10/17 6a - Houston Collapse, Hayward Injury, Sell Out for Border War, Baseball Re-Alignment

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Wednesday, October 18th

The Astros collapse in another Game 4, Gordon Hayward suffers a horrific injury, KU & MU sell out the Sprint Center, Andy Reid's cough montage plus a radical baseball re-alignment idea 


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That's going to. Bob best coach Josh playing there producers Steven Specter. Of a lot to get through today. Including Alex Smith. Saying that yeah it was dirty Mike missile deserves a fine it. That was probably the only thing worth noting coming out of there all right yesterday and there was nothing other Andy Reid's coughing issue which we will also get to today. After we've. Book one of the most vulnerable to turn of events that could've happened it happened last night for the Houston Astros because of the shades of 25. Tina as if you if you didn't see last night the Yankees did beat the Astros. But if last I looked a little familiar it's because that's exactly what happened Lance were colors in games for the LDS it's 4050 biggest or Kansas City Royals. Number callers tossed six and two thirds any of innings of two hit two run ball and left with a four run lead. The bullpen and gave up five runs in the eighth inning and the Astros were on the news the exact same thing happened last night. Well it's the colors once again. Tosses six plus innings of two hit one run ball. They came out with his team leading 41 at an accommodation at three losers in the bullpen in the seventh and for the eighth. Boston the colors though when it. That's on the believable. And now slipped to develop and deploy. Breaking ball ground ball up the middle of the red. Dawn. And Carlos Correia. In the boy Kevin I had goes from hero to goats. Carlos Torres last night for four with you strike right yet Carlos Correa is not the go last night was the Houston astros' bullpen but my goodness eighth inning again in game four of the post season for the Houston Astros. That is Kryptonite for these guys man because remember they were in the post season last year because they didn't make it obviously into the post seasons of the next opportunity that they got in the game for. In in the eighth inning with a lead and Lance what colors on the mound. They went back and bloating Gary Sanchez with a big hit. So there it is last night at Yankee Stadium down for the eight bidding. And boy you gotta think the Houston Astros right now guys are cooked because they were cooked after that game you know with the Kansas City Royals they they came back in it was a whimper in game night here in Casey after that devastating loss. Like the St. Louis Cardinals in game seven in 1985. They came back with a whimper in Los eleven nothing the following night. After a devastating loss the night before and I think if the Yankees win this game this afternoon at Yankee Stadium got three games to two it basically over for the Houston Astros Houston needs a win today in game five. More than the Yankees need a winning game five the Yankees have been playing with house money all along when you play with that house money Josh as you know from the basketball season. You play three you play easy you play clear. And the Yankees found themselves down two nothing in this series and found a way to mount a comeback. And get this soccer tied at two games apiece but Andy can't help it continue to think. About that eighth inning if you're royals fan what went on two years ago in the eighth inning of game four was the exact same thing that went on last night. In the eighth inning of game four featuring the Houston Astro. Soo bad sip didn't pit everybody outlined items that. I was an assistant about it no cement in and out of the Yankees announcer saying that's one of the best comebacks I've ever seen right they've they've seen you seem quite a bit of yeah it's good stuff happened so you have to score two in the seventh for the Ethan and now or come before nothing deficit in game like that pretty big comeback yeah it real close as yankees and I know this can make people cringed as the baby cringe when I thought of it. This year's yankees team does feel like to point fourteen royals to an extent does because they weren't supposed to be that good this year it was supposed to be some whatever you're a rebuilding year in New York. And they get to the wild card game win the wild card game with the AL DS LLC as they're played three cleared just like the royals weren't when he fourteen because it did feel like house money sure. The post season all Tony fourteen was house money and season you know pretty wild card game is like Arlen feel like is that true post writer and today I I felt like it. The well I'll say it's the post season but it went yeah is that there's still no part of why you're short. This apart it's like a short change that they lost that wild card game so they won the wild card game at that point. It felt like house money and the Yankees are the same situation right now they're playing with house money they're playing free and clear and that's why their city here booted too tied up and ALCS. And I don't think anybody would be shocked if they swept the rest of the thing out won this thing fortitude. I don't think anybody would I think that's what's probably