10/12 - Beers with the Boys

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Thursday, October 12th

Beers with the Boys features TW Pitchers 


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Let at all. I'm dating knee hole. Oh yeah extends orchestrated Mike Welch the Buckeyes coach just playing well and producers David Spector. Beers with the boys with TW pitchers microbreweries powered by standard beverage and we're joined in studio by Audrey Williams of TW pitchers Autry. It's become an amendment they stills and threatening the jazz so you guys are based out of San Francisco California. You're still in Kansas right now but Missouri in the spring of 2018. And what's the story behind it. TW pitchers. Two to be pitchers that witnesses in my corporate sentences ago. It was found by a couple guys played baseball for women's college Omnia and Wilson so hence the TW UW and they're both tigers absolutely soft tossing guys are real Smart. I forget the top pitchers meeting beer pitcher. As the beer such as it turns out baseball absolutely. Tough nights ago. We have three different Beers here we have three different I guess not all Beers we have an IPA veolia is beard are at halftime. Andy and we have grapefruit she Andy blood orange kind of things balloon were to start the apple cider she Andy. It's called the snake bite. Yeah its traditional style that does popular in England so it's been been a logger. With water Barley malt hops and then Fuji ridiculous apples in this article emirates. Mean I like it is really good refreshing spirit of ice and like you that you mention the Apple's you can clearly taste that need to talk about the shot a cranberry units of theirs well I like the smell the apple that you get it immediately would you would you put that up to take a drink. Fuji red delicious and don't add any additional sweeteners or snow high fructose corn circuit it's just the Jews at a post fermentation before pastor. It sounds like like. For I mean that's like here's your daily dose to try it I noticed that I know half a day existing like yeah completely and totally. Principally the chiefs' offense right now Osaka with the restless with a splash of cranberries postal call back jet backpack and this snake bite you guys are coming into the Kansas City area and yeah Missouri spurring a 2018. What's kind of the state of craft beer in Kansas City because there or a lot of companies in the lot of breweries trying to break into Kansas. All of the cool things about the KC metro area of ten city Lawrence. Is that has been prepped for good craft beer for quite awhile were really fortunate here to have boulevard command. In the late eighties is balls free state and we're ready for week no beer it's a really well educated beer drinking. Public here and they are thirsty for new and exciting things so. You guys study this market obviously before you came into it in and decide this is going to be one that you decided to commit to like how was Kansas City selected from so many other different markets. On the market here has a really high per capita consumption of craft beer. Is we drink and answer I realize that's the ultra and you know things so. It's it's an easy pick there we also has some investor from local distributors of the week in this way as to its all marketing out there and being in markets are profitable and great work and. We Autry Williams from TW pitchers here I'm beer was with the boys on sixth and Sports Radio. This second one it's a it's called that. The radler and it's a blood orange kind of what logger grapefruit Shandi absolutely so this been going on. Not so much at. Strike a guy how are you as a I'm the set of freedom like going on. Tastes like I definitely tastes like some sort of and I need to how to describe but I like it sorry for yeah I really don't go back it's a breakfast beer yeah this little orange but it complements each other. And it goes with delegates. Yeah. That's like the early morning tailgate you know you got to 11 AM game were due on creationism it's a definite edge like appear remote so that's I was essentially you know champagne in Orange juice and whatnot mixed in but champagne and grapefruit juice and it's really really good like. Of this ever had that combination of and Cheney before but it it's really image has that kind of orange finish. Of did absolutely the idea behind the spear. Is this an activity near recession fears five point one maybe being in Germany they drink revelers which are usually beer with. Shoot which some sweet soda Andy's interest Jews. And they rather mean cyclists in Germany and it's about being active water out their kicking soccer balls or whatever and a lot of. That's. I was Warner while on the front of the hand there seems to be said a German gentlemen. Writing a unicycle but instead of the wheel is a grapefruit that's. Well I think also too I've always told people they basically pool darts so I don't like to participate in activities are exercised Africa. See now you take that excuse away from me not that terrible darts or pool you can create activity Pearson now activity here it was as an excuse into so many activities I will say that you look for that that will be at the salt pepper. So softball beard for sure that mean it seems like that something should probably catch on as far as softball beer. If you're looking for even to drink during softball season is Cheney rather purple boats kick ball. It's it's it's been an honor that Paisley will be here you get a case and you can finish that's across the day and you feel good and relaxed chilled by drinking and debuted most popular boy in the float trip that's exactly right a good idea it's easy drinking in nice boost taste and being here completely and totally. Autry was the last time he kicked alternate them was to throw out like you complicate ball over at colonial. Milk butter is like you kick the Capel I don't but in Lawrence it's a going to be an odd thing. Yeah they're a detailed although people it is prepared. It's. It's pretty image of your your spirit to them. I guess that's brigade rather curious. It's. Okay well I don't know where IDC. Socks and tight shorts. As years go there. A real ball more to get to it's called the I love the name is tropic blunder. And I PA. What we want to make here was an excess blood here. This is about 35 I'd be use it has such a music cops as well is oh shoot out. Passion fruit which it through your so we want to make a night game that you know stands myself that I theater group by Cora that a cash will protect refined approach Apple's well. I don't know that we tapered eyes it's a fruit is definitely chase now and this is likely to him around president so chuck so trust units it is likely is it does actually yeah it does it might as far as I know again as it is it's definitely taste flavor that you could definitely taste of it now beer connoisseur magazine called this in particular some of the finest fruit Beers around. As far as I know were the only people that are dedicated corruption inquiry okay I'm there may be other out there there. Eight million are down so an on call them. This here the site DA is interesting because everybody thinks like that's what your craft Beers every as the IKEA and there are people I don't like that PA's are people who love I PDAs are people who drink my father who tried different ITA all time. But this kind of gives people who who may not like in 98 the opportunity to try something different with the U present something different. They just a typical I TH the you're gonna find one of those eight million were. That is the important thing that we are trying to do is of her reading is to find sort of a niche market like temporary market it is your Marcus super saturated. In 1983 or what. 35 Parise other. 4505000. Numbers in the US. An artist and now you have to do something very specific and our goal is to make folks will be yours that are tripled during those activities or. Or on a day like this. Has Korean. Passing out and it's and it's not just about appealing to the guys too because I mean beer originally was appealing to the guys now you've got stuff that is a beer. But also very appealing to the female side of things in May not want something very heavy but liked the taste of a beard like the taste of fruit and combine it all together Nolan. Well I've done lots of like your festivals and participants and I find that fully half of the really committed beer drinkers are women. You know not just women drinking you know other things analysts and brands which are like in an early Peters. But drinking intricate peers in testing appears nothing has really gone past that gender bias that was initially an inspector culture. Our archer before I let you go your university Kansas grad used to work at the Wii's is downtown Lawrence I didn't what is your best Louise this story. I don't that it browser. I don't know. You can tell you Giuliani is an exciting games and don't use curse words. Oh geez. Okay himself those questions yeah. I saw a guy who him. If you leaving the bar you without select at the top the door and then he hits top of this question indoors in overseas he couldn't get off are now. Crying to fly straighter because the Fleischer a great all overs facing this it's just have you ever seen a fly strutted and it wasn't especially between. Oh dad's lies in there inning and saw that accorded. Best fit as the yen as a rock on man we don't we probably door and I don't know what to do W been there in day it is out of Iowa. Hey has been Beers with the boys threw us into W pitchers thank you so much for taken time coming Amos all right thank you fellows appreciate the time.