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Wednesday, October 11th

We dive back into the US Men’s National Team conversation as we discover a team sponsored by a liquor store scored a goal against an MLS team in the US Open Cup. Just how difficult is it to get into the US Open Cup? Could we, as a show, sponsor a team and gain membership into US Soccer? What would our team name be if we did? We’re going to find out. Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?” round out a Show filled with hilarity.


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Show. Error with your host this show you currently. Shout out to all on listeners but those Vegas today because all his salute you. For allowing us to BA small art. You're Wednesday evening GA and radio securities in the building it. Julio sciences. Stanford Joseph produce in this bad boy they're doing an element. Good job let us know how you feel about the flu and all four of us. If your fans of that action I think it's a cool we get a lot of stuff out on that thing as the conservatives in the building let's make this the best hour of this you know. 8 o'clock hour the real dedicated fans call you brands let people know that it's on here. This guy obviously has to say about this show a once it's up well caller Joseph was a local out or sick. As pretty says the last night. The worst part about it is it. Wasn't even embarrassing because not enough people gave. The United States men's national team will not make the World Cup. And they are out of there by losing to Trinidad. And Tobago. All of which I have not heard. Only in track and field and with the Mighty Ducks. The beyond is the most fun I've ever had talking about soccer I'm not a kid I've done that Tuesday. Maybe that is the decks list. Have you heard of turn it added to Vegas. Is the last time you heard about Trinidad Tobago. The Mighty Ducks. Or track and field in the Olympics. Don't put. Out of the magnitude of the no doubt that we've found so many things in it early in the shadows of people gave us some real. Material and I'm wondering this and I said I said. The real reason what we've hitched our wagon this city we spent a lot of money we have pushed it. And pulled it pride and whatever to make ourselves. That capital in this country the soccer capital of this country the biggest soccer specific stadium all the stuff we're ability. We've his fairway gets that is. And. I say the worst part about it is no one in this country really cares about soccer. And we just really found to O'Leary is reasons. Why. They don't. I don't think they're funny at all and upped that you Ian Leo is is he does it does a soccer practice you can listen to a six to expect that an interest in Cerro. Which. Loves when it's almost lost it which reference. Alice at bats Q. Hits. I was gonna say though a lot of blitzes the expressible route. So good. If they don't that's that's the only surmise that development. Is really get that happens do you guys again rejected that we have for the success are exactly certain. Ella to that Casey podcast but alaskans but maybe this could be a poll because I don't know how you can put out. That is anyone listening which. She owes it proves that we Americans really don't give a rip about soccer that is it while it. That Knowles. Cable television station that is cable's station's. What Le sporting events do this country of the Mosul watched that they in ratings. Is it worse. No cable television station. Thought it enough. You get the rights to Ayers it's. On states that rob. That we. That Nickelodeon. Not anything nobody. This to air this because he gets a break ID because they don't believe people care all our Saturday isn't worse then. This US. Open cup that sporting agency keeps winning you can't enter. A liquor store it in its. And score its portfolio. Or not only answered. This is caught. But it's sports and analysts in DC united the first goal of the game reckless in guys that are good and misrepresenting this well yeah. They sponsor no the team and liquor store sponsors the ultimate. Team all rag tag and I look. I don't know and properly present this situation and not sponsored violent team but never practice. At. Pilots the united I don't know what he's like the kids that didn't make a high school varsity team ever hit there again is there an inner Merrill team. Alec. Essentially it's his words which makes you know they don't care about it in this country bore the fact that no kept cable television. Channel. Thought it good enough to pick up. This elimination match. That would determine if the United States Internet LT would make it. To the World Cup or that this US open up. Liquor stores its stadium liquor unit your favorite liquor store stadium lakers attempted. Is exactly why it adds spirits kids jumping in. Are you kidding me. Now this US cup that we just scream it's got about if you're grads places where. Sporting KC for having a stranglehold on. But doggone it liquor stores are entering this is scoring goals against DC united reckless bills slap in his seatbelt I believe ready to do was on ninety odd to say. A pretty good about tomorrow night into the world yeah. Atlanta's dollars stay. Liquor. Is scoring goals in this US open up my act zig. It is no. Oval. Because that's six 3060. Mail will get to you let go. It's just the fact that no cable channel would pick it up. Because they know people in