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Thursday, October 19th

Hour 2 began with the guys hearing from the Raiders Offensive Coordinator that they're close to getting back on track and whether it's true or not. They also get into the Chiefs injury situation and break down the game and share Raiders stories with "The Blogfather" Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride.


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Today I. Was and I spies that. This pop quiz lines airplane because that person talking was actually Kareem Abdul Jabbar. And yesterday you were talking about us Andrew wait and see dot. Answering into you a bit of historic category so does Simmons made his NBA debut. And yesterday and Simmons became one of five players in NBA history. With eighteen plus points ten rebounds and five assists and their NBA debut the only guys ever to do that in NBA history. Grant Hill Bill Walton Oscar Robertson and cream Abdul Jabbar Sears and a pretty exceptional company. Adjustments in history and done. By the way that movie airplane fantastic I see it there it's still holds out real well. It's amazing it yet seen as the I think it's one of the funniest. Prized movies Leslie Nielson there. June Cleaver is there. Barbara Billingsley who later June Cleaver on leave it to the year it's terrific you think you've. About Leslie Nielsen is that I think a lot of people of my generation to generation. Only know Leslie Nielsen is like the slapstick I've been through the humored guy. Part of the reason your plane was so funny he was because you Donald these very hardcore intense dramatic roles in the first and you'd ever done anything like that vasser led him. To the rest of his the sort of secondary part of his. Rick yeah it's it's a terrific movies if you haven't seen it I highly recommended I hit it Turkey gets to prove right. I've never seen airplane but the view of the cavs he'll prove soak up give their plate Hispanics you rule Somalia. Oakland's offense I think it's been one of the more disappointing units and all of the NFL I'd probably put new England's defense number one overall. I thought what the free agent acquisition date made throughout the course of the offseason I thought that there's no way to deepen its gonna be arguably the worst in the NFL. And certainly yards perspectives the worst in the NFL. I was really I don't oak what you and I talked about the show I beat Oakland to win the AFC west. Both that she's in Oakland won twelve games last season. I thought the chief you're gonna make the playoffs I distrusted Oakland's offense a little bit more than likely you'd it'll team it's city and up with a big reason why pick Oakland. I was a 100% wrong in Oakland in my violation of how they were going to beat they still can sort things are trying to make the playoffs and if the playoffs started today the Miami Dolphins would represent the AFC wild card team. I don't think anybody Fairchild go to Miami Dolphins specially how bad their offense has been there was certainly a lot of football to be played but. The numbers do not they are not in your favor if you start off the season two and five offensive coordinator for Oakland. He was talking about if Oakland's offense was close why don't know how close they are. But this sand is the problem with the offense their car or that the rest that the office that that struggle. I must say the offense is all I don't think there's a single guy can look back over the last few weeks and say. You know what I'm really pleased. How I've played over the last few weeks or call the game the last few weeks or coach my position my shoes. We all in this together. And there's no one guy that is get save it or break get over or. Anything in between you know we need to do this as a team and everybody needs to make the plays or for the opportunity to make and that night he did all the right plays before them here well. I mean that's certainly bears out in the stats right now Oakland 29 in total offense 27 in passing offense. And they are 24. In running the football. I mean it works octane in just about every offensive category last season. Oakland's 29. In the NFL in yardage but about how prolific and how good their offense was last season the only team that have been worse off its lead after thirty. The only team that at worst an Oakland so far in terms of yards per game. Or the Buffalo Bills in the mine in the dolphins Oakland's offense has been incredibly disappointed. You better figure out a way to get things right today or your wallet to a five you'll likely not make the playoffs. Support that I don't understand that's. You know that's what while I respect the office. Is the coordinator because. When you get your car or Cooper. Michael Crabtree and marsh on lynch. I don't understand how that office to struggle so much that it's there at some point at some week. And the raiders are getting help either gonna get right and that's the part that freaking out about it it's not like we're talking about a really. Back Cleveland Browns team without a quarterback you know without any weapons were talking about some really good players. All of this offense that did it last year and for whatever reason aren't doing it this year so. I think at some point Oakland could get help at night. Speaking though why they're often it's an eighty trying to explain a little bit coming into the season Oakland certainly had. But top three top five wide receiver duo in the NFL they don't have that right now Marc Cooper has been terrible. I would say to looking at one