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The Drive
Thursday, October 19th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, continue to preview Chiefs/Raiders, and make their predictions ahead of tonight's game.


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Good drives presented by don't say he's. Someone called looks good drive was no line because they are in a balloon involved in seeing this in Missouri now let them explain within the limits. Outlook then the show yesterday and got a question to you and I are bad person. Well Mike you hit it but I got in our lives for our employees. Now I'm trying to figure out the good thing if you're not you guys. That's a dilemma. That's a difficult situation to be and I think could be kind of crummy to up sell and scouts your tickets that go to hurricane relief I think in this particular circumstance. I don't think you do that. My devil's advocate argument would be this year. Directly taking away relief from lower paid. It's like someone now Puerto Rico is going with now. Water because you made a little extra on the side because of the deal it is a free market in a supply and did me in the business. Bill's car payment your electric bill you got student loans I don't see a problem at all. Feel like playing a lot of morality games I say if you bought its old. Be more worried about karma and you are exploiting its stared quality isn't it a little bit of study you Marty answered the what I. Wouldn't do that more alive and the main point is ladies and gentlemen. Act read. That. Guaranteed Harrison. Yeah boom. Olives yes we do. Chrysler got that bug me at gaining knowledge and said hey you don't think that's the on. In Spain Paul Lee stepped up the line don't suit rebels. That. Not to read that they'll tell loosening built built built this is a bit. Coughlin left I would cry. Thought today's vote as she deals with it goes is that there are jobs are. They're not as Walt and that there comes in you also said it. Let Donovan and Chelsea but you didn't help of those but this job. I don't like getting upset I don't I don't like Destiny's Child better that you reverse race though Europe under correct me. I want the five most popular after the all time I didn't buy their music and congratulate the holiday. Yeah if you wanna come out yet gaining a little bit regulations. Got the winning streak the adding age keeps watch part. Of the cities that hope that you know I didn't. Or at an event you know matched up the party. It's fire right out of the drive this year we had your chance to win great prizes like an autographed football from the Nigerian nightmare a 200 dollar O'Reilly auto parts of dollars. Beat all crew with six dollars since its battles we've got drinks we we have the best cities that up at all yet the city of. Apple for not Joe's many buffalo chicken sandwiches. Hey you know what else bothered at an amazing salad you know what else you get the Ritz said they have had a pregame show definitely of the show you watch has got them FaceBook live as well absolutely you have that today I saw earlier. Only seventeen. Not that history of all board makers worked but on the same day. I don't think you'll be able to watch those here that it's gonna be pretty proud but yet great sports day yourselves today is that you can actually see your it. With your naked guy that you know that. If not it's. These are the biggest stories of the day. Gave the city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about it every day and bottled. Danny Hope you've been. A father for. Like like if they actually like your wife Sharon let's go with that and I. July excellence that is that it would get married. We. Our house. You and your your out here making planted jokes. And dad jokes you've been doing this year is to see your name is. All over whether we thought about honesty. And go outside everybody's talking about it if it picks up our game. I'd I'd like today's the day ahead the last I mean I don't. But at the dictionaries that was an ice what everybody. Felt like a very good understating debt at. Here is that the other. Think that people are looking at tonight as an Indian television screen because she's generators on Jesus come in a three point favorites on the ground. Line actually is Booth four and a half when the first open for Kansas City. But it is desperation game for Oakland they've lost four straight to chance for Derek RMR Cooper to get themselves right at home. It has cheese at Oakland's number winning seven of their last games seven of the last eight games against them they did lose is Thursday night game on the road to Oakland's when he fourteen. That was on the raiders were only nine so Thursday night games to get a little bit weird so I want you guys to finish the sentence. The chiefs will blink tonight because of what. I almost say that she's wont win tonight. Because they have the better quarterback there the better coached team the chiefs have won twelve straight. Divisional games. And it also won those games by thirteen. Points on average that's a testament to coaching that's a testament to your to your talent yet as regards the coaching. Missing suffocate the that it sees more frequently. The Broncos at chargers the raiders the team that they have more film the team that they hit it is the player of the one times the weaknesses in their tendencies. The chief dominate those teams the FC was asked to show me they can beat the chiefs are they in the city. All she's doing this game and look she's report she's at right. But I think she's will