10/12 8a - Reid Coaching Tree, Fescoe Tweet, Terez Paylor

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, October 12th

TNF features a couple former Andy Reid assisstants, Fescoe sends out a questionable tweet plus we talk with our Chiefs Insider Terez Paylor 


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Yeah. And you greedy. He isn't graying. Yeah. Back in the days. Powers in he's just generous and CNBC. And you read. His resume until I see you now. Their greed knows whatnot and saddened. The need is out on download. Brake coach Jerry yeah right. Well Harry Reid and balancing act. Yeah. Welcome and it's still in the morning I'm like Welch and Bob passcodes just laying there and producers Steven Specter. Andy Reid in his dominance throughout footballers incredible gets through here in just a second but person picture. The kicker dot com my dad nice job there he's joined the day shift today with wake and bake at 1145. Here on sixth and Sports Radio so if you wanna go. Anything about the brand new kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs that has been nails but kicker dot com. Nice job. Let 45 right here on 610 Sports Radio. Got any read it has eight coaches in the league right now that served under him and the reason why is being talked about. Today is if there's football what the best there's a football match ups are going to see all season long between the Philadelphia Eagles in the Carolina Panthers both form one teams both teams that look like they could very easily win their division make nice runs in the playoffs. Both teams are coached by head coaches who were once disciples of one. Andy Reid and. Binding or eight in two on the year and that doesn't include Sean McDermott up in buffalo right now who's at 32 on the year Todd Bowles with the jets who was may be re disciples adding three and two on the year. So he's got some good dudes out their right now that are winning a lot of football games and you think about that you think about Brad Childress in the success that he had in Minnesota. I you know and now he's here in Kansas City coordinating at helping coordinate their offense and in doing special projects and whatnot for Andy Reid. Readers really turned out a lot of great assistant coaches and the fact that he's been able to maintain his success. After losing all those great assisting coaches John Harbaugh with the with the Baltimore Ravens was an eighty Regis aborted a three and two or foreign one right now I think they're three entering into right now some. Just about every one of his assistance that is a cart head coach in the NFL right now is above 500 and doing good things and Andy Reid. You know you're only as good as your assistants are and don't lose that many great assistants over the years and still maintain these successful marketing Andy Reid maintain shows really how good Andy Reid truly is and I think that's the underlying topic here's at Indy readers turned out great assistant they've gone on to do really nice things as head coaches and he still maintained a high level of success here in Kansas City. And is that really really nice things are replacing assisting coaches it shows you how valuable he really is as a head football coach. Andy's got the GA man he's figured it out any record against his previous coaches as assistants is phenomenal tonight yes like something to nothing so Heidi when a Super Bowl three year you play when he your assistance make sure that your assistants are coaching every team in the NFL he's 18 there I am. So big that and that's the idea if that's the goal made -- get every single one of your assistant coach as a head coaching jobs you know you can beat them. Yet these UN and and a and a and a side note Phillies still obsessed an injury they really are yeah oh yeah absolutely on our it is not you talk to anybody in Philly media they always talk about a year reason Hillary and that's what he. About his security tree comes out of film comes out of Iliescu did a Google search last that I do once or twice a week on Andy Reid Alex missed his to see what people are saying. And this one stood out to be because it was all about the coaching tree and while that that's really really exciting because. I don't think we realized in the moment how valuable this guy is and how valuable he's been not only to his size but how valuable Andy Reid is that the overall success right now how the national. All means Indy Reid has his fingerprints on some of the best teams right now in the NFL and as the article stated this as Indy Reid's lead at the moment right now and it is right now of the NFL. Is Andy reads the league because some of the best teams are disciples of eighty read in some of the best coaches right now. Come from that Andy Reid coaching tree it's amazing how good he is coaching tree is compared to how. Bill Belichick's coaching tree is as well and that's what makes in the re different from Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick does everything great said coaches ever lived but if you wanna go on NBA head coach in the National Football League you're probably coming to work for Andy Reid. Because he teaches you things and then let you go would you go on to have success. I imagine Belichick doesn't give away all his secrets to his assistant coaches. But eighty Reid doesn't seemingly had a problem with bat and those guys go on that success you coach under Bill Belichick you're an abject failure when you leave the Bill Belichick coaching tree. With the exception of the guy bill O'Brien down in Houston he's an average head coach right now but he's been the best NFL head coach of Bill Belichick. Has ever turned out of