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The Drive
Tuesday, October 17th

In Hour 3, Jay Binkley joined CDot, Fanning & Heis in-studio for a basketball movie draft with the NBA getting started tonight. They also go Around the NFL and debate the biggest dissapointment currently in the NFL.


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It on the drive today is opening night. And of course we can never and it's been discussed the NBA but I think we have found an entertaining way its best basketball today. We're going to do drive dress. Big it is selecting basketball movies. You get for basketball movies you'll be going up against a drive crew. We will see was put together. The best collection of four. Basketball. Movies before we get into it we it would be BA championship you seem like you're going on a limb and take in the Milwaukee Bucks. Not going on a limb there. You know old school us apprised of Celtics the Celtics winning the NBA championship from a JB Hinckley are we have determined the order. The all goes as follows. Vinny heights. Mullah. Jay being glee and brand meaning we are selecting a basketball movies for the start of the NBA season. Commission. Take it away. I gentlemen this is going to come down to eight drafts. Where you have to choose between four different teams and I am of the firm belief. At this Strauss will be one of the first two selections here there are two. Outstanding picks you can take either number one or number two overall since I have the number one pick Eagles. I am gonna take. When I considered the greatest basketball movie ever made I will take he got game number one overall with Denzel Washington and Ray Allen I can't fault. He got game I don't know if I would have taken that number one overall but a very very strong pick with Jesus in Jake shuttle's work. For the second overall pick I'll take my favorite basketball movie white mane she jumped and as my first pick. Indy basketball. Movie draft. We move on down maligned. Something tells me you're gonna try to circumvent the rules and take any given Sunday we will spend the next. Doing about it. Drafted ahead of a excellent given in the files ETA and welcomed as kids failing did you about the weather I'm going hoosiers innings to show up and who's at the classic right there that is an A line. Basketball movie you've ever since the myself I'm terrible movies bluntly here are the openness I everytime I think of hoosiers I think of Jimmy chip would. Only missed like three shots being gently gentle Hitler did in Jimmy Chitwood not the big as soon as they have but usually it's like you don't shine like step curry in the movie is good. So I've got the the fourth in the fifth pick is that correct that's correct back to back picks that you did the snake draft side of the goes Glory Road. As market. Texas western I can't relief color and argument of those very. A little bit off the board here falling for the number five it's been cleared it up immediately and this is what I know and you take an air blood on this particular but on the go semi pro welfare. Our last place has been submit it now hours a lot. For bird that's a etc. you wrestle a bear that movie c'mon. Take I mean you you don't say you took a system guy definitely tests it adds a broad right in the Brad standings this absolutely. Well I like light and can't job and hoosiers so. There are taken so anomalous wind gusting and I I would never have taken that movie but I'm not one argue with due to items that are right. We continue on. Big lead is your turn basketball movies you have taken hoosiers are the board could have been number one pick strong extraordinary for the number three overall pick I'm going speech GM and room to learn besides space in every vehicle and again and you know well done thank you to an absolute fantastic movies. For me. Which he is this the sixth seventh overall pick in the movie yeah draft. Select blue chips. As my movie big fan of blue chips is I love how they did Yahoo! investigation and about. Three weeks yet but I appreciate blue chips so far so if former NBA players. I think is somewhat accurate depiction of talent basketball I'll take blue chips as my movie. Travel round out the second round of the basketball movie draft with a no other outstanding to ask all of LT coach Carter. And that was my next day coach Carter well. The second round yeah it's now he should of racial levee should offer to trade Eden me and all of them. And then I will continue on and start off the third round with taking another outstanding bass on the movie I will take a bulls the rim to start off the third round this. Sue right to. Do better that's what's gonna. Mike does this show weakness here but it seems. To always. And give rise according unionized which which for all my goodness I'm hurts bashed depicts. Saints. And you know. With my levels elect hoop dreams the a look at the documentaries that countered. Documentaries counts I'm still I will select hoop dreams for my movie I was. I was hoping to get above the rim there for birdie human being Kyle Watson but you'd it's look at the boards here it's gone. I'll meet you guys a round house right this hole am 00 yeah that's it. The fish that saved Pittsburgh doctor. The ticket like that recruit. I'm. I've got a dilemma users from trying to figures. In team he said. All samples is trying to figure out because borders busting its. Here in the league is it's just let me to administer this. Is it it's a these are the movies that have been selected so far I've gone with he got game coach Carter and above the rim Carrington has white men can't jump blue chips