09/22 - 1 pm - The Home Stretch

The Day Shift
Friday, September 22nd

In the final hour of the week, we talk to former Chiefs WR Danan Hughes about the team's first divisional test this Sunday. Plus, we dive into Chiefs Storylines, let you Mark The Tape, and the Take 2 Before 2.


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Give credit card today news news that. Things get about it. He loves these adults. He loves the the black rob referenced couple days ago. And the fact that which house team that was solved. Bolt. But Dana who used to join us here the talk seems orders he feels like this is attracting. With a chart. Because this is one of those games which I think most people when they hear who the opponent is so displayed a marked the WS. LR Iowa who got after that. You can't look past eighty team. Schemes were important last week especially in the division. In seas act like they don't know dating you know olds. And he joins us now he on the base Sunday. We'll go to quote I let the man. Or an American worker and I hear you are and I hear you. Sides are matchup is a track gained. I don't believe are fair game. Early in the season archer archer blaze that's not good for the whole cougar to ultimately. Before the bye week before the week's six footage range. Promote season. I don't particular track here think dean is still trying to figure themselves well they're still. An identity that they have to figure out there and anything can happen at any time so truck came to me are usually. Bad team good news playing a game. Where and they have a playoff. Spot on the line in week. 111214. Order. In this it was you don't believe that a trap game to be game awaits. You're playing well put the team that you're facing isn't regarded as a good team so you're not as focused. Well art I guess. It goes to what you what you do have a good scene I mean charters could be too little easy. You know are they at that team because they're kicker got a kick off their commitment to kick. Does that make them the backyard to vote you can define. This early in the united book on thing cooking and not let. Five a couple of years ago before we strong well below the street where you know I mean so that was right around we should surge. Where they and I think you can talk about I'm trapped in the media identify achievement that there are out there but. You know it's too early. They've charged play in this when Damon. We're in England head coach talking earlier if the chiefs of the best team in the league sells to me. If they're doing a lot of with cheese that against the patriots a year but it perceives this is the best team. Now the chiefs are kind of perceives that team it sounds like they're really gonna use that against the chiefs that might be one thing it's in their favor. Well every team they don't want to have any negative. Bulletin board material you know who variable comport anymore they're in Amman honorable people yeah it's a little. Boorda. It's just par for the course I mean he's been around the league you play in the league you've been around. You know you borrow your opponent you say the great thing about them. And then you look for smashed on Sunday or not that everybody's. Mapped it to the madness everybody ways that they approach to business. The fact here either either team that hasn't won a game playing here the team that lost the game so it's only right it's only Smart on his side. To achieve what he'd done. Alex Smith in the big conversation Hampshire where Damon in this town everybody's kind of enamored by him I think that she's quick she's fans are buying into the chiefs because of Alex Smith. He wasn't playing well and winning despite how little their 100% buying into them. Can he continue this track how thinking should we look at Alex Smith. And then finally say all right he's turned that corner he's gotten better about how many games this season we look at it. I think you've gotten better just a matter of can you sustain. I'll tell all column that we talked about earlier that he's been there when you have somebody with the count. We'll have all been obviously very travel plans for him to be the quarterback of the future behind you. You're gonna think or slam and he worked for me doing a great place. And you have to give credit to him that he stretched themselves well being. Being the wily veteran being successful that are going to be a god has extended his career so long are doing the safe being changing your game the way it was earlier this cooler Air France. And then let directing and changing your game again now here this young man behind them so he's a good quarterback he's gotten better. But that the second quarter structure of these originally thought that if I went there with you guys. The first start of the first quarter of these that was going to be the cup but what I look at that schedule over more now. I think that second quarter should be legal blood gain. With bell and then burn and going on the road and Monday Night Football game the Pittsburgh mixed that in there as well. I think that's going to be the structure of goto the pale. Not just developed rare but about the street. You know data I'm not trying to you goal beat a dead horse here but I add value your opinion now want to get it also on. On Travis Chelsea because I haven't heard your take on it. In regards to him in the penalties and that you know ain't you read not being down. You know happy with what he's been doing here and he's been accumulating these penalties over