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Friday, September 22nd

Find out if the Cheifs go into LA and beat the Chargers, we discuss the greatest testament of coaching, does Royals GM Dayton Moore second guess his trade deadline decisions & CDot tries to redeem himself with fantasy football advice. 


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Let's do. So happy red Friday it is another edition of the drive care it's air's senior Jason can't produce in this thing today as Chrysler is Al. He will be backed all on Monday. Am I right. Excited about the news that Tiger Woods is up to sixty yard shots in his surgery combat. It is the one the only bread being boys made my day. I don't know I'm your glass on good news is the first day of falls those kind of down because summer is officially over but now that I heard that. While we can going to be no that's exactly why I'm here a lot to get into in today's show envelopes that the tax line already. It was officially at 2 o'clock and Marty meant that's excellent why tech's 69306. Guys you have to retain the seat up or is horrible pain as the vice highs in the so called lock. You're telling me it's not good the whole defense under forty point I told you yesterday in the rams defense yesterday he can. If the red. Are you if the rams are college basketball team that would had a great day great man on defense like I don't know or else they're gonna do it this kind of analysis and breakdown of seen as he likes to not take Carlos hot yesterday at what he did he scored two touchdowns which obviously frowned upon a fancy football yet I say yesterday. Law right now yeah sex life migrate into your guys. Excellent panacea by Paulson and Robert Altman houses solid you know great advised you what he had to catch is there's people just giving have a good day I didn't. I didn't. Eric Dickerson quite well yes it and rock of all and if it's just they've got a good basketball yesterday well it was a year agenda. August and was no I'm gonna bounce back they're McCain as he was it was it is advisor was a bad fantasy advice I'm good I'm bouncing back today at 245 behind you to be mild promo codes or 245 man I'm going to help you win the money this week in that if you if they don't do what you say I'm gonna give them yet great ice this weekend when it comes to me it's coming up at 3 o'clock are as insider job. Burger won't join us at. 330 bill loss weekly appearances have him present in my seventh street casino and MVP electric heating and cooling we will preview this weekend's chiefs chargers games. With bill mosque at 4 o'clock pick a player returns in all chiefs addition. There's a lot to talk about in today's show. It's parties. I think NFL obviously is a game of tired. Reason why we love it and follow with so much she's. Most games come down 201 possession one score game the last fifteen minutes heading into the fourth quarter. Most NFL games are close the firm believer that the best thing on television from. Monday to Sunday is 230 took 330 or an NFL reds though. Seven NFL games are close and we see time and time again that the good teams separate themselves by winning those games. And the bad teams separate themselves while losing these games. That is I think about this chiefs and chargers game got a very simple steps. Not all house that I think the pre depends on what it is I think he'll got and that's forming not having you got for know this global. The chargers since the start of 25 name. Have played 22 games that have been decided by eight points the last one possession games. One score obviously you got it at two point diverge when you follow me on this. They've played one and two of those games. Bale won four of them. The San Diego Los Angeles chargers are four and eighteen since 2005. In James that are decided by eight points alas the chiefs well coached good quarterback play. Good defense in the same amount of time that she served thirteen and six other to a playoff games. But it's as the playoffs it's an add those and Adam for the chiefs. But she's a regular season games in the same a lot of time on thirteen and six that tells me one very simple thing. The chiefs. Find ways to win games that the N double like they did last week against Philadelphia like they did and we won heading into the fourth quarter when they outscored the patriots 21 to nothing. The chiefs find ways to win at the end of games. The charter though. Got to commit a big turn over at the end Philip Rivers is gonna take an unnecessary sacked. Alex Smith will make a play till will make a play Kelsey to remind the chiefs will find it way at the end of this to win the game. The chargers will find a way to lose the game that's what the stats bear out to me. Geez you're gonna win this game. And you don't stats like that they driving a little victories. I'm for a couple of reasons first dot. This chargers team and a wants it lost what six starters on offense it's a different football team on your favorite coach Mike McCoy he's not there. He's got the same policy and died and an Antonio Gates or future hall of fame tight end Antonio Gates stood up Philip Rivers got joy boasted. Yeah pretty good team yet Keenan Allen healthy now on you've got to tinker with it lacks confidence right now so instead of look at it back that far. Look back two weeks. And it still runs true what you said like the the chargers when it comes down to the to the wire can't win it. The reason I think is charges seems a little bit different is because it's a kicker that cost him. Young Hoch who. A rookie. He's the guy that constant had a chance to tie the game in Denver at a field goal block in the miss one last week against the dolphins to win so. Well the chargers over the last however many years not be able to close out teams look at the last two weeks because every team's different. I mean all of Minnesota Twins lost a 103 games last year right out