lose tonight because short week it's Thursday night game and yet it. Injury all right. And finished the game last week when markets get the markets Robertson it out to receive. There without. A guard a center. And a back up running back secured him request there was how Chris Huntley Albert Wilson is banged up. All right they had two days to where this game it's like try to jam. Like palpable Alito fight bounce back listed. No team that it ought to be the end of we saw that she's got veto it is what it really difficult physical. They are beat up he cut the week in. And they had to travel eight you know while the crossed. With the chiefs are much better football team in the raiders leave that in my heart and I know what tonight. In the current situation with the injuries and quick turnaround for a third IQ she was close. Oh yeah I know we continue to. It's is that she is get sent to play yet another nationally televised game that sees. And so with national games com's national notoriety. Like many Talking Heads are going with the chiefs. Including every body from pro football focus with stats so good NFL teams pay for them there'll. She is including our own analyst Sam Munson he joins us every Thursday to thirty totals like he's gone with and. Is that it was you don't have the same kind of defense the Pittsburgh I think that there's more open and from the defense or offense has been traveling far more. They don't have the kind of weaponry that the fields were able to deploy so I think the chiefs should get look at them go out and they're gonna want about black. After that game improve. You know they are still for real it's just so glad it was one game that got away from them but specifically defeat. Sometimes you want a zag when everybody else's zig so with the national media pretty high and Kansas City and everybody seemingly sneaking achieves. Is that a concern about me guys I complains about. It looks complaint about not getting national attention at that they get national attention. Why is everyone so I don't like being the underdog. It was ethical. People think the best team in at the care of business here about this everywhere I don't blow. About six weeks ago way back is very able you're ready for another watch party accurately. It's shares. Sure all those people were picket doing a victory when your old boy yeah we'll short bald guy. We're sixteen Sports Radio cohost Eric tires and stood up and set the chiefs are gonna be a evident that. One exactly. What everybody's on board czar bill smells at all not you can earn built this huge credit. Secondly I would ever and we would all. Say that one thing's gonna happen typically the other thing does is actually at sports. It's not a talent to their card march omelet at our conference Leo. Oh it. Well. What did you got a lot of talent and I. Remind you rather I refill on prisoner pardon me about sparking anger was mixed marks you know you gotta have. Secondary players that the free things up for yours dollars. The chiefs are losing those guys there I can't without two starters objects all right so let's I want to change the way if this game was played on a Sunday. I would pick the chiefs this game is played on a Thursday night. Geez that Monday or Tuesday traveled yesterday now it's got to play another game I think that's the reason why they get beat tonight. Number three. I we will wrap up hits today talking a little college basketball we saw the first USA today coaches poll out. Kansas comes in at number three with two being the number one overall team. This zoo unfortunately missing out of the top when he thought they come in at number 2090 also predicted to win the big twelve that's a big surprise there. K state predicted to finish in eighth when he does make up the rankings was a little too high too low for TU number three. And was busy street out of the top 25 of the type of recruiting classes they bought this week you look at the top five. You Michigan State. This Kentucky. Arizona. We're talking the best of the best of the best so are now. This is how much should think college basketball those teams or they've group that's the best players in the country are. And valuable was there haven't done anything yet have opportunities to prove yourself as a ranked opponents throughout the course of the season. Over here that was ranked 49 they're about to meet its assaults that it is exhibition game which dropped eight you to not in the in the rankings it still it 00. It used to be ranked dog dominating here in this game the smoke I was stay in the gonna probably go undefeated non I'm not worried about this. Receive the poll you know it's like the cool things that we talk about on me about this because. I think when this poll came out on not mistaken your shower that Minnesota. With attitude and out like it's over it's. I feel and. I would certainly like for Mikey to be right. It's not be in golf the golf South Carolina made the finals or last year I'm gonna guess they were not ranked in the Griese got 45. Now they seem like he cared about it earlier that's that's simply do last year I thought with the best team in the country they only want one. Part of it gave let's look look the games that Bertha and I know that there is gonna finish rank they are an awful. Saint Mary's is over to want to do. Northwestern's never wanna like all these geniuses that know college basketball and vote on the kids. But very rarely gets up there Sunday at 3 o'clock I'll. Let governor is a lot. When they speak in that area and that kick is it worth it happened and it