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Friday, September 22nd

We give you this week's installment of Pick-A-Player, the Chargers are the worst type of team to be, there is some passionate audio about CTE that you have to hear, and hear from all of our 610 Insiders on who they think will win this Sunday in LA. 


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This time. A game that has continued to captivate. Kansas city's big game isn't simple. And football scene won't confuse players. For us locker room and he got an opportunity to compete against some of your favorite cheese today the chiefs are charged entered Weston. Mitchell short Dustin Colquitt writes seeing as protests. You have the opportunity to go up against one of those for employers have been nothing going to pick a player on the open when only tell you but today we're up plan opened some recession. It is a very simple game I did you category. I did you colors red blue. Or I'll lock you got fifteen seconds and it was me your name magenta. That's that's a color yet and it. I'd like she's player with the same question says color. Hopefully. If you beat the chiefs player. We being told law school. Yeah greater margin of victory in the other callers you get a prize. We go to the full line Cody at least some and how you doing today. Aren't. And that's that are in pick a player you have. Marketer last physical. Acting as roaches and Mitchell sorts. Who's the globe are. Bill or an hour. Are right. He had the animals you look hunt. How many different animals that you would hunting your name in fifteen seconds on your mark get set vote. Dear key. Mallard. Alligators. Big foot bath large. Blocking out monster. And currently locked there. A good show yeah there are a lot of those late. I can't do is ask wants McCain needed bigfoot I'd seeing you likeness bonds they did that and either I don't know if you're allowed to Mark Canton I think there is only an endangered actually. I am girls' lives and yet again flies by item and now for our way. Yeah I mean I don't know much about the animal wildlife but I do feel like pink and others take a panda are one of those protected animals just like Jason's that you can't go hunting for bald Eagles Saturday evening ago. You can't go around shoe prints are. But again she yours if you. Let's hear him rocking his righteous let's see here she is the avid hunter. Hall. Girl on line again. Here. Games. Bernard. Urging peace. A secret. Yeah. I don't know like do the birds chicken. I gave Bloomberg I did give him chicken. In kingdom is in a quail hunting that's not something I did you birds not just give you as maybe you can't use it now a million. I give you one for birds I change it should know but you're really sick and hunt gold operation yet but I don't even know prairie chicken is I was a different than a regular Earl formed it it's different again. Well and I don't I does that I don't know I don't know another big hotter but I know guys on perjury I was reason and truth I don't know anything about preacher and I don't know what that is the kids still on. You can't go on regulatory. So. Enemy writing is atrocious. With a plus three that means Cody from Lee's summit well he can't win all right. Move on to analyze act it will lay the exact right feeling today. Being very harmful product you. I hate you sergeant. Mitchell shorts and Dustin Colquitt who would like to go against that earlier. I charged in her last as we continue our journey through the alphabet he got girl's name the start with the let's hear you can dues at girls' names that start at the K fifteenth say tomorrow that go. Chris school. Her white. Or you. Let's get to tech boom boom boom on the overall. Let me put killed and Deborah threes I don't know what I do know Kelly at this point when it comes to get out and when it comes a charge injured less. Should be ready. In the fall executed last Jesse does is show enough. Last week was. I'm so Wheeler is going to be Al it's gonna be girls' names let's start with the Al. Payer and getting ready for a leader later just knocked out 37 have a sheet of paper ready. Am the champion of blood. Will read it would be good Lilly in the arraigned La Fonda Gloria La Fonda the font. We lead just not gonna now. Which got us or do you prepare yourself for the game. Your cheek Olympic of the Turkish. Some people still don't know what's your odds are kindred dozens girls' names start with you can't. She soon. Killing. When we disown my okay well. Classy. Patent Kim. An early til its logic and I don't even know what that'll collide there's here well it's it's something to eat and it like this a lot chief that I don't know I don't know hearted talk about a boxy. Now that you're not talking about it that your I don't know what that is I don't know what o'clock I'll tell you right now. OK I don't know what that is fickle touchy is that type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rim to buy a puffy pillow supper ago. So that technology. Welcome I don't think it's a girls. I still don't know what that is yet this is an honor it's a pastry I still don't know what that is yet it's it's paste in well speaking of names start with the cake Kirk. You don't