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Thursday, October 12th

Headlines Worth Talking About, Stephen A Smith rants on Roethlisberger, fan pressure and peer pressure helps sometimes plus hear from Alex Smith 


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It's talking about stay attention disc related something yeah. Brought to my words early Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. It Joshua it's too easy go for its back. But he begun says I don't know what was the word trail there have been listening parties. Workers women in the immediate challenge today did it matter right now. Think to be a trail of tears of the cubs lose tonight of god yes oh god yes. I don't really know who we wanna win but in game four it was on nationals one ball one strike Davis cents. They're kicking the swing and a high fly ball right center. It kind of blew up. Have already. And you know that we'll go. And blowing. The whole. That probably weren't nice all radio network WWA yes I believe that's right as heavy this week we credit in the 6 o'clock hour remember that. Stephen Strasburg narrative while he ended up starting. Seven innings three hits two walks and twelve strikeouts. Has not allowed a run. In 65 of the last 66 innings he's pitched deep. He was he was money yesterday he was nails yesterday he was so good didn't even know it was an old name and he was wobbled bolted for Israel and the man now who. He was fantastic I'll tell you this if Wrigley doesn't have that basket on their outfield fence they catch that ball on the outfield. Just so you know that's an out if they don't have that basket out there well. Move it quick process Strasburg. What a circus that one's awesome read all of yesterday's. Bus got hoarse as in my blood lust upward says he's fine but it's a management decision now it turns out. Wayne and is insanity he's OK he's going to play there to say yesterday that he seems to have the sniffles out is that your blue jays right. Sick I stuff they got the sniffles is that it was bowl the data is at. Flu like symptoms. That's easy points easy term for a hangover when did your flu likes him the boot you do it's well known animal than the change of the seasons and the fact that the air conditioning is just. Too. Hotel room don't putt that it would flu like symptoms and even coming quotes the compared Stephen Strasburg did a great one my short we had the flu are still legitimate political. Others have flu like that respect Jordan story begets more children banners and here's the interview is almost dead that's right you pay at a revive him at a time. It was to receive DL he was I in Steve Kerr was helping out till. Here's the interesting take on this when I heard Ben now are seeing this this morning overnights here on sixteen and Sports Radio. He said this morning out of this is true Steve you may want to look this up the hotel apparently is to get us one of sued Dusty Baker. Oh well I'll I. I'm not sure I bet they're trying to see regularly ever said the neighbor though delta like yeah it's not that hard to find but apparently liked the hotel was legit pissed at Dusty Baker for these count president as they should be. You set we have mold right. Really. Yeah he's going to stay at like five star hotels today you elegantly hotels got there issues and we know we've seen that the stories on TV and whatnot. But when you're out there are blaming mold and temperatures and things like that for your guys are hotel sucks yeah that. Don't tell was not happy from what Ben Allen was saying this morning they may become an after Dusty Baker and a defamation lawsuit. I don't see anything on Google search but that that doesn't mean it's it's not true damp amidst its makes a lot of sense if I'm that hotel and I'm absolutely a plan. You just decided to blame mold in our hotel pretty much saying that we are staying made your guy sick and now he can't pitch it's vitally goes out there and pitch his amazing. Right now he's he's on all evil our last night such a bizarre story. Good glorious first looper in the first inning and the reverse call is cleaver is a blooper. Duty suing the online community right now apple pie that is. Com. Maybe pull over into the right field seats here as soon. Dating a glorious makes the Yankees may have you thought. They hit homers to right. John Sterling on the call on WS SRI KP. The Yankees wins five to two in game five over the Cleveland indians' CC sabathia nine strikeouts over four and A third innings of work. Horry clued her. Three innings 32 thirds innings gives me and three earned runs while striking out six but he takes the loss in the Yankees climb back from 820 deficit. They win game five in Cleveland. Predict who is five to two and it was actually won the series and all series at this is where it was a W lion case the station please get that right the next time you you credit the station WWA assassin he's not a thing even though it is snappy and get these things that correct if you are they out. I did very yeah. That was a that's a big one for the Yankees and the comeback and win after being down two games to none the Cleveland Indians are terrible terrible terrible in game