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Monday, October 16th

After the Serda Show tears into a certain Jets fan, Ron argues that Chiefs fans are blaming the wrong people for the loss. Shouldn't fans place blame at the feet of the most important people on the team and the people believed to be elite? If so, why is Andy Reid escaping unscathed but Phillip Gaines drawing scorn? Yesterday's Useless Predictions nailed the Saints score. We have a round of Showstoppers before we discuss Tony Romo's hilarious performance yesterday with some fun audio.


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Well I mean into the water and it's seconds ally in the house and senate. As always sponsors are most certainly is pending. BA dad's been. Double or eaters man's captured. Well I would like to call an eighty jets fan. But just to purchase a shirt that said I stand for the National Anthem now he's an idiot because he's wearing the shirt. I mean purges the share that's fine make the statement that you wanna make but they happen to catch a picture of him you know. Spreading an American flag which I guess he brought to the game as part of his state it yesterday. Any spread it out. I nice little patch of grass that he found and then proceeded. To sit on the American flat. So. This guy stands for the National Anthem but he also uses the American flag is a beats out. You sir are an eighty. You show. So ball commands this go where they're host Ron that shows you at least shout out. To all our listeners what those. Fingers today because we salute to. For allowing us to be a small part. Your Monday evening stand bird still produces this bad boy of the first time ever about lifting Steve asserted did not use is a lot at. It's not that I had smaller but it didn't I I just never finally stopped. That mower but I was doing wrong and here that if any. I was gonna get into way along your rant and probably upset he would rally really died just I just wanted it back as an idiot because he would say you rarely really can do is clearly misinformed about what the entire. Protest is about really has no idea what is going on he's just an oblivious more. Now that's that's that he probably just really confused people who are supporters of standing for the anthem. And in with that this guests to answer the answer that he sits on the liquid food. And values of hard it was in May of sellers I don't have any kids grow. Up. He is an 82. Caller. Art course this hour. I'll bundled up in not and laid out like it was like you rumpled up a critical piece of paper in and sat on. But respect the flag what is it like Q can you look up rumpled is that a word but what's the definition of like like. Rumble. I mean instigated a decreased ruffled or disk. Some that it. To give a crease or ruffled appearance that is what is so let's crumpled up our I got him in front the OE. Doesn't make you now word article rumpled Cindy names are crumple Kris radical. That run shot. This episode crumple and rumble or just the same thing or that it has this built the same thing that what you said rubble I was ready I just elected think of was still so and so. Crumble is rumpled just with the C. Yeah and on its crumbles the rules I was I was trying to say crumple and wrong and he came out and I got really lucky that that wound up being alert. That was is that it is what is at the urban dictionary is that just a regular worded lift. It's whatever comes up when you by going to Google that is built into the web page on the Webster. There are. The folds or wrinkles. Fascinating thing to me as we segue obviously. Crumple and rumpled to this and eighty jets fans. It is it is really fascinating to me who and how we. Assess and I hate doing this but Blaine and how and who we is they have it on ten. But my theory of things is. If you have. They should be the ones you blame first light yet people who were perceived to be leaked. They should we be the ones to blame as they should be the once and she gave the music up bra. He generally always gets them he did deserve it the most of it immediately when you wanted to be in this situation. You get. You get the blight. They'll happily carries screws things. Or other people around Irish is that you get the blight Cleveland's all having a tribute video for I wouldn't and that. And I'm telling you it's fascinating to me that in my time watching the game and watching. You know our FaceBook. Lives art Twitter our. My Twitter. Text line the phone calls. Like. Philippines as giddy as much. Blame our criticism. It's like eighty degree and that's fascinating. Because. And gains as the third quarter. And he's the third quarter is Steven Nelson. To me. To assess that let's blame the same level of play or sometimes it feels like more. On a guy like Philip Gaines who we understand. I think about today that that it did Phil's gonna QB. But Phillips