became the that you wouldn't it. Yeah you wouldn't that Boone. Three so I. They grabbed a play forty minutes OK you would try and color are right that's our that's that's going to be I'm not gonna go. That they did sport today back to read Thursday in. Thursday night football. Days David's about their core. I do subscribe to be the quarterback is the most important position on the field and all I don't subscribe through the quarterback wins this year. Quarterbacks to win the most days of the best teams that are able to elevate the play of their teammates in a really productive team. Her car has not been able to do that against good teams. Raiders quarterback who they gave a boatload of money he's two and sixteen against playoff teams the two wins. The other team's quarterback with rock outs while and so what it really a playoff win. Against teams. Over five ordered with the raiders played their car is eight. In nineteen nice not Matt Stafford it was five it if our 46 that that would match that they always movement latency. Proved that means that one of the upper Echelon of quarterbacks in worthy of the attic or not. The first to admit wrong about oak. At Oakland was gonna be one of the best via well I thought there often it's gonna be the pop up there are basically got immediately about it's last year a team score a lot of points maybe couldn't get a whole lot of stops at the deer car with wouldn't really elevate his game broke. 35 touchdown that's this year. Fort about the art at the march silence was gonna be. A pretty solid running back rushed worked out arts. Have a rejuvenated season behind that often the line unit since the wide receivers Michael Crabtree Marc Cooper I was expecting big things from local. Now we're talking about it with sports team that has to win a week seven game. In order to not be eliminated from the playoffs they'll like of the Japan in Oakland Raiders that is about the year caller you go well. A short week against the bank that she's team and when this game because that you know. And this season you're certainly not in the AFC west. About the fight in wal in real. Even gravel wild card spot to go on the road you'll be more games back of the chiefs' losing the tiebreaker. With losing your home game against geez this is an absolute must win game. You agree that this part this game is about Eric. It's game but achieved its meals operators running as this race those numbers. And Marshall college only averaging 43 yard games like much. Richardson only averaging 22 yards per game at the raiders early version four point three yards per share in less than a hundred games so. Why should you be worried about the raiders running game and it's a fair question. Well today it is because achieved what he's evidently. Stopped with a rock. This is that a new thing. This is a chiefs defense thing that's the box. The chiefs were 26. Last year when they went twelve and floor are right. I think the bottom line is this I don't care if your crop raiders team it's doing for New York. Teams can move the football it's the sheets all right so I'd like to me that's what it's about the other thing it's about two for me is that health office line. It's early. I got sources that you know are close to sources that told me. Alex Smith's mom try to grasping visitors took a full week. Before she that they cleaned up for tonight's game and the ticket eating. All right he's running for his life he's one of the most quarterbacks. Well. To me it's a malign Clinton and the chiefs have got to stop the run and they got to protect Alex when this game. The beat up on the O line it's short week that vibe on this game. The raiders are gonna try to run the football and this teen throws the fewest balls down field. It's etiquette quarterback like Eric are blown up last year. It was phenomenal boats got knocked out. It is superstar in the later in the division this year he struggled but he is also a broken back at it that party. The ball downfield they run the football and as you get that last week. The Pittsburgh Steelers now granted fortunately not lately on I understand it. I fully understand where Yale you know it's excellent you bought closely now it's not but. And his talent and good you ought to be great team in the football against the chiefs and the raiders gonna try to run it used to be that she's. Defense that is 27. In the league at stopping the run. My biggest opposition I guess you were taken at least how Oakland's gonna win this game is I think a lot of times against good teams we kind of know what the formula is to do. It's is do you have horses do you have the main power Kenya executed. I don't think the Steelers had eighteen point inability to beat the chief they'd be in the last three times they've played. Better have a top five running Becky you better have the most dominating wide receivers in the history of the NFL to be able to do. Is that what Oakland a's Oakland scored 53 points the last four weeks for office that used to be high power can score from anywhere. Major Buffalo Bills offensively the last couple weeks if it was committed and dedicated to run the football have a completely different stance on this they're not. Last week thirteen carries the march on two weeks ago twelve carries against the Broncos 96. Well. They're not dedicated to giving Marshawn Lynch the ball enough before god it's running three point seven yards per care I can't really fault in not giving him the ball a lot. Pittsburgh has the clear blueprint of what they're going to do. We're gonna run the ball forty times we're