09/20 9a - Ned Yost, Chiefs Songs, Border War Finale

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 20th

We talk with Ned LIVE from Toronto, we all pick songs describing the Chiefs first two weeks plus the final installment of The New Border War


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The morning on my twelfth but Bob that's code Josh playing there and producer Steven Specter. A lot to get to in this 9 o'clock hour including at. Songs to describe the first two weeks of the chiefs' season and and songs for each unit airfare to describe the AFC west. Beyond that I 915 I did about that since yesterday that as there is fun time at 915 A a fun time now as we get to talk with the royals manager Ned Yeltsin joins us every single Wednesday here on six stents. The one of the a long time records in Major League Baseball falls last night with Alex Gordon breaking the single season record. For home runs of the season and then how cool is it to see Alex Gordon set that record last night. Why did you know quite frankly. After the game or something about it. If you don't you sit back and you look at it it broke her record I think from. The year 2000 which was like right in height of this steroid fair fair you know well you know guys. But more hit ball model. So you know that's pretty may be the way to exchange guy. So well and we even surpass old mark. You know it's amazing to see all ballpark where attacks this year. What do you attribute that to. You know I accept and act and a lot and I guess I don't know it players longer I don't know football partner. Eat eat eat LPG you look at it all aspects of it. You know they pitching better I think achieved it's a little better every year you know pictured her little stronger. You know the players get a little stronger. I don't know well yeah I think it's a pretty big mystery born people. Talk with Ned Yost here on sixteen and Sports Radio about let's talk about balance in particular since the beginning of September he's hit over 300 looks like he's gone the opposite way more as he kind of committed to himself the use this month of September to start getting ready for for next year trying to go the opposite way you think. Now I don't think so I think that Indonesia's news and the development work about slang. You know for your leg up some. You know he's got a little more right views in his hands a lot more parties and war can better. He's in watching these guys need you know that as it and it. About a rookie I'm really work our feet in September gear you know he's been grinding since they want. But like eclectic beat you you know the quality vehicles are on the. The adjustments that. You know what we sent him three days some adjustments that you know him and dale try to put into. You know it takes time. Time for those things iron and so you feel comfortable and dissect it step by product that you know issues beat them better and better. In the albeit in and better. Rotational and swaying and it looks allow him to hit the ball the other way easier so I don't think Alex goes appearances and try to hit the ball the other way. I feel like cause the problem is sick or try to people are. And you know where it goes or goats. You don't whip with Alex still let's say let's be honest here I mean he's been now twelve years since he was drafted I think so he is he's not getting any younger is it hard for an athlete to realize hey. Maybe I didn't have what I used to have a couple of years ago deal with the aids process to be something as well that's difficult. I think acted player all ethnic adjustment you packet Apple's true mostly for pictures. Yeah I mean I think everybody makes an adjustment when they get older. Maybe a little down a little bit as CNET. In other pocket steel reproductive. You know that their mindset changes a little bit Pete you know on about using all feel a little bit more and work your way. So that the backstage in the strikes a longer more contacted. I think players you know I think players. They're there. Their production always felt a little bit what they need to do it you know what they need to do to get better and it's up to them that make the adjustments. Thought when Ned Yost here on 610 sports radio and edit the that a lot of discussion from people looking at as a horizon for the royals. Is there a possibility Mondesi could play the outfield. It big commodity play the outfield Z have that with and his skill set your mind. In the outfield I'm sorry aren't Kennedy you broke up. I Baghdad in the outfield while want to see KG does he have that skill set. You know I am not tours and all of our all of our young guys probably exception a cut or you know they take they take all the new LP every single day. I'm getting a welcome it and they'll take their ground altered shortened second and third. And I know all look to the outfield. And take you know like balls and then they'll build our shake as we all work. You know so bloody all awful BP like well you know like you wouldn't it eight. And democracy tremendous speed he's got great hand eye coordination tremendously athletic. And yet while a lot about yourself definitely. You know exactly and his skills. You know that that's interesting because you're always looking for spots to play guys but if his back doesn't