10/19 - 12 pm - Don't Get Too Comfortable

The Day Shift
Thursday, October 19th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, never underestimate the power of hate, Bink thinks some Chiefs fans are taking this game lightly, and one guy is set up in a lose/lose situation. 


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There weights. It's noon here. Stop the sixtieth forcing documentation of places to what cal 06 and brought you by the red door grow and relocations. Brooke's side. They were in the Camelot for it also fined it was the location if open apart. At a hundred. But denied any. Careful over there from. Outlets finish in some crackers. I was almost witnesses on the via solicit and already it is a great guy to be alive here in Kansas City you've got very she's. It's going to be a great night tonight to remember winning street watch parties for you by facts. Also you can realize it's self some of the how we're seeing of this fried chicken restaurant or for a one of their three locations. You can only get the stuff on Thursday guys and literally I plan my week. Registration truly played worlds for me let's commercial breed of gnaw on Tuesday did he try to that is now. All of us every now and you know do a little bit. You'll laugh you'll accept that. It is equal to kids you've ever for a just little stuff from you. That's coming I would everything. No I'm just implying that I. Don't spend my entire life with the that's an accurate statement he won his nurses he wanted to spend your entire life that they would not at all actually I don't wanna spend more than about. 45 hours a week for the. It didn't look as banks might want. Howard perplexed by this. In their mid forties by them. Turned to him running patterns to give less time when you do that shot yet. He's probably stop referring to it like that. How are they don't their voice. The problem with that would cost the road rage. He's actually been more chilled apple will get that shot yet fully Canseco. Because of the love juice by the way. But I'm on in phone network and the just so we're clear Jay has an artist Antonio told me that it really. That was my hand right there I have my own up to a space. Revelation. And by the way I mean he. Flash it will it you apologized last O'Neal brown Foreman last it was which ousted might not blast it was the Chelsea this year it's me. We've both the greens. Antonio Brown seen. Yeah he got the tools to seat error. He's a winner everywhere you be telling tale about yourself yeah he's dress that's why you're there right of their when he was accurate. I was there really was they let you do or uniformed interesting to see the way he'd be covered over here. Very different very different approach I ever have and covertly browser restaurants you rather what I love. As late like backward that the three guys. You into the eighth its exit from my fault I'm in the right spot at the right time. Once our have you been on NFL players FaceBook Liberia will. Those double check it steering it is that you speak at the Steelers in a house buying Steelers safety Mike Mitchell. 48640. Dollars from weird number like that for a late hit on Alex Smith Mitchell is appealing the fine. Fletcher. Feel lucky ones do users are. To be fine by the National Football League because. Dallas a blatant cheap shot. And outlaws late debris flying nines on here that I tripped. I've heard that excuse before it's not that. Thanks running yet. And as I don't get it yes right here this power mr. dot com they've reported this morning and Missouri Kansas working possibly getting something finalized. Separate interview for Sunday's game systems should know something that day. He's up to. I don't know it just seems weird I know it's it's it's going to deal. Of course I yield six of course for security component all of that paper dollars if that were via thing would be donated here is Bubba you know what you're all money for some of Michigan and just get for free right here Wi-Fi it now podcasts is when you feel and operate today. I'll do it. Famous. Sixers force are commonplace free games or 1 o'clock. This from our guys Ian Rapoport that rap sheet on Porter being becomes sold under but here it is anyway are raiders not only expecting linebacker remarked Navarro Bowman to play. He's going to starts. Tonight against the Kansas City Chiefs what's. It debt just. That's a bad sign if you raise me this typically you can give a guy is much more time to get acclimated. Everything that she got going on you just don't. Russert got its own line up shortly so proud of our little honest shortly after thunderstorm which put the us became ill Sunday about a third of my game I like a horrible wouldn't it kind of isn't heels there before and now he's had a week less than a week is he done I'm not racing he's done but tomorrow and inserted him in July of this quickly here how. He's. He's he's. He's coached him in short we. Not a big fan of that were from an assertion that's just my opinion via a case might have a new look next year the royals are in the process of removing 600. Halide lights replacing them with 412. LED lights. For 28 TJB we are very excited about the flashing light possibility here very un official saying out by the way that he's LED lights. Provide better overall coverage of the fields also reduced the shadows. Players are probably