this country don't. That includes animal channel I. I need to point out that somebody brought this up on Twitter earlier and they are mad at us saying that we didn't hours on your back is that. And these instances the country decides who gets to air the games and that's why it wasn't picked up by a major network. Fox had the rights to the actual World Cup games what country gets to pick. A country that the game takes place yet the host country that was hosting the game. So they can pick. That they LY. I think it would seem well in the end that he's like yeah just is is certain to be got a major television network they with other countries can. Kid let you know if you kid. Still. The matches. So if it was done in Brazil Brazil it's a no the United States can't air any of the soccer I think it's really murky in varies depending on the country. Whereas had good. Inherently bad thing that ever took it nice to figure out what could be. Injuries and it's it's it's to have. Broadcast nationally across the ice age which it's like fifty times the size that you don't have a population of West Point I don't really well I think Kansas City ya. I'm going to say. I going to say it's via. So it's a game which and added that it was broadcast live on in support at that and that's not how we handle it ought. That he'd be like for being on the end sports chain but how Libyans. Barnes & Noble I'd absolutely. I've got to believe a cable company paying money. It that he adds boards that's not on every cable provider that's worst. That they would all that liquor store it wicked witch what is wars which what is Ortiz goes that we don't give Julio you're the soccer player which is worse. I'm looking amid a preface this by saying open a couple of amber those teams but a lot of them violating city to its excellent they went six rooms market. Is is sponsoring a team followed up by grandstand greens lamp wick. Reckless reckless. But the open a couple of most MLS teams don't necessarily take all that seriously until the final few rounds most times they have there. They're feeder players come in and and play in those games. But the liquor store thing I mean that you gotta go with that that's that's. You said that they don't have the best players until later in the tournament. Do you see your liquor Ers played the lakers. It is the DC united lately store in the order for certain there's no. I. It gives it legitimate Major League soccer the only point Jones and urged all day. Killed for saying the best athletes in the world to learn how to play. Socked a three outs don't ever go at which is ours had no television company willing to pick it up. Or are liquor store the big able to enter this US cup that we hate Kansas City arts Siri to the ills that we didn't. Oh. Or. Yahoo!. Soccer. There. I. You. I'd hit. I don't what's good about this is that people don't people care is basketball and yeah. Our problem again I apply illegally through this. I've raised it was very odd that that you had to go through the illegal back doors we got a glad you did it we got the latter silliness MLS teams by the two round where it's. But still doesn't help wise so why not they just cut out the first Ford damn rounds it's just let MLS why liquor store team at the tired about why you play the you don't want to support team I haven't what does this they're gonna act like we're gonna get sick need. Sit need needed really a chance of white pick kids up to just answer it. What's that what does this golf people can just enter it but I try to put Tony Romo can just entered the US open and I it's the World Series at Miller. Helping the argument little dimple or rich at four rounds of it. As it is no chance. College basketball that sets in college credits it to win. The division what national championship. Because they're not good. But Johnson County community college on the other hand and we got a legit shot but grist and Grand Slam lectures tea with the US. It is is is is a bunch of ball it's pay back. Happy Gilmore was a movie. First four rounds we need to dues. So it. I. At about lakers doers be able to it I bet you liquor stores the the worst. At the liquor stores the word's out that there's probably a dip the dots. I ice cream place that's entered. It isn't a business that it is Jamaican bobsled team I pay as easily dodge ball tournament have tougher. It waits to get it there are and it's. I. Just. How hard towards the big killing it'd aside six Jim at the right to our. How do you get into the tournament isn't just legal form you fill out online on the I don't I don't look at how can we go yeah yeah. So we can grow. Among the criteria eighteen must be belong to a club or league of any organization member of the US soccer association. To compete in the tournament and the league has had at least four teams for each plays at least ten league games during the year that's the requirement. Build bonds means they're gonna roll out there basically if we answer Anne and her murals soccer league. And play at least ten games a year that is sanctioned by this the week and Joseph are you a soccer proved we can yes you know look at the US your perfect by any answer rails on Jessica it would seem that way if you let Muslims and I kid I kittens and that. I'm just consider it quite. Yeah soccer as the members it aids on there side but. That that was not out. All of us coming up next. We're going to read. The US what