come around does it matter where you Plame in the field. Latin and it does back and much I mean you look at picture production spot on your game. And generally it's going to be their base Thursday. Left field. Right field in in center field and and you know you're in the middle years of metal up your defense is more your athletic. Pete and some guys. But you know you you know working toward peace where it'll work place. If you're not as much you'd better get dark shorts you better darn good second baseman. You know we keep looking at at Monday's development this year you know he basically. Turk and AAA and you know for the first time and in a really big offense it season. Still really really young guys still learn and you know they hit the Al east to be able recognized yeah beats up and you know what that back this is gonna take him at that she's gonna continue to improve and improve and you know we pick 11 date you know down the line he's going to be a really fine I'll type player. Videos joins us each and every week here on 610 Sports Radio last night guy you candy gave yet five plus innings sent in coming back after missing that. That 11 start how encouraging is it to see on him have that bounced back type performance. Well it looked at we knew that that would happen news that we have to give them time is his rotator cuff was completely Petit which. Would not allow him to get his arm up it was normal slot. When he was delivered pitches which meant that it was under the ball it was pushing the ball a lot a lot but he he couldn't get the ball down. We knew that his best are here in the last. Or we should come with an extra days' rest so it like Beckham won't start giving the rest let it recover. And he should be fine insured upbeat. You know when he came and I asked a warm up practice but he added that he signaled already said that one it is our. Young. Man. Am not what was an act that is. Analogy and stuff that's what happens in Canada we'd try to use technology that's that is why isn't even a touchdown that wasn't. That is skippers that no. Dead he would thing last line. I never heard of phone do that before is that incredible welcome to Canada on mine and I got a couple more when I go and I can call me aren't like you. That's to be is that we have got a chance to talk with the ending the innings winning I know we have the winning streak ended and whatnot so get it back on the vote Stephen dial his number what do you know what you call and he called us yet from the from the phone got his cell number. As in my Canadian phones suck like black line. Who's from what I believe that that little bit easier on the phone line I mean definitely was a flat line but yeah. Well by. I was obviously have a troubling candidate yesterday never accent troubling candid be it'd be a name that that they never even got off the hottest Canadians talk to each other they still use it tin cup and I could string we're gonna music I didn't cans and string I think these Merced moves couriers Hollis I would think to have like if you if you're in Canada you get a message to somebody just trying to. Diesel paper clip on moves for in the moves runs across the whatever woods he's going towards and in the moos takes the message to whoever your mean and you know send it to solid wooden beds on the photos do you think he's got to face America in order to get on the phone. Try to pick a bad signal coming across the falls and Niagara Paul is right. Hang out his hotel window try to get an American allies there it goes back with a zero point six dad's portrait you flat lined on is that we got. There vermin it was blue and me. Yeah. It's in and out here little dance and drama which you know when you looked pretty different services and sorry about. Now that's our we were worried there for a second hate you don't live with two weeks ago listened to weeks to go in the season had any heart to heart when any of the guys like house were boos rain and running and comedy you asking hey what do you think skip what do you think's gonna happen in the future you had those conversations with those guys. Look at that the farthest thing from their mind right now. They're whole focuses on trying to win got a one week ago. You know that's their whole focus is get themselves ready to play. You know it's game and might need and bought out gains were walking in and what are you grateful. I don't think getting these. You know mark. And then we had chance to talk to yes and who ended the Indians are winning streak how'd that feel. Well it each each it isn't. It felt that it did it. You know go on and I think from frustration we've felt like it is and at night or on. One strike away from Britain and and getting. But you know we walked in it was a great game that it would be a little tradition and integrity wanted to do it Dan. You know the next game and. It was you know everybody look at it that cancer are at war started that one. Break in the street doesn't let you can count on right now what you articulate we want him early. You know we have that we went through well we've very easily on mortgage if you were out all its. Apple they don't force the last couple weeks we can't get one big we can't make one pick niche. Talk when Ned Yost here on sixty in Sports Radio being up in Toronto DA do