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The Drive
Monday, October 16th

Hour 1 began with CDot & Fanning reacting to the Chiefs loss and how the Steelers stars came up big when the Chiefs stars could not. They also discussed the two biggest plays of the game that fell directly on Andy Reid, Heis gives some fantasy advice for Aaron Rodgers owners and "Sir Brad" has lots of people to throw in his "Pit of Misery."


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The drives are presented by do say decent. Dealers won the toss at the option they want the football here we go. The last season. The teams are seventeen to three against the rest of the league. In the words you've got a point. Positive at all from you know really chest very good friendship you know give you don't rolling down on Baghdad fell. Was filled story being much so but it's this team next you have all I don't know. You roll hall possible. Guaranteed Harrison. On the he's ahead of time. Reporter curt Terry colleague Michael and told you look on graphic for the final two bullet points the dry. Let's do it is another day. Or another edition of the drive. Scared to Harrison have been highs producer of this thing. In three Nader of the open not wearing his red today wearing black very fitting as the seas were the last team to lose in the 20s17 Tony eighteen. NFL season the one the only grandstanding with that vacation cool. Yamana W Texas over the weekend it was fun down in Dallas kid stuff I was frankly carriage and I was surprised the sun came up today a duck in the world. No the other world as they happen they're still powerful ball games he played one this Thursday involved in the cease and the raiders we will get to throughout the course of the week rob Lowe's is set to join us at. 330 we talk to art she's insider at 330 Ryan loads of today you have a chance to win NBA two K eighteen for PlayStation four won't we will be giving that away. In about fifteen minutes during the pop quiz also the crazy weekend in college football league playoff picture is certainly. A lot more murky than it was last week and now a very crazy week that happens in college football a lot to get into threw out today show obviously where we have to start. Is again that she's almost five and won their the first team are the last team to lose in the NFL excuse me. People are overreacting just a little bit too loss. I would say moves a little bit and look at the landscape of the NFL. In my opinion not much has changed about my opinion an overlook of the chiefs especially in the ANC. The only thing that changed for me what the chief says this seems not going fourteen and two. Maybe they go thirteen and 312 and four but not very big picture it's changed for me what to save the city chiefs. I understand first loss of the season when you've played as well as that she's played the first five games of the season. And you play as portly as the she's played for much of that game. I understand a little bit of the urgency from the fan base. I was say just take a step back look at the rest the AFC I don't think this loss is as damning as people have meted out to be initially. Neither I mean you know. Is this again in the did you think you can probably wait you got a rematch against the team that knocked out of the playoffs. Absolutely but you know as a mentioned last week I think that maybe the worst game of his career and they got Antonio Brown they got lady on bell. Those a couple of pretty good skill guys and the Steelers came out they took the ball rattled again the g.'s office has been ran out. They wanted to establish. Ride out the gate that they are gonna run the football and they did. And they did just about it anything they wanted to do offensively now. You know achieves a lot of credit here is gonna sound crazy but. You know in this thing down to the wire and didn't play their best game and they a lot of guys ever and they still hunt around and they still. Shot at the end I think the question for the chiefs game comes down to a very simple. Do you believe that the Steelers have the chiefs' number or do you think it continues to be a fluke. Since the beginning of sixteen the chiefs are seventeen and three against every other team in the NFL. And they find themselves all and three against the Pittsburgh Steelers this game so it felt very similar to the last time we saw all these teams teams play each other. Albeit a parts are a little bit different and in my that you added the best running back and he seventeen to your team. It seems like the Steelers have unlocked the blueprint to beat the chiefs. Now I would say that blueprint not many teams had the talent and coaching in ability to block their execute sick assay game plan. But the Steelers have a very simple game plan to me. Take away the ones from the chiefs the chiefs do not on the ball buries a effectively against the Steelers in the three games that I just listed their O inquiry. The chiefs ran the ball 47 times 476. Yards. That's less than four yards a carry. The average for good running back exit date on the ground is four yards so they consistently hold the chiefs to under four yards a carry. They run the ball exceptionally well and keep the ball away