player who was at a pretty disappointing season. It's been a Maricopa he's at a thousand yards receiving his first two years in the NFL. It's less than 200 Derrick Clark commented on Marc Cooper and how to try to give him the football in better situation. I've played the same mentally and I was like oh. It's discovered got to go give it to him you know that kind of thing you know he actually played really well I thought you know yet to really big plays get called back you know it is religious it's unfortunate but hopefully rotunda which I give the ball it's not a nuclear explosive plays that we do. And I get called back analysis just one of those things but we got cleaned. Whatever we can do to be better there to make sure that those please don't get called back is gonna happen in their heart again. I mean that's. I thought the offensive coordinator and our first cuts that are pretty perfect what does all what is Oakland well offensively that really skiers are you feel like you need to stop. It used to be how effective they could probable in Cupertino with six rushing the football last season got off to a good start running the ball down off but the line. They were going to open up play action impeach you download the they haven't done at least not with the mark bright sauce that today from you listen to this. Over the last four weeks there have been 200 in 96 players who have had to catch a nine plus yards. A Mark Cooper is not one of them. How good Marc Cooper has been yelled at that you're now. You are in the last four weeks of football last week it gets 88 or Los Angeles. Five catch for 28 yards against Baltimore one catch for eight yards against the Broncos notion of playing a portly in Denver. Who catches for nine yards against the Washington Redskins in the week three the NFL season. One catch for six yards a Mark Cooper is arable. A no way to justify those that if the unless the Mark Cooper injured 5281. For him for not one for six. I you've been really bad they're off and it's been incredibly disappointing so far this. You put that on the offer to court though on Todd downing you've got to meet bill must race back in Denver. As quarterbacks coach and last year Oakland's offense. Total yards was sixth in the NFL. I don't really great Marshawn Lynch the only guy that's that's the skill guys that it's different how much of of that is that on the coordinators at the ports around. I'm sure as the. Something with the offensive coordinator. The big belief but their players got to go out there make plays it's not like the offensive coordinator wasn't given a lot of good ingredients that go out there and make a good dinner. You got a quarterback you and I both thought was tops in the NFL you've got a running back who see it months and just came on the show it's that he still thinks that the had a lot the tank. Last year off at the line people held as one of the three best off but the lines in the NFL. Two really good wide receivers and good fighting in Jericho. Oh really solid number three wide receiver in south Roberts. It's not like Opel lax for weapons in guys and go out there make plays better start doing a good job of getting in those guys going right. I mean last year the average two point six points a game. This year it's down to point points out. That's Goran and their struggle to beat these team. And that. Listen mitnick got got it figured out this week hopefully does all right but. I just when you have touted players sooner or later it clicks it we see it every single sport. When you have talent that you have guys can play the game sooner or later you're gonna get the helmet hit the great stuff that's gone in the NFL matchup has that already. 4546. That's O team records in the NFL right now. Like the stuff we see some crazy every week whether to giants lose at Denver. Or the falcons lose it on the dolphins last week something crazy happens every week that's what. That's another thing that concerns about his game tonight in Oakland we sold. Hard to predict in an. It's it's actually well Oakland office document terrible mark dupers this he has been the guy it was last year Derek Bart. Brooke is back adults and nothing for somebody I mean that's the NFL that's a crazy. Oakland's offensive coordinator Todd downing gets into one of the biggest reasons why that sheets continue to be one of the best teams in the NFL. The chiefs rarely beat themselves. They're extremely well coached team they don't beat themselves which is something that we need something no offense was beaten ourselves. And they have a lot of talent. So you put those two combinations together and being paired with the offense is clicking on the other side of the ball they're going to be just as much talent as this year's been relaxed so. With a report that challenge we look forward the home crowd there's tonight hopefully we'll get that there. I was reading a story today from Arabs. At a Tice or ease BA and in the first paragraph he says what comes to predicting in the NFL to go with what you know. I'm surprised that you're picking against the chiefs because of all the uncertainty that Thursday night football provide it certainly is a lot of would say there's a couple of things that we know. We know the chiefs quarterback of playing at a higher level right now that what Oakland quarterback he's we know the chiefs offense is playing at a higher level we know the chiefs are better coach. We know the chiefs don't turn the ball. I think we also know that she's brought the ball pretty effectively not saying that Oakley doesn't do some