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Thursday, October 19th

We get our lineups set for week 7 with Paul Charchian. Plus, we dive into the big storylines for the Chiefs, Mark The Tape, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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Even a little hill with your fantasy T dean of youngsters who arrived in great running back but it. I know what you're doing that. One particular source within a year I had some more than others started facts rock diva receivers dropped of them what defense they kicker. NS goal. You know I am president of the fantasy sports redo some seated I don't know what the but fantasy sports hall of Famer kind of a big eats holes charge she had. Coastal flooding over the false starts. It's so funny a little in the archives here sourced on the ballpark. Flights. From August 19 2000 left the hole. Thomas Jones China ball would fight weight room according to Adam suggested that the ball didn't not play tonight due to injury. Bet going from Ivy League votes come in show business you always smaller bites that have ever seen and Hough is bricks and bigger but a I was there. The bite that. You would actually intimate. Most all barely got worse balls shirts that there'd should be united excel is like watching the super hot water design it first down these flex in the veins are coming out of Boynton rocked in this medium I did it at all sorts you police say it's doctor I'll be at a guy's horse bolstered what would be what size certainty where. Bought it and I mean you know it's that it's particular to lecture at one point it just a teacher that the public and you know you know you don't you don't like I. I mean what I mean when you're right adored when Iraq to go into the gym was sized Easter enhance the pipes. If I and it will all I have worked between media packet has struggled from the that you can only imagine how the competent. It could be art so I try on a shirt because. Like the medium it is it would fail. That we saw. And two people are in the locker took a look like everywhere artwork at. Mobile. I hit it typical it very very difficult you can appreciate. Yeah I'm a meat and got to a bubble to write you gotta trot everything because of the of the fit and know some some sort of snuck some a look at too loosely let's try on every damn thing it's yet you by now. You do is you act on it you know what impact would that. I I care about it. So I'm here you know people can make it typical meal vanity but I want grateful to god so. I'm a little bit. I'm demand mean big plays the total opposite he doesn't hear how he looks it just shows up in whatever I don't hear. What we're quote. My question is always what's eyes the book to let that it. All right before we get some of the the hard hitting tells ostensible ball questions not the way. Let's start with tonight it was the one thing to know about everything NC player in tonight's football game. We'll announcement that upload to record your game against the division rival or are scored it 12 games last year. I electorate you know who you're because. You ultimately there are parts collapsed and in Oakland the raiders are gonna want it to the. Just ducked and while you guys know. Bill and on upn and you know we get beat break the law of return on catch. Iran that is great is that a lot like can't you at the LP. Eight non starter my number three again this week. Up or. That the readers have a lot of IR yet. Those four tie it and about 75 yards in this. In the park targets and ever hit by a part of it that we as abduct them by art and I certainly picked up LT. The that is probably a chuckle at it frequently double running back oh well as we could be up at. Oakland side. The tour card always struggle entities that you no secondary got it back like it here yeah. I won't the matchup for Michael Crabtree who went up 8% as well on the left side of the field. That's obviously not the market Peter's side and that means that Marc Cooper is an outcry on court. It's easier now that could help its week. It will feel the pinch you can try to Robert to instill games in GQ I'm the actors that you or else I'll go game. The colts quarterback. Alex marked when you score 24. Point eight yards per carry. Will be achieved a lot work out I think you could eat a lot more marks only the people might. When you think too horrible moments or for the raiders it's definitely. Star cream in that global wide open it and start for another team owners were weak it's stupid. Public. Are. Obviously great Britain and but I reserve land it and keep it. These shows bring the raiders linebacker situation. Argued or about this guy Adrian Peterson. Last week in one of those eye opening performance like this I still have it. And he goes up 26 carries 134 yards and two touchdowns in NC a Butler the week. This is the sustainable. It remotely. Would protect the soul the site and open it perked up as we set. And it got pretty fair opportunity to sort of like eager you're at it the course of course upper reproduce or a lot here. And it was quite like a quick out and eat and like art. Com schedule that would enable. He they would not say either ought to. A pop why won't be sent another night certainly that is the world stopper for him the rest of the way now. You're out. Did you opt it. He news ever B word Guido industry timeframe. It was it was spoken at Thanksgiving to Christmas so that you know that well one bought in there. Every. It's going to be and yeah he got capped off a week early. All the stuff that