09/20 - Rich Gannon

The Day Shift
Wednesday, September 20th

Former Chief & 17-year NFL veteran Rich Gannon joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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I cannot get back to see people call there from 83 lines there in Chicago now it's time at home to. One of our favorite guests on the show each and every week that will be CBS. Analysts. And former quarterback in the National Football League average gain in. Who this week is only coal for chargers and cheeks was going on rich. Two guys who were cited legacy that he. Our development. Of this great law. I am curious is different is this you don't go to gain from a soccer stadium in rich. That's really the talk and the chargers look I can call and see Diego chargers are wonder if you'll slip up what the over under should be on that. During the game it's tough to call but. There's the fate of support violated the NFL do the right thing moving the chargers belly. I don't dog. He's you know I I hate to. The fact that he late. You'll figure it can't do now the law and the target raiders a lead and went all the way here to argue. You know much of an old school look at the flip side I would go into they'll say that. The talent that that the state of California have put put this in you know buildings stadium because what it'll work out or in Africa monitor the raiders. Probably the partnered with the 49 to get something done but it is wanna go the clinic where. Operator one. Inevitable look very different than. It's part is that it will sure shorten the second I electing a what do those capital LIB defector in about mark yet. And that really is and what you don't know the stadium. That that didn't work out really well this chart is. Risks let's let's beyond a silent that says let's keep it real here what what is the over under set at. In terms those you'd call laying the Ellie charges to San Diego Chargers this come sympathy. Together curled up Horry in all that. Oh my monitor the book I have a great great sciences Arturs some common trend now referred to on the Indian or law they are perfectly. I'm Kirk talked about I in my or partners that we are. You don't that the heart is quite accurate the go like he knows that the nickname and not the city that regard I appeal case but you know. You beat the effect shall we want productive you probably think it's. Urgent Earl. You know it could happen open doesn't put. You know look on you attribute all looking to compete and to complete the career. I don't know it uses it is bizarre to me rich of this whole thing works out and if Philip Rivers quarter quarterback from the chargers. Eight you Jesus faced a million times it's odd he still lives in San Diego city but this rig would as mobile quarterback room. Going back and forth to LA and San Diego sorry that the players. Are you Stephen Cohen and LA. The other Padilla that would concern me firework. That killed the chargers and you know by quarterback or make it to our commute back for every day and you know I go on as. Great disease look at film of the car was gone on the other. Quarterback and all the old days in San Diego it. I that particular hole and yet think of the traffic of you know justice. Our virtual ball each way. A lot of them make a lot of sense to me but still got a large families a lot of at least at the very here at the you know there really firmly established. In law in two vehicles fell. Look at it it'll. It is what it is vital that if say an ideal situation for a start or back sources they beat people back for Wednesday. We're talking to Rich Gannon former NFL MVP and current NFL analyst for CBS sports here on the base of late to make him a follow on Twitter at risk and and well. On Twitter and what are the things that we've been talking about since Sunday's game. Rich has been at it and people atomic torn on this in regards to Travis Kelsey okay. Spectacular tidy and he's a star player he's the main guy in town. But he has accumulated some. Some penalties in each and every game polite the last three or four games now. And which you know he makes us all a great grab or does something fabulous but did you get like a fifteen yard. Personal foul penalty or something like daddy and we're going on a stretch of both of three or four games now and eighty read on Sunday was not happy with the news he was. He was upset with the BS and worse oddity gable on the sideline in front of the eyes of the cameras and he had rested after the game he was asked questions about it today. How do you deal with something like that when you have a light here that has sold once town like that. Which they had told C you're getting frustrated with him not being able to rein in his emotions. And putting his teammates in a bad spot. What he's an emotional player and know that but he also. You know is that part of fact players other games though that's helped Cotto looking other important out. That you and others can very easily. And you know we felt we quarters you know he demonstrated that play and. Of course that 2000 last week well I'll put somebody in. To a personal filed so. It'll look. It would just reporting I think Fareed you read in the future as earlier in the trees here that you curtail an integrated chat and talk. The leader of all pretty. And then go out there are no like this so hopefully. They'll essentially you just hope that a player like. Public figures. So he's a terrific. Talent. An emotional guy and it'll take that'll will but he in the Atacama. Is Kirk you also that the extra curricula activities that of course. Ritual and ask you this because you of course live in this town you played quarterback and I often think that did the two most talked about things in city or the barbecue in the quarterback position. And Alex has been talked about a lot the way that he's playing these last couple of games. I think the chiefs this will transpire pellets that continues to play like this. He is under contract one more year I don't know if you wanna sit at Patrick Holmes two years before your contract. Or do you trade him is who will the market being there for teams to reach out and treat them even if they think that she's okay make adding to save money in the salary cap. What do you think she's been going for that position. The good player outlook our immediate plan a lot like he's as. The