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Tuesday, October 17th

In the second hour we debate whether Marcus Peter's is the MVP for the Chiefs so far?  And if so, is there another city in sports who shows as much hate towards thier MVP like KC does?  We learn that CJ Spiller has resigned with the Chiefs again and could this be another MVP year for The King?  


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. I welcome in jail and ruining their the united second jump up. Tying Al tickle my terror and there. As always vases are most certainly a pending I don't even ready for the service show because we just spent the entire break talking about TV show hosts. It's obviously Buffy the Vampire Slayer but Joseph well feet. Was great enough last year to be considered. Well and some circles rookie of the year after only 31 games only playing about 25 minutes Berkman. It's upset right now because the sixers announced that he is after averaging only about fifteen minutes the pre season he's going to be on an early season may now. It's going to be in the low to high ET it's supposed. On Twitter I guess Joseph let me talk to the media today and he said that he. His minute restriction is bullied being bull bleep eat show. You get a job while you're the future. Yet the franchisee of the process. 59 seconds. So with the host. On Brazil you please dad around too long line listeners. Put those figures today at week. We salute you for allowing us to be a small barred. Euro or those. Is the building. Saying hello I just a lot of security tea there saying oh. Productions is in the building Stanford Joseph Julio Sanchez produces bad boy and I let him dad who had. Hit quite a streak going of being within the 59 seconds. Because he has a tickle in his cloth or it is and I'm handle over entities that takes that. Are excellent let's let's clean this up right now I will make an executive decision. I don't want Julio and GO two and eighty vote on this at all so I think me and certain. We get a boat at least one show piece that we get to choose how many how many can fit on the boat line. On. I believe or let me find it pour. All right. Are we weak it too and then that means will found out at the end of this segment. The most from the audience. All right we'll count up the tube from the most from the audience if you missed it what we're going to do on Thursday. Maybe not this Thursday but we're gonna start doing on Thursdays is Joseph and Julio are going to be forced. To watch. A series. And what episode of weak and they are going to take five minutes to come and have discussed. And had to discuss. And breakdown each episode each week. Because I just think it's going to be even later. So I'm gonna get my vote we're seeing a lot. My vote is dust tree. Doctor Quinn medicine woman was or get. It was that now grown I thought northern exposure was a great went out for last week the Dow now Falcon Crest a bit so my vote is Dawson's Creek I'm putting Dawson's Creek down. Elect S dignity to these six last six and 306. You texted the ones the ones that is the that their roles were the most we will count them up in those will fill the other two. In the vote will go you have once it was sewers. But Vietnam all right so Buffy the vampire. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is did you end. Dawson's Creek so do not send those in anymore but why you text in and keep in mind could be better to make them not sit coms and more things that have yet ten to thirteen episodes in the season in or out that way there's a continuous story line that matters throughout the season. And we won at and think about it so I'm pretty sure there's something big guys is their twenties would hate. I made disk I mean let's go golden girls until it is too cute walker Texas Rangers a bit all right. DOC came in a few times. Elliott as quantum leap Israeli yet have a different ones every. Like they act but it's all it's all it's caddie over lying arc of him just trying to get back to his normal reality. I got scat back he'll black and make spectacular I know that one of them it's always sunny in Philadelphia. Right. I so let's go to this we talked about this in and this came up during the brief you today or yesterday. So watch this game Sunday with the Steelers. 