10/17 - Andy Reid

The Day Shift
Tuesday, October 17th

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addresses the media following today's practice. 


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Okay. As far as injuries go. Turkey under. Concussion book called going through that. We'll my practice and Albert Wilson. Is getting better with the this knee. We'll just here. Today. And then we signed CJ Spiller back. It's a team that. And then. Tyreke. Was like I imagine evaluated for a discussion didn't have a concussion that was in the book called. So. It is. We'll always look forward. Playing through the raiders in other football team. Agree atmosphere. Thursday night. All of this of before it's. Let us know we're. Way Thursday night. Before. We're just we'll see what goes. We'll just see how it goes here. It embryonic roster that. Yeah that's that's the part well. If we have to play. You know it's more mental. Pick everything up that you need. It's it was limited amount of it's not your normal week of practice obviously scared of black smoke. A six week war. You can look at go home and they don't run. Our. Well we don't look at a look at the the record we'll look at. The team in America itself so you have your football team we. Actually we. Yeah sure we're ready to play that's number one. Well army officers. It is. Office supplies. Runners. There's certain toughness that I group them. It's hard storm toward. Poor practice of global water. Church. You're ready to go both of us. Defensively. Excuse me. Play hard. It's me. And it's. What's good news. Well I think when you get. Yeah. Obviously girls that. Also think more about the raiders right now. Short week. Coach that's usually what. Is that you don't do what do you. Try to get him. With that comes a little experience being in April. What went through some of these type thing so. Did you think you know I can kind of set up schedule wise. These games don't matter what your sketch there's. Game. By doing so you you work. If they have a little experts might help but this. Sort of it folks that way just on what. What to do there. Judges rejected it on package. Long way. Specifically. I don't know what go into the game. We are not lost. Feel odd week. Yeah I mean listen we're so dressing merely philosophical worded it or is we'll plant here. It is it is our big workers. We'll think about it the other thing it is practice under way and go that's a good thing. And how we make no make sure we have this thing. The right way on travel. Heart thank you.