10/18 9a - Corby Jones, Chief Question of the Week, Herman Moore

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, October 18th

Former Missouri QB Corby Jones reflects on his time playing the Border War, our Chiefs Question of the Week plus we talk with former Lions WR Herman Moore 


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Welcome at its best go in the morning Mike welcome Bob best coach Josh playing there and producer Steve inspector. Pay you play Missouri this Sunday for hurricane relief you can give all donations to one America you'll dot org as one America a field or good. You can give it. All your donations that they add to there as. KUN you are sold out. It's it so that they are having you have general public tickets it's sold out to the 9000 tickets given TK you in the 9000 tickets given and you. So there are supposed to go on sale the day they're not there's too much is too much interest. We're going to discuss this in incredible rivalry with former Missouri quarterback Corbin Jones. Quarry is is it's a fun conversation because I agree watching you when I was growing up and down one more exciting players in the history Missouri football. First off. How cool is it to see this rivalry back even if it is an exhibition. The problem in party in put. Hit vote for the war again then everybody's got beside it. Everybody little ago and you know actually I can't believe that date set you know public figures available. It's crazy it really is it that people are so excited and interested in this one and I think a lot of folks on both sides want to bring it back to lysine in games that matter both on football and basketball and if you're a lawyer so I'm gonna put you on the spot here you've got an opportunity right now to give a closing argument to Bill Self on why he needs to reestablish this rivalry on a consistent yearly basis what are you telling. I'm by the fact that. The real. They use them make that much later so every game I'm there's really. The other side of the cold as early though informative. For ourselves. At that point I mean it does is you and series if they didn't renew it. Because they're not in their they're not in the incorporated. It would be at this for better or get a neutral located. I doubt it you know oh well that doesn't make sense. At financially. From the experts that are. It's a bad then your year's leading money isn't they're losing money for school. So I think it's as if it's a tough call I I think that the public without outlook the outlook as. Every year. But I think without being provinces. It it doesn't have the same officer that was bad. One about a football game an airhead every. Your little percent corporate. I used to losing money you know improper sort of game really doesn't mean now for a lot and unfortunately this year for your keyboard although if you. Talk with former Missouri quarterback will be Jones here on sixth and Sports Radio brought you by dour and on the doors as is every single interview we do regarding DK you and you rivalry resurrection happening this Sunday. It court understand financially might not be a a great situation for KU or Missouri when it comes to that game played in neutral site. That sent it sometimes Brandon marketability. Can supersede short term money in four KUN Missouri's brand at the border war is a very good thing for them. Could that bush either team in his saying yeah let's do this thing on a yearly basis. Our patented hood. That is certainly worth. The recruiting class of Missouri as a new years we on the cause that's the law did you get Warren you're gonna do. And so these are kids tend to flock here and as Larry. Will India matters it's the same way. And the blade anyway. So I act that at Missouri. Begins to grow and begin the term the the power team that are what was. I think in yet certain that that make their said that they get big splash and well couldn't purposes I mean. Accurate no question how I would argue that. I would say. With the parity in all of college sports and it's and as that continues to be the case. Acting that well recruiting standpoint it eager to. Top spot you're in their all each other then you won't get. It gained notice from. From kids across the country. I was supposed to be the normal is that you'd be you'd be getting your and that is getting there. But I think that notoriety it want it to be their social worker. What's your favorite KU Missouri football moment Korb he's. More directly to you yes you yes well you played well. The Barrett but I'd like clock or electors are warrior. As last year those people and so it's more there's just told me it. The scene was mine I'm going forward and if so then and you keep looking at them and first play of the game I. Red eighty Yorkers well. That's pretty good that's a I played a kick out of it to do it against Kansas -- probably a little extra special because at that tribal programs were kind of the same let me note none of it was really dominant or anything like Missouri made its way over the next ten years yourself. So at that point in time that was a big time game and you have a big performance like that probably added something to it didn't it. Or someone having the look prior year