09/20 - Chris Jones

The Day Shift
Wednesday, September 20th

Chiefs DE Chris Jones addresses the media fresh off an AFC Defensive Player-of-the-Week award. 


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Hey Chris Hope. Let's play it Fletcher Cox inspired you on Sunday. The authors you know movements of the state. We both played him. You know very competitive. But he's somebody I looked up to admire. Noses you know the competition you know. Mitsubishi. So. Who has the better services. To get go back over the Internet. No let's not this news events you know taking hammered game. He doesn't help our disposal and you just think competitiveness within a game and it within a week. Singh said after the game here nimble enough to break EB civilly. It. Chords tight end quarterback or receiver DB. Whatever it moment. Did and there. Yeah I. But you know. OK okay just make it certainly you know about the crew this thing and so this time and includes. There are indeed you know the room today when Elena that someone would. You know in me out go like oh man there's Obama spokesman it was coming que me clean you know. And it in an hour flight. I have a sneaker moment. And there's an air I'm just think you like them you. Which do so if you see me when I hit the ground lost permanent backwards. Mostly in the development or can it keep keep these things today. And you know I was fortunate that kid to distance and when he yet at this because my hands because you know you know me you know something that's so that their hands. And heading to the top. Leo cause you as you can so that it's likely to it and did you notice skills is Thomas stunningly it. Do you take that home home he's been getting the involvement first time ever get a game well you can do school. Well. But it was pretty you know. Yeah. From oh my goodness it's you who didn't regain get in this and so. Who's and his. You bet I still lived in different. What you have a pretty good. My those river you know. This not a this movement. Deciding it's cool but. But working on them that they get that recognition. Have you heard from him and your won't part. I don't. I haven't my. A man in the that's my. You know things and he's on the road and his place in. The leadership qualities. You know. As far as the quality you know. He agrees. So we'll opening periods I started going even though I agree it's over. You know he's so anyway they aren't up to me. It's not everything among the hello completely solve the banking. I'll tell me. His legal fees like thank you Dennis. You know the hill. He's lottery. This year I'm kind of books and were that's probably what he entered its slim figure and and nothing they you know small and everything. Almost sounding a little bit he's nothing like being somewhere and do it and you've got the peace will think the that's the you know. And we do to put order and a victory or yes that he lets. Catalyst event it was. Yeah. Rupert you don't Paris. He does talk a lot of crap you've got to pick that guy a year ago quarter. Does that throw you off it's always talk a lot and not person and because obviously this stuff it's only you know campaign. The hope that I'm fortunate enough guys having I don't care who count wanna keep it away and when you know I talk though that when the left and blades and small. Occupancy costs. We've been through this moment. I guess we. What this out. With the different. It's not me having spent sane. And in. That's okay. This little built for him you know face adversity. And in the just face them but we're a smaller crowd you know they know. Crowd's going to be wheels soccer field. Well love him soccer field gets up and put it now its interest in bacteria but it. What's Padilla who went over that or the elderly guys Alex. I don't play you have to stay in it you know there's the rams minute through Q how much how much easier. Doing it and in the early Wimbledon and it was a soccer player. I mean you know. No myth do you like my thinking you know in this book of the police were academic. Good counter negative experience god bless you and.