you do and as we have we haven't yet so happy that you aren't looking to know. That time line here is like a look at it and so you've won again like you know three weeks of work out Adrian and then be ready to be ready to deal because. Once they've adopted from back in it it'd be our squad rate of course the way go so. Just don't keep happening doc keep it up and you want on our current or else if he abducted them. Really yeah it was we just want to ask you that speaking of is running backs as new information about David Johnson that. Ask the owners shouldn't need to know. Very doubtful that statement that the bet I think you got it up. Right out David gently optical these great art but you can get him to Portland topic if you want to trick orbiter before I go it diet can help it look like out there. On the cheap right now. It would get that was your key in city and is now the GM and Indianapolis is Chris Ballard it was he. Sold on snake oil when it came the injury luck is he's got another listeners what he's got another setback here. In a few ticketed G Cobb youth tech quarterback. Reserve finally time just cut the cord and forget about Locke doing anything yeah. But I think in the united I we eat it up to begin with but then blocked by an illegal as well. You don't you can bet it quietly in the on the you know on the accent analysts. You know what he we'd get back symbolic with the setback and you don't do what you ports and you know if you're. I had it at that point you to drop and block out right it since you've got hot spot where little odd that it's got the court a little bit. Not the question but I I'd I'd post to Twitter. You're the call right now you've got dumped one draft pick coming up at this year's draft. Do you get your choice to every quarterback in the draft wouldn't stand doc. Would you trade that. For Andrew Luck. It is. If someone else or would I read that he if I'm another you're out if on the brutal. Well. Brown. In New York you're you're you're heading your way or. No no no no or burger or know I'll win because he's already entered an age you don't doubt it's a lie in unit killed you don't you don't you don't know how much longer this entire injury situation. Is going to linger out wouldn't do that. You would not do. Outlook and what you go what's your opinion aside from the hindered by it up I think it. Wonder where he's at at all with his shall lead which struck it and he came back that you ought. Even get called don't Andrew Luck and be an absolute lock beat cornerback. You'd rather hold it in happier selection your choice quarterback mr. They don't Cleveland's had eighteen sacks given up so I it's not bodes well for a lot. What about the European actors are here I can get brown compare the united you know him around pretty and a lot. You're you're treating me or Dexter. Are not the money. Wondered who haven't been I didn't hit it are they on the big EQEU and the crowd which you do. Often on by the way at. Actor Brock also had fourteen picked in the first round as well so you know they do that they. Pick even if they. But charts they always have any updates at at at at. Bats. That's out of Brown's role and what we're talking to all sorts of the police say die Tom and damn ball dot com here all the days yet aren't sold the seat situation. You know one day he's gonna be out for several games going to be suspended the next day he's not because of an appeal and and all of the south they need no injunction see here injunctions there. Can you describe or at least tell us why maybe Zeke is unlikely to miss any time and all this year possibly. Yeah that it will add weight you like. I got mine you want the short on him or you want the ball we shore course and. So land the job to issue temporary restraining order duck also set. Case not only the you know the standard for campers string quarter. We're about the permanent injunction. Issued a permanent injunction they now what I know. That is why you will have a judge it. And it just one week suspension was unfair. And that is why we know he jail it's like these cues are never the right yeah a little bit with in the lead investigator. There's a lot. 08. Here. Or projected for the tape and it would beat the that's going to go political. It's a. The thing we get the permit injunction. After the tempers in order and that things get out in the match it's gonna pick which are into the opting in all probability he is not a commitment. Are charged. Give the quarterback running back and wide receiver sleeper this week. Hip on her off Leo you're all we want an opera back that your you're seven now he. You look at that that even you know well I need to do so. 270. Ike acting yards per game. The topic of the talent that they're certain that after Peterson and like I've heard. Cardinal are happy that we're at it but it two point touchdown. The quarterback so. You're the quarterback. Our running back. It seems like going up against the Atlanta about to go to barber what happened the last time. Chains like say about it. Yeah. It will ball right now that. Ebert stepped in under ten yards later I'd argue that the civil war deeply mentally album. Don't turn it just. In blue won one Super Bowl MVP. And so that your cookies. And you're. You know you are you don't know. Of course you know you know. He can play each other seventeen to go to court. Your genes like but now the beach so that one. And make sure that they don't like games like beat out. What that means that Belichick they cover for it to come back and then be out in games like. Yes. That