going to happen right now and the Yankees are doing it ought also to say what kind of the war posted a back there are 2014 you do with a lot of young guys that a lot of people in America don't really bill like Oz Emerson and the stock is of the world you've got to are judging DD group glorious and some of the other young players that they have right now and you do it was some veterans mixed in as well the Jeremy Guthrie's every year and 2014 James Shields came into when he fourteen you're looking at CC sabathia and you look at the Brett Gardner some of the older guys. You know and ending going out getting a Todd Frazier was like the 2015 acquisition of going out getting Ben Zobrist I mean. You you bring up a great point Mike and I think it is a phenomenal one that a lot of people probably are talking about. But the Yankees are copying the royals I mean this is a carbon copy team. Of what the Kansas City Royals put out there are 2014 and 2015 and that's how you win you develop that talent you bring them all up to the big league level together you supplement was some need of some veteran guys that are just some guys that can help you winning each over the hump like they did with Todd Frazier going to get him at mid season. And then you you go out there and you speed you use defense and use a really nice bullpen at the end. Because once this game gets an extra innings and you are in that little late innings you've got Dave Robertson and you've got. The did that chat incumbent into the ninth that's Davison Pereira in you know in in and how so then I mean the Yankees basically took the royals Mowlds. And are doing what the royals did for two years in the post season and they're doing it now and they're doing it unexpectedly like the royals dated. Fourteen. You know it's funny because when you hear the Yankees you automatically think well that's a star studded team or of course they're in the playoffs of course are making a run through the postseason but if you remember this. Before the season started. Passcode US meaning name how to player's team on the yankees' lineup right. The Gary Sanchez better and I got curious is that it does it as though I can name was Gary Sanchez I don't know anybody else on what that with a lot of like this though anybody else in this lineup Brando Gary Sanchez as outset of that I lost. Now they are sitting here in the middle of an ALCS battle. Probably now the favorite to come out the American League go to the World Series. I think you have to meanie yeah or judge you became obviously a household name because of what he was able to do with a big home run again last night the veteran Brett Gardner playing out in less yields. Who's just always finds a way to get on base and get a big time made DD Gregorio soup nobody ever thought could replace Derek Jeter nobody's talking about number two anymore the Bronx are talking about him. The best part about this whole thing is that the Yankees keep winning and they make it into the into the World Series and get a championship out of this. Greg Burke continues to look really good history it's a. Don't want to think about their air not granted he do what you're doing great let her go right at the rebate walks of yesterday's games up you know you can't forget about that go out there doing these things so let let's continue to rule. The Yankees to do this thing because if they win me a break in that team up America we got great guy a guy out there already at first base you know that let's go can't stop thinking about Eric Hauser back the royal variety is championing it Greg birds three law today is eighty. Takes whatever it takes to get you guys at first base. And walk. Us. Patient Henry to. ALCS. And Eddie can do it still he had had a week ago Nadal fans here I didn't. They surely you're paying for your grandpa. Quite great we've got a lot of walks guys were good at first they were Derrick Todd. War does sports fans no doubt in my book of with a little less a day that we can say at a yankees don't need our. God because they got their guy out there but man did this game east team right now is not like your typical Yankee team this is a fun Yankee team to watch that's got a lot of young guys are supposed to be doing what they're doing and I love the comparison might of the of the 20142015. Royals and what we're watching right now and you look at the Houston Astros they're now playing with a sinker that's as tight as a simple man pay. Our tight after that loss last that I had to bring back some terrible memory as you look at because of all those guys was sure yeah like debt that's the same team bureau to base your correct is a mean. You've got guys that were on the same pitch that night for the owners I mean springer and I mean you look at that from top to bottom that's the same one that blew a game and 2014. And baseball and sports is such a mental thing if you can't get over that mental block you're not going to be any good to match of the asterisk find themselves right now. On the NBA it was opening night last night and poor Gordon Hayward. Broke his ankle and dislocated. In it was one of the most gruesome injuries I've seen a long time really since Kevin where. Who is element that's kind of what it it reminded me of heroes the call for with Kevin Harlan on TNT. Corn viewers it was pointing the wrong way though. Yeah I