going to try to dominate time of possession that's not what Oakland a's Oakland though. Mort quick strike on offense they play a little bit like the chiefs short passage try to beat you which means maybe a little bit of creativity try to beat you on the outside. I don't think that Oakland all the side is gonna turn into a team that wants to run the ball forty times against the chiefs it back committed to it this is gonna be a blow scoring. Drag out knockout kind of game. But at the raiders are gonna do what they've done so far this season I just don't think Oakland has offered the talent to be as well. And I saw this data pro football focus this amonte and utterly asked about it right that she's played man to man coverage 63 point 5% of the time. That's a lot considering that the team by the the second most man to man coverages. Is 50% all right so it played all that's that's about. Like listens and you know how does that affect the run game. Defensive backs with the backed her. And safeties. With the back turn to what's going all the line of scrimmage I guarantee you that the Oakland Raiders can try to establish the run game. Is it last week that was really Smart. They took the ball right out of the gay and in order to put achieved by the able to detect with it. And with the chiefs have to chase points for the entire game they can't give it to Korean model is much they want to. So the raiders can run the football be affected with the. Also feel like we're gonna just reading it she softened the list does not let last week now make it seem like the chiefs are one of the more often that teams in the don't you agree that change your plan a little bit what they like to know last week at me yeah pretty much at. All less than ten times round nor did. I think they're gonna go back to giving remarkable 20/20 five times. Do you trust Oakland's defense enough to stop it. Oakland is playing somewhat starting inside linebacker that was one another team at the beginning of the week there recently wait in the white black and say we don't know what to do defensively. Alex Smith. I have my concerns about how you played last twelve touchdowns and zero interceptions I feel like we've allowed the loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the disappointment of a kind of shift our thinking about the chiefs. This team don't want a more solid off that the team. They have their flaws in defense but they've allowed teams or they kept teams out of the end zone. And they've been the better coached team in basically every game at the plate so far this season aside from Pittsburgh that if we're gonna talk about the short week. Which team like trust more with less time to get ready but sheep who would dominate this match up for Oakland. Asked the proved to me they can beat it she's an open at the prove this season there are good team. They haven't done that so far I'm a little bit surprised on the other side this I like it yet I don't like the overwhelming. I think it's gonna be 1713. The I don't think it's going to be a grind out kind of game. I think it's she'd try to get back to what they were doing before on the ball remark especially his second half we try to pound the game and try to use that to go any give in the in it. Just don't think Oakland's offense is once you might against the chiefs specially on a short week I think it's a low scoring 1713. Kind of. I hope that's what happens and I I just got a bat by on this game. Simply because the quick turnaround of the injuries the tees. And that's the only part about this game that release yours that's what the raiders when. Text size six that preserves our sixth seed out I believe the most important position on the field is the person going into the other team's best player. In this case that's the chiefs alike going it's the Leo Mac. This what you brought in Mitchell Schwartz what we were told what has brought it Mitchell Schwartz with his ability to neutralize. Von Miller Joseph he boasts that in Toledo Mac not not saying you can hold a legal max's zero sacks in this one. Maybe you do look a maximum of five at the that the players in the NFL you just can't let the legal Mac run rough shot against. If the legal Mack is the definitive best player on the field and you'll lose in the game he's one of those penetrates into play when defensive player of the year. But I think the difference between me you're in this what is the chiefs are banged up its gas evidently that's what everybody's banged up. But made it's hard to say you're banged up when all your core guys appoint. Alex Smith is playing cream it's playing RB kills playing Travis Kelsey playing one defense you got Justin Houston you've got markets Peters the old T Geiger. Losing is Eric Berry and you've been without that injury the entire season I just don't look at the injuries as the negative it's you. Yes I do because I think it'll start to the offensive line and into me that's that's the part that really scares me. And it can't protect Alex Smith. When your play into backups on the offensive line what do which is the setter. He can't protect the capitals for Korean market problems manner that we saw part of that was in the Pittsburgh game last week. Oakland's offensive coordinator thinks they're close to turning it around but are they we discuss it next drive. A dry presented by don't cities from the electric heating and cooling studios sixteen and Sports Radio. It's the showdown for relief it's only here on 610 sports radio and finally a chance to my Missouri Tigers a show the world of the best