sneaker. Oh I. That's fantastic Geithner and you've got to you go agents. You've got the offensive line initial Schwarz. And booked up for your degree at best bill. Often planned and destroy Smart. All right Mitchell Schwartz Mitchell Schwartz got types of berries. How many different types of berries can you name in fifteen seconds Kirk on your mark get set go. You are. Raspberries. Matt. I like blue red berries carry out there. I'm gonna put shall hold Bledsoe had a meeting of the my colleague shares of there. Isn't I think it is actually adding I would say it is I think shear is a forum a bit I don't I am spot is cheering him I gave him five. I think this year is a form of a beer. I don't know that should be. A 100%. They are he's what it says. The chair he is in fact classified as a currency not a very well with it's not a prayer of thanks ours and he only up for me it. If for records for Akram. That's he's he has some subscribers arbiters of bears in the name would you it would get judges that's the chairs there the DX a MRI. Mitchell sorts I'm going to assume dominated this category also climbing let's hear how Mitchell Schwartz at seeking noses Bayer's. Strawberry raspberry blueberry. Couple there is. There have been Barry Bonds. Return. I'm gonna be remembered and I know you've got the guts it's a bit in Beirut and no I don't stressed that. No item Ruben Studdard is Dina who that is. The idea that America. It's he's viewed on he's got one American on these gentlemen again these are for 2001. And one that want one soon it's over. Are you insane Erik there I know I told that it is like I don't know I guess Eric billion burial in your team I thought she would of got. Maybe Google will be an email so right now are guys who is in these it's a push. With the church I know he's in the lead any hope the low. I mean it can't this pitching really win the game here like Anthony Casey can win the game you have to win by at least one. Or the text or lose to the gift I don't no matter who wins if not our right into Kansas City you set to win by one party feel. All right. You're going up against Dustin COLT who has the rights of Cologne how many different types of Cologne to name a fifteen seconds it's you know your market. Hello hey. Yeah. God I am Monty. Yeah. And back home singular work the way it's like. I'm abroad before cliff near Manning on policy. You do something Preston and yet at the Ford plan. You might have the you definitely. In the spotlight couldn't stand aside and all of these lines it was and yet on the RNC. Let's just let's let's determinant in if you got denied the dog Dustin Colquitt its illicit Dustin Colquitt enjoys its militants. Paula Paula black. Our money. New chief. That's the bathroom clones I'm looking forward. That's all you atomic bomb on men's Malibu must. I got him down for a sixth that I got through some Kirk is the no. Perks up the element out Kurt I mean. Kirk is not a quitter. You lost. Good days and we mean technically didn't win as well I mean. Yeah. Meantime. You know this is this like the American League and for the wild card doesn't that's as a player was no that's everybody look bad that's an excellent analogy. But it match exactly what it is and I know Nolan wants the price target and he's just now open and yeah so will drop during the commercial break if you hear it. All cats have you call in number six and will give you via a third over the protecting fair and very many men and you know. Just for you when he argues in the eyes are Datsyuk that if you don't. For six. All you fancy ice and as autistic like you can't beat that you can take you know it's only takes councils and as we can not not gonna tell you that he's worked so I would take I did Kobe resuscitate him Kobe I don't know I would take and his relatives on its gonna say you know what I think you should probably take Ezekiel Utley tried the -- I'm gonna give you seem like for his eyes last week it was but I do feel pretty good about Ezekiel. This week's did a commercial break we'll play a sounder Oliver six will give you discredited it since none of our contestants pick a player really one of the prices. Up next. The chargers are the worst kind of teams would be I split town nestled under. The text line going out very hurtful words. Your status you buy socks. Your trans ended in bears that's a little hard that's a little money that's very very harsh and all I've tried to do with these did you. Absolutely. And winning. Locks. A fancy advises you treat me I see it. Thankless job what ice has to do is a thankless job less so the all time wins the my game yesterday. Yeah we're. Targets so Cooper today was twelve target so far. Flyer on him he's a flex position to a forty. Look Cooper cup super cup I'd take a flexed position player on him whenever my number one number two. I take a slices then I take a flex flyer Olin Cooper cup today. All humans and horror. Don't be fooled by this week in which Carlos I gave you fifteen years 424. Yards to orbit it's really good day you get that under bonus. All and Carlos Hyde today. And we need more honor. Why. The week. The range deepens. How many points this season the San Francisco 49ers who were coming well spent the great audience