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The Drive
Monday, October 16th

Hour 3 began with the biggest stories from the NFL in Week 6 before CDot revealed the truth on why the Chiefs lost the game on Sunday. They also reacted to former Steelers DB Ryan Clark's comments on the Chiefs and why he can't buy into them before looking back at how awful everyone is in "Drive Survivor."


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Text size 69306. The rivalry is dead guys get over between Kansas and Missouri the same text of misery of its run out of the building by national title hopeful in a game that doesn't matter for either school's season record have all with your delusions of ranger. Tiger say and senator. Like Kansas fans are sold elusive from the fact that they care about the rivalry to. Crack you can't. You what is it about case they because there's no rivalry between Kansas and Kansas State it's not. Angry on both sides now personal I don't think that K state fans might take you Spain in the team. But take fans always dismiss case they experience like they put them often a little bit of a corner and not say if they don't do that with Missouri. But there's at least that hatred and the back and forth. This week we will just see a lot of case ute fans telling you how Missouri doesn't matter seven different times and it's not one of those things were you keep telling me that you don't this year girlfriend. Should do you all tell me stories about her why do you keep telling me stories about. Herschel three years ago there's obviously a lot of passion and anger and frustration on both sides. I do think there's a little bit of test to see how it works in Kansas City how big is the rivalry. Duque you fans respond really well to what's the crown like JU fears that there's no denying it you things are going to be there's no denying with how hot this team is the ball as the excitement around the team if Missouri based. It's pound bass RKU pains is it's split. I do think it's used as a little bit of a test run. Maybe not initially maybe not an extra point eighteen but at some point these two teams are gonna play each other ideas work for too long the bill would never played Missouri and the one day you woke up and decided I'll play Missouri under these circumstances. What's not to say in 2019 he wakes up and says all right I'll play and as long as we get XYZ this is not the last time at least with Bill Self as a coaster will see kids when user in my. Yet or is not dead the rivalry still there it's just been dormant for a few years now. So I think it's gonna be attributed atmosphere and it's a great idea. I would like it better if it was a game that mattered. You know if it was a regular season game so what do you mean the mean to me that's think it does start right baby steps. And you gotta do you honestly can't take maybe that's coming up in ten minutes Fujitsu the honest truth about the chiefs game the first go around the NFL and recap the week in the and that was in the NFL. Another week of NFL action another serious injury it's time Aaron Rodgers. Is likely to be done for the season with a broken. Collarbone out as actually renamed moved in for the rest of the life. I ain't Green Bay is a good team. I think they miss the playoffs but I still think they're competitive I do think Brett Hull he's been and that system enough he does a few things well and I still think that authentic talent. I think Eric Jones is a decent running back you still have a top five receiver corps in the NFL Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb. And Dovonte Adams their defense is good enough titled the Green Bay just completely falls off the cliff. I don't think their make in the playoffs though the NFL I've just been bit with the injury bullet and its doors so I think what you think down the stretch I'm curious to see how that is affected by the ratings we keep talking about everything else in the NFL. It stars cellular sport Aaron Rodgers is disbarred JJ watt is a star oil Beckham junior is the star. People are shooting especially casualty to see those players in the NFL create new stars will see over the next. And we yeah I was not a big green Bay's coach I think are good team but they're not a great team on I think they're great team with Aaron Rodgers but with Brad Huntley news. At a total of 44. Pass attempts in one since 2016. Since last year yet they're not the same team ansari were to consider. The quarterback position the NFL the most important position all sports now agree that his make the playoffs. I they're good team I don't think there is a great team with Brett Conley called the shots and hurts yet you're talking JJ watt Rodgers back him. David Johnson Jewish settlement Eric Berry when that starts with all like. Like crazy and. Alan cabinet has filed a grievance against the NFL for collusion amongst ownership you think is a case. This thing vary your case because if you read the document Nick Collins after an ache in his legal representation of put out. I find it hard to believe. Bet that isn't what's happening and you and that's what's happening is completely different sport. I don't believe what the document sets that there's protests as more ball every NFL all that they don't wanna touch of and that he's toxic it. I think that it was I by the fact that Donald Trump talked about it which is certainly may be four. Or five weeks. I don't know how you