10/18 7a - Headlines, Ya Feel Me, Sell Out for the Border War, Chiefs Panic

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, October 18th

Headlines Worth Talking About, the debut of a new segment in honor of Marcus Peters, the exhibition game between KU & MU is sold out plus Deion Sanders is still praising the Chiefs


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Then I saw there. It's talking about state pension display learn something yeah. Brought to my North Carolina to north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from it Josh we aspect. Did you manage to watch the Gordon Hayward at night every night I would do it it's probably good thing here's how sounded the kick is up. Oh no there's a man about being fair but I guarantee you felt it. Gordon Hayward was a chicken wings sticking out of his leg last night in the NBA opener as the Celtics. Taking on the tabs of what many believe will be the Eastern Conference finals match out not anymore. The cavaliers come away with they wanted to 99 win over the Celtics is carried Irving made his debut. Back in Cleveland after getting traded to Boston this offseason but that's not the story. Early in the first quarter about midway through Gordon Hayward went up. Came back down. And suffered a horrific leg injury I'd get goosebumps just thinking about it Stephen apple is disgusting if you haven't seen it don't watch it last year into that type of gross thing. But it is a fractured ankle. That are they dislocated ankle skis in a fractured tibia. And I can't imagine he's thrown back anytime soon to. He broke his leg in his ankles and his foot pointing away in which it never should point so I mean it is really really really bad it's one of the worst that I've ever seen I mean you talk about the kids from Louisville Utah Nevada where a team from arrive from the Cincinnati angles in the in the Super Bowl. And other than those two anemic maybe when Jason Kendall snapped his it at first base remember years ago when he was playing for denies the romance area it we said that thinks that wearing candle and as for our high gas Heisman I never really highlights that like you know I'm all right with that went up but the broader sorry Paula George when he either that's true we did not see that so that Dick there were some ones out there that are up there but this one to meet guys. This one takes the cake not because it's the most recent. But because how bad it wasn't me when you hear Kevin Harlan my goodness. That really Kevin Harlan just study quickly looked down at the monitor you looked at the bench of Cleveland you off of the Celtic players I mean. It is really really. That I again I avoided hire her to become aware like ran away right right away ESPN of course are showing highlights out there right now on their initial reaction of the players but they do showed it again. I mean I I think that's one of those deals man. You don't need deceit they don't need to be putting that on television somebody wants to seek it out on the Internet fine but that is one of the most. Quote to pass injuries that I've seen and we've all seen ever take place in a professional. Collegiate sporting event became so sad because of everything it means for Gordon Hayward I mean yeah he as we've gone through it you played in Utah being on non contender for so long and no really paid his dues and love that place Nizar Al go to Boston right vaguest. He goes to Celtics team that they said we're gonna build the team. And we're gonna build a champion and then they bringing carrier and say all right and here we are Gordon Hayward I think it's the play competitive basketball can be played for potentially championship. If they find a way to beat Cleveland in Cleveland didn't look that unstoppable. So. No maybe between dancing going away yeah as her you're not hurt and get a chance there for Boston asbestos so. Rule over Gordon Hayward to have that happen five minutes and fifteen seconds into his career as a Boston Celtics and. Now I do you guys are seen this anywhere but they got some of these guys were late teens nowadays because of users wearing shorts and shoot a well it would have been so much worse for the rest of us in the people watching lives well would have been like Kevin where you have all the players on the and on the bench ball to stop move on death of a both Kate you in Missouri have notified. Via sprint senator. But they sold all of their tickets for this exhibition game on Sunday would you commute live right here on 610 Sports Radio. That means the official home of the exhibition will not be available. For sale that's right the team has sold out it is not on TV and the only place you can hear it is officially right here on six tenths portrait of the Missouri broadcast. They'll begin our pregame coverage apple one that's right here on 610 Sports Radio your hall of Kansas and Missouri. Baseball is up 21 minutes from two years ago when it comes to time of the team in the playoffs three hours 35 minutes your average. Team for nine innings. Both CS's in action last night you start in New York. Yankees a 64 win over the Houston Astros as they score four in the bottom of the eighth in the Astros have another glorious. Team for. Collapse gases the right now are now Gail Allen at eight these masters and a group best here's how that sounded yesterday. And now shipped to develop. And to the plate breaking ball ground ball up the middle of the red. Do the. And Carlos Correia. In the void Kevin I'd goes from hero to go out. And that's what can happen with Houston yesterday eighty bidding up or a one. Lance the colors the starter in both of those imposed game fours. And Houston blows them both in the eighth inning yesterday. The baby bombers get