to. But thank you got the rams defense are there available and believe it. Grab this week you'll thank you for the device. If you took my advice to the bank now broke and ask you some. How much of that advice costs like for the list for the fanciful well I mean it's for exactly. So listen to my dad said vice cost not. Now sometimes it's bad advice. But then costing I mean united since I worked so hard. On that fantasy advice to uphold yeah they're great name that Chrysler has given. What is nice little promo code courtesy of being as he sports market sixteen big inning yeah. I just tried to help people and clearly I'm an embarrassment and I should be giving us the device with a thankfully I. Be back on Monday and he'll be drafting Tyrod Taylor first of all leagues. I go to something never do it for like you'll get like what's that saying in the dark. It got them that they hero deserves nice back that's a fantasy advice you deserve. My fantasy advice would be listen ice and he's back among. That be my advice in that now I can't really fault I realized pretty solid device it's funny that I just read this during the break. Talk about this I think charge of the worst team to be. Does it right now for the winter. That says the charters are better than their record indicates. That's how you feel yeah a dangerous team scrappy team they're going to play you tooth and nail played so liar and they're gonna be incredibly competitive in the game. Would suggest they'll be competitive in the game well one possession games. But has finally lose those games are great new coach the chargers are nine in 2.5. Since 2015. Do we stop thinking that about the chargers. Chart as the bad football team because if it was the Brown's except they're bad football team. If it's Jacksonville weeks up to the bad football team. Except that what the charge. They also and quarterback. And they had a policy in quarterback. It only played portals goal hall of fame don't Adobe's well again I I'd I think that that to me that's that's the biggest thing. Another factor TC and bill lost runner up little video we talked known. They're playing a football state Chris Jones was asked about it. What's the film where no man what I only got to sell itself. I don't play USC's that you know there's the rams minute through Q how much how much easier. Doing. The plan is soccer state they are playing in a soccer stadiums doubled and you told is that what is it's doubled easily LA galaxy players yes it is just a weird game to me in and one other reasons I think the chiefs beat the patriots up it just felt wrong. All right. Again the charters on artists hockey team and I I really don't believe that she's at the end of the season are gonna be the best team in football league I think this is a it'd be a really pivotal game for the chiefs and sooner or later if you have a quarterback like Philip Rivers that will go to the hall of fame. And he's got a budget he's gonna get somebody I just hope it's not chiefs as the reason I think the charge of the worst kind of team to be in the worst kind of team to report. Because they're good enough to give you hope. But bad enough to not go anywhere and pick up very high in the draft. Far removed at the charters had the number two overall. Number three number three overall pick in the draft good golf what Rolen in the woods with two in the enjoy both Sadat. Selected Earl Ross was top notch quarterback take. To give you the hope that you may mean disorders are dangerous team scrappy team. Bad enough that they're gonna pick and it's not sitting and they're not going anywhere they had bought anyway and a very long time there's some. Individual talent and name guys on the team and the the blast as soon as their team. Rivers is on the team. Ingram is a good running back artsy Melvin boarding is a good running back Tim Allen's good putter Hillary it's audio gates or defense joy boasts a a name players all of the San Diego Chargers Los Angeles chargers. Team nine and 25 since the start of 2015. Any in those games or an eighteen in games that are decided by eight points alas they are going to find a way to lose this game at the end. I didn't. I softened some of clippings everybody else I don't treat them like their Jacksonville I don't treat them like to hear the browns. And five of the last two and a half season suggesting you're the football team like good football teams find a way to win more of those games. The chart is not a seven and nine to end at 818 they have been a 34. Win team last year five wins. Before that. Four wins like they have not been good football team you have been a good football team you found ways to win these kinds of games and you don't beat yourself. The chargers for whatever reason whether it's coaching lacking discipline like almost said whether it's injuries so we got bit by the injury bug and I just think they're going to find a way to lose this game at the end of the. It tells his weird man nobody saw that she's beat the patriots. Nobody saw the Broncos beat the cowboys 4217. Last week. It happens week in and week out somebody gets. You know somebody gets bit somebody loses it they shouldn't and you add the Panthers beat the bills 93 last week. It's it you