10/12 6a - Wader, Two Year Anniversary, Hunt's Mind Blowing Stats, Andy Speaks!

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, October 12th

Wade Davis is human, we celebrate the two year anniversary of a remarkable day, Welch has crazy Kareem stats plus hear from Andy Reid 


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That's still in the morning on my blog. Wexler producer Steven Specter. Blogs did today five big yankees come all the way back from down through all they do nothing at LB yes. And they beat the Indians. And it may just think of the Kansas City Chiefs battled it. Because I did immediately last I don't like well they need is just peaked too soon that type again when I'm sorry everybody. And now. They going to two games nothing need to lose three straight apparently that's up to do happen at point two games he had really done I don't I don't believe that the slightest doubt at all they choked they did what Cleveland does they did they show they. Gagged debate one last thing real reason I thought of it though is because we had built mosques on Monday we're talking about how good the chiefs are playing right now this is what he said. I wish it was the middle of December and not out so. They're played with a plate right now it's me that the smallest circuit not all sort. You know that's what short or worse see into the season to beat it's you. And so that's what the Indians were doing at the end of August beginning of September they were hitting on all cylinders they were the best defensive team in baseball their offense from everybody their pitching was outstanding. And then they get into the post season they made seven errors in the last two games. They struck out nine times against CC sabathia over thirty strikeouts total in that game last lately booted the ball around the pitching was terrible Corey clover was just awful last night he's their horse he's their ace. And as soon as they lost that game thinking to myself on no. This is that peaking way too soon maybe build mosque was right it would ease and I wish it was beset with the curiosity Aussie. That's what you do you'll be played basketball call me Daryn well hey you know what things are starting to line a little bit and you always play your best basketball going in the marches they say right Gary my college basketball is the ultimate you don't want to peak too soon get a loss out of your system. Lose early bit beat playing great basketball in March arrives while wood baseball won't be playing great baseball in October rise and bills and I was it was December night. It's going to be fine but a little dose of reality last night like if you hit your stride too early. Hello you know the post season Kabila. Really I mean it is I don't think it is both lower that's come up before saying there's no there's I don't think we sports champions a week five and it. And I'm not scared I'd like the bottoms and of fallout and I'm exactly with bill that. I wanna be head and shoulders above the rest the league in December who now is nice but it. Sustaining that I mean they have look the chiefs have done remarkable things survive we may have now and and I'm glad their plan is as good as their plan but yes I would I would like for them to. To be on like a five game care. In December heading into the policies I was the more from the Cleveland perspective yesterday which was. Kevin Hogan is named your starting quarterback. LeBron James has a bad ankle now might miss the opener. And if your if he adds to it. Wiped out in the division series what a crappy day gets really bad sports Stanley one of the worst you could possibly have is a city. A big. Just a thought to contradict that point fifteen royals were too well in the LD as things go well for us we and it pre we felt a little bit short last year right lost. Loss at the end they lost game seven right we came back we had one of the best records in baseball were right through. And they lose three straight to the Yankees that is the most Cleveland a thing you could ever hos on imagine too low and the stories in your opposition's town is about. How they're gonna fire the manager right that's exactly right because a wrap of the sacking gates I mean literally gift wrap the Indians the second day Sarah Curtis can draw control right Alan DE that you face to not and then you face CC sabathia I mean like all of a sudden you face these pitchers and it just continues to reiterate how important pitching is and we're looking at this royals team nice of you guys before the show we start at Mike. Man watching these big this game last night really puts in perspective and I don't think we've really do it at the time how built for the postseason the royals words when he 142015. And Al built they were. For the late games it means CC sabathia goes for a third and has nine strikeouts last Lee Baca is cruising along. And also they get a yanked their starter and put in their bullpen because things get a little rocky there. It takes you back to the royals and when you have that shut down ability in the bullpen that 789. Like the royals did for those couple years. Games are over a lot earlier than they are expected to be over and to that idea to get injured starter for yeah I mean I think there is that like you guys get. It's easy like how built this Wales team was. For the post season and yelled we hope runs be damned as the world set records for home runs this year finished under 500 when they were hit the ball out of the ballpark and they are playing defense played small ball they were winning games in closing out games the way that they did with that team that was so built. For October October baseball is completely different so as we head to the offseason for the royals a team lightly and he Oz were