clinching series and whatnot game clinching the series clinching games as when I wanna say. They were not good Corey clover was not good last night for them. So you win 22 straight in August and September when it really doesn't matter you're playing great baseball in the regular season and you get into the playoffs and basically this thing should have been done after four games at Joseph Girardi made the right call in game two coo of this they allowed the Cleveland Indians a stay around for another day. But man the Indians right now going home. And they want the central they want a 102 games. That season is a a lost failed season for the Cleveland Indians and you can't say anything else about it is a failed cesium season for the tribe. You don't you go from. 31 lead in the World Series the year before two cats running roughshod through the season in the second half of the season be in the hottest team in baseball going into the playoffs. And you fall they go out to a quick 20 start. And you fall apart lose three straight Cleveland just has zero ability to respond to adversity it like serious it's where they get up and then something goes wrong we see this happen with teams all the time but it. You can always tell which teams can't figure out. How to recover from adversity. Because we get to know why it's easy. Stay up to one our life still that it's tied 22 in the pressure re years and that's. Cleveland has shown time and time again yeah a surrogate handle that pressure. And in in the last six so I series clinching games this tribe are only six I think it goes back to old seven actually in the last seven series clinching type of games being down 31. They lost three straight. Being up 20 they lost three straight and they're down six straight games in the last year when it comes to series. Clinching. Games such amazing they had six opportunities to slow deaths opportunity series right and they lost them all. The big winner last night though yankees social media why on October 8 Jose Ramirez who's the star second baseman for the Indians. Responded to a tweet from a yankees fan of rankles seven on Twitter like I'm rentals is good and a guy you're about to take this that Al after being down two nothing in the series. Jose reveres quote treated as it were three noted Yankee Stadium this year cupcake. To Frankel seven while last night the Yankees Twitter account quote treated Jose Ramirez said we like cupcakes in Champaign. And on gifts to Graham. The Yankees said final yankees' five the team that blew a 20 series lead to all. I shot at all. That and warriors are now all agree on Hillary YouTube losers down 31 at idle yankees by the team of glued to a series lead to debate re post the picture of LeBron with the Yankee cap last night out and resistance. Pictures CC sabathia smile out yet at the the Indians also seven errors in the last two games a team that was really good defensively at that they were the best defensive team this year big league baseball. Seven errors in the last two games really makes you appreciate fourteen and fifteen with the royals how built we were to win the post season those two years it's crazy. How good those teams were in 2014 and 2015 and. Some K you knew this. If it's news team nappy news but it is a tweet from one Connor Mitchell's zero. Who's the editor in chief of the canyons in the news the daily Kansan the daily Kansan the Kansan dot com right now. My RI on that. I breaking. FBI says it has documents relating to use involvement with the ideas. But can't release them. Yeah interesting very interesting which means there's clearly more to the story because eventually these documents are going to be released our day to day. I mean they're investigating every school right ties and ideas right. At this point. It's a foregone conclusion there's too many coincidences we look at players who played AKU who then sign with a deed as for the issue deals once they went to the NBA. Lot of one and done this painter K you an idea school and then sign a big shoe deals with a deed is right after leaving. It there's too many coincidences in order for it to actually be a coincidence. I think it's only a matter time before that hammer comes down and decay you is sitting there going. How bad is because it's that is going to be pitino and Louisville that I'll edit that bad by. There's going to be something that comes down with K you because it's clearly the idea to schools that are going to fall if you have information though in your defense why can't you released Saturday because they have been. Finished the investigation quite a cat once they finished the investigation then they can start you know. Consoles are remembered as the FBI does and then we'll have the information at that point but. They have documents they have incriminating evidence that's not shocking I think anybody has been paying attention to college sports and what's happening with the dieters and especially college basketball. This is as much football but basketball because of age you train. These shoe companies he's apparel companies are able to get there hoax in the kids that are really young age and than it. Essentially. Put them into their college