the better of Houston and now we're tied at Purdue with a pivotal game fives I'm not a superstitious guy but I do know baseball baseball superstition are you ever pitching plans for callers in a game for ever again how Kenya and how can you remove him in the sixth inning if you ever do that I don't know if I could ever put him out there for game four just manipulate the rotation and put somebody else out there to save the colors for game five man and it's not because it hit he pitched great idea why he's -- again it's a superstition a bank and not a superstitious person that I know baseball's a very superstitious game. I don't look like you do it again put about their game forged because game four. Whereas the callers just looking at that on the sheet on the game sheet. Act and I mean how how was hard sect to huge collapses in the post season bowl games forced bulls' eight innings. Sanchez was the man says there's something like that airs Sanchez the game winning hit last night. To the National League here's how it sounded on the Dodgers radio network. President Clinton and Clinton. A and I. And maybe will happen when you look. At it. I. Dodgers are just just to Roy Dodgers 61 over the Yu Darvish picked up the win six and a third gave up a solo shot to swore in the first inning settled down after that went on to strike out seven the Dodgers now a 30 series lead. As the cubs teetering on the brink of elimination did you see the fact the cubs fans were leaving the game early last night. And like beat mass transit system and LA took a shot adamantly said congrats to our friends at the CTA in Chicago for taking home a cub fans early tonight. South Africa doesn't yankees Twitter all I cannot yet again just more break trolling by whoever's running that thing right beat the Red Sox tweeting out yesterday today's basically a holiday for us it was that the Red Sox coming back in 2004. Against the Yankees in the ALC yes. And the Yankees responded sorry work day for us we start at 508. A flock. They just think he's Twitter is good it did this great America stands as finally found his nanny did you look at I guess the got a promotion from traveling secretary if you social media manager social media. Director of social media is kept. So. We have a new thing in sports it's called a TRO. I think its demands or to rent a source Rex office. As he still Elliott's six game suspension on hold after the cowboys running back. Reality TRO. Temporary restraining order not for our friends are now on a temporary restraining order me courts declared any restraining order against the NFL and Ezekiel Elliott. So be it shark lane he can play now. Until we continue to rule on this six game suspension and listing it at hand out. Only care if I had Zito it fancy wireless account was fan at this point right whole the whole big picture part of this story to me as totally jumped the shark. It's it's it's it's a non factor anymore unless you have Zeke in fancier your cowboys fan it this is just an annoying story it really is an or you're playing the cowboys here in the next couple weeks of the chiefs are. At this point tell me I'll give you tell in game weekend you think about it they did back and forth this become weathered I's gonna plan this when there. Bob earlier in the show you said that dead the NBA is the best it off the court drama no god yes. Starting early in Chicago is the bulls were in full rebuild mode as they paid Nikola Mirotic few years point seven million dollars while wouldn't. He is going to miss a significant portion of the season after he got knocked out by his teammate Bobby Portis suffers broken facial bones and it can caution. After setting match occurred yesterday in practice with the former first round pick Bobby Fortis. Here teaching hospital. Danny Davis in his hands were thrown was this is shouting matches are not just having started I've got to imagine that it became one Poland road punches and he's yes. Just watch their video of this practice session probably not not yet. But if there is it will eventually come out and I got to see this this is great is this is this function of the nth degree this is chiefs 2012 dysfunction man. And I'm Gloria turns deciding whether or not he's. Going to. We'll review video here he's gonna upload and sell the dance that NATO is a thousand dollars and im pretty sure in the NBA the tape all the practicing like tons on it somewhere that this could be there's got to be taped somewhere Daschle others it just depends on whether or not they're gonna allow it to get out. They probably won't. Some news from baseball again off the field but kind of funny. You guys he would happen you Ken Griffey's stature gap outside Safeco Field that was and what lies that's that's a funny that's terribly stalls backs I mean that's. Serious the statue I'm outraged. And the fact that outrage from somebody in Seattle to do that to like there's no outraged by anybody there. Obese has mellowed. Since this is not the case. One of the coolest Carolina line you up in Seattle has a statue outside of Safeco park in which he has Canada's eye on it follows through. Someone his rip the back handled in the bat out of kindred these hands. And has to face the statue outside of safe if there is sad to get to those statues inside the stadium now hole. Why Adobe deface as. Mean we face birds the base statues all the times are right it's different on Saturday you'll paper adds that deface their deprecating and defacing isn't the same now it's different you clean the birds who possibly did somebody just faces and steals the back now now dispatch out of commission yet but immediately put like cover over it find a new batch of its process and it's all big crops. It's. Right S headlines