count as double looked and I refuse I did not hosts its sweep of the actual. Andrea Ira few I was avoiding everything so I thought I heard that happened and I was I'd known and enough I don't want any part of it. I heard Kevin Ireland's call on it like that and and I'll I don't want any part of it you know you hear you know like to tell heartland was like Laura shot yet and it. I didn't post the video on Twitter but you're a twitter.com slash real Mike Welch I did post a video. Of the cavaliers bench react all of the accident the beds being cited sent you think that's happened right in front of the cavs bench and I think that's all you're really need to see is that reaction from the cavs bench to know exactly how gruesome it was. Here's the call from Celtics radio. I read while looking for Gordon Hayward Rosen the traffic mix of funny now so why did David Bradley gets the go home and lay sedan that Gordon Hayward is heartbroken he collected from the people. With the Pope John. Gordon Hayward landed awkwardly we have Celtics with their hands on their head. It is season. A summary which everybody thought they knew what was going to happen. Everybody waiting for a wildcard in five minutes in fifteen seconds it's all pretty night. As gruesome a wild card as you can imagine who's just been dealt. To the Celtics now. Celtics radio network on the call there for Gordon Hayward is broken leg slash foot slash ankle ask is who was turned the wrong way his ankle was dislocated a senate amassed a kind way of putting his foot was pointed direction that no footers ever supposed to point so one of the most gruesome injuries receded it really put a damper on opening night of the MBA and your rockets beat the warriors in that would have been there. That would have been a huge story turn today but the story is Gordon Hayward in his leg because the Celtics were the only team that you could point to and say they have a legitimate shot taken at the cavaliers up. And Gordon Hayward goes down obviously that changes and you feel terrible for the guy because he he. You go through all that time in U haul planes for the jazz right and then. Is signed a big contract in Boston you feel like our air we yeah average Joseph Gordon Hayward on a contender for the chance to actually placed meaningful playoff basketball. And to have that happened five minutes and fifteen seconds into the season. Well is gut wrenching it really isn't an especially with the way the game went last night with Cleveland when he went 02 in 99 you think of Gordon Hayward is healthy the Celtics win that basketball game has LeBron James has gotten no help again we've really doesn't mean you're Dwyane Wade with eight points and fourteen points for her for the guys heard all the time that element of this now. There earlier Rosie and I got a rose bowl of how about that. Odd but the so they lose by three Boston does lessen they win of course they were doesn't get hurt and he got the nightcap at Houston knocking off Golden State and gold stayed almost wins the game because Kevin during can't get the last second shot off just in time and it's too late he's still in the sands and they end up losing so. Golden State loses on opening night Cleveland wins on opening night to Boston but they lose one of their best players and out tonight Wednesday night who she got and in the San Antonio Spurs fellows. Are already resting players quiet Leonard and and me and Tony Parker are not gonna play tonight. Ultimately Knight is getting ready for the policies of the NBA brings great theater drama doesn't it. And then they play they gave like a big X leave the games out do all the off the court stuff the NBA would be the most talked about watched league because the off the court drama that it brings is absolutely insane amazing 24 hour. Right now that he and I'd love the Popovich is now ahead of the curve the outrageous when guys that later in the season rice is gonna sit in the start the season and try to. Try to please everybody act like Minnesota gave her out of loyalty Ayers were resting our guys Greg Popovich really does he cared he really gives no because that is the epitome of like hey fans. We don't care gap that you did is its opening night. It's it's it's a big deal right. And he's resting his plastic guys he's done it for a long time and no one really said anything. On opening night not an opening night and I mean he he rested players report is like remote garage area sir and no one. He was just got a guy who did it no 1% in the sort of borrow too you know solid they're on the road there at Albany's resting Tony Parker while haven't seen them before they act that's what they're. By that ticket sales match the hype when you're in Kansas City. We'll explain next. That's going to more. I'm like Welch and Bob that's code just we learn producers Steven Specter. Hey have you. Blame the poor reward this Sunday for hurricane relief for the sprint center in this brits that are. Announced yesterday. That there will be no tickets released to the public. As was originally announced. There are supposed to be on say they were supposed to be on sale today and buts. Boosters and students from Missouri and Kansas dashed up all the tickets. There is 181000 seats they were divided evenly between the two schools and Katie and MU officials said Tuesday the each sold. All their