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The Drive
Thursday, October 19th

Hour 1 kicked off on a Red Thursday with the guys discussing how the Raiders struggles begin and could end with Derek Carr snapping out of it. They also discuss the Chiefs AFC West recent dominance, preview the matchup with Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus and Heis has some Fantasy Advice on players you should fade in Week 7.


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Good drives presented by do say decent. Someone called up the drive was bill line because they are in a balloon involved in seeing this in Missouri let them explain what that dilemma. Outlook when the show yet he got what you and I are experts in. Well Mike you hit it that I got that we are or I aren't going to shops now I'm trying to figure out right thing if you're not you guys. That's a dilemma. That's a difficult situation to be I think could be kind of crummy to up sell and scout your tickets that go through hurricane relief I think in this particular circumstance. Well I don't think you do that might devil's advocate argument would you that's your. Directly taking away relief from the hurricane victim it's like someone now Puerto Rico is going with now. Water because you made a little extra on the side because of the deal it is a free market in a supply and did me in the business. Bill's got a car payment your electric bill you got student loans I don't see the problem at all. Feel like playing a lot of morality games I say it but it's okay. Be more worried about karma and you are exploiting it scared he told me yeah make a little bit of a sudden you Marty answered the what I. Wouldn't do that more alive at the mere point is ladies and gentlemen. Act me. Relax. Guarantee Harrison. It's boom. Let's do this another day another dollar another red Thursday we met through these so far this season the the cheap so I want it on Thursday night we'll all look at it notes due note today. As they take on the Oakland Raiders we'll talk a lot about that even today but it is the drive here it's heiress. The ice or there's that this thing ain't creator of the open you just heard it to my right. With its chiefs had all lined up ready to junior all of the boys liberated the one we ran it right. And I'm good man I would think she which is really cool. We actually see your the the I heard about that I heard you're surrounded Donna Stewart you can see the plane today with the naked guy. I'm surprised are excited about this we you're not excited about seeing the solar eclipse that happened earlier this year you thought it was the dumbest thing ever. But now all of a little bit of its drag out boarded a plane go when it comes to the plane exactly it's easier said. Today it actually shipping. If you can assault the zone he's in the seventeen day in history that all four major sports will play on the same day so the NBA. The NFL. The NHL and Major League Baseball all in action today dairy exports. The sixty easier I'm not sure he could not a 100% and I confirm or deny that. Report coming up at 230 we'll talk to a scene of months and a pro football focus and you ready for tonight's what Thursday night football game. The drive has contracted some of see Kurt gains that I need the play later on throughout the show if someone comes out here I believe in the 4 o'clock hour we hit UA team to win eight Dini Duffy. Bobble heads that we have that for mutual Thorman will come out here later today at 330 we have over under we got a lot to talk about. In that today's game where we have to start is the red Thursday eighty Thursday night football game between Kansas City Chiefs. And the Oakland Raiders and I wanna start with this I don't know if you seen Malcolm X but there's an iconic Spain and not mix heist in uniform. I stand I. I think. That's how I feel about their car the Oakland Raiders. I picked Oakland to win the division. I apologize that I come before that she's congregation and I apologize for months and cover it. I've picked Oakland to win the division they certainly you're not what in the AFC west and we'll see if they can rebound and become a playoff team. I think today's game is about here caller. We talk about the NFL odds being a quarterback lead Derek Carr in his NFL career is to in sixteen. Against playoff teams those two wins were quarterback by Brock asked Weiler. I talk about their car beside did in the beginning this season as the guy who could maybe elevate himself to being. Eight top five quarterback in the NFL who certainly last year played like a topsy QB it had reason to believe he was going to continue. If you continue to buying into quarterback wins. Oakland is eight in 1980. Games with their car against teams who have finished above five on. They haven't beaten good teams. I was ready to crown Oakland before they had done anything they did when the division last year because of the injury to the airport they lost the playoff game. The Oakland Raiders under their car have accomplished nothing. They look like a team that won seventeen. That is about it also accomplished nothing. Today about their caller. You got the back injury can you rally in this game being you play well. Because I trust the chiefs more that you due at least in the short week yeah quarterback. It's chiefs' coaching an idiot she's that she had the clear created in this. At least that meet this game it's about their car chiefs that we civility so partners. But their cart's career to really lead it would you can. It's a little quick to stated that we've been taken on Eric bar. I mean that it broke his leg last year after get a fantastic season and