this is an Andy Reid league that we're looking at right now in the NFL where you can. Actually duplicate what eighty reed teaches you because Andy Reid is in fact a great teacher he has a lot about Belichick because he's obviously the gold standard in coach in the NFL is five Super Bowl rings. But we look how Belichick coaches compared how any Rico is the philosophy is a 100% different. Belichick is a very this is the way things are going my way or the highway and I don't wanna see your personality. I don't care about your personality we are here to win championships and a half Andy Reid is a manager personalities he allows guys be yourself he's closer to say. Pete Carroll. The Bill Archer and what he also does that he teaches players he teachers coaches he's a very strong teacher that's his strength. Well if you're an assistant under any read you walk away learning a lot that's why don't worry about say a Britain each taking over as general manager for the cheese because. Have zero worry that Britain beaches alerted tonne from Andy Reid it even though he might be seen is this Andy Reid Bobo are you wanna column. Erica yes man for Andy. Shine box dude guys gravity shine box but he's also learned a lot from Andy Reid over the years since he became an intern back in Philadelphia where himself. The amount that you see these guys learn and they go off and have great careers elsewhere. Big Chris Ballard another guy coming from the chiefs and going somewhere else now a general manager and Indianapolis. And John Dorsey collected a check of living the American dream and say there's a lot. Are you guys were making money because of any greed and that's why makes the most sense to one. Higher general manager then he read trusts and they did it right each and to set up. Somebody on. You know people laughed me a couple of years ago I sent Nagy may be the got a two replacing Andy Reid ever really Wyoming went to watch him and how how he's emerged and he's Gil coordinating this offense. And this offense looks completely different and this is the first year that Matt Nagy is officially the offensive coordinator by himself and doing crazy and neat things that. To have success on offense but. What are the biggest things you need to do as an assistant coach and they always say this is coach or coaches to coach the players the proper way and so with the players performing like this. Indy Reid's not only done a good job this players but he's done an amazing job with his coaches to get everybody on the same page right now and he prepares players he prepares coaches I mean this guy right now is. Kind of the gold standard when it comes to around the NFL where you want to be if you wanna be a head coach in the National Football League I mean any guess the guy. Anyway his his. Coaching tree works yeah it does politics does does as amazing as Bill Belichick is his disciples have gone on to be ethnic. Failure aspect as head coach Charlie Weis the guy on O'Connell yeah you'd Josh McCain it is a snippet of O'Brien has somewhat Donna. Average guys and 88 football and he's he's done OK anyway it's a Penn State for a couple of years we took a different road than a lot of those other assistance where he went to the college ranks for a couple years and image on the NFL rob them Nick Saban I would check the cycle so he's kind of the he's kind of the outlook there's a lot of wears his NFL success not a result of coaches who have had success in the NFL. If you're coaching in the league. These stand to reason that your goal is to become a head coach in the NFL right and you can also another guy that I think doesn't get talked about enough from the Czech coaching tree. Eric Mangini was a total dumpster dumpster fire area there are just some really bad ones but any Greek coaching tree if you're if you wanna be a head coach. You probably would rather coach with Andy Reid. Damn Bill Belichick is Belichick just comes off like the kind of got its gonna tell you what to do. Instead of teaching kids how to how to do it yep that's exact. It reminds me an idea my freshman algebra teacher miss Clark who was very hot. And she always used to say market spoon feed you the information and try to teach you had to like recent apparent when I was a freshman in high school because I wanted her to spoon feed me the information you know against shot at a do you know on alert that kind of stuff. Don't argue don't expand your brain you don't expand the mine would be just tells you how to do things go well. And when when Andy Reid has coaches he doesn't spoon feed that he allows them to grow absorb all the stuff Belichick and issued papers that this is what you're doing today. In -- you ask why he makes a run laps you know it was like one of those deals so you don't ask why you don't squad has lots of stories to tell you can't ask why would any read you can ask why you can ask questions you can learn that turned actually better Khost bowl we Amy green and then once you decide to go one of the head coach elsewhere they've really done a good job developing Matt Nate they really had that great reading him a long year by year giving him a safety net taking the safety net wave eighty still on plays right. They've been bringing that A along very slowly but. We currently it's working out intercede often it's it's been wonderful I don't see Spagnuolo defense of courted for the giants with a when Super Bowls disarming he's got that that's bags was a good head football coach who wouldn't but nobody's with a ransom that's kind of there are not so that's an unfair deal liberals say it is the Saint Louis edits the Ramstein you know so but anyway Andy Reid man just whistle around