and hoop dreams. Thankfully has hoosiers space jam and I think it Andy fish that saved Pittsburgh and Fannie you have Glory Road semi pro and you are currently up to round out round number. For goals still not sure a lot of people lecture remember this news made 1979. I was a terrific movie Gabe Kaplan wasn't it a fast break. Can't knock fast break easy fast break. I've not seen fast break but I market. Won't knock fast break the classic back in the U and another thing I know you've got one let's see let's hear you knocking. On the go with with my. OT will contain a going grant. Not that solid board there any pursuit of where we'll put Lagarde no one exactly. I I've never seen. No let's say slot that's a strong pet died and I team will not what I would take it but I never see the movies I can't take a movie I've never seen. On the drink on the to do with the pistol the birth of alleged this to be. People seem to pistol. This is that low amazing. Movie. The Minnesota. Obviously feeling it obviously that's the pistol. Well my goodness. Plastic. Timmy got to do something for the ladies' man Alexei love in basketball. Like him or Miami last pick it's. A lot of love and a little bit of basketball I'll take love in basketball. For my final nick. Very varies. LE inspectors. By care engineers. To wrap up this draft after he got team coach Carter and above the rim. I hate funny move and you comedy that will take with a final selection Celtic pride. Movies that Celtic pride movie was off or how. Now you get a good laugh I would forget Paris before that Billy Crystal that was about movies do. Celtic prize there'll I guide Daniel Stern. Celtic pride and you have got east side you had an amazing. Draft you should've gotten so she got a base hit ball. Before Celtic when we have counted is. So you had an amazing ran Orleans has its earlier baseball movie either. Purely a base and our guys frequently to screw things. You'll find two days are here they'd think that was worth taking. The pistol. That's the pistol are everybody takes more time iced the number one pick away at Iowa when he got game coach Carter above the rim and Celtic. Really terrible when it really well coach Carter had a terrible outlook has any idea and your your reaching out of desperation here. Above the names and semi pro in teen is no reason why did in what is it about him to produce. No plan to pucks amazing. Sister Suzy what he says. Is a very very very popular and choking up uncle tyranny. And I'm. Big never endeavored to take that's what I mean she jump blue chips hoop dreams and love in basketball that's solid that's a solid roster varies Soledad solid number two. Being Europe Europe that has been there before. Hoosiers yeah Alton classic in space GM makes her body laugh yeah fish that saved Pittsburgh just an outstanding it is written in in the pistol to get this seat that's approval. Yeah my approval it was a big thing in Bristol I got a lot sense I'm surprised that. Excellent haven't seen the pistol like only two people on the tax allotted to it seemed to test the attacks like did you first problem Mazie. But it takes like not hip on anything. I think it's hoosiers is now I'm content that was involved and union an idiot I would it was Glory Road. Which allows treatment as well there. A semi pro that was really for my favorite part Butler rose at the beach scenes that's my Billick that's the part of or do you like best route towards. You're funnyman best real national deficit as a judge lights at the line and that is an eight wrote John's boy is what you find it. Americans know we didn't like that didn't like you people so they're get I implore you Rhode semi pro fast break which you media CC got. Great movie made in 1979 Gabe Kaplan the coach Ian from Thursday there's a guy that's zero million. I'll tell who's I didn't I never seen as got a Google yet. Paula Glory Road semi pro fast breaking team wolf anywhere will play at point guard kill like Michael J. Fox indicated that that it got that right there that roster. Of those four movies. C'mon. W loss and that no tingle the strategy and go easily go one thinks that you've seen the movie eyes what's your favorite scene he got sick and that's because. Argue that I have the best basketball scene in this the first fifteen minutes a white me to jump or a maze. I never Billy Joseph comes up and they're shooting the ball let's see who wins on amazing move it's the anticipation of finally watching the two of them play one on one. At the very end. And there's actually been stories and his articles written about how they chose different aches for this movie that. He was supposed to beat them eleven offing all the way up to eleven they change it around and they'll actually wanted to put a game. That part assassinated was all this high club that's part to make it a great movie argued that the bus that's among the ball that's only multi every just about. Any story that comes from now I read a story that the most realistic part in the movie was the scene where he goes in the room and there the two ladies in their view of the movies based awful stuff on Auburn. He really was based off of Omar and his running out the before after the starters. Before the starters he would do an ice covers it Iverson was supposed to be ray Allen's character but he did not go audition for the movies so. That is how they came to Ray Allen yeah imagine if Iverson was is that. All of the it was a great Iverson's great football player. Let's shoot a movie called soul in hole publish. Is that is that about basketball and never heard of them yeah directly after our sit and look at it it's