getting noticed that a little more than fans how ever. Play another article of another one of the cool aspects is that the lights can be programmed to flash or be synchronized music. I would allow the team to incorporate turning out the lights into a celebrations of Toby cook. She is said that they're not really sure how they're going using yet but at least they have the option I've blown took his own. Articles. We're here that it about this as a finesse you're good maybe incorporate this in home runs supposed to be looked at that picture Albert that he utilized their flashlight. They don't have the capability do it I think it is great that he fifteen minutes beat these old books which lights her up. They grab an absolute rating man's statement this morning with mr. ours are low flashing lights but it Lamar Lamar my house while Chris was splashed it. What would you like critical of the day you've all flights over like do we kicked over but. The royals and they're going to be some sort of issue with epilepsy. And thrown out there and we could have birds twittered between flashing lights all sorts of people migrant. Be cool. Barea radio host Dave bower C joint best in the morning today Damon. At a big wide ranging conversation you've taken on a podcast page at 610 sports dot com. But Damon. Fortunately things in the night if you war fully on. If I'm reading because I am looking at the raiders linebackers and it defense and just say to myself well it's what it's like army. I can say for two weeks now like you if you think this is back wait until you get a loaded cream on this district looks like youngest. That's its newest coolest record in all of football it right now the readers are our I I don't think they're ready for the countless. You think CR raiders are ready for a heavy load of free month and guys. I think that the raiders are going to. Tried their best to stop Kareem hunt. From having a major impact in his game I don't think it's gonna matter I just don't think that the raiders are all on the chiefs level and I think job. To no avail it you know I mean if they're gonna lose tonight I think it's seized at Fremont. Battlefield. Unless there's going to be easy but I think the three month. This is the cream again. They should be this Thursday that like Thursday's game for a fantasy. But. You take a linebacker that was just because he's just order a short week someone. Just does not spill good for you this is. The bugs in his arm injury armor and blow it or we heard from injury last year he says that he wanted to keep tight refills package relatively small throughout the season. Because it was a rookie year and was hitting that rookie wall so I may we see a larger package from one free month and Andrea heavier load from. We just get a taste level I'm like you don't argue that ties them all the whole loaf from. What do you want us you wanna clr larger package that was Yousef replied I may be the amassed yes I know I think that injury has a larger package for cream on them that. But he's yet to really exposed that packed. I don't know if it's exposed tonight maybe we'll see that fact it's an action. That help with that. Realized it was pills added -- have a good night good analysis they asked me. Flashing lights on on. He was flashing lights 32 years ago today. He's very first blockbuster video stores open for business yes I know I'm very excited back in 2010 the company to file for bankruptcy and they've been out pretty much shutting down stores throughout the country. On a pretty regular basis back in April business insider reports that at least ten blockbusters. Still existed across the United States I have no idea where there are actually unicorn is now. I love. What are when I came and brought against city wolf what I came across the story this morning house into Fenway video I sit Hamas a lesson and this is I just started reminiscent evolved. What we used to go to blob I mean when you went to blockbuster do some popcorn movie in May yeah I mean we went quick when you when you're paying our western Jill was the first thing. I mean that was it. Thought it was well spared outlook the outlook blockbuster deal. Blockbuster that was the bulls back in the day man. I was all in the feelings over the Melanie when I saw the school. Blockbuster yet yet but yet they are quite yet and yucky all. Look blockbuster locations in cities that there's several. Texarkana must be really hard to come up with that many genuine I don't know if we talked about we. At this discussion earlier today I've turned over new leaf I am not a market growth and earnings more. Or you're talking about a load every fields. Or. Race and sort of whatever. I'm just trying to indicate that is the size of this package might increase throughout the rest of the field I don't see that there's it is opening changes it why everybody thinks that's the name on. Look mostly it and I don't do came hammer told congress they block busters and dean is. As it blockbuster video that somebody's no love for all and a video ice work if both or actually. We're a work of there can't be updated I worked a blockbuster video of her high school and I were to Hollywood video right after. Definitely if time actually don't blockbuster dot com find him outside it differently. I'm clicking the link that you just saw it blows blows a totally. Out. Haven't done an industry. Well I got three guys basics since expect rescue by our good friends over at the reds or grossed out by and see or stop by and check 103 locations there. How La Pena of dipped fried chicken on special day you can only get numbers there's guys they've been making this stuff and Sunday. Spoken in Butterfield. I was anything so I don't know. We gotta love that new location and a 159 and any data today got to go check it out. By coming up next on the widow of assistance force expect we gotta get back talking about hates the raiders is raiders suck question tonight. We talked about it that's. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Is readily and thought it would smack down. Let's be honest the chiefs. Take care of business in the division. Vanessa Saudi role. The last time being brought up that they've lost. To the raiders. Or lost. In the division on the role doubles against the raiders back in 2014. It was vote. I've been lost the raiders. Analyst and author rogue and the waiters were terrible and they were all in ten at that point going to Baghdad chiefs of actually Vinnie really really good road team you win nine grow and wrote. You're doing something right that you don't get out on the road and beat that thing up. Scott has more that raise NFL writer for a football outsiders didn't he instead this has ever. He says a week seven perceived social dubious season defining game for Oakland. I guess is bill is should be finished with a loss and a about finishing off the raiders chiefs can really. So in this team of five straight losses to straight division losses at home for the raiders this will be their third loss. In the AFC west. You want to in the they're doing all the stops Jeter GT bring out the 1967. Team. Attorney do whatever they can bring you back good memories and Oakland train in the pull out all stops would chiefs have a chance. The jobs finished the raiders. I think that the you know one of the things that people have to Guam have to look at it is. The Steelers in my opinion or bad match. Or the team's. They are. It doesn't mean it's you can't beat on. It says a tough team you to beat. Would not look at the raiders. I don't think the same thing. The waiters are not a tough match up for the cheese I'd just flat out in the teeth aren't much better team at this point. In the Oakland Raiders Oakland's tried to up their game. Everybody thought I until going into the season that Oakland's he'll be a much better football scenic anybody would have expected. When it hasn't worked out and I know that one of the games they lost. Derek Carr didn't play. Oh beyond that even even you know before deer car got injured. They will start to show the signs people start straw was team all the way around both offensively and defense and was on the Mark Cooper I don't understand it. The drops. And he in the dare cart not be on the same page that's to be worked out by you with. It should be good. Humid it's as simple as. When something's going well. Changing it up. Raiders scored seventh most points in the and Phyllis your sixth in total office. Bill musgrave as far. They got a situation like chiefs. Dated wanna lose Brett beach. So you make gene needed to lose that talent to say that with raiders and Todd down. He's 37 years old people considered him an off the genius he was their cars quarterback coach heard Steve Weis talked about two. And it's sometimes that symbol is he is not figured it out. Omar Cooper's averaging eight point one yards per reception. You look at the raiders receivers that's formal ordeals eight point one for him and he just has trouble Creighton separation. He's having trouble getting open. Dear corps knows even talking about turning it it did the ball make more of an effort to get it to Maurice Cooper. But there's something about this game bill which chiefs raiders. Chiefs and usually emphasize I don't think Indy Reid emphasizes it is much is what Marty did. As of Mardy was all featured as the review for pushing the chiefs around in her simple enough and she's around. Often loses on its luster on bad end. Good. Walt Rich Gannon who joins us each and every Wednesday. At at 1215. Why did Marty have so much hatred towards the rights. Are you cook for poker Marco. We came from Cleveland who took a look at the visible and could code would do you call them what would you don't want to decision. Clearly that liability there's. That even the along with Denver completely dissimilar physical pain you know they had it kind of goal is achieved over the years. And Marty for the Americans here that it would be more of what he did what he went back and that'll cut out. Video that was at Hendrick chicken leg awkwardly on the ground there is different cheap shock at the U. You know quite a book out of nowhere quickly after gains or whatever and he he made it personal he talked about statements and Abu. Local clot out there either you know in the Bolivar quote from all the different it became a very personal vendetta from Marty. Quite frankly what he got up on the scene either passion because apparently Clayton get emotional and guys ready Wednesday morning to run out of the courtroom when the locker but put the pats on Google corporate and that's how it can it work for us. Rich Gannon right here. Marty Schottenheimer he made horse. He talked about Haiti and the