this league in just about every team has somebody that's connected to Andy Reid and look at the teams tonight all four and one both. He'd be read disciples. We get back to the chase at 830 with cheese insider tourette's paler but it's post season baseball time. And that's O is completely lost his mind men and they hear why next. These kids better through rest. It's all good news for the team is headed into the Steelers game this Sunday because there is a lot to cover including Travis tells you won't find out who's gonna play. It's been a very little information that we've been able to find so far so gets inside and she says senator has paler about 830. But this post season baseball time and that means that uneasy a lot of phone calls that's that's one part. Look on it hit me in the right field. That all the time. We had CNN. Not out like that in the deciding game five TDs hit two home runs and a wrong. Eagle Gloria makes Yankee fans you flood areas it's a two run home run and here in the third inning the Yankees picked up three nothing lead. So. It's playoff baseball Don everybody's excited let's say some people may be a little too excited as Bob passcode tweets yesterday. If the cubs go on to lose this series. Is tied 22 yesterday right Stephen Strasburg in the Washington Nationals if the cubs don't want to lose this series and Wade Davis walks meaning he leaves after this season and they lost. Yeah exactly the news. Remember exactly right because it's doubled down here domestic and the weak candidate why is it's hard but it's not domestic. It is what's the goal for the Chicago Cubs going into the cease to win the World Series right that's their goal to get back to win win the World Series. If you lose in the divisional round and the closer that you treated for gave up a Grand Slam to put the game away in a game that you could want at home and finished off the series. And eating get back to the NLCS. You trade you yet we got a nice regular season and a way Davis that's what you got him at a meeting witness trade well what would you do it at that overeating or hassle to do literally anything well and authorities are and how exactly we got three more years of port easily if Wade Davis walks doesn't go back to the cubs it was a one year rental and he didn't accomplish our ultimate goal you did that's true that don't think it means it in when the trade Roy yet does because you traded for him and he got nothing he got nothing to show forties at the early exit in the post season and enigmatic gave up a great slam and don't forget that it Geigy that they haven't really rocks when you're right all season long did not Davis and a solid trade for them they took a shot attic even if it doesn't matter to them I don't follow lost cradled there comes out and becomes and house through the week you're relying on for the next three ladies and it's funny somebody in here to do that men who Wade Davis are hardly so obvious cubs they didn't need a trade off. Outfielders because they have so many how they've got so sure what inured to the person it's a don't worry about when you trade away and to get one of those go for a moment that the cubs did they did and if you don't go but if you go sport you don't get their boy that's a thought coastal you know am I supposed to worry guys we'll begin with the San Diego for these. Reach laps that we got back on doctor Tamara that we don't work out currently. Hey we know you went or we got more you those guys that would where we Milwaukee with Wade Davis if you don't the world Sears get back to the World Series and lose to really lost the trailer can spray. Well Trevor Cahill we have the let me get a little bit and I think yeah. I adults who apparently didn't come prepared deleted for the cubs who cares what exactly get back to the World Series in and if you don't Wade Davis given the Grand Slam a guy who was untouchable to post season appearances two years in the post season nearing cancer because of a Grand Slam. That's cubs are gonna remember about Davies that's disregarding. All of Britain not had not possible to fire glasses on it's the good that they did excite you like calling a piece OG we'll eight gave the class and it. Fat lazy ass up that was not always Davis that was there a way Davies alas that's the worst. When it. That's that's the worst thing in. I have heard. It. Since since it starts as I this is a joy the show he Obama addressed on a daily science Lyon. Did. This commented we are starting recall probably the least you can look at his. The entire series it and you can argue the cubs don't our position they are right now if they don't have waiting for the because there's galaxies and the cubs struggled as everybody was wondering if they can somehow get back to 500 I did struggle early and we Davis was a bright spot for them he's 2829 saves babble when a medical users on the post season you've got to be got to perform they got Wade Davis. For these moments. And the moment in which they needed the most. He gave up a Grand Slam. Grand Slam. But it was a situation where you expected Wade Davis to go in and just take over because I get a lot into that situation I did you don't bring her closer in the eight inning because you're in a tight spot must you think. All right we're desperate that's desperation move across Wade Davis for Joseph mad making a desperate I I I I my expectations for waited seeking everybody thought I was dead I mean I just X I gotta get I don't drink out of their Q that's your answered my your highest leverage Larry you put your best guy and I toward the do you ask your best guy I'm not into a crappy situation in given up a Grand Slam players got to