that has the same brand that they have that then. Signed into big contract was to go to the NB itself. It's gonna happen at some point if you're an idea is school something's coming down is just a matter of severity. Here's what the Cannes and said this is the report the newspaper article the FBI in response to a Freedom of Information Act. Told the Kansan Wednesday that it has documents related to case you and its sponsorship with the fetus but cannot release him doing do so due to an ongoing investigation. The presence of documents responsive to the Kansan request filed on September 27. Does not necessarily implicate the university of wrongdoing but it appears to contradict. What Kansas athletic officials said after the scandal broke. The kids and as for all the documents they received the documents that they were given. The Wednesday the FBI said the material quest by kids and is located in an investigative file. Which is exempt from disclosure right now so there's still more to this investigation. We pump the brakes a little bit on this but sometimes where there's smoke there's fire and it's going to be interesting to see. How this whole thing plays out not just with Kansas guys but with every deed a school that is still. Out there that is not Louisville right now or Oklahoma State or Arizona and some of these others secondary layer to the story when your trouble why not have Condoleezza Rice lead the charge that's right a new NCAA committee led by former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. Has been formed to quote me substantive changes to the way we operate in college basketball but be commissioner on college basketball. In responses hold. Deal with Louisville and indeed is an all that stuff iron behind president mark emirate is going to overhaul the policy in the legislation and all of that. When it comes to college. Now for their forming a committee right that's exact I realize hey I did see a story on this deal and it's like there's like nobody like. Barely made it strictly related with a future count right it's like all retired people that are obviously David Robinson's on this committee just out there David Robinson Charlie's alrighty emeritus AD at Florida is Imus is out for Shaquille O'Neal on the committee that way you can actually have somebody that you know for a fact. Took some stuff what lawyers aren't inclined to be involved with its stuff he's very busy these days. On it but but this stating that the podcast committee Condoleezza will join right well that's that you US this college sports Condoleezza Rice is now you're go to she was on the original football playoff committee and now she's on his NCAA basketball committee I can get on some of these committees man that's a golden parachutes for the security like. Insane amount on line once and stuff onto you get more than that they're going I just checked us. And is now. Our dear really have any I mean I did give any confidence whatsoever and I are gonna hire Condoleezza all of the National Anthem committee now having a of course of course but. You really think this committee's gonna help all its do you think it's actually interface or better this is is let's just to appease the Fed's yes it's PS we go Condoleezza Rice is here's a goal a solar Major League baseball's your form a committee to go DH or no DH Condoleezza rice's gonna head up that committee to data we lost all our credibility sort of steals our Connelly is this. That's that's what it's not be like Condoleezza Rice seriously. Is on every sports committee that the NCAA has and every committee now that going forward when sports needs to be fixed. We've got to go to Condoleezza Rice and get her take like how she became like the person because Syria all sports lost credibility and like well past a group we steal some credibility for who borrows some credibility from. Condoleezza Rice has connections in sports is he still has credibility that's dollar I mean it's crazy though I Condoleezza Rice is his role on every sports committee involving the NCAA. Our DZ that's coach these what if Specter expect to supposed to do something out of waves as high Italy's. Let's drop till now yeah I'm really cannot played a Condoleezza restaurant. If we're thinking those same things. That go put your hand in the dirt Condoleezza Rice all out. IPad and I hand I don't know what the hell you're telling us what Connelly like as you probably right about break but I haven't Charlie Weis won a U. Talking about rise what's today's date anyway that's before let's talk about rice. Yeah our our apartment that works all the machines they played Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers this Sunday. And Big Ben has become one of the biggest stories in the NFL this week. Here's a Cree easy hot takes about big bend next. That's doing the morning brought to you by. I might welcome Bob best coach just flavor producers Steven Specter. Ben Roethlisberger is a big story this week after he said that damage after the game where he threw five interceptions against the jags now maybe I'm done and haven't anymore. And then the next day wakes jobs as you know what yes I do you have a good. So it's become