10/12 9a - What's Up Welch, Bold Prediction, Beers with the Boys, Jonny Gomes

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Thursday, October 12th

What's Up Welch, a bold prediction in reverse for Chiefs & Steelers, Beers with the Boys plus we talk with former Royals OF Jonny Gomes 


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She's cool what are our well she's handsome. When she loves his dog. But it's well she is also angry. And about the Lego blocks. Thinks. Welcome this store in the morning I'm like welcome Robert Vesco Gosling play. Producers David Spector. Yeah what's up well as we get some stories that might be flying under the radar that we wouldn't normally get to. This is a lot of the radar I'm not entirely sure why CE SP yen last night. That the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones had a meeting on Wednesday yesterday with players and coaches now Jerry Jones said it. That if you remember on Sunday that players stand for the National Anthem or they don't play it. That was his stance. Well in a meeting yesterday he said that his stance on the National Anthem protest was rooted in a desire to play them at a guy. And deflect attention from the players. Which essentially means Jerry Jones along everybody else. Is manipulating the media. And manipulating this story to try to further their own agenda. It's not necessarily Jerry Jones think it's an everybody and we see this all the time. We see things happen where somebody says something inflammatory it really convenient time to take pressure off. I'm still looking back at the Donald Trump comments and Alabama wondering why with the timing the timing of it and why in the world would you do this. Oh well the NFL does that air Hernandez CTE scandal come out like. Two days ago where he had deceit they dissect where CT and anybody ever. And then you'll stores started to paint -- Hernandez is a victim and think that his CT he played played a role and hammering people. And and almost on cue. Friday night after the Aaron Hernandez story breaks that's where Donald Trump makes his comments from and know where Alabama. About how players should Neil for the Anthony calling out the janitors to stem the anthem. And pulling out the NFL. Well I read you're seeing that disease in Alabama he knew the fan base that was down there isn't an Alabama before over the past year plus yet but now he's got he's still got a bone to pick against the NFL because they don't let him in back in 1980 say yes it's about the time in Pasco. He said this time I eat it like opportunity but he would have had this is not a guy that this is causing more trouble for the NFL player Hingis as. Well bill because some people look at the NFL saying. Well the NFL standing up for what's good while the people look at the NFL being angry it's it's created its muddy things up well lower than it was before. It takes it takes. Elicit anything that takes the focus off CTE. Is good for the and but I I don't think Donald Trump is doing is Donald Trump hates the NFL Donald Trump is still bitter that he sued how many times three dollar how. How times the Donald Trump and Jerry Jones speak last week. Doesn't spray juggles it is a million dollars to his campaign and Jerry Jones then went out to hold everybody that they should be standing for the anthem or they will play. Now we find out the ESP and they with the players and coaches yesterday immediate incident stands at the National Anthem was rooted. In a desire to play the guy in deflect attention from the players so what we come down to was a situation where everybody's manipulating the the conversation it so far away from what it should be. That we've now created multiple avenues of media narratives and he knows what's really more. That's the biggest problem. Aaron I don't doubt that that was as intentional how would that make him the bad guy making the Baghdad the players may but there's a bunch of people that are also. Jerry he's writing but yes I do he's an all sides trying to have his cake and eating into qualifying every single sided met that's what makes it difficult to Denton. Who who do you believe that it's Jerry Jones do you believe the when it came out if you will stand you'll play the one goes behind closed doors these guys stand on the field Brad Harman robins player yet who who was Jerry Jones right now and that's the problem he's got a stakes facing any and you don't know who. So that's the greatest way to evening deferred it divert and dilute the situation. Confuse everybody after the more people look at those the more they check out there's an old saying in broadcasting and probably a lot of other forms of entertainment it's easier. Who took out then figured out in a more confusing you make something the more people will throw it out so what Jerry Jones did here essentially was hoodwinked everybody and now is manipulated the media over the past few days to try to take some of the focus and put it on Jerry Jones. And make people even more confused about where he stands on the National Anthem. It's. Massive manipulation on a grander scale and he's done it. Well he's done it very well clearly because people have taken that bear a camera and with that this story's blown under the radar another thing this flown under the radar that I not seen it. Anywhere. On national and world we have ESPN NFL network up here a seat on either one. Cowboys players refused to speak to media yesterday. That press got its cica it always pulled pork on Wednesday and in the Dallas Cowboys practice facility. They didn't