and markets Peters chiefs quarterback is becoming one of my favorite interviews on achieve some filming. So we decided filming the grid is save him based on number it's way too you're filming. It's their debut of ya feel me next. Welcome back did its best doing. Mike welcome Bob best coach Josh click there and producer Steve inspector. Marcus Peters is a guy who a lot of people heard from recently you know I guess the media a lot before but he says. The jobs and pretty much all the time working do you feel me pretty much all the time. Try to get to him mark is Peter's. Spot or actually said that you've grown thank you field is becoming a very large part. Of more is Peters persona during these that's that's who we is right. He's grown so we decided. We're going to have a segment called yet field. Where we each have about 12 minutes discussing something that is important to us personally and it at the end it. By an ad you feel so let's start this thing off with vesco. Vesco you're going to debut you feel. All right here we go and and dooming Andy Reid impression is clear my throat. This talk of Kansas and Missouri playing him as weak dot it is thinking about my alma mater football program. In fact I think about them every Saturday with a sudden sense and I checked the sport to see how bad they got plastered yet again you feel me. I haven't been to a game on the hill in years it's just not worth might give steal me I really want it to be worth my time but it's not. Then on Tuesday the head coach says this. We are certainly on the right track in the online I know where where we need to be in terms of our program. But really listen to then again we are certainly on the right track in my mind I know we're where we need to be in terms of our program. The last two games that program has lost by a combined 91 point stimulus by 46 the week before they lost 45 nothing Iowa's state. 891 point differential in two games pictures angers you feel me. How can you believe things are going in the right direction when you have one big twelve victory in three years fielding. It's time for a total rebuild the K you even if that means shutting shutting down the program for a year to find the right coach. The only way to guarantee success in college athletics now is to have a successful football program to field. My alma mater doesn't want it hasn't for about a decade you feel me. I'm tired of waiting on success. China is something that was given anymore in sports we need results now and these guys have been getting poor results for years fielding. Instead of spending 350 million dollars on facilities. Spend a big. Portion of that money on Bonnie outs and salary for a new head coach that has a track record of quitting if the only. Bill coordinators are guys who have never won the big time level. It's time to get a big fish with 350 million dollars as a goal for facilities. There is clearly the appetite for success in sports let's better allocate that money for good coaches get steal me. If we spin properly. In the money for a new stadium will flow like mind. I dared to be great. Yes fielding. There has done through. This you feel if your best go KU football. You guys that's the place to start. Playing well it's exactly one decade tonight. Change the format alone they can you have Marcus Peters a feeling for it yeah it feels very different what Bob says there are guys say you feel me he's got a little more. The more his thing that school to use drop there. Random you feel is very hard act parade NBA commissioner Adam silver who this week said one and done is likely gonna change. Appearing on ESPN's oversight at three things have changed. In his opinion of whether or not we should allow guys to go straight from high school to the NBA the FBI scandal mauling players getting paid. Second is the increase in one of them players declaring for the draft. There were sixteen last year the average in bed about eight per year. Jim and thirds over blaze many top recruits don't really care about where they get a college that are just biding their time until the draft anyway becomes. He appointed last year number one picks mark tell fall's event Simmons who didn't even get their teams into the NCAA tournament. Many are getting any more prepared for the NBA about point eight year college. And I don't care about the NBA's issues on this I am a college basketball fans. Do this and you're going to like college basketball again KU fans for example. We are you willing really remember the wigand's here and beads half year. Kelley blue beret. It's obviate Henry. For Josh Jackson some. Yeah it might remember your first saint Michael Beasley K state may be Michael porter's you're this year that you victims. Duke and Kentucky have seemingly done the best of the one and guns and they each have. Won the title with for nearly one and done types Duke's other most recent title wasn't all newbies and 2010. So ultimately we can live without these players. Some argue that having a wind does have increased interest in college basketball but has it really most people and I'm what do you Bob. I've been lamenting the quality of college basketball the last several years a question. The overall interest in what was even with these players don't want to go back to the college game where players and teams are developed fan bases invest some time and players. And we get rid of the oh my gosh you'd begin recruiting frenzy. You're gonna get better team basketball and there will still be plenty of stars you're going to like college basketball again. In correct yes the only it is time for the wind gonna be over thank you to the FBI who knew. Forgetting this jump started again. Relief. FBI say college basketball maybe self will that be nice