a big story about whether Ben Roethlisberger still has its. After throwing five interceptions for the first time in his career last week. Now that she's going into this game against big Bennett there oh and six against the Steelers win Alabama Asperger's started in finished. So. We you look at it's that along with the fact get a ticked off that brought this burger maybe there's reason to worry. But according to Stephen A Smith this first week who's never. David is this the first take he thinks that maybe we shouldn't worry as much. It appears that his love for the game had dissipated and what I'm saying is when you have a bad game like you did last week to sit front in the media say. Maybe I just don't have it anymore maybe it's his noble for me but I didn't go. Well. Now it you know you don't strike sky. Because I believe and they Barack is great but it's all of them either to talk to quote epic a lot of Pittsburg and tellem to its nice how popular bottom Goodell well. And I think he's great. But not pointed you can't real lead out of a football team just days room old. From proclaiming yourself as the lead up when you add the called Antonio Brown out for his histrionics against the Baltimore ray bit and then the next week you have a bag and you talk about never got to die have a double life did. Looking at real. Big. You have to offer up took talked about Tippett what does that was rhetoric like that come it took the bull. Steve Smith on first day of self with Roethlisberger for even thinking that maybe doesn't have. Happen anymore that's such an overreaction. Is immediate says it's dark menace. On what actually is going through Ben Roethlisberger spine after having his worst performance of his career. It's understandable that Ben Roethlisberger was frustrated maybe said some things and it might have been somewhat sarcastic it came off to me there was some real on this there where he really thought. I don't know I sucked today. Maybe I am pass it. I've been contemplating retirement may get on anymore maybe that's just how went. By the same time that. I think that's just the emotion of the moment. That's the emotion of coming out of the game where nothing works for you threw five interceptions in yet to try to reset and get your head back on straight. I know world's believe Ben Roethlisberger. Has somehow completely lost it now how dare you let that rhetoric they don't wanna hear that like are you kidding me Stephen. Well I think this. And is an athlete you do lose it overnight I think yeah I think there's a real gradual decline for some of these top level athletes I think you do lose it overnight and I think that Roberts at my comments would have been a big deal had he not last year contemplated retirement for the entire offseason outlook Atlanta doesn't like. Sources close to Ben Roethlisberger say they say senator retiree said on the radio I mean there is generational may not come back and ask that. Year yes there's a difference between Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger though because bid bit Brett Favre we always knew we was coming back nobody took what he said seriously you just want fuel laden actually fly them play in the Mississippi State I never once thought last year that Ben Roethlisberger was Dudley do not going to thought he was number once you start thinking about being done that's what you need to be done because your mind's not into your hearts not your brain isn't there anymore if you're thinking about checking out. You've already checked out that's the way it works at life when you think about what he switched jobs when you change jobs and you move from company to company B and you give your two weeks notice what are you doing for those next two weeks you are checked out like it's nobody's business. Or even when you start interviewing for that other job and you think you've got a real good opportunity to do it you pretty much check out that current job that you are in it happens all of us that human nature and so when you start thinking maybe I don't wanna do this anymore. May be a much good about this anymore maybe idol avid anymore. That's when you really should walk away because your mind is working ahead of your body in your mind is telling you a dude it's time to pump the brakes it's time to walk away from the so he say anything about that last year I would chalked it up to a bad game but there's too many signs of Ben Roethlisberger out there are being. You know wandering in and talking about the future what could have been what may be as opposed to just focusing on the game I think the dude got a lot on his mind and when he comes back and says I. What was his cut yesterday about a pack and woke up and guys that still wanted to mess around yeah it is rated quick. Monday morning you realize man. I'm still one of the best in the world that that that do what I do. Which sleazy in late and there are some thinking oh is actually something in that way that something went through his mind from Sunday to Monday right where it was running through his head right. Otherwise why you may wipe making that comment like you wait a welcome Monday and realize I'm still. I'm still pretty good