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Monday, October 16th

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But I. I'm. Or. This cell death. The experiences Beck Johnson did pop off all all. I just thought yeah he's wanted to go some panels on one that's why take your open up your show this it seems this is this is you learn to deal grind of what you are Ron. Are you all that do you draw this brand new really here. Legislated through. Out here not here I also I really don't. Much give it regular. I'm aghast. The mean we know them and we like our house or if it's accuse often come in the door now to questions. You wouldn't notice my requesting it solves it take you saw them take you pay itself special. Larry David don't take your shoes so please I've. I don't. Good man. You know I you're down you depressed would that she is also will will see what was your feel on on everything no no. I want to see them can be an adult might like this with done with the Pittsburgh. Yes if the go to sixth in sports that come to cut the pockets page yesterday when Ryan was that there. We opened up the show and we discussed that was that was that they week I've said this for a few weeks. I am in a place where when I judged the cheese and what I've seen from this team and then explicitly. Judging the field. With who else is out there I think this team is legit Super Bowl contender and I think they have is get a chance as anybody even after yesterday's close. It's other things that I started to look at are things that they can encountered in the post season. And what I wanted to see was this team down. Double figures to in ninth close enough late in the third quarter fourth quarter and I just wanna see how they react. And I said this yesterday. Even in a loss not could be. I could feel better and I come out of this feeling better about the situation of some may not. I come especially I come out feeling better about Alex. Then I did come of the game and I can't believe I'd say this but. I was I was impressed war. That game the way it went Alix Steel made plays that. He has not made in the past with nothing going right. To get them in a situation you're looking at me crazy dollar that is situation like that the role. And the play he made to the at the time for the touchdown was a big time throw on the run getting away from pressure eyesore and plays that he does it make in the past. And another play that comes to mind is they're doing nothing if he gets an X gates' arrest where the day's top pass like that Al Wilson. Yes yes against at his watch and dollars. And in this game. And I also he made a play where he got the ball out to to careen hunt after he looked like he was going to be sacked and it became a big play camera in tackle Kareem Leckey. They did all day Scalia. I was impressed that they Rivet and he missed some throws. He missed the throw took to Robinson but. You know MS multiple roles Robin they admit he missed the admit that the big one was the one in the end zone and only missed one across the middle bush. James Harrison was right there and he's trying to throw it over the line that music artist why out of me begins I don't think. I don't mean to get to football heavy blow it you know yes there are those throws he could have made the fur the one to the end zone definitely. But I will say that what it wasn't like Max winds one yesterday there was there was pressure. Like there was of a blitz coming from the corner without penalty and I still have a wonderful network morning miss and or rob for an old field lacrosse. In air mailed the it. Everything I guess I don't wanna go to the I don't know crazy 18 behead Hairston hitting Suzy the related to the start of the would overlap. Anyway I was I just say I feel more comfortable. Now with Alex leading the team if they are down late I feel more comfortable because yesterday. Nothing was going right. Like the interior portion of his offensive line they couldn't read blitzes they couldn't pass protect. That truly got killed in Marbury watched the game when I got home last night the fun to it yeah eight TE killed them last night I thought I thought. Fisher was decent until the end. With the with theirs and that was only tell really heard here's his name call but they were they were bad upfront Kelsey wasn't in the game. You know and and I'm not just talking about any giddy like Kelsey was we didn't see this lad in the fire from Kelsey. I hate and they just struggled all day they could get a rhythm because the off with the defense could stop the run so I came out more impressed because. The g.'s latest C minus may be a again it's one of the other contenders in the AFC. And it was that close and they shot themselves in the foot a lot. And their coach did stupid things. But what is it opens you'd like what Alex. What you saw from Alex yesterday the what did you see from Alice. They eat your heart tells you that when you're down nine in a playoff game or end up in tackle Dana gets his silver ball it's just fate that he's on being the man to do. I had more up closer I'm not a 100%. I just wanted to see things attic and yesterday it was. If he may place to prevent to get there it was him making a lot of place. To to get them in that place even with his coach. Seemingly going against him not kicking a field goal when it was. When it's I don't know what he was too I mean I think it I think it. I'm gonna have to just. Absolutely disagree with you because. To me what's setting the bar low for any off Alex Smith then. If there's