things well but right now scored 53 points in their last. It the last four weeks certainly tells Ubisoft it's not doing a life well. Like the chiefs are more of a short shot in a shore thing that Oakland is right now if vocal was playing good football obviously being nervous about going on the road to play them a short week but a team that's struggling with less time to prepare I don't know if this is the situation it's a team without that at that sheet if it's of the game you can write. It lets you guys in Iraq and help our brought about his activities the 47 year old. When I when I get out of that takes about five minutes before I could figure out my knees hurt my ankle hurt my shoulder and I had to replace NFL football or college football. Or high school put what your junior high I just keep that myself like. Bill. Do these guys healthy and ready to roll in two days now I get it that they got the cryogenic chambers and it's a technology. Analysts others that I understand that part of it. That's just really to me the deal breaker for me in this game that's why I think the raiders chiefs desperate team. On the face of really good football team that's got to go on the road and again there's a million reasons like could be wrong in his first and foremost wrote teams that there's an actual police to this point. That are 51 on the season that make it sent the platonic but at the same time that things. About disease that make absolutely. No sense which is why I think this is that she should go and open a tight. The raiders win this game Portland one. Injuries have been big with the road this week we'll find out what your X-Factor is for the game and they're gonna notice something a little bit different about the chiefs tonight we tell you what that is coming up on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. I hear you loud and clear. I ride joins us out here. Next always happy to talk to it and it's ready for a big Thursday night football game as she headed to Oakland. Take on the Oakland Raiders to join us today winning streak we got six dollars since its special we got the strength blown we got the boot floor one of the best TV set up. In the city. If you're here for the chiefs and patriots game you know on game day atmosphere it easier winning streak so you don't have any. Anywhere to watch the game or what a lot to which she spent. Her they're doing a documentary today out here at winning streaks luckiest man with a little vertical kit band of the Washington Post so. It's just about the wouldn't forget. Is that going to be a large batters making everybody here at our cellular that's great and yet to get on the TV out and let's the TV the food everything at sixty special stuff here. At winning streak solid lefty but the royals games now that she's game for. Until Thorman and pride joins us coming up at 331. I wanted to ask you this question because all week you've been really concerned about the injuries at the chiefs at one of our disagreements when it comes to this game is who is injured. Not look more guys were injured on the chiefs right now. Ausmus playing in this game Corey Hart's playing in this game time every kill tells the Houston Peter setter. But they are is secondary guys. Robert Olsen is banged up in this game layered you verdict party Mitch Morse Chris Connolly out for the season with the Achilles injury who were you looking at is that expect to one other secondary guys to step up if the chiefs are gonna win this. I don't wanna call offensive lineman secondary guys I consider those guys could be. Organizers well on right now is the least this way I think it's gonna shake out it's upfront it's going to be. Brian Whitman sack full and Jordan daddy. That that's gone guards that are guard were talking about it. A team with the what are the most sacked quarterbacks in the NFL team the relies heavily on the run game. I don't care if it's the markets Robinson. Markets can have the deputy Thomas like it was at the end of the game last it's Pittsburgh if you could not protect accident he's got the ball. The old Travis kielty is much that the time ridiculous much anybody's much they can't protect your nature or run the football so for me the X-Factor I guess if that's we're gonna put it. Is the offensive line for me and that is where all starts if you cannot protect Alex Smith. And you cannot open holes it's gonna be tough night for everybody I think you know maybe we seek to ever being in the West Africa to listen Jeff Schwartz is that it's a fine tackle. And Eric fictional little bit banged up right now looks like Toledo that's going to be going it's Geoff Schwartz that's a mismatch. For us you know so. That those two guards that setter for me that's one of the things that we keep an as you watch his game tonight. I'm looking at the wide receiver position. If you're gonna have some missing weapons of secondary weapons via Turkey was out for this game Chris Connolly out for this game Albert Wilson has been banged up. As they do Marcus Robinson break out kind of scenario. This is a four cash for fifty yards he makes the big play let's forget that the mark Robinson was open. Three separate times throughout the course of the game for whatever reason that she just couldn't give him the football and there. It didn't throughout the course of the game so it's not like the market Robinson was the reason that the often it really stumbled last week. Buddy actually played pretty well we know we can do with special teams he does pose some got a mismatch in atlas that the I think he's a potential X-Factor