tickets so it's sold out all right. Yeah it is done you and I can't get it and you're not gonna see it on TV because it's not on television the only way you can hear the game is listening to six Ted Sports Radio will be the only ones carrying the broadcast here in Kansas City. And so you can listen right here on sixth and Sports Radio of course our pregame coverage begins at 1 o'clock from a you know post game coverage as well. In the game in between will be carrying the Missouri broadcast of that game and if you make a donation go to one America appealed dot org that's one America appealed dot org and you can donate their hurricane relief at that website it's the the former president's website where they all come out may raise money for. I charity and whatnot so one America appealed dot org is the website and of course the pregame show presented by sheet metal workers local number two. Here on 610 Sports Radio really really excited about what I'm most fired up or is that another sporting event in Kansas City. Continues to show why we are by far the best sports city in America we sold out in exhibition basketball game. That in the grand scheme of thing doesn't count for anything if it means nothing. When it comes to it it records when it when it comes to determine when it comes to RPI when it comes to us. You know whatever the factory in the rooms you know they use at the end of the year to determine this game does not factory and and we sold out in bits here in Kansas City. And it goes to show you what kinda sports landscape we have here in Kansas City I don't care about the rest of America right now what we have theory in Kansas City. Is the baseball team with the second highest local television ratings in baseball this year and we got the NFL's best product in Kansas City from both an aesthetically pleasing product. To a product that looks good on television to a product wins we have the best football product in America. And were selling out exhibition basketball games on a Sunday afternoon with less than a week's notice. It's a pretty darn good sports staff on the we have here and I don't think anybody can hold a candle to how good we all are when it comes to supporting sports and being an avid sports fans in America and with NFL ratings down seven and a half percent this year through six weeks from a year ago. And Kansas City continues to carry the water continues to carry everything for the National Football League as well this is a tablet can't be messed with when it comes to sports. There's a lot of a lot of indicators that Kansas city's is dominating right now on the sports landscape and part of that is because. In other parts of the country sports I think it's fallen off a little shirt panacea here it is that people are still watching the royals second highest rated based l.'s two million in attendance as well the sad and as you said NF LTV ratings are down but the chiefs distillers has got some of the best ratings CBS has had all season right so you took all that into consideration it makes me think. If I'm the NBA or the NHL. I have to be watching this and thinking it. No we're why are we in Orlando. Where we'd Tampa Bay. Well go to Kansas City where you have the fan support you have the interest if we move a team there you become an exhibition games of breaking television. Between two colleges in the game that doesn't matter for gain relief and they sold the tickets before they even let them go on sale of the public. If that should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about whether or not you bring your team to Kansas City. Yearly games involving the NBA and NHL and always do well always felt very well at the end they always do very well and imagine if you had a team here now. That was legitimately all horse we have the Kansas City planks in the NHL or in India a name that the exact yeah he's good name at that Obama has married more that Casey likes it we. Office today. I heard for basketball team it is really sad says sabre hockey it but if if a year we would support that team I've always been under the impression of do we have enough on the corporate landscape. To support the team that has supported another team that would be here already Thomas sporting that sells out as one of the best at his hands in in Major League soccer's well I mean so. Everything that we do here from a sports landscape turns out to be very very good I used to wonder about corporate support what that would be like it would would hurt the other teams. Not that worried about that anymore because I believe the fans support would be overwhelming and when you have overwhelming support the corporate dollars are going to follow as well because people wanna target that audience they wanna be in front of those folks so I think right now I think now was the perfect time for the NBA or the NHL to seriously consider Kansas City and they should have to seriously consider Kansas City and Kansas City should hire me to go out there and in addition these teams to come here not the mayor of the city manager who screwed up the airport but have me go out there and sell Kansas City because I don't have any political ties and I great care I tell the way it is Thomas overwhelming it's overwhelming right now with sports Kansas City here you would be overwhelmed if you brought your team here. You would