888 it it brought to my attention. And seeing everything with this team. Among throw this out and text line you could agree lawyers sitting in your votes. And you guys think about this as well. Do you I I honestly believe that markets Peters. Is. The most valuable person on this day. I think and the reason why I say that it what I am going forth with that is I think. When you take into account. The fact that. Who would be on the field if he wasn't Indy. A you take into account. It was back ups are and what he does and how valuable his position is. Ever like gusted more power what the team looks like with we watched. A magic if. Our top two corners werder. Philip gains. In Terrence Mitchell. With I think is it Kenneth Acker would be filling the third quarter were very. Does Kevin Love have gray hair legacy gray hair on Kevin Love or use capable. I'd I'd get eight guys updating. And that it just come off here and talk to them about. I'm about. I was gonna. But I liked it Kenneth Acker as your circle owner and national. You've got bumped up to. Philip gains as your second quarter. I think you're a real trouble and that is with me admitting that I believe that the season the league MVP on their team and Alex Smith and I think. Karim hunt. Is at the top spot as well. Actually you can throw it that we as a grave was exists in Houston depth of outside logic in big twelve before it was wood with some below. As an outside linebacker they've been winning without him but also. It's I mean what do you expect your depth to be at every position you expect. To have a guy like. ED Ford just sneeze and stay healthy. But it does it gets a lot worse and mark is Peter's got a staff. But but that that's a part of that though that it did you do people were like you do that people were in Taba and W one whit man. It was just Peters goes down blast. Wants to those corners did shorts. We're watching hop kids we want Fuller it's with Houston. Torts. Like and it took me out league executive is either Tyreke or air pressure. It's if better picture clubs out. You think it's bad now god bless. 75 hammer me has played tackle position. You can say imagine imagine punish her. I get you but the running back position they're. It also opposes it that are easier I mean they they got things done and work twelve to four with Spencer ware. Like you know CJ Spiller kid older vet I I'm more companies and CJ Spiller is a Beckham running back to kidnap. Acker. It Philip. Who likes to hit but footballs that are thrown out of our. We just. We're going to continue to see this all year it's just that were ever markets Peters is. They're gonna go to everybody else are gonna go away from market's fears in the going to exploit. The inefficiencies. Of all of the other people in that second guy you can you can try to blame Daniel Sorensen all you want. Because Eric Berry's not back there and you say Sorensen I get enough I think thirty Dan's been pretty good considering the issues he's trying to fill you can David sayers. There and we watched Eric Berry this defense stayed afloat Ameen. If you wanna say Eric Berry look at and he was on on Sunday and that's why lately bill will Aaron Beard was there when Libya and Iran for once seventy in the playoff game. I've just saying with the debt with the debt they had at safety. And and the importance of the position dude. Mark is Peters is to be out and I'm not a saving close as I think Terry keel and Erik Fisher extremely valuable. Because of what comes up behind them but yes so what's next and are you basing Peters value of the fact that that is back up to bed. And that's a big. A bit I mean as Oedipus. Like do we demean Aaron Rodgers value because you brash ugly is a young player but I'm the bank ease not get there Rogers. In the end it's just as much as he does the team like I hit Alex Smith went down. Is that Alex Smith went down you feel like with eighty read you can stay afloat. You could stay afloat with Patrick alone let you like you could do so like you could do something with Patrick my home right. It'll look the way that aid with Alan's point. What if you are and we spoke with Terrance Mitchell as the number one quarter. These updates is what I had a real day. It just closer rod did is throw the damn thing. To wherever. I is up early if you disagree with mark is Peters I mean not. I don't think that through work is Peters off the fee. Well. It is a scary scary thought to think what this secondary would look like in terms of quarters with it. Part of the problem would be you know. The pastor ash you know that that helps in just a nuisance only elite player in my opinion. But the passers can only do so much that it does that hit nearly that bad because. You up against teams like New England who is get the ball out in less than two seconds every diet if kid actor is play and gets the tape is Bryant. There's only so much you can do. I that's gonna get exploited at some point. But I was just thinking about that watching that big game of the importance of Marcus theatres in thinking. I Antonio Brown just do whatever they really want. Eat Philip gains struggled units to struggle. And that Hopkins gains in the thing. What this team would look like him or his hips. What's what and all the pretty. I. We'll go to we'll get to break once again I guess at this segment is the final vote is up. We will find out the other two shows that JNJ will be forced. To watch that also can continue on this outlook this question. I did get you to jewelry market leaders most important artist created be my choice yes. With apologies to Jesse Houston yeah I'd have to go I'd have to go just in Houston today it will force. But I will say this. What other cities in the NFL. Have to pay. For their most important. Player are