10/11 7pm - Words of Wisdom w/ Uncle Al, Larry Johnson Advice to Marcus Peters, KC Fans Pushing Athletes Away, Showstoppers

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Wednesday, October 11th

Serda Navy stand up! The Serda Show leads us to the return of our most popular segment, "Words of Wisdom With Uncle Al." Then, Ron asks if it's appropriate for Marcus Peters to take advice from Larry Johnson given the dramatic difference in gravity of their perceived transgressions. We end the hour with a deep discussion on if Chiefs fans are risking pushing Marcus Peters and other similar players away from the city with volatile, immature reactions. 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of oh radio yeah. Yeah. Well advanced video wall greens in the united taggants I mean how Stevens there that has always sponsors are most certainly pending. When frequently injured Philadelphia 76ers senator John Allen beat signed a five year 146. Million dollar maximum contract extension the day before yesterday ESPN Zach local artists or stalling it perhaps the most complex contract. An NBA history. To basically across each of the final four seasons of the extension ending with each. Tony Tony thirty sees in the semi sixers could waved and indeed for financial benefit if he's lost because of a contractually agreed upon. Injury that causes him to miss 25 or more regular season games. It's all he had his foot in his back. Those injuries that lingered in kept him from actually making an appearance in the NBA that his knee injury that cost and the missed time last season. And terror. But he's the cornerstone of your franchise you pay that. And this road with your hose runs this you know you police. Two listeners put those. Is it and because we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. You know our wind. M I'll let named as the conservative who cannot see how someone's knee could lead to help being. It hurting an already injured knee already injured foot and back. I guess you can see now adding injury is not a part of the contract it's not like us in the contract the foot and back in I know specific injuries are part of the god but for a man that big who says knee injuries that could that that doesn't help. Someone who already struggles with Beckett foot injuries but the only. Isn't this isn't a finger. I don't steal kind of role in the the percentage allow for signing the contract because if he does play this season he'd get a lot more money. And the next couple years but someone in this circumstance you'd probably take the money considering how how little tight he's actually played the one side of this is eating a hell of a deal. And which side does depends how many games you play I know a lot of. Once that well the I had a chance to be one of the best players that goes on assisted sports that. And he made talents like Joseph well NB a Twitter. And because we're transitioning to trust the process. How busy we got to bulls how many MLS to appease its S sporting KC one in the history of this organization. At that gets to get people sitting texted target about oh yeah. Named the rains you talk about the chiefs and royals sporting as the rains. What is it more than 50% of the people have no idea how many rings that sporting and why because you'll still be hit. Only 46%. Of respondents that correctly said they've won huge. It. That's nearly 400 votes. Maybe you can go there and help them out. I we do this every Wednesday and will do this every Wednesday. One of our most popular segments. It's bad it's been a while we've had a couple people ask about it. In the last couple days words it was a with a uncle while it is coming up here in a manner of moments. Uncle Al is back. We ads are uncle my uncle excuse me not a we enhance our uncle mild did. Random questions and he gives us yes the first things that comes to is it. And generally the text line and even phone calls that call and you Douglas notes you agree with them if you disagree with them. If you've had a similar story uncle Al. Call your friends let them know this has been our most popular segment all of this. This is words of wisdom with uncle. Or words of wisdom. With. All the. They can. Is October 11 2007. Team. And this is the words of wisdom with a uncle I'll. We danced uncle. Uncle. Heard a side of that. Of drinking apple juice is having to take steps. Led to a more time. Have you heard. That is side effect of drinking apple Jews. Is having to take down. Good to get six classics meant he 06 give Randy do you agree with him. Or do you not this is here it's that uncle out. I really though that's a new and to me. Apple do that would have never do you doubt we'll Jews so I don't know if you make you could remove the real fools. Look Barack. It's sick it's the breakdown. Well let's we ask so I'll just the question of words it was a without you ever heard this item that a drinking apple juice is having to take them. It is as little loud. I really though that's a new and to me. Apple do that would have never dream doubt we'll Jews so I don't know if you make you go to the real full. Now blood nets that we what is now I have a hard time believe. That it's never had. His nine years old and he's never had a confused by the article that you guys are little lower ranked well on the use. All. Of us. But it's it's sixty okay talent. This problem now but no tickets are headed and it's a bit