10/12 - Jonny Gomes Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, October 12th

We're joined by former Royals OF Jonny Gomes who is helping fight the fires in NoCal plus a memory of Game 4 of the 2015 ALDS 


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We got one of the best speeches. Improve raid in history from one Johnny gowns that's right he joins us now here on 610 Sports Radio Johnny Miller my friend you good. Yeah man out here that tell you what I'd. Get it like being down forgiveness speech and operated out of boggle my club yeah. It's. All right. So now I hear people. Are you coming back with a cheese when the super bowl of doing that for their parade do. Palin and I are. Half black will travels. Quite so what do you what do right now because he's wildfires that northern California out of control I saw you got a gold fund we started. To help people like you're trying to raise a million bucks so how can people help you. Yeah man I'm not even trying to meet political and I'm not trying to put you know great doable or anything and I know whose side of the values we all are built. That they like it it was captured. I mean you read their hurricane in Houston again borders in Puerto Rico and yet they yet. At that when you ought manned by people trying to get sick and tired it's doubtful on that. I mean imagine like the biggest slot are either seen bigot you know just covered you know multiple pills haggard. 100000. Acres burn less so we got going on what it ain't it how it in multiple counts. I mean we got like you need your like a magic neighborhood like 3000 houses straight down 3000. Jet paper. I mean it looks like that you want you know. We're talking ball Burr schools for her price will burn elementary school for. Now she's made it it's unbelievable well all of their belief yet he. Both on the pages 70. And read leaf several seven very true that they're the wired country AKA God's country. So cool aren't boots on the ground cities farther out his hand about as hard earned money that people are helping out. What are you up to right now at what's going on and Jonny Gomes is world. Jonny Gomes pure liberal commie K for Bostian that was cool to sit up the boots on the people would IC. Can't call it retirement you know I mean my cleats are hung out back to back. That fit right now and I have a great aren't assured cold beer watching the games you know China watching ball. That a larger bodies in the you know our fault tree he all the way down. All you normal watching all these games being locked in. The only time and place absolutely were you know argue back in the arena and help an organization out when where and others I'd love to do that sort of water view. We'll all understand or doc I'd call fake return. Our answer this question. Truthfully two years ago today eighth inning everybody talks about Mike Woodstock is given a speech in the dugout what was being said what did he say two years ago today to make the guys. And yet you know pictured picture I mean morning at six to two in the top of eight. The whole lie all wrong that your season's second act put on oil using. I knew what will it wasn't talked about much board. One of the best comeback in games on the part of in other dugout at a wild card game that you got fourteen. The way they battled back we've seen in the races where they'd quit the blue the black. You know the defense everything about wild card game and and I thought and they checked off really impossible. Think it happened and TV. To gain that those guys law pat on there as. Words but no quit mentality and I knew that going in and year we needed Lisa announced to me. And you know at the end of the day being fired in New York bacon police said in the world did not ordering. No doubt about it or talk or Jonny Gomes here on 610 Sports Radio former royal and and and you mentioned you know the game five we get the ring and the other the Hosmer breaks for home still stands out in everybody's mind is is that. I mean is that the best place you've ever seen in person a bit a part all of that play was Hosmer go home like that. That portion. Couple divorcing in a lot of weird patent. All of the guys that bad but that is. There would be a lot more than just a penalty and how true that I mean outward peaceful Ike Qiyue. That was preparing for that situation that happened that was patent whining and in sticking to it. Just ball on the ground. I mean that was like reports. Meeting. Input and being put into play in between the lines. You know. David Wright third you know armed yet all along and you know his arm angle on their anatomy. 100% in the reports you know I mean we got to do get a ground ball checked the water through the first. How to plan that you know he didn't check the locker Berry and so gamble. And anyway it it was Wednesday all but could you double ample. You know and we've got to first base and probably at first base and maybe go back and make up for so very athletic Hyde peaceful future our. Talk we Jonny Gomes here on six and Sports Radio it's great you bring that up because it wasn't luck. It wasn't like they decided you all this stuff in the just got lucky in the sense that you know like in the third conference scoring on the run. It's not like he just got lucky in that situation how much did Ed Yost the coaches work with everybody on team ready for those situations. Mean we're all watching it down in the dirty what you get in the area they will. It can be overwhelming. Upper you know get on launch and it can be overwhelming for teams that haven't been there. Can't sit back like 2014. So important in the current feeling she's staying don't do that right now for. You know how they got burned a couple of years ago looks like they're ready world. Yet McCormick an actual information over me because. Everybody has the report. All yours scouts all your minor acts like Boone's seventeenth binders in relation. And he handed player I am and I soared due to a halt. But they're all of those situations where you got about your extra ninety feet on the talk about the actions ninety's he should get it wrong. Situation like that you wanna talk about him being whole network in the post season. There's so much more size should Stafford did swing put your swing on the ball. All the preparation was impeccable for that whole ballclub. The way there and basically in no way you know came in a couple times or virtually all the stuff. All of those who would be acting that somewhat that was seen as just an extremely tight like GT. When I'm sitting on the couch being my version of Jonny Gomes and watching post season baseball it looks vastly different from. From regular season baseball how different is that when you get to. Those those post season games. Yeah Jerry back in 2008. Mark first though it looked at Tampa Bay pebble. In the day that gene. You know at Stratford and if you can win the rain no wind for. That you know it the World Series but fortunately all payrolls in east. I remember coming down the stretch of the big deal that apple needs to treat her actually because we are so young. We're kind of the opposite about instead they're dated you know sure that aren't on the and we got a guy. I remember the first pitch of the playoffs the first pitch. House like so much. Cute. Like it at that hole. I mean little if forgave you play a 162 games and six months that's just history appetite. It's it's a whole different game the tiniest stuffed it exposed. To blow our first war now to account for arguable but. And then it's at all. Talk what Jonny Gomes here on 610 Sports Radio so you got GM in your future is that your thank him. Now. Oh there's that's a tough job. Edit an extremely tough job I tell you what. Kansas City saint should be able mostly good I mean actually get read it but that mandate more. He's probably wore that. I've never bare ground. Dean wore real. And beards markets talked to be more on this game as a larger courtroom like and you know and go to if you aren't. Would not only people they'll be able to make it flashes you know on the more mobile. You what the change shield trade. Greinke trade that you know he took a gamble in. You know worked out leasing and taking a risk and keep in all I this year. You're guys got a Chaplin lecture you should be happy that sausage. No doubt about it I've before we let you go you do a lot hearings into city to make fans get fired up how can they help you now returned the favor got to pay a slower which you go funding page. Yeah man I mean. Back home at 77 point guard got country straight mark. My whole area is all fire you know more about that which you parliament or on the ground like schools torched. The ball torched. You know all these people how to torture in the middle nice article one in seven close been released at about seven relief. So I'm doing and it can get as much money that chance it boots on the ground and about to these people and they will it be better law. Like clip on YouTube. Impeccable the block out what I needed dollar you know she's. Cool and dollar though. I'm gonna go ahead and did use the money idea that can't figure out of the pack. All right I'm mad you you keep doing good we'll talk to you again soon all right enjoy this enjoy this time that you ask out of semi retired let's get some money raised take care those folks are right. Yeah you gotta guys begin to appreciate its.