for today's game I think you get a chance the play well like you look at someone who has that breakout kind of potential. I'd throw that toward the market drops. You know I hope your IT I hope your right I just want to make sure that out with its protected tonight that you get in the football he's gonna be that guy if he's going to be. You know the number two guy over there the other sets I retail. I just want Alex taking care by that office line I would love. To see what the markets Robertson do we heard about it trait yet. We've heard about how good he can be a dynamic he can be. I just I haven't seen it yet you know and and I think that only comes reps so if Roberts has a big game. I think he cheaters for really nice because of that we've seen. With some of the secondary offensive weapons that ignites in the chiefs would football mr. cantor let's get in them when he had to be honest is it in the end zone when Albert. Wilson is is getting in the end zone I mean that office is really click and also it just gets so many different. Yet so whatever choices for you read to pick from when you have quality secondary guys that you got to pay attention to those dudes. And not an end in somebody's got to be on Kelsey but man when you're scared of the secondary player like Albert Wilson or shall pass plays like that that opens up. Thanks for every. Audio so excited 69306. Can't NFL the color Russian uniforms right she should be already raiders should be all black. Will looks so awesome once he even all white vs Oakland in the all black look batter into the night. I really have a strong idea about that I got beautiful I do solo homer fine. Some Olmert not five out like the traditional uniforms a little bit more that I like the color of uniform. Big like I'm not uniformly. I loved I loved look at you know forums like you know like the Arizona Diamondbacks at the worst you know format days like a terrible. And I look at the reports that I haven't achieved gold rush uniformly already and I realize a lot of people like it. But it looks like you're just combining two uniforms that the reds are different colors for the period to maturity. If she's gonna do riding go. Full read as Keddric Dellucci to say. A flight if they're a flight not. Have one uniform for cholera because they don't like to its east Oakland Raiders look at why the got to look cool. But if you if it was much it is meet that I'd like you changed at all like the raiders and all black at put together a list of the ones that I really liked. Like the Seattle Seahawks de lo green to me about it is the best color rush uniform like the chargers old school. That it had to hand out to Eric Corey oh era is another one of my favorites the Redskins in the audio you don't. That she accident eighty Lou Brown color that was terrible. That would bug me but. I think you. They've got to test these little bit more it was the first there's tonight it definitely was that the bills. And the jets the bills were all read the jets were all agree that people that were colored light couldn't see anything. Which to me was crazy so think they're gonna deal with modify it. Sometimes you're the traditionalists some guy. I'm sure the progressive when it comes to surprise. Old school Brad inning loves war in a hundred in 97 different third nomination. I didn't sell out then you read it they love the color rushed I don't know what the color uniforms are they're just wait for the sell more merger oh broach job. I love the throwback. A local. How are seen Diego chargers supercharged you know war. I love that with the eagle color from the old school mighty dolphins beautiful Jersey comets or myself. Another color rushed during the district in. It was a gimmick to try to do it a lot more stuff that's what they're doing it's what the royals at some pictures now what do they have what. If four delegate powder blue royal blue. A white at a great to try to buy more stuff that's what the network. Share and do men cool. You know it's the stuff is over the top like I'll make like that youthful soldiers out because man. What about fifty agers accommodation it would end game of the do you look bad he spent more money on fashion that you won on recruiting. Yeah I just don't the first thing a look at I love the look at etiquette as Austin uniform like the Cleveland Browns right now like Bowling Green and it looks like it at a regularly you know I think it's terrible. Play like Bowling Green definitely. Who's an awful. It's a press you like that that's what they're doing right now dress for the job you'll they've played like it is not an NFL teams that they're that they're certainly sees relative. Just the bark either part of that they set their water lately team with them back in the NFL so that's probably every single week any right now other quarterback might not spark. On a Mac the coming up we talked to the blog other jolt or have been. Helps creator of the most popular Steve's website on all of the Internet era it rigel order live from winning streaks there is an excellent drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. And here's experience. And studios. Exceeds MVP. Check this out on FaceBook. We'll be watching alive weeks you'll. What do you do for a living. We're right there. Next time you're in a big hurry want to write me a bunch and Joseph listen more than let's get it how to do their editor in chief of aero he would try anything elite manager for a SB nation but just think that speaks the injury. You know what it got heated husbands and to mrs. zero he would cry super excited