what's the raiders got out there were. This year he broke his frequent back. So. Yeah got a broken act this game. He's got a new office coordinator down. It's too early just stated that the witnessing what their cars maybe on our top point quarterback in the. I'm not saying that I'd say Derek Carr both you and I thought Oakland over the Atlantic the radio and I. Earlier car I would argue before the season he was the top quarterback in the NFL that was under point five. I don't know how do you think that right now without but with the way Carson would play with the way to shout Watson played obviously we'll see how those guys continue to progress. But you can't argue against two and sixteen against playoff team that your card the quarterback in eight in nineteen against teams that finished over 500. Some of that has to be an indictment on the quarterback who seemingly has everything. Lester had a great offensive line had a solid running game pet two legitimate wide receivers a good idea and Oakland has the weapons they're often should be a lot better than a team who scored 53 points the first four are in the last four games. With you but I mean she was really the first year that the raiders were good. I mean you know there are cars that go through some stuff. When you're playing a crummy team you're going to be two and sixty that it's really get things done. Public policy at their market advocates like you guys like you like that the raiders and I thought your car anatomy season I think it's just about. Their card and that is games about the cheese defense stop the raiders running game. His picture you know exactly what the Pittsburgh Steelers did that she's last week and those guys are great at those numbers it is following this right. The raiders to the fewest about it balls in the NFL. The number two team. The Pittsburgh Steelers. So raiders the fewest people Steelers through the second fewest number deep balls they want to run the football. Now granted. An average in 94 yards per game. You know mark shot wedge average in 43 game. The G-20 seven in the. In stopping the run they're not they're good or very good at it last year they're not very good at this year averaging a 131 yards a game. And we all know lady idol did that she's last week port this to I think factors into. And escorted pro football focus. It will talk to Sam lots of little bit later on the show. She played more man to man coverage that any team at football by a wide margin. About 65%. Of the snaps the chiefs are adamant Albert which makes it easier. To run the football so from me while I agree with you this game is about their car also think it's about. That she's been able to stop the raider running because the raiders can get on the field control the clock that she's kick up the field there that we know what happens and we saw last week. The right or showed you earnings this show. Now granted. They've got different weapons they've got different weapons. Pittsburgh does rather than help. If they can do that which is what they want a few geez my idea for along not to stop the running game I mean really huge. I'm not concerned about Oakland running the ball nearly as much as you mark. Marshawn Lynch comes off Hughes comes off to me as so when that probably should have stayed retired. He's averaging less than four yards a carry behind that offensive line Marshawn Lynch to doesn't frighten me at all in this game. His high so far this season is 76 he only has two touchdowns they just are committed enough to running the football. Now you read this vote the reports in the stories today it sounds like they're gonna change they're often the philosophy. Last year Oakland for as good as their car was was committed to pounding the football they were the sixth best rushing team in the NFL. They haven't done that more solid eighteen Cary the first game twelve in the second game six the third game not in the fort. Twelve and thirteen. They haven't shown me a commitment to the running its it to the running attack it makes me think that they are the team to what you're right Pittsburgh showed you the blueprint how to beat the chiefs well yeah. Ladies unveil you better be committed to running the ball forty times the weight Pittsburgh was last week. I don't see that level of commitment from Oakley. I don't see the wide receiver like Antonio around it creates such commitments where it's certainly not afraid of Marco for the way he's played not a freedom of Michael Crabtree I just don't look at Coke would often as explosive or scary anymore a gain 53 points the last four weeks we are talking about oak like it currently in the coming into the cities like they were going to be here that was gonna consistently put up. 28 to 31 points a game that's not what we've seen so far. I just don't know if this Oakland office at the explosiveness that maybe you proceed to. Over the Oakland office that on that obscure about obscure city chiefs' defense you know you know I talked to go to the game that I thought maybe that was the one. That the cheese will really miss Eric Berry back there. And I think it was wrong. I think that game was last week it's the experts as although I get overwrought defender Eric Berry's and that safety positions though. It's not the raiders that I fear. I'm worried about the chiefs defense that can't stop the run they did last year and they haven't done it this year we saw last week what happens when a team successfully run the football. Right now at least coming out of Oakland the reports are quote Oakland office is going to have a clear identity of how they want to play and we'll see you early. That comes up to me like Oakland is