be. I mean look at is about a a basketball game that's an exhibition is selling out. The second highest baseball ratings in America and two million attendants the best football product that you can find a soccer product that at second and that while these other soccer team to talk about move it sporting Kansas City is selling out every game and people are enjoying them as well also. I mean it's just an incredible sports lay it. Escape that we have right now we watched Kansas City sports do you eat cool quit I do I was whipping a confidence here and we ahead in earnest yes. We we we look at the landscape it makes perfect sense to bring another team to Kansas City because of that is the clear fan support years that your back in other places remain. It is vote I saw a piece in the Wall Street Journal today just happen to pop up my time line at about how. The Los Angeles breaking up with the NFL yet. Like there's fall in love with the NFL and it. All of that everybody in Los it rarely dated California excuse me it was just Los Angeles, California breaking abusers say the numbers in Oakland bracket for Cisco aren't very good. And fan support across the board when it comes to the West Coast especially is tanking right so. Sports leagues have to look at other markets that would really embrace a team as opposed to war or medium markets and is vaught is the league is laws the Kansas City market. Continues to show how valuable the fans are that is far support for corporate and all that stuff it'll calm as well as you have fans support the rest of the support will be there and I think. Also too we spent so much time worrying about population centers and oil is got a lot of people that doesn't mean there and engage sports market right now Kansas City is probably the most engaged sports market. That is out there in America today and what do you want you when a bigger market where you're not gonna draw people. I I was talking to a guy yesterday who I am who went out to LA for the for the game with the chiefs and chargers into this 5050 was split down middle or 50% she's fans in that building. And it was really incredible to see how many cheese kids go on the road to watch the team play. And it's all about keeping your marketing gays yet we only have yet to point whatever million people here. In Kansas City it doesn't compare to LA doesn't compare to Chicago Philly new York and some of these other big markets. But what percentage of our market is engaged in our sports teams. I would say the biggest percentage of any other major metropolitan area per capita more people are engaged in sports here in Kansas City. They're probably anywhere else in the country and that's because what we go to the beach of the mountain we have all those other things that people like to do their free time we've got our sports teams are sports teams have. Gotten us to to the point where they're good enough and were engaged in them right now. And this is the landscape you wanna be in if you were going to bring a sports team to Kansas City or to move a sports team. Kansas City needs to be number one on list. Got to respond he would say loaded fans only show up when they win. The royals at the second best ratings in Major League Baseball this year. And I think they had the best last year he had the last couple years it's a 500 team last year and a sub 500 team this year attract and by the way. No town shows up in grows when the team sucks right nobody does I don't hear about all doesn't matter we'll go to any market. They market and not sold out in the stadium isn't fall in the team sucks right that's just the reality of it but when the team is decent when the product is watchable. People should go and an in over the last two years to watch a team that collectively finished 222 games below 500 over the last two years combined. Over four million people went through the turnstiles a seed the royals and they were very good for the last two years coming off the World Series and the World Series before that. All right shout out coming up in ten minutes but any Reid spoke to the media yesterday you not want to miss our montage of the most important things he had to say. Next. And I actually got to show you visited Havana for eternity out. Shot. It's just a few minutes takes 569306. Any topic one discussed rode out there we will dive into it. Andy Reid spoke to the media yesterday and that song well but injuries both the media's today and what did a lot of the lot to say that was relevant. He did how did the coffee machine he was a little better yesterday though Stephen you're out there did it not seen it was a little on it just short week. The game after Nike had zero online at track down on Wednesday get ready for Thursday how he reserves football I would too I absolutely inundated as a coach's player I mean admits he's got to get ready for another game and only four days I mean she's I was gonna do I Nance is barbaric. But you're the last person I feel bad for in this whole situation is Jim Nance. Ideas in here yesterday. Our rules it's getting better with sides it is. Good news that team and that proposal always look for. Plan. The raiders. If we have to play. Stupid theory go yeah you think you know where they. And agree it is. Cost a lot yesterday and yeah a lot yesterday mole spoke at a bus to let me what was going to it yesterday