident but. As they're saying earlier as banning assay on the drive populous county and that I would it was Sunday. I don't know I have this Heatley because every way. That I've measure. How a team teams should reactor who should win a game. It goes of the chiefs' favor. Except for the home rotating. But I asked you that are completely. Letting everything go putting Alex. As better vehicle. And Alex's season has just been remarkable means completing almost 73% on his back he's closing you know possibly late breaking the percentage he's got twelve touchdown zero interception 6800 yard. I doubt the numbers that are. Observe very. I don't know men admit maybe yet. Maybe I'm on an island Bob less of the owners. But I can only put it to the point that I'm just not ready to anoint Alex all the way even realize they. Coming up I've heard a lot this week and we on this show. Even some of us disputed that we on this show have. Even said this ourselves about what Andy needs to do in the upcoming weeks and in this game. However although this has been said all week it all week since the Steelers loss. I now disagree with. But it he's it's. A tape what that is. Obviously a Twitter. Going through and ideas he'd see. People mention out Wilson's. Go to night. And I think that was at this butts up out Travis Kelsey if he was gonna go not less I mean that spin move against the Redskins is still burned and everyone's brain. Goes fixed in Sports Radio Casey notes later. That that sees that the newest apple at what point of the Steelers game did you find out that Albert Wilson was that was enacted. Before the game is 67 pursue it. Before halftime 6%. 8% at to have time and after the game at ninety it's like to me that is a big deal. Because this is a let's just be real this is a take yourself serious. City. Like a lot of followers take themselves serious let I think I think a lot of has takes a by the shall slow as they understand. Like we still get out. All right. Alls do you like you'll get it but to have. 90%. Say they've got after the game that means they're did Syria that the Heidi generally in people get the joke it's going to be overwhelming. By nineteen prison that's. It's safe to say there's 90% of the hot and it's of the five people who voted to have fun I had no idea is that right burgers it through. And that Wallace and he's an act it was an act. I says it is audience at the break. And I remember. Listening to. What I was on Monday with lake and peak every Monday them on. At 1 o'clock. They said this and I recognize that it is well circus that it and we talked about it the other day earlier this week that. You know one of the things that we saw lacking. In the Steelers gave was the lack of creativity seems like Andy was was not created. In play calling in plays and things they did. And he needs to get back to doing that like he was in the you know the earlier gains. And I agree that we talked about it we said it on this show that I had it in a change of heart on that. And I think this is sort of sort of agrees. Is I don't think he needs to be created. That might sound crazy I don't think that he needs to be creative. I don't think he needs to be. Any of them I think he needs to be predictable Ismail Y. I know assert LB all over the they need to run to deal ball more than two did the first day they activities they need to be predictable as well and giving the ball and handing it off. To not a team but. Karine pot they need to be predictable as well getting the ball in hand to Travis Kelsey early. Early and often we saw what Travis did in the Texas gay Texans gate early and opted. It played the second hand but he still had 99 did targets. In the first half they didn't get the ball down the field even though everybody knows he's ready go out they still need to run ads robo routes to deal. They did beat predictable this bill gave the ball in the hands of their play makers. I've stared at certain score. Apart the playbook it's the special plays for a team high scrap the Bartlett and special ways. Or. The equity Thomas or we got to get the ball Albert Wilson sat out Wilson or let's sit this one up. Or eight full. All right I've over the roster add and close it's being called by numbers like they. To be predictable. Aides say it wouldn't get the ball pretty lovers and candidates that we provision and a okay. He should be read and I dozens I know I was wrong about that it does not need to be created he needs to be predict what was Pittsburgh last week. Predictable as a son of vodka. Did LA via the relative to audio delay via road to Antonio. LA via road to Antonio. That's what he did over and over here. In it. Well and I I think that. Some. Of that creativity that we were raving about command you read in the first five weeks of the season I think a lot of that was getting set up by. The run game the the checked downs and Alex actually you know taking shots downfield occasionally. To keep the defense on their toes I think last week though they just. They tried to get too cute too early in the game and that they were just coming they got off the field to quicken and Pittsburgh just to control the running game. Ed and I asked do you couldn't run on this team and you should be able to easily run on this team. They're they don't have a good secondary at all so you need to get the ball to tag he'll need to get the ball to Travis Kelsey. I I I. Like what I hear. Any knees to be creative. I hear. Third doubted blood first possession of the second half who streak theories to Korea hunt totally nine yards. Quarterback sneak. What I hear he created. That's cute over thinking that's not what I hear AMD needs to be more creative for Andy I hear you. Over think it all man 47. 