of the second wild card. You know in Major League Baseball I get is sane and and you know the chargers don't when it's on a close games new coach. All right bought two new dudes on the team he sounds healthy again so is chargers team is really dangerous. I think the chiefs are better than them I think she's gonna when the game but man Philip Rivers there's Ella. You know I've seen and in in the in the in a drive late in the game at arrowhead just rip parcels out so you know this chargers team to be scared. It scares. And this against. I'm surprised that your take on it because so far this season their way into it now just because of the technical and yet still the team yet their ticker in this scenario. For the chargers over the last. Three seasons I mean their four and 56 in the last six BO yeah but it is does this project it's not just this ticker at the last ticker the ticker bike. Bad teams to meet find ways so I don't the only game that the kicker misses the but the kick its block you get a plot blocked. Bad teams just find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Things of this isn't this just mean the charter any different you might have a new coach you might change that code and area code you might change stadiums. And the charges of the chargers. This a six and ten football team that more times than not it's gonna find a way to be the biggest reason want to lose the right to argue that they should be number but dated. They can be very very easily be two and I'll write it easily all right the Broncos could be one on one. The chiefs to me. That came down to a to a hail Mary do you think is the Eagles but. It was never really in doubt in my opinion inheritance and physics at the church to be to know that's like scares the hell. Because you know in the NFL and we stuff. We rears up in the NFL Phillip rivers we both agree is going to the hall of fame. And this game scares me a little bit and at the San Diego take in and sneak up on by each other did you select but I think it's mortality and regular Greta I think. That the chargers are a talented team to I think that's the most frustrated being when you look and evaluate this team is they have the town. You gotta future hall of fame quarterback in Philip Rivers you've got one of the top five to seven running backs in the NFL. You have one of the dangerous pass rushes in the NFL team and Alan when healthy up into the top fifteen top when he wide receiver. For some reason they it has been unable to put it all together in again I don't know if this team is any different. With all the weapons they have lost and you scored seventeen points at home against the Miami Dolphins. A game if you or eighteen that is it moving in a new direction you find a way to grind it out over sixty minutes in beat the Miami Dolphins that were awful week one because of the hurricane. And starting a new quarterback as well so they're trying to implement things too I. I get I respect the chargers I don't think they're Cleveland. I don't think or Jacksonville. Does think they've shown time and time again that they're a bad team that are going to do things to lose at the end of it's just hard to argue the numbers to me since the beginning when he fifteen their four in eighteen in one score games that includes the last two weeks. They always find a way to do something a team in the cheese well coached well disciplined doesn't turn the ball over. Does don't know if they lose to a team like this thirteen and six in the same time frame and once or games but she's find ways to win these games the chargers don't. Well and you know over the last two weeks to. The chase and don't want want the patriots in New England in the fourth quarter they had another big fourth quarter last week. They're scored touchdowns and not vehicles it's not only the chiefs are gonna win this game. She's in my that he will win this game is at 24 and yesterday and he's probably be closer to one for 1724. When he wants like that. And he's going to be closer and the more I thought about it. As coach of the jars. Of a leader on the chargers team. This is listen and put ourselves in the right position OK it's not we're not the brown we don't suck all right we're not the colts right now. We're not one of those teams were team is that chance on the road in Denver where nobody wins a chance to tie the game is time's running out. And we should a lot of home last week. So we put it together we do you thing and we're pretty good shape you know it it's what they give you that you don't have a shot that you think get a shot because without their kicker. You know they could very easily be tuned to scare the hell I mean Philip Rivers always yours can what the record is now the game in debt was over. With San Diego. And they came back animated game and then at the end mystic Connecticut blah so. I get this debt and and I think it's up to do that. There's something to know and like man we haven't done this along to it's going to be hard to get over the so. Rusted to win a football game we've got executed the and you can't tell me that ever single one of those players won't be thinking about that when it gets tight and the stretch that exist but. These guarantee them absolutely scare me in the biggest reason is because of Philip Rivers. This is for Anthony Lane head coach talking about the importance of this week in avoiding an ON three records for the Los Angeles starters. When ever read it you know because Roland right now it's reporting good reports. This is best in the national. We've been in both games. So we've let me play anybody and and what you ask him out of practice yesterday and when it looked at him while. I mean they believe in this sport. I can fully acknowledged that maybe I am not giving you chargers the proper respect. But it's hard for me to know the they dirty that exist in the NFL. In which 55 per sitting games are decided by one