10/16 8pm - Romo, Smarter Fan Base, C.J. Spiller, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin'?

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Monday, October 16th

The Tony Romo conversation carries over to the top of the final hour as we stumbled upon a clip of him struggling to get to the commercial break. We hop back into our earlier conversation about needing to be a smarter fan base before we take a look at C.J. Spiller’s twitter page to try to understand his psyche. Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?” carry us home.


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This and heroes. Other. This show. Lee. And Stanton bird still produces is bad. At this completely left out of alive rose. Both of these among lifting as the answer is in the building. Put those figures to the head as we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. You alarm Monday night yankees. In a critical game three three. Ted I think. CC sabathia has in a little trouble though. Andrew Luck looks like why the hell in my own this to. By the way real quick we've got some gummy and romo's I have one wrote those reacts. That's a fourth quarter when Wright era. Or he could do it it time management one called Tony's time management. Yeah and then and not yet to be like Ed and Tony's tick tock or something dole is better at that labor. That is morally. I just say. The order to think Tony's prepared. Yes. That's how prepared like prepared like a bunch of sheets of paper is really steady throughout the week or prepared like he did this stuff and markers. I have never worked at this production company. A but my theory is that they have a team that puts together all the research forum and then the day of the game in the day before the game. He meets with Nantes and they go over all this research at their team is done and take the best talking points and go through a couple of state conversations to prepare us. They happens I don't know why I think that that probably does happen to. But I don't I and I think that rom out shows up with his own notebook where he's just scribbled down a bunch of dots in match market. Like I do you think it answers at the did you were Phil Simms before bills Phil is. It is a row AD at least knows a lot bill hated bill is the very bottom. And I he is the worst one I've seen these now fills networks and reached. Who's who's on I hear you keep kids. We've. Spear IDs is just out here Austin campus to benefit those arrows do. Well these electric greens day. Outs I triggering he's got worse trickery. Like this I admit Phil Simms reviews on the AT IU is eight bill but fills a pro and Jim knows what like. Jimmy got to worry about bill talk in overeat. Jim it's probably still trying to figure out how Tony Romo pulled Jessica Simpson. You said he was the quarterback of the Dallas countless that it helped Ryan leaf. I think some women find that simplicity. In gearing up a you're being dumped up some of the is that it does work reuse or to those of you all in the mind of toad. A pet day. Heat is the irks me. I eat irks me I timeout for Tony is this that all of our Betsy Jim Nance wants to not Tony Romo to have a panel. Like this if you listen you'll listen. Do advance will do the analyst two at saint. I watched him call play it did break down the guard. Whole block I'd like I've ever heard a play by play person dutiful. But I think of the play by play announcer. That Tony Ruble would see this in over the it. I think there's several polls. Cities like. Do you think just guts it would hands jaws about a good candidate Tony wrote. Gust pretty lame and Gordy do any he'd be interrupted you but don't get out but don't don't cut. Us off don't mess gusts as call. I got the legs because as a 22 there reckless bill slept when you're sequels to Rick was out there like us as a 22 that he would pull out. To Tony as it looked down. I had this time you talk when I'd be finished. Don't mess up my deal. Got hurt his feelings on the I feel like. I guess we'll tell Tony to shut up on air. You never Pat Summerall the used to be hammered out here Pat Summerall would Estonia. Who Jon Gruden and Tony together from the 816 Jon Gruden would. It that you bring out all of the all of the biggest gruden isms as they're both color analyst. I can see I conceded they were in a three man Booth. At the two of them trying to one up pizza. Adds its outlets that I think you were say this the other day. Tony has started to get a little AM with that to. And not noticing he is drawing in asking for the all 22 to do his his teleprompter work. If he hits it he had sixty circles I want it eat it right it's finance. I dirty commercial break cities disliked. Just like to check this out check this out these drugs circles all over the field ought. I after the telecast is dead at the gates. I like