suspect you're there was the coughing how bad was it sounds that it sounds bad then dumped 42 montage about how that wasn't real time. It was back as I even called speculative did did you notice the caught you and I play I just trying to focus on not dropping the phone out of laughter. Has stayed that was real apparently planted a montage 24 hours ago at the trade theory did anybody offer him a lewd things or anything like that is absolutely yes I am Ali my kids love goes and it can't and they don't lose our spirit yeah I wasted time news of the worst if you're going for a cough drop pollutants is not the route your taking mango hall's go. He'd go. Those that want to separate coal all of that stuff his dad yeah hey notations is like now but it works really knows things numb your whole mouth like those things are all my god but you're right they do work yes it worked better than I have them I hate them but they were way better than anything my god there are some really badly diluted sectors like good nice cheery and nice to be complete without an indictment -- what is your parents placebo for the kid isn't really is yep it's time to shouted out here on sixteen and Sports Radio you text topical talk about it. All brought to buy lady James haircuts from Intel on 610% to 69306. On text line today no duds aren't. Best movie theater community because there's so truly at the last of the movie crowd that is a great town young man because I don't do drugs are the best. Movie TNT. Because I love the unit covered in shock the reason it socks I hate the reason it. It's like giving me. Oatmeal raisin cookie when you expected chocolate chip and that's a big disappointment. Race and that's what you wanted Hoover's terrible disappointment. The bill that is a good look at you choose to lose you again I disagree with that I'll likely chewing a single team and an end. News is it's a lot of work tonight well again and like bites dog and so when he felt it's just is too much work. An hour. It's the correct answer is anybody who goes anywhere else some reason it's anywhere else other than the movie theater Downey Junior Mints or anywhere it's junior presents another snow perhaps there's no cast is another one yeah I would just the Internet all day from the mood in the area. I'm running in the city marathon on Saturday the best part of my training to state is all the court listening. It's usually in that is fantastic good luck to you doing man I mean that that killer and he he put your body through a lot to train for a marathon and I wish you the best of luck is just it's a city course it's not easy there's a lot of skills and what you think well lands no. Deals news news. Hopefully you're up to the end talents is is NC presents an illegal outside of Kansas City it's like I mean one long flat line up. Then I guess I would look about him. I'd like ghosts. I had it and so long we went the other day about a month and a half ago or so we went a box of their late ninety's this because there is. And I think they're great man and they're a lot of fun they give you plenty of food you're not gonna awfully hungry you can. Zoo you can salad and it whatever kind of neat she won its nineteen bucks. There Johnson has lost a step this year. Yeah he has missed that sucks because when you don't. Knowing you needed there just like. Well we don't have anybody else and there's now only in my getting faster like he can't do anything no replacement either he's playing every down. Is he really didn't have you looked like the percentage of data standard player lastly every single play out but why would. Us out who else you have an interior. Inside linebacker just doesn't really work I think. For Derrick Johnson you just hope that he gets stronger throughout the year that is the and you union on me which is that's the word the worries it's age catching up to mean not. Still coming back from that excuse and pumpkin pie with cool whip or no way I'll the only sentence that would be anything to people who put on anything you quit then you. Who would bump pumpkin pie on implies perot's extra uncle Harry Edwards does and that senator pumpkin pie I'd rather have a bowler who went too much of a vegetable for you just. Went through it the complete. Yes it's curious to me it's not and combines amazing I'm a little bit of a little bit disappointed to 50% they showed doesn't like pumpkin pie is unreal. They've never had the 599 Tosca pumpkin pie I'll bring one in prize gruesome general outside the lines at all I'll come out and yeah my greatest thing I wanted to send Logan's dad made me an apple pie that is the greatest thing I've ever put my mouth before all happy and make applies for you guys you tried to supply. And you'll be like oh my god I love hi Jack Jack lovers stand ins and but what I do when I went to others Chad's dad yeah yeah well look who's got who else's father would have been I don't know. Brian's. Now pals now and only getting cash. You know Dan admitted yeah org now through luck which have what's up with him where's he had no idea if he and his name oh my god is our cal true it is that's what my. Favorite names in the history of folk hero now are in now are else reluctant earlier with a big KUN new game coming up we should get him on a talk about it Steve find our cal for luck yes. Yes. That's. You're just when 1000 