10/16 6pm - C.J. Spiller Back Again, Must Be A Smarter Fan Base, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Weekend Hugs

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Monday, October 16th

Oh boy, C.J. Spiller is BACK. At what point does he tell the Chiefs to stop calling him? Plus, Ron & Stephen believe the Chiefs' fan base needs to be smarter. Why aren't we blaming Andy Reid for the Chiefs loss when he is considered the relative best at his position? Tonight's "That Guy Gets The Show" features a fajita thief before Showstoppers and Weekend Hugs round out the first hour. 


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And always brings as well. It showed. With zeros to run this you know you please dad out to all my listeners. Put those figures today because ways soon. Oil allowing us to be a small part your Monday evening. Stanford. Still produces as bad boy and in theory that he was nervous like my Mike wasn't working and that is on. That's the litmus. It is Monday we're here only gonna have a lot of violent we always do week in as governor of Soviet threat that. We got no not. That about. A red mud and evident today what we're. We're nine teams start this show. The only way. That we can start the show if you have listened to this show. And if you're truly hands. Saved by the show you'll appreciate this. But it is six go on their part those are the main. And let me bring my guys Stevenson Tuesday. Yeah. This there are I'd think 78 starts today mr. I give my hear that more often than many so African man. They get a fresh cut them a little under the weather then. IBM Canada. It's a you're creating excuses are so still up righted it is. I mean I I feel like we got a little breaking news a little bit from that we need to take care. And then it is. CJ Spiller has been. Has been resigned again. By the disease cliff let me come home. I may come up it was a week and a time to start and we will talk about this ill there let's talk about all day long we will get to this in this that. But my game Saturday. About. How many times are they going to do this deceit days they'll. But I. Imagine what point does CJ get to a point where he he's he's he did he he has to know the phone number about mark. Mikey has to see the number and see that eight would six come across say if it ain't these A holes that the but what do you icky. Hot or not that take receives hate to say you know what man men. It's the second time he has either been got a added to the roster. He said that he had sevens on the all time high. Sat. Time. But at this does only does he take it to do you know let it eat your kids my. I have. I'm not doing this to media has got to say oh right that's heads. Arcades or west it's now he did. All I. Might keep him through Thursday since you have a quick turnaround this week and he'll collecting game Jack and then the probably count them again if I were him I would say. I'm not shown up to Oakland until Thursday morning I mean he's that Gomez and money is they let. Like they need him at practice though it's a technical work emit into the off. But I. You'll make this a poll that surely you know his way and I am sort of what is his real name. And it's Clifford. I exerted is. The anti calls it I think Andy calls about Israel and I don't think he calls seat. I think when and difficulties is excellent. So I may have begun. We had to do this week why do you think it's lifting when he calls to bring them on the tape and glad you ban. Clint. Yet yet you knows likes fresh got a couple of. And they had a week when he asked that none of cliff manor a serious we've got to do this again. Obvious I have the Ike. And it partially I feel bad word. Because he just bigs are derailed I mean how many times I just know how to elected the first full. Do you think it. Andy when he calls. CJ Spiller to brief him on the team we're now that conservatives that this is the seventh time. That he's either been brought the team Erica. The U technicals and Clifford receipt. I don't. Making calls and Clifford personal but. It's as annoying as it even require a phone call Larry it's attack this. It's an act EE does it get up a goal at this boy he's gets a quick taxed I cliff the available. We we need this week we're gonna bring ya and I you'd think you'd think they have got a note you don't that you think they've got to the point where it's it ticks. I'm pretty good I see you again the board tax. I mean there's certainly odd voice mail territory by now like I. I honestly believe like winning it company and bring it into the room I think they may be snickering. Like right when they had to call I got to take it on and tonight. Hey AN let. I can't. But I'd have to be laughing at this point like we got as we gonna happen in NJ. And we know that their kids it was is it gonna be out for the year because this hour CJ Spiller. I've definitely making the team. What