is that in your sport betting house. And this whole the whole soul best basketball movies made in 1987 is called soul in the Bible never heard of that movie in my zone. You. I just never seen before. Oh. Opening weekend in case you wondered for soul in the hole. It grows to 1017580. Yeah no I was wondering. Yet nobody wants to know lol I just in case that questions. I think it it's not the pirates. There are one are drive dram in our own thing and now build quality slaughter them all the movies that actually oddly. I got it to movies of my list goes yeah you're terrible name Erica we do what you say to you. I'm an advance don't forget to mature like the worst though there's no question he's an illusion that allowed it. Back here from The Who Tuesday I thought it was going hoosiers. I do version of slaughtered on Twitter and the better movies before Chrysler on Twitter here here's the movies that I had a wireless hoosiers Wheeler roadway and can't job fast break semi pro blue chips hoop and I love to. Well I'm pretty sure that in the NFL draft your board other teams drafted you have to be ready yet to be ready you gotta be ready and it's not like what's John Dorsey analysts that are moderately critical you know movies I'm on the San Diego Padres blister on the worse minister Alistair your right. They've never won the World Series that's actually a perfect example of who you are big thanks level governing and I'll appreciate it budget that's to go around the NFL next the big story is in the NFL and is there any Seymour desperate for a win in week six and the Oakland Raiders will get our seventies. Though the risen to two next address. The dry presented by don't sinking us from the electric eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. When I hear you loud and clear the. A basketball draft to get ready for the start of the NBA season. The snubs are coming game. JaJuan a man. Isn't awful movie anyone suggest that Mitt JaJuan I mean should have been drafted. Should make a good block on and show you wanna play and is they got a four point 51 ID BA ended hand them per cent. On rotten tomatoes. Remote there's an awful movie with a basketball movie that's correct it is good basketball movie I'm happy that it went undrafted. In our drive maximum draft I never saw Juwan. Good thanks. Whoever cares about human life that they had never subjected odds to 12 hours and no it is not is about eight mania and then that dresses up as a woman because he gets kicked out the NBA in EU. Signs the W India. That's what the movie is about. But what we have when we have counted thirty for thirty's. So. Dreams is different because it actually is they believe it was released in theaters makes it different. I was accounting thirties thirties in those which are clearly not Dylan in the sense of a movie but it's solely a document. Are there enough is there for a handful of thirty for thirty's that I was considering. Because the fact that we allowed who dreams come since that means you take its good argument because of dreams at night movie in the traditional sense that was released in theaters. That changes things and I would. We we definitely could add a team discussion about 830 for thirty what's your favorite part of. Thirty minutes ago if the first on the pops in my head is the best that ever was Marcus Dupree. The running back from Oklahoma I thought that was a terrific one but there's been so many good ones but ever that was. That we got mean. Really really cute I I I thought that was terrific story and I know the back story that you I attended. Iso image and it was a really good one and that was it don't wanna get on them there's so many. Well there are so many I really like Carter lost just once that somebody that loves trying to lights it was cool to see the story told from the other perspective. I argued to escobar's is the best thirty there are on it's that's always likable if we're not kind of BOJ when the OJ one is so big it's hours long. I don't count that the same way that I count the one K you basketball there has done so completely differently. Pony express its Dell's audit of the ones you don't like that they have yet they've had very few misses in the U. Department of thirty for thirty's coming up at 430 we'll get to what's been our biggest disappointment so far in the NFL I think we find some agreement in that first let's let's take its arrival league guys. All the music thrown at once again. So as an officer you jest. Another outstanding star Ream him on his first area here. Are you going into the raiders lose to the chiefs all the two and five is it over for the raiders and when he seventeen it's over in the division I don't think it's over in right now the playoffs started today the Miami Dolphins and make the playoffs and their three ensued as anybody trust the dolphins to win nine to ten games this year. It's certainly not good no one's gonna argue starting off to a five. I just think that the non divisional winners in the AFC or so. That you're not admitted to a five odd spectacle. Yet to apply it to be up to two and six and you lose five that are. At this point this season I think you're in big trouble yet the raiders raiders knocked out by the cheese others that journalists can happen. Because of a bunch of different reasons I think the greatest. The biggest problem right now with the president appear to have any kind of I did it. You know defensively we're going to be in the dressing the NFL who goodness gracious you. He's going to be able to score points they haven't done that so far we'll talk about it and disappointment. Threatening to open is one of