hurt. Apple genes that cause it and take dogs. Ed do you agree with so is. That you agreement. I don't you give kids apple used the bat him when there like clogged up. It's a real thing I mean I just wish you continued to big jobs do you find yourself taking it a bit about it I've. I wouldn't say anymore than normal. Sit know that. It. I definitely stop drinking apple juice because of that. So it is though is it is that you can it is that they live that night and after watching the Cosby Show thinking and what hurt that was of hurt that was the thing. I think him. Give those kids and everybody in their ticket to. How could he dumps they take in and apparently not enough I doesn't for years is the same thing Williams that is f.'s debt but secondly it looked. Jill do you groom them aloud about the apple news I'd never heard I don't apple. W three campuses Ulanova district. I. Pretty much exclusively drink water beer I exclusively. I don't speak anything besides water beer the occasional shot of whiskey. So let's is over the eight what's accessories they would six if you miss that we as a allow. If you're coming in late. Have you ever heard that the side effect of drinking apple Jews is having to take dumps is political wiles is out of oh a new and to me. Would do I would have never dream dappled you've faults. I don't know if usually typical you who are you hopeful. Two or three of four visited do you agree with a buy out. Jill doesn't drink. Jews exists exclusively drinks water in beer okay. But I'll add. Apple geez it's a point eight watt has no idea I don't with Julio is that they. If you type in does apple juice on bugle the second recommendation is this topic makes you group. Really it makes a used. It purely. The very gentle laxative gives you very jealous laxative effects softens up in lights has a relatively high ratio of fructose to glucose and sobered all contacts. There's years there's your scientific part of it. How. So what's that it had a ton of fiber you gods guns. And his wife works in a nursing home and apple juice and grades they're Google to. Buy an apple news and during the break out by too much information so that all of this let's get apple uses. And let's hear and see if that is the gates this hour that's what it all painful Obama now. That's also why it and in some apple two hits and let's test yet. Let's. Drinks at fallout to this cat. Engines. If there's a segment where you just don't year either Iran or third. Or ten minutes only. Is saying if you John's life well it's an arsenal. Does great Jews do the same thing. So everyone it searches that are taking communion are evidenced about to go take that up or is it amounts of great that's great is the same. Google. What juices like just goes to the third recommendation is what used to make you root so this guy. A unique question. Or start a great you know as does the same thing one about Orange now. It's at the cap because the seller and it doesn't agree Jews or else cranberry juice and apple Bruins use apple juice energies. Raspberry juice is well according to this search. Editor at people make its sister brother and if you drink for an apple. Casket at a point that analyzed it that is why I bring that to bolster. Apple. Cool that's good if you drink or an apple. Is that adds up. Because of its debt. I I would love to drink yeah it is the an apple about plant with fires are. Apple does music leads me out playing with fire. It would fly this is this is not. That Argentina to yourself because it's still. Packets in an effort and see apple juice lemon tree its glory you get the glass or before we go to break or YouTube that ought to dumps and apples and. Idea I wish wanted to weigh in on the quantity argument you know. Church. I can do it Chia. Local and it is to get. It ankle black out well at all. Let me tell you this Corzine when I went up my well my. But five of my grandfather was a pastor an actor. Communion at the end we would do is drink all the the rest of the communion cups that were left with the vet put me in trouble. 00 yeah. I was. I fail that we you'd hear the gotta make the poll listed a bit this prayer. Apple because it has had apple in. May you did. And to take notes does carry an apple clean yet this is fantastic they kill collapse are coming up next Kansas City fans it's time for us to learn about ourselves. We may be the ones ruining. The future of the geez that's. Oh is that adds up. Go back and do. And you get wins that's on our latest poll just ran apple juice may use the bad. As that is the combination right now thirties and I pursuits is yet. We win and we still don't have a handle on how many MLS championship sporting KC. The other numbers continue to rise that are incorrect. Let's let's kind of move is it a little Ceres because I can't. I try. By DNA's. I promise you. I didn't want to bring this I wanted to. Not discuss these things. That are still relevant. Okay I've missed it I chose to go on vacation during Michael Michael Marcus Peters firestorm week. Has some thoughts I was out. Not drinking apple is the taking dumps while I was on vacation just getting my takes out while I was taken down. How was Salt Lake City. And outlet and able to give it up to eighty. That takes. And so. I setup does go to Atlantic. She's a five alone Alex Smith plan a BM VP either stuck to talk about let's stay topical. And 20. Mark Peters. Knows the and I was