you to keep the stock is. People can pitch again guys I mean thirty plus strikeouts in that game last night offense was any. Medium last night. I got you guys are in getting your pitch man throw guys parts festivities at all the time that you know it comes in the post season your bats really don't matter and it's they're nice to have but when it comes to the pro cluster bats and good pitching is all about that pits getting guys high hitting the you do that all about the strong pitching when you get to the policies that was an annual I was wasn't included the radio broadcast on the yankees' side a little bit early last and they're Thomas CC sabathia in the game and ago this is it June in Kansas City where he's pitching this is October in Cleveland and you got to go out there wit and want littlest is no time to work you be on point and you got to be on point and he's he's shooting can they did yeah security. Like that it now does that mean but I think what he meant as a city judo is it really counts really starting to get hot it's hot as the rats in a sock is the you know Ichiro allegedly said that so but it's just like you're watching the did his game last night you're realizing holy cow like what they did. With a 22 game winning streak and all those bats that they're trying to push you know the width of the 22 game winning streak bats that they're celebrating nobody's buying those bats in Cleveland today. There's not that there's none of that really matters and you go back to 20s15 to with the royals however but he was freaking out in September. Baseball go and how are you playing goalie and clearly doesn't matter how you're playing going in matters what you do when you get there and that's still with the tees it comes down to three games in January and February for that this year. It does like to see if she stayed hot the entire day I but I think it works a little bit differently in football. Baseball such a crapshoot when you get to the post season it feels like a whole roll of the dice whereas with football. More times than not you're getting the best teams at the end because it's all about how well your boat going into the post season. The basketball you always get the best team because there's seven games and it's a lot outside the emea right now outside worth having that discussion. But the interesting thing about the NFL. Is. You can pinpoint through the first half of the season who the best teams are is college teams with the best records. I have some questions about the Carolina Panthers are plain and 41 tonight should be a nice game finally dead should be a great game used to form one teams but I think the Eagles are much better than the Panthers are even though they both have the same record. So we don't win you're looking at these teams you can die if you kind of dissect them beyond just. What do the numbers say the chiefs are five and it's great we all of the fact that she survived and now. But we knew beyond just the record you see how much better this team is in the 2003 chiefs how much better they are that the 2013 chiefs bid dynamic weapons they balance there things that point thirteenth 2003. We were hoping. Maybe some of those guys emerged like an offensive option outside Jamaal Charles in 2013. We were hoping. The defense would figure it out in 2003. Throughout the season. At this moment right now. This team is unstoppable they really are no lose all that they're going sixteen you know I took time. But like bill moves on a couple of games this year but you look out on top to bottom disrupt purely objective standpoint. How do you pick this team to do anything other than when the AS. Got any you should and then everybody started to pick him out to win the AFC has also been some betting line yesterday that she's by far and away the favorite to win the AFC and get to the Super Bowl ads. And whatnot and and I saw a stat this morning that somebody tweeting out every tweeting it did the chiefs are scoring I'm like 53% of their possessions this year so more than. Every other possession their scoring some sort of points whether. I've got to think guys and in Steven out of you could fire and call Lila a YSE knows number whatever. But like what's what's the record of four X you don't percentage it's scoring opportunities that you have over the course of the season I gotta think if your scoring over 53%. Of the time you have the football. That's got to be an NFL record by fall are discordant clip like that because of your scoring every other possession. My god you're doing things right you're figuring things out you're figuring out ways to move it down the field and at least get a few oval at the end of the day so. The duties are doing really good things I think that she's clearly a team right now. That is built for the post season you look at the Indians he go back and say baby they were necessarily built if you will. For the post season if you eat the other thing too guys it did you know doesn't get taken into account. You've got to be healthy you've got to have that health in a we've seen the health now come back and by the royals the last two years would boost last year at boost this year. Not being quite healthy all season long salvage it banged up a little bit. You know that the health of teams truly does matter and while the T sesame injuries right now let's hope you get the injuries out of your system early soldier leading up to the post season. Everybody's healthy and ready to come back which goes back will be set on Monday there is no need to rush and me. Do you back right now sitting at five and now. Are we at some great things to get to his 651 of the most incredible moments in Kansas City sports history. But Wade Davis turns out he's human human as. He did again last night