the bigger disappointments so far this year Indian though. Most likely to be dealt by the NFL trade deadline is a Carlos Hyde of the 49ers. But together we talked about the other day Martinez Bryant of the Steelers. The question Jose Carlos Edwards is Bryant. It's a little bit frustrated about usage of every week there's something with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't think marte is applying its traded. I did already transitioned to get him out of there all go with Carlos Hyde as the more likely nutria too I could see him going for six. Seventh round conditional pick Agassi Carlos Hyde being moved the next couple with. And we have Antonio Brown Libya bell all right you're not gonna get as many touches as you want if you're Brian not gonna happen. The 49 is terrible there and rebuild boat both sides now. Now that the Packers have likely lost Aaron Rodgers for the season. Is it the Eagles under the team to beat the NFC. I think the Eagles are team to beat in the NFC bound know how anyone feels good about it I saucepan add the meaning of the season. That was six quarterbacks in the history of the NFL on the second season have taken their team to a Super Bowl. So the odds are certainly not in the favor of course it wants to do with your much more likely obviously to do your fourth this easily you start to neutral prime as a player. I like personally I think if every player was available in the NF votes rant that you factory where they are now and you had for the rest of their career. I think Carson went to go first and that branch. Of course it was clearly had the bright future I just don't know with yet that seems dynamic enough and second your coach second year quarterback. I don't know about buying Eagles as being the favorite in the NFC but I can only I don't know. The favorite is in the NFC Seattle has their problems Dallas obviously has their problems Green Bay with the injury so right now I think you have to say it's Philadelphia but I deathly don't feel good yet. I have to do about it. The NFC and in what do you really feel good about. I don't feel like you can eliminate the Redskins or the cowboys who knows how that goes along this is that you only things that go I don't trust anybody the NFC north and Aaron Rodgers being around. Cam Newton may be the Panthers never really. Donna forming with the afford to right now I don't believe he saved the falcons have lost back to back games. At home against him crummy teams and I don't believe anybody the NC west in this accident terrible offensive line. And when it comes out to meet those guys I guess. It's the Eagles put it could be the Redskins the cowboys or maybe even the thousands of the Panthers I don't know. The last one it was Derek tendering you not DeMarco Murray that helped carry the titans to win last night. Yes think it should be Derek Henry's team moving forward. Yes I think in the NFL it always benefits seem to skew younger with dared Cary DeMarco Murray good season last year. Just like a little bit of the flu I thought that DiMarco were stolen on a little bit alike they had a good season Tennessee who won the bigger disappointments so far this season to. I would transition to give that to give the ball to the series to dared him every second year. Rookie contract that makes more sense to me the titans have a lot of problem. Think it's got to be Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray's getting old you know these good tailback really good player he's not there Kendry Derrick Henry younger. You know and and that's what they re need right now Marcus Perry noted. And we all thought he was gonna go crazy this year blow up like James wins either want them done that so again Derek Anderson. And that includes our trip around the NFL Ford today. Up next I wanna ask a question about how we like our sports in terms of future prognostication and who's been the biggest disappointment so far in the you know thought we'd bounce a consensus in one of those teams happens to be in the division. We get to that an excellent drive. It's the showdown for. For relief in its own. Only here on 610 sports radio and finally enchanting my Missouri Tigers a show the world of the best basketball team in this primary this season is in Colombia not so fast thirteenth straight big twelve championships you don't remember the big twelve. If we come together for hurricane relief on Sunday our pregame coverage starts at one live from time life power buys. Workers local union number two. The game started the readers know TV when you hear right here on 610 Sports Radio fans of the books underscores core drill hole cell batteries fireworks. You're not a door park close pitches you throw. Noon to donate go to one America appealed dot org DD a 610 sports dot com or teams. Are down 610 Sports Radio. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new 610 sports dot com. Plus it's too. Point so far. I felt we'll update our old. Which team do you hate the most and we'll edit your biggest rival in the city the Broncos the raiders and cardinals the Yankees on six and sports back. You guys a question because you're not the biggest NBA and seeing the Chrysler is a much bigger NBA fan that I am. But he also cheered for one of the teams that had the monopoly and they were the dynasty in the NFL. How we want our sports would be. Because right now in the NBA. Everyone knows who's going to be in the NBA finals it have a pretty good idea of who's going to win the NBA finals or. Do we like how the NFL is that maybe were not seen the dominant dynasty teams that we saw in 1995. Win that the Dallas Cowboys with a vesting in the NFL or the San Francisco 49ers were in the NFC right now I have absolutely no clue who's going to be innocent represented at for the Super Bowl. It could be Eagles could be the Redskins you could make an argument for probably seven teams in the NFC to go to this horrible. Do we like it. In the NBA we're clearly seeing the two best teams play each other every single year we're seeing six future hall of famers play in the game up pretty competitive high level. Or do you like how the NFL is where I saw us that point five teams in the NFL or either in their are in the lead for the division or within a game. The NFL is pretty balanced they have achieved what they are always trying to do it reached paired. It's and it's a tough question it's a complicated question. Deal eighteen dollars of a shot absolutely. But we're like where I come into the mix on that is this is she high quality product. All right and I don't think we see that in the NFL week in and week out. You know if you go back before free agency really blew up in the NFL and don't get your own I think the players. Should have the right to go to eighteen and while when they become a free I'm not saying that before the football a lot better as you'd have near as much roster turnover. You had. I mean you look at some of those cowboys and 49ers teams in light of some of the chiefs teams in the early that terrific I mean that all football's great. Systems are so complicated now in the NFL there's so much roster turnover it's age guys are wild. The catch up you know ended and a place that I think so part of me wants to know my team has a shot. Every every year but the reporting what she great football you know I think we've got a point now where those who really know what great football is anymore. Because I think it's so watered down. I mean that would Alex Smith did when he was Sampras is after got trapped men in Abacha were coordinators are much different coaches. System change from year to year. And it was terrible and once once it solidified that he was fine but it's it'll bring down has led to everybody and I don't think it's what John Scott's wife were on on toward because she great football. Like it's cynical as well at the quality college basketball's terrible right now. Because and in part because of the one and done rule part of the way the games are called in part because of all the media time. On I think all of that is gone down because players and stick around for 234 years. I guess the answer to that would be like to have a little bit of blow. You know because I know. You're not taken free and yet they get chickened out on the answer. I don't know if it's possible have both we I would say. The public much rather have the NFL for I would agree I did the public way that the NBA is not argued the India has always been this way and I would say that basketball at least in the NBA. Is a prisoner of there's only about five players in the NBA you're winning a championship with if that's the best player on your team that. Basketball incentivizing as you playing with two or three other really good players but the talent is is more dispersed in the NFL. And you create. Twelve teams can go this general fourteen teams that at the expense of it if you had to take some water down of the Payer we every game to be meaningful we won't be any given Sunday mentality that the NFL provides. Or the given Sunday comes and a requirement of there's that much of a gap between the teams there's not much of a gap between the chiefs and what you think at the seventeenth best team in the NFL it's one injury it's one turn over. It's one thing that can happen throughout the course of the game it changes the so I would say that people might hate the NFL Maher or the NBA model. But it makes sense why you hate the NBA model you might not think he was good football every Sunday I would agree with you for the most part but I think the public much rather have the NFL level in the I want. I think the public would you like it that part of it understand it or else don't happens though in the NFL model here's the thing the royals did you talk about. The deck was stacked against a team like Kansas City Royals and they figured out away and only championship get a two World Series in a row and build back in doing. How can he do it on a consistent basis and it really difficult says you don't rapper and his everybody else has picked up on the way to don't. All right the NBA. He and Bullock are forced to figure out a way all right. We can't do and it's as much hate the analytical side things Oakland is in the early 2000 figured out away. Here's us yours everybody else hears us down here and an herbal everybody else they were forced to come up way to be able to compete and they did I think in India eight. It is get three or four superstars decide they want to play together you put together a couple of super teams and that's at. I think our I think it's harder than people make it seem in the India it is to draft the player now some of its yet to be bad in the right years into it but let's. Make it seem like Golden State didn't draft the majority of the team got another technical things and it's a generational thing. You drastically Thompson drafted stuff Kurt you drafted Jamont green. You just got lucky and Kevin Durant wanted to sign up for it did I get takes a lot more of being bad at the right time where the where the Philadelphia's and that money for problem. They are bad they don't let me they got Vince Evans they got more helpful to their hopeful too yeah yeah good a good team. Does think it's so much more circumstantial and lock