the last what three or four games it seems like every day there's something so what's been your take on all of the stuff. A bit because of the great now ordered al-Qaeda and they're not meet outside then and there and a well. But he got to figure out you've got to give. Oh hole. I. Net extra fire. One thing nine notre. Aid when you're high school during collar. You know you were you a pistol albeit long before games that you were ready and can't all day. And at the bell and he got the perfect talk about having gotten playing cards and dominoes the most in the music and dance in order. And then some like Google opera look at minute. That it means a lot miracle it got dark tunnel all the power switch change your regard for him. From like for golf real quick. But there's a I. He'll probably cut it up penalties lecture people aren't people out auto lock cock aren't biting. But there's a lot that you cross sort of become something could sit there like what they were trapped LP. He's got to figure it out and that teammate Scott the government back here and not be a free tour. To cripple the star of the tree. You know the bird the players that are in the Ottawa on it to pull aside lunch and dinner like dude. We got a check yourself sick or ordered the affect they're your global count over Qaeda would outcrop along. Those guys you think they can do that dean and Kazaa look at your period is when it certainly could go with them irk I think he can indicates that who on this team do you think. Has the stature in the league they can't do that whether. Well you know it's not necessarily about the big wigs of the tree in the joke in Houston Burton Kurt buried in the Pro Bowl guard at Goetschl. It can be compliant and it could be some of quote learn on the scene there can be other content and locker room in the private meeting room. I would they would be operative line and he purple line. More slowly often salon because those guys when you get the pulpit he's. That forces them. Could be backed up in the hole and raise their backs up against the wall and they have to work harder and they're obviously tire that chair and fifteen play drive just to move back five or ten yards because the it Eric. So bill that the guy Arctic would probably have the most. Affected your work Amber's here to pull them inside outside of the like. There what are already behind eight ball the deal blocking he's got these guys. On the line and driving in protecting out there. Carter now. Just cut and now I'm back I can envision a temblor in order to pay Otto will shield back in my day. Being that kind of guy that would just all of a guy aside did not beat Joseph Montana or a market for on anybody who reward will go to the park. We'll live near her pull your. Why. Does. It. Hiding he did it never ends man it never ends. It would talk and Dana news here on sixteen Sports Radio six in sports dot com this Morse is in the way better than anybody at the anticipated. As a member of the seized on he's gonna be out miss a couple of weeks a sack full gonna replace them any concerns about guilt let's apply the starters that are out. And no confirmed earlier during all of them if there were some young guys that they pulled off practice squad or maybe just made between this year. I would be concerned about Olmert and around he's played in every game that should have been there so I don't think you miss a beat he came in right way. Last week you remember that first play when he came in the game Iran right now. I got his backside and and scored a touchdown so. There's a lot of confidence in Blackpool England and I think outlook is very comfortable with them. Or him being the center so I don't I don't see that being a big huge. A Al won the days of always appreciate about you Dayne is it to keep it honest you keep it 100 and you don't pull apologist especially when it comes with a wide receivers. Do you still like that Chris Conley he's getting better are seeing him develop. I give. I'm seeing actually counting the entire one receiver corps. Getting better and realize say that it Chicago street Al that he would and the biggest copper band satellite receivers over the past few years is watching a trade watching them. What routes bear hunt we're very people they ran around. They recognize that they want the number one. Receiver they weren't the number one target. By Alex and he had already answered number two receiver if you look good to come back to those guys. Or she took the ball and run where. Now these guys are. The way out to be protected were he will keep the upper line. And bared his ability to string out plays and throw the ball down field. That's like Christmas morning to a lot receiver and these guys staying viable guy on the field you're seeing big plays being a Chris Connelly. You know outlook across the body to the opposite sideline against New England Patriots Chris Conley where he's got a first down. You walk on water copper down field. And now there's truck and the world trade over about the actual over the last week. That's what keeps you involved what makes you better when you know that any time. I'm gonna get the ball or not just about. He rose. I'm not the first part of our primary dot org or check out letters that were on the ball Al elevated his game and that they'd receive resolved here. Dean in two quick prediction is firming up ordering your opinion on this. Humberto goal achieved our current bill produce appointment say they'll be at 2820. Gain. I think they can put up four touchdowns