is it they have a look a membership application form we're gonna re application for it see how we would answer it if we would qualify. Of a Grand Slam liquors qualifying as they have liquor is. Edit this help Whittle. Yeah. As is again real. Born and by the way it assistant Sports Radio Casey. We have some polls with just pretty much asinine. Responses the first Louie and news. How many MLS championships. As sporting KC one in the history of the organization because people did challenges it. This it people do care about soccer here they've got more Marines. And as it okay well in the still holds the how many rings. Sporting has and. Over fifty pursue it. People have chose the wrong one. Get four options but it is little kids that'll lead 46% has chosen the correct I mean what makes us. The worst. Is you literally take two seconds to look this up on Google you you have particularly when she and gets. On your computer or Smart voter confidence. There's they're confident. Like if I put that up about that c.s are fairly confident everywhere in here I mean most people in this city would say one. I'm ashamed of myself aimed Kansas City soccer fans could. US men's national team win the US open cup 70% says no. Bets but by the way who we will get two minutes because we may enter the US open. There's liquor store scared this grand apple Jews make you use the bat seven or 40% says yes. And finally the most asinine. Result I've seen in a long time on polls 475. Votes do you think mark is Peter's. Situation he's in makes it for him to start to take advice from Larry Johnson. 51%. Say it is. People who keep it. It'll keep. Now back to the more important stuff we have uncovered and found. The the application form that you could send it to be able to compete into the United States open cup of which sporting keeps winning. And I want us to see how we would answer this is that a long process. Potentially. So there's two things. In order to apply for the US open cup you must first be affiliated. With the US doctor so how do we how can we pulled that there are all different categories that's good if you would affiliated with the US soccer ball. Well this is the easiest that I can use to become an associate. Which means that. You're organization in all it's just trying to advance a particular aspect of soccer. The terminology is that made it and it's so anybody. Ask soccer and it. What you are you to send a letter to the Secretary General of the United States soccer federation. They make sure you're documents are in order and that your quote unquote and in particular aspect of soccer. And then made you view membership forms in your case so it could we do this could we say we want to advance safety and soccer. By machine knew who ways of wearing ups. In soccer well well well that would split count as advancing. The sport it would give us a members. From there are made definitional care what I would argue says after being a legitimate. Business. I can we just another winner in Asia as they claimed to be in its aged urgent we have to have some type of certification. I just it has to be some type of organization I would assume in their vetting process that ate it like the U probably additives and what kind of information and it is something we clearly have to impact. Station. And I think we I'm I think we I think we can't believe they figured probably just as is doing stuff. The reason. It's actually it is easy to become a member and affiliated you're a soccer match at samarra. Is that they have b.s that are required okay OK so that is probably why it's so easy because you pay the fees and apparently cared if the gators out fees are. What's the feet I'd been paying it on us to the eleven categories that years and and I'm factor of the night members Tuesday's what's cheapest. It doesn't mean it just says it Ares. How far do I let the odds of borrowing I'd out of the it is going to be like you guys anger at. I'd like this is you didn't do regularly you don't they went six doesn't talking about soccer too. To the public event soccer but outlined. Outlook the cup they let the cut thing is much more. Membership dues are only 55 dollars ticket I'm not he's 55 dollars got it right now on out of the debate right now why didn't you make. I think I dolls you must get by US cup it's a money for free on FaceBook. Can you. Bet I did the F. I do that well but you don't have to wait 240 yeah yeah yeah it right away neatly gets 55 he is at the dollar. Show winged it way more than that if that means you're gonna get out there and play on the US ice and a has your sports courting villain in a. I'd like we already have soccer teams in the build any we just need to reach out to us some of our sister station that we already have. Potential teams in the building they have access to something that's. This is this is. So is at all. 55 dollar for dues and we had to do something to advance soccer. And we asked her a letter. Attached appropriate documentation today. Secretary. General of the I would totally do that's what's so hard to. Monday through Friday now we can easily just come up with a two minutes doctors administering it and it would Eagles advance X. If soccer with this a nine seconds not locked up. It's saved it by wearing care bill and I beat out of this case. To help genitals we can't say for general rather I brother passed away we can beat you this segment average. Because