actually does is right without the leaflet. That was. Of Grasso led basis last year yet and they are they were so in what should be there. Or what their record written here but then my sophomore year is those soaring there'd be quiet and let it still you know. So those unions at his last game of the season back then and those gains in when he played at home that. Apple uses in newsprint Barton at the league PKU. Talk more former Missouri quarterback Corbin Jones here on six and Sports Radio brought you by your and out of doors and incorporate what case you person there. Drove you nuts when you were at a Missouri like what player on the other side did you just hate to see. Our long war. The is is that news. We were up there in 97 which salute by all proper years. We're not there yet he's second in the seat and after after. Following on the heels kidding are out our house and welfare got beat and I sacked three times. By law order one bloodless sack fumbles in the game. So well notebook. I own ends at our house at the visitors places not a good look you got to back them up and annually you can go out there and lose that game efforts at our house our house our house is gonna get to where. Wondered are we. Whose idea allows it. Actually. I think he was hurt there. Yeah. Currently and you know what you love it we thought was looking for those who have sort of problem with that. I thought what we just we've got a such as such an awesome deal and I'm acting out of a lot agent. On the saw our the next day after getting after getting the foreign like that left shoulder. And Adam I'm not quite much for me. As ultimately impair certain search. That is probably true Manny to lead that you guys that you let him down that's the biggest let down any as a player I. You're pretty much it's. A coat over my career. Yeah I mean three stumbles into the DMZ the day when I was in court. And at all. It is. Right yeah. Ox. Court and we appreciate it time to enjoy this one on Sunday even if it is an exhibition of or just a couple hours it still kind of renewing the rubble real little bit. And I think it's up and everybody around here likes talking again soon. Corbin Jones former Missouri quarterback. Here as extends force radio talking knew the war the resurrection brought to you by during the war as some really good ones -- and I and everybody comes on the we've had a for the first three -- days of this from Bob Davis the former voice of Missouri and Kansas Scot -- former Kansas basketball player and just thrown out really well holidays or Missouri one -- here he did Missouri's tsunami that it did and in Corbin Jones former Missouri quarterback and everybody said the same thing about how that football game was the last game of the year I think that's a but it still bothers a lot of people that they moved away from the last game of the year and now we don't have that football game anymore when it finally did he come back towards last game of the season. Before Missouri left for the SEC one of his greatest moments was that. Game as the worst moments was that game again that's the world should be evidence that we rivalry game we should be. Art it's raider week here in Kansas City which can only mean one thing for a lot of us who grew up in this robbery. We'll explain next. Roy yeah most of these guys never had a problem. Mustache your the most measurable overall. Well. Answer the important. The sheet and questionable. It's time for cheese question of the week. Every week Spector comes up with a random question in considering into raider week my guess is this one's gonna be pretty interesting. It is rivalry base so I think for everybody who grew up watching chiefs and raiders this was the number one rivalry the number one team. Please I wanted to be growing up as a cheese stand. So if you put the raiders and chiefs rivalry and it's and back and let's say the mid nineties. What does that number today ten being the greatest of rivals one being not that much of a rivalry anymore. Comparatively speaking to the rest of the NFL you talking about for our offices of the glories that all the bars set at mid nineties in tennis the tent. Yes and it where you want to tell you not talking about for the all of the and a salary talk about just for the chief strategy generators. I'd say about a seven. I get to seven it's not where it was in the ninety's but it's gotten so much better over the recent years with their cars emergence and as it 2015 it. Difference is between fourteen game. Rich he's traveled Oakland on Thursday night got beat by the witness raiders that one was so painful. They even though the raiders haven't been great in recent years is just and then the last couple. At that once stockman Alan stuck to me because it felt like that changed the entire season for Kansas City they were on the road the playoffs there on the road I have a great season. That loss derailed a lot of things and then right after they came Eric Berry diagnosed with cancer in just. A terrible memory. And it. Then last year. Raiders came here for Thursday night football things got very intense yet Travis Kelsey and does calcium. On the punter our market it take you market king at. They're going back and forth