able goalie to let it go. Until. Yesterday. Okay. We're we've hit the frame on this is when we're getting to a point. We're we are making. It as if that mark is Peter's. As at a point where he needs to take advice. From Larry. Johnson. Okay. It was a great interview thought assisted sports that became what the drive. Two days ago. But come on guys. Marcus Peters has reached the point. Of Larry Johnson. Giving advice you know what Larry Johnson is Larry Johnson is the equivalent of a troubled youth who has reached rock bottom and he has to go. Two beyond scared straight Larry Johnson is beyond scared straight. Art is Peters has got some fifteen yard penalties. And has gone off on the sideline and told a fan who I. I believe completely deserved it to go F off all any sits during the National Anthem. That day getting to be on scared straight territory. There is no way in hell that we should be to a point. Where Marcus theatres has to listen to advice from Larry Johnson like this. But it looked at it and I'll believe it yet but I seen them like I needed to expire in his act back. Don't doubt that anybody look at what it. It is who look that up at the play all caught on big commotion I see it in and I. Every time he got all of it the it is that should I feed that fire. I see it is the eat them up when it out of that that arena as well you know but wouldn't we'll be protected air hook. When he is thirty years people it according to even par. And he let that go without but it won't eat amok and I is what I eat or that there will be wet. In your life into a situation that make it benefit you in the future. Larry Johnson. And mark is Peters or even in the same stratosphere. And markets is gonna be the highest paid quarterback in the couple years. I mean you've got to be kidding. I just gonna have to do it can solo looked up the the Larry Johnson history and let's start comparing it to mark is Peter's it's funny because. Here in Kansas City especially in the media. We spent. Years roasting a guy like Larry Johnson and then it takes him being removed from the spotlight for years to. Except that hey he could be. Someone that we lean on for issues like this he could be a a figure that we use to. To tell us you know what what markets Peter should be doing what we eat he can give advice to a guy like markets Peters. Who is really doing anything. Now except stated what he believes it. Ed still continuing to play and as bad at any off the field brown visited those. Sensitive I've got this right. Let me let's not just be reckless I know I know Ares movements Barry towards. Buried parts that'll their vehicles. But go ahead Joseph Stafford still is going to give us the Larry Johnson went she and I guess Marty's eaters. And now Travis LT but the text line has arrived year. Since 2003. Larry Johnson has been arrested at least six times. Five the arrests were on various assault charges against women. Or law he was an active player in the NFL I mean you've got to be kidding. I don't never got missing gate Travis Chelsea and Marc is Peters and as spitting on women. And attacking women at worst another point because these cats have got fifteen yard penalty. That Larry Johnson. This Larry's beginning. This guards and let it appears Larry has changed his life around and I'm happy for later. And Larry all but not. Larry on to say hey Larry Connor Telus. Tell us what Marcus Peters is going through. And what is future not slapped in the face to mark his speed is an apparently now to have the skills as they are all year we're Larry has. Larry is that. Critics Larry Johnson. Is being God's gift to. That is the market leaders he is like taking mark. Peters to beyond scared straight that he was a troubled youth is not there yet. I'm also. I'm not a fan of doing. This or we have guys like him on and former athletes. To ask them about modern day players and what these guys are doing because generally. You're not getting. Realistic answers from these guys they're they're going to take the high road inactives if while you know what he's doing is what he's doing drop heat to be a batter he's be a better football player he needs to be a better man. Our speakers isn't doing anything wrong he's not doing anything. Any of the people out there listening right now haven't done before their lies livid that ever has been a little bit too passionate about something you got overboard. But it would make sense to me if you say okay Michael slowly. We have Ryan leaf here who would like to give you some advise and maybe talk to you about what could be the future. It sits right. Wrote what Michael Floyd's big room. At what Bryant he's been through that makes it. But as jewelry had please read it did jailed since 2003. Does that guy who has who has a passionate player list may be cost out of Spain who had. That may be may who has got up I had who has. Gotten 58 yard penalties. And Golan. Bob Sutton because bots that keeps putting him on receivers that are going to get the ball well 39. I and is covering Hopkins because that. Now he it's the equivalent to this what he did read it. Since 2003. Larry Johnson is better arrested at least six times five of the arrests on various assault charges against the women. Or he was an active player in the NFL as recently as 2012. He was arrested for domestic violence charges that included strangulation. And in 2014. Was arrested for punching a man and a Miami