desserts look back on all that you don't you know that FBI investigation really worked out for the best for everybody really did yeah. A couple of guys and do some jail time and a big picture here we're talking big picture. All right it's time from why you feel me hear us a sense force that I have is do you feel these are and I'll do one of the NC for me. Why well and are doing right hander gave out his interviews god it. Get a job public what it is it his younger age the U the only thing it's funny when Marcus Peters doesn't. Makes no sense now. Months on the different wavelengths and outreach Kosher because it's gotten so out of control this point you can't. Say anything that somebody feeling outrage come on isn't anyone gonna say what we all better rethink and it's an outrage that's right dale I. Even moderately. So there's outrage culture where people basically are outraged by something and they sees somebody else telling them they're supposed to be outraged by a bit. Does it feel good to look down on people one point them and say you're the problem with societies. Go with outrage and I'm going to feel outraged. We don't wait. For any facts anymore in any situation doesn't matter what it is to be easy job it is still the only his situation. It could be anything we see in sports are we really seal around it. All of news go there's the facts always for the facts you're guilty until proven innocent. After your. You're proven innocent there's going to be contingency of people who believe you're guilty. We jump on anybody that doesn't agree with us. It worse is not just the jump onto. It's this self righteousness. Like it's fine to have all the different opinions in the world to go back and forth and had heated discussion. Really disgust re this course we'd have the conversations. Which you can have the conversations when one of the sides or both sides is walking on shelves even may yet to open discussion in order to make things move forward and get better or just have a discussion for the sake of open discussion. Part of his job as part of why views it's a big debates all the time it's open discussion but nobody takes it personal and that's the idea. But now everybody's taking it personally and worst in people is new phenomenon and outrage cultured. Called pull receipts. Which is win somebody. It's outraged on the Internet. You go back and buying one there tweets that might have from let's call it 200920102011. Where things might have been at let's say a little bit more lax when it came to PC culture. Adding it brought right back at their base we see this the last few weeks really becoming huge thing it. And it. It comes down this. He who is without a mildly offensive tweet from 2009 may cast the first earth outraged week before me nobody's looked in the mirror everybody's everybody else and all I wanna do is start a new social media platform. Where. No it is allowed to take anything seriously in both outraged it to a lifetime an even me. That is why if anybody has like. A website ability or social media abilities they can make that happen at real Mike while on Twitter at Auburn very very much like the fund that project. Couple of things he said there that I thought were very interesting he said you know it's a debate culture we can't take it seriously or whatever you know I don't I think personally personally. I think were the only three guys in talk radio and American every format that doesn't take it personally I really do I think the three of us shocked at how personally people take especially people in this business yes I don't talk about signed up to disagree with people you have to be able to handle that and not let it like. Completely break you down personally right. I mean like the there hasn't been a dated the three of us didn't leave here feel pretty good about a person you don't like it there's not they were we all laugh in and we're not taking things personally I really believe that this is a moment us. I really believe the three of us are the only three this entire industry who do not take what somebody else's personally we did what it's about. I'll say this my eyes were kind of open on that. In the last few years last couple years really where you see around this industry how many people really do just they they take everything so personally and I. I check us we all everybody was like that's gotta find you act outraged sometimes he can blow things up here and there but in from the and it's still the sports is not that big of a deal right. Over last years that its exchange July and Josh your your Denon college basketball man and and I don't know what app. Happened for me. With college bass well there was a there was just put a big day just happened I went this sucks if this is not a good products. Yeah it does it's the march is on any. Itself is not it's fun because it's boom sudden death and image right endings drama and all that stuff that's why that's good February. It. They can shots you're sport and I and I've tried to try to answer a lot now. But are gonna remember the seasons with the with the one announced. Oh no apparently not only did however it really I did Thomas promising guys like Russell Robinson yeah guys figure out our Josh Paul is dead last his number K you you're never frank. Not Josh Jackson now probably not your Wimbledon at least offers entire career I think we have point we can get by and still pretty good game without. Other guys wanted to thanks to James told me college basketball. They saved speak at a college basketball all the hype has been so big for KU and then you decided to spread setter it brings up one very important question. We discussed at next. Welcome back. Bob best coach Josh played their producers David Spector. KU