for something to do during the day talk she's the blog father the global blog itself. Joel Foreman Willie even scores touchdowns and headed for shorter distance and at that rate was just saying on the drive. Thank you don't a drive live from winning streaks an error it's always an honor when this made using your present he runs the most popular kids' website on all the Internet is the one the only Joseph Borg in the law bother. I don't go to C dot Brad I'm doing really well thanks from me on. Is is is are you surprised that more popular than she stuck on now I think it might be just yeah yeah yeah yeah as of C dot says it and other matters most and how that's back to bring it to the bank this big thing getting back. Cover boy. Are doubtless deadly duck and cover boy it's good as the Udall thanks a lot. For coming in today are ready stored under guys website let's just the conversation with this it was about the Steelers lost. Is it one loss or do you think it will linger which side of that debate are you more. You know because the chiefs on the raiders I'm gonna say it's not gonna linger there gonna move on quickly. You know veteran team veteran coach all that like I don't think they're gonna have. Mini games like that where they're like caught off guard so. I think in this in this case the short week is action you can be kind of a good thing. Could you we've been booked back with the Steelers game just move on we did at the Steelers Sonya you know and now the chiefs on the raiders so. Thanks a short week at the detriment to the Stevie evolving into they have piled yet my crazy thinking that they're deadly what are they didn't answer this. Yeah I know I I think it's like bad per inch like injury wise for every team time all the time but. This she seemed like you know we talk about injuries so much and I notes eventually gonna catch him by. May have to dislike keep on finding somebody else to play and you know as long as it's not like. Chelsea or Alex get hurt like they seem to be able to do just for a. You know I'm glad you brought that up because you and I are kind of on different sides on this I think losing. You know multiple second tier guys we talking like out or we'll see Chris Conley. Guys like that I mean I think that hurts the stars as much is maybe one of the stars being out. Right I mean yeah I think I think a lot of us probably look at it similarly like as always you have tell C Tyreke or hunt. One of them is gonna go off so you know as long as you got one of those main guys healthy. I think you feel pretty good about your your chances but the other spent like what three games this you're Chelsea's been completely shut down and you know two of them police have gone on to win. I just and I'm curious about how that sort of limit to creativity and I think he's been able to do an intricate questions men Iranians on twice couple weeks ago the Anthony Johnson scored. Touchdowns in back to back weeks having if you have to go to catches up with you've got that's what I mean it's. I just hope like on a short week with those injuries have been catching tonight. I mean I think last week stated that caught up to him a little bit. Neither of those linemen were very good one had the safety chuck our camera being dissed you had several penalties and you know I don't I don't think he's very good there. And then you're missing Albert Wilson hurt select injuries finally start to catch up to him last. You and I see like we're on the same page at least more than Brad and I are Owen. I think in the NFL your always gonna have to overcome injuries because of the nature of the game but as long as you had your top seven or eight core guys there and I know it Eric Berry's injuries out. It's hard to say that you're not healthy for the game. Alex Smith is playing in this when Corey months playing in its army killed Travis Kelsey doesn't use the markets Peter from Parker's there. Thank you got enough talent to still go out there and win only short week in my opinion. Yet no app I'd I think you're actually right she's a three point favorites Andrews can't be that bad you're on the road against the raiders in your still favorites so. No I'm I'm absolutely with you until until it's one of those like. Three or four core guys it's probably not enough. One of the things are sort of freaks me out about this games the raiders essentially try to do with the Steelers do. And in the raiders it's on the fuse or does not get that exactly yeah they don't the few Steve balls in the league there this used on the second fuse. If they can get that running game going tonight and eat debt clock with the Steelers did scares me and a big time. I mean I think the chiefs run defense struggles have been known since last year. And it seems easy like the Steelers laid the blueprint out there were like that's really hard to do though to do with the Steelers did obviously you know a bunch of other teams haven't done it so. I think on paper like. I did what C with the raiders wanted to do come and run the ball you saw what bell did like I did it should not be everybody's plan they're not able to do like. Do you know what the chiefs go out and score quickly in the raiders and hold them to give up the running game unity like the game. You know that the circumstances dictate some of that. As are a lot of people talk about the she's being exposed in the game in my response to that is what you have to have the parts that Pittsburgh and right. If you have late young bill Antonio brown and yes you have a chance exposing this chiefs' defense Oakland