prove that do you have a voicemail do you have an emailed to you haven't exchange. Do you have any kind of physical proof that you can hand to people to tell them this is what I do think it's what's happening proving in accordance going to be completely different art. That's exactly I mean I'm pretty sure that 32 voters not normally get a admit that they colluded to keep Colin Capra and out of the NFL so it is smoking gun somewhere. Somebody's gotta have something he's got no shot. If the owners bought the NFL he's that I would you. Really simple just. Shined the guy. In Green Bay right. The Packers it was a good dinner builds with a picture day of college applicant Brett Favre to Iraq. Putting Green Bay sign in problem goes away I would assume that the lawsuit be dropped the other part of that too easy on the NFL network the talk about the if he actually wins is that it is terra the CBA the players start all over again. So he's quite a big battle here the big improvement Greg I think it happen absolutely fidelity to be able to prove. I don't think he's going to be able to prove it I think the NFL owners and just made this a bigger fight that would add V college athletics signs of march. Eight he's just backing up a team right now I don't think we're talking about college Africa's much. Alderson he had dismissed plate is so big in every week become after the continues to be in a story for not playing. And the more that other quarterbacks get injured I was reading a report I believe it was from my floor of NBC sports. I don't think that the markets Mario and injury was maybe that straw that broke the camel's back markers Maria as a very similar place down the collar Catholic that when he goes out. They came to bring you win for work out but they bring in TJ Yates and brain we didn't Brit who college tablet is clearly better than. I can see that rubbing him kind of way this is a teleconference never playing in the NFL I. I thought that before this happened but there's no way you're about to go to court against the lawyers and that arts because the owners and then think that one of those owners gonna give you a job. Alec after nick is done this just signifies. The in the count cabinet as an NFL quarterback. We put in the standings point the Packers are almost too perfect of a situation because even if he goes and they sign any planes while he's select speaking -- writer's job and then determined that the termination of the port can be whether or not something happen. Let me ask it this guy's advice would you would you give me job. I have a very difficult time in its see a rise first though it's over but I mean. I would argue that his job was already done that the arguments against Kelly captain Daniel and job just only got to continue to get worse now he argued for the Packers is going to be. Well yes the system Brantley is already here actually implement and the next if you saw societal he's been out of court for an entire season. He's got a football or entire season how can you come in like. What's college athletic got through August and we were told eighth after the draft once injury shake itself out billiards on college athletes never playing in Indian. Address valuation of the AFC west changed with the raiders losing four straight games also the Broncos. They'll home of the giants. No sector bought. Mr. valuation on the ads it lives I don't know how would you be the same I don't know I don't look at this division still think it's the toughest division in all of the NFL my lace is very simple. But she would never lose the games and us all the other teams lose but she's not losing homes of the Los Angeles chargers and they certainly tell losing homes of the New York Giants were an absolute dumpster fire and I can't even tell you was all on the team. A sad loss by the Denver Broncos trying to keep pace with the Kansas City Chiefs now that he's lost. But if you're trying to gain a little bit of ground that scene that was undefeated losing at home to the giants that just goes to be the yeah. Different set that she says their quarterback is more consistent than every other quarterback at least so far this season. I can't explain what's happened Oakland's off that's why I thought was going to be all of firewall in the top five a Mark Cooper turned into the Marcus Robinson all of us and I don't know what's happened with their office. Injuries to their quarterback position same thing for the Broncos is what they keep trying to make some rescinding after it may happen for the Denver Broncos. Yeah change a lot I mean I not pick the raiders to win this division before the season started and I mean this to us or wrote a quarterback with a with a broken back all right let's not the San Diego Chargers in the LA charger a lot better we think. The one good kicker away from me and for a two instead to a war. The Denver Broncos up they are flawed I still think they're flawed to me that over cheat a little bit that refugees are still the best team in the division right. A total that was going to be but I think the chiefs are the best team in the division problem isn't it pretty beat up right now so you get into these next three games into the bye week. Schedule softens up leading pretty good shape but yet the divisions weird this year. Bottom line. For her name on it was the sixth straight 100 plus yards from scrimmage game. But it. Also had nine carries for point one yards on the bag