Tony thinks it always great. Clay but not have wreck. I don't leave me it's just rip big hit. The tips they gave up that hill as well. Jim I see him as texting fill out the game. Art exhibit like outlook and I wish somebody could look Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Loan. How does either phone. Messages out to see if their texting during the time that the game. No I think Solomon will cut sucks god. And analyze it it's. Oh that's right. It must burger we already heard how Britain feels about Tom arts aren't whatever this kid's name is Tony. Could you imagine Britain must burger with Tony. I think Brit Brit would tell it does I thought did not say they. I thought. Fish golf and check. You used the code is only got but two times instead of Britain must burgers call. Roethlisberger came after anonymous Twitter people because he. Has he spoken about. Still mixed it. You've made it tell me is old Lance Whitney given him work I needed just quit the first week. I'll veto it mock must bird as he cared borne scientific Al Micah apparently as I've. I seem like there is some sort of group. Play by play guys that are all calling you name it. And Sam man that was rough this week. I think sometimes Tony just genuinely forgets that he is calling and you live television. Gee is. It this maturities. Stanford Joseph what is it about him. That does it for Keith Jackson yes he wouldn't let me about. As it doesn't have great time. Now I'd I'd like big goofy news IA initially you're really enjoyed him calling out plays out like an effort there. And it has gotten a little bit annoying and stale but I believe in him. You believe it. A yes I did just like you believe in this sounds on the potential is there despite this despite he would accuracy atop the Scott 62 stamps and almost got some bombs to Regis you know. They console gaming garbage time when you're watching what John's. It's what I like about. Ramo is. His is at least Odyssey and he will call guys out whether or not played well yeah I. I like you labels got Andy Dalton for example an Ambien is easy argument and it is but he is. But he is not doing that is much. Well as I've got something that Jim was like man and you really can't July. Talk about how much these guys sucked because your bad day you're down play the game he got hit yesterday if you go back and he got really perturbed with Demetrius haters on that hold. It was a lid it would Alex Smith scrambled. Yeah that that's open Iowa but you don't get away. All good ideas it but it's by the end of the night. It is the pass breakup that Eric Mary gates. Are these the third down. Right before the geez get the final position. And and he is covering. Lately bill. Any knocks down a GM Nixon makes the call it did wrote all clubs which some late news like this eagle is something like. Old Ed and a. Eight of Brad it's not greatly. Oh well. It's bad it's not all. States this hair lady is it's not like it sold out all. Lane and out is it's like. This is lacking it's they had. Like it's a modern day Dick by tale but it's bad but if you can find us where odd odd odd not right on the words but it was to blame. It got out of this pay gates. I don't yet ready. Hillary that we find that by the that the I'm gonna try. I feel like guy beside somewhere. In that I'll fight you to help please it is the last the last possessive. Where the Steelers when air when it would air married not sit down we probably should work on this but you know how we do. We just cannot come out of order of the year. I said this is why hate Tony room. At this doubt he's got to like Jim Nantz can't be late. Like this this is the same guy with the Connecticut Huskies UConn won the national championship. He said whenever anyone tells you can't you just looked him right the guys tellem yes you odd. So and its key could be lane but Tony Romo takes it up a level. I let me go to break because these two are frantically looking. You're not from the states so people like Tony I can that's the. This guy's evident fives that they fired him up out tote. I hear. Coming up we see of this that it fine. That's only if Tony Romo at it's we don't Adelaide this did you fight it but played on the other side. Will judge to see if I think it's if it's as lame is that they did I state next. Ice level with us this morning. That is good ol' Charlie you've never votes or renewed. Oh. Sweet goods you've Stanford Q did it like tail. Out of Rosa Parks arts isn't it which it's. If it's O'Charley's he's. It was an end it independents like right next the bubble in the minutes and then got where I was outside so little farther out from the I don't know. Don't you ever have it here. It puts this outsize. That rates like I. Listen there may be just outside the race not big enough for you to act like this outside toddlers soda and on my point was that