and there's and these are contemplating stuff eighteen and a hassle of reasons a song come back after a site so I think it's fair I think it's fair every time you hit it makes the comment you say. Ha wonder what he's what mirrors really thinking about in this stage and is he is his confidence wavering and hopefully that the cheese to take advantage of may be as confidence when I hit. Early in this game it just used in the sacrament that first drive maybe thrown in early interception to Marcus Peterson also gives confidence wavering. And what your confidence goes away you've lost it as a football player you've lost as an athlete you've lost you've got to have that confidence in the chiefs can take that away early from Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday he's gonna have a miserable day at the office. I'm worried is how about Roethlisberger I don't know why can't she says 06. 60. Against Ben Roethlisberger when he starts in finish is a game where there is the game in 2009 were restarted the got injured Charlie Batch came and she's ended up winning the game. But fifteen deliberately don't do it 40 yeah it or back there but. Win Ben Roethlisberger starts if as is a game the chiefs are always six against a Steelers he's crypto and I just. It's not have to see him beat Ben Roethlisberger is far safer or second think that it can be done article and I pictured in Moneyline another hurdle overcome her Myanmar Syria times I've won the Super Bowl the chiefs and Matt I'm many not many guys that hadn't off. And all the time in there and really mean anything is all ahead but that that's a fake video game my mind Israel. God help us all our pressure is usually a bad thing. Except when it comes to sports we explain next. Russia yeah. Pressures usually a bad thing died for Stephen Strasburg yesterday in the Washington Nationals. Pressure was that they peer pressure was the best possible thing they could have happened to them. Because without all the uproar that happened yesterday morning we were part of it people saying they can't believe that the sniffles and a little mold. Allegedly. In a hotel in Chicago is going to keep Stevens prosper off the mound it. They decided throughout the day that they were going to put Stephen Strasburg on the mound he goes out. A pitch is phenomenally. I mean it is age twelve strikeouts and a start he shut him down he's given up one run on the glass 69 innings he's pitched Stephen Strasburg has been absolutely Phnom. He was dynamic yesterday he was he was better than anybody could ever advertise for the Washington Nationals yesterday and why Dusty Baker wanted to keep him out of that came with the sniffles I don't know and it's the answer will never was the manager making the decision or did the player go to the manager and say. I've got the sniffles and I can't play and then saw the backlash it's an old Allen going to play I'd like to say it was the manager. Who was making this decision because the agent Scott Boras came man does my main sticking into play if he's gonna play you know it's one of those type of deals so. I think this was ultimately Dusty Baker decision. That ultimately backfired on Dusty Baker because everybody went crazy it was Peyton Dusty Baker is a crazy man and Stephen Strasburg is a guy who wasn't willing to cut it up to play for his team. Well that was a Dusty Baker thing at some point Stephen Strasburg and his agent Scott Boras said went on and they'll and they'll play they'll likely go get this thing done and it works out Boras called us clients had to opium gag. You know what this does come contract time you sit out and Emma an elimination game because this net write your realism that bossier out millions of dollars right here are certainly it'll out pitch to understand you do any job that is it in. Majority of industries. You are essentially an entity when it comes to contract and we were we all work under contract you Bjorn entity. You or how valuable you make your store Strasburg sits out that game because he has the sniffles and little mole the navy and air conditioning was able to call this hotel. That's gonna be really rough for his valuable ideas a lot of says four to go out there's so we're thinking about peer pressure. Guys talking about peer pressure moments in Kansas city times words fell like. Other people in the peer pressure from everybody else from the outside actually impacted the game because that nearly happened with the Washington Nationals yes no doubt about it I. I think if if if we were a major social media or sports talk radio or anything like that where you could voice the fans' opinion on things. Stephen Strasburg may not pitch yesterday he may not pitch for whatever reason whether it was a Dusty Baker decision or his decision. But the peer pressure and the embarrassment the back cause them for the last 24 hours. Forced their hand to make him pitch himself when it comes to Kansas City sports you guys weigh in 69306. On the text line today. What are those fuel pressure moments where we is span's got things done. As sports fans here in Kansas City I think we came up with three of them that you could directly attribute. To peer pressured