Spitzer where is out for the year now they found some other guy named. And brought him on the team to do everything Nicklaus says. Ed now there's another that. It would take your notes kids it was may be misses a week. He was. It was cut September 2 right at the end of Cheney camper he sighed September 4. Released September 7 two as the opening day at the NFL season. Reside September diet. Release to get September 16 and that they decided to get today it's as October's Achilles how. Outlets he's actually gotten paid. Iso a hero of the tech slide now what three it decently takes AJ. Yup. I know for you out there how how many more times would it take. For you to just say if his seat phenomenon. Like is that stripped a year from the Bay Area joke is that trip to Oakland. In the nice hotel good enough. I don't know if it wanna go though going to. It could find somewhere nice by the 49ers facility go to some of great that's why he's Asia knees and listen. I'll sign. I got put out and not show went out to Oakland and tell I have to win tell you guys decide if west is ready to go Kazaa and are you gonna cat be assays are catered. I got stipulation. I don't have occurred to you. If I have to be on the team and we're we're in the Bay Area I don't have occurred. Right this is it this is horrible for him and I. That we don't pull I can't wait to see people this this this poll we've done a lot of pulls at his feet below. I'm sure the hardcore sports is ratty tee is it anger it if isn't dead cat at a 52000. Out. Alamo. Liked is our lives and he's made in his call this has been anything but you're right the lack. Of CJ. Others say no I did today. Talky until that inning. Brett I don't it's not this would need Brett beach I believe that was a second or third and Amanda's make it is not what it probably rant. Avoid doors it was god it probably was Bratton who is it that spoke well. Let's give Brett the birds that you that you Disney though the public do you think he's debate board it to 2000. Now. I can't fight day after a break out of his week to week cadre clueless that I he's out of battered minimum hope was its efforts are US Libya probably as much as we do. Who have for Cleveland. They had like it may like 9000 dollars but he was fines like 9000. Oh I forget his name all of you know I'll be played for duke. Who was it we talked and they want to Rutgers for a replay for you remember Dahntay Jones. God like 60000 dollars he actually owed from what. He lost all but a 127. Dollars of his salary. Got a 102187. Dollars that NBA season did LeBron pay as finds its of them or so of the it would success why is it horrible and other teams are collier of the gets to play the. It got to get to play it did submit images sadly I think it makes it that's at the new year. IRS. Is a I'd be may be CJ is ready to move bogged down a bit. He's got. Hobbies or he's got other injures he's ready desire to broadcast incurred doesn't like crazy maybe spread to take over Boys and Girls Club so a lot but he can't because he still thinks he's about he's got asked to keep canceling. We've talked debate on the way outside he's that you think he's still been hanging around Kansas City. Let's keep picking us apart indicates to you they tell him just Ingram. I know he's. Friends are like secretly talking trash on the she's doing to try to make him feel better like to go through a rough break up your friends who say the girl was awful all time. I hope that his friends are doing that forum with the chiefs. My and. Like he gets it does he does he play a down in this case. Also hasn't quite special tainted because it felt like every if you get on the. The field other team gets it will be just plays each facility could be a governor's. But does he like does he play a day now. I don't think side that they added that seem hot to the active roster. Over keeping seat chase built a if he does it probably means auriemma got hurt so hopefully. It. Seven it's agreed missed XP which. I'd just what does it and I. If I choose to auriemma. And they had been there on all of those other calls that they made to CJ Spiller to either bring him on our cut him. I mean that would just make mine. I think. Maybe achieves or just paying for like an apartment for him to keep it from around the city and he's an incredible to keep him ready to go I. Think he's that if law. It's. He's got to come up every time he's been brought that he's come up here and practice hard. And has been on his bets best behavior. Right up probably take in the front seat there it builds says it's. It's Eddie gets here he goes naked roles in late. Cubs it would donuts. Is that these days he's as your key guard didn't work out that's his worst tennis shoes is that cleats out to practice. But it doesn't care you know I think this is this is a guy who knows he's going to geek. Like CJ Spiller still to play well during freeze these. It's still got