most valuable player. Like Kansas City does for their most. Breaking news. An apparent awful leg injury will go to reckless build we'll slap on our seatbelts I think he broke every team. Judging by the reaction I've noticed like this is the last scene is like heaven way or. Called lord's. They do not watch the NBA season it is open the Boston Celtics season is indeed the ages. In the live look at 645 left in the first quarter. They just traded for Gordon Hayward and Gordon Hayward his head was assertive you know I can't watch that term one of the nasty is leg injuries. Just everybody's faces in the crowd I look on his on Derrick Rose can't believe it. I hated it is. I can't believe I was crying in the corner I can't believe TNT showed them pretty well I it was so bad re watching you didn't of course of course. While we watch isn't that bad. And oh my idea it's literally like them ten minutes to get them this is it will as they say that Willis McGahee gas I don't I put upon George level last they're not supposed to bend the way they haze. Look at him that's that's as a Shaun Livingston type of I had I'd jump around here in the studio also went it would give it do it went up for and value Duncan came down in his wade turned. Fellow and one side's case is basically what you're doing. What happened. Important to bring pressure off his new contract all his bet most NBA contracts in nearly fully guaranteed. It for Gordon Hayward and categorically I mean it oh becomes back likes John Livingston who like Paul George did. Like I mean it I mean that's as that is unfortunate that is terrible. They sit what did you say to it was saying that you can hear the the break. Yeah they are saying you can hear it on the god you know I'd win the play avenue is. Barely every person news soon as it happened and it was broken. I'm glad they got two quick note there grows knew was. By the way the Yankees have tied this game at four in the bottom of the eighth that looks like yankees that was at. Like this is what these laces field you'd go play. Low and it's just man not Internet that's going to be stuck in your aides as Ottawa. That's as it's just awful man for for a team like the Celtics that has. I goals this season and that you know signed the big is same free agent that was out there this offseason and for that to happen in the first five minutes of the first game of the season. It's that's a screen sports it was six. Well. The show must go on people got screens that media. Other show on the break I can get on Twitter I can't get around. If you guys objects like action what you need to drop a stop. His. Hey his ankle was facing a printer action. And the arrests of his body as well as his idol what SEI is his lag was in several different positions. It and see years it's like you had a little kid job like a stick figure what a person might look like innate. They can't draw a straight line is it Susan does that maybe he was making from the Jim Baker. Gone are necessary on the table on out there are did you two excuse eight count out. What what other two won the votes are we can put the pull out the C what you going to be vote to be watching Dawson's Creek. And. And would you say Buffy. Yeah bodies and vampires suck out the two that have the next highest. Voted on there will it will put. But I said this going out of the break because I think mark is Peters is the most valuable and I think. Lot of it earlier some peoples that doesn't use an amount that can euphoric. And the Yankees is to. And again and two X 64 yankees. In the bottom of the eighth but. It's crazy to me it's fascinating is I think the lows. The most the most valuable. Player on this team. And I think he arguably could be the most hated player on. If they my assessments are often. In big markets Peters is the most hated player on the T. I don't. I mean I think there is a portion the fan base that. Despises Travis Kelsey and a certain way I don't think all chiefs fans hate mark on out on us and all want us you know is he is certainly Al ways with Kelsey and it's Yi Yi hazing and takes on the field. But his personality at least is a little bit more likable I think the markets Peters personality at least. The personality that he shows. To the media into the fame. I mean I would I think he'd probably. And I just wonder how many not images NFL how many sports cities. Where. You're most valuable guy is. The guys you you hate the most so when you're not want through Philip gains. People don't give a rip about Philip gained enough. This is reasons. I can tell you right now is so into words people who work in the business. Philip gains does not garner the most. Eight street. And spiritual pitcher all packets these caches. The marquee speakers. Like you guys are in here all week and got the brunt. Mark is Peter's did you. The hatred of markets Peter Strauss. But I did it because hurting you are still use it may be oatmeal in New York today hate bode deal like that in New York. It's. Navigation shortcut is not talk to people in new