possessions. In just ignore how bad the chargers have been in this I'm with adult but she's pulled the charters out this game and a have a charter talented enough. They know that she's enough being and being in the same division but it's going to be a close contest I just trust the numbers when it comes this. The better coached team. The team that doesn't turn the ball over the team with a more trustworthy ticker I think they find a way to win the game even though what's on the road and I think the chargers are going to find a way to lose with another reason why I'm taken achieves the wind will get into next I think is the greatest testament of coaching next on the drug. So probably the coaches and Billy choices. Day. The chiefs have emerged as Super Bowl contender because we defeat it New England Patriots the way to achieve speed. There's no game on the schedule would you can't tell me that she's to win. And the biggest reason why I think that is because the head coach. I think that Andy Reid schemes inputs this team in such a position. Bit to overcome some of the talent deficiencies that they have at times. These are the last seven. Road wins for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Oakland Raiders playoff team the last season. Carolina Panthers were recently gone to a Super Bowl. Denver Broncos team that has recently won a Super Bowl. Atlanta Falcons last year's runner up in the Super Bowl divisional foe chargers. At Indianapolis last season and obviously we won they won at New England. That's a testament it's obviously talent guys got to block their guys got to executing guys have to go up their ball out. It's a great testament to coaching and putting your fourteen in positions. There's been no team that is dominated their division over the last two seasons way that she said daddy talk about the AFC east the division at its that the patriots are. The division bills are bad dolphins out of the playoffs last season dolphins are not a good team the jets obviously atrocious. But it's a seven dominate the AFC east the way the chiefs have dominated the west over the last two seasons. This that right here from Alex Smith in Rhode division game since 2013. Sixteen touchdown passes one interception from Alex Smith. So ever gonna get back on a quarterback playing you're not gonna turn the ball over in these kind of road games. You're going to have a top five coach borderline hall of fame coach Andy Reid going into these games. That's why you've had the dominance and gone eleven and one in the last two years in your division. The toughest division of football lease over the last he says it certainly has proved that way the dominance in the division to mean number one is the head coach. For the twelve straight with a the issue. Which to me as remarkable. And not just does it pretty much everybody football agree that the AFC west is the most competitive of the best division for right. Here's the thing that I think about. I'm looking at that she schedule right now I'm trying to think where. You know the the chiefs won't have the coaching advantage any of these games may have that may gonna take a Pittsburgh maybe gets Mike Tomlin but really that's about it. That's it so here's I think. At ads has read and at at eight under achieved under Andy Reid. If we have the coaching advantage and I think we could all agree that you probably don't have the coaching advantage gets Bill Belichick even though he reads pretty damn good against them when Bill Belichick yet. But if if the chief said the coaching advantage every single game and they did the playoffs three times at home field last year and they won one playoff. Have they under achieved under Andy Reid. Because I think it's a legitimate question act. And I think is phenomenal coach I think the hall of fame coach. Four straight as she title games in Philly won Super Bowl did when it went to a all right geez what a playoff game for the first time in thirty years and a lot of it's because of Andy Reid. But have they under achieved perhaps under achieved it on or are the chiefs basically. Baseball's version of the money ball openings that were built for the regular season to win a lot of games but not build for the post season and I don't know by the answered. But I'm posing the question have the energy if we got the coaching advantage and the chief civil on eleven a row in the division the toughest division in football. Why haven't they had more post season success. I think they've hit their ceiling on what they can accomplish from their quarterback I sometimes football is really easy. Just like a basketball sometimes you have the best player on your team the other team can't do anything about it I think LeBron James could join the Memphis Grizzlies. Amid go to the NBA finals of the Bronx has that kind of talent he's that dominant. Sometimes it would seem just as Tom Gordon like if you look at the playoff losses that they've had. It's not like they've lost the playoff game that it probably should won I guess you could argue Indianapolis book on the road against Andrew Luck who had a playoff performance for the ages. And that you lost or on the road to new England and then you lost the bid rumpled burger in the Pittsburgh steel at home after a bottle but I. I could just clear what's happened they've hit his ceiling and that's why at least when it comes to Alex Smith I've been a little bit down and that's plausible ties that I think I know what's gonna happen disease. I think she's team's gonna went 1112. Games this year I clearly think they're one of the three best teams in the AFC and will be by the end of the year. But even. Even host to game we'll see what happens with Oakland we'll see what happens with India are with New England maybe they eventually get back to I think there are they went fourteen games this year. I think it's one of three best teams in the AFC I think they'll bear itself