from the chiefs think about the playoff game we saw. We're late beyond bill actually dominated this team it was a similar blue brick in this one in the playoff game lately on Bill Ray and the ball 130 times. Our skis a hundred are cute. Thirty times 470 yards to my numbers mixed up in in this game he ran the ball 32 times 479. North in those three games. Eighty carries relate beyond bill Ford 493. Yards. So they stop that she's running the ball they run the ball effectively and keep the ball away from the chiefs' offense and they may Alex Smith beat you. We take away the other parts we're not allowed to run the ball we're gonna force shoot the ball 45 to fifty times came Alex Smith beat you. Alex Smith has been unable to beat the Steelers are there other reasons why that she's lost the game. Absolutely we'll talk about the coaching we'll talk about the fourth down decision we'll talk about the played it may be should have been sounds there are a lot of factors that go into eighteen beating you three straight times it's beyond the quarterback. But in my opinion that's the blueprint. Run the ball effectively stopped the well and make Alex Smith beat you with one hole plays announcement has not been able to do that the Steelers have the blueprint to beat the chiefs in my. Doubts in his back a little bit we are talking about just awaken bacon would cow ski in and and run the show and there is stepped stand up for Alex Smith well today. Because when he needed to make plays down the stretch he did he scrambled made some not about an idiot that he obviously get a touchdown of the right back in this game. Smith writer for his life the entire time try Kelsey was coming off a concussion or not conduct concussion I don't know but he's in the protocol. Chris Conley he's out Albert Wilson's out. I mean yeah promote two guys up the practice squad in camp and to Marcus Robinson even fill out the receiver corps so yeah. A damn good way to try to beat. The chief said early head when you're down that many weapons. Parties to Alter it to another level on semis of the Steelers do yesterday. We are running back like lately on bell and the profits of like the Steelers. Any more risk throwing picks and and go to the side of markets markets Peter side of the field which you do. People regard your run this week you Rhode righted Peters he tackles and anybody art or. If Peterson get a play off at ten yards from receiver receiver big bet pop out. Probable that whoever is covering at least pick up 45 yards to the gate I'd like to tackle so yeah you're right but some other things too. I think that the Steelers actually gave. Other teams a blueprint about how to go after Peters because if you try to throw downfield on market speeders is gonna ditch. All right look at some point he'll pick one off they'll make even to think it'd mean. Read it righted eaters they stopped the run they dominated the clock but. If you say net Alex maybe you know. I'll take that fight any time with a with a healthy roster that you don't have that right now and and yesterday the Steelers knew that and it it Alex beat up and he couldn't do by themselves. The one thing I'll say about Alex Smith is to me you were slain and size. Quarterback that's you've paid that is played at an MVP level that coming into this game we were debating if you have played better than Aaron Rodgers had so far this season. The wide open pass to the markets promise and in the end zone you have to complete that pass. That wasn't a guy Marcus Robinson he's standing there wide open at the end zone your quarterback that doesn't make mistakes that's incredibly accurate coming into the game was completing 76%. Of his pass. Passes pass to make that play again and there are other reasons why that she's lost why don't when he was saying that I'm blaming its fully Aleks Maric. Alex Smith was not defending Antonio Brown with a ball went Jose Canseco author Philip gains helmet. And bounced into the arms of Antonio brown and he what they gain a source in the missed the tackle. There were other things that happened. I assume Alex Smith was following the coach's orders or fourth down. To not take the bullet into the oval vaulted him to Demetrius there's so there other factors in the game and why they lost. What door in VP quarterback that is played at an incredibly high level has to complete that pass so that's what Alex Smith. That wasn't on the offensive line that's not entire retail let's not on Travis Kelsey. That's a very simple. Great quarterbacks may play good quarterbacks make that play are you allowed to make mistakes absolutely but that's a play your quarterback has the make and that certainly factors into why this team lost its. I'm with you that I'm not gonna defend that party needs to make a play but he didn't do. And I think that that fans and as we got up right. We don't get hit we'll get slammed the ground we don't have James Harrison trying to kill our affects the way you perform. All that had anything to do with in this in Robinson right there but it's easy to sit back when whittled it hit winners get free info to the ground by some of the ways twice our size. And then had to get up and go do it again you could say it makes a lot of money