driven in the NBA about when your bed and who's in the lottery when you come out. This great sports LLC great quality. Tbilisi and I'll see that weekend and week out in the NFL. I don't see that too bad offensive line play from the chiefs last week. You know you see you look around the league and look at some of the bad football EEZ play and we talk about this all the time what is its. Legitimate court there's a quarterback shortage in the NFL I mean a lot this guy shouldn't. Right now. Especially on the bad teams we might glad he got what twelve million to be a starting quarterback in Chicago eighteen went out that would have yet ridiculous you Mort I thought crazy man so. Well I would this is what ever lost like I don't I don't I don't this crap product odds were finalists but but I would say that you want India will be. OK with. And they'll put the ABA model it does work for eight teams. There's probably eight to obtain a really good teams in the NBA does some really bad teams in the again that's gonna happen any sport there's eight. It chain of really good interest in teams in the yeah. Now eight of those teams had no chance boards of the NBA finals but Houston's really interest in the Oklahoma City Thunder really interest in the spurs really interest and I think you see high level basketball top. We just know what's gonna happen at the in the I think people like the injury in the excitement of not knowing what's gonna happen only week to week basis which makes the NFL so compelling. Right now we're seeing in the NFL this is the first time or at least it's still early. We haven't seen since 197 where aide we're home teams had a losing record yeah right now the first six weeks of the NFL. More road teams have won the game the home team's home field advantage used to be the one surely advantage and its sports. Work your home you have like a 5658%. Chance of winning the game that doesn't exist the more the NFL has. Officially figured it out know who knows what's gonna happen every week no one knows who's good and knows what this horrible and we can't stop watching it. Yes well model for better or worse now has a watered down product absolutely but every week you think your team has changed the way and I feel like you watered down. Enough and we forget about what we used to have legs were college basketball is due to forget how good the NFL used to be. My child is not some crazy old guy take the league is change we all agree do. I'm completely in the minority on this fine. She great football teams figure out how to be great rather than a bunch of tired see a lot of crummy football I'd rather. High school kids go straight to the pros in the one and done thing they have guys stick around the quality basketball. Be better in college they can't shoot in college basketball now they have no fundamentals. It's a terrible game to launch in most cases even the really good teams so. I not to paired again that's not what I want I I would be in favor of the NBA. Over the over paired I don't like to hear how old is he really great excitement to the best athletes in the world at their best. Up next update the latest polls on who's the most hated team in Kansas City and we did to our biggest disappointment in the NFL which happens to be in the division next on the drive. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. George 6000 bucks a national task contests coming up at 5 o'clock. Also it's the biggest stories of the day you've seen the city in its. We'll. He's favorite teen who was your most hated it city's sports Ryan. The bowl 46%. The Oakland Raiders are 38%. In a distant third the St. Louis Cardinals at its team in that heat in New York. Yankees. 0%. In bold beat of earlier baseball season are now. 0%. No and saying the Yankees tells me does that mean not five. Yet another anybody as. 0%. And there's absolutely no rivalry between but I think we did this poll like right before the royals are about or to play the I seventy series for the cardinals in my view if it's raider I agree with that that the cardinals would be higher I don't know the Yankees in my heart to be too bad we do baseball rivals the Yankees and becoming the top five yeah those people. Toronto I think would be higher raw. The Chicago White Sox the tigers will be Ira yeah wins would be higher the cardinals would be higher than those teams there's just no robbery between the Yankees that or it's. I would say it's one of the younger patients. You don't have any point of reference to a -- Rica I've never seen the royals yankees played important baseball game I'd like this like the Yankees what's the arena not the kids in Missouri the rivalry is and always the most competitive and it is normally wins at least in the basketball side. At least think a fond memories and fun Ager what game pops in your head if you think the royals yankees rivalry game from 1970s. Set yet to the point. I can't think of anything in recent memory I mean well the royals got a yankees and ease the clock. So now I can't think. Gotta take us around earlier today at what's been our biggest disappointment so far in the NFL season. It's and number one has been the New England Patriots at least for me about the patriots were going to finish. Fourteen in 215 don't wanna thought they had a pretty realistic chance on going undefeated so for the season the spin I thought it was going to be the patriots still have won the top five offenses in the NFL. I don't think that was in question. With the free agent acquisitions they made this offseason with guys like Stephon Gilmore I thought the patriots are going to be a much more complete football