know. I a blue I agree with you and I believe that she's you're gonna win but. Weird stuff happens in the and it got enough talented players we you know they've got Ingram and Joey blows in the can get after the quarterback right. They've got those guys to get Philip Rivers you know policy that in Antonio Gates get heated now. They scared man and again in and bill moss said they're going into a place they've never played before and into most of us that might sound stupid. If your veteran your creature of and you wanna you wanna know exactly where you go on what you're doing your pregame routine learn all that stuff going to a city that they took to the don't go too. And the plane is stating they've never played him before and on top of that again they've got Philip Rivers and sooner or later. He's gonna get one. And sooner or later that kicker is actually gonna make you care and I just hope it's not this weekend. I just look at this game as. I think it's hard to beat a team that gets bit when you have at least these three things that you don't do this. Bad teams. Had bad coaches poor quarterback play in the tour of the bald chiefs don't do that Jews as probable one time and it was a fumble on their first offensive play of the game they haven't had a turn over since many aids in the football over here but Alex Smith certainly is the one to throw the ball over nothing and his chief career would tell you he's gonna turn the ball over. Two or three times in this game. We agreed well coached we agree write other quarterbacks playing as well as he's played it is timing teensy. Does that with those three things you're less likely to fall victim to be upset. In this game but sugar and a lot yeah it charges are very dangerous team. Does happen to be on the other side I think the charges the worst kind of seem to be. Good enough to give you hope individual talent bad enough to know that you're not going anywhere they are the AFC version of the O of the New Orleans Saints a team that is what we do is at the same thing and they got breeze they got Michael Thomas. So it's not going anywhere so it's got to be picking top ten this year public support other quarterback out of the charter is going to be and that ball very very soon. Next some very passionate ideal from a former player on CT and head trauma it's audio that she needs here next on the drive. And. Thank you on the drive Kerry's senior Brent staining here Chrysler is now he will be back on Monday. To play this audio where you guys because I think it is bare read bear re important audio. We talked to bill moss about it earlier today Indiana hurt. Assuming if you are in the same boat had not heard this is audio about the place courtesy of Chris Carter. He co host first things first on FS one. Eight and it is one thing choose year. Su player or two people that had never played football talk about CT and it's affects. Live with the game and of seats the not to limit limit the damage of CT. Chris Carter does. Chris played in the NFL for sixteen seasons. This is him talking about. The UAE. Findings with Aaron Hernandez. His experience with CT. How he feels about this audio courtesy of fox sports one this Chris Carter or CT. It's hard for me because. Recent back and really really remember. This is what I wanted to do. But now as a as a former player. I never really had any other job besides sports. So I played football sixteen years in mention that. I've been in television sixteen years talk about sports talk about the ball. I've also many kids' football Archos a Little League team traveled playing football goes to high school team we got Levin T it's plain and NFL today. Like to me I wonder like what's gonna happen. I what's gonna happen in my generation. I've had teammates who killed themselves Andre Walker's teammate minus Philadelphia. My good friends of mine Junior Seau. Dave do worsen. Great man. Got it done tremendous things in their community all the sudden they became violent and took their own lives. So why worry I worry what my future is. Now I haven't shown any signs of it I didn't have any recorded concussions playing. But I would say there is some type of fear. Fear of the unknown. But. I sit here conflicted. Because. With all the information I have. I wouldn't change a thing. When I was seven years old. I try to play football. Our doctor tell is my birth certificate. Wasn't in an old enough the lady told me son come back with your mom I have a pin on my birth certificate and I changed. And I came back the next years so proud signed up pay much point five dollars. And football gave me a sense of purpose. They gave me a sense of means the there's not always obvious that America for a black man. What sports. It gives you that opportunity. People don't discriminate people don't care what your religion it's a matter of who is the best. So what would my life be without football. I don't know and I make it think about. What what football has done for my family I mean what is done among my own. My mom had seventieth in forsee was 45. Almost won her life told her she was a loser. Is he what you gonna be successful. But my brother went in the NBA and myself went in up on my mom went back to colleagues. Got her degree