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The Drive
Monday, October 16th

Hour 2 began with a People's Court with a courtroom setup for CDot to defend the Chiefs as the best team left in football and Counslor Fanning going against them. After a ruling from the Honorable Judge Benny Heis, the guys hear from DJ & Marcus Peters postgame, break down the game with former Chiefs OL Ryan Lilja and discuss the craziness of last weekend's college football slate.


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We will get to our debate momentarily. But first today's pop quiz brought to buy victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand winner gets NBA two K eighteen for PlayStation four it was the dukes of hazard to your boss hog ride their seat lower lying. Is today is national laws that. Lets said. This in our boss attacks that as a happy national Boston you know he said in reply. Thanks yeah he's an ass kisser as an absolutely. National laws today is actually Angela Lansbury is first thing really she is 92 years old and his average was under ninety I'm just not 92 years on silence on the Internet which would obviously never lie about someone's age horse but happy birthday to Angela. Lands bearing. We are going to step into the court of the honorable judge Vinny hikes honorable mr. Vick case is a very simple one. That she is the best team in the NFL. Counselor Dan and I don't know about and allow that at the language of my query and so my anger like what's the court mine good to hold in content look at my bet ya aisles of the power to cut off Mike or eight. This is I don't get afternoon it is common to the attention of the court that the chiefs of Kansas City, Missouri no longer remain undefeated the Steelers Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Sunday saddled them. But their first loss of the seasons and of course we'll now hear the case. Kansas City Chiefs vs the National Football League. Regarding ranking as the top remaining team in football. Counselor fanning I understand it you'll be representing the NFL's that cracked correct and counseling airs you'll be represented the chiefs of Kansas City, Missouri is Accra yes are okay counselor fanning you may present your opening statement as to why you believe the chiefs are no longer the best team in football. First of judge I apologize for my actions earlier Matt proceed you neck okay. The chiefs are not the best team in the NFL because they are the same team they were in week Juan. This next man up and that we hear so much about is BS coaches know what players know we all know. That she's still having Eric there they don't have Mitch Morse L I have is that law. Tardy. Wilson. Chris Connelly. You had kept Thomas at Robinson is the receivers other fielder in the final drive of the game last night. The chiefs were without five starters Justin Houston played her. Chart can't request suffered a concussion I agree killed may have won but we don't know. The chiefs have a short week to beat up and had to travel all the way across the country that she's the best team in the NFL. No they're not right now we're absolutely. The judge say. That because of the health issues of the Kansas City treat she's there are no longer the best team in the national football don't make me. Once they get healthy. But they're not the same team they were in week one when they beat the patriots. Also if I appreciate your opening statement and also for you keeping it brief counselor airs and you may present your openings are and will be allowed to rest my case there's later. I priority establish the counseling Harrison can proceed to your case is now rest until further cross examine Jack. You are not human or is it. Having sat in the nineties to have an iPod and counselor I think you just laugh at anything amateurs Jack jet object itself. Okay I just want everyone to just take a deep breath and look at the Kansas City Chiefs and look at the totality. Of the season. Not just one individual week in the home loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers but look at everything this team has accomplished over the first six games that the NFL season. Alex Smith still far in the NFL in passing yards still number one in the NFL in completion percentage still has the third most touchdown passes in the NFL and it's still first in yards per attempt. Fremont mayor Don. But everyone thought could win NFL MVP he still has more yards rushing in every other player in the NFL and yet. Objection. Sustained an assailant object about how can counselor Harris and know exactly what everyone's thinking about auriemma. Oslo. Just due to various media outlets and people arguing if this season ended today Korea was at the top level lot in BP lists also the quarterback of the season and also when those so I apologize if I spoke in a definitive manner judge I apologize I'll say. It VP hopeful ain't candidate Korean funds that still is not one in the NFL in rushing I don't know how we forgot to add. Even