dollars and our national gas contest coming up at 7 o'clock. And we are giving away a pair of K state. Earth Oklahoma tickets. When you hear this drop in the break not a peak color number two in human a pair of K state the Oklahoma tickets ice. Our Major League Baseball could be expanding it and it would make the post seasons are much more excited. Tell you how after the key play. Next. That's going more into like Welch and Bob best coach Josh regular producer Steve inspector. A very interesting thing going on Major League Baseball that could change the entire post season coming up in just a couple minutes but first is the key play. Yeah. Last night at Yankee Stadium that is courtesy of WYNK. Judge sterling on the caller key play brought to you by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the technicians you can trust with your house keys Gary Sanchez had two RBI double the Yankees were down for nothing for what in the eighth inning of game or. Another game four loss for the Houston Astros in the post season in dramatic fashion yesterday. The Yankees come back and win and they hide bad series now at two games apiece pivotal game five this afternoon in a. Barack's good luck to Houston or try to overcome back. Read the Major League Baseball changes here just a moment to make sure you check out the best watch party Kansas City at winning streaks in North Kansas City Thursday night. It's tomorrow. The parties get a kick off with fear in his seat out broadcast in the drive watch that winning streaks this through to 6 o'clock. And as you get ready for Kansas City taking on Oakland will have your chance to win great prizes like an autographed football from the Nigerian nightmare Christian aquae EA himself. The 200 dollar O'Reilly auto parts gift card and you could feed the whole crew with great six dollars and cents specials like pulled pork not shows cheeseburgers. Buffalo chicken sandwiches and way way more on top of ball that. We also have these incredible prizes. World's prize packs which include a Bobble head dolls. We'll have beer prizes from porn label big brick cinder block as well as sports tickets to calibration beer festival this weekend. That's all gone out of winning streaks tomorrow night. It's the best watch party Kansas City for there's not football's the cheese steak on the raiders is it winning streaks in North Kansas City inside of harrah's. Make sure you get there and have a blast and it's gonna be big time. It's a baseball expansion could be on the horizon and everybody's talking about it ever since the Expos moved him from Montreal Washington in 2005. It. In this movement. In the Canadian city of Montreal to brigade a Major League franchise keeps going and there's been talk of support building. And get a ballpark downtown. So it could end up setting off some kind of chain reaction where we have to expand the post season and realign the entire MLB. So. Vesco. I mean you're looking at this entire entire breakdown of how this whole 32 team Major League Baseball thing to play out. There's a lot of changes the could have well it I. I look bad at student and well a bit but it's not re really mean from a from a talent perspective how -- -- it actually count perspective but to get on the money that's more pitchers in and it and Q more elusive power hitting corner and others is that Notre Dame is awesome that you need another fifty team another fifty players to go out there is Denny Matthews talks about all the time there's a lot of guys playing big league baseball right now that are big league baseball players pitchers especially pitchers and and I think he's right about that seeking an act like you know contract teams or anything like that you know reduce the size of the teams you have. In Major League Baseball because baseball's a really good job of printing money right now. So you're gonna expand to get the 3232 is the perfect number for professional sports we've seen it basketball we've seen him in football we've seen it you know around sports 32 was that perfect number. And what they're proposing and this is from Tracy wrinkles be over baseball America so you know what's important this is from baseball America. But what he's for proposing is 48. Team divisions. And the new team leagues would beat Portland in Montreal into the fray for Major League Baseball. And the royals would be what they're calling the midwest division and that would include the cubs the White Sox the cardinals. The brewers the royals the Rockies the Rangers and the Astros all in one division. And you look at betting pretty good division like to have that as your division that's a fun division you could start to have some good games to go Wrigley every year you go to Saint Louis every year you go to Milwaukee every year. Colorado are your those easy travel bull journeys. For everybody and the cool thing about it is Cleveland's not this division. Detroit's not in this division Minnesota. Is not in this division right now for the Kansas it'd raise I they be in the north may be in the door is it's so we wouldn't have those places that we've been playing for a hundred years that we don't do anything. For a lot of. But the other cool thing would be. This season would be reduced to a 156 games which is a week less than what we currently have right now. And they propose a 24 game schedule against the