do well it isn't bye week this week for so they were all scattering in leaving early and it should play did talk to including Jason Witten responded with no comment right you any questions to am so. It's clearly there's a connection there right now I have to play action it. And it it seems like this is really hammer and a wet may use look at all the different things that's happening here I'm I'm looking through this whole thing I'm like. They're trying to do this take it away from what the protest is supposed to mean and make the protest looked like a sideshow because people. Sideshows run their course. People tune in for awhile and then alternate out forget and then they can get back to football it's a long term diversion a dead. Jerry Jones is done and in fact he spoke with Donald Trump on multiple occasions last week and then decides to do this on Sunday. Does make you wonder what's going on behind closed well. Well I think with the players say they're gonna say no comment because they don't know what to say anymore I gotta be honest with you I don't even at times know what to say anymore because no matter what you say. You're gonna rub somebody the wrong way so I think players feel that way as well there there have been no win situation. Did and they're not gonna can't talk about their owner I mean a cash write them checks that's the last thing you wanna do is take off your boss and so they're gonna stay away from that well but I think ultimately we Jerry Jones would apply to boils down to is Jerry Jones is trying to appease all sides it when you try to appease both sides. You piece nobody Jerry Jones is if his if his whole thought processes. You'll stand for the other monopoly standby. It then stand behind don't try to appease the players Gaza is doing that to try to. But don't go yes OK the players or was he going the other way and trying to tell him what he said he was doing which is trying to. Bring some of the heat on him and taken away from the play. I don't know what he's doing I don't know what to believe we've asked jobless here in the situation right now media wise nationally where nobody really knows what's real. But if you news network and now a sports network via big sports network with the exception they are anymore no right turn on any network you know what the truth is you re still a world where there was one reality. Now there's multiple realities yeah there's alternative. Acts there's all these or wearing a part of a narrative that you want to further your agenda without telling the entire tire store there and it happens all the time. There was a post this morning on somebody's FaceBook page about that they just had one little snippet of Roger Goodell entire memo and they were pushing that agenda based on that one sentence of I don't know if five paragraph memo that he sent dynamite second you're bad that's not what was it what you read the entire well. So the trust issues I think America has with the media and people that are perceived to be important figures in society. I think that's at an all time low as well and it should eat because people just use things to further their own agenda is there a market for news network that actually tells the truth right now. There's a lot of Google+ news networks mean if your partisan you if you're on the last side you're watching CNN if you're on the right side to watch and fox knows the truth is usually somewhere in the middle and we always have known that. Is there though becoming a market like we lost three star news network actually tell the truth of what's happening at. Not put the hot takes on on Anna Mae is a market for that now because it's gotten so out of hand that day I'll read stories like this I'm thinking in my real. Is this all real. The world real because the Jerry Jones because my head to a spoilers and different avenues to Andy you're wondering what's real let's take on a daily basis. Then yeah I did Jerry Jones is a jump off for this but it goes far beyond Jerry Jones when it comes to manipulating the media and trying to push an heir to that isn't necessarily true. That's what's up well it's your sixth and Sports Radio we do it on the clock every Tuesday and Thursday and that cheats have turned the fantasy football world upside down. Find out how next. Who bears the boys coming up. At 930. But first the chiefs have really turned fantasy football upside down because this offense has never been one that you would call. If ABC football giant prayer and I retractable. Guys you like it you know maybe Travis Kelsey been a solid tied in the last ten years Jerry Mac and kind of that and and throw away a wide receiver may be put him in there you're getting guys out of allegiance when I don't added agent off an earlier boys when they're taking your season you're dragging your state as you know the guys Florida is why your data begin gradually. A pretty well that's changed entirely in the big reason is Alex Smith you have guys like Tyreke killed very valuable Travis Kelsey one of the few really valuable tight ends in the NFL because there are no really consistent tight ends other than Travis Kelsey. And now Alex Smith himself. Is starting to get noticed right NFL network had their fantasy bowl prediction. I would hate and the Roethlisberger will out score Alex Smith this week I know on the Steelers are on the road but in the wise words of Jay Cutler door. Prayer. Since he's been there has been did that bit of a lot of yards up the stock with a run pretty well but you know that's a big let down relatives then that's what