ball skills are terrific. He's got to get beat. But while it will weaken on down as hard on him as we and it seems like more that we did all it. Avery. Like how how they eat leak. Things are all of this to eat. I'd save mart is Peters is the lead at what he does. Justin Houston you can saves to lead what he does. Terror Travis gusts easily to his position. And I think the jury's still out on auriemma. But any greed is the only person. That I think is looked at as a whole a fine player on this person on this team maybe Eric Berry. And it hits of downright stupid and I just callers SE in my opinion really dumb things. In the game yesterday but for some reason Bill Gates is in the same level. Of blaming criticism that the EU the head coach and that makes those it's to me. I think some people were just. Irrationally. Placing all of the blame. Towards the defense of side of the ball abuse I mean I had people on to order saying that. Young Justin Houston's a shell of himself and say he is no longer any leak player which is. And saying considering all of the things that Justin he's in has to do for that defense I mean. The guy should be just rushing the passer every play but for some reason they keep asking him to drop back in the coverage to help of those guys. Because they understand their secondary that great right now. Well just Houston's not helping the second here okay it's eight sets itself but it okay. But they continue to do any and he has been batting coverage but in the pass coverage has been something he's been surrounded. But it at least it would go to criticized its use it certainly would agree doesn't use it is only right yes isn't lately it is I. Just your kidneys sexiest today you have put and personal bid to help stop the run and I did that. But I don't sit about braves saw I mean gains yeah. You gotta make that play you can't you can't just back at ball opinion Antonio Brown shot to gadget but sometimes just the way the ball falls. There's not that much I think Phil gains could have done to change that plan. Let me actually to. If Mike Tomlin. Who it would you say is an elite coach in this league. I did Mike Tomlin easily coach in this league. He's been to two super ball as he's got to win I think Pete Carroll's an elite coach in this league and obviously Bill Belichick is the best of me who's ever done. You'd think they'd have Philip gains on Antonio Brown with the game on the line. Now. What they have when they have bark is Peter's do you think they'd have Philip gains on him. So Wahlberg and Blaine don't give me let upset no. He's had goats. You go over there and say. Put Philip gains on him. Where actor Antonio Brown those 22 goals they could do that. Could that he's the only person so we're gonna blame bill Gaines who we know is bad. But it keeps continually be put on the the league's. This receipt. I do think. That I won that. Yeah back asked to change it you know what Pittsburgh is going to do because they've done do you. The last three times you played they're going to get Hannity they're going to give lay beyond bell the ball thirty times and they are going to move Antonio Brown. All over the field except for whichever side of the field Marge is feeders. But you have to adjust to that but I think in coach support game yesterday. I think a lot of that blame falls on the Andy Reid because I do think we see this from rain in the past work. He was almost flawless the first five weeks of the season he was just outsmarting everybody he was out coaching everybody. But I do think sometimes Andy gets a little full of himself. And yet he tries to get a little too cute he believes in his scheme in his system so much. They he loses sight of what he needs to do and what had been working. Because I don't think there's any excuse for agreement only have two carries for forty yards in the first half of that game especially after. Pittsburgh went on at ten plus minute drive where lately on bell had like seventy plus yards and touched a that I have a little something do I get a badly hit by it but we're recognized but then you come out on that drive immediately following that touchdown. Graeme was even on the field for single player that dropped. I just and it it is in. Entity. Like there're a couple of plays in the game that he. And Philip Gaines played Antonio Brown assumed what the decision. From a Lee hall of fame level coach. To make 123. With thirteen minutes left in the game four and two you get a chance to get that gave tool once or gay. If the field. Kick the field though at the decision for you to make he needs to get crushed for the. Something that really bothered me about that series because we had third and issue in the fourth and wind. Was that on. And neither one of those boys did you're supposed in VP. Touched the ball pages handed off when the running game wasn't doing anything and if Alex Smith