Oakland Raiders. That starts with Peco people wonder you know what comes of rivalries and hatred towards certain organizations and teams. You'd get that in the figurehead for that is from the coach Rex Ryan Whitney got to New York he talked about hate the patriots. Okay when it comes to. All Marty shot you talk what he Oakland when he when he came to a on Lovie Smith. And healed when he was with the Chicago Bears forty top by Haiti the Packers. It starts with the colts because when the cold feels that way and he continues to push that towards players big people everybody gets around. It trickles down your player knew your coach Heath somebody so much you go what form of auto guys all the time whether it's best bull. Or football but coach was rude. At another school. What do the guys we think we want to win this one for. This is personal for him I think it's brilliant Marty did he identify the team was pushed around chiefs. That you don't want I'm gonna make some I would make our team ate the specifically. Look at Ohio State Michigan bitterly cold to the by day. It's Ohio State always called it school of new. Ordinance say the word Michigan. It's a much data and trickles down to players to Marty Schottenheimer did here was absolutely brilliant it was so brilliant bit Rich Galen. Even carried the same thing over. When he went to the raiders telling them hey guys this team hates you you need eight to a more. Well. That. Well out here or. There might four years there were one of them there. Oh. On. Earth. Like you comment on sale the week. For them. Record in the chronicle chart. The well that he could greatly. Personally. It took all of them them not a morning between the report that murdered these and you know. And I try they get that the crop I think over time. The third time I was there like the first full year we thought was pretty quickly reception Cuba for forty years against the chiefs took a lot. Don't know how you really. If so I Marty except in the cart on the ignored the much ignorant to basketball nobody knows optical. Isaac doubles wrist and he joins us each and every Wednesday at all fifteen that's quickly become my favorite and you. Talking about the other hatred towards beat Oakland Raiders. We're an hour away from mark the tape with thirty minutes away from talking to Paul charged in Indians of fantasy Allbaugh information from him but to act on the detonates. I'm pretty confident. In regard to tonight's game. On the seaside at things but basically says don't get too comfortable but tell you why next you know what she did it took advantage of weaknesses and they came all over the raiders. Shift from the MVP like two people in studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm not it's not completely but I'm not being irritated about this. What I'm pretty confident in the chiefs tonight I know it's a short week and you're coming off a loss. I just don't seed in the ratings. Now. I did it I understand it to get a rally the troops there played at home. They had everything to place for they're trying to get their season back on track. I'm pretty confident you say don't get too comfortable when it comes to look at it tonight. IE and she should win this game I think it's can be extremely close and maybe that is easy or think about this in the fifteen thing we've beaten. Competent people were dealer. This is an audiotape to a fourteen point winds doing the same reasons why I said to people last week don't be counted that. The chiefs are going to be down. Handling the pits ports deal its people dusty that people double which can be a double to say it was all of the the same way that I sell oh well. The Steelers last week it seems like people come around it's a little while Oakland this week. Well Thursday the idea engine Evernote and begin the home team wins 62% of the time. On Thursday night football is the last boat lost the chiefs. Thursday night in 2014. She's 15 and rovers went three raiders were when ten all the raiders still won that game. Order backs against the wall like the Steelers were the Steelers could have been three in theory that win put about four into the second seed. In the AFC here's Derrick or talk about their backs against the wall. So division's gang which you know really counts for two you know they usually do it. You know you wanna go out there and beat one of the best teams in football we have come to our place on the short week so all the challenges are there everything those pushing our back against the wall but one thing I know we're gonna do it wouldn't amount you know on Thursday night fight. Number we are just excited to have him come to our blessed with. I'm sorted your car southern accent throws me off here. I mean that was deep set out there from dear Corbett says their backs are against the war I believe home but here's the thing. We mentioned Todd downing for the office or. Eventually would think he might heard figures and they inducted you'll meet him and he met the media this week they were. All of it is real ask him questions he knows that he's one of the most criticized people of the raiders because he's really the difference. The raiders did the offseason. Foods from bill musgrave the degree job Todd Downey who's gonna come in and fix that one thing about it is. I think looking like this you might see different style of play. From what