hasn't had a hundred yard rusher so far this season. Are they gonna be committed to running the ball the way Pittsburgh was. Pittsburgh clearly went in there with a plan of we're gonna run the ball forty times against the chiefs and we're gonna bet over the course of the game are not going to be able to stop at Oakland hasn't shown that dedication to the run all season and I don't see Marchand dating thirty carries in this. Game allowed bell about him being. The next day can you handle the end and I think they can handle marsh on like a little bit better like Marchand will Wear you down European over the course of the game ballot folic had a little more explosion. You know it the to turn the 34 yard gains into you know nine or ten yards and I just don't see that quite as much from marshals. Were gonna give it up dinner cart soon. In appeared to bag maybe he wasn't that good. It's irresponsible you think that really. No I mean I we we talked about it briefly last week by going into the season I thought people are tight and ultimately the top by quarterback had to stop that was way too high. He's not a top five guy you know top. Ten quarterback is made is where he maxis out so I mean no he's definitely good but he's not like. The elite like Roger type is gonna carried the team under back. But I thought he was gonna have some similar to a year than that lie ahead of Matt Ryan at least coming in the last season no one put the top five quarterback in the NFL but. You got a healthy Julio Jones the entire season Kevin Colvin a Dovonte Freeman Vegas had enough parts that propelled Matt Ryan to an MVP last year. I thought it was going to be a similar deal would deer caught they've been bad offensively yet they don't throw the ball the way they did last season they don't run the ball effectively. They just haven't done any aspect of often it's a football well this season. Yet that's it's almost eerie how bad hand over the past four games and haven't hit Tony points. And you know I think they're bad enough defensively that if they don't score twenty plus against the chiefs the chiefs are gonna win this game. And in its funny too because in that week one game on the road at Tennessee they looked unstoppable man. Like they are like elect Obama could use the raiders actually to win Marchand and once that the Marchand was dancing on the sidelines personal yeah that could -- Marge I would double barely got five Ford was that we won number. That might have been weak one actually an identity because because we too with the game it's the jets when he was taken as Britney was yeah that was the holes they put up 45 points and acting since they've done like 101013. And sixteen points or something that. Does the races where you a little bit knowing that the raiders have lost four well they lose five literally and screwed and screwed. It's a funeral tonight if you beat the raiders their season's over they're not gonna real off flights you know you know ten or whatever. So I think if you beat them it's over. You know you lose and keep them hang around like it's just it's impossible to predict these Thursday night games you know what I mean like anything that happens tonight. Our deck are jets Thursday night game and you know of course. But managed to come back to the chiefs have the better team the better roster the better coach but that's what you know I think ultimately matters. That's what scares me in this game at least from a chiefs' perspective news you're playing against probably the most desperate team you've played so far this season the patriots obviously a lot of fanfare coming to see that by desperate game at home with is they're Super Bowl this. If Oakland loses this game like they can look at the standings I got Google and Oakland to hitter to a four right now you lose this game you go to two and five the chiefs go to six don't want their four games up on you with the tiebreaker with the advantage still home game. In the chiefs have ten days to prepare for Denver's defense the song only wanna be a daunting test for this team. As Fannie said you're done if you lose this game the fears should be used what does the scared back against the wall desperate. Oakland Raiders team. I mean I just don't think they have the personnel defensively to be like the bully. That you know the Steelers wore a Mac and Mario Edwards would probably give some trouble for serving like they've you know they've they've got some pieces there. But unless they figured out something like offensively I just I just don't think they're good enough. Now you know what I mean like we just sell it to me like. Like under Andy Reid they usually win these games where their better than the other teams you know it's it's played the really good team they might get in trouble so. After you know Ford a half years in Erie dislike this is one of those games ago and went. You know it's funny yet I said yesterday on the show that you know I mean a list of Hillary's way I think the chiefs can win and why they could lose. In the build the number of reasons that I had why they can win I mean. A ninth straight on the road twelve straight its US and in the list is crazy. But I still couldn't come up with a reason defensively why they would win the game and that's what initially you know that's what basically. Got me off the fence and said listen I think I think that I think the chiefs are gonna hurt they're gonna lose this one just because of the short week and it's out of injuries and defense really did that the second most yards in the NFL I'm. No I think I think that's