went back and got her masters. My sisters of things they have been able to do myself. I've been around the world calculated. Four times with no college degree and no formal education. So for me the CT thing Israel. But also in America. What other choice it was a black man had. It's better than the National Football League. The presents the opportunities economically. That influence that you had. So for me I still encourage young people to game is safer now than it's L were banned. Are there some drawbacks of the game that are not free yes. But what is your recourse. Might what do you do. If you have athletic ability. You decide not to play football this gonna play basketball just gonna play baseball. So for me I'm conflict that it's a game that I blow. A given information that I have. I hope the rest of my wife works out well. But I'm willing. To suffer the consequences. Become what it's done for me. So it's alarming. And to think that this is the game that we encourage young people to play in the end result was that. I Easter break into the stadium. And run stadiums that in my hometown. And now that that statement named after me. You know res alignment is not because people like me. Because it was timed it wasn't nice to be associated with Chris Carter. But the reason why my name is on that field is because of football not nothing else. This week how local law no reason why my name's on this show. They go to great broadcast this group school know. This because I played football. That's the reason why so most of the good things in my life that come about this problem football. So it's not good for me to see a young man who was trying to about the same dream that I lived out. Airports in like that. If for football to be some type of calls. It people. Would have to be concerned about football players as we get older that we might become vital that we have a tendency to hurt other people. But I don't wanna be paying that would that brushed. I won't be a part of that. But that's the fraternity to which I come from and it's really hard to escape. That's first quarter. You is courtesy of first things first one FS one very powerful audio from obviously someone's opinion. You have to take very seriously as Cris Carter has been in the NFL. And a round the game of football for over thirty years. We all have our different levels of closeness to football the NFL college team we've high school setter. I thought the most powerful port in there. In what I think is going to be hard for America to completely turn its back on football you hours on yesterday how did Balkan eventually die out. The reason I think football had a very long life news it did some soul many kids an opportunity that wouldn't have an opportunity elsewhere. Let's take an example that everyone would know Jamaal Charles. Don't know where Jamaal charles' life without football. Young blacks hated drop in the city not the greatest education learning disability we think he goes to Texas were doubtful all. We think he becomes a millionaire and as the life that he has if it's not for football probably not. There's hundreds of those stories throughout the NFL. College. He wants scholarships is that an individual school 88 o'clock A it's 8588 some like that now multiply that times every division one school lets him yesterday to let's do that for. Kids that would never have the opportunity to go to college for whatever reason they get an opportunity to go to college because of Opel. The big argument for not wanting to pay these college kids is well I have all the student loan debt think about the burden of life is just our eyes are off to a thousand dollars in debt. Some kids get the opportunity to score like at a zero financially because they played a sport whether it was you were a big you know whether you play football. Mean it's going to be hard for America to turn it spackle football win it does so much for so many people Cris Carter's himself include you know if we're talking. But this couple days ago it was based on and it was a story found in the Boston Globe is all right C done. They're Thomas CT kids in and use football and and and kids not playing and so you know my life didn't want. Her athletics on the play football so it was a point four billion delete level. On. Get a different way and in my perspectives change a little bit and becoming a step. Because you can't every kid's different same parents same upbringing things are different and I don't know what I would do if I was in that situation and I didn't make that. Make that call to let my kid play football or not and it to me it would it would be determined. Simply on the on the individual case because some kids are pretty active some kids go through some stuff. You know some kids if you put them and in a controlled environment where they can play tackle football. Work out some other energy deal with the some of the things that have gone on their life I think it's really healthy I think it's really healthy. Now if you have a healthy kid healthy environment yet maybe it's not the right thing for him. I don't. Was in football and sports so this for years and years all right. It teaches you how to be team member it teach you failure it teaches success it