yesterday afternoon evening ish. Either way whatever time today that he had never was either way Wade Davis. House people of Chicago or not stoked on right now Downey really arc has this happened and called one strike Davis acts. Particular. Swing and a high fly ball right center. And below the. The ball real. And I. You know the what the wind blowing. Did it out. I would like cubs not very good. Also there it is on WW AS radio in Washington DC Michael Taylor with that Grand Slam off of Wade Davis. Who didn't technically get charged with a four run yesterday that but gave up a grand slams is that it four runs that you are right but hubris for. Our study area. Here in those Drudge yesterday and to put that into perspective it is combine post seasons would Tampa and the royals he gave up a combined four runs. It is time with the royals in the post season Wade Davis gave up one run. One run in his time with the royals in the post season. Last night he got a battering rams I am I insane numbers right that they'll be crazy he gave up one run wreckage and remember what it was now but he DU I buddies and I'd say they played a lot of post season or two years and yet they are up one run one run one run there are all. At times the royals called Wade Davis during that time oh my god is not like he just has ruled he pitched a lot to only give up one run an ad time for the fact that he got out of that game six inning against the yen against the Toronto Blue Jays is still remarkable how he was able to get out of that. And last night becomes inning gives up that home when he came early to sell mister know it all Joseph Maddon manager go into his closer earlier Mac game. Gives a lit and you know Wade Davis gets taken out of the ballpark they get and to get blown out. Yesterday about the post season that makes if you're handy rooting and that is about the that managers in the post season. Where they just did their IQ drop it drop speak to it's his form site I don't I don't. Understand what it is but it's consistent you watch managers throughout the post season Major League Baseball it's almost like they have a tough time transitioning from a 162 games. Don't worry about every single line on to win them all got to focus on the ones again when they have a tough time adjusting from that to. You have to win today. That's the difference man in the post season bullet baseball more so than anything because baseball such a smoke a cigarette enjoyed the day type a sport where you know football you gotta win every Sunday basketball you have only 82 opportunities hockey the same way you really need to win every one boy and a half the aipac have the opportunities and yet. But would baseball you lose a couple of games it's not a big deal is really not gonna set you off course you're you're gonna lose you know fifty you're gonna win fifty matters what you do with the other 62. But when they get to the post season like it's like these guys just don't how to manage it may lose their minds you got Joseph Matt lose his mind yesterday Terry Francona out of the post season Buck Showalter gets knocked out every year. And everybody you know discredits then all the time you know what he's doing that does all this stuff. Nets got championships OK dad figured out a way how to get it done now 789 help them for a couple of years no doubt about it what you got back in the bullpen. Yet nine out there yesterday and in in Chicago and he gave up a Grand Slam in in a situation where I don't know do you bring in Wade Davis with the bases loaded like that. I don't know man you're damned if you do damned if you don't that situation you. I think you have to give it more shot at I think you have to get a shot at the same time Joseph Maddon getting crushed today surely is but you don't baseball changes dramatically once you October knew that the playoffs it is a different freaking beast than it's ever been before. Speaking of October baseball one of the most incredible moment in Kansas City sports history took place two years ago today. Here at next. Best coach John Engler producers Steven Specter. Do you as good today were the greatest moments in Kansas City sports history took place vesco you wrote a blog about it. Internal microphone yeah I did I technology technology and stuff is really really interesting today I I yeah I wrote about it at 610 sports dot com. And I called maybe is the most incredible moment ever in Kansas City sports history because two years ago today was obviously the wild card win about the wild card when he ale DS when game four. Over the Houston Astros down in Houston. So now swing. It's a fly ball deep and Olathe. At home run into the royals' bullpen. Mean those who pitches one night. Three you know. Tie it at war with a bases. Brian a fever stayed busy oxy Stewart and producer engineer Don free it's the top of the eighth inning. The royals are down 62. But. As our late friend Fred white used to say if you want a dream a little bit. This magic ride for the royals began. Last year the wild card game with the royals down by four. Going into the eighth inning and here they are down by war going into the eighth and another. Do or die game. And now slipped to develop end to the plate breaking ball ground ball up the middle of the red. Is better be. And run off. And Carlos Correia. In the void Kevin I'd goes from hero to go out and here's the pitch. Hosmer swings and drives it didn't go right center field and as. Arid hot. Except through run home run. Into the astros' bullpen. And the royals. Have come up with seven runs in the last two innings and they lead 96. And right. New broom ball. Here's the one to. You're the 11. Broken bat little bloop silver's goes out. Do somersaults and there's one down. Solutions that is the target. Would