is as good multiple. I talked to siege it can't quicken on he asked that they gets body this yeah. Have a good sense of humor that's what's behind his Twitter account can't we go on people aztecs into the cell. You are going to because he's gonna be off the tee next year. I mean next week you'll be off the team at this rate I just hit him with that follow we'll see if you're hitting would then follow all of it when he gets released from that sees in what 92 hours. Let's see if we can get him on the T. That he's from lake Butler Florida side Madson is that stated I think is it like I feel like in the fourth quarter of the raider game. Andy's going to. Have icon to that which are cancer and he's gonna say. Yeah I'm good edited I don't think clips got to make the flight echo. I think that this perfectly sums up CJ Spiller is recent financial trouble as a result of the chief stringing him along well is. It was Twitter profile is linked to CJ Spiller dot com. That link is dead because you didn't pay godaddy for this. Certain pace again. AA says they're reserving the web page for free right now I hope that you can get it for 99 cents. Not ideally you guys and I Caesars it not what so yes let's let let's we will we will keep CJ Spiller dot. Coming up my god you got to be cutie. CJ can't afford to keep this CJ Spiller dot com up. All GoDaddy. Still have still would sort of putt at that. Data renewed it for another yeah. Loaded especially the stipulation. That bottle. Another guy we gotta be smarter as a fan base maybe a little Smart is seated. Though it may not give the show you know I don't know run this show seeks to use words. Really no good at getting tickets that calm now for six spin off your ticket order using robo code six did sports. As a marine serving in Afghanistan I conducted logistics patrols and some of the world's most dangerous places. The sport clips helping heroes scholarship program. Helps US military veterans like Jacob. When I came home I was ready for new mission. The sport clips help secure a scholarship is helping me get a degree in electrical engineering. Helping heroes took a load off me and my fan you can donate to helping hero and all participating sport clips locations. Just ask your sport clips stylist or look for the helpfully hero donation box and on veterans day November 11. Sport clips will donated dollar for every America. That's what we call making your cut cap. Many industry could d.s United States marine and nine saluting new sport clips it's good to be a guy. To learn more about the sport clips helping heroes scholarship program visits fort cliffs dot com. Extended here. It's just more fun news we've announced it is good that we had its. A little bit later. I think we should be nice and do that in respect to him but we can take over. We've Stanford Joe's been able to find that we can take over his whip. His web site with out eat him. Having that kind ticked him. There's a theme we can pay. To go ahead to do with the will be out of respect we would do with it scripts at the actual spec two hours. With the I actually tack that but. We just try to keep it afloat and we already you know hold CJ Spiller dot com for ransom yes. If he does indeed if he doesn't cooperate with us we went. All right so. I think we have to. Be smarter. As a fan. I slept. Here he is and this is not every one and I know. Social media that text lie collars. It could be you know odd and is they don't speak for every night. Al Sharpton. It's existed before I. Let. Maine. Some of us. I am seriously concerned do people know this city wind to jump off a bit like winter to quit when the season's over. Or. When it's not like people are reacting to remember. Win I had and I lost it on the royals it was a game date yes. LC is this the board is made of bone and it plays. It he tried to steal for no opinion reasoning guidance of run out of an inning and I lost it there are so many people telling me. You need to chill out that's not what losses. Another. Was it finished the season. A few hours or so upset subdued it not a big deal. Yesterday. Many people jumped off the bandwagon. That chase it's over. This means that an autistic that's when Super Bowl this states that this is a I'm that's why don't get along with a lot of sports fans let us we just live in the now. And forget about body of work most the time. This hasn't played six gates. And now offers not raise it where this is everything they're growing debate. Watch this is what they're going to do Alice has met all out. All. Yesterday. Can't take you as he's done this year to do stay up at six wasted that he's been in the past that he had done before. I'd like fitness let's at least know what to be mad about. You'll love this and so you know how many times over Twitter and the text line. Yesterday due to the post game show sinister casino. Ritz any post game show we got. Anger from people because