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The Drive
Monday, October 16th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, talk Chiefs/Steelers, and hear from both Bob Davis & Norm Stewart ahead of this Sunday's game.


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Good drives presented by do say decent on the Steelers won the toss at the option they want the football. Last season. The teams are seventeen to three against the red. In the words you got what he shut down. Positive at all and you know really checks traded Brett ship you know get it going on down. That it felt. Spill is still being so much so because this team next you have all I don't know. You know we'll all possible. Guaranteed Harrison. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry colleague Michael and told you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Placements on there and I'm fine thank you so much for listening care about so they're out there about the well join us for being another winning streaks watch parties Kansas City heads up Oakland the next divisional match up. This Thursday the party kicks off bust the drive broadcasting live from winning streak who had your chance to win great prizes. Quite an autographed football from the Nigerian nightmare himself a 200 dollar gift card to O'Reilly auto parts. You can feed the holds true with six dollars and ten cents specials I pulled pork not so she's murdered buffalo chicken sandwiches and more ticked off seven. With what you food drink in the biggest. TV set out to watch sports in Kansas State winning streaks. Harris was sixth in Sports Radio a lot to get into in the nit season of the biggest stories of the day teams that I've been. Waiting for that moment all my life we talk about them every day. I think he got his start and it's of course hockey book on Iraq Monday is Kansas City finally falls to the team that is found a way to get inside the heads of the red gold in 1913 the final Sunday after. And with the Steelers getting the victory at Arrowhead Stadium here's quarterback Alex Smith post game. Tough to put into words mean that went and she shut down. Never had anything that was positive and all I can you know rely on him just try to get wrecked ship you know getting going down nine. That it felt. It was still still game much stuff but the stuff is due next you have all the fundamental. You know of all across the board. So how did she get off each night against the team that has seemingly had their number for the past couple years. That's an excellent question if I knew how to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and they got be employed by the Kansas City season certainly think they would hire someone I can help you get over the hump of the Pittsburgh Steelers I think it's very simple I think that the Steelers have a blueprint to defeat to Kansas City Chiefs. I can stop the run the chiefs every available 47 times in the last three games against the Steelers 476. Yards a less than four yards here. Run the ball effectively a lady on bill as the chiefs don't appear to have an answer or. Eighty series for 493. Yards in the Steelers clearly have the play you know once we take the run away it will force Alex Smith to go out there and try to beat us. It's so far that the rematch of since the beginning of 2016. He is unable to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers I don't think a lot of teams have the US forces in talent and coaching to go out there and do it. But I think it's a pretty clear blueprint of what this you're trying to accomplish. Against the chiefs. Some of the touchdowns they scored a playoff game against the chiefs defense. The answer to that zero they scored two yesterday. That's part of it it healthy stars she's didn't. No Eric Berry yesterday Travis tells you Stella concussion protocol and by the time the game was at the end there on the final drive they had a couple of guys from the practice squad in the Anthony Thomas. The that sounds stupid but that that that is really mean Alex Witt talked about a self inflicted wounds right in the safety they gave them too. They able to free right there all right. They're stars played better than the chief stars they're stars are healthier than the cheap stars and I'd like to play out in the defense gave up two touchdowns instead of zero. He wrote to Starr standing because that those involved hit number two. It was the stars in the game for Pittsburgh and consequently was the lack of stars of the game in the Kansas City Chiefs. Way beyond bill 32 carries a 179 yards a sport Antonio Brown eight catches a 155 yards and touchdown. Crable played well in the passing game he had five catches for 89 but only 21 yards on nine rushes. Hi repeal five pitches 34 yards that was LC or at the 37. Less to show some would rather the Steelers ours and the chiefs tires early rather have the chief stars over the Steelers I'd rather. We regret that so long I don't regret that decision Alex Smith. Albeit he made some mistakes and and showed some flaws in the game against the Steelers still as well touchdown pass and no interceptions all season. Many quarterbacks so far this year than on treating Alex Smith for. Cream husband better than lady on bill maybe lady on bills get mad. Secular we started off the season really slow because he missed training camp in pre season but now it's starting to stride. We'll see what happens Levy on Dell only has 200 yard games so far this season. Antonio Brown might be the most consistent wide receiver in the NFL you look at Travis Kelsey who gave great Travis Chelsea or complete dud. Yes I would still rather have that she's often supports the Steelers. Again I just think the Steelers match up really well against season is having very good defensive philosophy that they execute against the chiefs. I take up Antonio Brown over to repeal of sheer I would do that absolute answer yeah as far as Hillary my. I would take him for the future but I'd rather have Libyan oil right now I