number one was Larry Johnson friend of the shell not giving the ability to break the rushing record here in Kansas City and not not pre rolls off the top guy early lot of your fans in pressure. And Germany did not want him at that time Roberts would be the all time leading rusher franchise history Brian I think it directly. Made that now hooked into the chiefs move two to get about it before like it happens right I think the next it's weird though because I just. Analyze an organization you think won't we don't want this guy because of his personnel I am right now that's something that he asked me kind of rightfully or try. It seems a little bit odd that it went down that way still to this day to me it's nice. I mean I know you like the I mean nobody really like the governor's plan hearing Kansas City but Larry Johnson was a very dynamic and beastly running back apple why did you want him to have what are your coveted records you did so you did what he is may try to bring the you'll either record all you don't wanna see Larry Johnson's that was the whole thing here in wanna ceiling fans and that's why Muslim region as a whole idea that somehow. Game plans are impacted by you know things other than just winning. They all golf course they are especially when your. Losing season like and I think at the end there when Larry Johnson was on the tees were doing anything spectacular on the field I think the next will work peer pressure at a big time expected a decision. Was firing of Scott Pioli I still to this day believe that Clark Clinton did not want a fire Scott Healy but the rest of his family did and after the fans revolted and flew banners and burn tickets and put up signs called shows and made songs and all that kind of stuff. I think I really do I think that your pressure of the fans only got to this team's organizational where they how to make wholesale sweeping changes and boy what we. We kept quiet its outlook continue on who cares it's no big deal that would trust the process type of thing. We never would have got Andy Reid we wouldn't be in the position that we are in right now with the best organization in the National Football League and I really believe they ended your pressure. Had a huge impact and was the only thing that had an impact in making sure Scott Pioli was no longer running disorganization hearing Kansas City fans spoke on that one and we got that soccer taking care and hula hula dance yeah that is for sure and they went to war at the same time I think. Two and fourteen kind of speaks herself eight if god is Andy Reid wanted Scott you'll it is day. I still think he's here but maybe maybe you don't act to make a coaching change Vizio was a bad you'll get a next year and there's a lot of money that was still owed that coaching staff Romeo Crennel got paid for two more years the only he's got a big check me. That did the chiefs to their credit or not credible to their credit have paid a lot of dead money out. They had in a lot of dead money to coaches and executives to pay another one right now in in John Dorsey so they're afraid to take dead money. But peer pressure got bad Dunn was Scott Pioli I think the third when Josh I think you're Mike came up with this one was almost aren't on today. Tickling you give them yeah I mean I think I think he got to the point where. Everybody needed change right deaths from Omar Infante and a I think I think that the fans put that put the pressure and a little bit the vote on Iraq Omar responds OK death who's nice the last but. Now he played their lot longer than. Everybody wanted to enact it finally got to when he gets finally cracked and it for a while there's like we're part we're replaying the best guy were paying him a ball line I think once they got away from that I think fans did it the pressure that move. Yeah there's while the tax on assists and 306 that I 100% agree with. Drafting Patrick Holmes yeah there was some pressure on that because a lot of us myself included bill that NFL draft like. If they don't take a quarterback. Robin didn't what what do we have to look forward to what is there to worry about B you don't have the quarterback of the few tree and Alex Smith coming off one of his worst statistical seasons of his career. Barry and a way through for hours and fifteen touchdowns he already has 115 games through I think. All even the most on jalla Smith for boosted defenders can at least understand why you look enemy indeed because you know Liu mark. Because you can at least understand it last year was that fifteen touchdown passes is an atrocious number so. For Alex Smith. Yeah he wanted to get a new quarterback in there. Now it is entirely changed Alex as planes salads made him just unleashed a stop worrying so much about being conservative or potentially losing his job. Because he knows job's going to be gone soon anyway so. I mean it it benefited the chiefs so Majorly. Not necessarily in the way that people I don't know anybody thought it was going to be this way but it definitely was a major benefit in there is a hot a peer pressure coming down to draft a quarterback in the first round and mr. and. It points out and peer pressures also elevating