this cream console competition for a in the air India absolutely DC out of style of play and have a shell Watson leads the NFL in touchdown passes. Look for that might lead the NFL in touchdown so far this season this strong of a rookie of the year I can remember what I guess back to last season. When dad press guy and Ezekiel Eliot. Both had pretty convincing argues for them to win in FL rookie of the year. Shawn Watson is having a fantastic year three punts having a great year in putter for now it's so bad that Christian McCaffrey who might have a hundred catches this year. Isn't even in the top three in a rookie of the year is it pretty strong year for the category. Absolutely it is what what positions the shot lots of play guys. I he is a quarterback well these if he's gonna it is a quarterback he's gonna win rookie the every keeps doing this not to be running back. Was in the chiefs again and I and I and I say this allowed the chiefs are beat up right now and everybody knows that she's due. They are the ball out of Fremont in ought to stop and now all right there's sit there six weeks today about a three month I think he's fantastic I subtlety and keep it up so absolutely. It's not a competition for refute. Our final line. You're guy C got Adrian Peterson he's still watched after he ran for. 134. Yards and two scores on Tony's experience on what we preach on the show. Oddly the sample size so yes he's watched. One year in which everybody played well on the Arizona Cardinals that's what war. Factory gate with the Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer played really well. Larry FitzGerald played really well Adrian Peterson. Is it as simply the first four weeks five weeks of the NFL's season let's see how his body holds up a little bit. Walks you know Adrian Peterson is he's Kobe. Yes sometimes Kobe scored 3540 points and game. But for the most part we saw that Kobe Bryant was walks don't let this one week for you with Arizona looked like the most dominant offense in the NFL. Watched aged Peterson by Adrian Peterson a fancy I trade right now because there'd be a sucker like Vinny ice trying to buy. I want Adrian Peterson no he's done watched. I. It goes RC dot Ottawa be associated wash based Adrian Peterson goes off again next week but. To 32 year old running back is that a blame injuries so I've got to see more tonight Guinea 234 more weeks and seal the cartilage use them. And then we'll see guys 32 Reagan years old detailed. In the for my name is solely. By the man on the other side and watched via snow not he's he's not the best running back on the team currently that is Andrea. I just Kimball an accident grassroots al-Qaeda giant after one good week like now is he not watch. Do this with people that we clearly know is over we did this with tiger for three years. Peterson's not gonna he runs for 34 you're washed that you can terrible. Could the Buccaneers the five most disappointing teams in the NFL any game. Well is anybody buying stock go Carson Palmer. Car their defense up for preschoolers. Larry FitzGerald is one of the five's low slot receivers in the NFL. Hotter eighty yards and three scores against the net and at her stop buying and believe it and Adrian Peterson. That why should get cholera. Why. We all anyplace he's watched both both things can be true Carson Palmer currently eighth. Amongst fantasy quarterbacks I don't have a plea Carson Palmer I Carson Palmer course and once those are my go to use in draft. I want this week if you're curious I know you're all of the creature is I'm asking is it seemed one this week highs came in ninth place you listen to his advice I don't know why it. He listens and they show listen in my eyes and maybe once the difference is they Carrington flavored no money on another exciting title one money over fantasy sports markets that companies play for free with the promo codes that that elegant you know I tell you what to play it's just I'd. I try and give advice and help make people. And if that's how you wanna play it we talk about that patriots jets play at some point because IE. I feel like I understand football losses on a pretty regular basis I don't know what the officials were thinking and maybe maybe I've missed something maybe you guys also and I didn't see we'll talk about that. At some point throughout the course Michelle the first. There is an honest truth about that she's game that will be NC next draft. Good drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixteen and Sports Radio. It's here's experience. Studios. I did Tim PD. Back in on the drive coming up in about ten minutes trying Clark used in. I think act code their thoughts on a lot of national. Pundits is certainly a lot of people in Kansas City who gates of that coming up in about ten minutes. There is a very honest truth about the chiefs game that people are trying to deny. I don't that she's game changes anything. Thought about she's going into the game. Let's say you thought they were going to be the one seed in the AFC let's say get out of winning the division in the AFC. What has really changed in the one loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I would understand if they lost a home game to the Miami Dolphins and you were down the team that you don't have a lot of respect for. I understand if you lost a home game to a team that you thought was diet. He'll also hold game to the Pittsburgh Steelers the Steelers