think three months can be terrific I mean they pod. He takes a look at it that's what scares me about him but I don't regret it. I don't regret whatsoever even Travis tells you root root of the Celtic Travers tells us that and football absolutely Antonio Brown as the guy to me it's the biggest difference maker right. I mean you look at the numbers that they put up excuse defense they're unstoppable he's right now the Big Ben did have a great day. But hell Antonio Brown was so wide open any thought of bright. With a volatile. Phil gains face mask I mean you know the week before those balls tipped and picked off by the Jacksonville Jaguars so get me Alex. Kenny Holland. I'll take those guys I'd rather have Antonio Brown retiree. Number three. I subtle. Today also involved with Kansas City he is close to the coaching side and she took an opportunity. Make it one possession game in the second half but the field and he read on fourth and she decides guilt for. Demetrius Harris couldn't hang on here's Andy Reid discussing the decision to not dole and take what looked to be pretty easy points. Pass a little over twelve minutes pebbles. That's what. Wind down or. Had done much. Throughout the afternoon we cannot take it out there and potentially score Paula we had a couple plays look so good. Paul. And workouts. Highest. I was protected by that time. Coverage. Nation. Does lots of blame to go around after a loss on top week's exciting game. I guess how much responsibility would be safe falls on Andy Reid for that decision and for that decision console Capital One 100%. I mean he's the one that made the decision I don't think that Alex Smith has meaning or Tom Brady and waving off the sidelines in overruling Indy Reid's decision. It shows beat implement situation everyone loves the balls he gamble when it works it didn't work. And with the game's flow in synergy of the game it seems that the chase those three points that they should've got the entire rest of the game. CD Anthony Thomas touchdown gives you the lead instead of pushing down twelve to gain if you kick a field goal. At the end of the game it's 1916 and you're going for the time instead of needing a touchdown for the win. That decision to not kick the few local there it ultimately not in touchdown ended up being one of the fatal blows of that game. So in theory one of the things he said his post game press jobs anyway displaced stay aggressive and I'll be stupid. Well he got aggressive at the decision. Was pretty dumb. You know you needed two scores to lie to get back in that game anyway and you decided to spin. Ten plays 86 yards in six minutes in nine seconds to get nothing that kicked a field goal there and she's had a chance part of its about it two man. It's on him to other players it's on and is well for that decision. And that includes the hits for today they're so much to get into between now in the end of the site should try to tackle as much as we can. In this segment. I am a slow believer in team sports the you're only as good as these are players when your team. It's hard to see why that she's lost this game lady I'm bill 32 carries a 179. Yards. Antonio Brown eight catches 455. Yards and a touchdown. When your side 3 march 9 series for 21 yards and he did have five catches for 89 yards but this team couldn't get a running game going the entire. Game I read till five catches for 34 yards he had a return at the end of the game both for the most part Harry till was not very dynamic is certainly not very consistent in this game. Travis Kelsey four catches for 37 yards the first catch remember when they did below. They did on the broadcast a little graphic he's got to catch every single game yet the next play they don't screen test tube that goes for a loss that I know yes four catches. He really had three catches in the game. Trust Kelsey wasn't very good in this game of football and most teams sports are about smaller hobby or best players play -- or play makers play in a game like this the comes down one possession there as far as they're game. Much dangers. Made huge plays in this game late beyond bill that she's defense did not have any answers for Antonio Brown. They didn't have any answers for and the biggest play of the game Dillon scored touchdowns all it. York MVP candidate running back rushed for less than thirty yards short dynamic wide receiver had less than forty yards the number one tied it in the NFL had less than four yards. George Clark didn't come to play or at least didn't play well this would also have been on the play but they don't play well on this one the Steelers are played well on their quarterback outplayed your quarterback. Look at the scoreboard they want. Mean I think it's we talked much dollars a lot. Because I mean nobody goes and buys really Albert Wilson injures your Chris com wagers. Wore a tardy Jersey and you don't see a lot of those in need those guys. Guys just too much easy you're stars in its eighteen sport. And the chiefs don't have all their stores right now. Just coming out the concussion protocol many outs as head of the taller man all right so I didn't expect Kelsey to go out there urged lighted up. You know yesterday I guess I don't really know what you're gonna get. I remember this the second half of the game before because the on the can remember anything right so I don't think the chiefs out of 100% for healthy Travis Kelsey yesterday's really fully expecting him to go nuts. I just concede that our chief without stars man and the Al Wilson's in the Chris congressmen. To bite you. Aren't those little plays he looked. Great that she's got. Think no one's arguing that I'm just saying from a very simple if you wanna explain what what happened yesterday. They're quarterback outplayed your quarterback who'd been playing as well as anybody they're running back was much better than your running back yesterday. Their future hall honey why the Seattle 155 yards in Tyree Chile Travis he'll get less than eighty yards between the two. That I'm