or at least somewhere. On that Diego and San Diego opera and certain to run gave it. Is not doing well so that the order blocked dog river Stewart took program and to regain its government to a win on the record the chiefs. Parred the next one billion this comes from trip Mahan pro am sure you know him on Twitter very big I we're talking to pass up what is known for number four Penn State at Iowa 630 ABC predictions guy. Cole Hall. Mean. Barca for the rock of murder you. Sales Greenberg walked in the character be able. To sell us out serious like you mediator CIT media say it would suggest you. Oh well. A for the benefit of yogurt we know about it took. This should go hall. Don't look at next musty job rattles looked pretty sob don't still going to be muggy with that I laughed at. Government data. Our Bob and have also we did it would dogs you next week. I didn't hear died as data use here on the days yeah it's still one day. I'm did office on mr. parks win on all 435 it. Who truths of passage zip along he slows down because of the side view it is I talk nonstop for daily use. You easily you gain of the data alone. I Odom bags. Out weekly segment we talk about it's you story lines on the dates. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. Buyback dictates your play date with douse the bus of forty about minutes of the show. Next segment. We got mark to take the market Tate and we'll be taking your phone calls in your predictions or thoughts. What happens chiefs chargers this weekend. As coming up next set. And bet at this time. We go from a tropical quest. Entities stores. Lawrence is to display and a hard transition I talk. I'm a partner with its panel premature moment. Apples that's. He knows all about it and didn't answer. It counts and they. Refuse. Comedies by it. Been working on its new material. I try it out and you guys in the break although I don't think you know this but I do it viewing. Just don't tell your. Your outfield. Could tell the people about what happened in last night while waiting outside of my mother's apartment. If you want to month. I was confident rate deal Ole Ole. You know we're we're doing what good are billion on the market now I don't like it did either passed your sell low price well we've done. Or towns but the cost of a prostitute bullying and. Read that one down. And read that there was quick and that this. Analyzed your question first Keenan Allen he's been. Men are right its chief I guess. Fourteen catches this season but his career and feces played four games when he six catches 334. Yards. While it's hundred more feet and one of the team ratings at a over 300 yards Willer Keenan Allen. Have a big day game. Against the cheap. It's been his track record it's been a track for that now Marquez Peterson feud he announced on. I I'd wonder how healthy he is coming off with a torn ACL. What is blessed I'm gonna sit here and wonder about that I kicked out all I can only go based on what he's done against it seems so yeah I think he's probably get another good day. Again these chargers look these keys differently and how they look. Then they wanna Bruton worked speakers they're still in about him. Out LA now is the talk about what these demons in him I am feeling Philip Rivers who kicks in many nights and he cares Mitchell. Is Philip Rivers is a knack pick on people. He's very good just like it would it he'd worked common Justin brown and also means there's going in the bowl on the field. He knows we. How does the he knows. Figures them out horror horror. Was thinking and Alan matchup against mark just you've left your record was fourth and burning him like toast he did a few times yes and a look at him when he wasn't exactly exploiting the weakness. Want him. Your special. It's up. I'll get that. You don't think Marcus he is going to be matched up most of the day he. The problem. We're gonna pick on Marcus Spears. Answer this person pick on him but. You mean to tell me that Phillip rivers not on what the direction of this number one wide receiver Marques Beasley that day he's there and they'll. Are having this conversation you and him on the show pupil. Amount. But he thinks fix Marcus Peters because he hasn't punted a ball in the stands for awhile hasn't it hasn't and the opportunity do it but he still attributed to a perceived. Over under on whether or not marked as Peter's it's an interception in the punch in the crowd this week. No phones over underside. At the best man leaving them. 2009. Sacks in the league. The second part nine sacks on the season second in the NFL. Will that trend continued this week Philip Rivers. We've been sacked twice. This trend is gonna continue. You know they're gonna get so among got to get right that they get they're gonna get to Philip Rivers a couple of times not exit just news is going to be some I's gonna walk was in this game. And have at least a sacked him he's not like Brady have to get the birdie here he's gonna make you pay fort. Philip Rivers probable cause I'm young person with scheme that's life yet last week you braced for the five yards threw for 333. Game that's so big in their pocket. Philip Rivers. He goes down and as I did Roethlisberger keep you off he knows his role in Atlanta city gives them. Philip Rivers is not letting away from the left to right the only thing he's gonna do to try to avoid a sacked its depth. Openness in the pocket and tried to ripple in office enough fans who booed blitzer avoid injury who just. Gaudin. My brain to articles there. I'm