if trash talk there if trash talk between Marcus Peterson Marshawn Lynch there's there's enough. Trash talk back and forth the intensity between these two teams don't it is seven. I got I gotta go five on this one because the raiders have not held up. Their end of the bargain and also the chiefs have won five straight games against the Oakland Raiders in every year we start to think that this rivalry is going to be good and it's gonna be back like I did at the beginning of this year. And the raiders lose four straight automatically take themselves out of things are sitting at two and four right now they're quarterback's injured. I think the Pittsburgh Steelers in the New England Patriots are more of arrival right now for the Kansas City Chiefs that the Oakland Raiders because those are the teams you have to get past to get to where you wanna go. When that's is global so that was my follow up question because for me personally I put on the raiders' fourth it's patriots Steelers Broncos. No particular order 123 and then the raiders. All because of playoff stuff yet is it gonna take a raiders chiefs playoff team. To get it back to that number ten I felt like this your had a chance to be like an eight death then obviously the way they have played in and the rate had the raiders have played this year. Lessens their commanding we're going to be excited about Smart social loser yet but I expected it to be life. Venomous frightened I thought both teams have been like five it says the raiders are everybody's Beck. Well they're coming into the K even if through apple put two and four record of four straight losses taken little's a while back I was hoping mr. is going to be. And I I think it can I thinking it still happened at a regular season. Contacts I think I think a playoff game would definitely ample might maybe jump started towards towards them but I think you give. Could still be still be there with the regular season meeting figures that you also need to add to this rivalry you need to have it embraced by the players in the coaches and edited. Really been embraced 100%. When it will argue he had said he would wait to beat the dog bleep out of in pre season yet Travis calcium market he go back and forth I think the players have embraced this rivalry more than fantasy we'll see what happens on on Thursday night but I just with the raiders not being any good. That hurts the world the rivalry and and you can't have any rivalry if it's a one sided what would like it's been for the chiefs over the last couple years with the raiders here's the thing now. The fans get too caught up into that stuff the fans get so caught up into. Over the records how much does it matter to really care about this game we dissect it got so much into it we forget it rivalries are about that. Their emotion. Why don't buy the whole K you'd as a player and you be is that you sucks now. Hayes is blame you because they're better than sour grapes because Missouri left accomplish our it has nothing to do with how bad team is robberies aren't about records that's why you say. Did throw records out. But the guys at an event you have to have beat these game he fields these two teams have the emotion that is that the emotion that. Self makes it a strong and I say I don't I don't I think it's I think it is fourth Steve and not what I would say bits. Org New England you know I think Pittsburgh's number I want for the chief right now been the best out of rivalry if you wanna put it your context because the -- get a basic steel pharmacies respect it is that because you can't beat that you'd beat the raiders it's like that's enough okay so did so essentially rivalries are one sided pitchers at all I think that she's about oral. The Oakland Raiders right on the Steelers about her own team they have surely it's not a right. Probably between either a view it should be a rivalry for the raiders to try to get to where the chiefs are that she should look at the Steelers and say we want to be where they are and everybody should be looking at New England say we want eventually at the success. You guys have been everybody's just arrival at doing them and in doing probably do it five super balls on Tom Brady's hand going back just about everybody snapped I don't know at target that's how rivalries work man robberies or motion I'm in their hatred drug. I I want to hype up this rivalry I wanted to be good I thought it was gonna be good. I'm just not buying tomorrow and I think that she's still there they'd they'd just destroy this open. It's been a while she put it those contacts and I think now. I guess I'm looking at targets that. For my target of players in Ottawa Canada if rivalry is about hatred and lots of them I'd now I'll forget to bring it back to that a right to chart. Its target we shoot for Reid got a four and maybe they are maybe they don't feel the same way but. You do from. It is all right now let's bring your targets are New England the only doctor usually Denver beating new England and more importantly the raiders GOP could ever get an active. A cheap shot a Korean pot we'll take it there almost instantaneously. We also always forget about Indianapolis. I irrationally hate Indianapolis I keep