committed to running the football. Which they haven't really had a commitment to so far this season we'll see if it happens if they think because of what Pittsburgh did last week that they're not gonna give the ball at 35 to forty times the Marshawn Lynch and really try to control the clock I don't know if that's Oakland game I don't think it's being balanced and I certainly don't think you can beat the chief without being balanced. I just don't go by trust Oakland office the way I did last season they don't appear to be as dominant upfront. Amare Cooper seems to be shell of itself I it's. I'm not terrified of Oakland's offense the way out but I was gonna beat the beginning of the season and asked that all week I think aside from new England's defense. They have been one of the more disappointing units. All season up next it's been a long time since this team has lost two games in a row. And we put into context how dominant the chiefs have been in the division thought that she's on a red Thursday live from what experts overdrive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio. Sixteen and Sports Radio in your home for the Kansas City Royals in the key state wildcats on Kansas city's largest Sports Radio signal. Bring to the most Kansas City sports fans from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios relax its MVP. But. Now the text slightest blip about genes run defense excellence excited because X. But as for our run defense is our concern them or knowledge behind his surging. Tonight against the chiefs and other text there bait Marshawn Lynch is not lately until they don't even have similar styles. I don't think today is a very interesting case study for the chiefs run defense. I think people are over selling out that it she's run defense is all one week against lay beyond dial. It's not like Chris Thompson from the Washington Redskins was the one at the chiefs or block 84. It was a late beyond bell who last year with the second best running back in the NFL behind David Johnson. And we now see as the history of being successful against the chiefs. So I don't now does wanna make it seem like the chiefs' run defense is now all gone to hell in Marshawn Lynch has a rush for a hundred yards this season has rushed for eighty yards this season. It is now about to hit the chief for 140 in this game. Marshawn Lynch is averaging three point seven yards for care he and the raiders offensive line hasn't been very consistent and effective so far this season. I just want people to slow down a little bit on the run defense that I do think that tonight is interesting case an observation about his run defense battled back. Yeah I I get John that an end to the Texas as the two Marshawn Lynch is it late until really look at that meant that that if they're up. Yeah I know I mean I think that's pretty young. Breaking this. All of trying to save yours is what's the thing you breeze got him shots sample size aren't worked it last year and they shoots what six all of last year. In the 47 right now this year. Exactly a bone and the Steelers gaps that she's last week I get it right. On what is that degrade the Redskins ran for 1111 against them made it one hell of a game and I the tickets are mine I mean if it's your Steelers here to audit and urged union and the raiders are going to this game tonight. In your ticket and we really want to generate a running game going here they get tonight's that I forty. The chiefs are cut off a short week got to travel all the way out here we've got our backs against the wall were playing and in in the black hole playing in Oakland under the lights. On national television. You're if you're raiders' offensive line here the office coordinator here Marshawn Lynch you're saying tonight is the night we did healthy. This is what we wanted to do and this is Howard and do so. Com I think it's stacks up tough against the chiefs again the short week is a major concern of mine that she's considering a lot of interest they have built around here right. And I'll keep repeating this so people here it is and make sure that I'm clear this. And Jeter better football team in the Oakland Raiders and exit date of the worst thought he could possibly play them. Coming up short week and some of the injuries to deal done so yet if the raiders are gonna run the football maybe that I. Excuse me for that to be able to do. From NFL research on Twitter. Not only at the chiefs won twelve straight AFC west games they have also done so by an average of thirteen points per game remembered back to work conversation. A couple of days ago with the rest paler and he said he thought that she's held something back. It may be opened up the playbook a little bit more against the AFC west team. And I were talking about this earlier off mayor about the benefit of coaching and maybe do we open excel or under sell. How big head coaching isn't it it's just solely x.s and those penalty. Maybe that dominance against teams in your division to meet tell me. That one short coaching staff in your head coach has more time to prepare against certain teams and certainly has more information you play Oakland more throughout the course of the season that you would a team like Carolina. Or team like Tampa Bay they. Find the weaknesses and they exploit the weaknesses twelve straight games in a division ample mentally toughest division in the NFL. Winning those games by an average of thirteen points that's not luck that's not a fluke that preparation net talent that's knowing something about your opposition. We're not a factory in how dominant they've been against the Oakland Raiders Derek cars completion percentage is 10% lower