play well I I think he should come during the situation and I've got all of the right move to -- does that put the right move. Good work if if he didn't go away Davis there are people be crushing him for not going to Wade Davis what does that awesome trade no tie. They say I lost the trade deficit if the cubs going to lose this series AM Davis talks lost. I know they didn't you let her know because. Asked voters there another way you don't postseason success and and he's done. And you gave up a fine young outfielder. Now you don't open supply and outfielder yet they could have hoodwinked the royals could have we have not seen anything from Jorge Solis could now over the next three years we got it relies on their becomes a slugger and what he could potentially be the royals won the trade yeah that we I just don't think in any world you can make the assessment right now that the cubs lost the weight I think it is because you got Wii games to make sure you want in the post season that's the sole written consent why you go out gateway Davis that's the only reason people get close like that to win in the post season if you don't win at the post season. You didn't take full advantage of that trade I'm not gonna get over the wade Davies then. Longs. We'll recall what was it for. Twelve women which went thirteen starters started usually aren't bad eighties and was waiting period all from wade Davies now. Everything that man has done the man gave up a Grand Slam for the cubs it's all Scion. Audited chiefs. I had hurts Travis skills he's concussion that was not supposed to be upon values is a total coincidence. Which is Delta's concussion is the biggest worry for the chiefs at the moment is they go on to face the Steelers this Sunday but we'll play. As we're joined by chiefs insider threats Palin to kick off our commercial free half hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. Next. Welcome and its commercial. Here on six and Sports Radio. Mercedes-Benz. Of Kansas City Mike welcome Bob best coach Josh play their producers Steven Specter. Get this thing off talking chiefs we've progressed paler Kansas City Star cheese insider gonna get him here in just a moment. I think the cover with them as the chief take on the Steelers this Sunday. They have. Travis Kelsey. Justin Houston and there's a lot of injuries to discuss. And at five and know be the number one team in the league you wonder after this win. That she's a bit of if they beat the Steelers they will be at six and now. They will be the Steelers still beat the patriots in the patriots in Foxborough. Add in the fact they beat the Eagles who were considered right now to be one of if not the best team in the NFC. I mean you start to kinda have that conversation who were they gonna lose. Yeah I had a conversation with our sister station WWL New Orleans and I guess it was Tuesday night and you know they're talking about the cheese right now they're Sanyo who'd who's the biggest test us and I've probably think it's to Denver Broncos right now Michael who do you iced Ingraham Riordan really don't know it's tough to pick it tests for the. That's a way to playing and obviously which are as you know adding that's the conversation they stressed he told me he said that. He'd as the rest of the league when they look at the Kansas City tees because they know they're all on life support. Because the chiefs are the best by far right now in the National Football League and there's. Nobody can you put it mechanical and that's the thing you expect him to not go sixteen and over uses such an insanely huge accomplishment so hard to actually do. But it does come to that moment where you look at it go. Okay wolf they beat all these teams. In US's schedule. May be division opponents maybe this could be dander raiders of the Broncos like the Broncos would be the one team that you circle after the Steelers game if the chiefs were to win and of course. You circle the Broncos is that our that's gonna be tough you don't over gonna win those games as can be Assam Bihar. But you start to pick through all these teams ego I I don't know who's going to stop them I bought is that she stay relatively healthy. And that's where the Travis Kelsey conversation comes into play right. We're looking at Kelsey this week we don't know if he's gonna play right it's a very touching though than wanna make sure they're safe with him but you know Travis wants to wants to go. Which makes it for doctors sometimes even harder because a lot of the discussion and people wonder. How can you for the I don't know what you put doctors on this insane Paterson guessed they'd all put. You can also afford them the you can always act like you're not hurt you could always a pretend that you're healthy their information from you yeah. In order to help diagnosed Y times especially at this this with a head injury because what's the first thing that a doctor askew anytime eagle at what's wrong what works what doesn't feel to be happy aches and pains you saying now that and you move on. Threats Taylor. Not their once again it nicely done today Stephen. Very good whereas we are bat a thousand ass so we'll we'll talk him a little animals Avery is that documents in the Kelsey injury and I know that I wanna say it out loud. But I'm thinking offensively right now this offense kind of relies on what Kareem and brings to the table and and I think if you're gonna look like most valuable offensive weapon injury or most important offensive weapons or the guy that's. You know so vital to this offense right now I really think it is Kareem because that running game gave us something that we didn't have last year and if we don't