ever going to be a year or Alice is going to take that step. He's take a step now that he's not getting any younger it into VP moment Alice Smith last night. Two minutes left the other dudes look to us down and take it all. And beat that at all the national global it. Yet is it BP tight moment into defense. He's had multiple of them this year. I got I mean I know every single time. You we want him to have an MVP moment but I think he I think the drive that he gets the at the Thomas a school or was that in VP type moment he missed some growth I'm just telling you. I've that they were losing after that I still wore aesthetic in the moment it'll with the at the Thomas. This makes a phenomenal legacy insult you still blew the game ticket to get them and that place to get them back into the only if you don't have all on Ron. I'm not saying I'm not say that you that that that that's the only place to winning the under say he had a moment right there especially moments we've never seen him do would have seen him. I've escaped pressure and throw the ball down the field like that in big moments in big spots always had seen them do that I feel more confident that Alex then I have in the red. It looked they lost that game yesterday. But Alex the way Alex played. Was a much better than the previous Pittsburgh much better than the playoff game last that they had that Alex yesterday in the playoff game that we won. That they had that Allah she finally scored thirteen points I know how many points they scored. I don't many points in school. And I and I am Alice mayor did not happen in VP moment in net gain yesterday. He did not happen in these key moment in multiple games this year but yet still work of anointing him as. In MVP and zantops. He was the he's edit or he had these head you said he hadn't had MVP moments this year and said I think he's had multiple games where he had to. At Indy moments. What was it became omitted in in in the Philadelphia. I think he made at that you made big plays throughout the game to game this heat team and he hit it almost all like the signature moments where people I. The entirety of the Texans game. If it was him he was clearly the best player on the field clearly the Washington game. He had moments and there the do we England game he had moments and there. I got like listen I. I am I I have been as hard on Alex is anyone else I get it but this is a new a new player and yesterday. Down the stretch even in the laws he showed. Things that he hasn't done before. Like I think that was a picked our play that he may would be the markets were and a and so another mark Rosen Medea at the Thomas. Our body makes a big plays down the stretch and he did get a stance in either get him Indians on at the end to win but I thought it makes a big plays with everything falling. Around like. Everything around him Tuesday. The problem is is Pittsburgh said Alex got beat. They took out. Well running double it to deal took Kelsey and he said Alex Smith like over the past. Because they beat the chiefs three straight times here it back to back losses in early stated these doubts. Go beat dean Jones and downfield seeded Pittsburgh just the opposite. She's forgiven big bid respect what built the morning. They took all the weapons that Alex Smith you go beat us is you can't beat us knew what happened on a stretch. Two plays that he should have made me if we're talking MVP he's in new quarterback he's changing AB degree played Indian becomes a good quarterbacks make plays. All the time probably is what counted when he had to make plays they just seem to mark robs and shake his hand slap as his doubles we to a high. It'd make plays when it came down to. He's fit. At a city didn't as I've said in the beginning as that I feel much more comfortable. From other years pass from Alex and this it to what could be the game for him and Pittsburgh Steelers have you read this out yeah this is crazy me disobey the game for these. He's the best player in the league all year. All right he's been the best player in the league all year and this team was doing nothing to help them including its coats. This was doing nothing to help them. Is number one targets worn and it is that at the last drive his number one target the guy who changes the off its moral diary heals not in the game. These feeling pressure for like Phil yeah until for Merck's writes that he couldn't get that thing what. Like listen to them knowing what's a confused him with a Aaron Rodgers okay. The discus he's the MVP of the league doesn't mean he's Aaron Rodgers and Brady but all of a sudden like we wanted to him. To be is in VP of the league he's played the best all the side out. Ultimately if you. And it's it's a big mistake if they didn't. Right now Alison winning I don't know I don't know how how you I mean right now there's no Aaron Rodgers is out for the season Carson this attitude when it ELI courts and that's when he played and had him beaten yet it. It didn't want. And they have the best record in football I I think understating how valuable Fremont has been. I'm just that the U understating how the ball works in the quarterback generally always would not get it that's all I'm saying I did it but I mean. At big Dick Carson which is every bit as good as Al. Starting opposite which is better than I mean yeah it's not a stick out this thing right now the way they play like. I don't think he's the best quarterback in the league he's hit his season at everything combined has been that way and he's had moments. And then all of a sudden like for us to jump from last year when. Up clean pocket he couldn't hit Maclin Indians over. And he's making plays like he did this he has the better I agree with as and hit. Like he's getting no help from the off but the one he should have been having just try to score a touchdown down the stretch he should kick the field goal to tie it. At one point or to take the lead because his coat and this colts didn't have a good day calling play. I'm glad to because that was one thing to have any issue with the entire game long hot up IKEA officer on the on the shoulders of men I just don't get it would need to read is doing. At a global gripes about yesterday's game it's who want to get to I have a gripe about the play calling would get to that that. Everybody knows Alex is a ballplayer. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I bagged produce a play date which houses the one to show you that. In studio. Exact amount. Week nights he has served there on six in Sports Radio. Yeah man about a couple of thanks. Let's get to bomb. It. Covering Antonio Brown. This this was something that we talked about Friday. We talked about Friday and I stated this and I think you're saying. Earlier I was listening you're talking about precursors. To the post season this was some of us that. I am extremely concerned about. Down the stretch not just against the Steelers but I think the Steelers will be the first team to relief. This could really exploited. Is for years we know. Bob calling by the book Bob Sutton will nodded to adjust. The heat is going to keep his corners. Where their ally and a and it you don't even have to make. In offensive coach or coordinator being creative being game plans to get the matchup that they want. And member yelling into the FaceBook live bait and what that is it and I think I think right now. Mark is Peter's along with the roads in Minnesota. I think those two of the best two corners in the league. What good does it hat does it matter to have arguably the best corner in football. And pick time situations. You're not going to put him on the best receivers. I hit it makes no sits third downs with the game on the line. Listen I think Philip gain was imposition of Philip gains has did not. Have let the ball go to it means to him and hit but what the hell's he doing on and in the first place with the game on the line. But I Don get like. I mean mark is still a lot of covering of the latter Rogers he covered Heyward-Bey wants. As they just ran them over there because they're mobile and it. It's why he lost it last week against the Texans went Hopkins just kept. Didn't balls and they wouldn't change and he's just carting in covering people they don't even care they run in the past route. So that does make me nervous down the street that it receivers keep killing us they'll just simply go away from having to mess would markets beaters. Because Bob won't change. Eighties didn't Bob's head and telling change it gives us two things drive me nuts that. In an am just mused in the past. You've got a team backed up to the goal line. Works noise words laugh out excellent pass rusher comes in handy to have their got a big deal of money just he's been. The team was backed up on the goal. In Cutler on the corner but some pass coverage it's means McDonald. Bid does he was on him okay you'll get some space here. Seven same drive once again just in the east in pass coverage so it's a sport. I. Total I don't get it out in Bob Sutton is ultimately it is his fault he's one caller. Put it. Stop looking to be read as well as he is the power to tell Bob. It's huge to get court cut in which he's not gonna mess with the football operations in eighty reed in it's it. I'll never forget and I'll never get watching NFL films it was the Packers and the broncos' Super Bowl the first over will they weren't. And the Broncos it is take in the league. And Greg Robinson was a is it everything that you had in the past I just wanna see pressure. They had goats came in with the big moment and even though we took off it's a coach legged woods. He laid out what he needed to do and he's got to get there's just no it it makes no see it even us who don't know football as well as bots that. The games online it happened in the playoff game gets Steelers last year just in Houston was in coverage on Antonio Brown. On the the play that changed the game. I again and and it's silly to me just by alignment that's well talk about. Like the tee shot themselves in the foot a force before this so many times just for weird stuff they did. When you looked at the AFC. DC about it's uses the number one team does not do I think that I think there's still the best team in football I think is imminent and that's our I think that the listing of the people. Out of my house someone like it's weird like I think. The chief struggle with Pittsburgh but I think Pittsburgh struggles with New England like energy talk about you'd think Pittsburgh but New England. I think I I think I think version specifically because I am I don't have the more state into England and play and they play to the this year believe like I I've. I think what we have with Pittsburgh they do they have with New England has Belichick is that Thomas absolutely accurate and I think I think it's something that I noticed this I don't think we got it does a lot you want to post games through it yet on the post game show is. I think the biggest thing is the physical malady that that Pittsburgh. You know possesses against the chiefs and UG