you. And markets afloat my name is walk or bike to be in the left and I endorse that mess. Trying to figure out what we're overly eminently sensible but he yeah. I don't know what I'm. OK I did the biggest change we have to adapt. Well things have changed NFL network to me it's true Alex Smith. Is supposed to out score Ben Roethlisberger it's a bull put your prediction on the NFL that we're late for Ben Roethlisberger to out score Alex Smith. In arrowhead which is just. I eight kind of blew me away but it does put into perspective how remorseful Alex Smith has been through the first five games this. But it just goes to show you how much this offense has improved and how many people are now taking notice and realizing man if you beat the chiefs. You'd do you have to out score Alex Smith in this Kansas City chiefs' offense that's averaging 32 points a game. And scoring on 53%. Of their offensive possessions with his wife the greatest number in the NFL this year it's this. Or. Scoring points and every other session this year so if you want to beat the chiefs by god. You got out score Alex. It's amazing that even the quite. Yeah. It had to be Digi you've got to score how to sit there. Sides I love Tony Saturday what are you said it didn't look. All year for football. This game though if you match at the two defense isn't yet the Steelers have been great against the pass but they haven't really played anybody that matters in the past we look at the it. Discuss the play guys like to show Kaiser. And and Joseph Flacco like demagogue against great elite quarterbacks find out. In this moment how missing an athletic quarterback. Tennis he's currently is he's got the best that's in the NFL he's the best quarterback in the NFL has takes it right back in the NFL I mean it's just it's remarkable there's nothing you can say negative about this guy right so looking at this situation from I guess that matchup standpoint. And it's kind of a toss up who's gonna score more Ben Roethlisberger or Alex Smith. I'd probably lean toward Roethlisberger because the chief Steve passing defense is like the third worst in the week. It's pretty bad. Talking so. Yeah you're probably gonna get some points at about rob this burger. The question is do you stop waiting on W that's really what makes that team go Roethlisberger put a Boise but yards but if they don't have they beyond doubt going then. That's really the biggest problem for the steeler blood. Here's the other thing too light over a year ago the bold prediction would have been on Alex Smith can now score Ben Roethlisberger right that would have been a bold prediction a year ago. Now the bold prediction has flipped on its head straight goes to show you how much we just kind of go with the flow and stay within the moment because. The last time she was there pump the brakes a little bit let's see what we got your bull work five weeks into this and Angolan you know now with what's at. Handle what we now. Alex Smith can lead anybody to points no matter where they are on the field but it's also and not terribly bold leader. Wouldn't this just incumbents. And Roethlisberger throwing three touchdown passes and Alex Smith throwing one in cream on his two runs sure couldn't and that's not scoring that's been tentatively outscoring Ben Roethlisberger outscoring Alex Smith that used to when the game right zoning. Great audio from that standpoint like is in additional Watson out score. Alex Zanardi last week yeah it's okay go on the game chiefs all right and a theater and enjoy your five yes downs is a lawyer bull they are taking every yeah. About five text ads every weekend at me because so finally get a lane having in my that's grounds that it doesn't it if he doesn't achieve our winning goal. Good point speaking of that she's trying to be everybody. Rich Gannon was on the day shift yesterday as he joins the day shift every week and the former chiefs quarterback was asked that very simple question of who. Who in the world and beat the Kansas City Chiefs aren't. Think we we make a mistake if we jump to par I think this is his new best piece right now certainly if he was. Everybody they'll have some type of issue I mean you go look at the patriots their defense is cut off for you you look at. The could skirt here there's still trying to sort some things out there run defense that the burn could look at via a few shelves some bureaucrat who blew JJ watt. And you know that provision. You know that they discuss the still the best thing. But they've got a rookie quarterbacks so everybody feel more confident I do they can achieve our with our. Wanna bet he'd been in certain areas they thought that being said. If they don't play their best football every week I think anybody capable basically cutting liberators I think the chargers heard the ball goes to debate it. They're not that good that they didn't throw around without a look good look I go. Riddle game regular side I don't know. As a rich gain and a former chiefs and raiders quarterback on the day she had to get check out the entire interview his sixth and sports are comic also today at 1145. On the days Shipley can make. Harassing her. Hairs and by the new kicker for the chiefs it and he read by slot but kicker dot com. Nice job but kicker Doc Holliday shoot 1145. But rich David I think it was a needed thing for people to hear because at five though and you win and so many different ways you start to think. How are they ever going to loot. But it is still possible you can't just roll your helmets out there this isn't Nebraska