not arguing with you that you need Chris Connelly you need those guys so far this season to go to five and oh. Fremont had been the best running back in the NFL every till had been explosive Alex Smith had been or the top five quarterbacks NFL that's not what you got yesterday which you. Due to change do they spread. The Anthony Thomas George can't request Albert Wilson Chris Conley west is out with a concussion. You at least may have eleven on the feel the same time those guys got to do their job to me when your taken players like get out. Out of the mix that changes how creative you can be on offense from the cheeks get in the past or lose in the game right. I'm just saying you've got at. More than started at eleven stars out miss that you guys on the line you're all pros safeties out your your all pro tight ends elephant concussion. You're backup running back chart yet request that two touchdowns the week before a concussion and as I mean this is not the same changed. It all I'm saying it when you don't have those guys you can't run the same place you can't run the same stuff with. Don't Marcus Robinson you can reload Albert Wilson and it changes who you are what you law. Not saying that that Alex Smith should have made that row to the market's problems I think he would tell you use him he should make that throw. Healthy stars and that changed the third forestry dude it's on positions are they out played it was better than yesterday. That was better but it does it's not. Just about the front what the stars either man like that changed is such a great job offensively spread it around so many guys don't. Privacy you have no chance to win if those guys don't play well. Bet you're not winning the game if your quarterback gets outplayed your running back has less than thirty yards. And he still has less than forty yard receiving Travis Kelsey just like in the royals cannot win a lot of games if Eric Hosmer and my stock is go over for what they're not winning those games but during. It's not just him though dude you've got to put that on the Ole until it's not history month in the ball to go run and outrun everybody and run guys over colts run through two. You know I mean that's part of an adult onset you talked about offensive want the guys about Alex killed like an African open holes for Korean yesterday either. No they didn't do a lot well yesterday that's certainly was eighteen loss text on 693. 06 you guys are crushing Philip gains enough he trash. I don't think Philip gains as good I don't think many people would argue that he's good. I maybe look at that play a little bit differently. That's just one of those fluke things that's going to happen. Pro football focus has Philip gains as the worst nickel quarterback in the NFL and you certainly need to make changes over on that side of the field. And it is fair to point out that he wouldn't be your number two corner Steven LC whose wealthy but you gotta deal with injuries and you have to deal with attrition as it takes place throughout the course of the NFL season. Big believer that football games are defined as five to eight plays but he didn't make many of those yesterday. Good but Demetris hairs play you can score a touchdown on the play turnover on downs you don't get points on that play. At the very end of the game you didn't make plays enough to school work. Antonio Brown it's a touchdown that he shouldn't have that if you just batted down or took down or Ding of sorts and makes the tackle on that play we are talking about a very difficult game I think she's got Beatles all phases of the game yesterday about the got out coached us and I'll be too often very good and the defense clearly can't stop the reliance on certainly not putting the loss. On any one individual we talk about the coaching decision to go forward on fourth down. If you want to after this. I just think yesterday so many small things went wrong but I look at it as a little bit of a blip on the rare -- attacks on says it doesn't argue given the Steelers credit. Well they played she just an idea that she's a better than the Steelers I think the Steelers match up really well against Jews and we'll see what happens in the post season. This is doesn't change my overall big picture rockets into city chiefs. This seems still only 1112 games there's still a host a playoff game. And then it comes down to are you healthy king you play well in the post season this is doesn't change my big picture of why I think the chiefs all. It doesn't mean either I mean that's the beauty that you start out five and on you've got some you've got a room to work with here you gotta have yesterday's game. You get the thin roster and lose a game and still be okay now. If you go on the road Oakland and go back to back nine coming back to the pack are right that lose that game every stuck there are gonna run the table and go undefeated. I think that I did sooner or later that they were gonna get beat I didn't think there were six and now I didn't either until I don't think I think. Hello Dick because sixteen or so that everybody healthy and that's a possibility so. You know listen they've lost game five at one big idol in Oakland and they've got two days to get ready for which is not ideals so. I think we'll learn a lot about this chiefs team in Oakland on Thursday. V decision. To go for it on fourth down was certainly one of the more controversial decisions in all the game I think people love gambles when they work. And make sense it is a result oriented business that if you're gonna roll the dice the weighted seized it you better come away with points on the board or get the first down they didn't get the first down. And it's clear that the chief chased those three points the rest of the day. Is or windy if it Thomas scored. York in the lead as the post still down at the into the game you still have a chance to tie the game at the unit was 1913 you lose the game. Let's make in 1960 singers and Tucker makes the thirty yard kick. You're the in trying