political player because I want out of that hole. Remember air rotten he waited several years in Green Bay and it will and so I think it's you can afford to do they galaxies is quite well. Except what's been made of the lack of success the policies on the album called quarterback. But you know I think that. Look what he's I've. Quarterback rating right now on the you look at currently operating auction at the excellent reporting great and he got sacked on the first. Yet he continues to sit and they're secured Ole ball make your decision to keep quite a lot like the way he operates. Assistant on the local need they have a lot of climate change you played the protections as an indication of the overall command of the aisle but the purpose but the the one they would like the development right now. I think he read of the great I think this year particularly the couple things will jump out. It's a personal view it. Substitution patterns. The ball great and that the present. And the priest that your emotions and beat it would say they operate or nor is there a guy like. You know. You know. That Kelsey moved around before the ball never. Want our great yeah you people out because frequently that you look at. The bill partly kill these people knew that the fact that that lack of a factor blot out the number. Have recently people call her defense the kind of get their hands on your audience and and that they involved in that direction were you saying there. It obviously. Their current conflict of all the extracurricular well for the rebels shell shock at the threat of Celtic. Outlook could have been their their Rupert fire ball over right now. Don't think to riches and a quarter ratcheted it up to forty years old though. I don't know if it's the new rules that are protecting the quarter read more we've also seen quarterbacks did better. In their thirties there's plenty of examples of guys light switch came on. In the got better could this be happening for a rise with Alex Smith is old disease didn't warmer trees get in the processing in the game he's gonna continue to get better. They tell me it looked at I played my best football lately late thirties but it's going to look at Brady's fortieth before and it's great. You're out went through it a lot you know you talked about I think last week about this fortunate to have such as car keys in the integrates system. I think he's the system revolved around him as players become more more culpable can handle more. And I just think that you look at how these planes and he's he's he's he. Total command of of the all century now I think the other thing about Alex. Knows a lot of native is off season conditioning program known in Hawaii in the water work. Carey 35 pound boulder blows. Treaty work out of a person's body in the back to. He's in great shape than it could get really picture themselves physically picture arms so I don't see any sign director well. Rich. 66311. Pounds that is Chris Jones he currently. This some warning was announces the AFC defensive player though. Of the week this kid is only 23 years old men talk about his potential. On their defense of flawed deepens a front for the Kansas city's. All over the place and elegance he will let me yeah respects before horrible than that it may have played each but he did get the quarterback Portugal. You know. Fought in the film yesterday. And structure lately gain wouldn't be the Eagles try to come back and the trick you'll like it could could go out there in Iraq two or three guys. You can double in their return to put double he could push the pocket of a bit older than me. That's hopeful approach you don't get back like they played well it is because older. Effort and finish was so proud of our you'll put annual report welfare record low or be acquired really played well for the up in Iran really get after Clark won. In the other thing too rich back on the offense what are your opinion on cream month. Is he the total package would he be read looks for running back able to catch the ball backfield run the bowl would be seen from him in the first two games. I'd be a little bit why I look back and started some illegal to wait at all believe Leo people for these are natural. You can eat out that you beat the step of you know I don't think he's. You. You know you of that Carl beat in the open field but he's he's got better because you're saying practicing keep. He shifted he he's you look at that doesn't easily go he gets a lot of yak yards per contract. You can knock arm tackle this. He just looked like the real deal leader cricket guy that. I go back to what a week or where in fumbled the ball. Went back and watch film and television copies very cold he'd come over the silent. But everybody structure that the sense you get teammate beat that player development OK you've got running backs coming out of the opera the quarterback that you held up. What you think are. But sometimes we could call it it's okay he thought it's okay you're all or. And what you technical look at what it is the other half I thought the way he handled that situation could sneak in a fine time. In a difficult game to start the season against the former. You know. Super Bowl champions and the way he handled a sort of western great poise and composure I think speaks volumes. The fact wrinkled going to be. I wrote quote we got a ball 45 seconds left ritual is is there a possibility for this to be a trap game. The fact date you've told us to LA you're facing a team this a win to. And people are already writing the chargers all. You state what state beat the Broncos the wire there are. Kicker missed the kick you get get blocked the second here which would put the game over last week. Are they tracked down the field earlier became walk and the kicker that pushed secure for a four yard that it would have won that game against Miami struggled with that being that. It really good defensively. Quarterbacks built structure where that got the ball more well court looking at your collections that are. It'll be clear track at a cheaper more to relook at that to the the Olympic team that need to win. Bruschi and he's one of the best in the business checking on CBS sports addicts he spans over really happy that rich in and a will be on this call with your insight into the game. Thanks and have a good call rich. Go to the best bank ultimately.