and the ninety's were year old elements out there and you win 56 to ten. This is still the NFL if the chiefs play poorly in a week. For more than two quarters because I think they've played poorly for two quarters this year against the Eagles against the chargers have been two quarter stretches there that were bad. But is what it's all played a store the good reports cover from you know that they should be fine. Ages have to make sure you have the ability to play well for two quarters and have the defense of strength to hold off the opponent we knew were struggling. And they achieved so far done that it's still have to keep on point that used to keep moving in that direction at. Where you're playing Chris football every single week and that has been the difference for the chiefs the Christmas. No question that it has been and it's been ways to Chris I like a Christian because that is it and they are going to be looking to get pregnancy I was at the moment they took the yielded New England on the open on that Thursday night. They have been playing like mid season form football they really have. They have I mean that's that's been the difference when they came out we want everybody was talking about the first couple weeks which by the way. Is a great argument this in the injuries a great argument for how the players screwed themselves by working in this TBA for less contact in the offseason of their bodies clearly are ready for the contact in the end of the year we see so many injuries as sort of more in the beginning you know we see in the middle in the end it. We see sloppy football because that's emitted in the conversation last couple weeks sloppy football right teams got their legs underneath the players got their legs underneath that. Now they seem like well okay. Pretty good we got this thing. The chiefs were the exception of that rule they came out of the box looking like they were pretty crisp hit a lot of penalties have put as far as not having missed cues if you that's just as easy game fumbles turnovers interceptions just. And then playing bounce the ball somebody we are trying to handed off to him because if uncle full speed very often in the off season against each other and it suddenly you're going full speed. Well balanced for in a problem where guys Chris you're missing the obvious check down option on the past you're missing the hand off your missing a lot of blocks. It's usually. Have those issues early on it's why they were able to set themselves apart from the rest than an unbelievable meant a lot Bisping and continue to go oh and go. Our stock it's supposed to have beer with the bull is a treat Williams. From TW pitchers microbrewery Meola awesome beard here. I wanna miss this one next. Let the ball and dating knee hole. It's extends orchestrated might well but that's just playing well and producers David Spector. Beers with the boys with TW pitchers microbreweries power. Hour by standard beverage and we're joined in studio by Audrey Williams of TW pitchers Autry. It's become an amendment principles of government the best so you guys are based out of San Francisco California. Your soul in Kansas right now but Missouri in the spring of 2018. And what's the story behind it. TW pitchers. Two to be pitchers that witnesses in my corporate sentences ago. It was found by a couple guys played baseball for women's college Omnia and Wilson so hence the TW he's WP they're both tigers absolutely soft tossing guys are real Smart. I forget it pitchers meeting beer pitcher. You know as the beer such as it turns out baseball absolutely. Tough nights ago. We have three different Beers here we have three different I guess not all Beers we have an IPA yoga is beard I have pets I can be. And we have grapefruit she Andy blood orange kind of things saloon. We're gonna start with the apple cider she Andy. It's called the snake bite. Yeah it's a traditional style that does popular in England so it's going to be a logger. With water Barley malt hops and then Fuji reduce Apple's is shot at emirates. And I like it is really good thing refreshing and Chris and ice and like you that you mention the Apple's you can clearly taste that need to talk about the shot a cranberry units and there as well I like the smell the apple that you get immediately would you would you put that up to take a drink. Fuji red delicious and don't add any additional sweeteners is not high fructose corn circuit it's just the Jews at a post fermentation in the port pastor. It sounds like like. For I mean that's like here's your daily dosage bright yeah I noticed that I know half a day existing like yeah completely and totally. Chris played the chiefs' offense right now Osaka was restless with a splash of cranberries post I'll call back jet backpack and so this snake bite you guys are coming into the Kansas City area and in Missouri spring a 2018 and what's kind of the state of craft beer in Kansas City because there or a lot of companies in the lot of breweries trying to break into Kansas. All of the cool things about the KC metro area of ten city Lawrence. Is that has been prepped for good craft beer for quite awhile were really fortunate here to have boulevard command. In the late eighties is balls free state and we are ready for we know beer it's a really well educated beer drinking public here. And they are thirsty for new and exciting things so. You guys study this market obviously before you came into it in and decide this is going to be one that you decided to come into like how was Kansas City selected from so many