Beach club and putting him with a broken by is that someone on. The team that may be it makes boards it's rendered to speak to. I would say it because it seems like the case turning around to be Tyreke pills closer. It's I don't what is more is Peters Dooley to where. It's like I said earlier. They liked it Kendrick mole Lamar came out and peed on a tree and got arrested for being editorial we said all right I'm gay. Why don't you go tell him about what is life could be. Or worst acting as if this is affecting mark is Peters played I hear one bad game against Washington. Went yeah he did get exposed a little bit and that game but we've seen him get beat before it's not. It's something new but doesn't change the fact that he's an elite player. Out one of the elite positions in football even on the field after the date it would out because he's got to give them up. Let's get enough playing time. I would entire season with him when I saw him run for two yards to carry it just all out he'd run in the line and all that paper mill hit him with the papers lie. Compare its field. What is it about the people that Jessica I can't believe what it is not just its media and Spain or sick. Yeah Barak is leaders due to get help from Larry jobs or eagle. Larry FitzGerald. Larry not. Larry do an eternity somebody. And everyone is making markets Peters out to be this bill and in their reaction has been. Here's what you need to do markets Peters a borrowers in your shoes this is what I would do. Ed Ed. It's so frustrating when that Syria action as opposed to let's understand markets Peters the person. And we just seem on interested in understanding. Who markets Peters is an only trying to make him beat this mold that we have concocted in our brain. Hell we've gotten to the point that for tread is kills. And Marcus Peters. Larry Johnson. Is now. The saving grace that we sit her. So when there on the tax lad had a great. Yep makes it I talked to tiger all the time for my own advice and my relations. Good god that is that is it's insane to me idol I just I don't understand. First awful lot markets Peters is even a big deal as were were acting as if he's got a suspension looming overs headers and as if as of the end Bell's getting ready to come down on mark is Peters and it's it's funny because not like that is app. Art is Peter's facility leak player. I got nothing to hurt. This team I just don't even know as an aunt and everyone does things differently and act knocking them. I can't see how that comes up in your minds Enqvist but at a I like there's no reason that I wanna talk to Larry Johnson in concerning about anybody. Any advice during a soul of this team. That's it Larry Johnson bill. That you know how crazy that is to say. Includes tied rekindle. There it up to all of the tiny. That is it Larry Johnson bill why. Read it again Joseph can I can't eat rats eat up Larry Todd did the person we are turning to in this city at stake. Marcus breeders'. You can listen and get advice from this. Since 2003. Larry Johnson has been arrested at least six times five of the arrests were on various assault charges against the women. Or he was an active player in the NFL as recently as 2012. He was arrested for domestic violence charges that included strangulation. In 2014. He was arrested for punching Amanda Miami Beach club and cutting him with a broken. I guess since markets Peters said if you followed by the same thing the president said. What he called. The dealers and so. I guess because markets said that it read his skills eat the love talent and official. They're in Larry Johnson. Often don't love it I don't you I out of it that's part of the problem is that we don't. We we beg and plead for these guys to be truthful and give us real responses that they eggs and then when Travis Kelsey Embarq is Peter's. Our real interest all we hate it and say it's unprofessional I hear you on that I care about that man. Just don't don't compare somebody. Who steals an apple to somebody who murdered somebody. Like that that they're not even close and say that it's this person can learn from this person. And get the hell out of ami hit the hell out of the did you get to the point coming up next are telling you this is just the first started. If I can get passed since Larry Johnson the other fans at Kansas City we play a part of this to end this may not look good for us in the future. Often don't you love it. It. Yeah. Bizarre ruling little. That Larry Johnson. Is. Is still called at a place. What are eat it's. To be mentoring. Or selling its telling mark is Peter's. I see myself and Kelly do this. Q can we do this that would put this poll regulars. You're put this below. Do you think then. Which is Smart is Peter's issues we have reached the point. That he should take advice from Larry Johnson. I am into domestic tease the managing what that whole. Because I could not believe all of the text line and what people were saying and how they were reacting to. The was saw oral world we've reached where Larry Johnson. Is able to give him. This is I have been so frustrated with this is late. What is a guy. Aside from getting a penalty here in the air which happens in every NFL game occasionally guys who were insanely competitive. Get a little hot and get a flag during game. Outside of that is about is Peters died. That make you think he isn't just a super competitive guy who is brought