to go tie the football game instead of trying to win the football game are happy to win that on game. At the end of it so certainly that decision in that are coming back to haunt the chiefs I know hindsight is twenty going. But. I think it I think you made it unnecessary risk at the end of the game. I can take the points there. I think he was trying to get Errol had fired up a little spark to his team and we'll dies at the end of the dinners like what twelve minutes and you. You're still a lot of time in that game. That you didn't have to chase Jimmie going fort and that scenario was forcing this team to chase at the end of the game. Which you didn't have to do the entire synergy the math everything was off by that decision to go for latent football. Secondly he did it I can believe me. It's simple math you need to scores you're down nine need a field goal and touchdown. Ticket and just get points on the board. The board and then try to go to and and and take the lead with a touchdown. I mean that the chiefs have been such a good fourth quarter team and such a good second half team the majority disease and that I felt pretty decent that at least get three points up there. At least get the ball back. Probably two times have two decent chances you know the guys that I thought did terrific job as you know we have talked about is Dustin Colquitt and he was phenomenal. I mean he was terrific so you know she's got a stopper that she's could even do anything with the football that Gold Coast got a panel. All right so on you take you've got to kick the field and I wanna and he's got to be sitting back thinking today and I screwed that up. I should I should kick the field. I just think that yesterday's very simple to read and chewed digests the game. I think that she's still the best team in the NFL we'll talk about it on the other side of the break I just think it was a very simple. Spur up seniors to have the blueprint to slowing down the team the city chiefs. What's that saying like once in the flew two times as something in three times the train and they beat you three times in your last twenty games. It's Burton knows something about the chiefs and outs you stop that she's not a slow down and out regulate beyond bill going against the chiefs. So if you play this team and get in the post season they're certainly not going to be a level of fear whether that games in Heinz Field or it's or if it's at arrowhead the Steelers are not afraid their coaches taught how comfortable they'll spell going into the game. But I look at the game is a very simple. I think that Pittsburg as the blueprint in order to beat the chiefs. It's stop the run and make this team one dimensional it's we're gonna control the clock palladium bill and we don't trust that she's can stop us. And the chiefs haven't done a good job is probably beyond bill. And it's forced Alex Smith the beach and I think on a micro level when it comes and his game is very simple. There are stars play like stars and palladium bell in Antonio brown and your guys didn't play like that cream and had his worst game as a pro. I refilled and have many dynamic plays this game and try to Kelsey was nonexistent for many of the game four balls very simply stars got to be stars and they were yesterday. On the other side will talk about if this team is still the best team in the NFL and talk about the controversial. No catch at the inn with the Demetris Ayers was at a touchdown I don't think so we get it's that next drive. The dry presented by don't sinking us from the VD electric eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Sex on 69306. Top seeds sex. Who had a little questionable call yesterday Demetrius hairs are Austin's a fairy endgame in the next X the end zone has different rules in the rest of the field. Possession to feed immediate touchdown or in the league on the field the play continues until now. That's not true about the end zone that's how a lot of people treat the end zone but at least for the burden of proving that you had a catch. The rules are no different than any other place on the field the more questionable call is clearly Austin fear Austin's a period Jake and I still don't understand what the rest called. Or what they Saul and that went to overturn the initial ruling on the field to call that one does the jets patriots yeah that's what it just little in the game right. It would exciting and yet due to tie the game and now when. The. Is there is called maybe I am in the minority in Kansas City when it comes to this place. I think that's a catch in that it shouldn't be a touchdown. Some didn't have a problem with them challenge or not challenge here and I thought it was Smart to keep the timeout. Some importer when I tweeted yesterday made their fair point that I'd be willing to roll the dice and go forward on fourth down yet to be willing to challenge a controversial call. I understand that charter shall not gonna say you're wrong in that belief. But I think that the end zone because of the cross the pylon war. Makes us huge the end zone as a completely different entity and not look at it as simply did he make a catch. It doesn't monarch. If we take that. Demetris Ayers play out of the end zone and we placed at any where else on the field what anyone be arguing that he called the football. Let's say it was third and eleven from the 37 yard line and he completes that passing is at the fifty. Is anyone's saying that Demetrius Ayers caught the ball that you should challenge it would be incomplete DuPont of Opel and everyone removal and we would even talk about it. It's because it happened in the in zone it's because it was on fourth down it was such a controversial decision to go for. I don't think Demetrius there's culpable I'm not even denying that he didn't come down to two feet he certainly had possession of it in the end zone and came down with two feet. Well we've seen time and timing game that burden of catch in the NFL is to complete book possession complete the catch. Pitchers