basketball team in this primary this season is in Columbia. Not so fast thirteenth straight big twelve championships you don't remember the big twelve. Don't yet we come together for hurricane relief on Sunday our pregame coverage starts at one to live our life power buys. Workers local union number two. The game starts at three there's no TV when you hear right here on 610 Sports Radio fans of the books underscores core drill holes cell batteries I was close. During not a door park close pitches to throw. Doomed to donate go to one America appealed dot org for details at 610 sports dot com. Our teams yeah. Are down six tenths portrayed him. I differences it yup that money here's your own words about race. I would quicker so long I will admit I thought that Oakland went after an explosive dynamic office. I felt that it will open it up though it did with Tennessee. All bought with higher of the that is the site was giving us an Iowa I spoke with the GA activity. There they do. But it does that make the playoffs. I certainly wouldn't wanna play the patent filed with the chief and I know you beat him but I'm not just lock and met up with an automatic W but if you're based in New England. In January not without good Tom Brady's been edited and they're. I'm wrong when the numbers are evidence enough of a sample size two point. Offense has been bad so far disease that there are thirtieth in total yards. 38 last year they were six. They're 27 in running the if only the football 24 in passing so I hear you say that your rate of Oakland's run offense based don't want. I understand that the team. As of march on the list with explosive hasn't run them all against anybody. Eighty yards rushing in eighteen so far now I think that marched on its finding that skills that you. And now he's hit that she's four under thirty today like I think that we may be over compensated because of what happened last week with the Steelers that. But it. The blueprint that beat the chiefs is out this year. You better at Whitney bill are avid W brownie batter out the offensive weapons and firepower. Don't look at this Oakland team right now they certainly have the firepower their ports or different than what they were last. Make guys are playing at a high level right now. More shots up playing I love their cars toppling at that level of Marc Cooper instantly turned into the ninetieth best wide receiver in the NFL after having to back the vaccines that without the art but the appeared in office that's in sync right. They're not that they're not listened to we can all agree is that we you're weak right and this is it normal. People say that I'm negative on the excellent lit up. Let's of people here and that's all you say I'm fine with that and it like the facts. Then that's okay the facts are the teacher beat up this is not normal. Right the raiders are in a corner their season is on the line. They're at home at night in the black hole. It's a third tonight game with a cheese that travel 818100. Miles through time zones to play on the road. I would say that the chiefs would have a hard time being beating a lot of teams tonight. We act like. You know I mean it's simple just look at that team and its record and what it's done over the last six weeks are right the other circumstances that factor in the late game play out. And if we learn anything in his NFL season it's really tough to predict. And let road teams that won one more game at home teams this year. The falcons lost at home to the bills in the dolphins the giants win in the Denver and smoked the Broncos the giants were 05. Like weird stuff happens in the NFL I don't is you know. This respected opponent because they've had a rough four weeks of the great talent there are a great talent. He's beat up a little bit with the back thing for sure Marshawn Lynch still as a lot of. Gas left in the tank in my opinion Michael Crabtree seventh great year there at home at night it's Thursday night football weird stuff happens and if we can acknowledge that. They're legitimate a fact. When the genes play at home in a prime time game at arrowhead that they should be Smart enough to understand it would the raiders played well in the black hole in prime time with the season on the line. That will have some sort of an effect on the game whether teachings are better football team and the raiders. Absolutely. Not argue that would anybody of course that you the circumstances around this game or different than most I've got to acknowledge that. If we're to sit here and talk about it I mean that that's the only argument that I I don't listen. That it changed over time I want to cheat to win and achieves and I'm from Kansas City. I'm saying that the circumstances around his game or different than a typical week if this was this Sunday noon game. I'm with the chiefs 100%. It's not it's at Thursday's game. With a banged up she's team going on the road to Oakland under the lights would gain that they have to out. Absolutely and win the raiders are not Cleveland all right. Anderson talent on this team. And I hope they don't get right tonight and I'll absolutely wrong I think is gonna be really pivotal what she's done. I think where you and I are different on at least in what we're going to pick the game is I'm with. Picking this season has been near impossible thing no and eight good you'll what's happening in the but that she said that while others are things so far the NFL it Oakley has certainly been one of the not to work things end. I was always try to look at the key parts of the gate. I think the