mark is Peter's can't tackle that was a part of the reason of the loss. Oki to. Bulky. Marcus. Like Marcus Peters actually on the list of yesterday's reasoning for losing is like. I don't know how low on the list but very low. Just use and solve linebacker in coverage Bremer who really going tired of seeing him streaking down the trying to keep up with faster players. But it where more men and mark the speed is tackling. Phil Gaines who will give it to the sick. I'd like let's let's be as smarter for database to know what it is we should be man. Why people urges. Like like here is news flash. Even with now expressly which aired Roger's going down for the season. Even at this gave. Alex is probably still the league of BP. I think just how dirty and BP has a down payment and his down gave was too bad detected no interceptions. It is up its applied was fantastic. I mean like I. Like let's. Let's actually I mean understand what we're going to be men like how. Like is that it led me and I have listened and listened to and these kids the city they adds we're years my whole life and in a different ways it's up at this job. Serve it still. I don't know what you could it told me to make me feel like that there were a good amount of people who believe. That this team is no longer Super Bowl contender after the game. But I don't know the Fed acted. That happened but there are a lot of people who now believe that this team is not his approval to date I I. Saying all week long you know. They don't lose a game sooner or later how the people are saying our best evenly we're gonna go undefeated light that's not realistic in year. Being delusional if you actually dot that they were going to have a bad game and get beat because that's what happens in the NFL. I don't think any of us know anything about the way football were excited there was like. Underdogs were like ten into against the spread yourself think like that yesterday. I let's I'm. Downed it down that Aaron Rodgers is cleared space that you don't have to worry about that cycle paying even if it is they have a lot of the Super Bowl. And the division. I don't know what that was about in Denver last night. Yeah that's the thing is it's these fans are freaking out. But everyone else looks terrible in the AFC the patriots almost loss to the jets the Broncos did that. The raiders lost. Steelers beat you okay the ravens looked bad. The shot Watson had a game you already beat him like there's no team that is standing out and looking dominant you were that team and Dolan and nobody took that vacancy and if they're even was Vegas still has the tees as the most. With the most person is to get to the super bull. Acting they still aren't I I think all that we learned yesterday is dead. The NFL's weird and that there's a lot of teams. A lot closer to each other than we thought they were going to be before the regular season started we are talking about how New England was gonna go undefeated again this year. And how this is the best team he had had since that sixteen and OT what do we talk about. We talked about this yesterday. We talked about the fact I wanted to see a game like this. I said it. Listen to our show notes and boarding check the podcast. Needs is sixth in sports that I I explore a game like. And I will tell you right now I feel much more confident. And much more comfortable. With this team being down by doubles by two scores late in game in the fourth quarter up the much more comfortable. I'll tell you they came in a U this was a gate right this is a rifle. Pittsburgh team. They had an awful game with bit haven't an awful game. You know we were probably going to get the best of Pittsburgh right. And that was late beyond bill going crazy and Antonio Brown going crazy. And then coming back in having some real. You know bounce back game ability. That was going to happen but she's played there C minus game yesterday maybe even worse than it. And there's still and it. With shooting themselves in the repeatedly there's still an. And we're going to looms. All police that the Steve all of us that now. After that out. Doesn't have it's it's too it is who. I would hope that if you see this team again later down the line in the post season debt. You know what they're gonna do I that lady on bill's gonna get thirty plus touches. And they're gonna put Antonio Brown everywhere except for whenever markets Peters. I. You have to figure out how to stop those two guys and how to do something about that he could easily beat this Pittsburgh team hey it's just bit. They haven't done yet. I lady I'm bill at a hundred yards the first half Antonio Brown only lineup I'm hard is Peter's hand. All die like you see the difference like this this is not last year like you know I'm never watching the Panthers game that they want. Okay that Atlanta Falcons game they went listed. A bit but Blake's six gates and they have not