rarely image he said there the national. He talks differ. I wanna take you to this. And I'm an actor I like it because every time I just look at and think Larry did you. And I think that the stock that he zip I see myself. Owed. Old two year. Maybe. Maybe OG sees itself in an east but let me let me movie. I think we're the real problem could potentially be down. And how we are reacting to players like Travis kills it markets Peters is. Man. We're hopeful around it start to have. A huge. Huge fake and real reputation developing. In other professional athletes especially at football. And now as we've talked about we've been one of the first chills I think in the country who's been talking about the NFL players going on strike. Whatever the new CBA comes out that's a couple of years. I'm I'm willing to bet. That they will have to improve and it's done. Two free agency in will have more power and not have to be stuck. Along with franchise stakes for as many years coming up of the new CBA. So it will make it easier. For players to get in free agency. And if the Kansas City fan base. Keeps having this type. A reputation to where we're going to ride players like Travis Kelsey and mark is Peter's poor little bitty stuff. It is native city news the market leaders goes off on the sideline. That happens everywhere it'd it'd go off like it O'Neal brown did. It just went off a little bit. And that's what three national stuff it's not guilty on national stuff. At least in the city a huge story. Players are gonna look at is the players are heavily talk it's a man. I hate I know you ought to when he would but they'll say this. It's want saying dammit that I got to live in Kansas City where there are other places I could live. I got to live here and deal with this too. And it would appear based it. If I go off as those of a motion on the sidelines. They're gonna lose it at Salem upon. Down the line when this new CBA comes out. And they have more power. To hit free agency quicker. Players are going to look at say man. That fan base. Good on that. Good on that because what you should do well. As you can pick people early like right. You just go to markets Peters as they are at Marcus gonna make the highest paid corner. You located we have created for two more years or three more years if we slept the fit your thoughts and argue. You better take this. But they're gonna have more power they're gonna have more power than that in the future. And then he slapped a fifth year option on him and then you can franchise tag in for two years after that on Sunday Sen news and news. They're gonna have more power and I'll end it doesn't pay better and play and they're going to be able to wait it out. And they're going to be saved themselves. It's one thing that I had to live here when there are other options of better places that I could live. And I'm going to do I know we have a wonderful city. Sadly enough if you think about a young professional athlete. This is not. One of the top cities. Okay and I'm just telling you whitbeck as an issue in the weather's not a great. And with that as an issue in the fan base makes people feel like. Well. I'm already a big fish in the small pond and if I do something that shows emotion. People are going to crush me and it's been a week at you did you listen to Torres is Therese is article he wrote. If you listen to his did you read his article yet. Yes analysts and markets acknowledged the stuff he's gaining from Kansas City fans. It's not pretty. It's not something that is inviting. To make you what does the eight years. Makes is seem to be associated with the city beyond what those people. Well this is L or any of them putting words in mount dog like. If that's the Rapid City gates and that's the majority of the acts on the same users. Are not alarm. The entire city into a few people that are choosing. To act that way and feel that way about what markets Peters is doing on the sideline even though that is his god given right. I mean we're seeing it across sports now where all these players are getting. Emails and death threats and things like that for choosing to step step up for something that they believe. Think mark is Peter's needs Howard vice and is aiming announcing markets Peters he say explain. Anything to us because he doesn't owe us an explanation. Marcus Spears is out doing what he believes in so why does he need to explain himself. These football players are about to get more closer to the route. And MBA players. And Kevin are leaving Oklahoma City. For many of the similar reasons that I mentioning. Kind of the same thing. 