Yorker from the media and Twitter it looks like. O'Dell takes a lot from the fans that view his antics as unprofessional. And beneath him. It's that you just don't see it that it is is it's just like. Marks on the list was not hate it is Seattle they'd love Marsha. I don't think O'Dell is necessary Hayes there I think a lot of people around the country. We'll get out dal and say he's he's a baby easier shot is bad but. I have great receivers over the years have had those big personalities that. Nationally probably one like that much in his eyes they were winning and making plays for your team locally they were here but New York media destroys him. At there at that. Can see a segment of fans packets from big segment of Spain's New York probably. They are because I just act I can't think of that many this situation Leo said may be Deanna Brown but I don't think they. I don't think they dislike. It. Let a guy like they are. Is yours is yours listeners segment of people. I'm out there it is serious but there is a bit about even the week I was a year. Will we talked about Larry Johnson for somebody out now that's one judge that may have been the most valuable player she's about big bulls beat at state. But when we were trying to say Larry Johnson was. Trying to teach late to teach him some. And later entities market leaders. About itself was so stupid. Like we got out even when house we got a lot of comments of mark is speeders trade let him go. Anybody here. How alt is ahead when your most important most valuable player. But that's it that's that's this. That's it's pretty fascinating to. Mean I guess markets puts it on himself slowed. I think I don't think he'd as the whatever. I think it with both Peters and O'Dell that there. Just as there's a segment of the population that eviscerate stand there is a segment of the population that reveres them like mark is Peters for example is my favorite play. And I don't think that I would. View it as my favorite players he wasn't so outspoken and did things that caused people to dislike. Is Carmelo Goodwin. In New York was Carmelo. I think James Dolan the most hated figure that organization and our. And I mean. How Austin was Carmelo really outspoken. And saying controversial things the right things that upset fans I mean. And Cheney people would just criticize him because he went there to win and they didn't really do much winning. No it had to be that your outspoken or say anything controversial. I think people just could stand Carmelo because. They didn't win. And he was voted the best player in. All the Cutler in Chicago that's a close. I think that you may have what are the key to even there. So I've updated at deputies and unity to update us up a lot of progress and that. Like candidly today I think another probably some mark but I I think that's a part of get too but I think the key is is thought. He's enabled but he's our naval. That's kind of like Travis Kelsey or Marcus Peters brought but I don't think I don't feel that. I don't feel that it is that way. I don't feel it's that way with with mark is Peter's I don't feel like it is these are able. I think some people really like a light Josie it. I believe we did a poll. I don't wanna do that they've we did a poll that was something like. Do you think you'd be okay if Marcus Peters was bill. I think you'd be surprised. The end. Maybe I think people would just crush us and what a stupid question. Even out two weeks ago people were asking for the chiefs to cut him trade and people are good people gold crazy about his tackling. We gave out here because he can't tackle. Ties to out let you like even just say it's his job to guard wide receivers we've. Notice with players who act like and who who showed emotion and she'll would market beaters shows generally dinners themselves. Like march let's price hated everywhere they loved these voted Seattle. What are they say it again. I would say that I feel like you did sort of the most revered violently he beloved players out there they're people who especially when he was at Seattle they're people who could not stand him because he would I don't slam is a what he would do in the woods off its ain't a I hated it. A couple weeks ago when he hadn't. Raiders personnel does blocking him on the eventually was sitting there is people. All over the place just said calling him a coward. And say all he asked that people blocked him so they can't see him sitting down now you talk to us and tell us what is issues. I think he he wasn't out it was that way for him when he was in Seattle but since he's come back with Oakland a lot of people are starting to criticizing him and. A sneaky one and will will go to break you know a sneaky one before this year. Did you. JJ watt a know always. A lot of people used. Thanks so we're what makes you what do you say that I can I elected to the same thing we're. He's beloved in Houston everywhere else it just part of and I think it's gotten I think it's got a bigger deal this year after the hurricane RV