percent you this Sunday at this red setter in no tickets will be on sale to the public. As both Missouri and Kansas snatched up all the tickets officials from both schools Eds both schools. Said yesterday that they each sold all their tickets. The game in 181000 seats they gave 9008 KU 9000 and you. They're gone sought tickets that were supposed to be available for the public to purchase today. Will not be available because it is already sold out as fans are excited to see the two men's basketball teams play each other for the first time since 2000 well. That's awesome man it's going to be an exhibition game and we're gonna raise money for hurricane relief and down there at sprint center on Sunday and of course the only place you could hear the game is right here on six dead Sports Radio the official radio station of the case you add new exhibition border showdown. And it's all brought to you by the sheet metal workers local number two pregame beginning at 1 o'clock right here on your official home for Kansas and Missouri basketball 610 Sports Radio so it should be a lot of fun for a lot of folks to go down there and watch this game. But no expectation wise what people are expecting the basketball that Steve just thinking for me that's the thing I kind of thought about the second I heard this thing sold out the hype is huge news for this game is. It's possible for this game live up to the hype well. It's it's an excellent student with a flat out now okay here's walk in okay here's why I say now. Because when you leave sprint center you'll be like electing literally count for anything you know it's it's almost like the one and done his Josh talked about college basketball. You don't really remember there heiress you'll probably really not remember an exhibition game. However if this was the final of the big twelve if this was an elite eight match up if this was a regular season SEC big twelve showdown or something like that that was scheduled mattered accounted. Bing I think you would look at this as a game for bragging rights from what I can gather by the folks that I've talked you since this was announced about a week ago. Missouri fans are really fired up for this game like really pumped up this matters a lot to the University of Missouri Kansas fans of Jersey nets of another whatever fine I'll go watch because it's cool it's raising money for hurricane relief but I feel like Missouri fans have more invested. Into this game then Kansas fans have invested into this game from a fan's standpoint and and an adult that's just my perception but that's the feeling I get from talking to people on all sides of the rivalry Missouri's let's go let's bring a lot of Kansas fans -- will show up and go to visit them it's another reason to drink beer and a nice day that he and now. I don't know I think that's a bit your perception because I don't think Missouri fans are coming out thinking at this is where we settle a score from two points well. You know it's an exhibition to games are fans are aware of the situation it's not like and you is that you're thinking this is there is their national championship game they like to win. I'm sure circus like Kansas good bye to win. And maybe when you're the team coming off the controversial loss last time these two teams played maybe it does sticking your crawl little bit you wanna go out there and make sure that you get that next victory. It's like it would for KU fans if they would have lost it was a controversial fashion a controversial fashion. In 2012 so deserves to coach is removed from that none of those players are the only part yeah left is Bill Self from that whole thing that's the reality of rivalries sure. The coaches change the players change everything changes but the fans keep it strong you realize Missouri's two coaches removed from that game and it was only five years ago. Mr. basketball had some tough time out its its passage. All roses and sunshine for reserve analyzes data coming out party for Missouri like it in Missouri should be more excited about this because. This is kind of the kick off or an error for a year for a class that people will be looking forward to a Missouri for yet you checks of ticket prices for their opener their opener opener their crazed against Iowa State. Like. It's like a sold out. High ticket mats yeah I like. Like huge demand mean they have they have a huge huge. Our optimism for the season and they should Anderson hi this is Canada almost like that they tick off right of that for the first time ever guys there is more excitement and anticipation for a Missouri basketball season and there is for Kansas basketball season. I'm a bad jazzed about the Cannes bash. Posse hobby honestly idiots but I'm more I'm more intrigued by the Missouri basketball situation right now because I want to see what Michael Porter does for the overall growth of not just this season. But for that program does it sedated motion and move it forward to Missouri gets back to the top three of the SEC which is where they should be on every given year they should be a top three program in the SEC. Or is this they won and done literally one and done for the entire program because Michael Porter himself can help as we saw what Michael Beasley did at Kansas State. But you have to build on you have to be able to recruit off and you have to get more guys in and bill because Michael Porter is going to be here for six months just like Josh Jackson was or Andrew wigand's we'll educate you or. Beasley was a K state you've got this guy for six months you need to maximize him for the future of this program as well and give it to be a great mouthpiece of a leader for the program once he gets to the NBA and always team opening the