you see on tape all year the readers whose chiefs would expect to see something different is what they're doing isn't working. And this is one of those games we could expect the unexpected and it backs against the wall and you lose this game you're essentially done. You've got to find a way to pull out all the all the stops in do what you typically don't do fighting to keep your Caesar roller TE get a change of what you don't want is which do not work. This what makes his team scared. The team that's desperate team that absolutely positively. Has to have this win or they're finished. They're caught they win their third win guess what the right back there in the AFC race is guess with a dimmer Broncos. It got three wins. Do good writers have to. Raiders lost to the Broncos. All the sudden if the raiders witness they become. Like the Broncos. A three win team. Three and 33 forks he's made the Broncos this week have to go on the road chargers that are on the road he had said he didn't there on the road. For the Eagles oh by the way they play the teachers have that ability get themselves back into it. They have to win this. They've done to you before that she's been banged up I did expect maybe to see Morse or party this week not going to do that. Q we see Parker and this week I there's a possibility do. The chiefs have to shake things up on our office. The raiders. They're. Got eleven sacks this year point six new unit goals they've got to the quarterback. At the rate typically do little Mac or sacks on the season that expectancy raiders team huge tendency to get me fired up. They're pretty Smart things they don't typically do that's what things going to be close that she's wins game but I think it's been closed with a. It might be closer than we think. The Vegas line has that she's winning this game by three. Which is typically would you on human. Which which you typically get the whole NC. But it seats at det three point advance. So essentially it's six. Essentially it's a six point game. I just I just think about when handed. Did that she's playing. Their best. All of the raiders capable of beating them no no. Win that she's played mediocre. And the raiders. Played just mediocre. And the raiders went. I don't think so. I just don't see I'm trying to figure out the path. Way to success. When it comes to the raiders. Beating. It seats I'm not saying that this is a lose a pro game that's not what I'm saying I think that a lot of things have to go wrong tonight. For the chiefs of lose this game or maybe odds entities messed up I think we're talking about Fremont fumbles and eight it's takeaway I think it's. It's Alex Witt has got to throw an interception I think it being as active gold solely for the c.s in order for them to flat out Lou. This team knows our role to be in the season we wrestled the raiders go to Tennessee and was impressed by the you know the best in the year in game one you beat jets 4520. The jets actually proven to be a better team than we thought at the beginning of the air raid being imported by the touring this Washington. Beat him down. The Redskins beat down the readers it was like OK there's a Morningstar. And all the Denver of course course been kind of bank had a good. Numbers injuries is beaten to six weeks and he kind of rushed and hurried back. To the game that they lose the Baltimore and they lost to George they did this an extra point in the game. Probably could dissident overtime had they not what you're gonna see the unexpected. Whatever they've been doing it might be getting back to when they had that offensive outburst of 45 points against the jets. Maybe one on the road Tennessee they've shown signs this year being a good thing they start off to note that okay. Raiders are back were real real yes it is four game losing streak and they got to figure out what they're doing dogs and I do feel there won't change things up. From what they've done before. They have to. I am one of those one of those games this dude this is as is was when I dare certainly EJ Manuel what he actually got her in the in the Michael's day. And that was with each Emanuel had come into the game. And he was trying to do some things that tipped it put him in a position to win a ballgame and tablet and Simon's game has continued in. So Brisinger it was a couple of key injury but he kind of rushed him back. They're all in tonight raiders are absolutely 100%. All in tonight. I tell it up next sometimes a life. You shouldn't deposit checks that you can't cash we have a clear example of that would get to what next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. So the problem here. We're all gonna be hang analysis. At winning streaks. This evening for the most part here six's fourth personalities but when it comes to. The shelves. And the drive. We'll see Dodd and Brad fanning they will be broadcasting live. From winning streak starting at 2 o'clock. Speaking if they. He's gonna be doing some else tonight to. That is. He tweets up. Average finish of one of searing that's. Tonight's the night. All jokes aside tonight is nine if you wanna see Arenas with the naked act. It is true you can look at this guy didn't see your greatest financial standing is going to be looking. For your greatness. DD glasses or anything are you could see with a neck and I OK so I just wondered you know thankfully