and always struggle against running back year old is doing here. There are even a couple of putts down the artwork. It is. Oh back. Apple and active genes like you and say and. It got you know new wrinkles from suitable by the one record so like it came to light and then at receiver. Briefly on the into the terms of the up. And down yet answered injured and dropped the ball. Will square off against victory at slot corner Eric world. Pro football focus right at 114. At the quarterback position lap we hear me clearly scored from. Soap opera that lite picture I might what we. Wide receiver. Eight let me ask one bonus of final question because you're not just because this is a Butte really relevant player in physical ball and he's just a tasty dies so people in the area loved the home. But Jordy Nelson how much is he affected now with with Aaron Rodgers being taken out of Atlanta because of injury. Yeah idea. Certainly expect that bill and the like cheaper. I hunt I think probably not it is that he'll bite back quarterback under our. All of that it will probably be on his first NFL start. And both the tackles one tackle it in which we're well and a pack of all of them moved down bought. I'm still look like if it goes up against. I'll go up against that needs to been rotating guys in and out in their quarterback to get them all eat it in the band that you'd better. Hope you mr. bock. Players on odd that a majority primary side of the field. Bet on big Marvin Jones crystal ball games I actually I actually like dirty. Paramount at this game culture so it'll work on the map duck and cover for why he didn't and gain enough in Minnesota last week. A way demand our charge is the best we'll talk to nice week. I like to hear those ball charts of the leak Lisa dot com and fan ball act now are we didn't see story lines in a bull the raiders played. Like their backs were against the wall we get to see story lines next. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. Meg signal to Martin Zeno. And take your phone calls and bold predictions. I guess in the final segment blue steel ones are. Fancy gold ball decent speed. And I'm gonna be source on the clock today I know that tell tells you nice to peak jockeys or stomach clock. Reactors and the only human being alive the likes to. Bragman I went on CNN I'm all right look at today it was here that let. Yeah. What is the order violence. It is you I don't that then me. Look at actionable and then the loser of last week Jay being the ripper. He always tries to sugarcoat his losses doesn't mean you mean the winner from last year and still tied what does blacks had to do with us today. These two point conversion you as good as Atlanta sing her. You as good as last game. World leader this year actually. Hope Israel is a hybrid situation. They go with your. But your participation trophy and it matters matters within it doesn't matter in week seven. And yet it doesn't. Called over the years does come here patty petty man about it and it just went for weeks eloquent as. As to its east. Think we've got. Did you do realize that this little promo we've got to run somebody's the missile so this that knocked rundown. A couple of spots via a high school prom on the. That's right and what it's all just a school what tennis is just listen you're 610 promo Rondo show vs wrong on this show them. Bra on the show blue springs high school history occurred just dropped 200 points don't take shots at Ron tries full. It's a great school and it's apparently it's damaging to the street cred or whatever. Is because it was blue springs. Yes. It's their life something about blue springs that he won a state title there. I mean it's the nice suburb. The Fed might be implication there. Why this show is not out here saying that he's big gains and prompting California. Authorities told me oh. Like it's all fun and games don't mean he don't need me to say once he leaves the build these flying this flag and this crazy news while another mystery. We've heard a lot of talk this week about the backs of the Oakland Raiders being against the proverbial wall. There are talked about this well. Are they can play like they're back surgeons won't mind. I think so I said it lasted about this first it was they were gonna be more focused. Did get act like this is one of the biggest gains in their season. And ask how they play. And now everybody's raving about the Pittsburgh Steelers and I never thought that experts who have or done. Tonight bill. This is a difference in two ways to build a team as top dad dies is playing against US lost four consecutive games and essentially. You can scratch them all off the list of teams flying with the division title and I. Escaped yesterday didn't give him good guy. Yes she's. They've lost the divisional home game last week it's chargers they've already lost to the Broncos. A loss tonight would be oh and three in the division and back to back a lost war. Yes that's clearly been the war. Yeah I mean but are they going to play like that. Addicts of it change themselves. And we too predictable as a Korean Hahn the hasn't scored a touchdown in three weeks and as averages per game. Are heading in the wrong direction over the first six weeks on has averaged eight point 76. Point 210 point one. Four point 83 point seven and then last week. People treat 2.3 yards per carry over begin headed in the right direction. Tonight no. I think so I think victory months point two put him more tonight. He has to get like I said earlier. He has way more touches than what he got last