other different markets. On the market here has a really high per capita consumption of craft beer. Is during an answer later in life that's the ultra in the know thinks so a it's it's an easy pick there we also has some investor from local distributors of the week in the swings. To its all marketing out there and being in markets that are profitable and great work and. We Autry Williams from TW pitchers here I'm beer was with the boys on sixth and Sports Radio. This second one it's a it's called that. The radler and it's a blood orange kind of what logger grapefruit Shandi absolutely so this been going on. Not so much it's. Strike a got a lot of what you I'm to set up freedom like going on. Tastes like and I definitely tastes like some sort of I mean how to describe but I like it sorry for this really go to oak Iraq that's a breakfast beer yeah this little orange but it complements each other. And it goes with delegates. Yeah. That's like the early morning tailgate you know you got to 11 AM gamer knew Ryan ageism it's a definite edge like appear remote so that's I was essentially you know champagne and orange juice and whatnot mixed in but champagne and grapefruit juice and it's really really good like. Of this ever got that combination of and I Cheney before but it it's really image has that kind of orange finish. Of the absolutely the idea behind the spear. Is this and activity prayer session fears by point one maybe being an in Germany they drink revelers which are usually beer with. Shoot which some sweet soda Andy's sister's. And they rather mean cyclists in Germany and it's about being an act of water out their kicking soccer balls or whatever and a lot of. That's. Allen's corner while on the front of the hand there seems to be is a German gentlemen. Writing the unicycle but instead of the wheel is a grapefruit that's. Well I think also too I've always told people leave these deeply pool darts so I don't like to participate in activities are exercised Africa. Seemed I you taking that excuse away from me not that terribly darts or pool you can create activity to yourself now activity here it was as an excuse into so many activities I will say that you look for that that will be at the soft. At. So softball beard for jerk and mean it seems like that something should probably catch on as far as softball beer. If you're looking for even to drink during softball season is Cheney rather purple boats kick ball. It's it's it's good and so that Paisley will only hear you get a case and you can finish that's across the day and you feel good and relaxed chilled by directing debut most popular boy in the float trip that's exactly right good idea it's easy drinking in nice boost taste and being here completely and totally. Autry was the last time you take alternate them was to throw out like you complicate offer critical mule. Milk butter is like you kick the Capel I don't but in words that's identity and about handing. The key detail although people it is prepared. It's. It's pretty commissioner you're getting here to them. I guess that's Britney rather carriers. It's. Okay well I don't know where IDC my socks and tight shorts. As years go right there. A real ball more to get to it's called the I love the name is tropic blunder. And I PA. What we want to make here was an accessible pin. This is about 35 I'd be use it has such a music cops as well is. Oh shoot. Passion for much of fruit and so we want to make and I PA that no instance myself that I theater group by Ankara that a casual Pritchard would find approach Apple's well. I don't know that we take for eyes it's a fruit is mentally chase now it is just like the team around president so I'm chuck so trust units it is likely did you guys are actually. Does a night at its heart and now again as it is it's definitely chase flavor that you could definitely tasted it now beer connoisseur magazine called this in particular some of the finest fruit Beers around. As far as I know were the only people that are dedicated corruption deeper bunker on their may be other out there. Numbers down so and on all them. This here the site DA is interesting because everybody thinks like that's what your craft Beers every as the IKEA there are people I don't like I PA's are people who lob by PDAs are people who drink my father who tried different ITA all time. But this kind of gives people who who may not like in 98 the opportunity to try something different with the U present something different. The just a typical I TH the you're gonna find one of those eight million or. That is the important thing that we are trying to do a super arena is to find sort of a niche market went temporary market it is your Marcus super saturated. In 1983 or what. 35 upper east other. 