have that running game right now. Alex Smith is an able to throw the ball effectively down the field that running game sets up everything that this offense is doing and everything that this offense is able to do. Because you have to count on that running game and and you have to know. The koreans' hunt is a guy that you have to watch on every single plane and you start to gear up for remembering eight in the box it's gonna leave stuff open over the middle. The success of this running game is what's really got to propelled his Kansas City Chiefs team continually forward to get to that magical sixty you know. Who will be on the other side of that because I think you need both. I think in order her based on the Margaret I think you need both Travis Kelsey and Kareem hunt hating you BCC. First half last week. He had nine yard receiver to me he was the focal point of the offense and in the second half Corey Hart became the flow of the offense I think you need both if you wanna meet in San Diego though without Travis Kelsey. I haven't beaten anybody yet without Koreans San Diego sucks. But to answer as to whether she sits out of the Kansas City starter is are you there. All right Leo we'll Travis Kelsey play this week. That you look at the history of the work called us for Colin plays and that's. The opinion. I gave a pretty important games at Oakland when they evaporate. What he doesn't plan. I guess that it sound good yeah the target of its history I would imagine includes. What about just in Houston and Albert Wilson where we right now with those two guys injury wise. Well I'll let walk along the block and chill could install using every day long so all of that plays in Fort Worth. School yesterday so it will play. There are wild block won't consider them a lot for sure before he got up and let it. What. They're not in the locker room. Yeah no doubt about it so but so let's double Wilson doesn't play and we saw the gruesome Achilles or Chris Connelly have. Where are we at wide receiver right now with this team from a depth perspective. There are about what was the spot. Ya a low voltage problem the problem again well struck me the kind of guy that she'll look more like a more. I think he didn't but you get to double the number two option. Partly due. That the data plan but they're gonna change from each other you've got the work. Ultimately it was the Republican hypocrisy more pardon. More guidance that kills you. The transport. Well that's a chance for your counsel to. Yeah it into the contract you're. Oh with a I mean. We haven't looked at. We'll get the blue lobster receivers so. Would get well and obviously we're in the. Andy Reid give a lot of credit due to Alex Smith yesterday for kind of bringing along this young wide receiver group do you buy do you buy that he's had a huge effect on. On their growth. Livable for. Opposite. Old Alex if you looked at went out and play or are we. He has lifted the clintons you. Some of the the drop it like that where people would wait for him. They've been waiting for Alex will make it as it was. And I think in all due. The toward it was. Talking with chief since out of the Kansas City Star Torres paler here on sixth and sports radio's extends forced act comment. Where apparently me cursing at phone lines makes the clear opening come through for the come through clearly again it. There is. You've had your conversation with markets Peters last week it was. Long form piece in the Kansas City Star about what Peters is protests in all things Marcus Peters that people have been asking it. What did you take away from your conversation with number twenty. Tropical shortened parade at all. In the stores in the conversational odd conversation. For a couple of genuine. Call. Mr. Kohn well except for the moment where. No doubt that passionate which was about opening QB. But that's insult more or the it would feel like you can move your. That. All that kind of look like yeah what sort of resented. A couple yet let little things people. Apparently gotten also. And that people might have something to you by the interest in what that woman old. Oh. I don't all one. People do you. Little blocks of Peters hit right now and don't want more controversial arms of his to order. And to more oil more controversial times and NFL history to right now Torres and and and Marcus Peter's got a B and one of the focal points of that the NFL is gonna meet next week about what to do for the anthem. What do you think the reaction will be inside the chiefs' locker room if the NFL says everybody now has to stand for the National Anthem. Hold a little bottle of the older you get on 2% compliance. On without her. A Google I don't know that possible Gaza wire well the elbow you know under personal complied across that you. Well look government be willing to lose them money. Because of that so you know we're gonna have the city. I don't think that this is you know it's not a good look. Is. You know magical players in the middle of season they have to do it. It's become so politicized now you know how thick that should be good look sort of beaten. I can tell you I don't think. Some players are gonna respond to that bird world. Well good looks for the league from a player's perspective or a good looks relief from the fan's perspective because I think the NFL isn't such between such a rock and a hard place right now tray is no matter what they do it's gonna be looked at as the wrong decision by someone. Yeah a little bit but you have to make it short right. It they they players get up and saying we're gonna alienate. Segment. Well probably people of color will call coordinate people of color. That's not gonna