week ninth Ceres now did they die of a body that twenty to Ares tonight. I don't think that they're gonna be with a bulls point to majority game playing from behind like the war against Pittsburgh because I don't think that opens. Defense is as good as the Pittsburgh Steelers yet pretty much go and have a nice night operative we crazy does that contract. Linebackers there such shambles you sign a linebacker Navarro Bowman he starts this short week yeah. I typically don't like he has the values on Thursday night Reba has urged them we'll back we. She's. So BA Spiegel and the big dog he just weeks from John led your. Act like your NFL draft victors and giving him a follow according to pro football focus. Justin Houston has dropped in the covered sixty times this year that's 26 per cents. Of the passing plays he's been on the field for. Well Justin Houston be for some reason inexplicably asked to be in pass coverage all the time or Bob said nationally and it's a big go eat. Men that this is a really tough one he questioned by U lion. Go to jail I think they actually have a question where would you what you think that you would think they sold between you think that Justin Houston. Would be so much it point to be a while the quarterback at all times. Which should never know what Bob's sudden. Maybe he is into coverage trying to cover some bite bonds said now things themselves infected should Steelers back up to their one. In you drop the the past covered this same drive 37 these drugs in the past they're probably would take advantage that new inspector. On Big Ben. These dropped it and regret any 5% a quarter of his defenses then he dropped in the past that come on Bob. I see them off us off. Dollar says that's that's caused them to do with us. Today I love to link senator Bob Bobby regularly. Bobby. Bob the. It. Like dad like. About it but if it can opening them. There. We all know big gloves colonial Mac. Nobody argued that we'll be reigning defensive player of the year colonial Mac. Put on the show and have his away against an injury riddled chiefs' offensive line. The little bank. Is a monster is he going to have his way tonight against disease. And must know. A little mag. Would think that he's going to have a big time game. Typically doesn't. A name when you think dale table he's able lost to these things on this selling it last couple weeks that he has a monster breakout game. Is not yet have been consistent this year so I'm gonna say no not tonight. Those guys can forget about it any certain point heated up four sacks this season. It's a Swartz NBC in a lot and I knew it was slightly over and beyond. Later Fisher side as well he does serve a little dispensaries or defense originals than he's fueled. Lomax here's mean when anybody gotten. The bogey is beast modes been more released mode for the most part of 2017. This is a prime time game in Oakland however and the chiefs have. Let's just say struggled mightily. Against the run. A generous. Or Marshawn Lynch try to put on a show for his savings and higher is again look washed up like he has most of forty something. I think he's not try to put on a show I know I have in them in my season long offense or team I don't know that I'm gonna start him tonight and in some of the ball. Him having an impact on this game if there's one thing she's the Jewish or the right in Libya on bill payers the run defense last year. So I expect the chiefs who is this week. Speaking to clue Mac by the way these animals that ever gone through these teams in teaching oval Rubin induced. Broncos' number one. A Kelsey been held in check three of the six weeks the chiefs have been playing guys and he looked a bit off roommate whose name but he would have been off. Returning from injury this past week will he break out. Again against oak. Yes. Yes. It beach. I'd say that because. He had a situation where he was having a great game that he had to keep us in then last week wasn't as affected those. Chelsea he wants to eat it's a prime time game. Yes you'll be ready to Rock the Vote on it even echo on this game. Just let me Houston police. He's had these games are all the imaginary holes so you know he's been on and off each week give the forty yards against nature it's. Had a 103 against the Eagles he is the one yard against the chargers next week under an eleven. Yet speculative. Big game I had two more for you were gonna blow right through Jesus from from the tax plan and I absolutely love this thing right here. Here's a hot take in these master plan was to sandbag vs the Steelers. He has a scheme to shut them down but he saving in case we have to walk that fast in the playoffs. Because believe that. And is now. That. Swords make insurance it's either Burke was on this earlier this week he told us the raiders at all sorts of fun things planned tonight. Including a visit from the 1967. Team. We'll let them visit from the 67 team energized the raiders nine propelled them to win. Keep their swords and wanna. There you see that will be thirteen in one and a half time things will be locker room you'll see he raiders. I mean. It's only every guys she storyline so this week will mark the tape. By that as an hour now has kind of teased him for it and that you did I guess who's gonna break up the basic. Caucus state. Studio sixty instant. 