the really isn't in BP's I've got he has to have the ball in his chains. In that moment that I felt like. Andy at that time build a team hunt it was done to give us that how can we say they shut the run down the first half when Kareem had to entered. With the every like let I understand obviously I didn't who had very opportune they had they had all they have the they have four drives and every time. Like they had they can see the price of eight guys standing up the year. And even in the second half like. Putt was not was not Roland I kitchen I still think he's still had to give them the ball and I don't think they gave them enough touches let. I I hit at least two of till two point understand the looks but it was the same thing that they got last week what happened last week was used ads at the same thing. We're going to put everybody up in the box and we're going to make Alex throw it they did have the same thing now the top of the line I don't. Earnings that want to put twenty plus carries last week over a hundred UR ia and it was and when did he get his care. In the second half men that's that let but the score again when you eventually they'll from the run which has been successful and he big creative. Eight diagnosing plays for them I mean that's there's offense couldn't get anything rolling yesterday. But in the last in the last game what they had to do because they're forcing a fourth salad to throw the ball. And the last game they were very very aggressive down the field. At this gate they weren't. And I did help the run game this game they work but I think the second half they tried you saw in the first half they said the first series third quarter when I get the ball. And in for some reason made Eagles quarterback sneak on third of one. Like to me it just comes down if any is the only person what Hillary blame in the fourth quarter full in the same way. Blocked. Why. We're blaming back up off its applied at a third or fourth quarter at the same way we're blah. Mean I and I I get that out and have a lot of time yesterday he was getting pressure all day long. But I just didn't see the creativity in the offense that we had seen the first five weeks of the season and those plays Alex made down the stretch like those were all Alex. I Alex those throws he made down the stretch even give them a shot this game. That was all Alex with pocket collapsing around him and him just get on the moving keeping his eyes downfield which he continues to do. Which is just in which is promising. To me is a fan of this team because that's something that he is. Still getting better and it's something he is never done in his career. Before put this up as a poll and we'll we'll we'll talk about this when we come. Do you think. You think Andy. Is more to blame for this game. Or Philip K the thing and he's coaching decisions or Philip gains play is more. The reason why the chiefs. I can't wait to see the results. If you missed that movie we will quickly a couple of we're just out of is one of the confusion. That I gear here it city. We do this this team. It's Alex AD has done this. For years. Andy is the only person may be the exception of very weird. And maybe just. There we would look at to say okay this is a hall of fame. Type player type person and he's he leaked. I think there's an elite guys of the position they hear Mary when he's healthy easily market Peters. Despite. People who I can only understand if you think it Mark Peters is not capable. Of playing corner of the slot or the other sent the easy the I think Travis Lee tied in. I. I think. In my opinion in war if anything did you do sports. Your life whatever. Like the person that is the elite. Should be the one that corners the blame. And for some reason. It appears that Andy Reid. If Philip gains are garnering the same type of blame for this we just put up a poll. Who is board of blame that he's lost at Phillip gains is rolling 43%. He's the third or fourth quarter. It eat like this it's a hey let's take this. Stop putting 23 and 84. Like right now make them make a decision you'd just run. Marcus feeders were ever ego. Big go to but did say that. Or. It could have a better game play it asserted who is irate. Karim let it had more taxes in Russia more than nine times. They gonna go down the field gore but not one of my biggest pet peas. You know just like a lot of Deaver receivers Travis Kelsey. Needs or wants to be involved early. First hit I know Alex this team in this on a seam route once first catch happened in the third quarter. I I think I I think it's it's crazy to me that we would even put. The same even in the same stratosphere a fourth quarter. With security leak all of they've liked it coats. And I I've been frustrated for the last few least why we haven't been using Kareem hunt in the passing game I mean he wound up being your leading receiver yesterday with 