was and they template I get it. I that you against Alex Lindsay yeah I gotta make that throw him a template. Smith downplayed offensive line. Don't play. And the Steelers threw for 245 and ran for 194. So important after college fair fair game quarterback that. Of an NFL team fair game and we got to go back to the defense as well as they couldn't stop. No the defense was probably get I'm not going to make it seem like the game was solely on Alex Smith. I just think that the Steelers have the blueprint to beat the chiefs and that old and a two styles make fights. Know how to play that she's many other teens haven't figured out how much the patriots have figured it out. I'm not sure Houston has figured it out so. Their other teams any day and see that obviously you'll have to play in the playoffs I think this team is certainly going to the playoffs but it just comes off as very obvious to me. Look at the game plan misty was executed the last time we saw these taint these two teams play each other and look at the game plan this. It was much different we're gonna run all the way beyond dealt thirty times you're not going to be able to stop it was clear early on in this game it was we're not letting Fremont and have a good day. Lobbyists must not running for on yours now he got to a hundred yards or because attached. We're not going to let this team be ballots we're gonna force us to be one dimensional we're gonna play Alex hit everything close to being yards and in. Because we know he can't consistently beat us over the top now they got the speed in the personnel are in the personnel blocked their beach you. But it's clear the Steelers have a blueprint inhabit now. And execution to beat the chiefs so comes down to me do you believe that. Or do you think it's a fluke do you think with health do you think with better coaching better execution. This team can beat this it was that they have to eventually run into him in the playoffs I would be afraid to me styles make fights for whatever reason that she's found just doesn't seem to match very well with Pittsburgh. I'm with you on that help to me is is a big big key this deal iGoogle in that with the best that in football coach Bob impression protocol. On yeah yeah under your last drive of the game you've got two guys from the practice squad idea that he Thomas sold. You know there are some things there too this is not the same team that beat the patriots in week one this team is beat up and this team is beat up it's got a short week and got an Oakland this can be another rough week. Up next the single biggest difference in these two teams and how it cost achieves the way we did it's that Nestle address the prize presented by Duke's case from the VD electricity and studios sixty and Sports Radio. I understand their. Losing at least in the regular season hasn't been a dairy foods do your feelings he sees things when you're 27 and five. In your last 32 regular season games understated. The need to react to this one loss. I hate comparing everything to the royals but I actually think this is a very good compared since this feels like twenty. Fourteen heroics if you remember they could not beat the tigers but the tigers were clearly better than the rules that season. You just got lucky didn't have to play him in the obviously we don't know what happens and that it in the 24 team playoff in the royals were as hot as anybody so it's possible they could play the tigers and swept them. But everybody in Kansas City remembers that sigh of relief whenever Detroit was knocked out of the playoffs by Baltimore and you realize you didn't have to play. That's exactly how I'd feel in this one. The chiefs are seventeen and three in their last twenty games against anybody not named Pittsburgh. I would say the plan is pretty got the play in the playoffs but he really nervous about was the case instead the patriots. Is my. I must play new England and play Pittsburgh yeah. You chip in not old and three in the last what does it nineteen games now I mean they beat you earlier this year in the playoffs they just beat you in this game. They dominated you on Sunday Night Football in their building. The Steelers. Have some kind of magical formula or I don't know what it is maybe it's bite and they want that she's practice and they know they're gonna rock I have no clue what it is you know with profits accord but Todd Haley yeah maybe that's. But they seem to have a very clear blueprint for me stop the chief running the ball. We're going to control the clock and run the football in just have the ball longer than when and one inevitable thirteen more minutes than this one they dominated time of possession in the playoff game so late beyond those gonna run the ball forty times in the playoff game 42 times yesterday a 170 yards in the playoff game. A 179. Yards yesterday. So if you're not gonna run the ball effectively. Derek and run the ball effectively. And Alex Smith is going to make mistakes like you did yesterday to the market drops in the back Indians are also going to make small mental coaching hairs that will get to. In the 230 segment. Not beating it seemed like the Steelers but nothing's gonna make the playoffs so I would say it is our hope