there's didn't completely catch yesterday I don't know how you can watch that play instead he completed the catch. That I understand across the pylon but that's when he's already spelt possession and is a runner that's not what happened in this you have to complete the catch from. Beginning to gain just like we saw Calvin Johnson just like we see happen and other plays throughout the course in a file. I understand at the touch wheels or confusing. But I do think we're starting to see enough plays that were Spartan at all right this reminds me of X-Play this is the point that I can go to foursome got a president. I don't think that's a catch any worlds on the field it's certainly shouldn't be Indians. Colleagues are either imagine if it was on the other side that was a Pittsburgh player she spends dealing that's not a catch. And I think it's it's his. It's it's not one I. Actually and what the rule because I wanted to know what to catch what catches and how it's actually ruled that written in the rule but I think it's an article three and rule. It's apple this part gallery. A player has the ball long enough to become a rocker win after his second foot is on the ground which did happen is capable of avoiding or warding off. Impending contact of an opponent tucking the ball only turning up fielder taking additional steps are right he came down with two feet on the ground or else he didn't do. And it was the catch. Right by the rule I get wild oats you know lights a little bit confused some fans but actually clearly states in the rule that's what was the catch that's what she's been challenges. It was an eight of the plague all you want but it wasn't cat. I'm not challenging anyone's football knowledge I don't know how you can think that was it honestly. Just based on how the NFL what they always say. They dig into your head any time dean blending those on TV any time that anybody is on TV and they explaining and they go to. They say did he complete the catch did he tedious that was possession incomplete to catch. He never established. Old told all possession and completed the entire process. I'm not denying that he didn't have two feet in it appeared to have possession at some point blocked a catch I think that he did. But we've seen them beat it into your head you have to complete the process. He never completed the process that's not a catch just based on what they say you disagree with the rule and think they should change the rule but based on what they always tell us about a catch in how often in emphatic they are about completing it. Completing it completing it. Heating complete that's not a touch that no one would be arguing this that this was anywhere else on the field. If this is that the fifty yard line no one would say the Demetris hair caught the ball. Don't and that's the Opel so how he touches in the insult anywhere else on the fuel heating catches. That's why I think people are confusing the rule little bit and not fully understanding the rules may be the proper way of putting it I just don't think that he called the football he did complete. He did maintain possession throughout the entire process of the catch that's not a catch in my opinion it was more or not that's. It was Smart to not use the challenge in Abbot time out they certainly need that time and at the end of the game I think they made the right decision at least they're not challenging the plate going forth completed an argument. But the decision to not challenge it is is was correct in my. And creatures are Stevens said he is listen he had his hand in did it in between his hand and the football. When he came down so it looked like he had full possession of any actually did. But the the defensive back for the Steelers that is added. Which is one of the reasons like got stripped away. Even after got both Felix the cat so that she's would have been would have been miserable if they challenged that call and they lose it and lose it timeout and it would have been reject. Sex on six countries on six though not a catch your member Travis Kelsey that's in Arizona few years ago that wasn't a catch. The one owns a Sunday surely wasn't I remember that play the wanted to talk and I'll remember. Ever dealt with the teachers Ayers where'd you like caught the ball on the his knee Cali caused the fumble that rolled it like seven yards. But it was clear to me that he caught the football and then turn it over. That I. I understand sometimes why the rules are horde to follow in how we can be confusing at different times. I just think what we have created is this all the ball has to do is cross the pylon that we have forgotten. When it comes to a text you had to maintain the catch the entire. Possession they've been pretty emphatic about that the we might be confusing a lot of times about how expert they have established that part. I just don't think he did that the entire wayside I never was upset that they didn't challenge that I don't have any outrage stated that wasn't ruled attach files to. I was too is that they actually went forward syndicate an illegal in England to drop that I mean it's not it would it wasn't a catch and no tax like guys is tired she's fearless in game had no idea there's even a debate on if it was if it was a catcher until I turn on the radio today believe it or not. Lot of people thought laws. Know your means excellent 600 or six I disagree the third foot came down before possession between the players came into view my question you have to complete it that's the thing. A park we agree with. Did you appeared to have two feet down in the end zone in possession of the football I don't disagree with that I am e-book that we looked at several time I think he did that he didn't have. Haven't the in tiger let. Throughout it. That to me hassle factor in the in the salon says when his feet touched the play's over you know it's not we just CNET time and time again that's just factually inaccurate when it comes catches in the NFL I think Calvin Johnson caught