gotten lucky. All right this ought to be good because I'd never been told Steven tells me I didn't take much these goggles and you listen to me before statement. I just they aren't able or I guess they Wear a little premature. Already put edgy and does so well AFC champion you got a like they are we gonna win. No but I said there's Super Bowl contender. But here and cure what did you do an irregular sleep. Sixteen. Bit or she saw it in the play out the regular season. January. And across the field and block was burger on the Jersey. Or on the Jersey. In an early exit for the Kansas City Chiefs. Do not see that can be able. The whole. All of approach instead abaco policy to change. To beat those keen and those coaches. Colin. The Steelers is over there laughing. And it came eatery because it's well and adjusts Andy. And I'm not gonna hear you I'm not ridicule you for your take Stephen because I I I I I I don't have any problem with that opera house. I've just saying if this is that the way they've played in it it particularly Alex if he gets he's played this. The way that these late this year. And how different is he was different in yesterday's game continues to play. This way I don't think it's going to build the same way or we can just automatic believable the same way that hasn't it. I don't like. It they if Alex played the way he did yesterday in the playoff game against the Steelers I believe that she's who. I mean he did you know he missed the markets Robinson OK but he he'd put them in a position where. They had a shot at the end of that game I mean that Philip games players are and how many how many sets in the years past when he gave it to roll the ball to the buck it's Robinson day out. Are even I mean that played a and Alex created a place he only on Broadway balance sheet he did it was that big gain from Kareem hot to Wear the pocket completely collapse on him he slipped out of a sack. And found Currie not on the fee hike. Listen I had I'd never today Alex been confused with all of this guy's homer for Alex and I just literally do. Ed and and respond in Howell and what I see. And I've got to take a six game sample size. To where. The chiefs have been the best team in the league and they clearly played. A really decade. And up much of a parts of the mistakes they made with them shooting themselves in the foot and now all of us that believed. This team who just lost thirty denied to the jags and hold when the jags only through to pass the second man. If you know the chiefs had to act silly I don't doubt that the jeeves and finish with a better record in the Pittsburgh Steelers because we've seen. They're pretty inconsistent team when they haven't figured out when they lean on the running game had me and they're just chucked in the bombing Antonio Brown all day. Yeah they can probably fake and compete with anyone or gonna lose boards they always did they get brigades like it. And then they lose to the players. And did you coming up the Aggies is still topic of the day of the headline reads. Texas county work terrorist if for one point two million. But he has since all it. They're getting yeah. Narrowly. Edging just hurt though. I'm telling you don't want an I mean no one is going to cover this spectacle of this. Like 68. Who barely hear that gave here. Not just the game starts at three adult night we got it to our pregame sue for this book. 1 o'clock you'd here seed. Fiscal lately. A little KUK. We have all of that and not just gave it three. That everyone's fired up about. We actually got post game as well Willis and see that. Tell you now. No laws that govern not take a month fluid out right now we are going to break down. Every Clark's. Of this game on our show this week. Yeah yeah. We're gonna break down every part of this game on our show this week redundancy as the advantage is in the backcourt. Ganassi as a man is stop laughing in the front court. Let's see advantage is it. The coaching staff which we really need to breakdown because that's one I'm really concerned about some of the proceeds going to have the advantage. In in tangent I mean where no one is going to break this spectacle KEU is use their back. Let me. Thank yankees top. It's time to act like you to hear this didn't expect I used the show topic of today. This not act is slow. It's time to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. And so topic of the day's odd that absolutely no islands of wood could stand out. As woods coming TO five from ABC news in Brownsville Texas. Lowe's and to expect it in Brownsville Texas. Ourself Texas juvenile Justice Department employee has been arrested for felony that that the authorities say he acknowledged. Stealing one point two million work of the heat is. Over nine heaps. And what is the yeah. Cameron county district attorney of course it's Cameron county district attorney Elise and it tells the Brownsville