and the raiders to have the most I think that's a defensible argument the you'll road the road team on a short week I don't know what the staffs are they probably don't fare as well likely there. I looked it up like. And this year Thursday night football routines are five and one which is crazy. Leo but that so that I would look I think that's true of the NFL overall this season I think the end you know routines dogs are going to more often but the funny about the Agile so I went back and I looked like that gave week seven and on because that's when you start really. You get Nate that. Two when nine on the road at week seven beyond last year. Andrea it's progressively gotten worse over the years like we seven via that's another reason limelight. My man not only honor on the road to time zones over eighteen mile trip and they get the injuries I just don't have a good feeling about this game. Now I think that's I'd like I can easily buy that for sure about it you know like percentage fall back to better coach better team I hope that's what happens man you. It's selling like Labatt zulus that a lot of the right of the gas let the bad teams continue to freefall that's what the operators are now. That's Joseph Thorman of Arab tribal Q another segment right here live from winning trees coming up next we get Joe's thoughts about the AFC west than maybe is not the division that we anticipated in what's sure favorite chiefs raiders rivalry moment it's a red Thursday on the drive. The drive presented by don't sixteenths from the MVP electric heating and you studio sixty and Sports Radio. Thanks in all of the drive alive here at winning streaks in air which shall Thorman of arrowhead pride always happy talk to him. We socket survivor we have we can't pick winners we can't big losers I how many flat know much about in that shot hits keep them for hunt coats often black and at that and we all that the journalist Dick I think the dolphins plan which didn't work well I thought I thought the biggest favorite of the week was a lock to win but apparently we are wrong though they were not a lot. So when I wanted to talk to about the AFC west because at least through the first three weeks of the season we saw Oakland we saw Kansas City and we saw demo we look at that has been the best division in the NFL. I don't know if you can hold that opinion so far. And I think at least with me in this Avaya winningest division trying to kind of project this division. The chiefs would never lose the game the way Oakland or Denver just lost the chiefs are not losing owns the Los Angeles charters are not losing to the New York Giants at arrowhead. That's the difference between the chiefs and these other things. And that's the other chiefs are fun to watch because of that you know other Gannett and academic click the dumb penalty late in the game like it seems like the raiders always say no. But yet a man the AFC west I thought at one point with what's been the best division. I'd probably take the east NFC south the Panthers and falcons are stronger duo the and whatever the chiefs can offer up its US junior that. I agree with that the bottom of that division is maybe worse and I thought oh Tampa Bay was gonna be a better team and they've been gaffe this say it's neither defense is bill woman more surprising units of the NFL they scored twice last week against the lines right at the saints are a little bit better that. Divisions certainly seems more balance in the AFC west. It's been disappointing I think held. I a lot of us thought the top this division and you can maybe have 23 playoff teams Oakland doesn't look like a playoff team. Denver looks like one of those teams that got off to a quick start but is gonna fade due to quarterback play Trevor Ximian is woody is. This division I don't think it's lived up to a lot of the pre season hype and expectation. No you're actually right I thought it was gonna you know I thought the raiders are going to be like an actual real threat that this would be like to eleven and five teams you know just like last year. The Broncos are probably a little bit maybe a little bit better than I thought but I've I agree it's either at the eventually gonna come back to earth Trevor Ximian side. Go on the road wild card weekend and you know waiting game. But yeah I mean that that's the and then that the chiefs are better and I thought so. Yeah I achieve certain it's the chiefs and everybody else and yes US that this is gonna sent crazy. I think the I think the Broncos the raiders and the chargers are all about the same I mean the chargers are one crummy kicker away from me and foreign to. Yes that's you know an and I. Still troops 88 Arab of the chargers every year yeah but I mean yeah they got nick Novak back and they went in and beat the raiders last week in Oakland so. You know I I I think kids I surely it's a really good division. I would probably feel like the team I fear the most in the division I think would be Denver just as a defense is so dominant yeah I mean the raiders probably have a better like playoff potential if they can get it together they can be a better team that. The team I'm on the most nervous about playing would be the Broncos. Taught and Agile Thorman a red pride here for few more minutes on the drive. Are you worried about the stretch I think we've all looked at the stretch even before the season started and we looked at these four games it's. One know what the chiefs are many of us thought they would lose the week one game against New England they ended up winning that game. Over