816 that they paid they will come here to say that used to be a deal and I'm saying this is this is predicated with the new CPA. They're used to it you could just screw people into. You could you pick just screw people into being like who we just played the Houston Texans via the Audrey Hopkins got screwed it today. The outer Hopkins is just let the franchise tag on him he would have been there seven years. And he's got to take that deal. The new ZBA they're gonna have more now I went through this to Peter acts like. Peters acts like a damn fool and has nothing to do with the anthem. And you guys sticking up for him you all sound silly no what sounds silly is we've got to a point where we're doing a dale poll at 43% of the people think it markets Peters has reached a point where he should be taking advice but leery jobs. Yet people of the city. Who act like mark is Peters is beating up women in getting arrested in doing crazy things because he's almost channel on the sideline and he's got like five flags. It two years. I've just telling you people install ours and star athletes and players are gonna roll a free agents are going to say. Look at this thing it looked when a guy like mark is Peter's a trip is guilty going through. Go to Houston I while I go to I that this person is part of the issue in the fact that he thinks are just Peters. Is a full. For an doing a peaceful protest. And I'm not gonna put it in his mouth that he thinks he's a fool for peaceful protests may be principle because he acts. Crazy or he like on the sidelines he goes off that he gets man and stuff like that when I'm telling you is that happens. All around the league all the time. There's only one Larry FitzGerald. Hey that that in most of the guys and most of the guys still emotion in a five up player. Who has a chance to be a free agent to go anywhere. And I'm getting the type of reaction from a fan base like markets Peters says. Optical. I could see that as a history as they they in the future. Free agent lies so we'd better get a grip on this. The summit you don't give a rip and that's fine that's your prerogative. I'm just telling you. Whatever you could say you sell like as clams and skinny jeans. I enjoy skinny jeans hours in I'm wearing a pair right now. The comfy I obviously never tried them shame on both you. I would argue people who. Are comparing him putting Larry Johnson with an eighty title role ballpark of lit a mean market speeders any type of ball park of Larry Johnson. Our what was it said. Ask. Coming up next step requested. If you paid attention to the baseball playoffs. As yours. I've ever gonna move as what we'll move to the baseball player. This is this is. Annapolis and I'm not naive or stupid enough to understand this doesn't this is the only NFL city schools but aren't telling you there already. If professional sports some drawbacks. For athletes. Anywhere from the age of eighteen to thirty. They're already drawbacks living in this city especially if you're free agent you can choose where do you want to ago. But dealing with stuff like this. Ed Ed this is probably team. From some of the stuff the markets Peter's gates we've seen it posted the star has done stuff. From 816. It doesn't help that Marcus wants to sound like it un educated street during immediacy of it he went to college. He can try. It aids and. I'm just save your kid if your professional athlete shoes. With already the drawbacks you get to choose rare you want to go. Romo like. I cannot and I. I just they had no hole may be that's the way all. They just want him to that the only speaks from the Twitter. All Peters is a hot had trouble maker heats ago he is not a professional. What is mark is Peter's done to hurt this team and organization. Besides get a fifteen yard panel. Is that doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Yes I I do is let would you to say when you hear it and that's the same. Personal in bombs do anything and he's got any of that. That's the kind of texts that makes me say things in the last segment like. I feel the same to be associated with the city when things like this happen. Like how how can I mean. It's it's not that T. That's a movement or is. Sort of looking at it or him I ideas. That's was it when you'd think. All right down the line you think people don't remember this you think he doesn't talk to other players in the league. And it sucks because I'm not saying all of Kansas cities like this and I'm not saying that if that happened in Atlanta. Does that happen in Minneapolis that that happened in any other. It does. I'm just telling you. They talk to each other. They remember this. They hit. This like. It's cold chill already. And I know you all look at the city and I looked Kansas City it's that he is growing for someone who's eighteen. Or twenty to thirty. This is not the extent ace in in the top. Apple belief that you wanna go to. Hits LeBron leaving Cleveland were it was buoyed race to go to Miami. That's why this is going to be such a struggle for the new collective bargaining agreement because that's why. The owners have so much control over these players that's why the salary cap is in place so players don't have that because he's odd guy. You side decrepit Brandon Marshall finally hit free agency on his own terms this past off season and he chose to go to New York. Mikey he's a shell of himself as well I think you might seek it. He can barely move out there now he's got a broken ankle he's going to be out for the rest a little changed this we will get to a point where a player like mark is Peter's. Will play for years and then be eligible to become a free. I predicted. Jolie Casey go ahead man. Very. New York right. It is atlas. Is to fabulously that is that a too much apple juice is again Hanson some some something. He sounded really normal when I was talking to and amenity how. Maybe if he was stranded pages devised a game called bathtub like its is that if they had Hitler. I just under the sign him and it is. It is something to boot to to look at. I coming up next let's go ahead and let's jump into this our lead story today. Why have we hit star away gates. To a sport that seems to be falling apart. At the C that if you.