playing there I hate the players as it does not news it's not a rational does not arrive Indianapolis Sox. And he. When he fourteen. My city vows through already I just in denial ID five call me six I can't remember the year and I hate Indianapolis. That's fair. I deserve to be on that list though that shortlist. Is Indianapolis take candidacy now. All I can say they wish all the time. Yeah a few voters of New England they're worried about the pages like the patriots colts thing is a rivalry because there's a little back and forth on that one at least was back at the day not so much anymore but. I would love for the raiders to be the biggest thing ever the greatest thing ever but they also have the live up to their end of the bargain and the chief seemingly it had their way with the Oakland Raiders it'll last. Almost three years. Speaking of the Oakland Raiders in the Kansas City Chiefs make sure you check out the best watched partying Kansas City at winning streaks in North Kansas City inside of harrah's. It's gonna be on Thursday for Thursday night football a source at 2 o'clock. Party kicks off with the in his seat out broadcast in the drive why I've been winning streaks will work where will have your chance to win that. Some amazing prizes. The best one. At least in my opinion. Autographed football from the Nigerian nightmare himself Christian aquae. You also get a 200 dollar a Riley's auto parts gift card. AP the whole crew with. Great six dollar Tencent specials like pulled pork not shows cheese burgers buffalo chicken sandwich is so much more yet to kick off the week the plate of food and drink in a best big screen set to watch in Kansas City. And that's at all. If some other great prizes for your winning streaks this Thursday. Boils prize packs including Bobble head dolls while bigger prizes from porn label big rip cinder block as well as for tickets to calibration is beer festival this weekend. It's all gone down harrah's North Kansas City at winning streaks it starts at 2 o'clock is that Thursday night football actual watch party. The beat Kansas City Oakland game I can't wait. Right now the chiefs or still the best team in the NFL even after a loss on Sunday. Find out they can stay atop the league from former lions eye icon wide receiver Herman Moore. He joins us next. Up that's go just playing there and producers Steven Specter. This up an awesome company Kansas City at 945. But first. We have a chance to catch up with former lions wide receiver the icon Herman Moore Eddy joins us here on six dead Sports Radio in Herman tell us what you guys are dealt with quickly and right now. Well I've been blessed to be able to work with quickly par and also there less years and quickly bolt but also. In public support our military vet. Veterans. They are awarding 5101000. Dollars scholarships to veterans torso automotive maintenance and repair certification. Which while it seemed make a transition upward transition from military. Back to civilian life. And it's great spark bid to make that transition a little smoother less stressful. And it's just show our support for the men and women who serve darker country. In I've just always blessed be a part of that and if anyone wants to nominate. A veteran they can go to QL trading one. Dot com. Excuse though trading one bad karma one install about. And make the nomination before December peak level. Or by December 11 and it would make the announcement of the winners on the 26. Of December 4 field quickly also. It's been a great relationship from me and I've been again very happy. People to express to support that that quickly art models that are a continues to demonstrate support or better. Talk with former alliant legendary wide receiver Herman Moore here on sixth and sports radio and obviously the big story of the year in the National Football League. Has been the cheeks I'm biased but I think they're the best in the NFL do you think they're the best team in the NFL right now. I think they're one of the best. We we always like to associate that with the records. What it says since he saw he would disperse that they they would make the argument let's say hey beard they're beatable. And are you always have to play at such a level. Every week in the everyone had the opportunity to. Make their mark right now but we know what you get into November. In depth in the month of December everything sparked due to kind of settle in and in shape I'll. A Kansas City had been a part of that conversation go Andy Reid has done a tremendous job that coach. And indeed his team prepared and ready to play the mindset gets changed and also look at the talent level. That they that's offensively I think it's been slowly but surely coming together. And their expulsion so it cheats are one of the best team they definitely are deserving of the conversation. I Herman well speaking of any read a phrase the question this way who needs. For their Reza made the Super Bowl more. Any read or the Detroit Lions. At a that your question. Well you know Andy Reid for his legacy obviously. Achievable goal along like that would they put the icing on the cake for him. Four detour lied they will be agree we'd it's got to jumpstart an organization