the end of the season. I think they're gonna lose to a team that has the better quarterback than my sometimes I think football is very simple and we try to complicated. The quarterbacks that you lost to in the playoffs have been injured look Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger the one you beat was Brian Hoyer. And a lot of ballots that is what it better than Brian lawyer and that bear itself out night game. But the game ended having you do with that announcement please ass off in the Indianapolis game and that's not his fault analyst with his daughter well. They're the chiefs defense wasn't very good that day and they lost some guys. And this could be completely wrong here and like I've I'm I'm fully. Ready to admit that I'm completely wrong in the Jesus under achieved under any. It may be just simply this and the fact that I'm I don't truly believe the chiefs are going to go to a suitable until I see. And the reason I say that is the chiefs have tended to and they won one and it was in 1970. Or I was even born. The year I was born I was born there won the super. On I haven't seen it. You know super hide in the early nineties when they made those runs got to an AFC title game Joseph Montana. Had really no chance and again it off. All right so maybe it's just me because I haven't seen it and I've seen other teams do help dancers amended to seal have been to three. Little freaked and cardinals went to a Super Bowl. The change of habit once since 1970 table at an alliance Italian in my lifetime. So maybe maybe it's me and it's not an eerie and I fully ready to admit that quarterback. That's part and in order to I'd I'm not gonna believe that this team. Is it or can't go to was suitable until I see and I I do believe that they have the makeup but I'm very skeptical. I'm just saying when you name those teams the big reason why they did it as quarterback now the same terrible. For what thirty years when they only go to one drew when they got buries the cardinals have been terrible when they finally go to one Kurt Warner was quarterback. That's really the answer like yes I know we tried a final these other equations watch it. The last time this team advance in the AFC championship game has ordered that until models Monsanto wasn't sort of act like. It quite easy to cheers and try to try to do it different ways they try to do what Elvis or bock and Steve Bono and excited about is different ways. The answer is a very simple one if you find the guy quarterback you can advance deep in the policies. If you don't find it you were trying to catch lightning in a bottle you better had eight top five all time defense you better be. A leaked defensively you better have put the Broncos have two great quarters great pass rush you better have a lot of different things for you better go get the quarterback. This organization that we since that time frame hasn't invested in the quarterback that I want and I. Admit it was an investor in the quarterback a trapeze he had doubts net right they invested and that that's he read to them. If that's the guy that they want and they thought that they can win with if they don't when you think it's because of that then and that's an injury to right. I mean that part of it is these adults as my guy we're gonna go get him we're gonna trade formats firstly and did you like it here and that's on him as well. And that's what makes the Patrick Holmes thing so big and I got to go back to that but that's what makes the effort bomb so big. UN now and you did what playoff teams do Super Bowl winning teams do. You spent a high draft pick on a quarterback you are now gonna develop them and you hope that he's the guy and I hope that's not the one time they take the shot. Smart organizations good organizations repeatedly take that shot that's what you do. You repeatedly take the shot a quarterback you eventually find their quarterback and you win at a very high level but is this question mean that's the reason. You point those other organizations because they've invested a lot more in the QB position then that she's a bad so they didn't. It's a those and a broken through more frequent. That I. It can do I do but. As you say and I think you're right about this a lot of things have to fall into place and he's got a he's got to keep playing like he's been playing for that to happen. Not 2014. Outs and not 2015 outs and it's going to be this year. He's got to do what he's done the last two weeks and I give them a lot of credit for last week's game. It's knocked around pretty good by that Philly. Yet maybe that's it you know I just. You know I look at some of the things that you have been able to do an event on the success here since Indy Reid's got here. All right we're seasons what nights and I think and into the playoffs one year. But I hate serious question Hadley under achieved if they've won eleven straight in the toughest division in football. Up next in this record setting home run season does the royals general manager date more than the baseball Jews while he was asked and answered next on draft. There's a song you well right field way back in is. God a home run her might lose doctors he has just broken the all time royals single season home run record. He pulls it over the fence in right field here at Toronto the royals lead just thirteen and I think it might lose doctors here on September the twentieth. Breaks the all time home run record set 32 years ago. By Steve Bell quality and moos is first hug comes from Eric Hosmer. He just said drive by to belt Bonnie. Coming up and ten minutes. I help you win you or fantasy league this week in. I've already got off to a great start so what my expert analysis yesterday. I've got more and locked it load. To help you this week. Maybe you're up 20 and to start maybe you'll Los Angeles chargers and league what's one year. I'm here to turn that frown upside down and help you