be settling in today. God. Springer is cut flights that thing. Fly ball deep right. Orlando to the fringe to the wall. Yeah. That is your mom posit this point fifteen. The yes. The Kansas City Royals pretty impressive and I was thinking back that play about Carlos Corey and I thought man that is not the most incredible play in moment in DC sports history. What is because that changed the shape of everything for this ballclub if he doesn't make that play the world's probably don't win that game and clearly don't advance on. To the ALCS and then on to the World Series the claim their second trophy in the last thirty years and get to back to back World Series I think that's one of the most significant place. In Kansas City sports history civil put it up on our FaceBook page you guys can weigh in there obviously got the court home run in game one that significant. You've got game five of 1985. That is a significant blame it in post season history in sports history hearings in the city I mean we've got the shoot out for penalty kicks were you know sporting Kansas City to win their MLS championship a couple of years ago. I don't know what is there with a wild card game obviously the southeast it was a big moment in Kansas City sports history. Chiefs need to get in there somehow someway and and find a way to the crowd get asked costs. Our track or whatever it is yet that's I guess I happen to be a championship to make that happen and that's why the royals right now the last few years and they owned this. Worst moments in Kansas City industry because. They've won championships since 1969. Or do they want to have a sell out all those moments and things are going to be gravitating toward because they actually led to a championship yet if the royals had fallen short in any capacity all those moments would have been. Nice. They're nice there but there's always that putt in wind might read it for the Cleveland Indians you brought up that. Nobody's bind those best at that point you gateways right on it because everyone's gonna talk about that street of the say yep that we blew it AL DS 20 lead. That is even when you bring up point fourteen it's like yep. The precursor. The 25 Brian with the world's so the collective two years works together one massive amazing moment in the city is I mean it's. Really like when using a great moments in Kansas City sports history guys 2014 to 2015 pretty much it sounded table I mean who really has set the table. And that everything else comes from yelled from I mean really it doesn't in the back the 85 if you want to and and whatnot of that I think this is the year may be that she sent one of those miraculous moments hopefully we're talking about listening to a playing over and over again. And having anniversaries of an celebrating big time moment so hopefully it sees it on that page you can weigh in soon on her FaceBook page sixty in sports dot com if that she's make the Super Bowl are you getting in Alex Smith's Jersey with this rule logo on a rule that's an interesting one man depends on how he plays I would say I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of people went back I think anybody made about a one of those well. That he may get what does Alex Witt here's his with a patch on it. I got shut out coming up in ten minutes here on six cents Sports Radio text line 69306. Any topic you wanna discuss the road out there in we will dive in there. She's running back three putts has been phenomenal so far his rookie season and wait until you hear this incredible stats. Next. Shouted out come up with a few minutes Tex signs six 306 any topic one discussed grow out there and we will dive in and it's going to be just a few minutes but NFL network put out a statistic yesterday. That is truly mind boggling when it comes to chiefs running back arena hunt. Now huts in phenomenal this year today is the best running back in football soap bars don't under sell him. He's best running back I know I did it mean phenomenal best runner back temple and it is a sort of distance herself for what he's been able to best running back to vote audience they've. Very solid self for what Kareem hunt has accomplished this season he's just so much fun to watch and what's crazy. Is how much stronger Korean hunt is throughout the game or in NFL network in the first half Corey hunts numbers. For the season are 189. Rushing yards four point two yards per carry and one touchdown. Through the second half of games in this season. He has 586. Yards seven point six yards per Cary and five touchdowns so. Five of the six touchdowns rushing on the year calm in the second half he's stronger throughout the game in this is why the chiefs are putting teams away matching. Credible and you youths rolled out those stats for us yesterday it will look at this might like likely total freak out moment and listen to this we all went. Almighty god Mike how great he's been in the second. Half is remarkable guys give me eight yards a carry and I had my arms deal I'll that's when you win games army that we talking in the first segment about building teams to win in the post season and win games when it matters most. Having a strong running game in the second half of the game. Is vitally important especially when you can build an early lead like the chiefs are doing their scoring on every other possession this year so you'd build an early lead in the and you were able to have a running back its Q you won seven and a half yards per carry plus per carry in the second half. You can put a game away by picking up first downs because in the second half. Let's be honest that's what it's all about keeping your offense on the field picking up first downs extending drives keeping the opposition off the field and the chiefs have