us. Everywhere it was just like they if you could till they see it we're going to hit. Again Turkey into west out. They were laying the wood on Alex they were land would only deal he's out the final possessed. They weren't getting much are you right now in that locker room after the game. There all that's alignment. They knew they had to do they felt good about themselves talk and don't see is some debate ultimate. The Castro yet they knew there was it was physical and and that that may be a team that gives you issued bullet. You know right now Rogers is out that the falcons are great Ike. That this team is still the best team of football league but this is this is where I can see the bit in Pittsburgh to be. Oh geez. Our and our Jacqui it's a global literacy for that but I just can't say they're better in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh is beaten and why are you the last two games and Hurwitz that he can do it this in this. The issue adult life like in people say things on the tech sign a ball the way the game played out this that he and the other. Well ball I think it time to try to make it way too complex. From this from this perspective. In basketball. When this big Golden State lawyers any match to win whoever it is done you know the wizards. We probably the short time we know was the would have liked because we know the assembled talent and all that in football. A lot of times does that match ups to. And I think right now the Steelers are bad matchup with the seats. Do what the totality edit out cents. The mindset or change the parks and illegal to do this might her. Seat late on double play or else let's get heart eats. The grass. Yeah trouble stopping the run in league yum bell so patient. He gives running back coaches fits because he did at the bull and go. He dances around. And achieves what they're tackling problems he's attacked back the mix and but yeah I mean it when you're watching basketball goal out you know stuff is all take that three. Doubles don't you sometimes you just can't stop that but even with the match ups and I agree with you and I think the physical tally is an issue and let's not forget. You know the duties had a lot of injuries. That if they do because I think they're gonna sees the music. And if they see them again at that think there'd be some other players on the field. In the last two games. The physical malady and bill that hill that that is crushed them but it doesn't hurt that you do stupid things yourself to yourself. Like that it's crazy that she's do stupid stuff to themselves and both games like in the playoff game last year. That the same thing they just wouldn't put Marcus Peters did they would do scheme may do and have Antonio Brown on. Stephen Nelson and whoever also the world the whole time in. And just like last year they were eight. You know Alex missed multiple downfield the rose and this game Andy Reid. Just goes to. Draw it doesn't kick a field goal to get the gave to a one score game which makes absolutely no say it's. I've seen it and you don't everyone on this team and it watches his team understand. Just like a lot of Deaver receivers you've got to get Travis the ball early you've got to get him involved early and they didn't do that. I mean date. They did a lot of stuff that they shot themselves in the foot like we watch this basically we would see that offensive line especially interior three. Dismissed blitz look pickups that are just elementary. Elementary stuff and this I mean it doesn't at all. That Pittsburgh has figured it has all of that stuff but you just continuously shoot your own self of the footage do stuff to yourself. That means that. So it doesn't help and I'd just like they lately horrible yesterday in where in the game you know also bugs you in the line won't help. Smith up when he gets crunch on an email. Elderly that that that would that was just read enough about that may admit the meat we had a disagreement about the watch and ours gave. And what yesterday's would Mitchell just each out of him that he. And it happened ivory watts twice yesterday there talking to him suspended and I and I re watched it and and they're offered to blot minute round of when he did it. And they've got method. Like they did nothing. Night in and that's a part of the softness. That you see why Pittsburgh which is the Mariah that's a part of the softness. Beckett. This is it was. It was just that that that it is Leo. You apart like I have to sit part of the Zapatista properly when he got a smoking hot as somebody who is a former defensive lineman who would take teaching chateau quarterbacks. And offensive lineman who would. You know at least commit me out respective for this Leggett youth if vomiting lobby you know let me take it she said at your quarterback Diego do that the government Q do. We must address you just mentioned a you're upset about it. Are you did likeable we must address the go 14 on fourth down and would do that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Pain. So was fired up. And if they get the fans fired at the text line and 816. Still is slightly soft yesterday though they agree would they got bullied by their big bro out he stands on the sea salt. In the 816 accused were like hot stick of butter yesterday. No delicious. Solved how. Easy to cut. What. Especially the offense the defense of limelight. I guess it man if they see them negated by. I can't believe. Like. Chris Jones is gonna play it. I don't. It in his name vehicle makers jones' name is posting is none