University of Missouri that's where the biggest benefit for Michael port in my mind comes and overall perception of the program. So much good going on at Missouri right now from a basketball standpoint. They're face should be fired up and Deke got it ready for this game because it's finally after five years basically of hybrid meeting of basketball. They finally have woken up and they finally have a product their fans can be happy so. Right so it's. It's immoral about that. Anything I have regretted about KUNEU and all that and his commitment to Missouri fans care more. Missouri fans care more about basketball right now in case you fans because KU fans is they don't start paying attention Intel. The first big nonconference game Libyans do grimace in Stater never. Where is desert sands being cared about this says they found out they got. Pounds of Martin Michael Porter JF and and then now Missouri fans are reinvigorated so more about excitement for Missouri. Van wanting to be team but this is a great appetite. For Missouri fans too I mean this this was really nice of Bill Self the duty give Missouri fans. This appetizer received thirteen in spring senator here in Kansas City and I talked to some people over the last week or so in the Kansas City community. That say this is a great thing because they've been working on a way to get Missouri to have more of a presence here in Kansas City to have more events here in Kansas City and they have the billboards it's like Kansas city's college team that are up all over town. But you have to have a beds here and this may be the first event of bringing Missouri basketball back to sprint center every single year. Which is what they should have a game every year. Are moving on the chiefs one of the greatest NFL players of all time to kick it enough for the chiefs. Your from a next. The chaser. The which are super relevant most relevant thing in football rankings number one now. And almost official thing about the most essential thing having power rankings with out them why even play of the game that's what I said. I agree nor for power rankings yet they'll probably would you be relevant. Probably you know what exit how would you know we're ranked teams if we did empowering to be anarchy always standing. Boss without power rankings that she's remained atop the power rankings and almost every publication in the country. But some people are wondering is that we did they show soma is that shows some weaknesses. Last week against the Steelers won those guys doesn't wanna hear it. Is one of the best NFL players of all time neon Deion Sanders here's front. I still think Kansas City is the best team in the AFC. Women expect Casey you expect to exceed that goal undefeated. I want you took it I mean you got to give him a pass on this sometimes. Is not the players on the field. Wreck sometimes. So let me open there would still may just have Andy Reid's blooper out there and make it apples like they're coach. We've got a butt kicking we would Deborah want to I would and the coaches had no answer for it. But like they know something about your own over the course if you're in college and all the way up but they just don't have. They got it so we keep for the chiefs is don't see them put it didn't Google's in January. Deion Sanders he's right in lesser lights Pasco and thought this team actually he goes sixteen though that it opened its triple that over one loss in the steelers' big steps. What Deion Sanders were to say it went on to say after that which is if you steal the Steelers again like in the AFC playoffs. Could be huge problem because it appears that you have. Andy Reid's number well it does a bit of any re get some in the playoffs this year nobody's gonna talk about the seven previous games are gonna talk about Andy Reid finally getting over on beating the Steelers and the cheese finally getting into that elusive super ball. That is not been here since the 1969 seasons so. I look at and say yeah I thought the cheese to go sixteen and how do I still think that the best team in the NFL hell yes I still think you're the best team in the NFL because they still have a lot of really good football players they got a really good football coach and they're making plays when they need to make plays and sometimes he do you face a team that just casual or number sell. The most of the chiefs don't schedule the Steelers in the playoffs that he did not put them on your schedule in the post season. And everything's going to be fine but now I'll be honest with you aren't interested to see how they bounce back against the Oakland Raiders I'm interested to see what they do from an offensive approach because. I thought our offensive approach was hot garbage on Sunday I thought it was really ate into state into the game plan saddened me it really did like I was saddened by the way that they came out executed in performing called plays at. Did this. Got saddens. Either by that game plan it was not a good game plan it was like a game plan that you see from you know like like like a Bozo and sell. The game plan was a great but. The excuse it was a great execution was chairman and paste your credit you gotta get expert I give Pittsburgh some credit but we bring up the game plan itself the game plan had to Marcus Robinson opened a lot shark bit me in the passing game there were opportunities to make it to make huge book yes there were opportunities for easy touchdowns. And Alex just missed it I guess it. I'm trying to say you bench Alex now and Alex Smith supporters I know there are many. I'm not saying that you've south Dallas there's ovaries reverted back to that guy now with relapsed yeah. Org you can come back from the relapse would be fine. But that was a relapsed