that's got to wait around wait until success in the ninety's and also have some championships in the fifties. Our board right now. The lines are desperately. A championship. This is an organization has been around for a long time. In to not be achievable given the level talent that's come from the organization. It is it is deeply solitary. A lot of crowds in the line laurels. There have been there. For Andy Reid though where. I think a lot of people wanna see him I think he well coached at. Players' respect or concern you that in I'm sure other countries around the league in organizations definitely respect what he's been able to do its. Through the first five games of the year people were talking about Alex Smith being an MVP can't make it a step back the other day against Pittsburgh but that's against the Steelers. What do you see it and Alex Smith this year that makes him an MVP candidate. Does that get it or give his ability to move it to me and the offense he gets there he's a Smart guy. It doesn't take too many unnecessary wrestler sometimes I think people think that that that person because he even connecting to make shots. A plot but those mid range patches birdied skating singles chart placed. Think he's one of the best and he eats he's Smart guy. He deftly mixing offense go. And that's what you look forward sparked talk of him deeply. He's got to be someone that's the difference maker Nicky removed from that system also the system in the collapses. Or the team just not a slain and that's what you can develops. And one more Herman Moore former lions wide receiver here on sixth and sports radio and Herman when you look at the NFL the whole. It feels like every team's kind of milling around doesn't it you know there's not that. One team that's flawless and maybe that's this is the way we're going in the league with so much parity. Is there is there 81 else in the top tier at least when it comes the AFC. Other than the chiefs the patriots and the Steelers. You know how well. You know I was let's say you might be make a case for. I'm awful that is all think they're strong Jacksonville are like they have really good defense are people who are sitting at period three. Dear team that at any moment I think if they could put it together. Could it definitely people connect postseason play down the stretch. Denver. I just I don't see them in the long run make it down the stretch I think it'd be out there hasn't altered. In the air that's gonna. I did receive a book right now do you think you're here and picketed city Jacksonville Pittsburgh. Probably the patriots mrs. Armstrong war about the city. I love Philadelphia in the NFC I think there's so much fun to watch him and I I think they're just might. Really really good obviously a defense I think each week they get better and better on offense. Do you think they're the team on the NFC side of things that we could be looking at and Andy Reid bowl in Minneapolis in February. I'm sure a lot of people will like the CB equals and at achieves. A because that he would be. Component. I don't know necessarily indicative they could figure to be geekspeak that we see me equaled what they get off late eighties a strong start. Great young quarterback it's able to go out and really make peace corps offensively. You start getting into the north bout will still cover a wide open because what's happened is most people know what they're Rodgers but. I think the widest all part of our conversation here river could be eighteen but notice those could be tough. Carolina. You know it's. I'm not too but sold a 100%. The council offensive weapons whereas a big subject or our leader that can happen with that that's part of the Internet about it. The rest you're lucky wanna look at these exceed last. Think there's some strong contention nick monitor with the rams and Seahawks but. I do think you look at that big east as being one of the strong favorites and possibly. People out of north. Which do you enjoy more playing on Thanksgiving Day or sitting at home eating and watching others play on Thanksgiving Day. A perfect Thanksgiving Day for me would have been a victory. It's lawless place first write in bid either go home and just watched the beat the second case. If you gotta have both I think. Can't say you can play gable didn't stay home and eat I've become more of a fan of the NFL games even though. This talks subconsciously sister watched some of the plate or it. It's it's still must watch TV. On Sundays weapons. How many people come up to use it they know you from Thanksgiving Day and watching him play all those years with the alliance. That's where get a lot of like a lot of but. People from that that's standpoint I would that they gave today that this Thursday night games we were not. And then also look. Man yeah he ate some calls continue to look at it there's like parliament will reach back arrest or talk to the six and so mural. Kids is quite evil I played on the Gail look who I am what did they they remember the name when their plain mad which is which is always on good with the bad rating right now and Ali had to gain substantially raise the last three years or if if you play that it makes you get a catcher. Herman