sorry as rivals reform take advantage of it. Wallace checked the weather report guys that say three to 45 kick off this Sunday will be a sunny 82 degree it's. And lovely Los Angeles, California when that happens or Andy Reid you're wearing your windbreaker. Leaked story minuses and furious is when where and breakers are gonna Wear win or not he's going to be. Here's the question why you got to memorize these people on the sidelines I'd like has mark the take note that where we were. 82 degrees and he's asking. Would you Wear wind breaker in eight degree weather particular one but we won't leads off. But it readable pockets and if you eat eat you Wear jackets when he didn't need it in his life. Not a light source who works what's he goofy. Aaron map. We'll Alex Smith still have another game that is the new Alex Smith or rolled the maybe crash back earth as the old Alex Smith. I think that he I think if he concedes to have good season he's not gonna crash. You know that ball back into the old Alex Smith to be in the old Alex Smith. Is good against the chargers soul he's gonna have a good day. His track record. Chart pretty good 5113. Quarterback rating in teams that he's won his last by factory. Alex plays well moves well is for whom counties. Whose hometown team moves him below this. Interest he's from San Diego and it. Wind so distracted. He sold to strike which offensive star. All of this of stars of the disease. I mean is obviously want to date is announced fanciful bought the Aussie three month period. And go back to this being attacked every field. It's been sick of first game of both of them. Philadelphia was terms LC game. It's one backward I'd be killed game this week opened a return game. Indus waters here every kid's the beginnings and wasn't forum and a lot of things going on what do I used them in the conversations with future. Six accurate Wheatley it's only times rattled the unlike the antenna of its. The difficult thing there I've seen trying to sabotage itself. Others placed on Kim's. Tens ice cream borrow less than a third of a mile from the stub hub center with the likely that injury stops by their very post its act. No the that would on the cheek. Easter definitely. Many people the Jewish journal captors beat. What's the likelihood of you don't want to vote tonight. The wrong the wrong announced Friday. This is my worn out from week. Also was told our arsenal foods that they get some fairly good reviews what happened this week. Is there rigors of working in all these seven months for I realize that did sound bad from. And employees who aren't you know week in wearing it out. Hair and a and I'll come off right. It. But even hinted he would get out on the road beat that thing product you didn't all of us the woods on a. I want to refi some 67610. But he did like and Andy's wearing a Hawaiian shirt under his written per occurrence. Widget right a martyr sage is he's got predictions are a ready to give it pause on cease chargers not want to read by some 676 and we're gonna take your phone calls. We mark the Tate. Now the trend the dandelion restaurant Indians right across street. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. You're okay. I said time for mark to take on the face him. All we take your predictions. On the chief's game. Anyway we revisit them. The next day after the which in his case means he one day run real import yes that's. For easier now what threes fives Lewis and always the money here you know on the road and beat that thing we got Monday night games we got there is that I game. Yeah next games and today. Sixteen to. Not want to refi some 67610. Out of their way to stand next to Kirk cousins. Get me. Under all locker room with them. Steered I've got one line available right now on 9135 and 676 Samar to take what you face. Or Garza gets seats this go to a jet. Won't the subject. Or. What you think him what to think it was on your mind Bob this game on Sunday. I lay you know. Yet GT. As every single sport to a yes. Guys. All right so. He's to a 31 form or. If you would have war. Mark work. And I got used to the just stick so was it nick resting him enough for windows in studio. Opt out. All like it to. Be based on the I'd just go to a let's go to William and mission we'll subway. What heights aren't. Gut feeling pain yeah they're fun but how Al that the younger damn. The organ of the young. Home built in and gave me the read here he needs for the home. No dollar. Really that's really you don't really still if you don't really feel like that's the message you want to happen he's going to. He's so. I William I'd greatly missed he wants that to happen he's not actually feel that it is blood and all. It's our way imam with this still worked that he came to Vegas date but there what you do and Alex keep it up but. As to what pat. A suitable real plus we haven't thought you know while. I'm pound bag yeah it would good how are you. Golf you agree. Oh I love what you normally see. But yes I think a lot better than anybody everybody. I'm gonna. When. 15. Or I got that feeling I think we're gonna come a time. And we're gonna take it that way and let them back and take care of it. It's Maria. Our. Why did I hear this fall as further burglary. Both real was very dirty deals that don't. Got to this back to the problem I have to screen phone calls and all the name oh reais to you don't. Knows it seemed really realize how dirty she got she was talking about coming from behind you know let me see you it was a lot of fear