4505000. Numbers in the US. Or to stand out to do something very specific and our goal is to make folks will peers that are tripled during those activities or. Or on day like this. And Korean. Passing out and it's and it's not just the thought appealing to the guys too because I mean beer originally was appealing to the guys now you've got stuff that is a beer. But also very appealing to the female side of things in May not want something very heavy but liked the taste of a beard like the taste of fruit and combine it all together and go. Well I've done lots of like you're festivals and participants and I find that fully half of the really committed beer drinkers are women. You know not just women drinking you know other things analysts and brands they certainly can and early Peters. But drinking intricate Beers listing appears nothing has really gone past that gender bias that was initially in after culture. Our archer before I let you go your university Kansas grad used to work at the Wii's is downtown Lawrence I didn't what is your best Louise this story. I don't that it browser. I don't know ma ma you can tell you Giuliani has decided games and don't use curse words. Oh geez. Okay himself those questions yeah. I saw a guy. If you leaving the bar. You wind up select at the top the doors and then he hit top of this question indoors and overs days he couldn't get off arms now. Crying to fly straighter because the flight strip. Debris all over his face is it's just have you ever seen if I struck it and it wasn't especially clean. Blown dead flies in there inning and saw that Gordon best fit as the yen as a rock on man maybe don't we probably door I don't know what's at W been there in gay day at. Iowa. My husband appears with the boys through some TW pitchers thank you so much for taken time coming AMIS all right that you fellows appreciate the time. Are coming it's. For you. Is really unbelievable. Job. Basically this him. Former Major League Baseball outfielder Jonny Gomes joins the show next. Thursday is still in the morning I'm Mike welcome Bob passcodes just laying there producer Steven Specter. Today this dates October 12 is the two year anniversary of the royals. In game four the AL DS into 4050 or the ball pops up Correia is a glove and of one of the greatest comebacks in post season history. And after one of the greatest comebacks postseason history and the World Series victory we got one of the best speeches. Improve raid history from one Johnny Jones that's right he joins us now here on 610 Sports Radio Johnnie you my friend you go. Yet man out there are you look at. Get it like being down forgiveness beach and operated out of bought off my glove yeah. It's. All right. So now back here and yeah people. Are you coming back with a cheese when the super ball into and out of their parade do. Hey man I. I have lag will travel. Right so what do you what do right now because he's wildfires that northern California out of control I saw you gotta go fund we started. To help people like you try to raise a million bucks so how can people help you. Yeah man I'm not even trying to meet political and I'm not trying to put you know rate doable or anything and I know inside the value of the C caller bill. That they like it did then flew it captured. I mean you read their hurricane in Houston and their border near Puerto Rico and yet they yet. Not that we need a lot of man but people kind of sick and tired it's doubtful on that. I mean not like the biggest slot are either seen bigot you know just covered you know multiple killed 10000000. Acres burn. Last week or what it eat it how it's in multiple counts. I mean we got like you need her like magic neighborhood like 3000 house's street down 3000. Jet paper. I mean it looks like that you went off you know armed we're talking balls firms schools Byrd high school for elementary schools berg. She's made it it's unbelievable well all out there yet. Go on the pages 70. And read at least seven a certain area code that they're the wired country AKA God's country. School our boots on the ground in these larger it's just handed out as hard earned money cheaper help me out. What are you up to right now at what's going on and Jonny Gomes is world. Jonny Gomes get a little Connie Payton berg Austrian that was cool to sit up the boot on the people Dicey. I can't call it retirement you know I mean Mike Cooley here on out that's a fact. Advocates right now and I have a great aren't sure cold beer watching the games you know trying to watch and all. That tortured bodies in the why you know are faulty see all the way down. You at all watching all these games being locked in the the date time and place absolutely where you know argue back in the year arena and help an organization out one way or another I'd love to do that sort of award view. We'll all understand or dock argued call they return. Our answer this question truthfully two years ago today eighth inning everybody talks about Mike Woodstock is given a speech in the dugout what was being said what did he say two years ago today to make the guys turner ran. Yet you know electric it to be true I mean morning at at six that you and the opposite eight. The whole lie all wrong even true she's in its second act put on world unique. Are you won't work will it wasn't talked about much pork. One of the best compact games on the part of a thousand other dug out of the wild card game that you got fourteen. The way they battle that probably be in the races the way they didn't quit the blue black. You know the defense everything about wild card game and and I thought since they checked off really impossible. Think it happened and beat big gains that those guys law pat on the today. Blows but no quit mentality and I knew that going in and literally needed 47 outs to. You and you know at the end of the day being fired in New York vacant police said in the world did not like uttering. No doubt about it but I would Jonny Gomes here on sixteen and Sports Radio former royal and and and you mentioned you know the game five we get the ring and the other the Hosmer breaks for home still stands out in everybody's mind is is that. I mean is that the best place you've ever seen in person have been a part was that play was Hosmer go home like that. And unfortunately. Couple of or seen in a lot of weird stuff happened. On the Tibet but that is. There have been BOY more than just a Beagle that he and how true that I mean that would peaceful fight chi who. That was preparing for that situation that happened that was patent. Whining and in sticking to it. I just ball on the ground. I mean outlook like reports. Meeting. In court in being put into play in between the lines. You know. David Wright third you know and yet all along and you know as arm angle their anatomy. 