we appreciate the time thanks so much. I think you remark hurt him organized here on 610 Sports Radio still buying into the Kansas City Chiefs like everybody else around the NFL blog Herman Moore identity race he was awesome. Here's a lines I was a huge Herman Moore fan I I think I like the lines because we really does reminds me Thanksgiving reminds me suit. My eyes are watching her more run down the side and they were so he's good at never did anything bad so much talent on that office that they could never ever put it together. And were always a 978. AT and Barry Sanders Herman Moore and Johnnie Morton repairmen and we had to say I exactly conversation about them right now and. Matthew Stafford you had Calvin Johnson yes I mean and they still run and 697 never quite got it right every bit as the lines thing. Aren't so that is so cool is coming to Kansas City if you miss it. You're going to be buried in this man. It it upon but now it is next. I'm like welcome Bob best coach just played there and producers Steven Specter wrap things up here on Wednesday. Interstate situation it in for Kansas City is. A putt putt golf course is going to be the Nelson Atkins museum a vehicle is so awesome I don't know exactly how it's going to look and see if there any plans out there. But many golf. And that's why I said if you if you miss it you're going to be buried in this and metro. There are there. Because that is a public golf course that Els and act in which would be awesome and it's like that's something you have to do right. You have to go out there and play that course because he the other so many different places ago so many different things you do with that. Is going to be a blast so we decide to design our own perfect Kansas City putt putt all I'll like it. Which I'm very excited about I think mine is phenomenal even though has zero basis in reality yeah the past have basis in reality. So. I'll go ahead start this thing off with my perfect putt putt golf. Hole a Kansas City. So it starts off here at the top of the World War I mute my mortgage sort of a bleak he stole I like we have sat for spring. At the same thing I did so we're just not that creative as I was down there. It is guys that are not accurate adjusters or memorial. And out of our jobs were created and we are is off it's the same damn thing but. Your puck from the top of the World War I memorial down into a craft beer Stein and it falls over the ball rolls across the street into Union Station at once it enters the building an automated gowns that are kicks the ball I. Across the lobby to an automated George Brett this is the back at the end of the golf ball and knocked it into that long haul. In Union Station and it flies up a ramp and flies straightened hole. Which is a barbecue smoker. Formal Ira I like it or not is. Ciller's I thought we're gonna get oh my god but yeah. Started off Mike T is gonna be a World War I town I think we've we've established that case unity on the cool place it isn't. So you tee off of that and name since its mini golf you're gonna be pumped it up something. Punting it. Under a trial when they iconic Kansas City sounds choose the ones you want on the planet under the fountain. And then around the iconic shuttle cock that is going to be on the net Nelson Atkins museum of art. What's legal under the fountain around the shuttle cock you'll get it it all hole which is a bowl of barbecue baked beans here in Kansas City. I was pretty similar. British and then over about I know it's barbecue tomorrow oh my god and similarities that's chick who quit your suspect Eric he's always got players like he's on oneself. Both safely from last Beck yeah I mean mine like realistic. Now I'm a realist so's mud. Yours we all over the cedars went all over the city might at least stated that war or one DC memorial to Germany all plan to put us shuttle got there a bold beans inside if you're moving around. City or are you talk about movie I think you're just designing holes on this golf course for the mini golf holes. I don't actually putting through the city got actually try to do is send him and I started yet take yeah greater odds applaud for mine and I'll mind mine each team is the sleepy world where one town that's a good night as a tool like this that's cool and other accident likely seventies. So you actually bill you're cold war's not using actual win well I stood still likes a guy. It is it is big news anchor and yet not cutting off the top of the World War I then I'm hitting it tee shot over that big line down in to Union Station. And you've got to put it into one of those goals at PS signs of the exhibit. Is it a case made the lawns on the other side. Now the ones in between the world won memorial Union City is hill. They help one eight to go down the stairs and knocked out is I don't know I want it off. I want tee off. Back. OK so. Playing you have something that doesn't start with the war or not I don't know I the difference very very Kansas City center so bear with me OK Tom. There's a there's a little tee box. And then there's there's a hole right wrong about a foot away. Straight. No waiting. There's no extra walking. Community park. Is set up like thirty of these today. No