89 yards. And I'm pretty sure he had all of them in the second half. But I the only thing I can think of is that it's about. It's about maybe preserving him a little bit which exits are kindred quest he's been. Your third down back the last four weeks every every long third down where you are not passing situation. Turkey entered west has been in the game not curry not until chart and your quest got hurt yesterday. I have no I've had not and I'm not gonna go crazy like we did. Early. I I'm not gonna say like this I had not had a problem with much of anything Andy has done in the first five weeks. I'd I'm not gonna say that all of the said because he had a bad game that he's going to be still. I've just simply saying if he has nights like this. We should be doing a poll in heavy Villa gains. 46%. Of the blade and Andy Reid. When Andy Reid just don't know what he was thinking thirteen minutes left. Everybody bailing Casey who disagrees and says he thought that he should have gone for. I don't know what he was thinking and you can't make those decisions the way that it needed to go ahead you disagree. Yeah integration. Art art back or are. I agree the way they look at all game and our short game so that ten minute let it go out there. Are being. Elected the ball back we recently let. Maybe put that in the deal. Again again to bloopers this. They didn't do what does it lay odds read on judges and I if on AD where were in the fourth quarter. And I understand and it gave to the defense and that's that the road for the most parts of the game. But they had they had given up the score that second hand. And did we realize the only score they give up as the crazy play with a it's O'Neal brown they had given up school our. You say yourself all right we got thirteen minutes. Like we can go fill well we're down a school or you know. I've I've got to have some faith in my guys that they that they can get stuff they did it's that. They. That they have ever. And they have all years ago like Archos fans are HE looked like Tibet in the book ought to be honest with you are right. But at the same time you know the offense did not in all game. It kicked in my opinion you get down to that area and we always criticized all arcane bird figured three and out but not that. Army acted bigger bet that by all game called the that right there. Appreciate appreciate the call I I I I don't wanna kick field goals but in that position at that point man. The aegis like it is there's abrupt. That we are talking about for the beginning it's edited the the ruthlessness of AD that it came in and negatively idea again you look over there are being watched the game. I mean he's got no yeah he's got all yes. There's nobody who's going to challenge him over there about that this is not mess and his that is biases but you've got to believe everyone that hates it. He's taken like Andy would take the points right. On now every tactic appointed. And that and they've said they you know matinee he has more involved not cannot pass and he gets a little bit he gets a little bit. Of authority when it comes the play calling but if it's AMD's decision he's not talking is the editor in its ability won all watched the replay I re watched the game yesterday. They were standing right next to each other CBS took the camera right of the Matt Nagy had a look. They're not let it go for this. And Andy had a let's. Maryland had it in Dorset. All right ms. Coppola. I don't believe. God block a bots and day violent. Robert Redford would just. Let their yields go through so easily to make stupid does it. Take that meant they had to be a partisan those put it Soria disease. But hey hey he's got so many yes beta it's ridiculous it nobody likes so I gotta say do. But it's like two of five minutes left the game. Starts that's let. I. I like going for it's about like going for those fourth downs but it's because sometimes I get a little to conduct in the US and the man in philosophy anyway. And I as he got ideas going forward on average for that Avery can't be playing mad. At Airpwn estate sector Avery can't be playing mad at me. Why now. It kicks that he'll go so many times throughout the game. He takes it he'll go with the chiefs got the possessed it. They can't. I actually have a gaff there they would have needed a field goal that that's our game. And relate credit I mean he was at NYNEX arena press box and he said you go for here because we have been down there all year all on game taught that that's exactly what Andy Reid set and we just had been that that's ridiculous when our kids that in the post game I almost all did this I. I think of either I was hoping they would just give it to Kareem hot new and hopefully get ends let's let's give it. The reason why we did. The reason why we went Fuller was as they had been down there on game. I've bucket. I understand we've got a new