and figure that slight net pocket. Home Rea. From a media equip her renown. Outlet and still Ali in North Wales a volley. Play it very like here now is the body. So I think. Again I think it's going to be actually wanting to thirteen and I think Marcus Spears bigger perspective here. Like itself you'll update if I think it'll be. Quantity cream off one shall we want picked. By market speaker wanted there. I don't like that I act I'd like that from Molly I think that's reasonable and that they do that I think all season and a seriously. Let's go to. Let's go to southern. Report. All of them doing good. We've man it for granted we can't see it president's yesterday's she's prepared yet. Aren't that you know this what I I think driver hardly rivers and had a bad game because. Or they used to look put some pressure on yup I think this month. And our Tyreke supposed to that they gave of course wanted to tell you gonna dominate. And I'm called warning or board. To achieve square. Wonderful fourteen I would like demand would precipitous and phone calls corporate. OK let's hear would be necessary. T let's go to rates. He promised all throughout the ball this I've. Oh where we typically man in the Cuba the fear of them but what's an adult but yeah. You feel the evidence that not. But the model although he now. Did today that it might you know you keep. You know put that in the media. Mark Peters school good. You know pulled the market figures but I got that she's winning. 282. And fourteen wind. I got my review with two touchdowns and a 150 off perfect your I have. Cooling hot we'll go back what he had last week on the on him when he popped all of assured that close now. And I got the genes that would keep willingness. I will take you band that's the most important thing is regards the stats. Is the way I'm with Reggie and the 21:17. G that I am calling refueled touchdown that think this that I read killed. As they said let's party before it at all. That would be if people see all bets are revenue the I know what we won we had the offensive AFC offensive player of the week we together AFC defensive player of the week ago think that they have they have the AFC special teams player you have. This week. I be if he Thomas. Debt. As go to Wallace of run. Call or what you know I think your first quarter don't make this thing. We go to Lou we're going you know. You in this quarter with those going off the we will score keeping with the school. We're seeing what we might even go back. See it again we go and so I think you won shall be so excited to people who did his vehicle lineup is twelve school flies out. You know. It's it's. Give it shouldn't be used to be without. Him so. Why don't Columbia and the core and show me direct to improve okay. Put that get to those who. Concerns preschool here and essentially the preschool here be here you know it way too much about this doesn't run chase here. It's going to be. Fourteenth. Issue she. What she I'll. See you all to hear what people who have borne. That's not Ron. It's that report or a big access line as time. It's going to be with you watching game on people he's not going to be he's got a B. Home with his wife what you're and he does it all and also. Seeks at least once that happened in the people alive. Victims worked round has taken his pants up points banners read now that's right it won't last if all right final two phone calls one from Jean. Obscene. Guys man crazy sport so hot today it's very. Thirteen greens it does sound buttery suits. Travis healthy don't go crazy on the deal with it it's it's such down another and a hand. And I think yes going to be five touchdowns and Allah or Alex Smith is back QB rating you're going to be off the chart. Finals on it. Just wells makes it last. Berry they're ready. Oh. Out of the whales. Are a little. In us. He said Little League in the show we're a certain standing. Art audible all. Reading over magic ball was blood out of a row and legal now. Well three. Hey scored on probably. What was. Was on. I guess people like. May have. You're. Now in the court ordered the fourth quarter. Number two. Just do what we do. See them. Make it. A little bit it. Cameraman and I. Brasilia. Our red. I will do that but there it out and does it anymore more people on this one terms dolce. And sports like this week and the industry. The oldest traditions. In this week in Kansas. And my prediction for sports 28 cent seventeen seats when he said. We went seventeen seed there you'll have 2622. In the city. With just weeks before poured spread and so you know he copied from ray. Know that 2224. And get my act Chris Berman. Right the big rate at 1511. In this video evidence Jackson is so lag and we carry out an ad at act that. These callers beleaguered ended. I was at the dictates that before too and the words. You're in the days. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. It doesn't really good move. We've got doubled Giles needs jobs in the car. Callers wanting to callers and 12 right now not reply some acceptance extended. It receives. A thirty dollar trucks and bus ticket was cute when you up to 60000. Dollars or a new truck of drew Joyce. From the Kansas lottery all as one and 2913 spies it was a 760 and it. It that Kansas lottery thirty dollar trucks and books. Ticket. Most went into. I don't want to say diocese. If there's no way did the chargers. Beat Petit speak. It is always team and I'm extremely calm it's extremely confident. At its season win this why it's just a better team man. I don't I don't feel like we ever get a feel threatened. Over the course of this game that elective eagle's threatened to bid seized last we didn't know. But it was an easy game though. It was a game which you Eagles did fight remember now believes in the fourth quarter it was a three point game. And in that she's. Data separated themselves from the Eagles this week. Say it would have been easier time these ought to be on the role with the chargers. Is not the greatest teams but it every place. If you ruled Chile closest she's will win this game. Any Rita continues dominant species list. Twelve straight big red. He means everything that your. What do you think is going to be calls it going to be a gap predicted. Voted down it was passage 2870. When he wants. People that. They just line. Four or point 70 points or why children. When he stepped up when it is right there to push it just uses it was. All coming together. Why can't call you or do. The whole twenty soothing them like it's just. Crazy or what I don't know what the numbers are you just don't spread. It is fifteen to eleven months with the finals. Was due to detect other unions refuel grosans they've been. It's because the cheese is weakened to eighty reasons than a lot of coaches want you. Yeah hired talent coach who's been talked about the press conference. The federal beating the right that's what matters and that's what matters and what resonates. With the who's who listened to that the osu beat. There's always a real good. So it's expectations but you felt a coach who can beat the teams in the division and that's exactly what he's done sifted through its terror. 71. Against the raiders history in five bought them but he's won three straight. But that's what to expect your coach to win these games in the division. If for San Diego got the pressure's on them to speak to lose seamless loss included one home. Now it that he Lynnwood he said this week is. The chiefs if they're the best team in the NFL he's using that water with the chargers like she used before they went out to New England like the patriots. Everybody's talking about who was into the best team in the league that conceded those who have the fifteenth. Keenan Allen had a lot of success it's achieved. On the flip side Al Smith has been great to get chosen quarterback Brady couldn't read in the times this place. In the second thing is the spirit and and his things. This course all the headlines. CTV. This what Javier Hernandez who needed now you're name is with guns if you didn't play football in this horrible. He was wired that. He had troubles. Through it I'll put out there were a lot of started and of course appeared to be enough. Seat he had nothing to do what the history of suing the patriots you know well. But the problem he has now is one I got through would have in the NFL in two I hit. Think his or her name is that day and age with the technology the information was out there in the news too. He people. Did you waive your rights to sue played. Give millions of dollars. This game I think it'll signed. It moving forward some fortunate we have bad headlines. You know when I. Takes a look at this matchup between the charges that can achieve this weekend. As some fortunate in a way. Saddam borderline arrogance. When it comes to looking at what is gonna throw this game. I should feel confident I should feel excited. And it says he'll likely sees it going into the game. And that they're going to win them telling you they do it's it's dangerous to them almost like a little hockey bunkers and the reason why. Is because he be read right now essentially own. The AFC west division. I know is that it is time Kansas City yes absolutely owned the Denver Broncos with a record of three and five. Oh when it comes to look at that all law what's happened as of late with the Denver bronco is one. Three consecutive game. With the raiders he's only lost one time when it comes with the chargers. He is a record of six and do in this with six straight Big Three so when it comes at west. And you face an opponent in the charges weekend I just don't think that talks are up to the challenge of defeating. The Kansas City Chiefs and a second take that happens in regards to you. Passing attempts. To meet when it comes to that seems. Eats and every week that we seen for the course a couple of weeks of the season. They have had a player that has passed the test in week one. The question mark was how old would get a wonderful ball because it was gonna be no it's where for this season getting his replacement. Was going to be to remind. All three month ask that test in week one against the patriots with flying colors bit weak suit what was the thing that we had to pay attention to. It was Murray and swords and filling in for when he injured or buried in week number two they'd pass exams now it is person under the microscope. That is stifled replacing its voice you know what I think he's gonna handles business to. Yeah. I think it over there. Escape humble bit it's a Nevada and I don't repeat. Crimes you'll be brought in now what is kid at home. To some gardening battle with McCarthy you pointed to probably do. I do not let them listen to us and explicitly requires. So repeat them. They don't run up as a guard eBay. No of course not. An apple with your hospital volume fanning out carded he was quite veterans really net. Nor had that in itself gave a hundred never doubted them I and Davis Love is up next would talk to guys on Monday days of play today.