we've seen. Maybe have that she's number I think they do ice there's somebody out there at the disagrees with that. The chiefs are only three since the beginning of two 2016. Against the Steelers seventeen and three against everybody else. The only thing that we learned in this game is that Alex Smith was here Rogers or Tom Brady which I think we all knew. That Korea is still human but even his bad games can still be productive as he had a hundred yards from scrimmage but this team's not going undefeated. I got really struggle in this what how many people I've seen at least in social media in the text line was into sports talk today. That is kind of given up on that she's not given a jump off the bandwagon will be an odd questions about the chiefs. What's really changed. Over the last 24 hours and our valuation of this team that I. Exit typical fan reaction to and I get it but you're emotionally attached to your team right there they're your five that would. Fans are thinking man if I don't know apparently gets in and now own it if we got to twelve and on that we got. Mean people start looking ahead instead of focusing on the game edit it doesn't nothing I mean you're five and one. You've got the best record the ANC. One game ahead of the Steelers and the patriots and patriots QB. So fine all right if she's got a mess we all agree that there's really not one definitive best team and in a dollar. So but she's out there changer as good as anybody. In the National Football League right now and nothing has changed. Nothing has really changed at all for the chiefs in terms of what they can accomplish is still the ones still get so little in the division. Still get. And you're there you proved he can beat the patriots in Foxborough. And I I think it all of those things you make the best point of all of it and we agree. This does is confirm to me two things. That the gap between the chiefs and everybody deals isn't as big as it appeared the first week of the first five weeks of the season it was pretty clear that she's the best team in the NFL. We're like a basing a lot of that on how bad they beat the patriots in week 12 tough games and Eagles game to stop the Redskins game was stopped. I mean that your game at least for a little while. I mean. Blow everybody out at the patriots. I mean the FL does is it really based on that I never really looking and it magazine asked to come out every we can beat teams by fourteen to 21 points. Somehow the NFL is an almost 60% of NFL games decided by a possession. They were going to do that I never thought this team was the high flying our power offensive team that they were made to be the first. Six weeks of the NFL season does not much has changed and I kind of look at this game as a walks the question to me is. Are you gonna let this team beat you twice. You now go to a Thursday night game against the raiders were playing his portly as. Anybody in the NFL right now has got smoked you know by the jags 39 to report you know any team do you have an hour. I didn't have the Oakland Raiders number every Tuesday kept telling me before the beginning of the season on the helping you pick Oakland Oakland can't beat us. Thursday night game coming off a loss in which Oakland is two and four right now and as they lot of problems on that team. Quarterback's been hurt you maybe rushed himself back offense isn't as dynamic. If you win this game on Thursday you're six and one got ten games are ten days off everybody's back. Positive about the chiefs that I think it's because that she's just don't lose very often is going to be we're announcement and to follow it's not like Kate you have it was a home game. When they lost that game I was statement. Sometimes it is going to lose sometimes they're gonna miss shots sometimes it was what do make mistakes throughout the course of August things that we can look at it that game and you look at big picture. Absolutely with the chiefs I'm not sitting here making it seem like losing doesn't matter in the NFL and that down malign it won't add any kind of tiebreaker ramifications with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You're still eczema on Pittsburgh you have five wins they have four wins I don't know how you can watch that Steelers team that played against. Aren't till now watch that team play Jackson don't think that teams finishing fourteen and Hillary or any one of those on the dean's. So Pittsburgh is gonna have it take us you had Georgia got the only thing this game change for me about the chiefs is. I thought this could be 813 and 314 into kind of season. I don't think that anymore I still think this team wins the AFC west I still think this team it's the one or the two Xenia AFC this just doesn't really change much big picture for me. Big picture can change if they lose on Thursday because you lose to a bad Oakland team I think you give that team wobbled a bit of confidence heading into the ten days ending you lose 22 games and a 45 days Spain and we got a different conversation about that she's a lot to say I don't. You don't have time to really wallow in this one you got to refocus for quick turnaround this team travels to Oakland on Wednesday. This doesn't change a whole lot for me about the chief. Listen I gained such I mean tears in his let's call it is it sucks but at the same time the patriots way in which not many there's not gonna happen. Got Baker's Eagles the charge the Redskins in