thing. But I've listened to sports radio and used it I've listened to people. Who'd do as a lot of w.s that he isn't easy it's a knowing where it is. You know Superman. It is. One loss column. A Captain America. It is always. Doing slicks corrupted to make people like people get were in Italy which needs any rays at remaining needles hurricane RV. And yet to be assessed. Day eight he really drove people totally. I coming up and a great. We're gonna bring an update on our quest to hold CJ Spiller ransom. With his lips. That's. That's 24 hours. Head to sixth in sports Casey. Our new segment. We're gonna make Stanford zero. And Leo JNJ radio productions we're going to make them. Watched a television show and gave it there's been a new wrinkle to Phyllis asserted here this wrinkle yet so Hilliard for the first most. The new wrinkle is that it's going to be recorded and why we're gonna still looms. They're gonna get dropped. It they're going to is there. They're going to give their reports of the silly every week hammer. And take him we're gonna need to get through billboard I need you guys because right now and right now it's Dawson's Creek the the vampire slayer DOC Gil Morgan. Hospitals in the league so what are we gonna play that on the air. Maybe there's a few audio clip there's some more to drop there that might be worth it. We're accords some things out now this and then we'll go from there and they're gonna courts of this it will put the music. Twice a buckles are well because I'm just I'm just thinking out. Alan my hat and I put a lot of that stuff together for the shell. I mean what are what are we unique. You're gonna count threw an hour. A video of you guys watch Asia Islamist as an audio video they are going to. Just record it. They're looking created open borders like that they're going to be drunk they're going to do it just like they would think you're gonna watch the show again drown Tia. And then just are pretty record. Immediately after the show what I got. Not yet during the show of what we can't do is I think this is a little bit of the intoxicated summary with some sober summary see how we do you. I really think they should take. Shots throughout. The show there watching and the end record. But Gilmore Girls is in the lead right now. 35%. We keep quick its roots of semantics it's sort of all of us and thinking is that it. DOC is coming on street static games out now. So. He's off what. I'd. Burst and prices ankle Nolan Nolan is talking about it reacts hosted jokers wild until the end dean around over there angered. Further record Kevin Love does on a few gainers now. But but the thing is that outrageous attempt on your roam in and we avenues is terminal on here. You have. Attempt to hijack this segment in a way it was just so late. Multiple segments in fact if you're just coming in and doing what. Illegal. Accused of last Friday in what we noticed yesterday was you know the Tony reliable. Of this you know you just that it just say whatever on Saturday and were perfectly I'm upsetting you don't get the and I practice till four times. I've setting. The topic about Marcus Peters and out of clean no winner. You go. Wait a minute. And I think you're jumping in to talk about well just used is more valuable no wait a minute. It's a lot of gray hair I mean he doesn't and yet. There roses crusty Astra and at that I'm about I just but I just understood I don't understand what year time. Ice that you have an eight. Cabinet days difference though if you missed yesterday. CJ Spiller who is. Been brought back to the team this is his seventh transaction with the chiefs since September of and cuts and bring in bringing him back on to the roster. So we were looking we want him to be on the show. But we only want him to come on the show after he gets cut after this week which are injured was as guilty you'd. So we want to hold projects. Stamford Joseph was able to find that he has a that he has a web site. And we wanted to try to take over his website to hold it hold it ransom for him to Kamal any update on the reds because we thought we had to pay 69 dollars to be able to take it. Soul we do to pay 69 dollars but I made it godaddy cal last night don't start the process and I woke up to 2 emails this morning. Giving us a 25% off coupon if we went ahead and bought season is below dot com now. So they're pretty desperate to failure. Rights that I don't wanna beat us out one I want at least let CJ note that we're taking. There's I don't wanna pay for all of our league for a. We can work on that I also bruised his Twitter and CJ Spiller did have a new Jesus tweet today today after deciding about how whatever you do you do it for Jesus. Through staying with the theme of positive AD after getting signed in. Repentance when he gets cut. He's ready for it I mean if we buy it or we can use the web site. Any little slippery and yes they were going to put stuff out at six. Maybe maybe we can pose to Julio NI a.'s TV reports on sieges are and they are little plus on the whole