the of this four game stretch you already lost one of the games at Pittsburgh home against its virtues B fans picking him lose this week at Oakland. You turn around and play Denver who has the best rush defense in the NFL that. The airplane certainly going to be to limit her remark and then you play at Dallas and who knows what's gonna happen. With that team because Ezekiel Elliot he's spent a lot of weight is not the SpinRite like CJ Spiller the legal system right now. Do you look at this stretch says will see if the chiefs can validate him being a Super Bowl contender won those 21 teams. I mean I don't know at this point with this team anything you'd do in the regular season is gonna. Prove much it's it just all that matters at this point is what you're gonna do in January in the playoffs you don't Damien occur when I can remember of the chiefs went had a thirteen games. So I do think that there are you know prepared for that stretch. If they went three and one obviously you feel pretty good about it but the probably gonna be favored in every game so. Cool to a too I mean you're looking at the Steelers short week. All the road against the raiders back home. You start up five and now I need a 31 on this stretch really help. I UK were to would you like to live with to a two on that that'll they go to Dallas is going to be easy I don't think Denver and Kansas city's going to be easy and we talked about. You know what I think though one whole team is 4546. Or some like death this year in the NFL so wouldn't surprise me one bit if Denver gives them a tough game and arrow and I playing at Dallas mean Steelers raiders Broncos cowboys them by we I mean that is. That's the dumpster then it starts to get a little bit easier down the stretch I would not be surprised with a two to run these next four. Yes god to have a fair I mean gold gold may live with that may be their dogs in Dallas others that I think they're favored and every game. I it's going to be pretty close to a pick him in the house to Agassi dolls needing one to point out at the most I'd be surprised at dallas' is is is more than two point and even without Z that's that's had a game where they're just gonna lineup and run. I think he'll make you prove you can actually stop the run which I think a lot teams say they wanna do dallas' of those teams that actually does as somebody that grew open that she since doppler raider hater week. What do you think of what you think of this rivalry. That the raiders have been so bad for so long on dislike desperate for them to to be good again. I thought that this upcoming game went to the schedule before him wrecked by the speedy game of the year. The biggest game on the on the reader scheduled to. Sales yeah yeah yeah I put it in troop. And I just I just wish that I'd just wish that they're gonna be good for a number of yours in a row and get that kind of like old school robbery back so. We talked about this yesterday that we Kennedy it's like man. These are the same right NFL does not mean it's almost got to be is it. What's the last one that you really felt Brady vs man as it appears to stop the plane and a beast mode shirts you know an agreement you just got to stay here and I think Marty would do well absolutely that yet I mean they're they're trading jerseys after the games you know and decent man that would never happen back in a lot of hasn't freeagent. I mean if they're like. If the you know I think to meet again in December to chiefs and raiders are both good and it's gonna be like held a game it'll be amazing atmosphere and all that so. I don't know I mean I think it just matters a third good in there in the end they meet its gonna be a fun game when team doesn't. Just how is this a sort same absolute thing it's going to be a fun game out of matches question do you think that she said the raiders number. Mean there right now the number would suggest that the chiefs have the raiders number yeah believe. Yeah no absolutely I do I think they've won seven of 85 in a row and you walked out of all the chiefs raiders games in the site man my coach was better that day and that's what I feel. You know Arab coming out of most these games have injuries just. Better than Jack Del Rio and he proves that games like this I think especially on the short week win coaching matters more but figured to see that shall be more this video in this. Chief thirty Torre six. Gonna be down I score on Thursday night and no I got no idea Thursday night. That I agree with I think more times than not the game ends up being sloppy so picking lower scoring game is only the right I mean. I agreed to throw a new book that when he about four I'd 1713. I think it's going to be low scoring Oakland had to give me any reason to think that scored 26 points at this date I don't care what you see that she's defense to be Oakland has approved its in the at least offensively. For me to buy back in at 1713 I think it close at the end I think it's a slugfest the idea that she's finally when namely. Thirty points 32 point six I don't wanna wants Leno clone that meets one on. Fair enough Joseph Foreman of arrowhead writing that you guys pulled up I had never I never give you the opportunity to tell you podcast that follows up on big things out here yet know we got a podcast trying our best NBC got out here you got a brand. Completely this market again yeah exactly exactly know just come to the site and read it every day. The most popular g.'s web site on the Internet. Arrowhead pride jolt thanks allotment RFL sneeze blunt talk and she's on the drive.