upright you don't run into the Steelers in the post season. But I don't this just doesn't change my opinion overall what act when I think that she saw this is still way eleven and 512 of fort on the team still very capable of what's the super. It's a good football team to beat up football team that it was a little bit of heads pressure for me though yesterday. Is this is. I mean after this winter 24 in the NFL in run defense. They're not great dad. But that's not. What they do like you. Stop the run you get to get the NFL's leading rusher entering mind. And some welding they were able to stop the run yesterday. And I think it goes back a little bit in my opinion injuries on the offensive line. Our exact full had a rough day Mitch Morse is an art is out Fisher still fight back today. So there on the ball great. On Pittsburgh isn't a great run stopping defense but they managed somehow to be able to do it to the cheese and yes I mean if you could control the clock. At a and I twittered out at halftime it was for the first down sixteen to one. The time of possession was off the chart. Took the ball run out of the gate that was the plan and there's energy. And that was Jeff Schwartz is the tweeted. Typically don't stop the run early you don't stop lady because you just can't and the chiefs couldn't stop the run. And the Steelers stopped the run of Kansas City that's their biggest weapon and it. That's the guy that ice that has to stay healthy the entire season that she's gonna make deep run play well that's the case. It's not a matter they take on Pittsburgh. Because they figure a way to stop the rock. Sometimes sports especially football is very simple to look at the box score and say why team won nine that the biggest stat guy. I think eating you can alike in appreciate these stats. And are just put a lot better than yours or do in this game lady unveils 32 carries a 179 yards Antonio Brown eight catch of the 155 yards and a long touchdown. Yours or scream on nine carries for 21 yard I did a five catches for 89 yards Harry still. Five catches for 34 yards and got injured throughout the course of the game Travis Chelsea four catches for 37 yards. Didn't have a first test to what the third quarter when they and that little screening tool to really only had three judgment when he ran that one screenplay he got like negative five yards on the play he really had three catches in the game. A football and sports is very simple. In my best guys play better than your best guys to go and their best guys played a much higher level than yours. Lady I'm they'll play like the best running back in the NFL yesterday Antonio Brown played by future hall of Famer that I believe he is cream on his worst day as NFL player. Hi every still did nothing dynamic yesterday Travis Kelsey the bottled up our minds say easier the entire game in football simple. There's ours didn't play odds are yesterday their stars did. You got beat the beauty of it is not meaning teens have the offensive stars in firepower. That the Pittsburgh Steelers do. The part that you and the other beauty of this is that the G two created a little bit pad for themselves in the AFC if I don't you can afford to do that you can afford to go to a game. Where your little bit beat up and and lose a game right. They can get away office. They can to end it. Again I don't think we talk. And I press on this a lot to help the such huge deal. Obviously a lady unveil it until it Broward mobile and healthier and Travis Kelsey once our anti re Gil is even a factor. You know on the final because he got knocked out of the game at all like John Ambien dynamic always it was a return and held a chance in that final drive. But it gave them great field position I got knocked out of the game. So the chiefs are so freaking beat up. Right now that it's finally caught up tool and I'm becoming a go to the Houston Texans game that I thought that would be the game that she's really mr. Perry. Because the they're gonna need him with the outer Hopkins and with willful what hell. It was completely wrong and against the Steelers to be able to go up there and stop the run. I think missing Eric Berry yesterday. Was huge this team is beat up man and it's and and and a four game stretch right now which is extremely difficult and it started. I'm yesterday against the Oakland Raiders and look what they've got to get a quick turnaround of the West Coast. For the Oakland Raiders I got practice practice tomorrow the travel on Wednesday. And Tyreke hill mayor may not have a concussion shark ever quest is in the concussion protocol on top everything else they. After that Michael would take on the Broncos go on the road to account to be considered pivotal stretch and if they're not healthy to be five into coming on to play Denver. I'm not disagreeing with what you have to say I my argument would be at this point in the NFL season man everybody's banged up. Green Bay's banged up Dallas is banged up new England's banged up everybody's banged up these opportunities to win with the injuries yesterday we which I g.'s credit for. And there are down man. Third downs and dividends are an inch LC didn't have a great game and I try to skills he's an uncle that a lot of time. And concussion protocol play again. Had 82 or three of those in my life your fault in your maps are right and end my earnings from played football. So. I'm gonna put a little on him 100%. It looked under percent to me so they went in there. You know with not a full free can denoble bulls in the gondola in America. Up next the two biggest plays of the game that everybody is talking about and both of them fall directly on the coach we get it's that Nestle address the. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio we. Just all week. Eat on 610 Sports Radio. This was an. After the game Andy Reid commenting on going forward on fourth down. Absolutely a little over twelve minutes bubbles. That's what. To go win without her then done much. Throughout the afternoon and opting out there. Potentially score public we had a couple plays it was so good about. Call. And work outs taxes and then. Yeah protected by that time. Coverage. Nation. So that was Andy Reid after the game talking about the decision to go four on fourth down that was clearly one of the big decisions. That happened throughout the course of the game. I was sitting there watching I was trying to get inside the mind of Indy read in maybe think what he was thinking in going for in that situation. I think his thought process was. There's still a lot of time left in the game we have to score a touchdown at some point let's try to give ourselves a spark was try to get the crowd back into it. I don't wanna take a short bugle here let me try to re energize this team. Everyone loves to gamble when it works in the gamble didn't work out there. I am very rarely on the side of taking the points in taking a less than thirty yard field goal. But in that I do think that the points were more valuable thing in the support in the race in the one. Because if you look at the gain flow of the rest of the game. The chiefs ended up chasing those points every moment after that. Once that passed fell incomplete to the majors there's with we'll get into why did it challenge if that was a touchdown or not. The chiefs ended up chasing that three points every second after that. Windy at Thomas and probably his most dynamic players succeed they have the lead if they kick the field all the Matt's situation. If they have the extra three points at the end of the game there trying to tie the game is that a half in his court touchdown to win that clearly affected the rest of the game the decision to go for and ultimately missing at the. Yeah yeah another thing that any recent post game. Last night was that we wanna guys who stay aggressive but not be stupid. And I think if you really look at that play call. He got aggressive any it was a stupid decision because. That she's needed two scores no matter why they just put together ten play 86 yard drive used a six minutes and nine seconds and they came away with nothing. Like you have to kick the field will there. You have to kick the field goal and that's. Does radio host guy talking he held Rodney Harrison a Tony Dungy said it last night when he does he's got a rating. In the green goes one on fourth and two and. Exactly. Take the field goal is six point gain it back at it. Listen I understand the mentality want to go for especially if you double play drawn up. All right. But if you kick for Google got the debt touchdown then ebitda thirteen to twelve to seventeen to go in the game and it's completely different all the pressure's on Pittsburgh. He got overly aggressive and made a bad decision that's really well as I understand it I get. You'll sell and I understand it but she needed two scores anyway. IE. No five understand it as much when it is look at the game flow in the necessity to get points there. IBC hindsight 20/20 now that we know the outcome of the game of the it's pretty safe to say he would go back into the Google. My bigger issue with the play aside from the going for the all the Demetris hairs on a very important play. On the football to try to get the ball semi Pro Bowl running back in the best running back in the NFL I'm trying to get the ball to Tyree field. On trying to get the ball to Travis Kelsey. I'm not drawing double play for Dimitris Ayers like if you're gonna roll dice. And they're gonna have the sand can sell big bulls in the situation. All about big time guys what would my big ball of the pool more ball pitchers there's a problem. I'm not on the football to him. Like as good as it out loud to us in the most defining play of the game the play that will be discussed and talked about the most. I sure eighty knows that you'd do the ball Demetrius stairs in this situation I'm not surprised it didn't work. You're likely didn't go right he's six foot seven in the throes there. Nobody's gonna W that football not those DB is nobody that's what they threw to Dmitry stares he's six foot said he would be in Deep Purple. Ripped it out of the hands when he had a column leaking out that ripped it out of his hands. But still double nobody else is gonna get it except for Demetrius there's so. I when you hear you say we had a play we thought it would work we felt good about that's what wins for. That's what Dmitry shares in the end zone time. Because you can go up and