family that it will just put it on shoes with its sixth is forced. I. So step. It is that time it hit showroom stock. So how. Showstopper. You. At Hawaii is looking for a free field stretching wide receiver for the upcoming NBA season and Steelers wide receiver Mike Davis Bryant who reportedly demanded a trade from Pittsburgh earlier this week confirmed. He had in fact asked the front office to deal him. To the reigning NBA team. Saying no I'm getting ghosts at Bryant when he was directly asked if he requested a trade. I clarified last night on my Twitter I am happy to be here as far as being getting traded. I would like to get traded to the Golden State or cooked up. Could we all. I he's fast. He's got size. Today's get it's it's it's that it Richard Jefferson won his negatives have treated this is what you know is about street Richard Jefferson that take. A chance to go with the Denver Nuggets. Food stamps for Joseph believes include top five offense and somebody right now article on the and the other day about how bad the next dynasty. I think it was Billy the week. There are things going to be fantastic. On top five. Packers quarterback situation has suddenly varied diet. And Dodgers likely out for the season with a broken collarbone in the team now has to start Brett Conley at former fifth round pick. With 44 career NFL sack it's a guy named -- in behind Callahan on of Joseph Callahan. A former division three quarterback. Who has yet to set foot on NFL field. Mike McCarthy did not seem to appreciate reporters asking him questions about the quarterback situation. It's. That job just listen request by the censor all of the three years of us they're broke you're the best Dotel and the quarterback room is exactly where needs are very fortunate that record back in there Rogers. We're committed to the path the wrong we need to play better as a football is that Hollywood it will restore this week it's okay I'll probably about. Zillow Trulia Kate you Kate youthful that it. Just when he says Callahan. Tell me that it makes you feel like town. Whenever whenever he's is LA joke but never heard a town. But it's epidemic is alias is ally and key ally and out of puck. Chris Farley's breakout move I'd stolen here that is over though. LL. Cab I am. Hours and like Mike McCarthy. The guy who is worse the name you read about not saying anything and it's just. Even more boring than Ben Mac today. There's all the sudden getting upset when people are asking him legitimate questions about his horrendous quarterback situation Allah an. Yeah I. Callahan out of putts. Coming up. Gather there's been a damper on this the NBA steroids that's these enough for me I'm still a cast made. But. LeBron as one of the real pity athletes and I admitted and I love LeBron that's why I think this could be an MVP. Type year period. Now and you're listening to show. We've run the show you can. Fifteen foot. Video go to good tickets dot com now for six spin off your ticket or using remote code six did sports. Let's get the NBA stars Adelson. Game lying Gordon Hayward with one of the worst injuries. As Stanford Jones a top five but like the lower end. Which means LeBron James. Obviously number one in my heart. Is that gold. Medal winner on the eagle on the middle stand is my favorite athletes. And he started his quest. But I think this could be a really big year. For LeBron like he is you know he's mr. Pitt I got him anybody's pity. I mean he's that like I repay Eddie. He's been. Man. I think that he's he's got to have a problem with I don't think he's the focal point of the league rate. Andy and Majorly always is that. I think there are several people that are talked about it hit in several things obviously the warriors at the lawyers made in the last couple years. May have been talked about ahead of them which are the baby can handle. But down Russ and Russ has talked about ahead of them diary is talked about ahead of them. Lack I think I think you'd you'd start to take the spotlight. Oh wait for LeBron. By LeBron used to chill in the regular season I think LeBron is going to try to go after him. He's still my plane back to back but the Nolan. I mean a big thing that helps him out is that Isiah Thomas is gonna be out until probably February edge and so for the first time in years he doesn't have. That top ten years sidekick that prime Dwyane Wade or the carrier being of recent years there is gonna have to carry that team. For a long stretch of time. And give their net most of the other MVP candidates have teamed up. I think LeBron got a real shot to take back that narrative this year especially since it's been awhile since he won MVP is yet. It's cool because I think the perception is that he will he will have to Kyrie and his team more but I don't think it's actually the reality. Like I. Like I'm not gonna say that I say it is. Tyree. But. Isaiah at the is probably the same amount passers if you look at his numbers may be little bit bored. I I think Isaiah is gonna put up points could lower what