better team I'd like to teach me to let the coach in this case I think it is that he has the better codes and let the better quarterback in this state. I think at the city as of today Allah is playing better than there caller. So so many of the key advantages or in the chiefs' favor it's just hard for me to pick against them. The biggest thing I'm afraid of with Oakley is there. Eager. If they would lose this game goes to two and five. And they need to get incredibly hot to have it seems to make the playoffs you fall the risk of being who went five. It's excellent kit is that keeps the divisions over at Oakland. Lose this game we're not talking about them winning it or not overcoming a four game deficit against she's still at the plate in Kansas City. Later on this season I trust there fear in their desperation. You're going to see a very scared a very desperate. A team that little claw a team that's got a battle anything it's certainly not going to laid out what seem people get the score predictions on the excellent. I don't think it's going to blow out. I think Oakland as far too much try to get blown out today but I think that she's just between eight knockdown drag out kind of game that you use the short week as they. Negative would cheat on isn't it for Oakland which coached like trust more at his team ready and his team prepared a short week. Take it you read Spezza with is Dominic in the division present with is Dominic especially over this team got to prove to me at this point eight Erica team and beat. That they can beat the chiefs. Yeah I agree with you. I agree with you on that means again the game look so epic that she's in Oakland anywhere. The chiefs let it third and I game. The practice and Brett won their travel 800 miles. A keeps an that's the only reason I'm going to but why. Is that it's different just because they're playing a divisional. Like that's like Palin today that's a fair and you haven't seen it in new look offense. I mean what's different about this Oakland team that you can't at least prepare for advocating Clinton's very similar to what you've already done. You played this team. You put their car eight times now you've seen Michael scene and the lack of preparation time doesn't bother me much about. Yeah I just I used. You know people ask me like to watch it every week he scared of the Pollard absolutely. I think if you if you got a decent response from every player in every NFL locker room if they're Smart we'll say that guy's good. Every dude on. Every roster the NFL was the guy someone OK they're not just grab a scrubs and rolled about there ever like those guys was the guy so. At his college at a high school. So yeah they're all good man everybody. You know lot of these guys are millionaires they get paid well for parole for good reason are right the best of the best in the world it on some nights they will use. And I hope tonight is not one of those nights because. I think there's a lot of talent as raiders offensive team. On an in the way it achieves give up yards worries me and it can't it's Thursday night not Sunday that's my biggest concern. Oakland's offensive coordinator thinks that they're close to turning things around but it their car or is this everybody on this often struggle. I'm a state offense is all I don't think there's a single guys they can look back over the last few weeks and say you know what I'm really pleased. How I played over the last few weeks we'll call the game the last few weeks or coach my position my shoes. We all in this together. And there's no one guy that is. Save it or break did or were. Anything in between you know we need to do this as a team. Everybody needs to make the plays or for the opportunity to make and that night he did all the right plays before. Well. He is right that not one single guy is gonna be able to save this office many could certainly start with a quarter. Dirt car last we all be coming off an injury 171 yards against the Broncos most people struggle against Denver. Under 43 yards against Washington if you remember they got that. Rates on the road at Washington. Billick knew 418 yards and burning our offense around past the start with your quarterback who you patriots won the top five highest paid players in the history of the NFL. Caring your team in in beating a good chiefs team. Yeah cart has the play better now if that's not going to a Marc Cooper maybe he's doing something a little bit different if that's the commitment to the run game. If Oakland gonna turn their season around. It ain't getting their quarterback the player at the same level but he was because if this offense we scored 53 points over the last four weeks. If they're not gonna carry this team Oakland is going to win six games this year and they're picking in the top ten in next year's draft. They're not a team that's got to be carried by the defense they need their offense to return to what it was lassie. I agree out of percent you know that it changed off its coordinator. And have a blood a big difference in personality exceptional Marshawn Lynch mom who I think it a lot of people they still have a lot left and today. Maybe it's the play calling on that I I find it hard ball hard to believe that it a little football downfield with a guy like Derek aren't that surprising to me. Maybe that changes tonight. You know maybe they said hey listen we got to throw this thing if we're gonna make it happen. Maybe that's what they do against the chiefs the chiefs team that plays it's not a man defense. They pick on Terrence Mitchell you know made