teaches you how to be physical teach you how to be mental. On how to be coached. Added how to work well within a team on you have to deal with individuals that are like Q. So I think there's a million healthy things about it and things about it. Notes on a former football players last while the same thing. Same problem around guys that played on Astroturf. Guys that. I don't only guy specifically that CT Tomas and we talked hammer he admits that he has some symptoms of that. But the guys touch him like would you go back if you would and on this would you start don't you would you know if if if you would walk funny for the rest your life or you couldn't throw balls or you could do this would you have changed it and I've not found one person that's it would have done anything yet. Part of my fear about the growth of football and I think sometimes we like to look into 2030 years of the NFL when I don't know how technology is gonna advance yet and I don't know how any of that is going to happen. My fear is going to be bad footballs and his heart into a very class driven sport. That the majority of people that play it or going to be port like this from the city now. Then I remember this quote I don't remember who it is analyst you have from our tribute to our members but it was essentially. Portuguese fight because they asked to. Rich kids have the opportunity to do other things that the usual face to make money in your in the make money. You can use your intelligence into other things but. Boxing at the way it's driven is port he'd have to do it in a few booked with a history of boxing it's normally been based on minority groups our country and there. Struggled to reach equality in our country financial qualities that us specifically but the fear is going to be. That he's Smart appearance with more education more means more resources board to direct their kids in baseball basketball other sports. And the only people there got to play football team in fifteen years from now. Are going to be poor kids from the inner city. That there fear we viewed it as the only way they can make out the only way you can go to college is if you play football the only way you can break the cycle of poverty. Is if you play football. I think that's where it's gonna go almost agrees then yeah it's going to turn into that but the only people that play football our fear is we don't have the education or don't have the means for them to do anything else. That's a sad direction to think your sport is going turn into. It is is out and the more you find out about CT and damage to the brain by playing football. Parents are gonna fire are gonna get to the point at least a lot of them. They have means to put their kids and other sports. Yeah I played football would happen in my him. My Iraq in a mean. All of us. Love football yeah make a living off football. While struggle with this and like do we talk about this transition I am excited this week in the NFL but I think we've all signed up that is a necessary evil. And I love it. Yeah I love college football I'm up at 1030 every day watching college game day. I'm up Sadr Sunday bacon not busy drafting team watch like ice and a lot of time watching football. But I don't know how you can't think about the negatives in the terrible things that come with a long career playing football and. Either on you know you go back to you know kids from the inner city that are did. That are playing football and and I'll tell you quick story known got a good break that's. But. I was on a road trip with Bowling Green urban Meyer's head coach they are in Tampa that points out floor right into flew with the team. And I was on the bus with a bunch of players. It never seen a paltry four and they are arguing over what laws. You don't get the opportunity is Chris Carter said to go early he wouldn't go around the world four times but wasn't awful lot of great things this'll all those were. Now the brain part of it pretty scary stuff. And I think it's an individual decision for each kid and for each pair. But it can take you places and do things for you that you would never been able to do without sport. Know you're on a percent right look let's take a break here we'll get to this weekend's action in the NFL college next in the draft. Banks and the drive it to the biggest stories of the day in Kansas City coming up at 5 o'clock. Indie hits so unless Simmons who gets the biggest stories. Of the day but. This is a bare hands resting week in the NFL. There are. Probably still more. Games. In which the road team was the faith. Last night we saw the rams take care of business against San Francisco 49ers. But this week. Ravens browns Steelers dolphins Broncos falcons chiefs raiders and cowboys. All favorites. Won the row. I think that's what leads to a little bit of your feeling Maine some guy's gonna do it nick yeah is when you go on the road in the division that team knows you're a whole lot. Those are the games that you lose you look at this week Vegas loves the road fate. It's this week. I mean I mean. And in and based on what we've seen over the first couple weeks of the season. How can you not releasing some odd we see some monster off when you've been talking about