87. It. I mean I knots and every one of the plays don't let this needs to be less like I don't care is predictable. Let get the ball to them. That didn't happen enough at what the abide. The numbers he got nod here he's careened did you or not when he aerial Hartford. I was nine for 21 I notre. And then he had in the first half he only had two carries for and I know Travis. Didn't have this forced kits until the third quarter and he ended up with like thirty or forty yards and it was like thirty for thirty it Tyreke history. Like it's like this this this doesn't need to be a hole. I feel today let's get some that in for a team high. Well I am interested to see what they're gonna do on third down because they haven't been using Kareem hot as their path. Passing back it's been all Turkey and requests since the first week of the season up until last week when Turkey and request got hurt so. I'm going to be I understand that you have to try to preserve Kareem on one of your best players right now but. Real bit upset if it comes burden on any at a team hot there ordered. God willing CJ Spiller actually gets up field. Like I'm out nodded that I'm not one that same that you don't like. You don't need to put special plays in any Andy Andy has some really good creativity. But don't on it some of these special blaze hit a special plays include those guys. The little. The little shovel pass that includes stressed that let Travis do on the show up as I got a teaser. Each of the five and scored a touchdown against the Eagles on a double play. Like instead of saying we're gonna go a team. All bill wide receiver. Stretch play let's give it to tell every hill. Like how come they can't have that's why I I I I was wrong I just I don't think any needs to be more. Creative nodded as. Game. And it's a divisional game on a short week coming after your first loss of the season. There's a reason to get cute I mean you have a chance and that Pittsburgh game but I think you just kept shooting yourself in the foot in the first half this game L. Oakland's desperate right now they're. They're two and four if they lose tonight they're two and five and that's not an easy record to come back from. This late into the season if they have any chance of making the post season so it's going to be a little bit desperate tonight and you have to control the ball. The game play and yes asked to be more. We got to get the ball the doesn't play makers. Like weak UK have a game where. Tyreke it'd Travis as the combined six for six Alec remind to have like point five aunt and how many dot. Alex with 3435. Times in those guys at six receptions. I that Eminem can't I'm not gonna say Alex made every throw at him. But they added they've got to do something. Beckett lessen lessened the damn screen plays to Al Wilson. It. As its team plays this year by about it and discredit him Bob Batt I've got to launches is graded about what you to critic of exactly what he has but let's stop and heavy at all out there. I had to say at the Oscars godly ED the barges Robinson to probably step up beating to make sure Tyreke at Travis get the ball like if we ever had. Albert Wilson on. Out one of out what fuel. I wanna do this I wanna let him know. That I'm not a pocket a 12 row and a binder recording of all of this of them and receive. They'll let it go to just see what kind of looks at a place that puts him. The talk about. Outs element that. I don't know Buford show effort to have Albert will suggest it's got a good justified by the it's it's a busy guy but that the goat. Jim Everett on me. I did grow. We did rove kept even the two of you know what that is. Now hagee has its cellular. I can't leave us about the soul and as a you don't remembered do you all of you all know who Jim averages. Seasons. Did every former quarterback of the rams are during the break. A what you idiots to La now I have seen this I experience when he when he's fought a got to have thought. Jibril has Jibril. Would always call him Chris Everett. Eddie dated let's face it these tips that you know outlets and applied it will play at where you over the years is it you know it. You know you've been doing this to me for a long time you called the greatest ever want more time you're gonna be so. All right Curtis. That he gets up is there to indicate it rooms and as that of his ideas. Coming up gag it's it's notes. It's serving for thirteen dollars. Oh. A belief. Wonder how many putts you guys who. That you I mean I've I did see it live. I mean I'm in my early thirty guys from 1994. Caused by a me me. Like the general like for our business and sports that is one to know where you born yet Jeff. In 952 was born in designing for. I was born in September of 94. It depends what an app is Larry I had even have been. That I have seen this before and I just forgot didn't realize I was name and I so that you you did if you've ever heard as well as in I want I want us to string together. All my. Albert Wilson Canadian football he shouldn't be in the league stuff whenever we have them on if we ever do him on. And I wanna see Harriet just kind of like Kimmel does he reads as meat sweets civil just. Do Ford. And I wonder if his reaction would be like Chris Scott just did Jim Everett former quarterback but the rams. When Jim Everett when Jim Rome would pit stop calling and Chris it currently. I'm that was then and this is now is now a member of the saves Jim. Michelle admitted that they do check act as separate content on the show no no no big car and that for about the last five years. That's who's actually put us well. When you have