it ago. The opposite side of market beaters because of that match before market beaters and Oakland guy as big gains when he plays in Oakland. Yet two picks in two games in Oakland so maybe their game plan is it to run the football tonight. I don't know we'll find out tonight at 730 when everybody's got your watch party winning streaks insiders. Speaking up a Mark Cooper Derrick Clark commented on him I think Marc Cooper has been one of the more disappointing players this year in the NFL. Derrick Clark talked about it's or wide receiver. I've played the same mentally and I was like oh. It's discovered got to go give it to him you know that kind of thing you know you actually played really well I thought you know yet to really big plays get called fact you know it is religious it's unfortunate and hopefully we're done which I give the ball it's not a nuclear explosive plays that we do. And they get called back its us just one of those things but we got cleaned it whatever we can do to be better there to make sure that those players don't get called back is gonna happen are hard to get. It for a few yates' use he would. Over the past four weeks. There have been 200 in 96 players who have a catch over nine yards. A Mark Cooper is not one of those players a Mark Cooper has been made it. Not just disappointing he's been bay last week. Five catches for 28 yards against the Baltimore Ravens one catch for eight yards against the Broncos the entire team struggled. But two catches for nine yards against Washington another game were everybody struggle one catch for six yards. The article breast fifty yards receiving the last race for weeks in the NFL. A Mark Cooper at a thousand yards receiving his first two years in the NFL needs instantly turned into the markers Robinson from last season. At a Marc Cooper is too talented and good to beat the man is the that makes me think that it's mental Mike Vick makes me think it is a 100% Mitchell with the Mark Cooper. Mean this is what got it's certainly getting on the field getting targeted giving opportunities one catch for eight yards against the rate one for eight. This offense isn't going the ball deep it's an apartment to pick an offense right now but it's so inconsistent and I just don't think it's sheets as pour their defense at that time it gets that yard. They at least keep you out of the end zone and that's the one thing Oakland's completely avoided the last two off last four weeks which is actually getting Indians though. Well and they're not rolled of those guys march right maybe that's the problem. With with opens up it maybe got to go at commitment to all the football those guys now. It Cooper got a text are well that's the other boarded the other thing you run the risk get to it that picked up by markets be built his direction now. Then in. Let me tell you so he's gonna get law he's gonna do it against the raiders because that's what he normally does you know. Up next injuries have been a big thing for you this week do you think the X-Factor is for the chiefs we get a today at the red third later lied when he trees on the drive. The dry presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixteen and Sports Radio. Great yeah. It speedway he'll have slowed traffic goes up another because he's out of downtown. All the way down to the jobless boulevard port zones theater breaks up a little bit entity get on down through security like. North about 35 doughboy is still in trouble but definitely over the partly because of this crash. Don't let other people are right about the Bard's the other lightly it is as still walk and now we have another second crash in the back up. We don't let either because I had to 635. It's a minor accident but it didn't talk to land that's getting a lot of attention as well. No about 35 getting out of dugout down into the gold plated still sluggish. Government's rationale I'd front street got a moved off to the right down from the outside the rampant. Still getting a lot of attention and what about the stalled out northbound 35 north of the organizer because let's. Tickets for the Hollywood casino 400 on Sunday October what executive kids who play are available now. Held 866460. Race or visit kids is deeply dot com I'm. Unless show. And it is shown to have things can happen. The game is. On this movie fuel ready for this raiders chiefs game and after the bill Schneider shows we'll make sure we'll keep you all updated the what's going. There will have a triple threat now. It was that the worst news mark day's news salute that back to do for Mike. You don't want to miss it. This show tonight it's 6610. Sports Radio. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new sixty in sports dot com. A lot of good Z. I'd hate that Solano cleared winning streaks I got where we got six dollar deficit that's what they think it will. Don't like wolf we'll go where wolf sometimes it goes like that the house would like she wrote the basically we will do. That was it's really advance here did you imagine this lady so that's not a mobile me no not at all absolutely. I couldn't split about what it. Like they think about how weird it is like I'm not a Star Trek but it was so let's play it would be spread you out here. Yet know where all these great days like the price volume so we. Feel he's awesome and you know we're wolf is president miniature football league of America. So yes like all these departments and so what you're channel Ottawa it is Stewart with a for the Raphael painted out. And we lied up adjectives. And in I'm like okay who's