dominate your league this week in all you need to do. Is stick around and listen to famous advice was he got coming up in ten minutes yeah. So the public service announcement does it mean that's what I mean people. I taller hand of this wealth of knowledge it's in my head yeah. And it. Sometimes keep it to myself you know it's hard to do I think that. And I guess maybe this is the ball wouldn't. Maybe OP like sometimes all the hole out as he showed jacked up it'll be like 8 o'clock at night it's like me and I was like judicial right now they have sold meaning additional boss is a one of those words like opposite day C dot yesterday with with your transit by Nike people solid fantasy device yesterday. I didn't hear people winning fantasy in my back completely the audio will play whenever I give you this do fantasy in my eyes. We can go back and people sound wisdom yes you don't. Let's not use. Your fantasy advice. Seriously deflated it in effect it has definitely gave a fantasy advice to play game version. Oh win last night one of the over the blue jays won the series in their Chicago tonight you need to go weekend take on the White Sox in a weekend series. Every Friday morning general manager Dayton Moore joins best on the morning. And we just played the cut of moves his home run broke Steve doubling record all right we've we've talked about this. The ball is flat out of the ballpark like never before the all time record for home runs of the season was broken when my guys out scored went deep. In Toronto and the hell with air feels when eighteen now something ridiculous like that so it would date was on this weren't with us with a morning one of the questions they ask him. Was about the home runs and if the baseball is Joost. I can confirm. That there's anything different about the birds laws I believe great summit conference call about them. Are manufactured the exact same words I know every organization pass towards the ball a little different. During the season. Yeah and it made the your victory here to try to. You know get some continuity there are some consistency there with the Christian starts that the word. Russell and believe. The supply and demand that pitching is. Is very difficult. You know and you know there's yes there's park or mobile and then all conserve better and so forth but also used a lot more. They have in the past and remember most guys noble and all frail starters. So. You can over exposed them. Burgundy yeah. In I think you start it's yeah a lot more. Yeah and I think it has it's more reflection reflection on pitching than anything else and the other part of Arafat is that caters to such a great job. While studying what the the pitcher tried to do and make it hard to choose. I'm a more consistent basis and you know the imperfect will feature strongly. And so they can settle pitch and win. It's your maker with checkered and so on a pitcher you know what struck me. He's got a good chance at the square it's certainly takes away. That yes element. Maybe a little a year of the unknown and it relaxes your mind in. You know what's coming in and it's like if that's a lot to do as well on the analytical article as you those crept into the game and a very meaningful way and that's one of the being cool aspects of it right there is just all the predictability and were able to. You know two. You know attach ourselves to. So. Balls storage that was an interest in one week which. It could be something to that I don't know I think easy thing to say is that the ball's juice added and date made a really good point though. He was talking about. Hitters honing pitchers. And sitting on certain pitches how much of the game the other night and there's a graphic up there that fox sports Kansas City it will mark stroman was starting pitcher. It is said he threw his fastball 62%. So you're a hitter and you know that stroman depends heavily on his fastball. You can sit fastball. I mean it seems like to me were kittens somewhere with his home run that. If the ball is use. There is so much information out there I mean you can track help weaken what this stuff. Whether it's a baseball reference or. If you're watching you know the game cast on MO there's there's a good fight statute of formation everywhere they can tell when a pitcher. You know he throws his cutter and 02 counts 49% of the time. You know and that stuff. And when we UC coaches received Els YE CD the coaching staff and get these big binders. Out there we'll tell you that before you go up there. Here's what to look for here's what he's the Roland here's what he's been thrown and I here's what he's been thrown in certain counts so I don't know if that's the reason. Got a Major League pitchers are a Major League hitters sitting there waiting and knowing what a pitcher and it has the tendency to throw in certain counts. Chance to put the barrel on the ball decent again. Nastiness you were the much more than hardcore baseball thing in the nine. Do you think the average baseball faint Ayers if the ball is Jews or not. If it leads to more homer a gas which I think the public does enjoy the larger home run numbers like seeing guys at the ball 450 feet. Do you think that the general public and the average baseball saint payers if the balls or Jews or not. I think I think I think everybody cares if there's some sort of the conspiracy or somebody's trying to do something that's not on the up and and if if Major League Baseball specifically. Manufactured the bulls definitely big big I had this conversation last night over Beers. You know he's talked to several Major League pitchers not just royals and the Elton if they grant the pitchers that yourself the differ about the ball. Right it feels harder this year it makes a lot of sense that something's happened to the ball just given the jump yet home runs that's how I. I think people care if there's some sort of conspiracy in there try to do