I guess the way. Nobody asked for it and about marking the it just to direct it's just directed right into the hole. Lose your under her breath. Think it's very can't city. You have been observed there weren't sure who it. How that's perfect so is Josh is is perfect just the way kids Bettina what it alive from the hole because he's very convenient community and even though it sucks and in other words Betty ultimately ever go out I let god you got the law don't ask other way you'll make multiple these holes and of Italy. Make like thirty. So everybody can drive right to all part it out at the thing and get the hell out of here the F. So you could you you just pull up right Ecstasy. Or this and get out partly right into the park the primary sponsor bigger than a hole. Yes there yet people complain about our own and is down all the time and they'll park far away at the airport to save two dollars is oppose the parking closer to zone dogs he does a lot of money in is it times ten days you know and as long vacation that day about your doctor about right now seven doubted it difference yeah that is a moron meter circle park oh yeah I'm talking about it but even further and you could go further apart even cheaper fuel additive. Are you wrap up here. It's funny because washing Curb Your Enthusiasm I think if that Specter in invesco have stumbled upon something brilliance. When it comes to any read it in the fact that there was a Curb Your Enthusiasm character guys that only restaurant. That was exactly and you read in this interaction is every Andy Reid press conference in the history of time. I hit a manager. There's been delaying your meals on various sorry there's been a disturbance in the kitchen or taking care of it thinks or what kind of registered. A general. Disturbance. How have come Hutson general disturbance well let's just say it was a minor hiccup. Well wasn't that pick up or disturbance it's such a small disturbance it might be either. One would like it was the shot angry isn't somebody jobs and Hudson and what what let's just say that disturbance happened. Okay that's a fact. And we're taking care. He was there where's that I am coming O'Donnell at the disturbance once oh well that's a very good question. And I'm on top of that well thank you I'm glad you thought it was a good question because it was a really atrocious answered well I beg to differ let me ask you this question. God's name did you get this job I am great at dealing with these disturbances. Yes yells I'm asking that because you can't office critical ball. I'm gonna take that as a compliment it's not. Delicious meal by the way didn't mention that because jealous is there any question that you will answer. Because Jack answered one question yet for example what color is your time. Let me just say that I'll hop I am learning as time gets you off what colors I believe that size self evident so the color there. Hats one of the best things you put it in context and Andy Reid press conference is one of the best I've ever heard I have not seen Curb Your Enthusiasm this season so I only. Hear that in the audio. It's probably better than it is with the video because you can really see Andy Reid answered every question that way here's Andy or even I ask what defines an elite quarterback. Let's you know it's a tough question but a lot of folks trying to explain that. If it takes you rubles Dan Marino that whole bill so I've been here I think usually quarterback. Jim Kelly had been Everton where so is it went in the super I don't know. I don't know I think it's. You know I did I play. And I lead your team and we'll rivers I think his lead quarterback. And a you know. The time you go about your business in the years your dealt with a whatever you're dealt with that position you can't control so. I can determines if things. That's exactly how odd isn't it there's the US in the very straightforward question what is what what your definition is as the quarterback and he's in your Reid's response he mentions like for me as rain and we someone explain Alan Philip Rivers and he's reaching back he's talk about Dan Marino and Jim yet it's in Cali like right. Oh. What's backed it. Up. Me. And made him that was that was awesome. 'cause I loved every second of that that was fury here's my theory apart what's really quarterback. Italian I go about your business and I. You're here dealt or whatever your belt at that position you can't control so. Dealt with whatever you're dealt with a position you can't control it period based Bouchard did it April you traded to get the guy I'm really glad that. Any crazy guy like talking and media is number one thing his job because he does so well so many other our bodies are great coach but talking to the media users at a time management's and vocabulary. Not a string. Not not ask about the vessel what do you think India of the elite quarterback position gotta tie. A preview the quarterback situation is self and self evident yeah. Self evident that. If they shifted two minute. Some rules. It is getting better with besides it is so it's team. We'll always look forward. Plan. The raiders. Enthusiastically. It's hit the theory goes yeah you think you know where they.