people ever go back to the original Calvin Johnson I think that he caught the ball. But that's it means when they clearly established that you have to maintain possession throughout the entire. Arc of the catch. I don't know high you can see that. Not a Johnson ruling. Didn't see that they will that play incomplete end and think in this one that should be inked an incomplete based on he's been under a precedent that we've already seen set it. That's the case then and only just been a picture for all right you've got I don't know let's say time retail. Runs in the corner of the end zone catches gets both feet down the back knocks it out before it comes down. It's an incomplete pass the same thing this is a different play is getting got both feet down when he caught the football the I mean to me it's edited thought it was a catch is just wrong I mean you know I think there's a little bit of a common sense thing the have to factor in their two he didn't control. All right it says is he's got to be capable of avoiding or warding off impending contact of an opponent. It tucked the ball always gonna turn upfield or take additional steps didn't do any of those. No he didn't do that yesterday I was like this about the game and I think that's what makes this game so hard for people and what's so confusing about this one is. Weren't normally taught in sports and at the end of the game you have to have some different opinion about the positive or negative did you feel better about the chief do you feel worse about the chiefs. Like sports talk radio in our climate in which we debate things is normally based in a changing opinion all the time like how we say. He's free to change her opinion was new and different information that's life we learn something new we'd been applied it toward knowledge and that we change our opinion accordingly. Hiking up the same opinion about Alex and at least a 100%. Through the first six games he's looked better the offense has the better I'm not going to let. The last sixty minutes I saw completely in drastically changed my opinion on what I've seen the other five days. But there's an honest truth about this game nothing is changed. But she's still basking in the AFC west I clearly think they're still the best team in the AFC. I still feel the same about Alex Smith better but still some question marks probably still need things to be perfect I still think that cream of the best running back in the NFL. I just think the only difference in this woman's mini Pittsburg as were number and I wasn't willing to entertain for. Two games and it's a fluke. One of those got blown out in notes on and I football game that big game was over in the first 141. Fifteen plays that game and in the playoff game all hold happens at the end of the game include could've made a couple different plays to win that ball game we can talk about ifs ands or buts about bank. Do the same thing about this one but times to me is a trade. The chiefs beat a team three times I wouldn't be saying well a team that she's old am I right now that she's old in the pits are the all of the Oakland Raiders. That's a degree of people and this do you have to prove to me that you can beat the chiefs in these kind of environment especially with how poorly the raiders have played. But that's the honest truth about this game nothing has changed for the chiefs this team still went 1112 games are still going to be the one or two seed in the AFC. And it comes down to in this team perform and be healthy in the playoffs. I don't watch that game have any different opinion about the chief. Achieves this chiefs team has gradually changing and what I say. Think for the best team in the NFL right now I think on the year with the best teams in the NFL. On New England Philadelphia. Teams like that chiefs are up there on that tear it the best team in the NFL. And Hillary's I say that because they're not eat or close to be the same team they were in week one they smoked the patriots are right. Five starters. Mean big ones we know bear no more snow majority know Wilson Joseph Connolly. And I don't beat a dead horse here a little bit on this injury thing but listen this team is not the same team as well as all right. Five starters Justin used it was playing hurt shark can't request got a concussion Tyree Gil Robby has one or not leave the game how's that affected and Oakland. I mean it's not the same team that it's not anywhere close it's one of the reasons why I that the she's had a legitimate shot to go to England beat the patriots in week one. Was because they would and they are completely healthy. All right when they play the patriots in the playoffs in New England they were healthy just used to could barely watch your back the loser there were there're there're. Mean there were a fraction of what they were the regular season. This team is gradually. Losing players. And they lose one a week. Sometimes too and so that's what scares me about gold for whose team are they got absolutely. That's what listen. Five straight wins built you little pad and make your margin for air a lot bigger they could afford to lose that game yesterday on my concern though is. Health going for these guys how many more players and they lose and still be able to play level where they can win in the plants. You are just different when it comes to the chiefs injuries may be big picture in short term at least in this game. I don't think the injuries are the number one reason why they lost that game I thought to she's mysterious opportunities throughout the course of the game pits for just made more plays than they've made. And you lost the game. I still think with the injuries would be offensive line the injury you now with a wide receiver corps he still had saints. Let's not forget despite all the injuries this team had the ball with the giants to win the last two minutes of the football. Questioning like heart grit whatever you wanna call and it does she played tough yesterday better off today. They are beat up