AMD. We got a different AD. Someone here from the eight months is how much difference of momentum do you think it would have been donated they had the testing of the well yes. I think it crust the momentum where they didn't get any points. I think this error and it would have gone crazy I think the defense is renewed. If you say okay man led defense we got a two once or give us a stop so we get the ball back. The defense today to get stops. For what it's worth. The math says that he should have gone forward and not taken appoints half. What is bad place bad they would be in that situation that average you all amount of yards that you did. And then of that at least to the formula for expected points added an expected points added I've lost. All I know it's got thirteen minutes left. Think it's still what's cooler day. And you are equipped with the average is on average we would convert on third and you were fourth and one. And in the decision is worth it so mathematically on average we are going to be in a better position by going for it so I understand it Naspers. Again like I just one hour is if we would market. Kelsey when we get that close of the goal line and said it continued its. But I don't know why Travis kills the roster and his agent. Demetrius hears oral all the feel that bullet. I got no this. I know is. It kicked a field goal you're down a scored. You get the touchdown. You're still down a day of school. Big let's do it did on this. Thank you do it. Not today. Yeah I. But at the these big old or years of watching that that were hurt you agree. It was shot I ever in the paper real well anyway. I'll watch the game yesterday or Friday that it that it seemed like that you don't. It didn't like the same old war on yours and we see. That. We keep up the really you have seen what would you really want that he going to be what it looked at the open. Yeah. Except for the patriots Eagles. I hear there either the end. I've argued that where street you don't major I'm pretty cute you have the eagle what. That I got that. Is. What I would that it that it coordinator. Did you do we lost last year in the same. Same. Right on on the but it's the Brady bill that's what brought you one or the other. Could we make. The opportunity to the view that the good topic they gave that look most like to get all of our bureau it would that Obama. Oh god and I hated frustration out like this let's about the first statements. And all of a sudden within six gain is six games samples. Now that she's had to beat Petit. I do. Like Pomona. That is one game they had a bad game I am not happy with. The decisions that eighty made I don't think now because eighties one out of the six gave. He's got to continue to be stupid I'll take the sample size of the five where he was the best coach of football. But. He's got to get the play and I'm so. You can't not make it once or game thirteen. That's it's coming up. We finally we've been asked to do this week finally listen back to useless predictions. End. I would spot on on one of them from yesterday. This rule. Yeah. Air on a name he denied playing a Vietnam for the tease loans Andy. Who's the Steelers. 1913. To a quick turn around. Father's Day. As they go to Oakland we will be there. There we will be here during the game and myself and Brinkley will be on seventh street casino at Ritz they have to oppose. Have to options he's an Indian following game and be here replace that history passing. It Sunday post eight shadow on Thursday. As hopefully. That she's back on it and win and in those same people on boy at Aegon and loosen. But we did the things if you miss the segments we do this on Sundays we do you should do this during the peak last year. We'd useless predictions. Where I predict in my own way. The way Gainesville. I don't ever I hate predictions that think they're stupid and 'cause we never know what's going on and I predict him in the way that I do book week. We've been banks do you ever check every check uses predicts sea of your right. Well Ian stark also do we talked at Stanford though about not alone in a little wave we're gonna weights at it again. It. I this this was the saints Lyle. About a man this hats or it is. I mean it. The mayor Carty knows about it whether the alleged. All of this is selling out now I gotta now the saints lions. Gave occurred yesterday this was my used his predictions the saints line. Flatly lions nights they hate today but. That are stealing money is going to go and we'll lose not because he's no but he better get the ball the Golden Tate because that really. And advocate but and it's the lettuce that because nobody. Nobody blocks to the world that if we. Nobody goes to the smooth league teams that are. Which is the dumbest name or basketball arena or eighty caddie arena in the world nobody wants the Mercedes super dome they set it just kept that the Louisiana