get bubbles and other guys kick it so. The DB better made a better player that's really but still it's me kick the field will manage. And I understand what did he say was written down there much wanna take advantage of them you can not go. Ten plays 86 yards and use up over six minutes and come away enough. Tax on 6906. The only reason I get it they had zero offered before that drive. Thinking they may not be in the red zone again I certainly think that was the motivation behind it's it's twelve to three when you decide to go slower. This is our opportunity fourth and goal or four and who from the three yard line. Let's get this touchdown let's let's let's get a little bit of momentum arrowhead is going crazy if you did it. Someone else attacks on asked the if you take the field goal how can you predict that you get the anti Thomas touchdown. You can't predict to get the touchdown what you know we're gonna get the ball off the course of the games twelve minutes left in the game was like they made this decision with four minutes that I would understand going for your daughter. And the risk of I'm in situation. There was still a lot of football to be played in that that if you didn't get that touchdown which they didn't. Again they ended up chasing those points the entire rest of the game they scored the Whitney Thomas touched down. With six minutes to go in the game just all football to be left the net. We're down twelve and just make the very simple decision a ticket of noble there obviously fourteen to twelve acting here are some but makes the very very Jimmy ticket that situation. Pittsburgh and goes down the field to score the it's a brown touchdown. You can get a fuel to make it's that are to make it 1913 it be 1916. You got the ball back. The whole course of the game this energy of the game flow changes if you have the three points you're down nine. It all you need is a field goal to tie the game and take the game in overtime. That was the clear wrong decision to there. You roll the dice and lost that. That everyone likes to gamble everyone likes the bull balls move but it works that time the decision didn't work in the in this results oriented business. And they ended up chasing those points and and regretting that decision the entire rest of the game. I'll answer question that I think a lot of people have this is on the tax line and usher Harris was Ers Q how is there's not doubt my contact that's the question. Because he clearly came down in both feet Dan I would look to the rule for like the dollar to what the hell is catch in the NFL right because I think it is really. And so here's the part of the rule it's article three in the rule book it says this a player has the ball long enough to become a roller wind. After his second foot is on the ground both feet were on the he is capable of avoiding or wording on warding off impending contact of a poet tucking the ball away turning outfielder taking additional steps he wasn't able to do that. He was never able to tuck the ball away he was never able to avoid warding off impending contact and granted it's in the end zone so it's different but. He didn't. Have the chance to turn up field it was a great play by the Pittsburgh defensive back so that's why it wasn't a catch because that was my initial reaction. Without catcher was not catch up both feet down at the ball but according to the rule book the officials made the right call. I think I'm starting to understand more more at least how the officials will enforce the rule. That we all have the same questions about whether it's a catcher whether it's not a catch I think I'm getting a little bit better understanding at least in which they're consistent it. Now I understand that the end zone we tree completely differently than every other place in the field but. If that play happens anywhere else Nolan is arguing that that's attached. If that same exact play happens at fort into a Demetris Ayers standing at the fifty yard line that no one is arguing that he made a catch. That's what you have to establish possession of the ball we busiest that was possession of the ball. I never solve the establishment of possession that it was very hard to say that he caught the Opel. I understand net. He has the ball so he has possession over the end zone. AA football is he came down. The book but the both become down and they're also fighting for the football he doesn't go to the ground now that I think it's a little bit of Calvin Johnson ruled account Johnson to be caught the football but I think the officials have been very clear about completing possession of the football. Features there's never completes that possession to me so. I don't think it was a catch I don't think it would have been ace more challenge to challenge the decision. I don't have a problem with the ruling might issue more is that going for what did you and if that exact same play happens at the forty yard line no one is arguing that Demetrius Ayers culpable eating ketchup in my opinion base stolen. The enforcement of the rules that he wants every Sunday in the NFL. Get to that the role as complicated as it is one. If you're watching the game next week and there's another crazy cult is who gives Google