and they went out there and they still had a chance to win it again I admire the hell. Out of the way they play that's not what I'm saying at all I mean in years past it she's team like that I mean it would have been over long time ago. Listen. It will attract announcement I understand that money magazine is double throws cold. I think it does look. Is looking at the very simple love he certainly factors in its pledge not really factoring in Italy and at all in his support of white lost again I understand that and I'm with ya on that he's also part of the reason we got back in it. You know I mean. Run for his life scrambled out and felt founding Anthony Thomas that's a winning play to big time play when your team needed you know any. Which are the ones in that he missed but it's the ones you made now could have made a couple of more throws absolutely and that's important as we go on college. But we tend to after game especially natural state he knew that these shots because of that or induces or didn't make that throw back in there. Back in there I mean. Watching grass stains up the back of his pants and his Jersey today. Because he was chased around and and hassled so much because they could protect him one of the reasons like Greenland could run the football either. There's major issues on profits of one run right now it's the reason. He's what the second or third most sacked quarterback in the NFL right now. So little things that's like in the missing two starters on the line to know more snow tardy and eventually it's gonna come back but literary and eventually I thought. Something like this can happen to own because they help in depth and all those things I mean the next man up thing to me sounds great great coach speak. Players had to say that. Let's be honest here man. Aaron Rodgers goes down the Packers change is Brett Conley all right so it goes down the torch goes down exact full nicely snap little rounds is ahead. All right Stephen Nelson goes down you got Philip gains are right it it's not always Spitzer where does that he dickering ma that's not typically how were. Agree but I guess I would say though as the combat which are saying is not all injuries are created equal. This the Packers have a greater injury than any injury that you anger that lost their MVP hall of fame as a quarterback. That when I look at the chiefs I don't look at any of their injury so far they've had is critically. Losing Aaron Rodgers is crippling losing their car week sixteen of the NFL season last year for Oakley that. They're very yesterday it was potentially crippling on the team they can't stop the run. They met the Steelers is sort touchdown in the playoffs they got two yesterday. I mean you know I like I thought in the Texans game that's geez would feel the gloss that are there it was yesterday instead. No I mean Eric Berry the losses the ice and do I just had a different opinion or injuries that come I'm not blaming this game on not having a fully healthy Albert Wilson Chris Colleen this. I thought that she's had more than enough bullets the blob there when that game and they didn't execute down the stretch whether it was Alex is missing the though at the end whether it was Philip gains in the ball bounce office on the yet and that you don't injuries that's awareness and went out there are making a play actually play so I can't blame that or anything or anybody else this team going forward on fourth down a spinal injuries you make that decision as a team to go portal fourth downs and got no points in into the chasing. That again I'm not saying the injuries are zero part of the game obviously is the NFL in attrition is going to happen the chiefs don't have any crippling injuries that I think disable them from going out there and win that game. This and execute. The the Steelers came in and played better than chiefs and they beat them at their own game and they ran the ball effectively they stop you for running the ball and they made their quarterback beat you. In house but was unable to beat them in this game. Up next hey you and and you take a play each other this weekend and two legends speak on the game we get to a next on the drive. The drive presented by don't sixteens from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. When the team. Your calls sixteen and Sports Radio. Nobody had. Sunday border war game covered. Like us right here 60 sports Radio One o'clock. Watch highlights pregame coverage of me Masco playing I'm sure it will be very fair balance. Yeah we'll have the Missouri broadcast of the game. From sprint center at 3 o'clock and welts and I will be a proposed game right. After the game six and sports and she federal workers local union number till present in UK you exhibition game. Also brought to you by Dirk and I dork as a construction items clothing wholesale batteries Brooks outer. Bar and grill and our audio board Kampman for the renewing of the hour. If you are there they're trying to figure out of that between units for us if you're that conversation Yale was some though like I say Michael Porter. It's Super Bowl a hundred dollars an anomaly in the city. He doesn't have Spence who see her as well I mean more so fast it and see that Sudan as an issue isn't it remember the challenge. All those ball. I'll gospel. Alison ridiculous right crickets they shouldn't politicize and get a place couple weeks ago Hermione optimal time they didn't do not mean it'll implants and you know I mean seems kind of similar to what's actually happening in real life that neither here nor there. It's always an honor you can hear from two legends talking all in my opinion the best rivalry that we have and in city will start with a C inside firstly dominated this robbery. This is Bob Davis about the personalities that made Missouri into such a great rivalry on the court. Well I pulled the I have a pet stores while it was sort of the personalities I think work will probably the best part norm Stewart has been body. You know although rival norm norm