the Texans started off five and only two you've built up a little. A little a little out there like your margin for air would you start five and oh is like greater than a lot of teams so they absorb a loss but your life. You got two days of practice. Get healthy and so did I today tomorrow flat Oakland Wednesday Italy. I mean open and have to travel for this thing so. On. I did it doesn't worry me. This four game stretch does this two game stretch absolutely does the loss to the Steelers. And now go to Oakland be one thing that she's knocked off the Steelers I could maybe take that Oakland lost a little bit even though it's inside the division. But your fine everything is out there it's a hiccup you lost the game it's okay. My question above anything and not that anybody on the chiefs would ever say this on record saying out loud is it mental. Is it mental against Zetterberg. And mental again you're seventeen and or against everybody else oh and three. If you play and the next time is it mental. Like do you trust our ability to spot palladium bell do you trust your ability to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's certainly will be topic of conversation at these two teams play self. In the playoffs and you'll be asked that question a lot about the course of the week. I don't know if it's mental does that ask herself that question. It doesn't appear until between the chiefs and the patriots but she's clearly not intimidated by new England and they don't all of that patriots mystique like everybody else. Do they fall under that with the Steelers do they trust their ability to trust lady bill I think that's maybe the lasting question you have to ask that. I do think there's always a team you're trying to avoid in that styles make fight argument like we hear all the time in boxing. It's clear you don't match up very well at Pittsburgh and they are afraid of the air I'd like our conversation if these two teams play itself in their. January that was not gonna be made its Errol headed home they'd be the last two times in arrowhead home won on a night game wanna 3.5 we were told it was a crazy atmosphere in arrowhead in seniors going into the game. Is it mental between the chiefs and steal it. I think you'd be crazy to say that that little bit of that there I mean anybody who's played his sport and all there's got to be that team in your league you couldn't get by at some point. And until you do it when it matters that's metal. Three it last three got smoked in Pittsburgh loss of the play last year and then loss yesterday. That'll mean a thing exists there notches. Robots that you throw out there's go play football here are playing you'll be you know not words man. It's now there's there's a metal aspect to it now. If it. I don't know how big it is but I think it's becoming that wants like getting these guys twice and they got us again three times. Start to think about it a little bit becomes a thing when they get it three times he can't beat him into those have been in your own bar yeah then it becomes a thing. Up next Ryan Clark is ESPN I think echoes the sentiment of what a lot of national people say and certainly a lot of people here in Kansas City we discuss that next on the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio sixty and Sports Radio. The Kansas City Royals and the key state wildcats on Kansas city's largest Sports Radio signal. Wanting to the most Kansas City sports fans from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio just relax it's MVP. Howard bunch metal workers local union number 2610. Sports Radio. Tex lines 69306. I think it's the manner in which they lost. Everybody knows she will bounce back and maybe. In the AFC. I am nervous that we will get this time for performance in the playoffs like we have in the past able to submit AFC west and I think everyone would take them maybe even win the AFC's. Because that means you're going to the super. Obviously a lot of people feel this way about the loss I am not in that group of people that feel this way about the chiefs lost I think like hell you you hope that you can avoid the Pittsburgh Steelers maybe they have their number. But it feels a lot like between fourteen those of you remember. The tigers with fourteen and six against going fourteen year old hails. Everybody looked at the playoffs and we are excited about the win over the Oakland a's and would you looked at the other divisional round series you were hoping like hell that the Orioles knocked out. The Detroit Tigers and you do not the face the tigers they did you play the Orioles although habits or Indy. That sometimes you get a lucky break and maybe you play the team. That you match up or you don't match up as well against amply portly against. Ryan Clark of ESP eight and Jeff Saturday had a discussion is being today. That I think resembles the conversations are certainly a lot of national people have and certainly a lot of people here in Kansas City this is Ryan Clark and Jeff Saturday he has paean. What's the first thing you said about the chiefs. I've slackened pickle light that's why you know people like it is like for the for the first five weeks left Oman goodness there are so good and if you like. Is that are suitable favorite. I don't know who is that it wasn't him and it was because you were waiting for this Alex Smith to show up and today he gave it was a stroke. And let's debate that it really it was the