opted for that of that world of their bed. Players in the field sort of got away. People of color. Look at what the defense counsel from probably about oh etiquette if you don't do you have to say yeah a lot and who will continue their adult lives so yes they are awfully well. I'm not sure that that. The conversation. Is that god of this wish or listening to each other more. Add that that's the big problem because it it seems like either side like everybody wants to talk with nobody wants to listen and say oh that's a good point the you're making and try to find some common ground on this. I think we've gotten so far removed from the issue at hand that people don't wanna listen and and and here we each other say. Yeah that there are a lot of I know that. For a lot of people optic like protests and during camp on short circuit court of Beijing even clothe the concept of what it. Players of protest in the what they're trying to critical thinking anything. Think about that point write it would. The problem is that they beat you with that. Gold is engine anyway there it is there's. There's no good way we approach the right school it is. Of the you have to consult the offensive. And talk about the issue right so lots of people actually an outlaw. The what people written about it won't be open on you got a pop up right now if they. Talk about the and I don't it's not like. It was a quote doesn't have a well it. Again need to listen to. It's bad that we're a long way forward in the in the work place with a little more. I. Want. The world war if you're an open. But simple world there are 40 and that's. Also true as Alex was asked about yesterday Alex Smith in and he says that I just wanna give back to playing football what percentage of the league do you think takes on that same feeling that Alex Smith echoed yesterday. Now. The problem. Was com where the color. Well you know. Well. A player the color a lot. Art. You. Guys. Rich. Culture that's major rage you bring more color on McCain's awful are there are prayer. And the what about her brother and professor of Mulder who will raise in fiscal quarter of our. So. That happens uncle who others they. What there relative to other in the football player right. Yeah there's a lot of players on the curriculums for them to. People that it was and so it again you know the matter I am on the Frankfurt flight. Product that the board of right like you're a great thing while people who sold their. And compact. That got a great thing if they. Reject it. There's great great. For real. I realized. The award is on the downgrade. Without. Person's outward. All in the. Sad thing is our program and on a zen like that's the sad part is that there are people that are rated not necessarily buy new money at them but. Other people that people who are anti military there are people who wore anti America all throughout the country has been that way for a long time and. If there are people that way. Probably make sure you understand there's a clear delineation. Between the players certainly during the apple in the old people. That don't really have anything to do with this bit. Now Torres asked this because I think that the response when it comes to protest and Izzo is. What do you want right like what are you protesting for what you want I think for a lot of people they're looking for some kind of silver bullet solution like. Do this and then protests and it. And you've talked to obviously more players and talked Marcus Peters and all that so pony or take on it because more than anything it feels like the players just want. The knowledge meant that people understand it yes there is a lot of things we have to do better in this country we do need to work on it. And it may be getting together in feeling the same way is that cathartic moment for them to feel like. Aren't there other people that feel the same way that I do. And we all do need to work on it and this protest is us just letting our feelings out is not necessarily we need you to do XY and see. Is we want the acknowledgment. Yeah that that more oil port for it I. Think there's sort. Global on this country. The struggle that Americans. Had a little bit and adequately understood. For it but four right. And then I think you can now. You know probably. A lot of players look at. Yeah election. Welcome our president and the things he says. Normal moment that flies by. There were a lot of well during the campaign though. One reason other players relief out there few weeks ago for the law as a stronger gain because. Life. Most of them will probably figured they saw the home of a comet that Clinton may become that you could see her election. Well put it into the concept. You don't like people don't understand. Hope hope that indeed it did personal Coke. Right so a good formula. And understand where so. Right. Is that big dipper look now at Google who solicited. And there are no easy way for the country ever had great. I'm opting in a lot of ways it would upload more than they will balk at that relies. The American. Interpreted these wonderful cook for people want to make it matter what that would achieve that. That would help the people of this I don't think people up a lot of people would balk in the manner. Back in the locker room that reflected it quote and in like October or. A lot of little with a wonderful code you can make it better like. What is it what is that if I'm right in June. Oh. Like it that is that what you believe he. Saying he's proud of America that are like maybe just try to like on the planet understand. And I that you do in the watch for it. You know to again as important before it so that might might be. But it also