all Alex Smith that was missing open wide receivers by just flat out not seen them in missing opened wide receivers. Who were all by themselves in the end zone your NFL. High school as a lower division college if your power five college quarterback you're expected to make some of the pros and Alex Smith missed right on Sunday so. I think more than anything this game Thursday night has to be Alex Smith reverting back to not given a week had a lot at that and and so we can go out there in light up. Raiders chiefs game plans also kind of a fine line because of it if it works it looks great sure it doesn't you're like. Is was it too gimmicky and it was the two flat I think I think that's kind of the nature and may be a lot of game plans that he liked his chief aperture if it's if it's going well. We're like all right that's creative that's greater valley wide your creative. Maybe stuff just wasn't excuse yesterday and it gets that was a big part well I think the offensive line look they were the shock and and every single player and it possibly could figure out percentages snaps but this team was in the shocked at all afternoon when you're when you're literally in the shotgun and every player does limit what you can do. Apple is a game plan I mean nine carries for Korea aren't that bad that's the game plan and I'm talking about the follow through the excuse they probably had a great game plan going in but this is what we're gonna do we're going to be able to do all this stuff. Stuff doesn't you know work as it always assigned six minutes in the first and I don't come pass routes. He could out all of hearing Kareem a little bit or else we needed an especially in the second run Kareem or get him involved he needs to be more involved with the office we've shown over the 56 weeks of the season. That this offense works when Korean hunt gets involved and he's a big part of this offense and so. Tomorrow night I think it's it's a huge game for this team I think it's huge for this team to come out. And execute and do the things that are necessary to get everybody thinking about the first five weeks of the season instead of what we saw this past Sunday out at Arrowhead Stadium because. I think right now the vultures are circling other circling over this franchise are circling over the chiefs. And they're just waiting for another opportunity to pounce and say the first five weeks for a fluke. I don't buy that in the least they beat Philadelphia they beat Washington they beat New England they beat the chargers they beat some good teams. In those first five games of the season so I don't think that there are a fluke but that's what the narrative is going to be it's a big bounce back not only for the chief sunset on Thursday night. But it's a big bounce back for Alex Smith as well he needs to go out there and show everybody that the F blast Sunday. That was just a bad performance by him will get this thing figured out everything will be okay I'm always and we can't win your division first then advance yet also a big hit you're you're causing a big blow to your opposition to right putting we are putting a team that at some pretty. Significant distance deuce or it's important for mark Vermont. Division standpoint to you know it's for real Ollie says keep losing teams losing and the raiders are a losing team don't wanna get on July more thorough. Keep losing teams losing dull letter get a slicker that they have an opportunity to win that game keep them down. The data intolerance and also discussed the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. I'm not worried about the chiefs adopting this is just a bad matchup for them if you look at comment hot out there all his matches up against Pittsburgh defense. It's the Bible matzo to me for Pittsburgh because they have got they can play in space. You don't say they've really you know the fans the shotgun style very well. And they all look. I mean. They have always been the blitz the quarterback and I think that's what they do well. In Kansas and he really doesn't protect quarterback well it's always just a match up problem in the I'm not really worried about cancer got think they'll be fine in the. That's the data and Collison and look what he brings up that offensive line. They need to get healthy additive that in here offensive line was a big reason why the chiefs didn't run as much because hey Corey how is getting hit three yards in the backfield almost every time. And the bounce off the first tackle and they get forwarded. Based media healthy man do you look at that the into the entire interior offensive line is back ups and you Parker anger backe need mr. Morse back. And it. We it's been. Which is basically back up as an air base is Cynthia Heidi is doing a party still I don't know. You have went on and Agassi are healthy now and why hasn't he been there I mean this heralded Parker and yet talking about for a year is now healthy he's on the active roster yet he's still not how different is that is this offensive line if you admits Morse is senator. Or alternates party that wants out of the guard. And then Parker anger at the other side it's a different football well it is an especially with the first to the match because we know what they're capable of doing which Morse has emerged to be one of the better centers in the league. And Laura the grenade Carty is a very very good right gardens getting paid handsomely to go out there plays so we know what those guys can accomplish what we need those guys back healthier more than anybody right now on this team. Because it affects the entire profits are sticking with the F felt they had meetings yesterday to discuss social justice and the National Anthem. Find out they accomplished next.