done a nice job with that and in Korea wants a big reason why don't ask a fifty yard runs mixed in there that's gonna bump your average all the time. But still that guy is males in the second half against. He does get stronger and you can just see by watching this the best the key is breaking off those long runs in the second half for the defense is tired those are what you called the moralizing -- they're already tired they don't like he knew anymore if you break awful long one you know fifty plus yard touchdown run. And now the defense is demoralized and the game is. For mobile sport over because as great as Alex Smith has been. In the tight games that she's really need to ram it down the opponent's throat and finish it off. Corey Hart has been the guy. And that's what is still so much confidence in me going forward in this team that we and you have a team on the ropes you can knock him out that was put Kansas City court to last right. They always gave teams on the ropes weather be like Tennessee or Tampa Bay to bosses from last year they had those teams they have. But they could put them away anything games Pittsburgh they didn't lose. Like you go back to the Carolina Panthers game they won last year or the Atlanta Falcons game they won last year the rules were put away by defensive play right. Now you have an offense capable of putting games away as well and that changes the entire dynamic for this team likes it so much easier to we're look at it. You know. Touches. I found myself get a sand but don't give the ball too much in the first half. I think Iran's kind of not working in the first chair like a total overdue effort they elect ten carries or some of the present right now though considered and it with a second have to go really powdery get a lead so. Yeah you you almost can save him for good gas. Maybe that's us by you could say forgot leader has been removed the eternal search for that right. It's Corey not the second act yeah I don't have been strong in the second he gripped the long run into that's. That's kind of the idea of the running game in the NFL as you just pound over and over and over this break your head against the wall just like the jaguars that last week against the Steelers writes exactly what the chiefs are don't want it they're gonna wanna do this this week. This last week yeah but it for an. Who just I mean he was doing okay right in the house like. 27 carries for 91 yards. And then he'd plus one for 91 yards for a touchdown and now all those yards per carry stuff all the stats look really nice. But that's what happens when you keep knocking on the door finally they get frustrated him a safety over pursue a third two to try to take out Leonard for that before he gets the first down thinking. Damn tiring and you off the damn field right so we just take out Leonard for an and a third to get himself out of position and now it's off to the racist or touch. I mean you keep knocking out that door and eventually you'll bus in man and that's what it's all about only NFL break and that big play turning it had to get their attitude they had eighty Susie did manage shouted out here 69306. On the tax line today you Texas topical talk about it all brought you vitally need Jane's haircuts the man talents extend cents a people who put peanut butter on their burger. You know what Josh turned me on. To that will we were down in New Orleans because on purpose I did yes I did all the little New Orleans every case you would 2012 just like we're gonna go getting hit butter bacon cheeseburger and I secure out of your mind. It was one of the best things I've ever put my mouth it was fantastic and it's the one instant Dalia dumber than that is at the Hoover and were murdered it's got. Peter butter and jelly on drilling wells is gently seeing that in the delegates to I've never done it before it's fantastic like littered generating it's there again. Had he seen me Twitter war between Marlins being in the city. All it's been going on for two years now I didn't see him last night after the game intact and maybe I'll just texted me get this state say god that Cleveland last night but that's the only place he's been. That he hates and more people treat him like garbage and so we believe we do not get along so I'm sure he was very happy. Last night by the way out of yes taught that best goes super important because he has Marlins man's number doubt happy guys that are important in life and he's up there. X-Files reruns are great filler. I didn't think that show how the man I went back and watch some of those reruns from the ninety's. The X-Files that was on Netflix years ago. Just didn't hold me they never solve that evening. I never watched an episode the truth is out there may never know that ever got to yeah. Don't happen you never solve the damn thing you're saying the Twilight Zone from the sixties holds up all the X-Files in the eyes of the sixties but that's up amazingly that's why it's so when you watch those old episodes who understand the green thing. It in the world of poor worker rulers now is derivative from the while it's been. Josh forget that help here correct me landry's shenae. Landers who met candidate. What about who the palace attack which dusting whoever. Iron and density. That I thought is that is that is that he has put us talk about him this afternoon as shouted out outreach and Africa and it merely good and a brilliant season they apparently won't have to school get in trouble for anything they do there and what is the FBI there at nights candidate you just go. Now or the student newspaper investigating with its yeah. Cold shower. Or no shower. Colds are always. Monocle TR I really doubt they're couple times my power went out. And it's a couple times Brad is had to suck it