first half of those talents you have and you look at the way that she's played. In the second half. That they played like they played earlier in the season. I think they had two yards total making a negative two yard on whoever was it was ugly and it'd get a first down within the last two minutes they could not get themselves go when they got behind they gave themselves a chance to win late in the game. But but to Ryan's fourth UK. This chiefs team. Put themselves by and and the way the Steelers are playing defense is not beat them off. About about over pursuing play he's not playing and sound defense they played seven and they they play with an attitude on defense that I had. Not seeing this thing that I. Like football is complimentary right so when your offense is pounding the football when I brought straight at it seems you're showing that type of with the care quality. The deep it. It's big Eagles on definitely does the same thing whether it was Venus Williams a rise easier step onto it cam Heyward they all were changing the line of scrimmage and I'll Corey Hart can't get yours which is seamless from Travis Kelsey coming off that concussion and so offensively Kansas City couldn't get things going again you had to do pain don't Alex Smith to make big plays and it was so many times watch in this game I'm wondering. Where's the creativity. Where's putting Travis Kelsey and I bet you where's throwing a quick quick screen the first couple weeks right a lot of those things you see that you see Alex Smith trying to push the ball on the field on play action passes that's not. What got them here in Pittsburgh Steelers finally went back to whom they work and you saw being played much better behind a run for office. I remember I think it was last week maybe he was two weeks ago I don't remember cricket problem if you asked quest about Alex Smith is what is he going to get the respect. And will people change the national narrative on Alex Smith. Many answer is very simple. It's the playoffs Al Smith still this season with. As portly as he played at times in the game I certainly think if you asked Alex Smith. He tell that you like a couple rows back in the game well touchdown passes in zero interceptions on the season. Obviously you can win with that quarterback. He makes a couple over broad next couple mistakes in this game. And now the conversation is this is why can't pick them because Alex at tarmac and Alice Smith. The only way you knocked down that stereotype. The only way you change the conversation with she stands. Attacks while a lot of people saying this this is another gonna lose in the playoffs there's gonna get us all excited jingle 115 before it was in the playoffs. That's how you do. Winning games like yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers the team that seems to have your number of ain't seen you do it in January until that. Alex Smith is always going to be fighting he's always going to shoulder the blame when this offense in the team please por. It's not completely fair I mean let's let's let's call it what it is it's not completely fair especially yesterday announcement than plea deal latter linebacker safety or corner. All right that the Steelers ran all over the chiefs and they threw all of that she's defense so important for the past labor and throw someone out from his a couple of throws. Specially order Robinson in the corner. Partly when he was wide open and the ins and outs does that throw pressure to run for spring to life yesterday. Our announcement made it made a play when he needed to. When he ran out of pocket created something hit the Anthony Thompson to turn into a touchdown. I he may throw that he needed to make team Dimitris shares in the end zone and went four on fourth down. No matter what you think of the call he made the throat of his six foot seven tied and where nobody else can get to. Now the deep acting you know got his hands there at the end and stripped it away but Alex Smith. Played well enough for the chiefs to win yesterday defense did not. The conversation around Alex rightly or wrongly is always going to be do you need things to be perfect for Alex Smith to go out there and win eight football game. That he's done so far this season. You can agree everything was right whenever he did at Freedom Hall was running effectively everything was clicking on the offense. Yesterday it was a day you needed Aleks it to block there and be the sole reason that you did that again rightly or wrongly the other guys made mistakes on the game. The conversation around Alice but there's always going to be he normally miss is that wrote to a wide open to mark promise and Indians ace and outplayed in Rothenberg yesterday but he did not play well enough for you to between yesterday's game is the sole reason why you lost. Absolutely not I think Andy Reid shoulder some of that secondary shoulder some of that obviously to run defense still can't tackle again not to sing them three times but Alex Smith he's the quarterback. And we have signed up in this culture but quarterback wins so we're gonna give Alex the credit whenever this team goes 27 or its act and kick it out to credit. You gotta criticized doubts that we missed the wide open on the. I guess it caught your credit losses do when this is gonna go on his record me Tom Brady's broke the record right what is 187 career win. Talked about that he got the win right. Shouldn't get the win yesterday but it's not all on hand he's played terrific and you take your quarterback it's completing. 