it's an NFL match. And you'll find it and you read it and then you understand it better because it is not that you look at and again that the rules are different. But the rules are different but it's a different situation in the end zone because really to be prisoners has no reason. To Tarver out and had a field right what you do have to establish possession of the football which he never did. That's how I looked and it that I understand at the end zone is a very very different place in the rules seem to be different than every other place on the field. I just didn't see him complete the catch there's no argument that he comes down to two feet. I would just argue that Witten this year when he's coming down to two feet beat Pittsburg Steelers defender there still jockeying for possession of the ball. End in the balls ports to the ground which means repairs was never able to. Definitively. Firmly established possession of the football which makes it incomplete pass to me in a no catch. But I think we're only argument is because of where it happens on the field that obviously changes the rules I just don't know how based on the rules that we watch every single Sunday in the NFL I didn't look at that play and determine that it was attached. Up next we get you fantasy advice with ice and who is Brad going into the pit of misery as we find out next on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio go to 610 sports dot com. I don't know what we're about to that you fantasy of last IC to not win our league this week. You're listening to the winner of our lead in the Los league Kerry in pairs and dominant performance. Thanks a Carson Palmer layered Fitzgerald's letter to lower share. A dominant performance at fancy of eyes the eyes I've been trying to tell you guys for weeks to take my fancy buys but you don't listen so you deserve this terrible ninth place fantasy of ice ice cream ninth place science. Debbie had a rough week watched this guy if you got of the night this guy came in first place this week what you. I thank him for clothes spoke at stake in Atlanta it's good good good good. And that. Benazir buys supplies spotter it's a sponsored by fantasy sports markets dot com were daily fantasy sports. Never been more easy or more funny is that players you wanna play. There's no salary that's all it does make your perfect team into the chancellor of the 30000 dollars for a perfect lineup. Go to fantasy sports markets dot com today he's the from a post sixth and Danny gets fifteen votes deposited to use right away. The big question on a red Monday regarding the fantasy news around the NFL is at your quarterback was aired Rogers. Hell do you do now a couple of options come to mine the purse you can always try and treating yourself quarterback. Steve Somers stashing Andrew Luck it's an opportunity to build bigger goal on the may not know what the future holds for him. But you know that when he does play he has been historically a top five to seven fantasy quarterback here. You can also try to trade for an underachieving quarterback couple names that come to mind mr. Marcus Mario in there car. Mario is questionable play this week he's coming off hamstring injury he does this three touchdowns through the air along with three interceptions he doesn't. Rushing touchdowns now in their cards coming off the back injury he struggled against the chargers on Sunday. If you don't wanna trade. Didn't waver one. Couple names come to mind as well Andy Dalton is coming off the bodies available 54% of Yahoo! leagues. As is my guy Tyrod Taylor was available 63% of leagues especially if your league gives you six points the rushing touchdown. Tyrod Taylor is only going to get is through the ground while. Josh how does that mean you should consider as well he's the fifth highest score in quarterback so far and see. But he's available in 92%. Of Yahoo! if none of those three names supplies you know is to look at Aaron Rodgers back up front public. There's one you play makers and green Bay's offense including Jordy Nelson's I'm Montgomery. The bonds an Adams Randall Cobb so the weapons are there for public to be successful in green basic step they incidents that is stash him I wouldn't it right away. See what happens if you party on the back of the play and maybe rent it turns into a fantasy suite for the rest of this. I was a lot. Seeing good morning football today and they were kind of having a debate if the Packers season is over without Aaron Rodgers I don't think there's season's over but him being a Super Bowl contender just having a conversation about them. That's over and they still win nine games maybe two games of the Bradley and make the playoffs. Possibly I do think there's enough talent still on the team. And it brought police just average you can still make the playoffs with them. But obviously when you lose the best player in the NFL in it the player I think that means the most it was individual team the way Aaron Rodgers is we asked to move the Packers down in tears and certainly have a different level of conversation. About the Green Bay Packers. We started this last week yeah. Let's dip the fire ready to go more people into the Brad Pitt admits it's the server might