herald. That deal with Gilbert oh. Ex husband daily. We'll go there but let's fired an obvious and arrested after authorities obtained a search warrant. It wrapped packages but the Tex mex food and refrigerate. Investigators that took its subsequent. That okay certain but jacking it is dead it's up. So let's let's let's look quickly ticked vendor I'd is always what it blatant and determined that it sang it at the terror that. He would eat dinners that. County funded food deliveries and deliver them to his own customers. The scheme imploded when he missed work one day in August. Or medical appointment and deliver and the delivery drivers showed up with 800 pounds of but he. But officials said that the juvenile department didn't serve the need. All of Gilbert was arrested last week a more serious felony. That sort. Of that's Olympics that happens at the Brooklyn 99 a couple of act. That there are jail they have to smuggle in the book on tape B Rama noodles those subsequently. A subsequently the 800 pounds. Opening. I. You accumulate one point two million dollars in frozen for heat over nine years it's still a little stroll. I just can't imagine like being at the point in my life where I decided to be criminal in the enterprise that I decide to pursue his aides that he. A black. Down at the county be around him who is okay who has headed the pricing on its like how good one point. To do who's the pretty applied. Good be so glad somebody finally you think of heat and this and somebody. But he is somebody just lulls they freak he gives them. It is that time didn't show stopper. Us. Show host. And children. And last night Sunday Night Football game the giants on the Denver bronco what was that about and their house. Right. Degrade their first victory this season Al Michaels was coming and struck with the jokes last night. Fourteen points. Violent guy comes up we'll go now you know there is down the disease frequently. He later apologized. But is with pisses me off quietly he apology I think he's the anyone apology. Head still down Arctic. Have a bad week deservedly. It's safe to say that Dan heard did not have a worse one now none of giver or these nights ago they did. Though they do it alone one like this that this is this is like Brit Brit must burden would do this Britain towards the end it started doing. I would argue that Brock Oz Weiler had a worse week because he went and and he went in and was in good and then made an immigrant and Jefferson let's get this out of the way. None of them had a worse week than hauler. And boy dad Baxter health class that has really brought us probably had a mortality than giants that of them had a worse week than dollars. College athletics has filed a grievance that adds the NFL does that. Alleging that his continued an important is the result of collusion among the NFL owners. News was first reported by Mike Freeman Bleacher Report Capra neck has of course been unemployed since opting out of his contract with the 49ers in March did you see. Did you see the story words it. Where they where the is hit the fated. And where he decided to go this route of collusion. Was liberated we as a but I guess that the idols how did they tell us somewhere. Okay that was an architect Matt Cassel. The problem but it take so. Josh we count I it's just look at how does your dug out one big deal right. Six. Bread that we know. I is a former first round. That was that was. That was that was made it. People have anything on this by the way they'll you know they'll slip. Adding to line wade and LeBron James are reunited is if they're also good for us that's fun for everyone especially for you. But it means you learn all kinds of fun facts about LeBron. Or call when now waits at last year to tell your about how see James is that he refuses to use roaming on his phone. He won't we use Wi-Fi anomaly and an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols Zia. Clean about a little bit more in depth of how TP actually. If slow. Slow slow slow fall some really big ticket. At a so flawlessly through those those false movie through a user's phone and often known as I'm not gonna. Some external data Romans it's a matter of Mumbai and no perhaps but still got pandora with commercials. That's why he's gonna have his money he uses the free pandora. He won't pay I. Paid for apple music and here in eighty usage bills to pay a dollar Iraq. Not bad anyway he's kidnapped of course endures teasing us as an advertising. Spot they tweet that in and said. I'm out we have a Q a with the premium accounts he could ditch the commercial make this the next poll Jules is LeBron James. Smart. For refusing to pay. For roaming. On his phone and only use Wi-Fi. Or isn't she. However you could work. I think it's both and obviously LeBron James jumped up a few notches on my favorite athlete pedestal just from that audio Lonnie sounds like a I got people's past