you stepped last night assemblies that meaning. As you are hearing this tonight that I read that you had love like. Special solar eclipse glasses to see your anus. Big searing scrutiny that exe with a mere two. So anti matter I'm. Thank you so just step out of the launch party in hearing us. What are public mind to me. Boarded up today standing in C dot as was mentioned broadcasting the drive at winning streaks. At harrah's North Kansas City. Shot a great prizes like an autographed football from the Nigerian nightmare himself a Christian point. If guards in the 200 dollar O Reilly's gift card and while oil changes. And six dollar and ten cent food specials on night. Basically recommends the pulled pork not shares the buffalo chicken sandwich is amazing no celebrations given away passes through there that's the new. What I need to write it down this is fussy. Sabrina and benign insurer will was a drink you had last night as they Colorado Bulldog. We try to scooby snack at our door. No. It was enough that it once before and I mean if you're gonna go fruity drinks tonight he may as well or scooby snack in the next they're. As a write it down and all of them yes and yourself who have that. Odyssey. A calm and well that is a winning streak stays last year Oren Dak what happens only six days a winning streaks. About the time that I accidentally when the the woman's bathroom and you may meet however but he on the air the next day. It did not make you do that yeah I think he did make bad. He told everybody did that winning streak only night alone do winner all of totally I wasn't gonna say anything about it until you brought it up on the show and and I have to say is what do. Obviously you'll never know it's not going to be there no I'm just responding to the what happens at winning streak stays that way mr. not. Patently false. It's totally not true we begs failing. Yeah economic growth actually asked you that guy has remember you didn't pay for his team goes on the rocks. I do what do you guys mean that was you know the human and you. All big league equivalent someone brought up does not only be about to break a obliquely brought. Yeah I don't rumor that. Don't remember that happened just like he stayed there seated I dogs would also form. Exxon does make a great point. Ron will actually be doing the show tonight during. The chiefs game so he will not be on the FaceBook alive you were thinking it shot on its. Bill would happen is runs the show. Between the Bill Snyder show itself. The league takes a break in at halftime. I will all be watching the Rangers game on FaceBook blood and more from the buzz the gets watchers this week. It in the second hand. Will be wrong. More from the who's in business as usual the first step B and more second half. Mean more Rhonda quirks run hide in holes and have matured after his show and usually I'm hear you at all. Fusion I'm confused are you confused what to write it down for me. With coach understands sorry you started out the segment talking about look at your anus and now word exit innings looking for Zain. It's. It is a skis you're. Eleven mixes throw quick and he does com. Is Bob did you realize these streets. With eight mrs. Yorkers to get Abbott & Costello ban all the sudden. Your penis planet. The streets are about to get real for a Alonso ball everybody's favorite member of the LA lakers. Sold. Lines Ole miss like the last part of the pre season. Schedule because he had twisted an ankle. And they say to ease. He's Brady dull he's healthy there's no restrictions on his minutes he's made eagle they take on the LA clippers tonight source LA vs LA tonight. Is the first time. Bet on the ball's going to be making the adjustment. Playing in the Indy. Against colts. Grown men such as clippers guard patsy badly according to espn.com. This is from all on the ball. Just destroying. It's grown men now so every night. Night in at night now they are going to be strong. I do watch and before long time Beverly definitely picks up full court and plays hard. It is going to be a lot of fun he's gonna go at me I'm gonna go at him it is going to be. On it is going to be like that. Wall in the cold to be identical to beat LA lakers it obviously is going to be a big learning curve. He has never played in this type of day before with regard to the players are this good in this strong. He's going against grown man and a team. All of them. I think he will be fine I think you'll wise it sounds like he has his whole life. This is the interesting thing to watch over the course of this year to it isn't that we have. I got it plays. College basketball for one. Jump to the NBA and we talk about this is a tally and his lack of strain. Horse has grown ass men. That's to me that's not just a story that is part of it is we're gonna watch it on the ball and all the other rookies this year and see what they do. But there is going to be he. A certain style old. That these won't ask me and are going to take towards on the ball that both we seen before it is going to be. Drew won't mean attacking a lions are on the ball because they liked his debt. There are going to be going at him left and right. All their might get all this strain the show him the UA all the acts because all the horrible ankle finally see were his dad. All of talking that acting days to sit back and sellout in as golf or 100 