goes back to what we talked about Torres about the listening and hearing what people are saying and Marcus Peters can say what he said Eric Reid can say what he did out San Francisco. And you're still gonna have people believe that what they're doing is anti American and their against America because people are willing to listen and if you'd do you'd be in a million times over the same with me how we get people to listen and hear the message that these blogs said not just in this situation in all situations how you people that truly listen and hear and understand. We'd all be millionaires and that's the number one thing that's holding everything back people just are willing to listen and hear the message that is being conveyed. Of Maryland there at all the old people for who liked in the pool. Alone you know in the middle class now that we are. On it all happened that they now play all of a lot bigger than life. One college. Are at the Y coordinate. It's gotten to leap. Into horrible problem with your life what you who. Why would you you can rating currently have all brick and right or. Subtract prequel a bit short right back for world. Like I need it. At least that's what you'd better have a hole in particular family make it can't say who. Our pig in that way people. She basically human. You know. They became the acting talent you want to put the order of magnitude is that a little bit. Normally right well again it put me right like we're. Trick or middle class girl so people can. People with open up act that played a lot of people that oh yeah. I know I Torres thanks lustig is a must Thomas we appreciate it man. Mr. as allergies inside of the Kansas City Star got two different things there. I thought it was really busy I'll take you here on our commercial free half hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. As an interesting conversation and who with his conversation with Marcus Peters having a lot of people kind of walked away from McComb what. A lot of people after they read it. Is kind of they understood a little bit but not entirely. And the more I hear from players around the NFL the more it feels like they just want. To be heard inhabit acknowledged that yes we knew or growing up black in the United States and you go our way out of my family coming and we on the Orly are ancestor at my family came here in chains against their will. That's my ancestors like David there's a level of frustration because of that there's leveler thing because there has to be. I do my best to put myself in those shoes and I can't I do my best to and they can about a like you have a deepest and apps will be this I wouldn't hate America. But I do I get an and that's after out. I'd like these little acknowledgment out needs something from you just leave it there man. That's a lot to deal with when you think back through. You're in your history your ancestry in and you look at the United States of America who did bring your ancestors over here and chains against their will. There's going to be a level of anger that comes to that at least will be for me so that you knowledge in the understanding or trying to understand the best you can. Is really what these protests are more about that just aren't we want XYZ. I think another thing that stood out and nurturing as saying I firmly believe it I'm not I'm not mad when there's protesting. Before a game because of the crowd that says you should protest on your own time. This is their stage this is their opportunity to be hurt with so you're taking an opportunity if you just tell that you just protest on your own time. Presidentially right who's going to be paying attention to nobody a lot less people maybe get some. But a lot less how many times you shall to a protest out of the parking lot. You don't write and it's interrupting your football guess what you're paying attention right he'll like it or not. You're paying attention and there's an opportunity for there's opportunity for someone to listen whether or not I take advantage of it. That's that's on each person but there's at least an opportunity because they're putting it Freddie and in for the folks that are out there vendors sync it back to football star playing football play football play football are pulling for me they are playing football and I was gonna add to your your group quit their job she said the protest in before the game. Has has one of these protests affected the actual game. Well there's a conspiracy Oakland through game because approach to another is that budget that's. Big shots and easily prior guidance. I don't hold their debut followed via an Internet it's just bizarre yeah but it's not an album your answer you're my answers now is now football's been the price yet you've noticed a drop also play Marcus Peters is still playing college of little ball has changed a couple of tasting of the media coverage has changed right. More discussions have been held June which is in good shape which can be had at the very painful for a lot of you're looking needed or just the football. And a three hour window and other than maybe a couple of times in the might show the big at boomer sooner you're pretty much getting. You're getting you're getting hit on eight. And here here's the thing you can have both the united taking needed to and and in my thing is I turn on games now at 1201 when everything is done in the balls on that team they kick off at 1202 it's funny at the same thing I've I thought drives are free games at Arizona twelve and you have an opportunity yeah that is not necessarily you avoid protests because. What the hell any the other stuff I don't I don't and I Johnson yelling about