team they've been. I'm surprised how bad they've been offense are defensively not surprised how they don't seem to really have many answers. Every quarterback going up against doing and so far this season install for 300 yards the first time this happened in the history of the AFL. Their defense is bad in the other disappointing team I would say. Oakland's offense was going to be substantially. Better than what it is. The Oakland had a chance to be a top five. Top three offense in the NFL. Mean and that's not how it's been so far this season but how at least we perceive Denver's offense to be heading into seed. Denver scored more points easier than Oakland a more Cooper's turned into. Awful every down receiver Oakland's offense aside alongside with new England's defense has been the two most disappointing units in the NFL monitoring. Attic for me is the raiders for sheer mean this team picked to win the division and potentially. You know battled in England in the AFC title that's not a good about the raiders are going to be. And they've at all the you lose four in a row at this point they're not dead but she damn near the priest is in the room. Regis and last rights you know when his game against the chiefs on Thursday night the team for me the patriots out yet but I just can't I can't kick dirt. In my town yeah I as I've. Hard to believe a team with his defense is bad yeah England patriots all the sudden Morse and being good to fifty. Coming average distance between maybe Ali Zambrano was Syria puts so far this season average even showed their average defense team. They are easily total loss to the new to the New York Jets this week. A total of four of the more controversial call leasing in the NFL at the last lots and helping users big loss of the New York Jets ended at 500 to six weeks of the NFL. Know he thought the patriots would be this bad or this disappointing and it. A lot of you know yet yet jobs back you know back east and they are on ninety you know and so. I'm not in the city have a bit of disappointment I'm just not ready to call you know those guys like coach for the year the other team for me though raiders number one. You falcons. Like this a team that has somehow lost back to back home games in the brand spanking new amazing stadium. To the bills into the dolphins. Got the MVP last year Matt Ryan. Added 43 lead over the patriots by the when he played this week. Six touchdowns six picks. To me in a wide open see it's right there Forman. And they can't seem to take advantage but there's really no reason in my opinion that grant the dolphins and the jets a little bit better we thought. C'mon I mean the bills excuse me the bills and they and the dolphins teams it beat Atlanta an Atlanta. This final right now as sectional average undefeated. Loans to wall games. To those teams. With the MVP quarterback. Can't do that big lead last weekend and let it slip away home. So to me about the raiders number one falcons number. It's human to beast has won only give recent stats on Oakland's offense and he's how disappointing it's been so far this season. Oakland's defense our offense he's doing is 29 in the NFL the only teams that have. Fewer yards in the Oakland Raiders offense. Or the Cincinnati Bengals. The Buffalo Bills in the money team mean dolphins is again it's I thought could be top five in the NFL offensively. When it comes to total points these points for game in the NFL Oakland's eighteenth in the NFL. They average offensively. All average offensively if you look at this I thought that Oakland was going to be much more dynamic in impact forcing. And if we're gonna kind of fast affordable bitsy Thursday. This is a must win game four Oakland. Obviously there's a lot of football to be played in they could turn things around we see new chiefs team finished our sparked what one in five. In the NFL season and make the playoffs and rattle off in wins receive five and oh teams not make the plant stories about Oakland two and five in a division with a team that would be six and one so I don't think you win the division the chiefs are not. If this team goes to 61 Oakland's not winning the division. Denver it's going to division two games against achieved but Oakland would be four games back in the chiefs' losing a home game instill what the game. It aero Oakland's outweigh the division if they lose this game to Kansas City Chiefs again I'll listen to Denver I don't think they're winning either volleys this incident. You're two and four just lost you're gonna have ten days to think about it. Quarterback the back injury you can't see ligature offense going this is an absolute must win a very desperate Oakland Raiders team you're going to be playing. Short rest which are. I got he has it for me for being scared every team that she's played in this basically the Steelers from last week. Coming up you know really crummy loss of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Had to in this game. Think about the raiders surprised me that could elect in week one against the titans. I mean on the road. It was never really close. And killed 45 jets at home like we thought that they would. And I don't understand what's going on with his Oakland raider team I think we all agree that talent is there. On dirt cars healthy I would be shocked the raiders don't get this thing back on track hopefully it's just that Thursday night and was starts. Coming up until minutes we give you a chance of 1000 bucks and our national cash contest listening during the update highs will give you the co work and the biggest stories of the day gave the city we tackle an excellent drive.