something. So it's inflate home run numbers I think that's interesting to a lot of people if you've got. Big can go alone try to say hey or reduces we're gonna make this change in not tell everybody in and deny it and NC results from yeah I think people do care about that. I think people just wanna see the home runs I think people wanna see often so I think that if let's say tomorrow there was this big stories from Yahoo! sports' Jeff Kasten breaks. Balls are Jews in an effort to increase home runs an increase viewership. Much of a backlash from the public outlook the public cares that much of the bulls you I. I think the story would go immediately indicate that that's a Major League Baseball did it be like a guy. It's a physical layer from but since you don't know there's some mystery. Anderson intrigue there's a bunch of theories out there. I think it's real interesting. You know people really the balls geez I adjustable Arafat notes up this weekend I got a little. And a little study at my house in in my garage this weekend. I got a buddy that's at one of the biggest ball out to let me right because to stadiums all over the country. College game's Major League games wherever he is gets only days he's gonna get you baseball from 2014. And he's getting heated baseball from this year and away at the majors conference nominees my band saw in my garage and I don't know animal a look at. And I do video that we're gonna put on sixteen sports dot com. And where to find out now maybe there's nothing to. All right maybe there's nothing to it could be rolled Rivera's ball you'll open it up and it's just a bunch of dirt budget job and there's nothing there but. I'm curious and I don't know anybody. Has. I don't put a baseball weighed measured anything like that. Exactly so I'm really doing that this weekend before that she's in itself and so on Tuesday that findings yeah. Here's Cecilia did you think if if you come back in picking a doubles reduced yeah I've no idea. You know and again it's very unscientific because it's my buddy with the ball from 2014. At a ball from 2017. Imus made there's nothing there oh give it a shot. Would give it a shot also Dick moral is talk to says in the morning about the trade deadline and it was also as this morning and asked about this a lot Jeffers plan negative piece on it we talked about earlier in the week. About on the trade deadline and what would have done differently. On ask your question yeah but the question governments are excellent excellent 6906. Do you think the balls are Jews and Alex Gordon that the plate or do you think it kind of swap them out like minded. The 2013 you call him whenever Alex Gordon pitches but in whatever whip Mayer Google's up these 47 I I wish they does it juice vault. Is Madison Bogart at the plate I think boards obviously better with the dead ball and I would it is okay yeah I was obvious signs I don't know the tax has hit the ball is due to the escorting season and we're disappointed but I just curiosity about the Gordon when he goes out there he's using a different ball yeah. I would like they used it to play ball what they did the colts yes the purple yeah I give them the couple about. It's about what happened that maybe it was gore though I'm here to get to the bottom of it that's it like another investigation yeah they had argued that bottom line is Gordan is up or he's in something funny is the catcher. You don't reaching into his pocket yeah the old ball out there so he's kidding it's when he or make an inflatable we need his need to spotlight the little ball point is that the brings back to the apartment differ based that's what it is not into the bottom of that. Really did Moore was asked if he would have done anything different the trade deadline and this is from fest on the more. What if you're oh yen in the me. I don't know who would acquired. As a rotation pitcher it's the conversation we what you're asking courts was. And there's no there wasn't. You know a lot of cheap. You've got the shot was available for. That wasn't something that we felt we could execute based on the level of talent they were seeking from march in so. You can always look there. In second yes and that's the foreign port of the game in tribal war in progress. But we were committed to working and Arctic Circle was in Singapore. Or at your collapsed. You know ten games or so and and they just they overrule just seen the last prudent to that you didn't. I have a theory on what the senate that I haven't heard anyone say that maybe the royals just more good enough. I heard that answer given from someone in the royals' situation. Because at the lie all they got everything they needed well Melky Cabrera they needed a bay. Was. Man or for what they accomplished at the trade deadlocked everyone was happy with they got me and they went on the guy Nokia to prayer that went down they got Trevor Cahill. They got a couple relief pitchers every one was celebrate the royals they were bad game together they didn't sell they give into the pressure this was going to be the year. What year. Just what happened for the royals see my maybe that's the answer let you go back as Amy we should've done more. Not doing more with a Smart decision and maybe this team who we can agree outside from that like. Three week stretch and they are really hot had just been a very infancy and up and down based. Or fourteen games over 500 to June and July that was pretty good stretch and expenditures and net. They're pretty good and they were really bad April they're terrible at it and they were terrible August yeah fresher. This cut me off guard with what they said like it if he. Knew now or knew then what he knew that he would have done more you tell me the get a real point two straight. You're gonna deals and you'd a done more I don't know the royals would. I not surprised I thought Dayton's answer would be yes you know what it would have made those deals would've made those deals at all he said he would have done more. I love the aggressive nature of I love the fact that the royals were addressing the trade deadline to get that app to give up the town. With the exception and injured Matt straw who was absent some confidence issues so on an ice. He would have done more I think as fast. I agree with date I think I agree with Dayton in the beginning I think that they did enough. I distinct whether this team just wasn't consistent enough the pitching wasn't good enough at some advice to this team does this team just didn't seem to have the right combination to most of the season the playoff team. They're rarely did you think this team was a playoff team. A bear rarely do we watch the royals in a siphon that struggle they were hot it was hot as anybody for stretched yet but it also is old as anybody for stretched. I remember when net talked about it during the season I can't pinpoint why this team is so inconsistent they've been so up and down the season sometimes be to look like the best team in baseball sometime between the worst team in baseball. This team was just never consistent but it's easy to kind of about its Amy we should a dumb question gave this team more options more weapons. They did everything that you could we development surpassed the way you went out and you did the best you could with that situation. Offensively we all thought this offense is gonna be more consistent and they work the offense wasn't consistent. I think that Dayton gave them enough resources to wasn't out this year. Yeah that's that's a fair assessment yet to factor entries in that to do with most in solid Cain deal with a Claude. He Kennedy Danny Duffy an addict or some blocking soar if you bring the people at eight and you know he's been decent at times so. You know the great thing is to is the last two games the royals have looked really good. They ambushed the blue jays they wanna one nothing game last night the bullpen was great or he was great. And and as crazy as this sound their only three and a half back with ten ago they've got a shot which to me is unbelievable based on some of the baseball we've seen. Next I know you've been on the edge of your seat. But just hold. All of a little longer because I am going to help you dominate your fantasy league was being a sea of eyes to see gotten excellent draft. You're funnyman. Coming up in San mandates we will get back into the royals as we talked to Josh Burt here. Are royals insider will join us in the studio coming up at three. A clock. Yesterday I happened to give you guys. Some amazing. Fantasy advice really let's take a look back and see the award winning fantasy advice I gave you yesterday. Poorer. All argue it's so Cooper today was a target so far. Flyer on him he's a flex position Vuitton. Cooper cup super cook I'd take a flexed position player on him whenever my number one number two. I take a slices then I take a flex flyer polling Cooper cup today. War on error. Do not be fooled by this week in which Carlos Hyde gave you fifteen carries 424. Guards did or Bristol really good day you get that under point bonus. All right Carlos Hyde today your time. Yeah yeah. Why. All though week. The rate of defense. How many points this season the San Francisco 49ers scored them at twelve. Take it to but bank if you got the rams defense are there available and you leave it grabbed on this week you'll thank me for the device. Lake is obviously the advice I gave you yesterday and plot was not in good taste. It did not go very well for you if you use my advice yesterday. So today I'm going to employ different strategy to get the opposite of what you really think I'm going to tell you who not to play this week. And maybe you'll save my action and go the other way but I think I'm going to give you. Some very sound. As if I secede. Fantasy of ice with CI sponsored by fantasy sports markets dot com. Week three this year for fantasy sports markets and they want you tried daily fantasy football on them right now go to fantasy sports markets with an S markets dot com it into the promo code. They have given me my own promo code. Because ice is endorsing this sick. Didn't see it now now. Used sixteen seed or it is sixty anybody you're giving you the sound winning by. Would give it to you so sixteenth seed out or six in bidding. All of fantasy sports markets dot com you get fifteen dollars using either contest it to the pump your money. There's a free fifteen free dollars to play fantasy football. How can you beat fantasy sports markets. Had to pay money if they use your thing I don't feel like. You've got it's gonna cost them no you don't have to do that showed sort heist they get fifteen free dollars. With you they get. Fifteen they go to Zain they ga. Fifteen dollars going of the deposit in Euro money are you not to play this week and you know Ben Roethlisberger. Believe the whole road splits when it comes the bit robbed bird in the last two seasons Ben Roethlisberger has thrown. Fourteen touchdowns and seventeen. Interceptions. Oil and the road don't don't let the local burger replied no limit their eyes open when they play the bears but I'm telling the bears' defense. Is good the bears defense that since the start of last season have only given up. Seven passing touchdowns the last nine home games that's not bad now we finally got eons old one time. I'm telling you listen to me. Pass on bit local burger this week my ex player that you should paso as in the same day Jordan how it's over Jordan our I don't use. I draft picking you're trying to make it work I would tell you trade toward our right now. Yes iPod Touch is this a season for 73 yards every single game leader seemed to recalling cut. In today's usage. Pass or in Jordan Howard. So play George Howard played that bad no I'm not so I'll do that. I'm giving you some sound a solid whiz you know what did you what got you should absolutely play this week. Consequence to play in this we got Carson went right here so what's going to lead the NFL in passing yards with these. Continue to buy in ride and style account or call that the wind's lag and play Carson Palmer art student Carson once this week that's been a sea of ice. Carson wins on Carson Linz. At home against the giants cars into wins still play and don't play the ban. And don't play Jordan I'm giving you the three I would play Carson whence. Know when Jordan Howard no one bit about the numbers this week so they are currently is there and your team you need to run from them. And if you're thinking about I'm on the fence about Carson winced listen to me and my winnings since the demise. Annual dominate. Your lead he said stay with Carl's. I did they stay away what he'd do it he would suggestions which isn't good which is good and what's been leading that on the bench is not good did you say play the rams defense as exit whether in defense umbrella Serena points no bailout 39 points it was not good yesterday and I'm not good I just as it is is checked in. It was not good at all now before we get to the pop quiz let's talk a little college football on Missouri Tigers have a very important game this weekend at home against the Auburn Tigers about did you. Slaughtered this region that has no confidence in Missouri I have no confidence in Missouri I was reading one in the apartment he message boards this morning. And Gabe was writing now. That the Missouri fan base has turned Owen burial and faster than they turned on Jimmy Anderson victories and I think that is not good at what they're supposed to be good if you. There are defensive coordinator. Expect to have a good defense that stops and people can't stop anybody. Gonna stop Auburn in this I don't have any confidence and loser. It's a bad combination lugging their portly coached. They can't score and they have a bad defense so I am not very confident this weekend under the lights at farouq let me ask you this other home right. Yes they are home and they're seventy and a half point dogs at home I seen that correctly yes he take him in the points I always think not game conference. Think seventeen is a pretty big number I could see Missouri being a little bit more competitive coming out with a little more spirited energy than they had last week. I did seem to keep in the game close to something that when you think Barry out of the guys and Austin I don't so does part of you hope they get a simple yes and you know. I hope that they would yeah I hope I'm all about burial and that would be the best thing forms are the best for resort would be they had they got my head coach going to go find enough yet. Don't think that right coach I think it's pretty clear that I don't know if this fast can fix the problems Olin this team. They seem to be part of the biggest like the talent is on the team. I think there's enough talent to at least be 67 with football team but they got three when coaching for when coach and this is not eligible seven. He to have point underdogs at home and that's Kansas that all is good all over at least the Missouri supposed to be if there are 67 win team they get 67 when talent. There's seventeen and a half point underdogs on their own field homer against Auburn Alabama here. Main target yeah now. Look at. They use schedule. Look at home games games they can win a bit lower on that would take you. Like what's of these games you think you can win. Hope against West Virginia. Home against Texas sect next week are in two weeks that by next week. Do next two games her home home against K state poll against Baylor home against Oklahoma your final home game. Which of these home games do you think you can win. That's how you look at it. I'll give a hole against Baylor beat out right now let Baylor and I think that you wins the whole game against Baylor I don't think that any of these other. Now they're not when this weekend at its West Virginia absolutely. Texas Tech you'd think maybe got a shot but now. Home against K state now Baylor maybe at Texas now all of its Oklahoma now yes so yeah. Maybe Texas Tech but I think Baylor made their best shot to own conference. And I think a lot of this has been competitive at home be competitive beats us. Make it a four quarter game it shouldn't he get blown out of half time my West Virginia and your fans are getting through the exits like zip them. It's at this point and David babies coaching career you've got to give him the fans something you're not in the mobile in you hand them that every single time you come to. The game every time you come to memorial stadium. Pretty competitive that you want to the last time for 4527. Home in central Michigan's not competitive. Every time you spend our money to go wants KU football you should at least see a competitive product so that has sparked this week at home against West Virginia as you start to twelve I. I don't see how does it mean I want to don't get me wrong I want a huge credited today he got Ruth Forman love them. But they've given up a combined 87 points to two teams from the mid American conference in the last two weeks it happening it's West Virginia. We can't spot. I'm going to win. The pop quiz brought to revive victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the prize. A thirty dollar scratch your ticket courtesy of the Kansas lottery trucks and bus between 50000 dollars or a brand new truck. It gets would you rather have an Elvis party. Yeah instead of all those cool little hat different Stuart Little current site current. What do you say a little mama and sentiment to. If you know what TV show that is taller jets right now the color number six and 91357676. To end. And these grants or ticket is yours commitment semantics are royals insider John Berger joins us our weekly visit talking baseball Mets in the draft.