Superdome. Nobody. Hi there hey he's the still very. Duke it out straight but the enough. Are buried a lot of lazy as I've don't want to let. Best quality and price that gold paper Italy's. But I think it's a damn it that's my site winning. Instead they got rid of aids rates and is that a lot of parents now. Oh lose and it doesn't get it yet today this makes. It quite yet. All did our youth with critics. Like that it beat. Let's put it to tune yesterday. I'd taken it. They edit the I know that's at the Latin scores exit is a pain let it there was like three defense and that's all. Does it matter what they score two point. Adrian was holding the defense back you're right. What Steve would Mark Ingram I'll take that only you and I think anything. Apple's site letting. Tell us that they got the patriots and yeah. Credible critic for that he too doesn't that speak to. I get credit for that. Line squirrel finds that not every wants to know I mean I had several. Of them. It is that time if he show you stop. I us. As showstopper. Sounds sounds celebration of week six blogs to Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate. Date paid tribute to the Iraq my job at the people's elbow and become law after scoring on Sunday. Join their act Johnson three did. Heart stopping an elbow drop in showtime Tate brings that dangerously. Exposed elbow to the pigskin today. And any later say it. Allegedly Levy's. Reputation. Out of these of them. Sailed just out the previously unbeaten season or I bag and I think in the AFC chase. There without much excess or number two wide receiver Mike Davis Bryant and his frustrations have reached the point where he's requested a trade. And it felt that our first report Bryant's trade requests all ESPN added that the request was made weeks ago. Bryant later tweeted big win today tomorrow right back to work I'm happy to be its dealer and can't wait to reach number seven this year. We'll today he demands that he played in Kansas City they run them on its and a requested it be traded at their weird. The biggest win of the season on out it's kind of laid up like he didn't but his girlfriend also tweeted out. And that something about their holding him back and he can't live up to his full potential because of the deal I. How do you think you think we wanna see more veeco. And alive. Is Casey be another potential of Nikko. If there actually see I don't think Nikhil Grimes is really funny. Like she's. He's he's entertaining he's good for us to talk about it but I would prefer some of them have. Like out prefer like budget is Brian's girlfriend it would be funny if he had more of a sense of humor about it as you say this completely see this. And probably gonna get our team is right track. And why sprinklers and so the screen. But adds that that's for indoors today six enormous. Fan base that's just put it right out. Thick stack did show the bad side of Reading of Reading the teleprompter during Fox's broadcast the range and Jack buys it. One of these at half time report. Curt Terry holly Michael and told you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. It. Did he. Ever since Leslie visit left his dances is that it. It's got it out besides the Dick Stockton need to give him. To let them know they got a letting go. It looked. On graphic for the final two bullet points better at it it's just go to Ron Burgundy just reading everything on the things I we never. You remember when Charles Barkley did that you find that still. Atlanta the other. And play on the others that would Charles Barkley came out and they played that he'll they had Charles read the teleprompter and it it was insane and I haven't done man. But yeah yeah do you think you can get Dick's got it to say whatever you up. They extracted. Hey and check out third down at six there. Plays sixty the NFL we'll have a good time this week with plays 680 yeah my wife Leslie visitors pumped herself well both sides well. You can give him the say anything. They've made it hard. I out of magic in the net. That was early on capitol power and the seas that's weekend freely still I read this outlets played forty niners it'll be a big NFC battle. We'll take it in this robbery gay. I've got to squirrel my hands well. Coming up. I went twelve to re watched the game is being basically don't get sound when we want to hear because of stupid technicals. Technicalities excuse me. I went back to hear Roma and Stanford still loves him some Tony Romo you let me know what you thought of Tony Romo did he suck yes. Paid it is Charles Barkley I hope you join me NBA play else on TNT and I hope you have enjoyed my T-Mobile paid five lives on a dumb as. A. Middle of its kind. Good and it stuck it it hit the same day. This reading whatever that's. You know those would be able to the distance that the stuff like that is the only. I said this and I sign us possibly