Alex Smith yeah turn right it really isn't about what we do you think about it it nobody even Andy can sit their tail I don't notice anything different about Alex he's a completely different quarterback that he was six weeks ago seven weeks ago in our minds and he's a definite different quarterback the left that's fueled in January after that loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers so yeah that that peer pressure move by the state and saying get a quarterback give a quarterback get a quarterback. Worked but maybe not the way that we thought it was going to war we had to pump the brakes a Mecca for a couple of years now. Now we don't there's going to be for a couple years though it could be just for this year could mean there's a lot of money isn't involved a lot of moving parts. If Alex Smith takes the mob away then it's totally different conversation at the five games through. I mean is the thing it stinks. Is that everybody wants to go what do you do without Smith. We don't know it'll play you know what it's a good problem half right now there is sealed it on my message he sent to quarter right. The wind and I don't know really know. I have to lose I don't know how to have a lot slower it's like last. And we do we don't have to worry about it yet it's okay if you just enjoy the moment at this point in the deal with the Alex this situation later italics don't your home. The future don't borrow trouble enjoy the moment. Speaking of Alex Smith he spoke with the media yesterday in a wait until you hear what he thinks about having the best stats in the NFL. Next our at. Have claimed the he'd find a do you is a plus different currencies Monday was the ball and yeah. Aides don't let them freebies on them how to play analyst nick. Not all of our remaining car bomb I'm real pleased at it is already have and hey. And so soon didn't hear any. It can't see it seems that they. We know exactly was he manages. Funeral last month com. On Google and readers. It and it yeah on they'll win our last game. Yeah. All this old casino. Things yeah and staying. And I know. Even. Mike. Yeah yeah yeah. Alex Smith. The talk of the NFL right now as Alex Smith as he leads in every statistical category that really matters which is completion percentage touchdowns. About B a little bit further often yards but having eleven touchdowns and zero interceptions on the season. Her dad had just fifteen passing touchdowns last year and a couple of with seven or eight interceptions Carroll thought my head that it's a very it was one of the studios Austin seven or raises it but get fifteen touchdowns seven or eight interceptions on the season due to one touchdown interception ratio those. Fifteen touchdowns atrocious 07 touchdowns through five weeks is phenomenal. But Alex Smith spoke to the media yesterday and he doesn't care outside talk. Much you try to ignore it you're you're ignoring them did. The good and the bad right I mean. All these you know we power rankings all this talking in the middle season got a lot of games left there's a lot of lot of ball we've played I think anytime you. Just not been reflected on that feeling good. Just everybody gets it could sign of what's to come for us a little bit more about it. In that direction we're headed in the hands. You know the bigger goal you know keeping an eye on them in knowing you only get bears have a sense of urgency about go to this. It's Alex Smith yes it looked at this that cities is focused on the next game. He has sorry -- I've heard as he lets apparently he's now looks at this fancy sit for years guys of course he looks of those like for to have a week firepower here it week by these early in week five odds is going to look at this were number one in every Valerie yes that definitely looking. At the stats it is weird if he wasn't but I understand why he doesn't want akin to a conversation with the media. About this that when he's six years ago the used to computers quarterback rating after each draw. I mean so we know it's a guy that debt goes out there and cares about the stats. And clearly is a god does care about the outside perception of himself which is a professional athlete you'd like to say he shouldn't care or other people say but he's also a human being OK when you're a human being you do care what people are saying about two on the outside. And and you I believe guys can I believe every guy reads I believe every guy listens I believe every guy watches they they know everything that's being said about them and they know exactly who saying those things about them. And so when Alex Smith says he looks at the week by power rankings or we're talking about week five power rankings. He went through those on his way to work you know he's our regular week this week as he's just like every other fan you wanna know what people are saying about what especially when you're doing good. You won easier the good priests you wanna hear good things about it makes you feel better you start your day you know so that's should be looking at right now. I'm sure Alex is looking but. Yes try to find a way to keep this thing going to get a lesson look at it the less you think about it. You