100% and reports you know I mean we got to do get a ground ball checked the water through the first. How to plan that you know he'd incher Waterbury and so gamble. And they liked it it was what they also could do double ample. You know and we've got to first base and probably at first base and maybe culture that can make up for so. Very athletic hide it well Q there are. Talk we Jonny Gomes here on six cents or radio it's great you bring that up because it wasn't luck. It wasn't like they decided you all this stuff in the just got lucky in the sense that you know like in the third conference scoring on the run. It's not like he just got lucky in that situation how much did Ned Yost and the coaches work with everybody on team ready for those situations. I mean global once you get that kind of in the dirty what you get in the actually will. AT&T overwhelming. Upper you know young launch and it can be overwhelming for teams that haven't been there. And attack like 2014. So important in the tracking teams to go through that right now for. You know how that burned a couple of years ago looks like they're ready and won't. Lot of yet McCormick of the actual information overload because. Everybody partner for. All your scouts all your miners apps like June 17 binders in preparation. And he handed player and an artist or you're doing all of. Bought that ball would those situations where you've got about extra ninety feet from the talking about the action IDC to get it wrong. Situation like that more talk about being home or in the post season. There's so much more besides just tapper good swing put your swing on the ball. All the preparation was impeccable through that whole ballclub. We're there on the basis I'm in no way you know came in a couple times or virtually all the stuff. All it was cool to be part market that somewhat well he just lecturing and tied the spotlight Suu Kyi. When I'm sitting on the couch being my version of Jonny Gomes and watching post season baseball it looks vastly different from. From regular season baseball how different is it when you get to. Those those post season games. Yet only tell you back in 2008. Mark first go around with it looked at Tampa Bay yeah DoubleTree back in the day that teen. You know extra effort and could you can't win the rain we don't win the race for that game and all it worlds you're fortunate health payroll in the east. I remember coming down the stretch that big deal that need to treat her actually because we're so young. We're kind of the opposite about what she instead of their pay it you know first there were dominant guy the guy. I remember the first pitch of the playoffs the first pitch. I was like oh no my. Putin. Like it that whole. Army and so if for game you play a 160 cheap gains and six months that's just history appetite. It's it's a whole different game the tiniest doubt it's exposed. To a lot lower first worn out to vote count 4000 people won't bat. And then it's at all. Talk what Jonny Gomes here on 610 Sports Radio so you got GM in your future is that your thank him. Now there's that's a tough job. All of that is extremely tough job I tell you what. Kansas City fans should be able to sleep at night and I get creative with that mandate more. He's probably watered that. Are never bare ground of being loyal. And being Smart it's tough to beat oil in this game a little harder courtroom like in jail and go bird you art. What a deal not only he's loyal he's able to make it flashes you know on the war all the you'll want to change shield trading. Greinke trade that you know he took a gamble and no doubt leasing and taken a risk and keep in all I this year Kerry look. Yet got trapped where lecture you should be happy about softly. No doubt about it I've before we let you go you do love hearing he had to city to make fans get fired up how can they help you would now return the favor got to pay a slower which goes on me page. Yeah man I mean. Back home several seven point card god country chase mark. My whole area at all fire you know more about that which you parliament that is torque on the ground like critical torched. Well ball torch you know all these people how fortunate from the building by. We're article on eight and seven posts have been released seven and released. So I'm doing about it and get as much money chance it boots on the ground and about to these people. Say what you are a lot like clip on YouTube. Impeccable beat and I walked outlawed a dollar and you know she's. Cool and dollar though. I'm gonna go ahead and abuse the money at it look at it year would be acceptable. All right I'm glad you you keep doing good we'll talk to you again soon all right enjoy this enjoy this time that you ask out of semi retired let's get some money raised take care those folks are right. Or. But the buck there and as you go there Jonny Gomes four Major League Baseball outfielder and of course the hero. Of the Kansas City Royals. World Series parade let Pelosi certainly down as they constantly tuned on heat and do my job the field they did in all on the field. Wake and bake with the day shift in two minutes.