other eight teams in the division three games against each opponent out of the west out of the east and out of the north division. The format what provided all day every single week. The season would basically be the exact same timely start finishes when it ends right now. And it would reduce each team's travels each team slate by six games. But would also reduced probable cause it would net pay in other charter jet another group hotel rooms to go on the road so you would save money there. Bear interest could be maintained by allowing the 41 place teams in each division to advance in the post season. And having playing games against the eight remaining teams with the best record. And those would then advance to the DS to the division championship series so in all told. Twelve years 32 teams would make it in to the post we would be the same amount that you have in the NFL right which is exactly the same amount you have to give us exactly how you think that's pretty good you like that and so. You'll have your schedule you play your division teams obviously I'm you know you you would you would play the post season with a bigger number of teams that you currently have right now. You would shorten the regular season and you would basically. Do we dramatic real line of Major League Baseball. And I think that's what Major League Baseball needs to take that kind of that next step. They really need to get rid of the way LT reed need to get rid the end now they need to go across the board with the designated hitter. And they need to figure things out to make it just seamless like the NFL has made it with the AFC and the NFC you have your two conferences in your divisions within. And you do your back and and that's the way it should be done from Major League Baseball. And I think this is a very nice plane and that they have laid out you first have to expand to 32 you're gonna pull a lot of teeth and people are gonna come kicking and screaming all the terrorists on this. But we are over all betterment of the game. This is a good plan and something that probably should be looked. In Major League Baseball MLB north just sounds cool doesn't it it out yeah but. But the proposed rules divisions outstanding edited Cobbs White Sox cardinals to start back. And you would play all those opponents at six times at home in six times on the so you don't twice to the cubs twice to Saint Louis twice to Milwaukee twice to Colorado a Colorado Houston Milwaukee and Texas my other teams but. Obviously the beginning Chicago saint Louis Vuitton. Okay yeah I like these Houston and and yet to exhibit for the royals this turns actually really well there's less great division meisters get a Superman it's plain it's twins and tigers now. I hit us and the Indians was I can't imagine most royals fans would. Look it's a very intricate change. I know anything about Major League Baseball. Pitcher to change has a very small chance of ever happening right. Because there's so they grab on their record books with the latest cold dead fingers he can't pride out. So. Well I love the idea and it probably would make things a little more exciting with 12132. Teams have a chance to play post season ball and how big happens it in a 156 games it's a small block off from a 162 but still. A bigger a lot of people we like or what about these records that you have set from a 162 games are you gonna compare those records to a 156. Oh now we have a problem I just I and I like the idea. I see the likelihood of it happening isn't very hot so. Why can't we do with the NFL does that we always talk about 1970 be in that line of demarcation from the merger in the NFL and everything pre 1970 was -- post 1970 was different in the NFL like it we just do that and call this the new moderate Arab based on 20/20 oh well when every year they decided because it is leagues are combining is not a murderer expansion they'd they'd be did combined two leagues in the NFL they would combine two leagues American and national technically in Major League overall the same number are they were owned by two different entities that they would have to overall everything. Says I have to expansion teams overhaul the entire structure of baseball. Would be. Well the unprecedented well it's really overhauling the entire structure of the game it is he sees realigning team in changing games in trying to make it better like. This team's real our league realigned all the time hockey real lines every third year. The NBA constantly changes the names of their divisions the NFL was moved Seattle in and out of the AFC west all the time attend the Big Ten constantly and you don't have its Internet thing right the big twelve moving teams that bring in teams are so like this. So this is the landscape is it really matters but the riots the landscape of sports right now the o's me is the ultimately that hasn't done anything drastic has been Major League Baseball. And we need to do something drastic that it will make the overall game better and I think it will create more interest twelve teams in the post season is a fun fun deal especially death for those one game playoffs the winner advancing into the gallery in LDS. Adding to be a lot of fun for Major League Baseball I liked this plant law. Army if your chance to win 1000 dollars and our national past contests with headlines in two minutes.