after the great week that litter Ornette and it. Boom has scored a touchdown and every game so far this season is still fifty yards behind Kareem and he's been that dominant so far this season. This team is still top. Or in the upper half of the NFL in points allowed. If four is great is Denver's defense who's Denver's defense gets talked about a lot the chiefs' only allow two more points a game in the Denver defense. I feel like the public has been very over reactionary about the chiefs and judge asked this one simple question. If that she sort the best team in the NFL who is the only other team with five wins in the NFL is the Philadelphia Eagles let's look at that she schedule. They have eight win over the Philadelphia Eagles argued and argued for. Dream date is being the best team in the NFL ought to think it'll argued are we to argue for Dallas being the best team in the NFL I don't think anyone's argument how can you argue Philadelphia when their one loss team at Iranians that the Kansas City Chiefs. So your honor I conclude my argument let's look at the entire season of the gated city season not this one weakness teams to the best team in the and so I gentlemen thank you for your opening statements at this time we will move on cross examination of those opening statements counselor fanning you may proceed. So you're telling me counselor. Carrington the that you believe counselor Harrison but I respect a man. Counselors parents thank you judge yeah. You can chiefs of the of the best team in the NFL. Yes I do. You don't think that possibly. That there's just one tier of teams and the chiefs are actually on that here because. The way I see counselor. Good teams are about the same and the other team it's that one out UniCredit the chief beetle but at the same time. To beat all the old saying where is everybody right now the chiefs can lose any game any week especially over the next three weeks but that's. Any team in the NFL I don't disagree with your statement counselor Spain I would just argue that if we're going to play the injury game for the chiefs. We can point that injury game four just about every team in the NFL the patriots have dealt with injuries Julian cattlemen and Donta hightower who was out for. Eight time period Houston has dealt with injuries with with a with gamers Solis and JJ watt the Pittsburgh Steelers counselor. This first it was one of the few teams that haven't dealt with India is at least the same way that the that the other teams in the NFL have. But the injury bug is going to bite everybody got to where it's gonna find the one team in the NFL that hasn't dealt with the Eagles the Minnesota Vikings Carolina. Every team in the NFL this deals with the injury is a violent game any game of attrition. And the injuries that you name I would say very few of them are crippling injuries in really damaged the core of the team but I liked to have Mitch was healthy obviously well liked to have Chris Connelly helps him. Obviously but the only call Oregon that you lost so far is Eric Berry I can make that argument for a lot of teams in the NFL. If the argument also was going to be that there is it to your system in the NFL I object to that. But the chiefs are still clearly in net here at no point your honor I have I seen a burden of proof to your team that any believes is better than the chiefs. Simple question. If you the team better than the chiefs tell me who they are we argue that's Philadelphia are we arguing that it's Green Bay. I don't know at this point if you could argue that eighteen is better than that she is if the argument is that there is a year eight in the NFL and there are seventeen Zanetti here. All of that argument and ultimately what does it matter it's week seven of the NFL season that we're going into. That it doesn't really matter or not if you're divesting our I'll hear you when that went but. So far as the first six games of NFL season there's no team to me that has proven they are better than McCain's. Each counselor Harrison not counts of thing does present a very compelling point that if you absolutely and are you prepared to answer as to whether or not there is team that is not considered to Kansas City Chiefs to be determined as the best team in the NFL this time. I I can not your honor but what I would say is this. If the Green Bay Packers Eleanor Rogers I would feel like the Green Bay Packers are still the best team in the league you wondered why that I don't think that the the best in Italy in a percent. Because they don't have Aaron Rodgers the fact that we discard injuries just because it's football. Is simply. Irresponsible in my opinion if you're gonna judge genius to judge team by the players have a field. And the chiefs are extremely beat up right now the Green Bay Packers are completely different football team now that Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season. Injuries matter next man up is crap next ran man up and in Green Bay is hardly. Are right or is that the Green