of that else would the best and worst game I've ever seen him play yet. Said that this morning by disappointing results. Bids ever did they were and he's there rising star in an area like Pittsburgh is renamed and Derrick Johnson is looking like Pate made. In Denver in that final year is get recognized as the pencil lead a billion he is looking at the wrong angles slow life not just wrong and we'll play. He if you watch Derek and I love beard one of my favorite all time. Would he like he does everything you would teach a player not to do it in terms of technically. You know it's no no no hands no arms he just he just came diving in. That's where eyes closed and head down norm several times on Libya bill. I'm an aunt and all I cannot see an up and down that that's a nine people are criticizing markets Peters in his tech. If Derrick Johnson's tackling like that to hill let let's figure let's talk about that first. Marcus Peters to actually. Four down and two from the four. What did you think you have is with clear I I have I've got to sleep book is. And. So if I take a deep breath. I I try to see the positives. You know this is rarely is it different AD does this think the conservative main. That we were used to work custom outlaws all fours. CN outlets completely gets that it did it I didn't make any sense with that much time left it's thirteen minutes left in the game authorised implant I try and hold it to you that you have to give it to a a one presidency your defense hadn't given up the score. In the game in the second half that they'd still be added twelve points they not give up school work and that you have to give it. 21 position and the excuse he game in the post game was this there are there because we had been there all day. On the. Ask a little over twelve minutes bubbles thirty minutes left. To go win without her then done much. Throughout definitely enough to get out there. Potentially score public got a couple plays so good about. Call. Didn't work outs highest then. It's protected by that time. Coverage. Nation. Hindsight yeah. I say at the time we was more fort. I had no issue we were we rollover like no kick you got a kick this be Hampton like to me make detest him teachers know who was not. Yeah. Well why well I'd and Condit we're gonna try to run a play I believed to to Kelsey and it was covered but well. Why apple would be why might be that he did make it easier to call it. No he should he should have been the one that should have been getting the ball that. That's my it's like I I look like you've got him Ross Travis Ed Demetrius airs in the game when the game's on the line all three of them the game. It where ever running. Wide receiver reverses a million but let I don't I don't and and don't don't get it twisted. I am not absentee. Oh to meet its nearest seeing a lot of football like obviously I am that yeah that's not merely he's clutch. Goal like that that does not does not meet the radio into a special place slated to meet this doesn't exist is is is rolling out to the left. He's why helping signal on the ball. But he wasn't one oh. What is he should make Texas today that was a tough kids and that was there were three guys that is what the ball to admit just how well and yet it is way to edit it it was it was it was a it was a tough test but he did it got if he comes down. I'm just telling you man we get that we had two huge plays in the game. And who were the somewhat sassy Claudine no he did we had two plays in the game and who were the focal point to the place. Demetrius areas. Ed Philip gains locked. When they didn't have to be on the field. Why he likes I think I had a main night eight years pass out of the Romo is going to ask the war to the backup tight end is not always easy to do is get the ball to Tyreke or or Kelsey. All sorts just on dissident. The Anthony Thomas isn't it anything he's the vocal point oh I think a bit of a problem in this game though is that. Your focal points didn't get the well prob is I remember. I only get all. All you've taken the lead of the game. Had you gonna hit and kicked in the open Thomas scored immediately game. In 1916 skid in position to kick the field goal they get that chance editing and it's games and it changed the the feeling of the team that. Took the air right out of the sails and that whole stadium when you did you combat that defense all right ma'am we have given up the score yet. All right you take this Google were down one let's get the ball back. And escort cuts and take the lead and in Butte you can't. This and I loaned or doubles what was most hotly bill bill Iowa. They'd they'd they did so happy I mean they dictate the next possession they didn't quartets there that does the audio data and stop. That the test because at number takeaway because this first just got the ball forced into it with a four. Laid out built towards are legal bill for twelfth they don't built a 27 big duffel and how did that existed in it. It's into this deal it it'd it would apply to so it was a it started off or did all the way out to the 58. And I'm not saying it loud enough say in the last yeah. Exactly how Madonna took to make it seem like it was a win that seat because they punted the ball to dig deep and it was a winner got to stop it that. Bones that they got to stop. On they are on and they wanted to outline and they are neck and they get repeated I got in the second half they got did we get ready get rid of the guys that. Like they did a war don't make it seem as though that wasn't an accomplice