73% of his passes twelve touchdowns in the Olympics the first six weeks in the C you'll take that all day. All right Ann and an artist to remember man. Listen. Click and just any quarterback can play great treasure Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady can won that game yesterday as well. Aaron Rodgers maybe he's pretty mobile Tom Brady's at least it's needed to use his feet. Yesterday aren't in that final drive yet do you think Thomas markets camp and a mark is Robson. Those were his receivers. On the final. You can you can come back and say this lessons the end of Philly got to make plays of the guys got an X and capital. Which is better but this sinking an award week one. Another sterling at the same team I don't think a lot of teams are but I do think salt little's is on the quarterback yesterday as bad as the defense was at times I'm not argument the defense was good. Mean these the last three times that she's a play the Steelers they've scored fourteen points sixteen points and thirteen point. Since is the reason you're not losing these games yesterday the defense at least held Pittsburgh 121 point that your number one ranked offense your quarterback that's complete 76% of his passes and your number one rushing attack. Has to be able to give you 21 points and a home game against that a defense. That'd been struck like a ridiculous when you get the run that again. If we had a pie chart of criticism to date yup I don't think Alex Smith it's the biggest part of what we signed up to this QB wins culture that Alex Smith signed up to was well. Alex Smith did not make winning plays or enough winning plays in the game yesterday. Mike I guess my take on this is the conversation right Alex is always going to be there until they break through. Until they win in the post season in until he wins games like that in the post season. The criticism will always be Alex isn't good enough and that's why you draft to Patrick ball homes because. Why in the end zone just standing there a little bit of touch she's win that game to the market promising millions of your quarterback has to shoulder the blame for that in my opinion. Stop facility on third down that would have been nice too after the defense I mean you look at the profits is done what previous five weeks 42 points forty seven's warning four point 542. And it's got like in baseball sometimes your pitcher and get the job done so the bats that. Arenas would let sandy go facts right in Seko facts of Cummins ably he's giving 1 runs and I am good. He'd come in and say that and then there the other night psychic and lose summit in Egypt. All right was in the defense needed help Alex yesterday and -- defense was terrible. It's just hard to say that only office was forced thirteen poisoned did the offense didn't really do much in this and you can't really have a worst first half offensive in the is that you were down twelve to three and that when your team didn't convert a fourth down the offense in my opinion a total complete team lost in Dallas scored thirteen points and NFL game home has -- give your defense a lot to work with and you asked your defense to go up there and torn the ball over and score points -- that went which has to be the onus on the offense where quarterback that was an MVP conversation. Up next we also look at something on the show. But I think we have a legitimate excuse from at and too big names weigh in on the in the UK you robbery in a matchup that takes place this Sunday he gets that. Brett for the it's on the drive. The drive presented by do sinking us from the MVP electricity into the studio sixty and Sports Radio band and see guns and so callers all feigning as the dolphins. Showed up at Maryland who were. I'm taking the New York football giants. Made a nice I am also going to. I also take the New York. Are not home we saw good. It's not looking so hot for you. We're now everybody's out. We're all out of lose a survivor became a big losers right you can't pick anything. I think predict the NFL is a very very difficult thing what this that you had earlier ice. Was Poland's 538 Nate silver's website they only got five games right now decide about a twelve this week in now wasn't against the spread or any in Gaza Strip picking winners goes the -- again as did those are the analysts I mean it's it's it's everywhere. Our guy yeah. You know Sam Munson who comes out every week. Stat so good an NFL teams pay for brothel awful from pro football focus the man that I would trust with anything for Obama how much. He's 43 and 48 straight up this year and I felt that watch big it is impossible. To trying at these games right. It's raised some homeless on the tax I was saying. Fellas let's be real you guys are good at survivor and if you're gonna survivor this year you could've made a lot of money. I know who still alive in their survivor now I how. How did you do six weeks in this NFL season how are you still alive with now up and down this season has been every year obviously. Had its ads and it's close. I'd love to talk to the human beings that are still alive in this room as delegate you have all all sixteen teams in your March Madness how did you pick all sixteen. And even even there. The early in the season on the games look to be locks like Cincinnati was playing terrible going on the road to