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The Drive
Thursday, October 12th

Carrington Harrison of "The Drive" reports the breaking news that KU & MU are in the works to play at Sprint Center in men's basketball on Sunday, October 22nd for Hurricane relief.


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Why don't like to start today show this is a report. I can't report that Kansas and Missouri are currently engaged in all ongoing discussions to play an exhibition game at sprint center. Multiple sources have told me that the game would take place next Sunday. For hurricane relief. Nothing is confirmed when I have reasons to believe that this game will take place. And an announcement could come as early as tomorrow so again if you missed it I can't report. That Kansas the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri are currently engaged in or ongoing discussions the play basketball exhibition game. Sprint center for chaired the money would go to hurricane relief in the game would take place next Sunday. It is not confirm. But I have strong reasons to believe. That this game will take place and an announcement on said game could come as early as tomorrow. As someone who ran as oil in this radio. Asked for Kansas and Missouri it's a played southern now it feels like for the last seven years. I could be knocked after year to bring you this news now it's not the regular season game that we all have asked for and that we all have warned. But the very simple fact that these two teams. Where at least once side has repeatedly said we will not. Played the other team unless mandated by the NCAA. The fact that there even at the table and again multiple people told me that this game they feel strongly about it. It's just such an encouraging sign I am very happy to hear at least they can't it's an losers sit down the same table and having a conversation again about playing bass yeah. Is that the dialogue are right they have a dialogue it's not everything you could watch what are you kidding me. An exhibition game at sprint center on a Sunday by the way that geez don't play and then to have the entire stage to themselves. In Kansas City. This would be fantastic. And for that for the things that. You know it didn't sell a Bill Self was dedicate one would get a deal and may be part of the discussion on this was the fact it will do an exhibition. Will raise money for charity and we'll do it that way. And I think it covers billed as a little bit on this if they do it that way when it doesn't necessarily matter I want to man you can. You get. Don't we plan. No offense to my Boris there hornets but not the same as play and Mozilla and exhibition game with the reporter guys you know and that crew that's been recruited at Missouri's so. I think is fantastic I love it. I'm excited about it sue attacks on 69 reserve's six will this be involving current players Oren nom night. Everything I ever and ever reason to believe that it will be the cruel Kansas incorrect Missouri basketball team. If this goes through if they negotiated don't fall for which I do wanna put the caveat on that show is obviously. Possible that this can't fall through Kansas so many times has made it so clear that they are not in arrest complaint Missouri. That it is certainly possible at the eleventh or twelve hour that this thing falls through but. Timmy you at least have to be encouraged if you are as emotionally invested in these two teams playing that I AM that there are at least starting to have a conversation. This the first time you can even save having the conversation fence was or has left the SEC are left the big twelve to join the SEC. There's been so many times that at least Missouri has reached out to Kansas to try to make this happen that. There's been no reason to believe a less mandated by the NCAA that these two teams would play each other so that is the first encouraging sign to me in all of they the answer this question but how does the hurricane Irma released thing factory and these guys been able to play the game basically when I have birdies Missouri has multiple scrimmage to set up that the NCAA has set a rule that the images are used as exhibition games sold the only way that Missouri Kansas would be able to play each other and basketball would be for a charity. Similar to what happened in Joplin and the tornadoes and yet when the NCAA allowed Missouri a special waiver or exemption to play my alma mater the Missouri southern. State lines lines right hash tag. That they are able to play the game so the only way this season aside from a regular season game that they would be able to play each other would be in eight share exhibition game. So the fact it. Played this hypothetical game in my mind so many times between Missouri Kansas. But it's an exhibition or scrimmage. I think thousands of people watch this Missouri team with all hype and all the anticipation. They will certainly spend money knowing that the proceeds for that are going to charity. To watch this play Kansas and name of mass. Suggested just it is somebody just joy is just or to reconfirm what's going on. You you're hearing the case and resume talking about playing an exhibition basketball game next Sunday at Sprint's correct correct all right and next on it spreads that are with that was. With the funds. That they raised going to her camp Irma victims. It is my belief or in the situation. And it could and we can find out tomorrow that's my belief current a 100%. I think it's great suit asking me in my I think Kansas it was it was just me this is yeah I think. I think that autism is are going to play its other basketball and exhibition between now and beginning NC. I firmly believe that will happen I don't think it's gonna happen in the regular season I don't think they are playing a regular season game but this is the start of redoing the rival. Like to its fans might not want Atlantic but this is a great thing for everybody. Kansas or Missouri playing each other and spread sinner is good business for everybody. As much I think you fans like to deny it. They missed his arm and say sure as hell miss playing K you and does the robbery in the intensity and the passion of that rival. So. Now it's a watered down version of it yeah but again I think a lot of Missouri fans have in their minds played this hypothetical game about what would happen if the issue is Missouri team played this year is Kansas team. And for better or worse chance this is the gold standard and I would say every local college basketball Bain. Is trying to chase what is it now thirteen straight big twelve the home court advantage that they have hall of fame coaches all of those things. Yes I'd grade Missouri's program against Kansas every single day and they are the standard of which I am trying to retrieve. So the fact I think this be the best team Missouri's put together in the last. In the fifteen years as an opportunity to compete against that I can't wait to see it. Education wondering look at the spreads that are schedule right now work out great and you've got Janet Jackson on October 19 his brand Saturn nothing. Over the weekend on. On the that's 42 point 11 or twenty seconds or looking at October 22 at sprint center so schedule wise it works out. Yet a few days to get that thing ready to go for the game and then the next event there is Katie area Friday October 27. So there is that there is a what an eight day break at sprint center with nothing going on. So again if you miss new ways and we'll take your phone calls after this. I can report that Kansas and Missouri are in all ongoing discussions and negotiations to play an exhibition basketball game at sprint center. Multiple sources have told me that the game would be next Sunday at sprint center for hurricane relief. Nothing is confirmed. But I have strong reasons to believe this game will happen and that the announcement could come as early as tomorrow okay you fans I wanna hear from you. I heard the last ten years we don't care about Missouri we're not interested in playing Missouri under any. Possibility. You can now be playing them for charity what do you think about it all line 91357676. And the driver Jackson to the breaking news coming out of Missouri and teens.