champion you know you you don't you don't you know just just hurts it did everything Willy Nilly. This is Judy came into some money Gloria James time well coming up. This is your time getting to this excellent six 306 week announced Monday texted. Who needed. Who the hell they were many. I don't think Harvey's going to make it but there are many who needed texted. Your weekend. Yeah. It's text and just isn't. Just. We can't. 69306. Texted. Who. Deserves this week in sports out of sports. Anywhere entertainment. Your personal lives. Who needs a hug. They're mania news. So mean especially just worked so it. You are beaten each Monday. Mind. Remember as we talked about in the last segment coming up next Sunday. This and they coming excuse me you can hear in UK you. The arrival of the rivalry is being done they'd be experts and to keep here here. 1 o'clock seed. Vesco clean. Catcher to our pregame show. 3 o'clock the gain in the post with wilt in case. Where else. And what else would you rather be doing. Then. All right let's do this this is weekend notes. We. Feel bad for you. Will win that given out kisses everybody can use a little. Okay. It's. I've developed the sense that means that allows them to get physically and hope it isn't that a bit. I hope that. Did that. The. It brag. List this is we did. It's in whom believe needs. Look at right now the TV screen but not all want. You need to know. Luckily. Luckily got into the risky markets Beriault what I believe is started to die quietly showing no pun why nots. Luckily Monday Night Football will not have it would not be met castle vs Jacoby pursue it. At least. There unity is pulling. All right Stamford Jill good kick itself which you weekend. And given a weekend hugged a Y two K Chris Johnson. Who tweeted a few months back that Adrian Peterson needed more touches at the beginning of the NFL season. And daily cardinals. Traded for Adrian Peterson and cut. Chris Johnson who did Adrian those touches. But the best part to me. Was that Chris Johnson's suit didn't at a game to play this week. On Friday during the time he ordinarily be preparing for game was tweeting his followers trying to get someone to play in mad. I just I feel bad for the main list. Is there any game in the game going on and yet he used in people out. Davies Gamertag out just on Twitter for anyone that am I he's really going through. And lonely I feel bad for her bra. 913. An idiot who tried real hard to comment as it. There's so stupid that he can't text directly that he fails to whoever listens to this section needs. No sir you need one. Shot Smith needs for the it would six. But the raiders corner. I know I'll always indefinitely it's easy reason him analyst. I think that he was say yeah he is a product. Of the scheme and has not been very good you know you saw zero snaps yesterday men. They've had injuries have regions that they don't have any I don't think they have a single interception this season and eat it he let me put. Not guilty to felony assault he reached eager to. Rob was released though it. Who's your tips. On how a DN tired. Green Bay coaching staff runoff this band days. Because Aaron Rodgers might be done for the season and that's awful because. Aaron Rodgers is the best football player than I've ever seen and he is a joy to watch. And so the fact that legally two are going to be deprived of him is really depressing and I feel for Packers fans right now I feel for. Aaron Rodgers he's stuck. In Green Bay. Haven't read it. And it really like. It's one thing yet to play Green Bay leasing is simply gave to cracked down he's still haven't read it. We are really get them I'm surprised a lot of people. Are willing to give Harvey. And of course is yes and if that is a statement statements doses but he would probably lecture. For me I have a couple. So when it give. The Florida Gators. In those uniforms they decided to weird unscented. Please if you have not seen those uniforms look those are. Those were awful they tried to come out and look like actual. Real. Gave him the colors. Look like they came right out of the swamp. Like eight. It is awful. The helmets they tried to match to tilt the worse Jersey decisions I've been received. Also when I give to everybody in the tucked in in college football. Damn near everybody lost in the tucked in in college football watched his day Washington. Claims in. Nobody else all burn. But lower they'll need them but it should make for an interesting playoff. Coming in bid Netflix victim's 78. Eight point six I wanna give Sarah for head and deal with run every day and he. Romo haters need I don't need 78. I mean are you see behind his mark in six. Because other I don't you it is coming got nixed the worst of it denies that its deal with Sports Radio because surges. This show would run the show. You can leave. Probably MVP addicting TV and coups don't you fix news Sports Radio they.