you know Monday and I apologize it's no you know it's it's so. No struggle with the names a little bit I don't think it's the star Brad Pitt of misery. This follows a Brad he's going to give you a private tour of the pit of history. And art what. I do and and there is that this reads. Grow and serve it are Brad in the days I feel like as a tablet that circulate the minutes. Would be nice wouldn't. I should foremost an easy area or a heck of half of the she's game yesterday. What spurs and six yards. The enemy is there any way. I next up number two on the us your bracket of Israel is today. Kansas brilliant football. You shouldn't IR. I'll repeat. Her. He forty. Buck and then you should never. Had ten turnovers after running only one. Bit of advise you of the the more money and recruited players and to scale back to like maybe seventeen uniform combinations. KU football. All in the epitome users. It's really paid okay. I know it's not my pit I feel like the pit of misery was created. Or Kansas football because if I didn't admit that he is the bit in this and we believe now you give them the last. What about loved it and yes and if not or five out. For another down day big as the day. It's gotten pretty damn good all of Kansas the vigorous economy I was eight as the coaches because yeah news tonight and he should be judged him. I never got to measures this week but no we added to a defense California Kankakee. For analyzing. To the illegal. Every once in the right. Of the big game against hump in the big deal I think it was the right. I in my mind let it. Or know how are gonna hear. You can't float and who got it on the gold gloves right. Mean I suggested later on they'll be. Up until Ronald all these. You always be set a budget. Program but on NFL celebrate. Pod and padding around it blizzard in the NFL. I just have a quick questions or Brad yes. Are you able to get how the misery the NFL is in the yeah it's utterly. Change the world for the rest of the year yet it doesn't matter. I didn't know I was I was Al V poll in. On the bit and the national football what do you do with all your elegant yet jeez you got to treat it like people approach us national and they voted on it's got to got to treat it. You know the kids. Got. The officer Brad that it made all right all right I thought of how his hearing in France. Is. He's selling oysters out of bed and machine. At a seaside resort for a a problem that matter of fact like outlook on me two weeks snicker snicker. Ice cold. Nicole and do it in the Beers there that I don't seem. Eaten out of that machine and shellfish. Eagle on an effort isn't four there's a little blue bell. Ice and there's other. Little Bob. I do Sosa and the political oyster vending machines branching out of the pit and as. That is already daily. OK okay. And I told this before a lot like family members are Nebraska football and I got that he's taken bigger Grand Island. Typically go to Nebraska in numbers and lose big this is a big hit. So anyway. She went to the Oklahoma Texas and as you're doing and watched Nebraska and they got dead on at all I got smoked. I stayed linking to beat 42 low of 5614. You know they were down 42 according to land. In the capitalized. All in Lincoln got 42. Love. Yes. So Mike Utley. The rest in there but Mike Riley head coach is gonna lack hopefully in the near future. Doesn't look at a measured. That is. Missouri daily daily. And that's all I have for this week's server. This pit of misery is that drinking inside the green has been tiger and I thought it was that it had double week it is. The bigger this week week in new has been made I would say you know while it's gotta complain I'm a little upset at the referees for the jets patriots game or not the pit misery if there's anybody does we don't deserve it misery yes it's the officials for but but the entire. NFL isn't there are so they already let's this is an answer care and about how I would just add. I can offer up as the jets and others are very sensitive. Royalties. To every performance. On Monday on a royalties almanac sharing its man apparently that is not a I. Sir I'll share next signal I'm not a night. I don't wanna be search hearings and I just I look at the officials from that game and I think they deserve a little bit of the hellfire stung me he'll get him in the next. It's probably. I'm going to wait. Today's pop quiz brought to you by Big Three Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the prize but not the other NBA two K eight team. For PlayStation Ford is most realistic basketball simulation ever created today's pop quiz and I believe a movie take it away ice. This of course I can contacted the FBI in my. And they said they got nobody on hot sheet that could be a shipment marriage who wanted them to. Is no way could actually no we're not get around they just so they don't mind. If you know what TV show that is my apologies it is not a movie you know what that is in the column number six B copy of NBA two K eighteen. For PlayStation four is yours up next. We debate the most simple question. Are that she's still the best team in the NFL I think you'll like how do an excellent driver. Presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio.