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The Drive
Friday, September 22nd

Our Royals Insider Josh Vernier joins us for his weely segment to discuss the moves GM Dayton Moore made at the deadline, there are 10 teams that are favored on the road this week in the NFL, Bill Maas joins the show to discuss the Cheifs matchup with the Chargers, & is there some potential beef between the Chiefs and Chargers? 


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What we know is brought to you by band Chevy visit them online at van Chevrolet Casey dot com. She senator Mitchell Schwartz has been officially ruled out for Sunday's game against the chargers with a foot injury. Big full board of directors extending commissioner Bob all these contracts for June 20/20 five. Due to an education budget budget battle UConn women's basketball coach geno or EMI has offered to forgo his two million dollar salary next season. And finally the reds Padres and mariners all announce expanded netting. For their ballparks into when he eighteen. I'm Jason cans that's what we know now let's get you back to the show. Was it Apollo after the homer night's home. Josh. Byrne senior Latin giveaways at the big them odd. So it stands Sports Radio royals. Insider. Do you make one of the big effectively. You'd get depressed because why aren't double and. The teams capitalizing on every defensive miscue. That you may. And his dad big fever and get a conversation going. We'll know Johnson burner. Yeah. John's very near joins us in studio in just a bit but first today's pop quiz of the TV show it was full house cats why was it full house. Thirtieth anniversary of the first episode. Took all of the Olsen Twins yes that is the one if you did it was like forty now and like late twenties no. Yeah they're a little bit older nine and Odom has them. I mean I'm in my late twenties you think that I'm the same ages and I don't think we. We shows I don't check it out right now divided Jessica let's look let's put prices right giggle over. 31 Mike's not. 39 they give the Internet radio it's about it that's my fault not cute cats. It. I gotta tell us I'm not Chrysler guys we figure that out yesterday and now. They don't trash I've yet. And he was saying he's gonna Chrysler's club level because that's the idea exact opposite because that acknowledging though fumbles consistently. And eyes okay. Mary. 31 years old yeah I knew that was nowhere close enough yet. 31 years old they were born June 13 1986. If you have seen pictures of Mary T NASA did not look 31 and all not good they look. 43 they were the opener of the best TG I have lineup. Which of course was full house family matters perfect strangers that buys. No argument bothers me you know these Boy Meets World comes in at the end at least in my Iran and replace yes that buys that it. Still step by step over it now I love when you know and like I love and I still watch it sometimes the consulate TV I'd I'd legitimately loved Boy Meets World so is that right at the point where I was like. You know. Kind of done with this kind of numb and I and I understand had you ever like this is assigned a failure have been really excited about something in the negotiating you know active list was worked because because. Once talent to Chicago. Yeah I was like you know what I never been field let's go to. The next I was like the thing that matters house's. I. Am oh my goodness I don't see the family man. Now Obama. The experience my family matters story is I was producing a show. Like ten years ago. And that the topic of like your first crush came up yeah. And I mentioned Judy from family matters she was only on the show for a little bit to the little blogdigger. Now. I'm so I'm wondering what she up to now and at that time like Google and she was deep into the point game. I guess that's I was tired. I see a sense. Rehabilitated herself so shout out to. Okay go to take shirts excellent 69206. Asking excellent question to Jason gets. Is full house premiered thirty years ago how could Mary Kate Ashley be younger than thirty is an excellent questionable because they were on the show is babies. We have had to kind of inform him that I got to learn the jobs. I said 29 I can't I can't okay Aaron just are right great point to sign nice job and a golden text and always takes that kind of stuff on your site and John Bernard joins us in studio his appearances are brought to you by. First business bank would get back to football coming up at three. Fifteen. More fantasy advice I don't have anymore fanatic by accident I'm limiting funds in the crisis that if you missed podcast page you know like I I can't I yesterday how could I in this. I was glued to the radio thank you know it hope it worked out where you worked out for a lot of text there's the Tennessee demise solid. Dayton Moore went on fast go in the morning today this is what he said about the deadline enters your thoughts on. Put it to oh yen in the may be. I don't know who would acquired. The rotation pitcher base the conversation we had been working asking price was. And there's no there wasn't you know a lot of cheap. You darker shops were available for. So it's something that we felt we could execute based on the local talent they were seeking for launch in so. You go look. In second yes and that's the foreign power of the game in tribal war program. Well we were committed to winning you know and Arctic Circle was in. You know pour or at your last. You know ten games or so and make this sale guru just getting the last freak incident that you didn't. Yeah I think. First of all he's not gonna come out and say I regret the Padres move because the doctor and now or are going to be upon an apple and again. Next season Dayton Moore it's also not the kind of person that. Lives in the past regrets decisions. That he's made he learns from them and and and moves forward. And the Melky deal I don't know why he would regret that that was a all in kind of move I applaud the move at the time now. Saying I wish I would have done more or knowing what I know now yeah what have done more what I think he means by that is. Said Reagan. Hey Michele Gonzales from the Chicago White Sox just someone. That could have steadied the ship some points in that rocky time in August it in the September when they had no one. Like Hannibal to and they had to give it to old Melky Garcia I think that's the regress to an answer that's a real person. Like I assault makes why do I know it's a real person IE still don't know that's his regret. Is that. This organization was at a point where now key Garcia and Eric's Copeland started in back to back outings for that spot in the rotation but I talked. This would happen is a product will we all that the trade floor like we also betrayed in 2015 to trade away parts that could've. Pitched in that spot instead of Garcia so like. We got to know this is gonna happen at some point I didn't know at some point down maligned it was going to be deficiency where jolly and could have put it or brain if anything gonna pitch or some and I wouldn't pitch. If you don't have those guys your sponsors under the farm system was depleted. That's how you get the scenario which the was found themselves in what the rotation. Yes I know that there's no question look those games those on that shows prior to own milky and scope Clinton making starts. Irish and yet I believe so yes. The pregame show I wasn't sitting there pulling here opulent. Every one to two and that's it's it's awesome but because of injuries to Kennedy and the injury to Danny Duffy. I don't think that I never thought that they would get to a point where they're two horses were bolts down at the same time and neat cards was on the idea in your Donovan Tora passed away to where they would have to do. Turn two on LT Garcia so so yeah I think we all understood why Garcia was starting. But I don't know if we could have forecasted it because of the amount of injuries that had happened for it to happen. Ellis the last two games. You know Wednesday night's game would like old school royals baseball ambushing you know picture. But the ball place stealing bags all that stuff in the last night they want a different way in a one nothing game. It did shot. Three and half back with an ego and it's I mean you know you never want to get just accidentally Alan every week scissors there's a possibility could be seven late for the a lot of. Well there is there look. The hope that the royals have is that everyone else sucks too yeah so if you wanna hold onto that you go right ahead your track I think a little content but you but here's the thing and and go for it why not. As long as they're alive with ten games to go why not enjoyed because who knows. When the next season will be when you're still alive with ten games to go yeah who knows what when this this happens again. But if the royals win outright goat Tenet know. You still have to hope that the twins do no better than six and three yeah. It's I think the very least they got away the next which means it would 1214 on the stretch and amateur team if they're capable. You know this kind of reminds me of this reminds me of in the NFL wanna do playoff picture and it's like. The chiefs can make the playoffs this is nine different scenarios happen so yes they have a chance to make the playoffs but then make the playoffs like. Does don't know what we've seen from this team. Over the first. Hotter in fifty something games now think all right. Back against the wall for the now seventh time this season you have to wait 80% of your games. This rotation this offense is capable putting that together to even put yourself. In the situation to say all right we did everything we could the last ten days we went knighted say we went eight of team we won every game we indices and a ten game winning streak. You still need for other things to happen to make the play and you still need to look at your roster and ask yourself what do I need from Sam give Helio coming up this weekend what does Jacob Judas need to continue doing. What am I gonna get for Ian Kennedy and the problems that put the royals. In this situation are still issues for these top final ten games at right now I really don't have. It does it pained me to say that the Minnesota Twins. Are are a better team and they're going to be monsters. For the next few seasons so they just earth. That second wild card spot of mine in my opinion if. That's in the tonight even brought this up to you earn. I don't remember the last on the royals put back to back good starts together with restarting it and it. Rightly should I don't remember when that happened here with the last time you know off topic here. Unless Judas and Duffy went now they yeah did they go back to I don't know yet again and get back to back starts in good wins into Iran anyone's ears him. That's cause for. See an end this right now with the team I don't know what's cause for celebration Jonas sure I'll get that Judas. But I think it ends about there everything I see from Kennedy in court wrote on the stretches night's hit was good and in that first payment my expectations for him. Spring training next year are to say yet whether he pitches well or poorly on the stretch my expectation for Alec scored and spring training 28 team at the same whether he continues hitting 340 down the stretch where he doesn't. I just don't know in these final ten games. Outside of Jacobs yunis in the kids that we're gonna see late in the game I don't know what I'm watching for other than a fonts and off. To the guys that brought the championship. Last question here for burns we have to take a break here soon. Do you agree with me that the only thing 56 years from now be 2017 teams going to be. Remembered for. Is my stock is breaking home run record that as you get farther away from the season you don't remember the failed trade you don't remember the frustration about up and down the season is. You'll you'll take away the one good thing is a record that stood for so long that has been a little bit of an bears interest in baseball standards. Of York. Hi four players 36 home runs through at least eliminated that record that you will look back on the season and post broke the record yet you're O'Donnell's name might pop up as welfare but note I'm mullis that is the moment of the series. Don't think the governor ever has happened. And that's potentially moose Haas dig in the last time Sunday afternoon until refer to the academy that's to me is gonna be the ones I think I'll remember more than any. That was our guy just burn your weekly visits with him are presented by first business bank thanks slot earned. Thank you going to burn you just heard from our insider what apart she's insiders had to say about their chances this week and against the shark Lowe will tell you next. To drive my Move.com and. I was you know just go on Verifone. Odd years in his it is all about unless you had a chance to view them and we let them down last year. We didn't see this game so you that I countless. The process of being in the last. Game audio that's kind of put illness. They got a with the guillotine. Now we provide did just that Nancy. How do we are better of us. That is Los Angeles chargers quarterback Casey Hayward when he was asked if there was any glad bad blood with the cheese. We'll get in today in about twenty minutes so I do think there's a little bad blood between one she's any charger will talk about that. A little bit but. In the chiefs have dominated the AFC west air eleven in won the last two years in this division just an absolute beat down. Of the rest of the teams in the division this what Sam wants and had to say early in the week when we asked about this match. Well I wouldn't know I think the colts game I think the chiefs. Probably your pager and that offer the line for charity too big of a problem especially that get you imagine he looks. Under their lack respect our bodies a real problem for. What is chart that you don't company which slowed down. Justin Houston is we are we talked about lot of other things the trees we certainly talked about it but. I don't think we've talked about it enough the impact that a healthy Dominic. Justin Houston has a on this team and now he shapes the rest of this defense and the patriots in the fourth quarter that game could block them. Last week against the Eagles. Overtime they couldn't block just in Houston he'd just change is being so big that the secondary that's still young still experience you got Peters but the other side and terrorist Mitchell has been getting tested. You can always prop up a little bit of a shaky secondary. If you're gonna have the kind of passed rust and the chiefs of that was just news into RTS presents is he's afraid. And he's a free killings healthy changes everything because you gotta pay attention to him and not before as much. Right and any changes. That changes everything when you lose your Bay Area in the back in the secondary. That opening into the quarterback will record that to pay attention just used an eight. And courts now they know. It's crazy in this match up that the first time I could think of and a long time. But I'm not sure who has the better quarterback in this match. Let your stands is well they got for the river is always do machines rivers a gunslinger future hall of fame quarterback always scares. That's odd stance on the tube the result Osama gonna disrespect the chargers is they don't have to change the way and that's why don't think this game is blow. But with the way Alex is playing you continue to ride octane. We had similar to yesterday who said he is playing as well as any quarterback in the NFL. I'm not going to take Alex Smith over Brady and not take them over Brees I'm not taking him over those a week guys. What about the playing at this level I'm short trading him for Philip Rivers with the way he's playing right now. Then there's at least right now I think you see the quarterback matchup is a wash it even on both sides and they're gonna tell me in the coaching. It's Anthony Lane against Andy Reid. Was eleven don't want in this division into four against our NFC championship game coach than a Super Bowl as a doing this eighteen years been over patriots on 42 on the patriots is here over it Elaine. Yeah I'm taking eighty read this match up and that's why I if you really grew up in comfortable about the chiefs in this match. I feel so comfortable with the way and I think is gonna be really difficult in I mean again I didn't. Last week against the Eagles I thought geez I was never worried about that she's won that football at all but it came down to Hillman. Right. And and I think we all agree that the EU the Eagles are good team got a great team but they're good and they're on the rise and a great defensive front. And it came down to a hail Mary at the end. And with Philip Rivers. In LA. I just it's it there's part of that it scares me within it would get out Smith that we that the first couple weeks accused by appreciate. You know. That they are but. Man Philip Rivers scares me man but there's something about that cat that I just you can't ever kill him he's like a cockroach. Can't kill again. He cannot win those close games but he's gonna cable and it and it if you get a deflection or something weird at the end. He'll he'll he will just rip your freaking soul that's what scares me about this is dating Hughes in his prediction on the game. I'm gonna build goal achieved and they'll produce appointment say they'll be at 28 to twenty game. I think they can put up four touchdowns or at least somewhere. On that Diego and San Diego opera and certain to run gave it is not doing well so. If you wanted to go all over Mercer took program and to regain its government to win a military. I just don't think eight team likes the chargers are one to beat the chiefs because they just make too many mistakes and find ways to beat yourself. Beat the chiefs. That's obviously played well but sure after the U team pro to the penalties and mistakes and mental Ayers that a team like the chargers does. You brought it up this team could be two and oh they could be one and one yeah. But they are. Like they make mistakes at the end of the game they get down big early they missed kicks that is dual a lot of the small things that keep you beat. I don't think that's tiger going to beat this chiefs team. Odyssey and gonna have to play well to beat this team and I think this chief team is talented enough that you're gonna play what beat. As you want those teams that makes mental mistakes in future selves in the foot and that's why does that for me. For the chargers is so big since 2015 the chargers are four in eighteen and one score games. Yes well as defined by those 5050 games what Oakland the last one's organs like nine and one last year. Like Oakland last year was a good team because they always found away at the in Tupelo rabbit out of their hat. Maybe more times than not that's not happening with the chargers they are finding it way at the end of this to lose I just don't know if with rivers I don't know will put their head coach Anthony Lane that does don't know what they have enough leadership at the top. I was at stake in this that. It's odd that to me the chargers in the saints in the NFC in the exact same spot. You like your quarterback talent isn't enough to get you there that you were kind of stuck in what you're going to do. I respect the saints dangerous team they find more ways to beat themselves and go out there when games the Los Angeles charter of the exact same way I don't. Have a disrespectful and they're not Jacksonville they're not sure of there while those bad teams they're just stuck in six. Five wins maybe seven wins dangerous team the more times than not it is gonna find a way Duluth. You know as re entering as a as a final scouting report is game plan can't start interest on on each and every weekend. And and data brought this up like the running game for the charge at least so far is nonexistent. To seems to be a little bit worried about Melvin Gordon running. I don't. You know doctors sleep on the fact that the did so for the chargers general global. It's gonna keep it from Alan Gordon and so I don't know there's something about this game it doesn't feel right and because we. What was Moses that you had on the number of teams are numbered games and I don't want score aside about one schools like it's like 56 for its crazy so chances are that this is going to be attacked again. Right and sooner or later. The charge in breakthrough I just what was not this week. He certainly hope that it's not weakening Jeanne. For eighteen since the start when he fifteen they just they don't break through life and that she's score what that they scored 35 points in the fourth quarter two weeks. What we're doing the fourteen last week. So if you look at it. Like there's no way that that you the charges bully easily achieve scored late and it in the big closes this to this point suck it just feels weird to me because that's just. What good teams do good teams find a way at the end of the game to win the game and make winning plays. Obviously losing teams find ways at the end of the game to make losing plays we talk about that would build lawsuit joins us next on the drive. Then they pop. New mosque going called that name you call. Could there be down a former chiefs defensive tackle if you're hoping. They're somewhat. On the importance that something's there. And get it on Twitter read bill mosque is going to be able to. The defense they've gotten there just to sell president of the GC GG ambassadors. To achieve the goal. Didn't seem weird should be it needs to be it and that's horrible to suck do mosques in our doors. Which would. If there was. It's hard being. Are we have. This is bill masa presented by seven street casino where exactly it. In BP electric heating and cooling laxity BP to go to the drive hotline to talk to the one the only. Billy Bob moss bill how you doing today. That was going on you guys before and failed to fill me in the or. The only reason we failed you this time was because high spin on the last two days ice has more friends to get Mary. This is the sixth time this year Chrysler's taken off breather his wedding or a friend's wedding prices always wedding. I agree Jewish holidays and that was a wedding. It is totally. Is that what what would eat and at that French tomorrow you know. As I don't know about to say he's always gone for something inside that rise soon that he. We're. Right now talking to bill laws he is Roxy by seventh street casino in VP electric heating and cooling tower one start was paired the very awful comments today from Cris Carter. He was on fox or one. Have you seen what Chris Carter had to say about CT today. No. Keep it pretty passionate speech about Hal. What happened with Aaron Hernandez is obviously scary what all has given him so much stabilize in the platform that he currently has courtesy. A fox sports one that is hard to say that he regrets it ain't even with the knowledge and understanding. He would go back in play football league in. I think a lot of football players feel that way that I think is more the public kind of talks about the health risks that come with football and dangers of game it is. More dealers artist Amy even if I had no I still would have played football. Yeah you know that can be talked about infill. We built moral but he sector careers. The sixty in Israel. Close friend of mine and deal with partner. These things are real and that they have different stages. You know you'd you'd the anchored depression. If he pitched more shooters and you. The complete for yet so much. About structural work or drive your car our amateur. Argument so we started almost exactly but that's a real thing. So I angle there. And it would accuracy. Eventually are seeing is you're agencies to work because more along the lines so economically based. Athletes. Public option it's such it's actually get out. All poverty your economic situations or your courage your view that regardless. And despite all warnings and despite the things that might occur and do occur. In the game now will say it should be either they're you know they're doing everything they care. Two fared better way to protect the case in helmets and you know they're putting it won't change change change Suk to take. A mortal blow that the fact of the matter is when you have besides a besides. It in match speed and that ought. Something's got it yet and and yet you've seen it a little awkward. Her candidacy you know there's little lot of guys from. You'll see key issue at all. And no problem are or are murderers they themselves first. The number of workers shall I don't blow I can't really don't which. Bill you you were you may have a. Yeah I mean look I expect. This is real it's a real thing I. You'd you'd go there's a lot of there's a lot of issues. You know dirty it up and down situation depression the anchor. Being ghosting in keeping those in the keep control those two basis is challenged. But it sheltered there. Don't sit on the silly that you deal with some of that stuff firing yesterday yeah. I don't know if you vote or they're Cutler played with a dull. That's on the interstate we're agrees to worsen for solutions to gain of technical words. Particularly in seriously it to a certain day to day thing so yeah. It's there it's real I go real. That that tickets were you don't you you can look around you could look around the league. All the pop Warner league across America a look at the numbers that are down the right. Multiple numbers in the participation of people coming out participate in the sport the numbers are down. Both the moms are seen all this stuff and that the court which would be you know sometimes. I watch the game itself out of again. All expeditious. That's as pilot who does and so you know and I did that. It open I look at it now in the world unit and or two you don't tradition that day out. Being more protective or children age I look at their game or criticisms. Actually. If you do it over it and if you knew about this about CT we first started would you still play. All walks were treated vigilant differently let me tell you there. The only thing we talk about it it would be career Indy court to problems in the future who will be your greatest. D.'s and all the things of that and through through. You know. Medicine we saw guys to expel me what the right so it didn't care yet. We we never went on field practice field the way it goes. Hundreds and hundred tickets were taking on a continual basis and practiced. For a long term fixes those things that cost or market leader that we easily be. Right now talking to bill moss on the drive hotline his appearances are brought to about seven street casino where it sat in VP electric heating and cooling. A licensing VP let's transition to chiefs and chargers. I asked this to a question on what are a couple of days ago for the rest of the season who would you rather have Alex Smith or Philip Rivers. And Alex Smith a 175%. To 25%. So bills who would you rather have Alex or Philip. Well you know you're when you're talking to talk about for precinct record here in the I'd like it at full re emerge there are likely. Taken prayer bowl which is to ounces or 100% yes if you tell me who like to detail that date basis particulates. Addiction player he goes is limitations. Looked so rivers two meters assaying. Walls. A little. Their routes that they'll love it Reno. That they'll look into something suggest because. They're so good at what they do. If you don't coats its usual role pictures that he would pull out all the parts together and what a pain the way he supposed to be run. You're just going to be wasted talent over Walt Peters are. Here's a big numbers and exceptional. Little orange straight completions touchdowns all the great things. Reaching out of the work that. The current state chair to really do and so little. Morgue shot there and yet that it got to wait for just apple replace insert will they bounce or or. And that'll work like the defense. But it took just bigger lactic discipline. Two are all level in and make something great this pain to so we're. Bill I was gonna ask you this because one of the big reasons why I'm pick and choose to win this game is instantly fifteen the chargers are four in eighteen in games that are decided by eight points or less. So what's it like that. Who'd you got to attribute that to. Philip rare orders the coaching the defense like like. How can you be that van in one score games win 56% of NFL games are decide about one possession. You know what I remember. From years. Ordered players we were I don't know. Six and ten more years. Ford twelve of the year and if you do the user should we lost. You know eight gained by seven point two. Re still lost in the recent losses because the little things in the Tibet to me it's about the coaches in the coaching staff. They go to coach there the you don't take here the little things. They're Portugal the agent ghostly orchard ship importance of the expect where those things come into play. Penalty particularly in positions where Google works. There are people on line being worsening at all about this. If you don't have that discipline is saying you're an unfortunate. Day. Back torture brought in bill with or an eighteen. What reports are that simple to us so that's how that happens. No bill you're right you're talking to bill lost our last question here so bill. We have what in this game. Yet that that our equipment is simple. All they. Bill what do you guys abused Eleanor I just don't like you're idol like the matchup. I don't like a little too big weird I don't like go to this is it for your. I don't like the old to a duke street in the they've never been to its soccer actually built it only political. You know would or would you play teams you know Google to you know to stay or go to lecture rookies or start. But in addition to the sanctions and an easy two years and everything not do. I don't like yes I don't like it at all the speaker's bureau they've got some big it's two great effort against. Break. That you're gonna record here to get the middle easing pressure they. It got no urge all the All Saints their kid. The girl but don't like to witness everything else offense shall. Running gave strong well or not yet that the titans' feet. Edward OK you don't let her wide receivers are potential. Our Arctic Circle liner great week last week in that regard it's been there. It's hard return it to the respect back okay Tuesday. Protect interception. And it built with defense of the week that's archer it to go to slicker. We're gonna put charter girl to play Yugoslav state. That's the challenge to the oil companies reached a record. Yeah I mean bill that's where my confidence in this game is one team as if you let as their head coach one team has injuries there had coached. It seems pretty easy to at least lineup with at least one side women those are my two option. Yup but Eric fit the match open and of itself. Hear me but you don't go with what would you consider that they give you read this cookie ships that are registered users to. Look this fall. Bill Clinton for let you go I don't LA. I know I would imagine some young guys pocket full advantage in LA night before football game right. They'll. You know if they'd listen and we should travel to the West Coast we try to book they're prepared they'll go. Let's go in there on Friday night. To work well I tell you and you try to get you some apparent change all that. You don't. Who ordered to stay out there and you get good control yeah really you just tell you that but not trying to even get out. Do we were beat yet meals yet snack you know everything he can still picture. An excess men not let the damage Ferguson that was built mosque he's brought to you by seven street casino and MVP electric heating equally thank bill. They're about as bill loss joining us on the drive hotline up next. Is there a potential spin the chiefs and chargers game today is a major anniversary council bulls say what it is next on draft. We'll have flown. A little bit. Big is brewing between. The cheeks. And the chargers maybe two best players on office. Marcus Spears eighteen and out and do not seem to like each other. Jeanne Allen last year a social media was something I know you're a big fan of tweeted. I know who happy I'm not playing this week hop hop past day boom. And then somebody tweeted. TV now. Any but Bob. Mark Peters and doesn't often. He also said as of last year if he was talked to me knows it all to me either there's a problem. Cited this matchup. She now and when healthy has given the chiefs absolute basis. Point six catches 334. Yards and we know what he did the last time he was healthy when up against this team. Marcus Peters is the better quarterback and he was obviously whenever these two teams play each other I'm very curious tracked this match up and see who gets the best of who in this individual match. We think is the second most volatile guy and he. They get a taunting penalty to do something relief. Marc spears exactly. It's six catches for 63 yards and four got hurt in the opener last year in the charge is curbs that's right so this was going to be fun to watch I. I've just told. The markets Peters. Doesn't loses it you know Philip Rivers is not afraid to throw his direction last year granted. That was the first game of the second season