913 spies it was a 760 it. That's the phone nope. It's Smart to take time here on the base here. What you call client. You give us your prediction. Of bolt takes a what you faced an anchor with the chiefs of and we're actually gonna revisited you ought to wait for the weekend will revisit it tomorrow. On checked the tape. 1045000. We come back to that he normally would do at 1145 but Bruce what will be joining us from what we've. Not what's right you've heard of. Five of a 67610. We door marked tape. Right now. I just for bold prediction most are big in terms of what you think's gonna happens with a seats. We get to 4421. Yes and she's both these defense is give a port over point one points a game and puckered the difference here point four point one chief. I am going to goal. For 2820. By the way cream hunt for touchdowns when three weeks from today. 2820. Seats. In my prediction is said. Travis Chelsea. Goals over. A hundred yards. With a touchdown. And I'll be bold to say that. Scores another tie stack LB three straight weeks toward the end and Thomas so debt with another touched. I do believe it'll be a double digit win for the chiefs some nice. I'm going to say 2614. Kansas City. And I think. But the Marcus Robinson. Over a hundred yards and touchdown nine. Yeah well let's ask I was gonna say 75 but I'm swinging for the fences a hundred yards. Fourth planet from the ports mean he's gonna throw it to lead until twice misty you know well what it I've targets one gets. You guys know my feelings about Alex Smith they haven't changed their season they say it tells us it's and the fourteen David. Are right now 21357676. Galas at that all lines right now. Let's go to Jefferson north plant also just. Good afternoon I hope to the sweatshirt yesterday. Our guys aren't major concerns about to see sense very offensive line. I think they're it's peaceful hard pan and football. And I also feel that Alex Smith for that protects all of this action I because it's PD. I you'll have one or two it's. Now a caller last week said that Alex Smith wolves rove for 256. Errors Hobbs. Probable crisis arrive on eight under Brady throws for 255. Yards. He salutes it or before or me and guys I hope I'm wrong now if I'm wrong I will impose a one week span all Mike calling. And well I won't have split standing but in the get a measure that's a lot of. All the and beat anybody as regularly and we think you'd be vibrant crowd grew fitted. I and he gets it Janet my favorite Natalie that you accidentally write the he gets it. Let's go to a digital online to listen to go to. Hey what's up by Alex Smith thrown for 2872. Touchdowns and one pick. I've got a hunt have a 115 yards total offense can't war in the pet I think any little movement that rushing. I got killed it was receiving touchdown Robertson with receiving. I think the phone call to go to would take it out tomorrow man may. People listening to so why and what they'll hold the markets Robson tell us sound it will seek out and I'll work suffered by let's go to Alston and Opie was up almost. Not much later if it would do all. Our warned that it is certainly the way in 31 point lawn. And it would do cut down war and he is joking and want to retiree. Curry will have the other two rushing. And but ticker well at age forty. Those over here for 31 points here or is there are. May heat today. That's a lot like they're from Austin even says specifically. Above but to this billable. Ads into it she's when he will seek loom in the bean ice that you sex. You know originally to leverage we have played it. Deep and all the farms that DDT. Keep this about this guy who wins all the time to schedule it this exactly right Apollo or whatever he says by a 100% right disguised. Apple. Still keep. I guess slipped to 69 certainty the auriemma on are very forward art you know the EDT's voice of certainty. Mayor exhibit massive ice if we get in and we get now and that's the actual school or by the way Keith mills for us. That means we knew that there is Friday calling you a 100% get this we need to go to Vegas T keep them was of go man. Well not a Muslim what you guys want. RO. Well Lou scoring course so I mean he. And now. We are and what are. As a caller power again. With prudently and then I'd put it definitely very. Why start to stuff and we need somebody the other side here. Don't Casey's widow peninsula the raiders when it finals phone calls them on he's probably hanging out with ray an hour of some run. It would happen if you say nepotism and while at night the Clark young and Kareem part. 200 C and these two yards two TDs. And it's not market Peter's school it would become what Mark Peters are going be here where you are true this. He don't get one appeal to. Well it's going to be OK good you'll be taken that one is to make good progress tonight we don't be stupid so check itself. 600 to yours sport she. All right so don't worry about where he would deny all to her right elbow. 45 where you see enacted are locally cheese eggs that night. Yet out GDP. It it in Ronald. Our. Ron where it's going to be at the watch a game winning streak I'm becoming more and more convinced that Ron is actually Reggie. That's all law whole idea. I figure might be reds. I'd figure something. I would not be surprised I think you're onto something right here. I'd bottle said it would do to take two before too and we give our fantasies elections next. And. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. And. When those cities but the foot of beat down on the put SAT down I app added eight points. A night on double digits likewise. All went well and I. The only way I know how to go should inject who who this week. It cream in the teens which numbered. Rudolph through the reader I was still thinks it's a stupid idea I personality it's an oil now. College is doable time UC actually did this hearing game once the kids do it during game to confirm what is common switched Jersey numbers are who you watch game film all week stopping 27. Though some 27 is actually 31. Raiders' minds. Or shackled him Jack with the raiders mine yeah all of us jets and a mind that's petty in a film let's just reject anti. Have you met Jane gamesmanship. It's not you're not giving anything topless in a lot of OK late on bills off and another number. And what's that do it illegally but if you hold the key with the Jersey. What's going on dad was the Obama was there to bail and they don't know god does their thing about the children. But a commodity children would. I'm the same. Day nobody tallest gimmicky. Because the numbers which. Yeah swap a keen on. And Corey has done. Ideally I would just up to seven and I just nonsense 77 L being built only 77 also at 70 yeah. Been 31 should prepare for him mr. envelope working well zinc concentrate on them I am wrong I have eight men in the box against a theme on. I've been here two months is running backs they could be in that. The way can we older brother Mike Allen. He. Askew dictated. Is committed evening tonight is that what she can do readers. You can finish this team all. They lost last week to charges and home you beat him and I'd be back to back losses means he was the party lost the Broncos. So they get lost. In the AFC west. We hit the team down if they can bigs that unfortunately last week. They gave the Steelers who confidence. Dealers could have been a 500 team but on a walk afford to. In currently the number two seed in the AFC teams that problem. We'll see you later in the playoffs the kids the polish off the raiders. It's exactly what she's you do. You put that deal in the car. Home teams are born 62%. Of the games on Thursday night football and they do better not traveling and fell last year Jack no real to a huge hit because the raiders have tripled to time zones. To play it seems well thought he had a pills can change things up a little bit this year nobody change at all only accept the chaser out traveling. Two time zones to play the raiders. I expect the raiders could have switched offensive coordinators position kept filibustered the successful but in the NFL. With him without really a lot of personal change in avenue between ninth best offensive. But the one thing about it is they will be desperate. Desperate teams go to desperate measure. Raiders actually started the season pretty good one on the road and beat the titans. But 45 points upon yet you dedicate this raid was he who won twelve games last year. It's business as usual start thinking about east and west. How good this division could be the raiders. The cheese the Broncos well. It actually opens a better for the chiefs is they have the Broncos are home next week Broncos played their first four of five at home. The other woman who wrote the chargers didn't she do the Eagles did viability for the patriots were there that this is the kids really. With the rate back to the bottom division chiefs were back read. You on the road and beat that thing up. Plus where by the end of the night they win Todd downing and Havel. Room. I'm counting all the news older tires week went to a great I don't feel that people. I asked if that's Hillary guess about dog down. If your critics cite its computer all week long about. Not true at Oregon Steve Weiss he just offered. You didn't shoot it down and run from it. Oh bear as a lot if at all. Of festive mood right now because of the cease in my opinion. I'm not gonna save this little move approved game because you can moves against any team in the National Football League. But the rate is aren't bad shape right now and yes I know they're the home team and yes I know about this that we've trotted out early about own. In the home team is what's on the sort week. On. What would you look at it. The weighted palace that this played on the season so along the way that dream on has played on sea so far that we can have. What's what an alcoholic tonight's game based on the fact it is or will last week wasn't all that much. Just feel like the it seems defense a little bit embarrassed by how they played against played on balancing William bill plus 170 yards last week yes. I think this it seems. Aren't going to be. Forced open is this week in terms of looking at the raiders. And trying to put that dagger into their cities. And regardless of what we think that well. How the raiders are playing right now and now that she's playing there's one thing that we fully grasp and understand about the seat. It seems like now it's just flat out all the AFC west and the last time we checked the Oakland Raiders are not able to do anything positive because it's. You know what she did it took advantage. Of weaknesses and they came all over the rape. Don't forget that I do outside. Theory this. Very true earthquake RF institutes for the week eleven unveiled Dez Bryant and Drew Brees on late team. I've got Julio Jones Jack press got nano hate me for this one Marshawn Lynch will be Meyer running back tonight ball basically he's got Carson went careening hunt and Antonio Brown oh. Best of luck to everyone not named JB a history. And X hey everybody out there let's go to adult. Seen died and standing there at winning streaks right now in going out there a little bit later this fun little watch party. Stay tuned sixers Sports Radio six of four back now. We just give a taste level. You don't target didn't tell them what the whole loaf.