its accuse the chiefs and you can say you have the messed up thumb in the last game at a spoke with a messed up all the other times that she's just seem to know something about the AFC west. And they seem to especially have the number of the Oakland Raiders. Not. Sure which covers more impressive is it. The twelve straight AFC west wins or is it the ninth straight road. I can give me a laundry list of reasons why the chiefs can win this game and will win this game tonight but also got. Other reasons that he had. Yeah I would agree that you have the coaching. You have the coaching that you this game we have 88 but. You know attic and Republican talking about this on the drive about how might like things like that are coach Andy Reid I'm dispute apple whatever. Think it was about my numbers if you read last week I think it was about Todd Haley vs Bob Sutton and Todd Haley always pops up. And if you look at what the Steelers have done that she's offensively. The last three times. I guess the advantage to Todd Haley eerie and ironic that he thinks there man. That's not how work so. Yet either. What that the chiefs have the raiders number absolutely the X-Factor in this game of the reason why pick the raiders and the reason want to be high at a quarter. Your hair is north casino. Inside winning streaks in the lot party starts the raiders' man. Raising it's a short week and that she had a lot of injuries this. This couldn't come at a worse time. Two days of practice one day travel. Two times notes he got a late team with its back against the wall so some of that stuff that the Jesus on the twelve straight AFC west games the ninth straight road wins. I think that goes out the window tonight a little bit of chiefs of what his game on Sunday that all a mulch she's all the time but they're not it's a Thursday night. And I differ on a lot of different points of this game the short rest affects both teams now once you master traveled the game you gotta go to time zones so I understand the short rest being more of a detriment to achieve that it is the Oakland Raiders. But both played on Sunday. Both teams lost on Sunday short rest quick turnaround so the short. We doesn't buy you as much to be I think I'll take the coaching -- each week which coaching staff like frost a Payer or with limited time to get ready for the game I'll trust the chiefs the court guys are the chiefs are healthy that you and I or different when it comes in the ballots been playing in this game remarks playing in his game try to help these playing in this game. Hi re killed Justin Houston market Peter you have your key guys ready for this one but I'm not picking based on short Gator was the Mitchell was being out. The point that I do think is the best port open when he in his game that the wrecks and leaning. Is the fear of their desperation yet that's a different components of this that I don't feel thing I do that as it is. Oakland is two and four right now. The last time a team aside from the chiefs started off one and five we know only lost one more game went on to win. The 2011. Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos if you start the season to have five. You're not making the playoffs more times than not likely picking in the top twelve of the NFL draft. So if anything why I would be fearful of Oakland heading into this game because I'm not fearful of their offense certainly shouldn't be afraid of their defense and of their coaching staff. I would be afraid of their desperation. How does a pack up against the wall desperate need to win. Hold nervousness of the crown how does that factor into this game. I do think that's a very real thing about Jack the Rio obviously with the rivalry that don't tell you much that you keep fired up. I shouldn't that tell you much when I look at the standings if Oakland. This game they go to suited to a five Kansas City goes to six that one with ten days to prepare for home game against the Denver Broncos. And we all know how eighty years with extra time to prepare so with like a mini bye week for the chiefs you're four games back of the chiefs and you lost your home game against Kansas City. The desperation via the via that Oakland Raiders locker I would agree and. I think it's gonna be really pivotal for the raiders if in this game. It may be pivotal study that a Estrada of war may be impossible. Is the way to the best way to describe the raiders it'll in this game to their coach man let's and I picked to win the division you pick to win the division. And this year has been an absolute mess and and that's so bizarre to me about Oakland as you see how dominant they were against. The titans of the jets front and ultimately for any man. For egg so. Four X offensively to. It's part I don't it's not like Oakland is losing these games 3834. In the office playing at a high level you should still be afraid of their office this port 53 points the last four weeks that is there though right. I think the talent is there. I don't know what the talent believe that there there. Hi you can explain what's happened to a Marc Cooper he's put three seasons in the NFL what he's at a thousand yards. He has a 186. Yards receiving the first six games that he's healthy. That's a confidence thing I think it drops have gotten in the Mort Cooper says it will talk with him months and about that momentarily. A drops have gotten it was head office is changed. In Oakland just had that been the same team I thought the Oakland was gonna be so we're blatantly was lassie. I don't think anybody expected Oakland have a good defense but the book of the week with that our offense was going to be able to scored no points keep