know I guess they're talking about a guy who used to compute his quarterback rating after every drive about that talk about a guy used to be obsessive with staff says and that's not a good thing. I didn't stick on the sideline computing your quarterback operating. Is like telling your chips at the poker table it's exactly your radio how poorly and you just don't do that because it's gonna get inside your head and you're gonna make some bad decisions as a result of these computing what his downfield passer rating is that stops during the deep ball that's a problem right yeah yeah what about their play free and we just don't worry about the amount it ships you haven't funny or what your quarterback rating is just. Go through the progression like you're supposed to do your coach to do and try to take a shot downfield if it's there. It's not like we start computing numbers in your head or county just the poker table. You start doing things that you shouldn't do you are trying to play out Saudi yourself you start try to use different mind tricks on things instead of just doing what you know is the right thing to do. That's what Alex it has to avoid. So we might be peaking at the stats. But Davey deeds do it himself a great service by no longer obsessing over the that the U. Can tell you relate when they asked in the earlier do you see a different Alex or whatever the question was and he says no I don't see different Alex but I see different what you see different routes we all see different Alex not much is talking about the execution out on the field. Just the way he carries himself an easy seven net interview a couple of weeks ago the F that type of attitude. I definitely see that Alex Smith I I definitely think that's the right attitude that helps him play better or worse he doesn't really care. About anything that happens anymore he was worried about that stuff in the past he's been worried about that stuff may be as soon as. You know even in January or something like that but he's definitely playing and he'd say with a chip on his shoulder because that's not what it is he's just playing right now with a ethic attitude and I'm gonna go out there and do whatever I have to do if it doesn't work it doesn't work I'll get them next time and that's the type of attitude that you need to have and it's working for us as fans in for Alex as the quarterback. We're back to the chase and Andy Reid 8 o'clock but some it's kind of knew his remorse of the to keep an eye on from the daily Kansan which is the student newspaper KU. They reported last night that the FBI says it has documents relating to K use involvement with the dieters. Which indeed is a major part of this FBI investigation into NCAA men's basketball but they cannot release said documents now. They tried to get this information couldn't get the information but clearly there's information to be had to write something even ion but I don't think anyone would be shocked if Kay he was named in this investigate. I am loving it it would be there at the school their powerful indeed the school has had a lot of guys go to the NBA image I think it is targeted as had been dignity is as their brand everybody but Josh Jackson assigned to deal with the deet is after they left the university Kansas of the of the one and myself. I don't think anybody would book at this and say all though okay use clean and all this I think everybody's looking at right now going OK what did they deal were all we meetings how bad how bad is yes I think that's the attitude that everybody should have right now because of everything that went on Louisville right now you can can kind of connect the dots I'm not saying OK you did any of it dating to when he I don't know the answer that question is. But I think I had a lot of people come up to meet all of those things are we screwed how bad is it going to be like I don't know the answer to those questions yet but that's OK you fans are asking all the time not did we do anything it's how bad is it going to be for us and back in fact I don't know maybe don't have freedom and her formation act every school it's an idea school asserted their documents on every cent every school has documents yeah I would I would think it. It would it's not a surprise that they would be named him even in one at this point because I think that that's what everybody's waiting for it they're investigating everybody right. As well that pretty much the nutrition at the rises. That's what they're going after. They need to go after everybody yeah rightly and and you know NCAA format committee with Condoleezza Rice and in that David Robinson and a couple of others on the committee today. The seated they can get to the bottom of this thing. I'm really well I don't feel move would almost no. If you live in the group. So anytime you need something done in college sports Condoleezza Rice were pat dye or pat dye are your go to folks so it's going to be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out mobile continue to follow it you know closely are back. The chiefs that dominance of Andy Reid. Spans so far beyond Kansas City it's unbelievable. We explain next this is a message for all men.