was sort aunts and you know it's such a good. Couldn't you couldn't order but in the game in my arch. But he gives you lose mr. was due and he was that tiger you know he was recruited by all of our I school. Shelby built the course once it was a very insightful coached the branch McCracken. That in the end suggested that or should go to Missouri. And Ed Norton made it in what was and that's sidewalk up against you know blog so gentle ones and all that Larry of course England where is that. Seward and Rory and and the norm had some ferocious battles. I think it was the personalities more than anything else so well. Well that's great players some great games that it was just. Well I think you would have the national spotlight certainly as much as any level in the country. As Bob Davis always good to hear from him the retired voice long time voice of the Kansas Jayhawks I was appreciate Bob Davis and happy that he was on the station are you ready for the robbery mean. The rivalry the personalities. The individual calls we will always debate is Steve Moore flopped will always debate is still press he was out at the end of the game Keon Dooling who don't don't I can't remember the donkeys so bad they called charge calling. Those are the things that make the rivalry fund that we will debate. For a long time is in U wins this robbery in U fans will certainly talk about it for the next ten years into you fans will say what you can't beat us in the regular season. Like that's what makes sports and rival respond that I understand there's a little bit of bitterness and resentment on both sides when it comes to. I'm in sports so they're more interest thing a more fun and have things to talk about in the game. There's certainly more things to talk about Kansas City is a better place whenever immune K you were playing each other. I really at a percent sales of the U Texas football game over the weekend on as a fan. And it just made mean it it may be best that you Missouri rivalry Kansas City because rarely have a big college rival. In Kansas City right now we don't KK state it's basic right and it's a decent. Rob it's not a real rivalry right that you would. In case stayed in football now. I'd Missoula Arkansas does that affect this year I'll excel. On so if we take you on the zoo don't want again play in the regular season and this is a start and we it's a good old fashioned big boy college rivalry Kansas City. Up next. This is norm Stewart a true patriot maybe one of the greatest human beings I ever lost the base of the earth this is the norm Stewart on the immune JU robbery is audio courtesy ABC seventeen. Personable such a great cars. And I hope to be involved and have although there's going to be a busy weekend and receivers in the gas in the tank where two or go to Kansas City on Sunday morning courage her right to go. And support both teams. For a great cause. Couldn't it couldn't be better and what a nice way to revive. A long time standing. Competitive situation. What is that rivalry means. Well. I grew up. In the forties and fifties. And doctor Allen who should brake coach at Kansas recruited me coached also recruited me here it's McCain university. The only the only unfortunate thing about their rivalry is. A lot of it is not based on athletics. It's based on history and unfortunate history. Whatever happens it does bring out the best in athletes. And teams over the course of years and I've seen some of the great performances. And some of the most unlikely performances. By individuals that. Probably never have a shining moment before that or maybe after about. That was norm Stewart commenting on the robbery audio is courtesy of ADC seventeen. Ice in IE with solemn scene when you were on Friday when you were headed down in Dallas kind debating on what kind of game this was going to be. And ice kind of thought that the first half could be a little bit like team BA all star game and it would be played in a very up and down kind of pace. Amy you add a broad a similar to what Kentucky does they brought in BA scouts in gave the NBA scouts an opportunity lost Michael were also watched the rest of the team. That's a vibe that I get from Missouri. Missouri is taking these scrimmage seriously now I've ever settled Friday I don't think it's gonna be some March Madness or regular season intensity but. I'm not expecting this to be some shared you'd be worth like the Harlem Globetrotters and the schools won twenty to 118. I think is going to be a competitive pick up game that is going to have a very unique feel given how long it's been since we've seen these two teams play each other. And the overall uniqueness of. I think the atmosphere is gonna determine what kind of game. Imagine those kids go in there and you've got 161000 and Sprint's generated see him play basketball. And it's split or it's 6040 loser your 6040 Kansas. Whatever I think that. May be may dictate exactly what kind of game we have kids never played each other before that experienced user before. They'll know the news stories but until you feel it. I think that's the part that I'm looking forward if they get places jam packed it's going to be. What I'm very curious to see is how can you take so this game. There's no doubt in my mind that Missouri at least it's fan base is taking this game seriously and is excited to see Michael Porter and the rest of the freshmen. For the first time especially in their first time to get to see him against KU. What's the crap out if it's 5050 in UK you I don't hear the tape doesn't care about the rival yes they do. Now it's eighty Swanee. And it's not sold out and it's clearly wait hours or fans and there's waning interest only cage side. They'll be very telling in this game that's what I'm looking forward to most decipher seeing these 222 teams play each other. Is how are you going to respond to the game. Check out the podcast page sixty sports dot com also available on iTunes thanks to Raila to become an offer any ice for me to show up next out of here.