that keep themselves that it would a lot of 4128. Games the offense that's what led Oakland to counsel for the seat and we talked this month that pro football focus about it next. Everybody pro football focus to achieve that night we found that lot live for winning streak next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio involved. Orally at 730 exclusively on 610 Sports Radio. Or call us. One day when people say name months and again thank winner. Just like that Maggio is to baseball book or unite this is football that's what Munson oh yeah. Pro football hope is analysts who may find book America you can play. You know we create their game plan known good drive lose uses Sam needs. For do Dublin Ireland who have been caught the ball I think they did it. Not pure fantasy football Reese who works at this netbook. On the drive. We get to the ball flat right now we used that across the hall of but now he's in Cincinnati to the one the only. Sam Munson. Information so good they NFL teams pay for it is the favorite website of Chris followed the workbook in BC sports always appreciate having him on. Thursdays at 230 it will be different because it's game day it's a red Thursday here in Kansas City CMA. Sam I don't today. Armed with an area. Do a fantastic let's witness how we year Ortiz the current state game I feel like they're very hard to predict. Just not any NFL game but Thursday at that different kind of element to. Yeah. You know I think that shall we can talk on a lot of the engine that you some wacky results sounds strange game. Right now talking to see him once in a pro football focus our advocates Oakland's offense because coming into the season about the Oakland was gonna have a top five offense in the NFL at least appeared they had all the parts and they certainly haven't been that 29 in the NFL in total offense. What's happened to. Particular question I had no idea if you thought it would be one of the best offenses in the NF what their common bond. Because will be one of the next great young quarterbacks. He just had a huge step backwards. This season when he fractured which is much because I'd welcome offensive line still liberty. We should question I actually just twenty treat. Wanted to get in the pocket sponsors still well under. That is just how can look like himself on the student in the injury as well. Mario Cooper has. Economic sanctions will be dropped and it said he had charge for the moment. I can eavesdrop and make them. See if you go from currency worries about well 401. Parent and it would match. And want them with the Edmonton here. You know that is offensive line in protection content incorporated couldn't walk. Lots here on the run blocking units well Marsha would check it comes a lot tank that whole. There. Soon we can get through the other guys will be offered someone a focus on their car is it possible that we overrated their car because just by your explanation right here. Whenever the pressures all of his passer rating is 22 whenever it's a clean pocket. Well let's most quarterbacks but if your top five top eight quarterback like app received their card be yet the rise above that he hasn't done that so far this season. Laughing I think we've beaten that indicates that in the past he had no luck he did archery and talking to the pressure themselves that they. You know he's been completed 50% of the this huge bowl been played in the face of pressure a year ago. I'm really made them you know and shaking people that's an accurate thing. Do you just haven't seen thing guy sort of look at the popular in Japan the clintons yet on any touchdown. Yards per hour. When he's impression is just going to report fourth. So it just hadn't been able function at all he's been pressured Jews is checked mark to drop off of his career to this point so. Yeah I don't think he's capable overrated hadn't seen that she's playing significantly worse than he did. Seeing myself on number I'm not that I may be off like probably you. You guys headed up at the cheese plate war. Man to man defense team in the league it's we'll solicit public 65%. Of the snaps something like that than a lady on votes this week did. Yeah we are on the football third down because we knew that they were going to be in man. With that eventually getter the GC cantor herta tonight. Against the raiders. Yet achieved were by far away the most non that would lead and its 63 point 5% from the Vietnam Iraq I coached they're the only team in the NFL over 60% so. It's a huge jump from bend to the next best the next high speed of the month coverage. And it goes on some problem or beef sector at this as a human being who he can't play man coverage across the board. Because it doesn't mean the difference is by some of the guys in coverage. I've got to turn their back away from the quarterback trouble running back and he did not going to be. I've acting against world because they're playing their receipt before still. It won't won't eat his words it's what do you do. And athletic quarterback taken off from the pocket and making clones. Both his legs because you don't see what it breaks down. I didn't explode. Because you're not. You got your eyes in the back field playing the running back. Pretty integral part of your interest you're just focused on your hour. That the guy you're upward Verisign while it is too risky transported obviously has that. Benefit as well. Think that's the biggest reason they put so much man demands that the biggest reason why the chiefs. Are twice sixth in the league game in in. And in rush defense or is it just days the horses maybe they're Johnson's. Get a little bit longer than two answers it is