up to go cold showers that's been paid a bill. No actually it was it was a whole thing and a transformer that they had to replace it kept going out every other day the power go out for like I. I'm not a big cold shower him but he he got a clean got to play them not in the morning and afternoon evening cold JR who'll. She's using prehistoric dinosaur called the back. You've been Anthony Sherman you have to use fewer Anthony Sherman that's that's the rules react and so too I think he had to dynamic that you know teams don't have anymore in the NFL in the running back is planning on ways to do with a book but now it's coming back it is. In the NFL having a good fullback help with that everything comes in cycles people who don't replace the toilet paper out or. What that will it anywhere well that helped the people mysteriously locked up immunity king yeah do. It depends where you work some places like this where it the united like Al pitcher adds that the two would you don't want your money taken inner steel all the unlocking community itself. Yeah yeah yeah Rodriguez we don't know it now. Highlights every morning it's replenished and how it happened sorry colleagues I'm not gonna live my first radio job and making money I still toilet paper. Candy corn a disgrace to both Andy and board well it is because it's neither it's like relax. That was just relax. You like candy corn so did he likes the bite of optimistic ones I like I don't do that better. Feel yeah. Yourself banks and everything else. BitTorrent is the absolute. And candy it's not corn it's an abomination it is it it makes sense to my stomach like it and it's in its fold like they just recycle the same Kimi. Are. You as the single bags good things and and but they got different variations of it at the black tipped candy corn now the white and Hillary and it all you so yeah I I mean it's it's not Indy it's not quart it's. I I even when it is up to anybody really knows or Kennedy's or does that not senator and its various tong and other things though. Are all here it's hard to do I mean you get really get down to that bill obviously very honest there is I have and I do this every day I love asparagus. I usually do some asparagus bangs a rally to the lowly mammoths and order a double cocktail because he's too little straws in the anti hold out and there is everybody that your best perfect out to do with my asparagus Stephen thanks for the idea IQ it's your power. Are your chance to win 1000 dollars and our national past contests coming up at 7 o'clock. In any marine addressed the media yesterday you do not want to miss what big red had to say about. After the key play next time I'm wrong. Welcome back. That's doing the morning run team by. Andy Reid spoke to the media yesterday and you don't want him as we had to say about Alex Smith. We'll get to a right after the key play and the heat. They come from baseball last night beating her glorious not one but two home runs or you know John Sterling wasn't rare form. But none hit in the right field. That both my better. We had sand. Not at all like that in the deciding game five TDs hit two home runs in a row. Eagle Gloria makes Yankee fans you flood areas it's a two run home run and here in the third inning the Yankees picked up three nothing lead. I'd if he's gonna continue to hit home runs we need to come up with something different than making Yankee fans euphoria especially on the road when you can hear the boos of the Cleveland's crowd raining down saucer and I'll that now it really isn't actually yes five and the right one and you stick where I guess you did find somebody arrives and her glorious not man relay. Fans are in the middle of doing you order it you lose this game do you think if it's a game winning home run he will say indeed he hits a home run or glorious makes the Yankees victorious. Probably I mean these I think that's got off right now to walk he's got to say that once so that is our key player brought to you by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the technicians you can trust with your house keys. Our head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media yesterday and they asked him I'm I think he's gonna keep getting this question. Probably Intel Alex Smith either returns to Alice Smith or wins a Super Bowl but any read do you see a difference in Alex Smith. I haven't no. I'm around him a lot because committee room the meeting room with them and all the media room so. What time what really seeing a different person that way he seems. To go about his business the same way. You come back to the fact that I'm just saying. He's kind of help raise. These receivers they've grown together. Pride. Thing I think he feels most comfortable right now as a group. Of yours if there was a difference. That's in your aides say there's not a difference but there's a little different but we don't know exactly what the differences were not gonna say it has anything to do with pastor Rahal is because then it's gonna become a national headlines. He muzzled dissent while he says about the what are the security and kind of a throw if there's any difference it's with the guys and throw rural dries destroying their door wider series which I think is a big. A big deal it's a big huge deal this week we talked a lot because of how loaded. Stomped his feet tunnels things when they trade Jeremy Mac sure and it seems that he's got to grab those guys are right there. It's all of us this is this is who's left. Let's fights of coats finds a common ground giving it to all the ball go yeah. And look at the way this this entire offense has performed in that regard it's. It if if it is giving Alex the credit for that that's a big deal well I think also two guys will we will we saw the