Green Day. And and air Roger the Packers had to come back and barely win that. The dolphins beat the falcons yesterday especially the fog and got off to a good lead seriously or or the job audio slide giants go to the Denver beat the Broncos. Yeah I mean it's it's crazy this year. Tex on 69306. You're talking about Alex Smith and Ryan Clark was saying he didn't pick the cheese because of Alex Smith and we are kind of be in a little bit back and forth. Tax on six factories are sick so Alex Smith's shoulders the loss in the running game produces fifteen series four point eight yards and other text. Odyssey dot dog and Alex Smith all day long without having any knowledge of what a good quarterback does they lose one game and all you guys do was dog and him. I'm so not dogging on Alex Smith but I feel like Alex Smith is so polarizing in the city. But he treats people that hate on him in any given situation and then people that just never blame Alex it's forty. Alex Smith has been all the three best players only cheese all season twelve touchdown passes no interceptions completed over 70% of his passes. I don't know how you can watch the game and not think that Alex who shoulders any responsibility in the loss are there other people have something to do with the loss absolutely. Philip gains has something to do with the in the ball bounces off your helmet. The markets are to market rod -- other guys on the team the defense and Hollywood you know builds rust that but. A good quarterback pass to complete that Palestinians. Don't wide open guy. How many times that we see that accuracy dip with Alex Witt didn't overthrow guys. But I think the Steelers have a very clear plane in the three times that we've seen them. We're gonna take away the Rolen and focus all our resources and not letting that she's be effective. Alex Smith is fantastic when the chiefs are balanced. Whenever Kareem heart or Spencer ware short hitter Wes are viable option out of the running game but she's all right very difficult offense to stop. When you forced the chiefs to be one dimensional. And you force Alex Smith to beat you that's what the results get very spotty. That's what the Steelers do better than just about anybody the patriots can't do that the patriots cannot force it used to be one dimensional and that's why Alex Smith absolutely cook the patriot. Alex English and I get out and I don't wanna be misunderstood yours and I think Alex has responsibilities that. Most quarterbacks in the NFL sacked three times yesterday he's running for his life. And people that are fans and guys like us them microphones we hit for a living right that affects your performance. All right and I that Alex was rotted for his line a lot yesterday and had to get out of the pocket should be made that absolutely. I. Tell you that but I mean it's easy to ship back and say well it'd make that throw it back after day. I think the reason why this team with 27 to ten to draft a quarterback is based think Patrick Holmes can make that row. But I would you it was not ideal situation just today with the dolphins a lot it was not a plus. And that's all you're not always gonna have a plus conditions we're running back runs for a hundred yards and everybody's healthy on the offensive line sometimes you need your quarterback to go out there indeed the definitive reason why he won the game. That's what other great quarterbacks do parcel and says why they win can't do sometimes is the reason they went Brady Rodgers fill in the blank. Yesterday was a date. Despite everything that happened you needed Alex Smith to be the reason you won that game any wasn't. And that's always going to be a topic of conversation with the chiefs and their limitations often it's a Portuguese is undeniable when you watch for. Let's columns is due when a bachelor for his life gets it enough. And he knows he's gonna get he's about Oregon's head torn off on just about every damn play it will effectively place and whether or not this is a brilliant. Protect the guy your beat up on the whole idea the offensive line's been terrible he's protecting the passage. Office last at bat. And I think I think the Steelers just battle and yet we keep it Alex Smith his accuracy was rock and he's not going to be that thing is that any quarterback in the actress you'll probably drop. Absolutely yes but I think that I think more quarterbacks and not make them throw in the back to the ends of stating they're wide open the market front I think more quarterbacks and not make that play again I just don't know how we can see what that she's got a lot. He's got to make that and we see now I would say to mr. was defined by Alex Smith the mist in the playoff game to tie retail which I think the big reason why this team drafted a quarterback. And they stating their wide open in the end zone. Alex Smith has deficiencies that. If if this team's operating at full strength. Or they're running the ball effectively Alex Smith is as good as any quarterback in the NFL. If you start to peel back a layer two on this team and you ask Alex Smith. To elevate the play of everybody around and be the reason that you win. More times than not at least with the Steelers they gamble on his ability to not be able to do that I apologize that this cease for the cows talk we'll get through it at some point about the hits. It the national task contest coming up in a thousand bucks your chance to win next in the drug.