man coverage there's a talent. While one might look at it their run negative guys that are able to net month huge amount of pressure probably just didn't speak their primary option retribution that he got completely shut down. This Oxley I think it's completely blank in terms of operation. Against Rudy did he was offensive line I think that's the first line. Unfortunately he's in any way to objective reasons we've completely like the pop stretcher. But I applaud him it's not much else to burn in the posture action to enforce its military one dimensional player and that actually he's playing with. The national intelligence council Judas certain. Caliber of possible that he could check and the floor and I didn't you guys you know Christian own platform will bring the pressure book. Indeed I have probably India secondary threat. Opposite Justin Houston equality top treasury able to generate pressure to go back and they don't really count right now. Right now talking to Sam months and a pro football focus on the drive for few more minutes speaking of that she's run defense Marshawn Lynch is averaging less than four yards to care. Is that marsh shot maybe doesn't have would be used to a couple seasons ago is that he is that the offensive line. Is that the struggles in the passing game what do you attribute to Marshawn Lynch having such an average season. I think it's more lost engine that it is the first one I think we've just got plenty that I can he's averaging just three point that carried. What he's averaging two point eight yards a carry out to contact so instead he get a yard every play before you hit it. He's broken thirteen tackles received a conscious of the Japan so there really hasn't been an awful lot of running room they're trying to work it. Kind someone out of the top of the wind up being booted I don't want a year ago or just as dominant. Run blocking unit. But a lot of that is the policy games in salt box in all of our people have been any kind of threat. Eric cartman local ball downfield so he should have just been able acquiring the line of scrimmage unstoppable lovingly. San at least its my next question talk about the passing game and Marc Cooper you kind of touched on earlier about the drops. Why have we seen the drop in Oakland really challenging teams downfield with the weapons that they haven't how much of that is due to having a new offensive coordinator. I really don't know ones he's I mean they're marching in some circles is going to criticize me too conservative. A bit like Alex and it I think it was always overblown little bit of this season it's actually he'd be in. Are the problem he hasn't been questioned Gault and two hasn't been packing heat he. We have seen them really trying to back off the effects which gives you the same problems. The keypad for years when Alex Smith wants to open their teens or just. Grab the lines where they keep everything from the tree and short game and did cops were worried that the ball go over there. Sam. No vulnerable is gonna start for the raiders linebacker. On the shun him for four days ago what do you make of that and what kind of impact it. It yet it's an interesting war. Over this is probably never going to be the plan won't slots were for the past it but my back in the game he's been okay this season for the 49ers. But I think he could still out law that the Oakland Raiders defense which has struggled at the linebacker position in particular. And I think that's what throwing him in after just four days tells you is that they have no confidence in the line backers that they had. Getting significant not so far that the and so. But Drobo ordinary people he can do to improve if you and I don't imagine we're gonna see great game com or even. Great achievement for what they provide an upgrade terms of leadership knowledge and experienced it getting everybody else lined up in the right place. Same two more questions here we're talking estimates are pro football focus San training is really worried about the injuries that the chiefs aperture arcade request and it's more than later due grenades party for Chris Connelly. It feels like they're starting to mount how have injuries changed this team from the team that we saw defeat New England with one of the NFL season. Yeah that there he's starting to to cause problems especially on the offensive line one point you take a step down because it makes more sense. Do retired he displayed pretty right guard there you're dealing with guys who just aren't that level. You talked before about what a problem batteries in the NFL in terms of the offensive linemen and shinji getting the bench. You get real problems in and Cameron are doing. You may have been for short term pain in the NFL he's been good majority does not stressful trouble with brown demands a lot of local any better for the cheap so. So at least you guys use well I think a lot more than line of scrimmage a lot more pressure a lot more guys into the back shield against the run. It's having a knock on effect at this point. Last question here forcing him months and a pro football focus everybody on your website is picking Oakland tonight. That obviously includes you why are skewed to pick and chiefs and I'm my apologies your pick and chiefs that wire you can see when this game. Warm and last week in the first time they lost and it came down to won't freak play at the end of the game really made the chiefs were in nine games could easily won it despite it being. I'm uncle also a more ugly you. Knock down drag her affair the raiders don't have the same kind of defense that Pittsburgh does I think that there's more openings on the defense. Our