sort of the led game concepts ahead that would commitment. I'm sexy yet again I would say listen this is back in 99 whereas you and did you ever that we have a similar a lot of Jim sees me Jim became crystal my kids they are so good. It's the right now if you've ever take a station where you can but if you call me. Because I was in my face one time I did you guys are battered and I want what I would believes that the decision by relatives of five minute segment five segments showing a long way to go there right. Let go read your article segments that runs. There was to know what's gonna tell you know been talking like this behind my back longer valid set it right we won't get help. There's a bit more amber won't say it again but I do. Chris what. Mindy audio just putts out there you dig out Wilson would do that to be. I don't think that Albert wealth and lemons he could yeah. Third it outlaws it came after me would you come after him. I during this Tony Peña Bobble head which it likely you would do if he K if he was it right here that people Kate's the it was sit right here of this. Would you come behind him and taking out. I'm giants. I mean Albert Wilson's not a very big gap in what at least no more athletic than I am sick I think we would get fired. For everything before but if we physically tried him. By Albert let's apply that on us I think that what they've got this idea. Be a fun FaceBook live video I'd be back you're taking I certainly don't think we get credentialed for the chiefs' effort and I. We get fired related I think we did I think that's fine. I think it is yeah the last Boston. That guidance to shoot it. If I'm to act like you fear this he would respect I get this show top today. This match is worked. It's time to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. This topic of the day's odd to Diane absolutely no when someone could step up. This one's coming to you from the cup Dan and I our body we've never met her hand on side Heatley. The headline reads Long Beach restaurant caught on pot pies chicken and serving thirteen dollars and the rest of the rep yeah I used bolt the restaurant business is a top bracket. As good as anyone who ever lots Gordon Ramsey show can tell you. It's not uncommon for many of them to cut corners in order to boost profits board just make life easier for that it. Bit pretty so longitude don't get caught. Don't make anyone's. No I don't know why certain. The old adage is big jet and did it China. I had it did what in this instance in a restaurant and eat cattle apparently decided it can be. Well either wouldn't it solid it's I think it's your. It is sids recently decided to try out so why fix it gets. The comfort food restaurant in line that includes fried chicken under. Doctors say that the older it's. The ticket we'll apples to see whether or not this was serving pot pies to the custom. What are you realize there's that is that that this was thirteen dollars. He did indeed BJ about my ticket did yours the end it's the waiter how they cook their ticket. Let that the later admitted they used pot plastic didn't had been. So while it. They've been victim loud they're inspired meal Tyler did went to yell to let. Let the world know where this really big game. Oh yeah. Now we are here at the. No I don't think it's new about the BS we think of planets at the end they did they'd be. It we're pretty complicated saying that this is its appeal or you severe your PS here. Number one. So proud deserving top prize ticket that you made no mention of it on your big youth that customers can be refunded for this number two. Deliver twice a day almost certainly means send some one. To buy twice a day number three we no longer trust your brain or their god. And so why stay and by the way it's not it cost effective to run up high supplies every time someone orders that I object and your. Charts and by the way they said. They're look they would continue to serve my plastic goods are made a couple of dumb pop ice was. Popeye does this to raise I don't. You get this continue to sell someone else's product without their permission or without giving them time so I'm pretty sure they're gonna get shut down because top prizes going to Sudan says so you would know the chicken it flat lies. Take it down the roads about five dollars they sell their feet. Expand. Exactly cost effective what you might be as if they're gonna go by ball there like pop eyes is getting you cheaper. They want they're selling it for. So you would in theory as a restaurant be able to buy it in bold in make your own chicken and it would be a lot cheaper than he gets a sell for thirteen dollars by the ways and I've known him so I hope you know we're in it. Burton is second though. Poland could they feel a little bit more thoughtful in how they're bringing you did could face big it and a little better. But that's the part that got back and that that's it's hard to Q that's what they want you to the front door what they just raking it in with a huge box. Of the Louisiana ticket. Do you think you'd think they tried several different chicken joints and just settled on top five in the best. Like if they try out in the odds that indicated they do Turkey's that it could be as good as both. Yeah they had. So what are. Those Broxton utility to be tipped off by their morning order and if he thought of the five dollar ticket Bob and I. To pop I think maybe we really. It puts it delivers what it be I can't imagine they're buying that much of the time because you think about I get my quarters at these these. These people are going in the air and my out of match in the hands on type of you reformers on