somewhere on the independent thing I was closer to these summits I would go to the buffalo on he's in the sun and Alan go to independence is that was the north side agree that it. Maybe maybe you're now ruled that he liked what you would call little ball he would vote in the pits and there are had been considered what you. You don't we're site is that you feel chart all of that long. My bet on. Let me ankle and Alex or is that a possible. Yet heard of O'Charley's don't. Why would I know that it's a restaurant. A while and I know that it's wrong. Independents are that. It's tickets they closed over seven years ago it at least I was fifteen when it clubs. Stick close seven years ago you have. Root. Site is big there for seven years Aaron. But. Oh. It. Ala local tribal fighters. Charlie's is terrific tickets. I had a buddy who used to board in its early rounds and as he's. It's a and elect. Either the. I'd so I wanna he would use this was this was sold lane to me waited. With Tony Romo. Got him try to give himself amp it's dedicated to go to wreck like that's what the big things for me like at a good color analyst. They can really. Leave you. Out of a break like Indy going you'd take you to commercial break. Bill rectory is the best and it hits you with that. And they go right to break. I got every game when they were it would Washington. Had a kid named Donald Watson is to eat these things and everything has been working well lawsuits that it is. Ultimate classic it and it goes to break. It. Here's Tony Romo is it to him. They get you going heading into commerce. The dog bit lacking. Let's worries that the public. I. It. God article does scrambled eggs your best public. Here is in the goats like that again I'd be held at least I eat out what it is to own. Oddly. This currency is CBS which is its ads. That don't need any lane ladies. It's like you just trying to discrete today at a right before they went to commercial break it you know what to say it's only emanate edges blurted something out all. I've just had so they're eight and six sounded like a pick. She. It's not a puddle of I can't get it out there it. It again. Yeah. So let's talk it to a bit old now. I'm. That we gut baby. Obama meant what I heard does it eases us it's called the Super Bowl next year. Loves him he's getting better everybody does not well I'll probably get back if it's an art at bagged his percentage of predicting planes is just going down video presented the predictive place. Do you sit him this this is it going to. And Matt. Let's let's. But let's talk. Let's talk to kids is it adds they're about to get a commercial that he heard the music you beat him with a had a is now but I gotta get up about. DOS it's rolling around it is rockets to angry. There's all Tony. I didn't get my. But these. Roland. The unfortunate part is that we we Wear down. There. He wasn't even write about it and. To think about Eric yeah he came back from break it just said. Dad there and they were they lowered and as. Do you think you do you think he came back at their ads that would commercial break taste it off that and the most the most. They got a break uses language Big Ten beds out that it did say you know there with a was seventeen Tubbs pop bigamy is a it completely you know it's I. And I can't. And that's still needs today. How is tough but. How does toady a leader an awful. How he. Could you know email and odds are made it com. Until it didn't I. The art and that is a big deal like toll in and out going to newcomers. I love me some of the guys have timing and they are perfect with the. Just perfect with the and did its own. That to me we got to go to the drawing board right for the usual bag. It meant that last year on odd during the patriots cub bit. That was what the send dobbs at the local to the plumber as a group. But. Yeah. It. She's answered them insane yeah it's like. Oh let's look at. People are now I decided that this would go to lines up a Brooke was that something similar with the speeds at the ball for that position if you could it. RT last week in India Tampa Bay games that. I have met fourth out of it right there. I did Wilma. What allows this yet. That was there. I can hear that old they Lowell. It is. It. That guy it's called the Super Bowl next year man that needs to be. The way and we just said. Every every day this week that's arrogance that the but it. Job isn't needs. This is that the that we did. The mix up on Libya and at the start that he could greatly be God's name out. Let us how professional Jim Nance down like a a number one broadcasting team pigeon ants down. Ed did they just wield some guy in a chair in out of the stands decoded to. It looks like rats a body but six to 37. That made age it is the right. Now now now. If he's not great you can tell he's not good with. He kept it to those that