offense has been traveling far more they they don't have the kind of weaponry that if you were able to deploy so. I think the chiefs should be able to get them both of them they're gonna want apparent lack. After that game improve that you know they are still Korea and it was just so glad it was one game that got away from them but this is the key to be there. Sam months at a pro football focus Sam always appreciate it Simon thanks for coming on today. Apparently yeah it. Thanks and always good talking with him months and a pro football focus always stressed that the violation. In sight with the chiefs. And he's done a good job at least being able to prognosticate the chiefs nobody's really done a good job protecting the NFL so far this season. It's the first time at least the 1970 that wrote teams have a better record the whole team so far will see if that keeps up the rest of the season. Up next we give you some fantasy advice with ice and Oakland's coach Jack Del Rio has the solution to Thursday night football but is it feasible we get into it next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Backhand on the drive coming up at 3 o'clock. The raiders offensive coordinator thinks that their clothes. Well how close are the raiders we'll find out coming up at 3 o'clock in about ten minutes. We give you a chance to win a copy of team Yates who play eighteen for PlayStation or the NBA season is locked and loaded. The process is well in effect that you'll be played well yesterday Vincent played well yesterday but like what's happened the last seven years for the Philadelphia 76ers. They lost Kelly Gray I know it's been one game looks like some of that could be in the conversation for most improved player of intuit India and almost went in VP. Search Satan. No sick and he's certainly not that high side note you want it it's a fantasy of eyes eyes that this year this case you statistic really quickly because if you Wiggins. Yesterday did something that. Not many people have died at his age it major Wiggins for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He became the fifth youngest player ace in the eighth youngest player in the history of the NBA the score at least 5000 points. Listen to the people that score 5000 points quicker than needed. LeBron Kevin Durant Carmelo Dwight Howard Kobe Bryant Derrick Rose in Tracy McGrady. Like that is incredible lists that you oil and if you're injured we'd get the chance to be apps support the idea that he's not the only contract. That you'll be all right he's gonna sign in India rear injured week. Going to be set for life. Without further hikes take it away you'll. He didn't. Apparently apparently the big man is not going in the India. Regardless it is time for fantasy advice with highs and it is sponsored by a fantasy sports markets dot com. This is sports markets dot com you can get involved and all their week seven ounces signals loyalty of those buckets hockey every like some free contest going on baseball's well. Like good news is that promo code 610 Benny. And you get fifteen dollars deposited into your account you get abuse and played the players that you want to play because there is no salary cap. That's fantasy sports markets dot com promo code six and Danny. It's Thursday night says time to get you guys some dates for the week of. Couple guys that people are gonna be all over them it's like to stay away from this week in your daily line at the start of the quarterback spot Carson Palmer against the rams on the road. A lot of people Carson Palmer got a great week last week but the pass so we're actually weighed down. After Arizona got off to a big lead against Tampa Bay he threw the colts 42 times and the cardinals game plan is to use Adrian Peterson as much as they possibly can't. He's the rams run defense one of the worst in the league. Palmer also tends to struggle away from Arizona especially the rams a decent streaming defense this week now the house and eight on Adrian Peterson. Let's go to the running backs wondered or not as a home game. Against Indianapolis isn't there actually on the road. In Indianapolis whether it's been sensational this year but this the first time that we have him likely looking like he's gonna be game time decision. Yes an ankle injury and that's the same type injury that plagued them all throughout his time and Alice you. It's a good matchup for him against the cold but it's a better matchup for the jags passing game colts are thirtieth against the pass this there's just too many that are more solid running back options. And to roll the dice with wondered Ornette this week. But. Let's give you perceive are getting a lot received that's going to be playing tonight. I am not a fan of Michael Crabtree this Thursday night against Kansas City at home nobody has been a lot better in Oakland and on the road. But she's really good job of shutting him down. Gambled that come pointed out that she's last year held Michael Crabtree only six catches on 31 yards and no touchdowns. In both of their meetings last year so wonderful you're the best line of server on fantasy sports markets dot com this week. I would need Carson Palmer against the rams' Leonard porn that against the colts and Michael Crabtree. Against the Kansas City Chiefs answer fantasy advice and others. That's fancy device with ice check out these sports markets laurel. Got a chance the way people want from the show. Or five people one double otter box you gotta be late phase sports markets I know it's been at least or. By four or five different weeks where one of the top winners on one of their content and use that promo code six and so our listeners are