release of Jeremy Maclin on that Friday in June was a June 2 you know it's one of those you remember where you were type of moments and you get at 6 o'clock you know email from the chiefs of Jeremy Maclin has been released you think it almighty god what are they doing this is that this is ridiculous. Now looking back besides the fact that they dated via text message. Was it really a bad decision by the Kansas City poisonous to voicemail it's not looking like a bad decision by the Kansas City Chiefs and all it's looking like it really was. The right decision right now but I liked to have Jeremy Maclin because he looks really good and ball he does but doable the do you think do you think the offense. Is like the way it is if Jeremy Maclin I don't know and he's making arguments enhancer it's even better I know that you do little because it's it was like like he did not have trust in these guys and Jeremy Maclin moving on forced him to have trusted more than just one or two individuals at all as you know our guys are in touch downs and yeah I mean that's all you'll it was that. It's well spins on man I'm telling it it's it's we don't wanna say what it really is which is Patrick Holmes came in and Alice they decide to grow a set our slain. That's the difference and Alex but there's so many things now holds obviously counts for some of that but Jeremy Maclin being gone are clockwise through the football team now. I'm gonna have to embrace Albert Wilson amen after embrace at the time Chris currently I'm gonna have to embrace Tyreke Kilborn he's gonna grow and his visit Iran I succeed without him right our case I want to commit that we got my eyes common grounds for the last week from my conversation with Tyreke guilt asking outs about last week now Andy talking about it this week. About that trust the development that has been created between Alex Smith in the wide receivers. I think that is an underlying story line. That needs to be talked about more because number one why held in the trust with those guys before if you would football games these are the dude you have developed trust these guys here. Now all of a sudden you take back that way now he's developing trust what these guys. There's a lot of a question mark surrounding Alec Smith like why did you play better before they draft a quarterback and wide and you have trusted everybody else on your offense before they got rid of Jeremy Maclin and now. Alex is doing those things because there's pressure from the outside if you're Chastain went 1000 dollars and our national past contests coming up at 7 o'clock. Beat Andy Reid when talking about the offense in this game coming up on Sunday against Pittsburgh it. Discuss how much the disk how different the offense is now that it was in the play. So personally got after us I'm. We will win the first drive away. We got after them on the first drive. Good job against us. This will be wrote a challenge for us offensively. I mean we are doing some things that are different but it not a bunch. I just take our execution way. And execute well as we needed to. Last year and we'll we'll see how we do this is is still very good defensive. Football team and couple different guys and never the most far as the same group and and they play hard and their. Past numbers are ridiculous. Their defense against passes ridiculous and they just shut people down so we know we are worker. Sandy Reid is right Pittsburgh has been able to shut down almost every quarterback they've seen this year but the good news is here's a list of the quarterbacks. Pittsburgh seeing this year. Played portals Joseph Flacco Mike Leonard case Keenan and Michelle Kaiser are so it's not like the Steelers have been facing this murderer's row quarterback right but they've been shutting down and said it still is it still is a team that you worry about when you go against the squad that seemed in the news very tough to throw. And I really liked that Andy's. He remembers flashing to yank that thing I say I think brought Aaron burns everybody I does I thought the New England lost two years ago was gonna be like the San Francisco Los in the post season in 2014 and they're gonna build on that but it seems like more more it's that it's for game that loss that they had here at home against the Steelers at their really trying to. You know kind of get back from an egg and really use that is kind of motivating factors throughout this season the shot Kaiser doesn't start anymore who else was on that list Joseph Flacco he won a Super Bowl. On years ago you've got late portal sued nobody likes I mean so that that is not list of who's who's. This will be by far the best offense that Pittsburgh is faced this year. And the Steelers are giving up scores on a quarter of their purely defensive drives which is the worst in the National Football League. Every fourth time the offense has the ball against Pittsburgh they're finding ways to score. Couple that with the way that the chiefs are scoring this year this Pittsburgh Steelers defense is not the Pittsburgh steeler defense. That or used to talking about from back in the day like the steel curtain we talked about it all the vaulted steel curtain defense. This defense isn't like that they're given up two yard rushing games they've done that two times out of five this year. They're not the defense that we saw even in January here in Kansas City and this is clearly not the offense we saw a goal against that defense the stars align again in this one chiefs get the win. Grow RD party just colony. But I'm calling sixteen and ElBaradei is necessary that I have to wait for she's rated she's loses when you're on record of college CC in and out. Our chance to win 1000 dollars and our national past contests and headlines in two minutes.