it would people talking to him in his a year. Because I guarantee you the reason why reading it lately. This is so what was telling in my exodus to break Tony that now. I didn't think. He's just fight the urge not to talk directly back to the person that's actor gets me is fixed up it is senile in 78. I love the glee and excitement in his voice a near the passion and love of the game you'll get beat Lee. Look at the excitement. But you can't sell like the play better city to meet you look. On graphic for the final two bullet points. Please he's old and senile. And it's a bit and let's hope he. Spoke. Likes Stewart has glee and excitement just to bring get. Tony's or his work in Paris troubles that's the problem. It's pretty green is rolling around it is broadcast broadcast grade he's working through his problems and the number one. That's gonna be worth it. His problems. It it does so well next year I'm thoroughly enjoying. That brisk app. Mean jet that was probably Jay Cutler got called back to football Jay Cutler had it would it's up. I took me at that data is got to think about what the third member of T. Because we can't go to break like this. At 330. Exclusively on 610 Sports Radio. I'd feel better if they thought. I've attended world to come out and Jim Nantz. That to delegate I think dividends will be better let's do it. The seventh scientists at every individual city that we go to and that's go with it that's how we determine. But the eight was six Woodrow Sony B bit. Utility is that this Lebanese. I think he's drunk as I think he's simple he's as green as possible. Philip gains garnering 41% still of the blame over Andy Reid. The leaked like. Ducking out of covered it. Someone is saying that Mitchell is looking Tuesday. I sure didn't mean to spend so much time on this. But that those that owes it to the flooding is the vet. It CJ. CJ Spiller being brought back to this team for what one of the seven. You have. So defied those skipper Joseph and I Sanford Jeff found and intriguing pattern. In these resigning cut dates of CJ Spiller has balanced the seven time he has bank battery side buys two. Rights though so stay effort Joe's unrelated plugin way. And he. So joke. You sound. As he gives a Bible verse every morning correct most days he trees out some sort of Bible verses. Deals with inspiration in India trusting god so. Whittled the hunt to find. The Mets the the bottlers as he put out a daisy were. And daisy was he was he's the son. Do you have those available outreach the first. Yeah I forgot I go ahead let's let's go I'll take this and do it it's. They average though the first time he was cut what was numbers he put that. First Johnny was cut that day put out first on four for the spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. Ed boys that you called. That what's it go at he gets cut. That that was first cut outs as well that was his first the day after the big day after it. His second signing after saying you know the world's evil in the spirit is good at and everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be safe. Axed due to anyone out today that. Based service because it feels like because I've been there man I worry. Then Dan hours you know and then our careers. In our show that's. Gets higher. It's rated higher. Moves up that the world. But that means that somebody has to. Drop. And it outlaws like you know wit that message it with the script they're. Like he's almost like yeah. Is that what would that first kid that has to be a deciding that has to be with Spencer ware with. Yeah I think so. Though everyone who calls the name of the lord will be say. What pre season week to perfect pick up back up like that we do. When you're praying to it when your brain. Are. Like CJ Spiller is to get on a roster. Aides generally your brain for the demise is somebody else. My. My favorite line they'll likely came after someone else's demise as well though lowered it was after his third signing. Romans 82 and because you belong to him the power of the life giving spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Boy I think he's talking Andy write off net. What was today. Love the lord your guiding keep his commandments. Had a bullet. It's. I've now listening that it unease on the roller coaster round if it didn't answer it maybe it's the heat he deserves to have our refer Stroud panic. The balance around Lima this reform it's as if it test I'd a went clearly. He doesn't have a lot of other teams are showing interest in him right now he's just available on every side with the G-7 tech and apparently. Apparently. Adrian Peterson was doing the same thing is did he say his air his prayers were answered with a whit. Arizona. But now. Go may I'll allow it. That are but he. And our anger at. Goals what's yours. And that is a taste of Twitter who got its takeover