if we say it's not about the average is dedicates. Every guy like that's that's better that just say. I. About. Gentle way since. Also got an email Tamar NC there he did the exact steps and we get back to this ball contact US soccer tomorrow morning. Please let's do this and thus not had this rolling over like the entire. Monopoly. Situation. This is so weak it this is is not very typical little booklet had. I can't believe the liquor store with all this like do we get to choose our name and everything. What the team name that we would go. Oh really obese the station affiliate. Affiliated with stationers this just gonna be our us that it is facial just be the spots about our team name would be subject. That's when the league's that's that's a thinker so thinker. Because I don't think teen genitals will work ethic arts in name has to be believable team no clothes. No pain it's no fenced in no pants. No patients. It out with. I just wanna see how far we can do 55 dollars aren't sure we'd have it fat people sit at a dollar apiece. Apparently they even send you guidelines on how to run your meetings. You're just making this horse show. Isn't making. It. Is it. It is. These are elegant. Dick Vermeil. As the board of the policies and all the things that maybe. Not to expect a thick army on the board. Blah. It is it. Is just a he's a Renaissance man pick pick pick it people excited name topics will work with the political with a digital cable out of control the uniforms gotta be acts records. And volley boasts it's so we go in like ZLE. A and lo and the volleyball team as he lied no load it it's in May well. Into all I mean I don't know how seriously I would be taken averaged one picked the ball well we have but we have to opt for. Keep a straight face. Everyday but it's only listen we want it and it's not about talking about safety as experts wrote. What what round do you think we can make you do that you like to deliver it to the fourth round I feel like we have a shot to make some noise DeLeon Nightline tees. We would make it and lose and in the first race gap we do the only one who can play. Do you is secretly replace everybody else is Gatorade on the other team without an apple acts and and comfortable circle. Utah. It should be. All bleak. A boy so. Give it to market that police. Your eyes a little bit. But the baseballs that. I bet he paid attention to the baseball accounts about the end ethnic. Here and team names are coming in club for VA when six I love tech soccer club turning caught. The scroll Tommy's. And look at what gets them would get some action here remember coming. At this segment what you what detective which shows you watch him. Things of that nature tonight. Silly that it's it's it is a couple of times and I'll go here. Seriously I imagine as this are you guys watch him. Or. Have David realized the baseball playoffs or roads or even. So here. Watch all I can ask have you had you to do you do you ever. Realized that the baseball playoffs. Only because I've I'm in the studio and it's on TV otherwise I would pay attention. I've gone as far as to change the stage in years and it's aids TV stations I didn't have to watch baseball playoffs in the I've tracked and watched all I've been looking at a vote to see what happens but I haven't lost a single pitch I don't think I'm not saying people don't give a rip about it. Like soccer. It's not clear but I was unnecessary Sharpton who's honest and but I say he would baseball game where about Chad make these camps. But. At issue. Based grocer doesn't help. My current states for me. When I was in Austin last week. I actually got intrigued. The Yankees were up I think eight now than it did they came back. Are the Indians came back and tied it at eight like late it was like the eight not long ago and watch. I tried to go and I was at a hotel and I tried to go through every single channel. And this hotel that had decent amount channels at three HBO's. In NFL network I look. I cannot find. The baseball game. In the playoffs with a New York Yankees. Could find. Outlook but it was on the MLB network. Lot and the game it was on TBS. That I think it was fourteen while I. Why. They've had multiple games why with the Major League Baseball hat. Playoff game zone. MLB network on this ons on FS wanna that your talent that's on but at least you're at a Belize this one is it most places. Everyone. Is a good amount to who don't get the MLB network. Why would you have it on something where everyone can't see especially the Yankees. It's it's it's the Yankees. No it was not on TV at the Yankees and Indians game. That they eat where the Indians came back being down eight method was on MLB network last week. I searched high and dry until I found out it was an MLB network and I cannot watch. The cubs games on TBS. At ash. And issel civility what why they're having while the day gains. Whatever would that work why to have the cubs probably the most popular TM Bryce Harper. Arguably your most popular player in the Lee on at 3 o'clock. I do like MLB post season again and the only ones I really pay attention to because I might be workers on and I kinda am. Check in the TVs and get sucked but how many jobs. Yeah are you able to do there we MTV Zoller and razors that easy print ads. How many how many during the week day NBA playoff games do they had. None absolutely zero whose it is right like could you imagine. The