is Isaiah going to look like being able to go one on one. And I think you got love and he's got an amazing. Like he may have the best bits in the week. And they've gotta like they loans carry but they have built up other pieces. If he's not have to be the sole playmaker on the team so I think it's going to appear appear because the names are different. If you sell it Tyree Isaiah that's worse. Like Taylor it's a little bits. Like they they had a whole team to where even when it does here even when it does hold that point. Like LeBron is is the perception is he's not going to be. But the team is that is good. Waits. It's just what I on the Angel it's physical and I think that the team is a lot deeper and so the top end talent is worse with Isiah thomas' injury it'll keep amount over half the year. Boy it. The team as a whole is more complete and that'll help in the finals but the top end talent. Is a lot shallower and so that's why I think that LeBron is going to be that base. Of the team. He did just that TV I mean it was that they had legally yeah. Like this they aren't shared by all about it here it'll run at LeBron Airbus about the race I've. Stick okay that ruins OK Carrie. And it's gonna be it's going to be hard for him to illegal and that. Mantle when you look at the teams in the Western Conference I mean. MVP last year was Russell Westbrook can now Russell efforts actually got a squad around. And Kevin Durant you would expect is only gonna have a bigger year this year after winning a championship. And being the most significant factor in the final of this deal has played well a hated it but it was gonna I loved it he's also going to be and the worst the by far worse comp. He's all that Howard in conference play how is that this numbers are going to be he's going to actually tried to get numbers. This I don't think LeBron is given a rip about the regular season here recently. Like like I would be surprised if you see a broad yours thirty. Eight and eight this year he's a play a lot of forward he's gonna get more boards like. I think you're going to start to see him try like Miami days about LeBron don't like this spotlight now being don't. As a fan I know LeBron likes. Like I hear you about like like to me it is stuff like. None of the warriors will never waited. Out of the out of the leak 'cause that this is just to video. Like lights and act like an out of a split the numbers and and Russ will not be looked at as much carrying the team because he's got all it means that. Thirty. Same thing with hard he's got nailed with like I'm glad the league is more interesting but look like LeBron is about. The stake claim because disease at the perception will be he's got to carry this team. And it they wish they win 65 games or something. And he's averaging 29. And it's eight existed nine boards. It will be the doubly. Analyst somebody does of the Stewart. But that that the Eastern Conference that will help him and plus he's always played in the worst now. And he's working on that string of eight consecutive finals appearances and he's got a you gotta use that Eastern Conference is dated and it is better than majority's. Throat I I just feel like if a guy like Russell comes out and puts up another. Insane season and the tougher conference. You know he's got more pieces around him this year I mean and puts up. The same type of numbers he last year Nazis can do a triple double he's an average salary he's gonna come close. But as he puts up something similar to that yeah I mean I think unique he is in the MVP conversation again because he's got the best all around. It is going to be the man Russell via the conversation. Let. You don't have sectoral and people anymore than he's carrying on his bet it did have. Doug McDermott that he skated on his back. Leg of their rule their team improves that wins people that always coupled George income well that that's it. Ended a big thing to do is a lot of it depends on how all the and the media narrative is shaped over the course of the season and previously people relate looking for other NBA players to vote for who they were tired of LeBron and did a bronze at any narrative has gone yeah it's been awhile since LeBron won the MVP so it's kind of time for that cycle to make its way back around him again and dominate that narrative. And his aides people are thinking that he's going to he's which is he gonna miss a step. And his aides like I think that is. The brunt of take that he's back. Of reason. Coming up. This was a huge deal and it's apparently is a huge deal that was sold out and I said no one's going to cover the in the UK EU. Exhibition game before the exhibition games. Experts in our which we're not sure they're going to be wearing uniforms like yes. We're going to all week break down a different part of the game. To really help you figure out who's gonna win this all important game. So our breakdown. The back court in no one looked up eighty games of the players on either team one is just do it. On the fly and it's.