west let's. Batman so come on. Here at home and oh. Indian name my Packers quarterback actually got. We will all the go man cemeteries is isn't roll better. Listening to hammer and I know of the younger quarterback he's out there who's to free agent is wrote all better hammered listen. He gave desolate mountainous. A don't blow that we're gonna give it to the editor of the news media Tony Romo slips out of that bracket is boot them college camp Opel. It's just. Is that time it hit showroom stock. I. As showstopper. Making official what exact quantity three weeks ago. The Louisville athletic association board voted unanimously on Monday the fire men's basketball head coach Rick Padilla low again. Just to avoid any confusion pitino is not being fired. The other recruiting scandal in which a Louisville hired prostitutes for high schoolers it was already but the one that involves the FBI revealing his alleged role in helping high school athletes get paid by shoe companies. Had this. I'll believe it's Alexia it's I don't believe it's an album believe it to us. He's been fun out three hours ago and he's. When he's not on the sidelines of that came up the tubes that are by the way up. They can that's the title there actually is not fancy homes and they have been ahead. Isn't that. But other balls they exited the puppet that's why I just KFC's center located at yeah arms because that's the name of the corporation Wright Ayers you know yum with an exclamation point you know if that's irregular rural road in the bill you know. And it's exclamation point. On again the KFC yum center they give out free ticket though they about the reckless. I did not proceed and I just washed Kansas lose to Villanova with Errol. Just assume that they did out freeze into that green. Adrian Peterson looked bad with the saints awfully. Averaging just thirty yards to Carrie is long mistrial as web yards came on. They came on his first into what. He carried the ball 27 times in the I don't doubt that I don't know going to end I I don't know that you are you going Tony I'd lie got I I messed that up and there. It just it makes adds I tried to read it three times to see if I've asked about. I clearly did it. But this was electric in his debut at the Arizona Cardinals. Regulatory six times around in 34 yards and two touchdowns. The my. I was asking you this week we Jews. And we talked about it with. Which yards let would you start Adrian. Adrian Peterson win. Crazy. Like you went crazy. Otters are geared to it's it's still hang on to that that limb of these awesome. I still have men my dynasty fancy for Polly I hung onto. I'm happy ID. Matters is available on our radar as a I think is to it but I think he might still have a couple good games left in the tank with given the opportunity editors and a great galore yeah. Any loss like. Yeah he's definitely better than Frank Gore and the saints I just ate it never made sense for him assignment the saints. For him to agree to sign there and for the saints even offered a contract is they're never going to use him. The way he's used to be you strip or your seat belts reckless we will a source of mine is saying. David Johnson is looking to be moved to receiver. You. He's made that. As jets are trying to make a comeback against the patriots and appeared that us and some fairy and Jenkins. It scored a hard spot touchdown when he crossed the goal line with the ball to cut New York's deficit. Are very confusing Rowling claims of Terry in Jagan had fumbled the ball out of the end zone. That that score away and add even more headaches at the interpretation of the NFL robe. But on a hog rather he play it it didn't appear as if sustained Jenkins has never lost control of the football. People are really meant it this. But people are. Really getting bad about I love playing a guy that costs may take incidents like that so it out via I just picked Cuba. But people are really gig man of maybe he could then fumble and he and he'd probably at best but he never lost possession of best part was when he can't and give the ball and it shows. It's. This is if I hurt Lipitor say there's a whitbeck in re Watson that if he kept and handed to them. And that what they say he was saying like you want it now. And then it got over tired idea utterly bogus scholars say he is he is silent. Richard. Coming up. Good tickets the getting tickets Tex lines six 306 text did what you watch which shows you watch it and Netflix Hulu what you watch the segment that's sweeping the nation coming up. Thirty yards Kerry is long mistrial as web yards came on. They came on his first into what it. He carried the ball 27 times in the I don't doubt that I don't know you're going to end I had about I mean that you go to Tony I'd lie got I I'd mess that up and there. It just it makes adds I tried to read it three times to see if I that's bound. Completely okay. That's not let us. Where. He spent Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to think. Indeed what can steal a catch weight touched down at Super Bowl fly first class plane people watch him are actors. I'd like remake movies with O'Neal were pleased. I'm not superstitious but. Furcal and I think that. And science. It works and missed games what a rather be feared or loved. Tomorrow evening folk. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. It is so what's it lots sponsored by absolutely no one's a one could step up. It is 69 into the June 6. 9306. Texted which shows who lives in that links move and Hulu. Amazon prom would have. Monday's big TV night in the Yankees look like there are Bullington. By the way which I'm I would watch it they entity now and I don't know element ticket it looks like they're about to keep. The series two bullets is the bet is. It's it's eight that in fort. And air exists is that. We always like to give respect to the personal and get a rub rule. The first. Bullet in. It. And the first one of the eight point six. Mind hunter. Is that. The show as slicks. I need to start and I keep here and everyone I know who started it says that it's is that it's awesome is it that this like a great swallow it like what does it I think it's what I've seen the previews of what is it. I gets based off of a book I wanna saying. Maybe this one so. Does that seems like it's the American crime drama web television series based on the true crime book mind. Inside the FBI's a week Serio you know who I'm about to watch last night. I yeah they done. But I do I wanna watch this the sands and yeah. Yeah I did see the pre. For the it looked like it was an interesting thing also. So we'll re watching. Entourage forgot how it but it still was stopped by. Shows they believe it does it every job out its edge you guys devices start then. Tell you it's all right I've never seen on trashed and it's okay is Leo it was it was solid when it started out but it got really bad. Later on and then they made that awful movie billion the guys that the movie was raised. Yeah I mean it was really like the last three or four seasons of entourage were ten tragically to a precious rights kept watch I what does this mean she. That's the show on Cinemax on Cinemax this he had they've got original content analysis gutless resiliency they've got. So show why though when that's pretty I've only seen the episode I don't respect. Why is reflecting our thing but it. Does it it's that figured it and they follow. Maybe. Says Anthony stop gap and it is and I Cinemax showed its wanna bunch towards. A noisy the first couple episodes but it's it's pretty good. Cancel. Eight was six definitely with. No idea. So what's it there watching YouTube. Videos of their broadcasting. Tony should be on him to get the count on board you know what would. You get Tony like I hardcore. Ed if you start watching the do. Season purview at these is yes you know you I know I knew one and I I'm watch that last time I am trying. I've tried to fight it. Like to get to outlook on a roll last night like I am I got myself. Out of these six midway through season seven like he is not in like he is now dating. What's her name is the gate slots here too Loretta black. Man win the as to amount. We've seen Donnie told the police say the antlers in the us optimistic about the fact. This could be of these third is the real deal that we it's only moments. That's a good. Thank Liddy does and it makes it is that I announcement a televised lessen the classic of them gets sucked. It's grown. Drone drone and CNN years was a lesson mussina on islands but it was the last time either went and seen it all blackness. Massive amounts. Well we don't like throwing out an NB wrong abilities of life. As I want a sad day might be this barbershop right that it it's electric but the virus like the first. You just recently will be watching this particular us over the first time like three years yeah. Get out is. They look at his super not all wanted to get your hopes they'll be Kerry these are not I think get out festivals this event and studio and I. But but but but give out is he's got this look. It doesn't really us drone yeah yeah outlets like nobody in Abu Mazen. Black dynamite that's all black Knight who is it all again I mean yeah. Did you guys the list of black star powers. Like this Christmas movie it just maybe think about is the one that JB's move to these movies in for a broker. He was ridiculous. It is a watch duty saying oh yeah well obviously we're real ugly. Well we're gonna be out against lighthouse point of looking to hear it now puts it well you guys we. Now. The show would run the show. You can leave. Probably MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield six news Sports Radio.