series star. Do you think that mosque or you think the Bob ball's gonna be won his off the start this year this could feed. At least two weeks and third for an. He's been with the ball more floor for lawns though. And I are running the lakers country eat that he does Matt know that's just already let them pill oriented and being. Look get a mom's thoughts on good luck. Everything he does he runs pull the skis youngest out of school home school the like coach dirty get a couple coaches fired high school he was to a on school. That is Italy friends over to Europe of one and done rule if police opened. It is going to be interesting when loves the ball. Is matched dealt with staff curry. His dad said. What muscles better stuff right now. Put expectations on his tee it's yet to have to get the latest to the playoffs. Talking about his kid if he was on the war is right now they differ when it seemed to sip staffs got to rates. Also accomplished nothing yet. So it's gonna be interesting to see how these. All grown ass man and they are grown man how they go at on the ball. John Wall was secular be ivory Irving wasn't going to be. Wild is under a microscope all you know this doesn't buyers as did not talk the EZ form. Easy for you and I have a conversation this morning about busts and light because let's face Michael on the ball has been set up. For some degree of failure because of the fact that's acutely talked about and we were we're talking my boss this morning's top. Moya would be such child. It. So we're talking about no big boss today and like who's been the biggest costs in the leaks and I think one of the big joining us I mean I mean I don't know. I think the ball's been set over though buys on New Year's us 500 dollars shoes and we all know about all the balls and we. What's he gonna work he's gonna where it is easier to use these are now but he is. I mean just set up for failure and I start wondering about like. When you see these higher profile guys in these big cities like JaMarcus Russell count mine right up jump because of the fact he played in the West Coast patent he was. IV Todd ravaged who fits that bill and other raiders quarterback guys that play in these major markets to get major national exposure. The guys that we look at as a major costly bumping people outside Kansas City know who they named Todd black colleges. That's considered a bust for us and people really know work air outside of this this city about Todd black but we sure as hell know about jamarcus. Ross but top lot was knows what overall. First round pick yet. It's more down. That's and it's more about that. Entwistle in the draft but that late it is his seventh overall pick that. If the quarterbacks the room it's about it's about who is in your draft it is also Baldwin you were drafted to. Who is available routes all of utility you can go to Chicago she got attracted to hate me now housing bust. Did he knows what the multiple tape and now right now Christian Ponder who's the boss here's what they're talking to doctors are moderate. But a lot of most it was all thought the Christian Ponder is a reach anyways so I don't I mean I consider Christian Ponder now. I mean yes because of that flat table reached just because of the draft selection and where he was taken you to needle was a waste of tick. Mean to me Christian Ponder isn't as much of Boston and waste a pick as real sought common. Now hobbled jetliner Matt liner as a bus. I think again I. I didn't expect much from that line I know everybody looks at the USC quarterbacks. When has that been success what are Carson Palmer this is not about you ain't all I think. To be able those ten teams. It is Super Bowl with Matt liner and people met it was to be to god one what are you trying to say and that's that's our hope is that nationally we. All of throughout this entire country and you called JaMarcus Russell bust. Was the biggest bus for the chiefs nationally. Biggest boss for the chiefs nationally. Ask a question nobody nobody knows that it's tied. It's got to be black alleged that probably the biggest one. Yeah it's because the fact the Marino was drafted out from a Kelly was before he was a lot of teams group on on marine he was the when he said it was equity Jim Kelly went fourteen day year is some of these other things what they hear. Leslie Dickerson. Warner bleary Smith that was addressed Matthews. James Jones. Willie Gault. It's Browner in in mist that your guys segregating Henry Eller. Leonard Marshall Darryl Talley she bought that Roger Craig people calling Dwayne Bowe the biggest she's bus. I don't know if sources know plus it was a big busted him his daughters on the ball was bigger balls this might have been one of the best drafts ever via. Just sucked the ball was oh by the way did she strip and a little less than a year. In the third round it turned out there I mean people on the text and giving great responses as far as a local guy Glenn Dorsey yes. You know by by just out of college I did testicle endorsing. You Tutsis like that Jackson do but nobody outside of the city cares or knows needed it she speak for the fifth round you're in the fifth round. Jim mortal potter. Potter round by 800. Eagle pilots who heard him yet you know or natural chicken balls charging he's gonna join us to me to stop principal ball next. A studio sixty and Sports Radio.