09/20 - Andy Reid

The Day Shift
Wednesday, September 20th

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addresses the media as his team prepares for the Chargers on Sunday. 


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Sword play and that's. I like chargers and we do we know they're good football team their their last two games come right out of the end. They had more those are the games and anybody. Or the last few years so. And then including this year that is they're here. That's a situation so. When we knew when you play it right to the end it's your your football and that's and that's what they do so anyway that factors. It's. Good news. But I want some tips or comments such as. That's and that's what's happened here but the main point is are right there and you know that's that's important I mean we've got we have a sure we take care of our business and and and they tell our practice or in a lot better job. Than we did last. Year's. Loss. You have to think about it. Everything about it. Perhaps different. Over. Playing on. I. That it just. Good on an all star game on their size in it for real nice so this is a little that little bit smaller. It'll be different in his seven NFL stadium but. I think once you go on your your plan. I did notice that when I was I was there a couple of years ago and noticed in my normal. Rules. You'll have people want with the big. Yeah how calm I was good touch he has. I think here. From the tape that I side when is accused of value as a a good player Brad showed me a little bit of that. And then what he's got out here is very good it was just America get them into the swing of things. We'll see how it does it is as far as office. There's a nice things on special days. Generally work into the office yet we just have seen on the goes. But we haven't got good backhand. When you see. Yeah. Yeah was endorsed gets credit for that I I just sum up Thursday night's. And on and so the Mamas and democratic views. Good player. They always seem finishing games strong there Leo Thursday night games if you're doing you're working at the game on and I've. I mean you can't jumped out on that team there they relied on quite a little bit that. Prominent. Source have you watched a bottom after after the season and you know nobody did let's get player of caught the ball well he's tough he's Smart. While. Yeah I've you know blessed to have. Duce Staley and and I'm Brian Westbrook and both those two are Smart guys. And other guys it those those two are. They they were able to pick it up faster severity definitely a little bit. I got pulled out of it Brian had as a rookie and and is one of the few that just kind of got it right there this kid. And he. Understands. You understand that parts not a real struggle for an I think he's got a great coach to hear him as a phenomenal job than what I'm so. Not tell you that there's not a lot of workers in he it'll pick up. And. Charles knows I think. The city after. Yeah. The list. And I don't. Is there. Us. Yeah. Well what I think of the plays were down enough for our good I think most of all the guys are doing a great job excuse me. And that's. Semi got to stay on every week it's. That's a great challenge is definitely fences. You know that's what got back there with the end line so it's. You relate you know a lot of focus and emphasis on. I assure you don't get it under wraps around like you do. You're faced so you really. Get yourself. And tune that. There hasn't been much history teams. That's. And a perfect coach we'll opens you can. Places the actual you might have it. Yeah I think it's bright great challenge. He's got a book and so. Anybody can you know he can do that. And he's got a good staff. So but there I'm sure there challenges that come without that don't come when this thing or places are you there and that's just part of it I said I mean he can. It is very tough minded guy and and I don't think. You know let Beckett as well your. I don't know I guess pretty good so. He got to that he got nice setup and that busta as a quite a veil. If it's. Her veto it is any personal opinion about. I'm. I'm from there so I'm Los Angeles guys. I'm glad the football back there. Pro football that's your college days. Pro games back in there and big city thinking they have now two games. You. I told I've only gets you know when I kick kick him out here you're can be a writer so like you guys and that he can do all us. I think care take care you wanna ask me again. I've been giving the same answer. It's got it is it clarity he asked me the other day he got mad at me yet. Someone who look like. Aren't good.