of his career so I get that and they'll thrown his direction on Sunday in LA but. I if Q now has the ability to get markets Peters I hope markets Peters doesn't go all else. I think that Marcus I don't think you Alan that is had last time. Remember it was weak one. I ever Mark Peters of protest the National Anthem. I think he was just fired like he was just a little bit more wired up than normal I expect and be a little bit more reserved. He hasn't had some of the incident that he's had he kicked the ball Spain a couple of times last year. Didn't do anything to suggest at least as of late will see what happens in this yet but there's some history as the first that you played against a guy who called durable. Warner is the wide receiver to be matched up or the other side of him he's going to tip the he's he's going to catch a pass or what we know about Philip Rivers is he's not to be afraid to challenge anybody especially the last time these two guys went up is each other at least in the first half when he was out. Does the marketing department has Peter what he had six catches for us 663. Yards and I did a good first half against them so he's going to be tested in this oddest thing. Interest in mind that you guys don't like each other makes it more fond eminent but these two guys like each other at least once I doesn't seem like the other side on the other guy bald. High opinion of the other guy. I'm curious to see this match up I think that's what the underlying stories of this game. Yet socially when would people throw stuff out there in the name called social media ever vet positive on social media article about sports is the bill. And they got to go head to head. I write this now I realize when somebody get on social median income it is like that. Not to see him face to face. That'll happen on Sunday I love it. Speaking of being a little mound today is the ten year anniversary of what some people think is the greatest. Post game press conference of all time. Really get inside that come after me I'm mad I'm authority I'm not I'm not yet. Something about me. The ten year anniversary of all of Mae and I'm forty. That it doesn't seem now long though it doesn't that is the case ten years ago you would on this grant. It. Really inside. Well after me I'm command authority I'm not I'm not yet. Something about me. Ten years ago and write something about our players that are doing everything. Great press conference from Mike Gundy standing ovation as he yes stormed off the off the podium there. It was funny. And give that man. I remember the day it happened ever run that thing on the news. I would look for any reason to run I think for like three weeks. Just that element that was hilarious it was all time audio this is your favorite post game press conference of coach. Did you consider it. Correctly or the FaceBook this phenomenon known as knowledge to this question. You know anything can. There and there and I. What's so funny about this as unpopular as John do little. Doolittle and every single time you'll ask him about it lights are to explain it like dog it's over I don't I don't much as one elect. To be in the Roman god I still contend that was a good question. My guys to Austria is meant that. My guys. I wanna abuse scenario in which someone that is an employee of a billion dollar company and its use them you know it and I'm. And today. Noticing the hell under the rules of it by a press conference. Ought to be talking to me. And the players throws opening hits me I'm hurt it all mean ought didn't play you do you. Today the meal branch at that pelican in the category banking on us now it's in you again in overtime to hear how did you consider it. Brett when or whether they play well this phenomenon know as knowledge to that question. You know then you can. There and they were and you're meant when you used to curse words and when you use that. I just stupid and idiots who are back to back there man. I realized that was John Doolittle and asked do. That's easy to wonder about why. God be involved in a fifteen minute conversation about it ask one question I didn't. I just was curious. This is I think you can ask Hal McRae. And now to reward you with a blue spikes instead of the white ones and it got you could ask him anything that day and he would you would have blown. That's all of those things like he was clearly more frustrated at the team they in the situation like you know sometimes you can tell when somebody's at a stressful morning yeah. A and maybe the whole life is in the best of and I do do assault and they employ a lot and you know what she did it pop elected three yeah what they gave you eight level of intensity and a records and now at some deep seated issues happening within the that they need to address that if you. This kind of melt down with the media it's just doesn't question. Did you consider it correctly or the bases well this phenomenon known as long as Toobin as question. No. Pain you can. There and there and I. Don't think about it too is like you lasted the full video footage of that like the microphone I think from the cameras still left in the office. So the doors closed its ill at ease he'll he'll in your house doughnut. Like I it was it's my finger on his god just sent my guys to my in yet it face stuff you know what you're that one's 93. An example of angry here about my great. Speak as stupid questions as stupid question it's that she's players in the floor of the players right now to caller nine RB well one of the four caller not 1357676. To and we played at a player achieves excellent draft.