quarterback play offensive line play. The one that blew me away. On this one is the fact that the browser favor favored on the road with the colts and I did that locks out told these yet Jacoby percent. You're telling me to Cleveland Browns are favored on the road in. I doubt it's crazy to. That the again I get the Steelers at the bears dolphins and the jets Broncos bills falcons lines raiders Redskins that was again it goes. The browns at the colts like that go to Vegas thinks that. Nicole you Vegas mean the colts are bad image Vegas just thinks the calls are either the worst or second worst team in the NFL aside from New York Jets to get most. In Sri about in looking forward to the most is Anna-Lena at Detroit. We talked about it earlier this week lunch came in studio Matt Stafford an alliance against teams with a winning record have been terrible with him as quarterback believe they're five and 46. In mass staffers career against a team with a winning record. The falcons I think the five best teams in the NFL. Is that justify this money in win a game like this whole against the defending NFC championship the team that was up until we joke but still up 28 that were indiscernible the falcons looked as good as they did last season. That gains it knew what I'm excited because I watched that game because I keep the city plays 3 o'clock. That's the game I'm most looking forward to this weekend house for regal are the lines if you win this game and take care of itself would instantly. Talk about the lines a little bit differently if Wheldon the lines and it was at home to a good team I'm going to put the lines back in the box and never play with them again this one. That's quarterback matchups of the weekend yet Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford right staffers at the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. So you're right it is the lions can graduate. On Sunday they can graduate to a legitimate good team you can move up the tier if you could beat the falcons at all. So we'll say we'll say that's what's it you know that's what's fun about the NFL on Sunday. Like that quarterback matchup to me to see Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford on the same football field and it's in Detroit. So the falcons got their hands full. You know and and we could see a wild offensive game with those. I'm excited about this weekend's slate of college football I don't think there's too many games to really get excited about Washington goes on the road at Colorado always have to pay attention it's a road conference game but they're not too meaning games in college football. That really stand out to me. Kentucky wins this week loss to Florida. Fourth thirty consecutive years they have lost the Florida Gators. I think this is the one. Home game I think the better team over Florida I think the big storyline we're talking about on Monday when it comes to college football is Kentucky knocking off Florida for the first time in. Thirty year Kentucky. Basically the LA charger and Weaver is about Kentucky a lot of good team there's gonna be the year you know Kentucky's get away and Kentucky finds a way to lose. Battle to lose it and got back in the day when they had a great quarterback Kentucky always finds a way it never been able to get over the obvious. No they haven't let's see what happens as we got I guess here's my game. Hold you know it's gonna be crazy atmosphere. Out of those thirty times probably when their top three to five times and opportunities to be Florida city Florida this season at home. I don't know would you give Florida's not good I think Kentucky is good I think this is going to be a Kentucky's introduction to the country and I'll say this. I don't think Al it was going to lose at Vanderbilt. I think it's going to be closer than people think I think Alabama's going to be very pesky I think they're gonna slow down and frustrate Alabama. Alabama just goes in the Nashville and rolls over Alabama I think that's gonna be a game your dirt keeping an eye on. Heading into the fourth quarter. I agree with you on that but I mean. You back in and to me in and there's nothing to be done about right and nothing can be done about it but and SEC replay official blew a call against K state. I Vanderbilt probably should've lost that game or. It it should have been at least a tie football game right tasted its chances but K state forced a fumble return for a touchdown replay official changed so. I'm not sold on on vanity as you are and they played case dates up in Nashville on the Atsushi additional one. I'm just gonna take Vanderbilt plus nineteen and half home. He's lost a state I saw Casey is better than Vanderbilt lost on the road to end this helped to please. Less than fourteen point yardages that I better go I think is better than a lot of people bought it were you went out you beat K state. And the whole bit in the points is what you're today I would say Vanderbilt plus nineteen have I think date now there are a little album's best in the country I think the game's going to be pretty competitive. Coming up next we get the biggest stories of the day including sitting on easy about this chief's game we find out why an excellent draft.