Golden State Warriors. Playing. The Portland trailblazers. At noon on NB ATV. No because it would be ridiculous sport thinking of by MLB I mean don't watch turned starting a trend. I know Damian as someone just exit Red Sox Houston had the repeat three day game. Sox and yankees are playing day games and the cubs are playing decades old are your three most marketable teams. Let it is saying and how about it. What I understand the NFL is king why would you have. Have post season games on Sunday. All it wasn't the royals game against the Astros in the policies and it was a day game of the royals came back in one disease. It's still it. As today I remember driving your out of my car. I heard them sent to come back I had to pull over to the closest Barnes and it doesn't mean it was it's Smart it's pit. The NBA is 67. Games 67 teams it seems like playing at one time in the playoffs. Not overplaying an ode to echoed AM 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It's like you don't. What to us to watch. They yankees on MLB network. Listeners they are well liked by the end of bill like that the clincher between the Red Sox and Astros was on Sunday. Like Ed to. All the hill watching. If it's. A baseball. Of our regular season. Russert that all was watching it time the patriots play on Sunday. They play at noon game. Now they did play there are lucky the patriots are on the pages plates on Thursday that's right. And that we're just lucky by the schedule that the next girls played a night or the detective played a night game against that she's. Ed and bought and into league play Thursday. All the hills lots decade. Watch in rams Seahawks. Before they were watching that. I goes Florida say they watch it titans dolphins. We also I coach for a guy. Yeah like that I was sleepers watching titans don't be office of light goes for the dolphins was it. Just look at what to make it tough on yourself so stop. It is that time didn't show stopper. Us. As showstopper. You. Isiah Thomas says he still has mostly positive feelings for Abbas in with the exception of his view on Celtics executive it's Danny Ainge who dealt Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer. Says bus is going to be all love Thomas told Sports Illustrated I might not ever talked to Danny and that might not attack and I'll talk to everybody else. But what he did knowing everything I went there you don't do that brown that's not right. What exactly what he's talking about because that infuse your average that I was like I say it's a it's a damn business. Like they had a chance to get a younger better players that you. It felt like he was the T like he got angry that he does that franchise and they got at by the way you would save this. I just got. Alligator Steve answer. This so much better with the amount. Other stuff he's I didn't catch them short tonight it and in his reading any thread so much better today a real blow it. The rest of the way through what I read later on our backs on mr. Bradley and having that they'll lower hello there like later on he said. These that I helped recruit Gordon Hayward and lucky lucky was left I. It's a businessman. That's up with as those playing this series immediately after his sister died you would expect this situation to be handled. A bit more Della county jail. And it tells you knuckle elite field like he helped recruit Gordon Hayward I mean if they would trade for Calgary earlier I think I'd but he could still get Gordon Hayward port. But I saw that a bit. But as the business of the NBA in Apple's armor that was Oracle's it's always the sister a couple of now well it did hit like. It seems like Danny Angel he's in his interaction with Isiah Thomas Phillip and irony was going down. Approached it really litany and that's probably partially what drugs. Isiah Thomas the wrong way. Again you can handle it more delicately in the way it sounds like it was named. I'm and I think as they have little and thought he was going to it is a business. If they don't get carrier me at that go to got a cult something that very vague. Isiah talents that it's a Gilbert Arenas. Outed me Khalifa the other day the former porn star believes he is who continues to out athletes he tried to slide into her. But it turns out it was all publicity stunt. As they are starting their own and I YouTube's sport show on complex news's YouTube channel heck of a follow up there as a that was a Soledad live. Evidence is strong always tees. And it's up now it's nonsense it's porch they will be able to 'cause it's not going to be your every day I in the sport she always did better on. It. My experience. Of the I haven't what I need to do Hilton got out Gilbert is about to try to use lol the slow play that we. What is going to try to slow Wear her down lights I thought it Burkle a and buys and these are my one down six months of ice six months later. He's going to be is. Johnny please. Of against the slope plays he solidity is the end before. Absolutely I think that was a stunt though yeah I was all public Sal dot. Pull out that way or their news show that was what this Watson went to another level with the way he was personally with her. It she debt she tried to dunk on him and you know it's like hello. The idea how they get. Maybe look at this maybe maybe that's why did Johns had some utterly success. If these get it off and got and it's gonna go downhill win now Gilbert sex line. I think sent. Word that had built his brother coming up. That segment that's leaving the nation gonna take its slide six 30616. Am what's it like to watch shows movies. Netflix let NB error. What's what's coming up. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what could commit my and you'll want to be. It's too late to catch weight touchdown it Super Bowl fly first class on a plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like a remake movies exam. Not to boost. I am Google's it's been up front the threat to old. For it. Oh and I think that. And web site. It works against aids what a rather be feared or lump it. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. What's your Watson sponsored by. Absolutely no ones of what could step up pity tickets text line 69 threes rose six. You know the two year old texting and what you lots in which shows. That links to lose whatever movies. And by the way that Cleveland Indians or coming back in the pivotal game five. Runners on the corners who gives it. They just scored a run in with one out it is three to one. And big and CC sabathia is they're. Going to stroke. Bill as we do come into the first what I want to read got them. Well there's no doubt is because. In the kids he's started who was star. One of the greatest shows of all in the first. The OC is right now. Stars and do any of you still want and some of what you all want did you knocking into Internet unedited. I seen couple episodes not me as I actually watches baseball game. Thirty that's that low line. Climbed almost like you're gonna go incidents like it it's the outfit yeah. It's like day. And then and yeah mechanics and as some happens eight point six giving him sprees to pass. The ET awards I think I'll I'll follow that business let it ride I'll get comfortable with that facial hair easily. 45. On up and it is good thing it just looks. Felt that god in our minds robot Dextre robot is there and I have gone in seven minutes. So is season three yeah it was just once you know there's two there's two on Amazon does most of them comedies comedy episode. Experts who knows what hands like low level. Yes excellent that it's. It's something and so well put together and it's dominated for anything it's you. Last year he won for best actor was not at that went for this series that. It was announced that for anything in must suck the senate seat now the second season Mary. Joseph city read reviews. They have done it three duke. The idiots. They sit geocities was reviews and it's. What may be the best one there are the reviews today were blowing about c.'s national media members. And it really it's it's it's up there. And sends a bad series on television right now and it's in the category with the west worlds in the game around tendencies like it's just some really good job 75 this is this this is when I'm going to start. I'm here I'm alone I don't yeah I don't I knew I think forming. It it it it was a line it was a for a lot of stuff and atlas is pretty good. So letting me Andy Moeller. Just hurt their care so. Also. This is one that I do wanna start on Netflix. I think the first season is over. Ozark. It did anybody wants those. Yeah and it's really did I mean in the dinner around. The Hamas Bertha about episodes and it is it is pretty good you know what I had to it's. I still like three episodes house colors. Come on I just I've got like on a curb these. It just went crazy the Menendez Brothers a line it was. It came home last night pretty strong I would suggest that when. A loss to new episode of the d.s last all out so it's litigated to the does it take you right that's yeah. That's when he played two wins like Lindsay Lillian in the air gangplank yes you place where it plays both of them. Yes although the degenerate gambler twins so far has been a much smaller part of this news what's that about. It's about the rise of born basically their highs of the morning. It's. It's really again it's it's been awesome so fine me if you've seen it easy in the liar. It's these same style of writing in storytelling that's why it's a it's a bitterly it shows. You know much in this Houston Memphis game on ESPN the pre season NBA game on MLB game is in order before. On that as whine some is that wild eyes and sat in the 7575. I'd strolls in jails not now utterly but I will say this be ashamed of themselves what people were once in Cleveland and Chicago yes they did they were watching soccer it was on. Would be in. Television. Someone has what's in season three of Miami's vice like the eighties Miami but he's God's got to be the new one. Those certain elements of gas this network television hi Amy eyes is and then running right now is yes I'm pretty shared. A look at that isn't really. They Dave Reid in the life Ivo and they've hit Miami. It's amazing columns all island wants a few weeks it's really yeah. Currently. Add anything on Indian fairly recent on would realize that real nice today the same now as not getting emails in there I needed. Good news outlets don't see you later 12049. The only. In about two hours 49 so it's time to him in there it is yeah it's sort of lie in cities Google them once redundant test him tomorrow to see if it's all it's probably tired now. In this this guys at the eighties version of Miami. I would think it's today NCA greats all of this down. Cern it's and I will be back tomorrow. I've run this old we are.