the night that if they're going to end there. Five times the data by twenty orders chicken and Heidi they're gonna get suspicions. I was a room packed it'd be it. Now about the ticket but I was wrong. This case you gay dads meets them it does men. I've been saying it. It done. It could be something big. I allowed had a change of heart right. I Meghann and we're here we're here a little bit it is to rule again here is the Bill Snyder shoe stores and 7 o'clock in this fall's us and after the laps and be Beckett eight. You don't in this. If you heard and I allowed them as well I'm just going to let out. We had the most. Bill cower in the black hole rain we have the most creative. Different. Out of no where Promos in if you heard the promo. We told you we have a triple threat we'll talk about triple threat match on who has it worse here. Or you could say the best here between Mark Davis who I hope to get we see multiple times a seat. And slick bet Jack. But Mac into a bin man could do whatever his name. And might go and head coach of the Oklahoma State kept amendment that this is going to be a riveting despite my right. But my newfound interest in Mark Davis having Mike Gundy is just fat that's. So that's coming up Bill Snyder show after after us seven. So yes I've said this is this game now in control of the balls and it travelman. I made a comment that I thought the game was to. Name a pivotal. But. I edit stroke and other so I just think it's just I don't think the game is that it all. I mean you mean the is gonna sell out celeb for tickets he wants it when I say that I'm Rome the game is still stoop. But what I. I do think that this kid did they pay. How about a bit downtown. People go to paralyzed hopefully afterwards. Maybe spend some money down there. Now put some money into the city also. In other hurricane efforts but. The money into the city may be some people get out go have some drinks have dinner afterwards at our light. I had a wonderful wonderful pets there this week at the mix. Ahead Sammy and field team found that. A slow process though with that but if council is this a money down there that now the game is still stupid. Amid the game is it's not not know me whatsoever worthless that mean it's another closer stepped. To get there I'll bet I would hope you all listen to but I think this can't be good for. Did you lose two here but. Only the only but I think it can't be good for breaking some income and money down ten. I take that and hurricane relief. Only that I mean and the people are going to you I mean it's a Sunday but people will go out afterwards and have few drinks and maybe a little colorful before they. Unexpected money down there that I mean. There's a lot of stuff going down there going on down there a lot weekends you know sometimes as concerts at the bed that counts it's that spread senator games at the sprints and a but sporting events we know people here in Kansas City will come out in droves who attended mostly. And. This allotted an inner. Thought a lot of wrong about that there is something good think about. Bid and money. Good and then having had that. Good and have you state dinner somewhere and upn name wrist for a name some of you could be a sponsor any of these statements. We'll build 140. Bar Louie it's all you. Go out there at poorly hit it Drake I think what he's. That's the way we did Palin is a do it coming out of that you know and we'll take it on. It's a polio there we'll we'll take you. And sunny at cooking and I had a negative for the first time that places this. Now I know that one all Westport. At his exit that designated spot. When I was talking and we'll get into this a little bit later on today oust does this insulate him being. And I can say this about him because we have the realists of where another won't use our salty as we go in with about a takes Otah. They're like. You know their fans out here who have to admit to themselves. This game is a big deal. Although the game is not a big deal that it it's it's not. Everything about it. On the court ethic of added to the big get a big deal. It would be it would be a bigger deal to me if they said this is. The first step towards us building a a yearly meeting where where we're actually going to play each other in the regular season but a solid base and I don't think that's what they say. But still it. Like I'm here but you pull it they said this was you know the first step in us rekindling our relationship to play again. Down the road OK but that's not what Bill Self said that's not what Kansas sad and I don't think that's what this is whatsoever. I'm Janice just Laver against their people who work out here. Literally like we did being silly and breaking down the front court that court. But their people you're really like giving thoughts on how they think the game's going to go. Like it terms of but so would literally sent in yesterday. I think Missouri is up and down temple. Could be an issue. Because Kansas has non nine scholarship players. Come on. I'm playing in two twins are eligible to play games. Out of here that I mean if you're excited about that. Thank you gonna get a good look at them on Sunday led the up and down to oppose it. If Missouri was to clean up and down to blow it and bill doesn't want them to run with the view it is not run with. You gotta do is pretty beats it out of what you get a duke Kansas beats Missouri bragging rights let's. And sounding. I exactly like the last time they played when we come into a lot something's got when we come back hopefully the chiefs are leading. The bill Snyder's show is coming up next. See it be good we're back at 8 o'clock coach he.