this duty and whoever wins this in the chiefs are gonna draft. It's we get it that he's a great guy loyal fan Austin. Actually a story two with weird wolf that group fans where. There's a raider fans that merited cheese and a Christmas Eve in the parking lot before the game. And that was great man so yeah I'd start to pack up what she's been audio ready here's a good idea. Well why couldn't do it right so much more interest in all listener the ice like you make she's fans. Outlet you cope with the score at a dollar and much to really explain what the miniature football was displayed only drama that doesn't let you tell. You know electric football you know that is right I was born in 1988 no I don't remember electrical. I don't think. We're all. Don't like works more of any any the graphics designer he makes that what you cities that an army navy game for the army navy electric football it's coming out. Great story. There it's the story told me it makes political play electric but what I electric now a lot of playing added that all the dirt they need to go ahead take it back old school. In all of its ally with everybody get all the poor right now I don't wanna hear some Davidson tomorrow. Because they think I'd know what's gonna app does what it gonna do he's been saying the chiefs that got away are you gonna lose yes tomorrow when they wait till like. It's gonna give it's not a course that it would iPod. Alex met. I Alex and got to put this out. But right now how to put there I got 1713. At this idiot that's what. Oakland that that often don't trust the scores it's what it is a short week but it couldn't be more low score. But I think the chiefs give back the running the football a picker re on at the good day I pick in the June 17 at thirteenth and let's get on the record here I haven't. Oh I said toilets like earlier but you've sold me on how much low scoring games going to be a 1716. Raiders and if the cheat to win a please note that one that and the way and I'd stick the circumstances surrounding this week they don't win this and it was a tough seventeenth heights. It on the record. I also have the readers winning in a very close close out game is good mall alt break it week on this guy ticket price vice. People bought it there are unbelievable. Idol thing work on this stool the idols CU will be a Giorgio. Of backe you know game winning field goal operators the kicker man. I think. It's a game winning kick it'll be 2320 raiders what we got to have nick Oakland. Yeah I heard that what. Of that yeah Jordan Nike and on her let her Becky well now I know you're losing your fantasy end and now. As we not. Though I didn't went into tell me those are the keys that today. But the minute ride with them the it's no Sharkey at her west who has been at the beginning of the season reward emotional or go to make the team. Morse who have been out for three weeks. Barack birthday party someone you can't put out there Larry in the short of that yo that's what the race. Over the Altman. She's listening for the last four hours now I don't look over at all. That. And global context the militants. To. Chatted the whole time it is that we had a plane in Oakland set up the jays. It's Thursday the beat up on that's why it matters secondary cult that weapons matter or apple. Doesn't hurt. Key on the hill and Kelsey and on. Maybe it's the renewing of the UKU rivalry that now as me being the positive uplifting one on this show normally I'm the one that attacks like that. Such as. Big against the GOK. You. That's taken in euros for the ride I warned sitting here telling you that the chiefs were better than no that would. There are five because circuit was that out it doesn't make any sense flat out here winning streaks. Democratic bird yet the state last time because I bought the picture the better the cheese picket Oakland and be too upset about it public. It's hurt her she's been out here right now right now that are pointing out that I was the only guy at the last watch party depicted g.s to B patriot and a need to give up the hurts the Annika. Meet the NFL as what it you don't for me lately we thought Oakland and a good offense that we won. I don't think now we sat and sitting outside air rocker got away in BP we clawed he went in deep team are not going to be about back and they know more. That she's injured they're like listen this guy doesn't know the docket equities over the patriots would you expect this game if the chiefs win at the chiefs win the X-Factor is going to be. The offensive line because they got to protect Alex that they've got help little Mercury on X-Factor all that it's one unit and not one dude. I'm gonna take the markets Robinson in this. Marcus Robertson had a chance for four catch fifty something yard game Chris Connolly Chris Connelly. Not make it seem like that's a huge detriment to the office. Possession receiver Chris Kelly with Omar Cooper and our make it seem like that's a big loss for the geez the market products that can very easily stepped in to replace those north I think the mark Robinson I've achieved that have a good game today articulate she's. Low scoring. Physical close ball game with the fact that given the ball that the number one running back in the at a poker Rima you're on. Portuguese law so I made us all I can't wait for the open tomorrow the drive that in your book first before we get out here we're going to play this highlight. What it was like back in the day and that she's right at rubber rat. You torment. Let's build I have to figure I'm gonna hit this thing on the.