something the unique situation where that we talk about sports for four hours a day. I kinda know the preview right I got a really need to see an easy plane fifa eighteen which is a phenomenal and by the way he's playing fifa we got to the kick off and then it comes that game comes on here and I found myself now with kids you do as much as you can with the kids before you sit down and watch the game whether it's real run at a soccer weathered -- running errands whatever the case may be you scramble that in 1201 comes boom you put the game and then they kick off I'd I don't meet the pregame stuff because that -- still I able to do other things around the house as well speaking of the game itself. Soared. Extortion. Outs it was a regular sound. Wouldn't Saturday. Well that does sound bit. Came back down to when de LBS the Indians and one that the AL BS the read it to. The question now being brought up from the Indians that they peek through are the day went on the massive one of the regular season and then fell apart in the post season. Heeded those nice baseball bats that they sell that celebrate their 22 game winning streak. Well at the same time it's hard not to think oh well that's the nice celebration for twenty game winning streak. They didn't make it past the AL BS right and it made us think about what bill moss said on Monday when he joined us here on Vasco in the morning about the chiefs having their current run of success. I wish it was the middle of December not October. When they're played with a with a plate right now is this the smallest circuit not all sort. You know that's for sure or we're he had been perceived to be this year. Bill loss on a Monday here on fest go in the morning on six then sports radio and I don't necessarily buy into the getting hot in football because it's such a week by week game and I feel you get better each week yet just well you just go through the ebbs and flows of the season is not necessarily. Over we're Ralph. Ten wins in a row like he to a baseball there's not as many games so usually the better team prevailed she also had situations where it's 53 players as opposed to. Now that the power may have a 45 and it in baseball so. To me it just works differently in this league if I don't look at is getting hot at the rock and the wrong time I looked at his beating really good teams because we're just flat out that. Well all like getting better every week as you said Bob I think that's a little bit that you're doing that. Bill Price via a little different he's he's chief stand out to you obviously you feel like whoa what what's worse the bottom and upon because getting better every week. Based on the performances they've had through four or five weeks which have been pretty doggone good yup I think there that's a legitimate where it is for me like. Howdy back. How do you build upon so that the pretty doggone good I would like to just take this team now go failure for a playoff ready right now let's go. And and but you have to analysis data for ten more weeks but don't think he's waiting each week we go how. That was pretty cool like last week we talked about all the offensive lineman pointing and they run trick play you know like they're doing something different each week. It still has that wow factor right there setting a high bar. They really are I mean phonetic and continue to build bombs continue to get higher each week I mean my goodness who knows this week and ended in February I mean it could be playing football like we've never seen before by a team in Kansas City or anywhere if they continue to build on what they've already gone through the first five weeks of the season getting past the Pittsburgh Steelers will be a massive hump the chiefs are oh in six against Ben Roethlisberger when he starts in finishes a game which is that here finds that. Oh and six against Ben Roethlisberger there is a game in 2009 restarted but got injured Charlie Batch took over the chief one. But if he stays healthy throughout the game Ben Roethlisberger feats that she's 100%. Of the time it. The chance to change that aired this week they really do that will keep the fall of momentum role in a positive direction and from a psychological standpoint. It has to help this team again just. It has to help this team from a psychological standpoint. To get over that hump get past Big Ben Roethlisberger and stop worrying about that. Giant elephant in the room which is and we beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's a lot than to get five. It beat pat equivalent to the Oakland Raiders and if they beat the chiefs that's kind of their Fave like Derek Parr as a tough time beating Kansas City. So if you get if he beats the chiefs then patty gets over that hump and that change the narrative and psychologically helpful for them since situation with the chiefs this field. But I could help but think last night and the Cleveland Indians peaked during that 22 game winning streak and now when you look back at a 102 win season for the Cleveland Indians in blowing a two nothing lead in the AL DS through a lost season it's a failed season for the Cleveland imposter and a twenty game win street they need to get them off evidence that they did. They like basketball that's getting him back peak in March and I I don't loss at Wisconsin. A perfect for you fans everywhere is going to say this is why you lose in the big twelve tournament. That's the big story or you're commercials. Half hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. The story came out last night regarding Jerry Jones that has been buried for the most part but it's actually pretty damn it they won't happen in two minutes.