clean and all of I say a question for. What's it got that. The blight. Well if he is a goat at the drama you get the problem goods extend honey its current cost on the house easier fifteen bucks these don't constantly that's right. Have you ever been in a situation where you can try to put a square pagan Raul like it was obvious something wasn't working which kept trying to do everything in your power the try to make it work. Definitions it on same thing over and over though that's how I mean you'll. The NFL treats Thursday night football. A techno Rio. At a pretty reasonable. Suggestion for Thursday night football jacked a real suggested that Thursday night game should stay in the cockpit in the same times. Rather than having openly traveled to keep exe which we see on Thursday night at a key city traveled Oakland. With that theories the chiefs would never play divisional game on Thursday night football because every team in the chiefs the Beijing is an eight different times so. In Dallas would never play a division okay. Because every team in the NFC east and east I'm though aside from the Dallas cowboy Thursday night football Lopes the put those divisional matchups got to build up that injury on Thursday night football. I feel like you know they'll continue to try to explain how Thursday night football could work the only way Thursday night all work in my opinion. Is it every team had a bye week before Thursday night football and that's their first game coming off a lot. That's the only way Thursday night football can work. And why they keep trying to do these different things to try to make Thursday night work and then 83 players they. What is it about playing the tough physical football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. And then on Thursday you have been around employee but desperate. Starving Oakland Raiders team. There's nothing healthy our players say about that it's about green it's about money so let's not try to think of these different scenario that make Thursday night we'll all work and let's deal with the real problem. Especially you know for them to them that makes it work as an average to bad. That'll release that are really doing much for me on that up to everybody at the apple care all right they're trying to make cash. And don't really talk about what went in the same time zone that is deal. He exits are well I'm looking at the games this this. This year. So Eagles Panthers are eight times down on different division. Blocks and Pat's saint time zone differ division Packers bears saint time zones same division rams niners in its name. Texans angles no different time zones bagels are in eastern times of the chiefs and pats obviously. Different and not the same conference and their there's sort of doing it but I guess what Del Rio sane man if you're gonna have to play. A game at a quick turnaround. I'm just staying at times it's it's what we talked about Major League Baseball and try to. Make easier travel day they get that 156 game schedule and keep. Division teams within their own time zone so yeah it it what they do does not make it sent I don't see. How the NFL can use in. Reached players safeties they care about the players and sickened money into the CT thing they're doing all this and all that. And they and they and they want to take care of the players and the city. Two days rest got to go to. Oakland if you're in Kansas City. It played the raiders it it makes absolutely no sense they care about one thing and one thing only money and ratings. And I don't she's raiders it can actually bring you get ratings etiquette of the black hole. With I'm going into the season the raiders team that was pretty darn good and as you know this may have been the game of the year on the third tonight's schedule. I don't necessarily that it is now based on the raiders but that that's what the NFL's don't that's about money money and money rate. This is checked real solution for Thursday night football is demanding for anybody has traveled more than one time zone and we we saw the first pictures show. Think it would be. Best of the league stay in the same. Time zone for all involved in those tough enough to get review on Thursday but you know obviously we. Expect the world. Tex like 696. Attacks the Republican appointment with play on Thursday either. It is pretty limited in their time zone how many teams are in the mountain time zone. I just think that the NFL tricycle with different scenarios to try to make Thursday night football work went with what we know about football and how. Hardy is on your body Thursday night football just doesn't really work in that pop quiz. It's. I'm going to win. The pop quiz this present the five fix Chrysler dodge Jeep grand prize. NBA two K eight scene for PlayStation or the best in VA videogame of all time out now you've got a chance the winner right now. Run the neighborhood at all over the world settings in play the way you. Play with the greatest player in NBA history thirty teams together all time for it rosters for the first time members simply put. NBA two K eight scene at the deepest most authentic basketball simulation sports game available all time it got here this group taking away eyes. Only you very intelligent. People still bought last. Exit. I'm sorry son but you must have me confused with someone else my name is Roger Myrna I'm Nicole. If you don't believe that is column ice 9357676. It. Eight NBA two K org we'll explain why that was the pop quiz and it two minutes. Oakland's offensive coordinator thinks they're closed well art then we find out excellent drive. A trial presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.