tried that its first used to that the field this. I didn't get the tea time on added. I didn't say it was and while it was a win they didn't object a thick and what'd she do when they punted the ball. They scored a touchdown. Which would have given them delete. Like you can't what thirteen minutes left to say. All right. IMac and I'm not gonna use adding I'm not gonna use Matt. Edges well because we haven't been down here now you have to be bigger than it and it Andy you'd ideally coach if you deal league coach your hall of fame coach you can't make critical mistakes like that. And that was critical look I'm not gonna say this defense play well against lady on bill. They did in the second half. When they need to get stops they got stops. The touchdown that they scored the only time this court was all the the play Antonio round that they may have gotten yards but that force putts just like they kept going in the second act. Do you think that win ever the cius is Steelers match I'll quote you he has told in advance. I would have to say that's the Steelers do. I mean they did when they play it I'd have to say this thing you do. But I think it's a mindset also the players of the visit Cali is the number one thing the big one LS halting with Pearson. If we saw it spears was and it and we get say that's your Piniella featured it if we get say that he he handled. James Hairston throughout the game except for executive there dammit the and I'm in those reviews place meaning you could run chipped out there what if rotate in and out. Game quoted I will say this if they play the Steelers in the gonna change their minds what they see is that the home for a loop. He can't be Russian angered drop and here's urged he's beat Houston in the past average that's one thing they came and picked. Do you expect to do it exactly what Tomlin thought he would do. The chase film right on Wednesday it did Justin he's been dropping perfect big bad all tortured past Everett yes what he's not gonna set me. In two he can't cover receivers. It. Marcus once spoke the other. They played in common unit Adam. Eight games felt comfortable here of course people up here he always beat us but it picked last traveling to put the settlements Steelers have scored less than what he points. In their last four trips the year when they won three of. They didn't do what they've done all year I think the big thing right now is going to see how the chiefs and media just now. Teams are going to go back to the old way that it's that they're going to take away auriemma. The Texans did it the Steelers did it except for in the Texas game like this the part that pisses me off. You said you agree you did have a problem deport the 20 wobbled to be aggressive within your play call. If you wanna be aggressive right there on board the two. You won't be aggressive dirtier political asset and he has had in the 10 o'clock hour I thought the played acid at last night to beat me in line. Like hall and saw the whole awful like in the Texans game they took away Kareem putt. But they let Alex run down the the third down the the lives down the field growth Kelsey was involved early. Is a flawed and ankle there's a flaw to that logic. Com and I said yes they disaster starting hear people saying all this stuff about now there's we gotta we gotta script that we just stick to when it comes to beat that cease. And bill Maas said exactly what else they can this morning almost passed bill. It didn't matter all that script that game plan it horse and nailed. It doesn't match. Every team does have just it was personnel so it's so we get away from that is would be easy to stop treatment is now duke the blue prints and been laid out so here's the ball the blueprint. Certain teams in the AFC just don't have the colts played it's easy you know what we must what it down and ending this thing is. Let's just be real the Steelers defensive personnel is not the best person on this team it's faced this year. Of the Eagles defensive personnel is better than the Steelers and they ran all over them. I like it you know it USA even with their personnel. And I think the patriots are getting word would Bill Belichick game planning you would have thought that would be more but not details. But San Diego Chargers defensive personnel is better than the Steelers like the Steelers don't have great potential personnel. That was what was so irritating about. The play calling and how they went about the right. To meet this is that the top thing is this is on Andy and Bob is number one the players got to play better they got to tackle but any about. With their game plans they were really they got decreased Steelers were terrible against the run this year 128 union will be putting your. Therefore it is important Prodi's own bill it's notable Weis. If he's taken at the Steelers have been terrible stop the run this year you wouldn't guess that what the game yesterday one go route. What dollar they were they were they were nearly jumping Tyreke hill little out routes one Goer. They just kept running him against the text and they were. I can't wait for the show man. I can now wait for the show Ron. Hubbard so. And that they want to be props because. You know law doubles being talked about the press spots yesterday. Your predictions. Are those predictions I was almost close. I bet that jets patriots when all of almost gloat. I yelled at a bank's final segment the date to before too there were done on the basis. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. My thanks again on shows usually. Joining us in studio at each and every Monday from 1 o'clock hour mountains show. Six to nine we nights. You know on six NN sports race. Donna upset yesterday man India and in itself and it wasn't just the C schools and the gators beat the reasons. Well so. Thuggery have been devastated and still well what public debt in his whole adult things beat the falcons at all. Our philosophy when Lee revered in the government believe. Mean there was some of census and getting to know and highest paid giant rock is the biggest moment. Rams beat the jags. Jacks wire home. Lot of teams at home debt loss jags are so open and the jags beat the Steelers. So a means of the rams are better than sheets right. But just make sure Enron's advantage. Of the plot holes. We're happy tackles Austin just that to me the giants of all teams doesn't know block. All you alternates those things but because of that. That development bolts of what we do that geologic Hiller BJ. Figured out man. Did not figured out. But I can't figure out as it is time for take two before. This one of those kind of would threaten us. And I don't know his playoff preview pictures certainly felt like BA playoff loss yesterday. Phyllis and she's still gonna win this division this divisions terrible raiders lost four straight play in Thursday night. Broncos lose at home to New York Giants who were winless in decimated by injuries. In the foreseeable DOC thing going on that week it was terrible this week. For the giants yet they still found a way to beat the Broncos could be in the felons who wouldn't although you each and every week I will say this the chiefs are getting blown around. The negative towards blown off and it does happen primetime don't forget last year they had twelve wins but they got schooled me with the Pittsburgh. But that's what bothers me cheese and a 76. In the last few years and three of those lost 50% of them come into the hands of Pittsburgh Steelers. I would love to see here instead she's the best in me FC really wanna say that. But it's hard to say that from the Pittsburgh Steelers continued to hold the Kansas City Chiefs the defense told him seventeen points and portion of the they aired snap for the safety yes. Pursuit of what Pittsburgh was on the road he did what they need to do. You go on the road you run the ball dominate charge time of possession checked checked also he had when he went post them chiefs' only had twelve. They kept the highest scoring offense in the NFL which is the chief and they kept it on the sideline to solve its it was a home. If the highest scoring opportunity NFL the bike problems it was basically. He took out every single one of the teams weapons instead Alex Smith. You go out to be. They could tell at the offensive line was in shambles in at the Steelers which I'm sure they've watched every chiefs being inside down. Realized last couple weeks she's been given a sack. They have a lot of pressure to get to Alex Smith at what they did it came out for an Iraq Alex Smith is due to a few Celek. Aborted outstretched Alex Smith missed a couple of great opportunity. Peter Marcus Robinson. Got to beat the Steelers before the best me. Outlaws not content to buy dresses blessed that we cannot hope. Early on in the show and ask do with the fact of does this loss change anything for you when it comes to the perspective that you have while the seats. With a long term disease. And I guess the question by saying no because I still look at it seems as a Super Bowl contending team. And can debate back and forth between who was the better of the two teens between the Steelers in the seas but I think the that scenes are every bit as good. In the AFC and in the league in any other team out. Now we can sit here with about all these didn't do yesterday yes they have some flaws but there's not one NFL team out here. That doesn't have their faults and yes when you look at the all sort of line that seems. Hopefully they'll start to get some of those key members ovals you guys back here in at least the next week or two so eventually they can move forward. But I just look at it sees in trying to figure out how good they're going to being. What are the major issues that I have right now with the seeds and one of the reasons why well they lost yesterday the main reason bottom says today. It's affected their one defense has just been. Got all. To be honest with. One of the wise just hours defensively not only for the cheese put in the entire legion is Chris Jones. It in my estimation in my opinion crystals at one of his most gains as an NFL player. Look at all the other guys on their defense of line and the line backing core that that he says. They just did not stop a view on bail and at a vigil is going to be an even bigger issue it's asked to face this field was again. Because if you have to face the Steelers again. You know when that's going to be is going to be in the playoffs. And you can had to figure out some way or another. How to stop late on bail and also I don't know what. Yeah. Vigorously to the season he stopped the run. And he said he wants which we promised would write down close to her talk about things the chiefs defense and total defense is ranked 31 that a third keeping. In the NFL that's a good. Terrible bad L. I think that the Missouri Kansas. Game this coming weekend will come up. It'll probably come up with our special guest in the second out. Best theory being to go join us tomorrow. Day simply debate tended to drive there up next. Yeah. It. Yeah same.