Bay Packers are the same team absolutely not. Yeah we say the chase for the same team that bear Eric Eric there absolutely not. Can we say the chain the chiefs are the same team that Mitch horses seder we saw example that yesterday when -- full snap the ball over Alex has said. Austin 2.2 Costa whose safety you lose great players your team becomes worse all right next man up is crap it doesn't exist. It sounds good for coaches players have to believe that it and we it's fun for us to say. The simple fact of the matter of those next man up we're already playing they'd be better there or not. I rest my kids. Dumb do you have any closing argument before a decision is made by the ID as one object to one statement I don't think anyone that watches the NFL is completely blind to the injuries and how they affect. The NFL I don't know anyone as the same opinion of the Green Bay Packers today that they had Saturday obviously because of the injury. I think my point is in the point that I think a lot of people would make in the NFL news. The injuries that the chiefs have are not crippling in the same way that injuries for other teams if they Houston Texans in launcher to starting defensive lineman. And one of them is a future hall of Famer. That is a different injury than not having Chris Connelly. Just like we talk about that all quarterbacks not equal now coaches not all injuries are the same losing Julian cattlemen for the patriots not the same as losing Albert Wilson to a concussion. Those two guys or different kind of players they have a different level of value to the chiefs. So I agree that injuries have been a part of the Kansas City Chiefs I don't think they win that game with the injury that they have if they kick a field goal forced down. I think the game is completely different. If the ball doesn't go Jose Canseco off Al Wilson's head that's a completely different game gains Tuesday are on the council to excuse me. Philip gains and and Alex Smith who Mayer's dating is mostly healthy for the ball and it Demetris Robertson whose wide open in the end zone still very healthy dose which is to make the play I think it seems when the ball game. I think despite the injuries that happened throughout the course of the you know policies and that she still had opportunities to win that game I just don't know achieved at this point have any crippling injuries and again the burden of the proved at some point ask the beyond tell me the team that you think is better than that she's. The only team that has meaning winds as the chief of the Philadelphia Eagles. But she's the Eagles played head to head and the chiefs beat him the patriots who lead the AFC east but she's played a patriot so far this season and they smoked the patriots the chiefs have still proven to me over the first six weeks to be better than any team in the unified. Elsa and my response to that would be this is okay just and I respond quickly emailed one final response before a decision will be my response is that there's not one definitive best team in the NFL right now. Both the sides guys in the US brass in this case. I've I've rested Yasser contact yes your honor it has been determined by the court that achieves based on the evidence provided in this courtroom that this judge sides with counselor Harris and and again he's just it sheets remain the best team in the NF soldiers fight the loss players. Yeah issue at hand was not for the future and because of counselor standings inability to provide evidence of the team better at this time. That argument lacked the finding in your case in the lone team remaining with a similar better record to the chiefs are the Eagles which Housley paerson provided an example for. That's part is now adjourned just. Hold him in contempt. This case is closed as a pre written statement like. My before even heard that you had over that earlier ice I was writing that statement in the midst of both arguments on I guess that you. On the cases close. Accident outside 6906. And also calling 91357676. Sane what do you think about that she's if there's still the best team in the NFL are not yet up next the leaders of the defense spoke up after the game we'll hear from him next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electricity and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Good sports being seen in Kansas City to find this on FaceBook and Twitter and check out bill. Force dot com DC is sixteen and Sports Radio broadcasting live from the. Some breaking news. Xena held. Navarro wolf assigning you one here three million dollar deal but they hated you. It's per Adams chapter in a rap port everybody that reports on the NFL's Navarro Bowman heading into the tees rival. I don't know if he's gonna play on Thursday nights in the the very quick turnaround to be sign on Monday and then turn around and play. On Thursday at I don't know I can't definitively say that or not but Navarro Bowman who some she stands one and I don't think they have really had the need for especially after the trade for Reggie wrangling. Is headed to the Oakland Raiders we'll see if he's healthy or not but certainly healthy Navarro Bowman is a nice addition for the Oakland Raiders. Any essentially the Jamaal Charles linebackers though based on the injuries that he's at right I mean he suffered. Serious injuries to his name in in the NFC title game in 2014. And he tore ligaments in his being in 2015 as well some tremendous challenge from a tremendous athletic ability gets in the issue excuse. No gasoline as an issue that's why he got released. One year three million dollar deal I imagine there's Evian send them maybe a million of its guarantee we'll kind of see what happens with that Navarro Bowman deal I don't. I don't fault the raiders for taking a shot on Navarro Bowman earlier sit for entered the move at I think double the big reason I agree Lotta reports over the weekend he really want to sign with Oakland has obviously you don't really have to travel too far to move from the Oakland Raiders play for a skewed as it was as the 49ers. To play for the Oakland Raiders good discipline and good pick double obviously tracking and see if he is going to play this Thursday night. A once he gets at this point really quickly before we talk about the defense and we'll talk to rile those are coming up. At 330. Mark javy is Bryant wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers there are some reports that he asked for a trade back and forth to confirm that he wasn't asking for trade. And his girlfriend LaMont quarter lest we end who knows this point. I could see him being unhappy with his current situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers L odds she's fans were asking if that's they got it she could go laughter. They don't really have to Indian mission to try to trade for mark babies Bryant though not a first round pick obviously when sort of first round pick. Then a second round pick next year a third round pick a fourth round pick a sixth in a seventh round pick they got for tree Marcus Cooper to the cardinals. But you finally get to reap the benefits of that trade after the Kansas City Chiefs. We just don't really have the Indy initially you only have five draft picks you've traded draft picks in its when he eighteen ramp for your quarterback Jim Irving. And you'd trade him for another player I just don't know if they have the ammunition to make a trade for dialing Smart TV's prior. Mean you have five picks for next year now mean that she's a pretty aggressive and all that didn't Erving get Reggie Iraq and in you know they traded up to you Fremont to. I don't I don't think so I don't think that that's what the chiefs would after the game Derrick Johnson met with the media to talk about that she's run defense a lack thereof this is that she's leader on defense they're Johnson. We do I said it before yeah. It's quite match. Do with genetics. They have soft they would tell you today. Scoreboard. Justice as well you know we were making big it is but. They haven't it's. You know what they they didn't do anything we have a hard time. Stayed with a statement. And that in its weren't gaping hole. You know what to make you miss not you know right gambling his night you know. I recognize what do what they do want to leave their game plan experts. From post season. Guys that are doing okay thank you moments where you couldn't and I couldn't momentous news from there it's just kill you. When you guys keep him on the run away. Among other duties with touched on our discussion on Antonio browsers we don't. The only Hillary good position you know this is football so he's happy he's seen me you know was she caught her. For a moment it happens. This time this year the truck excellence. Or they drop the ball and it's. That happens he's the ability to play good enough where those people who don't hurt. We didn't play good enough today we need every single you can go away and didn't happen and that's. I thought Derrick Johnson explained it really well there. She's got ponson amounts. A there really is no other way of putting. The Steelers clearly have a game play and any blueprint to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs it's take away around. In the three games that she's a place instantly sixteen against the Steelers are chiefs around the ball 47 times and only gained honor in 76 yard which is less than four yards of care. Their strategy is run the ball down the chiefs pro. Lately and they'll. Eighty series 400 in 93 yards the chiefs do not seem to have any answer for lay beyond bell river that cut about Marty ball if you run the ball and play good defense. The Steelers against the chiefs run the ball incredibly effectively and they play good defense and keep this team out of the ad Indians don't ink confuse this team. You can't play much worse offensive first half of football than this chiefs team did. The Steelers for whatever reasons seem to have the blueprint in the poignant to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. I mean if you in it if you do what is alleged to be shut the running game data that you. And you've got Antonio Brown a young lady a bell you got you're pretty good spot their per share. All markets Peters also talked after. After the game gears up market speeders in post game. Partnership model as you. Are working and of course great two more days so. We lose it was social. Stats seem like yet some bad bounces in this climate deal like humans who who is mean to. Just anybody in gender couple plays it seemed like balls on the hands and just didn't feel that way. We've enemy. I mean the last place. As action news. From. Come again but we'll think about it you know we it is. First. And by right now scenario is. As. It's a tough knowing. Walid ended last year in Afghanistan thing. In this note see our keyword emotions weren't stopping in today and what don't what it was and it has not melanoma she moved a solution we came here we continue to dominant. We think led to his success again. And grim body and that's why he defended. From. Jason Lewis took this as a linebacker. They. He built his opinion that there were no better way to what is different moment gone mall was so. I know I'm suffering and it's different. And we couldn't make smoke PlayStation 2 plus I don't know where he went very well nobody would have interpreted and rightfully angered when you. So. And as far as momentum as hard as part of hello good confidence and policy. Our fullback who knows it and nobody answer. You have not seen anybody. And you know that was kind of reason house and we will find itself. There's a quick turnaround helped her. Right now as far as the world when everything what football. Ready ready to go so it was an exemption to play tunes from the waitresses and. If you June control Marty faced a lot of people going on here would it take it Overland Overland open over there. Overeating. Pages and I don't want that because a deeper metaphor there. Blood bloom off face. Osborne is Peter's followed by Marcia may mark a ballot and maybe you don't like the delivery of what he had to say it's a good point. That is why lately I'm bills to be a pay that yeah those kind of dating. It was a game of inches if Philip gained makes that play we're obviously talking about a different game again maybe you don't like the nature was markets Peters answers to questions. He's a whole lot wrong there last year is last year they put it behind him no team is gonna Al physical this I understand why down the defense would say that. Lady I'm bill Weis should get the big money contract he was all now. I'd the point is well taken and Clark is on line four for the eight beat city and those games. Which did say that I beat bit and talk to about in this final markets Peter talked a market does. The guys talking and answer questions we. It's not those guys just they shower after a loss that is in Canada app market is going to be markets Peters he's pretty on apologetic about it is a tough time disagree with anything but that it had to say will. We talked a while those about that next our weekly bit that Ryan loads are presented by village west. Discount liquors our first question who he apparently young adults in the way he runs the football last the former offensive line next on the drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. I hear you loud and clear. On demand team and Twitter links the brand spanking new sixty and sports dot com. Ryan Luther what you look rock I do great group of former chief sinner and cleaner as special thing. Plus there yeah. Ends who stayed below. Super Bowl. Can be found. There Britain's royal look I know are you having your political. Now number two people died. I am. Were. Sex 69 he's six we'll get to our conversation Brian Louis in just a bit. I was sitting via professional not upon hallmarks Peterson is language at the end of the game are actor in the post game press conference. It doesn't take X. Eight exploded to make us all what it's not culture it's not a bird it's a choice to communicate like broke no other profession gets to make public statements like that without repercussions. Black people we do with professional athletes is we know their job situation is different but yet we try to compared to other situation in what other profession do you talk to people war. Fully clothed and asking questions after a disappointing day. You get fifteen minutes to cool down after the game we've all been and he's locked must read. Sometimes the guys there. And compression shorts way from just taking a shower and I'm asking about a loss like we know that their situation is a little bit different I just. I don't care that he persons in these situations the persons to be to see pre nine consequential not cursing at any body. Earlier bared their jobs that are Lorenzen can't or Eric Hosmer or Alex Mann there Andy read here in those other guys to understand it's a bad look and it was weaker she doesn't offend me and I'm not offended by. It's like I'm surprised that he's still doesn't you know like I'm surprised Clark and today dude cool right stock. Too bad look for my business what it. That's all I'm saying I'm not offended by items like and the guy keeps doing exceptional loss or wins every week just. Don't know if it's a bat look I just don't know that many people care it's obviously a violent game I would say at this point if if you support the NFL to meet you signed up for a little cursing in a post game press conference that we all here edited win they say it. It's not like hearing unedited version I can't take a beat that into it. It just seems weird like football all the things and on Thursday night football. We just salt one gentleman. Punch a sixty something year old man in the face and that's a product I continue to watch and follow but I have a problem with the quarterback. That's 23 years are saying the password that's the David to cyclical we are blind draw. And bosses typical like you make the business would that. Let's go to the phone lines it's talked to Ryan Lilja Bryan little I was brought you by village west discount liquors. Route where you add on this were Peters about his cursing during the post game press conference is gay or net. Yeah you know I heard about it what a surprise or other use him especially post game. And that's just Marcus Peter's brother since the matter is not lost enough to enforce the laws back in ought not church. I am old man. You call I mean what. They had. What's in the what's on the same as the Intel. It might feel like church Sunday. Well searching it means to get their work and it's the quads are religious experience for a lot of fans. Today and it's it's what you guys and I think right now. As we've seen that without Brett it doesn't really matter. If Clark art is upset about you now. Language if you're if you're at all pro you play its position on the eagle arguably. You know it doesn't really matter right so you know on the big. Nowadays. It's just saw it on a beauty pageant you know we're we're not Jackie got what we all are certain guys and what they say not just what they do and how they want. You know but but but that's the reality and unfortunately I doubt there are some cameras allow. There's so much visibility on the NFL and on the players. That you know he's that you just hurt himself and he I'll be certain brands as far it's huge though at the end of element. It is is anybody really surprised. You know overall I'm surprised. But I think if anything he's hurting himself and he's hurting market Jeter's eighth but again I hope it's it's it's much talk about personal. Listen look you know me like I'm not offended by that somebody said about I'd look at it from like men on the dudes boss. In a fight at an employee that's got a microphone in his face he causes every week like him and stop our security personal locker room. Out here he let a fly on the sidelines practice I don't care what microphones on is cool and that's all yeah. You know I mean just common sense to me about being a pro. It's part of the deal you know I'm sure they'll finish. You can get the same type of our effort which. You know hour after a walk through wanna. On Friday or something like you know most of it actually works but I didn't talk but people poor along with Kelsey. And they're idiots it's on the heels might not be your cup it's easy it's not mine. Like you don't like like. Watching Chelsea so awful I'm not I'm saying it I like the way play any that the you know there's an element sons emulate him Wimbledon you know walk around and opened however. At that time altitude. It. You don't know. But you and it all goes back the fact that the guys really care and I believe that he's a belief that really really hear much social players. I don't think that you know they're sure it's church you know. Right now talking rile those are weekly visit we will present in my village west discount liquors. Brian I wanna ask you was a former offensive lineman who doesn't lay beyond bill compared to for you because his patience his vision his ability to cut stop on a dime. They're not too many running back slightly beyond Della there. Yeah I don't I don't. Open but he. You know it's it's just it's just been watching we won't so it stands alone expert on what he's gonna change. Particularly last years he and sell off all right. Stock options are never options at a station well there. Unbelievable but like block and former it was also well I'll let you know they like this yeah well. What they've also got on the I want but it was its soul in there. Although I think what it didn't. That's that's the instinct that's his age as long as you just turn all well and all right thanks so much. At all. It's hard hit all the old card and that's all. Day. So it doesn't at all bought a key court yesterday and it all in the hole. Outlook. Our shot of course but more possible. It's. Played that way I can't order than what he has and he's quick edit screwed that it can. Iran will have a question for about injuries. On LL just this next man up thing and manage edit it sounds great. I mean let's be honest Hewlett injuries affect the outcome and they affect your team Aaron Rodgers goes down and the tigers are gonna be as good. You guys approach that in the locker room and he's a really buy into this next man up thing the only it's reality is it. You know how I don't know exactly what the next that's just what I thought that the football season moves fast you have to move on. In the game. You know it's a shock to the gods. Like you're married yeah yeah it was starter doors that. Not just great player on the field what a leader and four and a good due to. You know that what he football players in particular. Probably conviction to. You know so expect that you have to expect light and in part of the deal and talk about. But it's so early on in power rankings you know October don't matter. Part of the deal is. Healthy yeah assembled right himself in January. To make a play a perception from reality game. They fought game it's as if they collisions or I give her all the time. In Beijing is obviously some form of patented you know solid it'll most. Right so when tiger control. Like a lot these injuries over. You know you don't you don't spend too much Time Warner but what got you the but if you think OK you know this is what they execute papers with the coach and that's if they force. Plugin and it got in and hope that he's not a liability interest even though they. Too much of a step back but analysts and hit it. The NFL was about. To. Mitigation okay that that is essentially what it looked around the league and the Muppets we'll look at how many. You know big name players that influential in packed yeah. We're on the shelf. Not just awful but you know. It's part of the view of reality football but he can't offer it offers. It's it's too. The good thing else is different straight yourself but some wrinkle that as part of that is that you know. You guys can get hurt how would you like. And that was Ryan lows are weekly visit with him are presented by village west discount liquors Ryan thanks for the time and always appreciate. It. Bryan little and joining us on the drive up next a crazy weakening college football and you're reminded this weekend what a real out of rivalry looks like. You told that story next on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Some breaking news in the world that the NFL from Adam schaeffler. Aaron Rodgers will require surgery on his broken collarbone there was a belief that he could avoid surgery and let it heal naturally. And that he could potentially come back in the rest of the season but if he needed surgery that would effectively in the season. For Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers so you will need surgery so it sounds like here Rodgers will be done for the rest of the season will get more into the week. That was an. 4 o'clock. As we go through the big story lines it happened in weeks six of the NFL season but first a little bit of college football. Eight. Lazy week gaining knowledge. Syracuse upsets Clemson. California. Gives glossy instate the absolute beat down. Washington. Loses to Arizona State and all that effectively eliminates themselves from the playoff picture as they lose 27 to 23. It certainly feels like this year in college football is Alabama and everybody else. It's crazy that Penn State's number two right now. And you look at the big twelve to TCU Oklahoma Oklahoma State those early shots to get the college football playoff and it's easy goes down at some point maybe nova. Yeah the big twelve is certainly I would say hanging on by threat right now in the conference at TCU obviously still undefeated. Still as a chaser this appears to be such a big gap between Alabama right now but it doesn't seem to matter if I ask you. What's more likely. Alabama loses the college football playoff or the Golden State Warriors blew. The NBA finals. It's a really tough question right now what I argue and I'm not arguing that Georgia or Penn State is being this Alabama team that there's appears to be pretty seismic gap between New Orleans and the other teams and dogs. Yeah I think that's it would college football man they so got what five more regular season games. In the SEC maybe they have one on content sprinkled in their way in in the SEC title game he'd get beat up later on in the seasonally we've seen crazy stuff and mean Ohio State should have beat Alabama. A couple of years ago that's that's the beauty of college football all the upsets last weekend. There does appears to be. Just if I close right now with Alabama Florida State enforced they select quarterback point 47 beat down of Fresno state beat down a Colorado State. Beat Vanderbilt by sixteen points beat Ole miss by 63 point win at. At Texas sane in Arkansas 41 the ninth this week against Tennessee there's thirty point favorites in a conference at which in Tennessee. Like Alabama the dominance that we've seen so far it's a Miami back in its heyday USC in its heyday Nebraska in the ninety's. Level of dominance from the Alabama Crimson Tide and another college football discussion. Right now. I thought so I bought the Clemson was that team that could still give Alabama and even though will the loss of the shall Watson as he goes on to the NFL. They lose this weekend at whole our skis on the road to Syracuse close and can still make the playoffs that doesn't eliminate them still some big games left in the ACC. And obviously for teens made the playoffs I was looking at in terms of is this gonna be funding competitive year. For the playoffs it doesn't appear at least be one of the spots Alabama is make in the playoffs with a say that pretty definitively halfway through I think Penn State it's one. I think the SEC gets two teams in Georgia unless Georgia hasn't SEC moment of loses an SEC east game. But they should lose that's certainly possible looking at them I don't look at them as some dominant force. Right we know it's a Guam Barkley is gonna win the Heisman Trophy it just doesn't lack for in three or lacks for in Sri got the top in college applied. It's it's gonna have a little tougher on them and they've got Michigan and Ohio State in back to back weeks they've got to go on the road to a to a Columbus which I don't think he's gonna be easy. Whatsoever. College football over the weekend. Went the Texas Oklahoma game fan. My cousins and I easy easier Nebraska and this year went to Texas Oklahoma is Nebraska is awful. It's such a great atmosphere. Down there at the Cotton Bowl for this it the Texas state fair well it was launching into the stadium's half red half burnt orange. And it's such a rivalry between Texas Oklahoma and really thinking about Sunday's case you know zero game at sprint center. And it hit home a little bit at this game on Saturday the texts are you game because we big boy college rivalries in Kansas City anymore. I mean which is another reason why the decay in the zoo game needs to happen every year in the regular she's right let's be honest UK UK's biggest rivalry in football these terrible. It's barely a rivalry in basketball because it tasted pretty good it rarely beats EU. And the zoo is an arrival with Arkansas in football or basketball game of the war. I mean we wouldn't feel here in Kansas City we should that we don't have a college robberies in Kansas City right now. At all and you look at Oklahoma and Texas all right Oklahoma's got Oklahoma State intact so there too big time big boy rivalries. And before the big twelve split even go back to the big a big year. Held at Oklahoma at the arrivals Nebraska Texas and Oklahoma State we got nothing. In Kansas City right now it was front and center on. Why and and how big college rivalry could be when I was in Dallas over the weekend at the accountable. What this case human Zune thing that to happen and I want to happen on a regular basis with these kids that he right now to this. Agree with you a little bit I certainly think that Missouri Kansas is still the rivalry in Kansas City it's just unfortunate that they don't plates at the rivalry still exist within two teams playing each other. It's Davis at Missouri decided to play each other every December at sprint sooner I think it would be like Kentucky global. Not the same conference they base is clearly hate each other now that's a rivalry played at the highest level. Mobile when national championship so let's Kentucky in this it's a little bit once cited James is clearly a better basketball program in Missouri. But the hatred energy in the building the rivalry the build up the conversation. Would certainly equaled that. Level of its so I do agree with you exit the main rivalry in Kansas City we are not able to seed because of conference realize yeah. We don't see it we just don't have right now until I was gonna play out what the atmosphere is gonna be like it spreads are on Sunday but it's a great start. Unfortunately she's really robbery. You know I covered a bunch of Ohio State Michigan games that's arrival and all right Texas Oklahoma that's a robbery. Kansas City I understand kids cities or reproach than anything else but. You can you in Missouri playing in Kansas City and that's something that everybody in this town cares about mean you're from cancer from Missouri where to go. Okay quality case you well I hate Missouri or vice Versa. And unfortunately. I just think we've had this sort of dead here. The Cold War or whatever you call it where we haven't had a great college rivalry in our city that's 100% load reports on some. And our coverage of Sunday will start at 1 o'clock with a pregame show will be fiasco in the morning and myself and I'll also be on the post game. Discussing the big rivalry between Kansas and Missouri in the exhibition game. Between those two teams up next the top stories of week sixth inning NFL season and the most important player in the NFL. Any injury an update on that talk of football and excellent drive.