some mixed up another allowed them and this was my eyes. Did they did Tony's takes again that he actually to watch 78 they Sony staged in the about Tony's take is my new favorite. In between place it. It's like a little different tone which is 785. I don't think he series. Lisa. Edit and edit the segment the graphic it's Tony without a tie loosened its. Tony van outside I like this out like. Sony was going to eat all of the donors that she's. And and get ready because the season the number one team in football and the number one team in the AFC. So I've that you. You will get a lot of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. And Tony just drives beat like sirte has seen the light a little. He did it again I mean what's the game he Desi as a mixture of captain obvious. And the feeling I've just got to talk whenever I feel like. I don't care to its docket populace and own commercials recovered a pro most coming for someone to say. Just put up is as ever pops in news. And and and he wants to do. Predict plays prior to that happening. In here. Time it's negate he started to get worse with the like I got every once the game Eagles probably watched anybody remember this let's watch this. We've looked gonna pick up this is blitzer and it does a beautiful job to give Alex time that he sit com. Actually knows better mix it up. Electing him to. Like an outlook delegate confused about my take on Tony room. I don't think Tony's horrible. KIDs. Proud he's not Mike's is not marks players. But I don't think he's eased its god awful but my deal is. He's an April 20. He's got all the support all of next year. But it's a cup AFC championship game this year. He's learning he's he's new to big gig he's someone that showed a lot of promise. I know I. The promised land nation we reminds me a lot of Shawn Watson a lot of mistakes. But you may designs oh petitions don't shoot don't. Don't you do it go to dump use out of that you don't have an. Eight is that did you you do that. This. Is not a lot to. It Tony Romo. In the same category. In terms of they know their job. I mean if anything I feel that John Watson might be able to reach the Super Bowl as quickly as Tony Romo is in his new gig you might help the same. Also 002. Goals. RD round I was not very good news you know it's not. They sucked right now. I enjoyed the act he says it's whatever comes to his mine. Wait does that is not predicting plays I HIV Mina. Just just break down the play after it happens because you can't go. You can't get nine out of ten plays wrong and just say I'll when he gets one right that's Tony that's why Tony felt good at what he died shortly it's bitterly gets a row which gets it right it really had no he's. Like if I'm not about what nine chiefs game I just had to turn the Sony. Are. Established it not to write out everything got abducted by challenged him. It when he illegitimate he's got a bit but I bet if yeah. Think cable with Tony's taped. Tony came with it yes it's probably some focus group production team. I I mean that's that's lame and Tony's pretty way I hit that as a big discus it came up with. Liked it. Up he was a lot cooler. Let's start thinking Jessica's since but that that is not the case. I'm not getting it out when Tony was nailing. How does he keep at her it's Tony is this late I'm pretty sure he'd better. It. The panel. I mean has new life that's just fine yeah but divot but that Jessica is. Just as a star all right you'll see the light of visually you'll see if he gets better I'll turn. Tony's great let's just be honest I don't think she and it sure would be great calling gains. He's got one of the worst list in the history. Of the world. He. I can't do right round adjust according to a in eight events or corn ball he had page Tony east take. I wanna know how many went before a key you'd think he presented that you've. Jim I think it was like deny I got a great idea big organ eighty to do it in between breaks. Tony's. Day I think he wants to go Tony's tell Oprah. I bet they did throw around words that weren't takes like a Tony Hawk. Toad get a hit it has little ponies time Tony time yet. Saudis turnover do you think everyone ahead BT's. Are you Alan. It has maybe there was a robot wrote most the guerrilla problem out rub the growth this. We got I think the way he would see Romans reply yeah woo. Days. Days. Role models. I was re wise this it and get on days like winners as they browser adds certain its old lady. Get HUS. Give it to the bottom of Tony Roma are throwing lights. Still mad I brought a dishonor loss that is easy is it going to debate that I've known I've never see I had told staying out not going to break which I know would come and Opel but it's a lack of with. As slaves. I mean I got reds owner he winded replay it. Who were almost ramblings nice job -- six. Wrote most. Of that. We've got to do is part of it.