you think back about that 2015 ALCS at all how special that was for you guys. Not pretty well I'll. Eat out an atmosphere. These trials are well liked there there's been and that we'll try it are good. In a different atmosphere. He's you know. You don't really what you were situation like Oregon who were thinking about. That it's hard it. Edwards effect if I went and talked about yesterday were not thinking about small well we. Have to win. These all games in order for a you know at least a chance born in these last few weeks well. I think that's about the only thing we're gonna. So you'll look back at him and I got a favorite moment from that 2015 ALCS like you know Cain scoring from first or anything like that. You know I don't know if you can I don't think too much adult. Now. Are dead yes with a 0610 sports pretty amazing got to get it wing gotta get a win do you turn that sense of urgency up or is it already been turned out to work. It's bought it and target is. You know certain intensity every day is in fantastic. You know there are every day. Yeah. Is there and fantastic in this is about production does not about attitude about intensity at all that there are about production. You know born out yet that did it blocked most inept at it should you don't get a lead in the nation whole. You know what political about it. No doubt or got it won tonight in Toronto will see you back to the ballpark next week. Take care Ned Yost was here on 610 Sports Radio cutting out in Canada and hit the phone lines imagine it's just spinning the wheels asked. I'm. Everybody in the wild cards doing every down because that's what's frustrate that's what's kind of frustrating like wow man win here has. The Yankees have run away with that they're like who's there selling six out there and they still might win the division and nine. Their end of the second one is still just general Massa mean twins have lost to Angel lost to mariners have lost four royals lost three era. I mean like nobody's like grabbing this thing which is. Which is that the tough part and you and you look back to any of the if you just what 33 in a row row you're right back in this thing in and year in contention and you may be in the one welcome. I'd there's one song to describe the chiefs and the AFC west this season. Find out where it is next. Welcome back it's that's going to morning I'm like well Bob that's Botox when there producer Steven Specter. The chiefs are to know the hype is very real and everybody's talking about them so there are certain songs that you like to lean toward win things are going well. So we feel with the saw each one of us songs to describe the first two weeks of the chiefs' season and a songs for each served for the entirety AFC west. I first thought was each team in the AFC west that did the math and realize is twelve songs like. Kind of much in the womb whichever it sell. Of salt describe the entirety the AFC west and songs to describe the first two weeks that she season vesco. The first guy for the FBT's season is an idea. It's. I. So let's I have for the I chiefs of the first two weeks of the season the song that sums them up some like a wet blanket that's then I will counter your. We are the champions led. Learn is supposed to get. The spec Soledad that's Daughtry and nickle and I don't know I don't think so I don't know about news and that's street nickel bags basically the exact same things are going it's not over. Because it's it's the NC it's not as guys get the well call overly optimistic sides say we are the champions after two weeks and then the pessimistic side is there's. Bureau is up I'm just enjoying the moment. Let's tell. Eagles signed tons. And it's important and that's what I. I don't understand why it has to be so one side or the other well I guess because that's where we are today and blogs aside I welcome belied yeah. Know that Koizumi's soccer I don't rule man I am fighting against that and every fiber in my being because that's a ridiculous way to view things and for Reyes on enjoyed it I feel like it's very possible we could come crashing back downer at some point it's like well. Are it's a really good team. And pocketed a sixteen you know and Waltz and a cakewalk all the way to the super bull watcher now. Sell and that's our songs for the AFC year for exceed the first two weeks of the chiefs' season takes on 69306. Songs do you think enough. This ourselves for the AFC west backed up. I had a lie do when I'm at the log in because that's when I start let's. This phase guide outside out sit ups like it's right. I mean it's because I was cut in that is bad song king did you go and I don't know what happened. Josh really buy them by the big Russian guy you do it and always kind of doing already with sort of an act from rocky war. Now what is it that's right here yeah now how right you are down like I was triggered the hearts on fire that's another legacy. Yeah I feel the outside of sadat's out of your zone apparently going to be at parent. So this is yours from the AFC west this. How hitless in that song with an uncle clinched best beat out of him I got a the best place I I don't I think that would be the cheesy song the would you say if like if C west of their own television package Ali and Andy indictment. The racecars cricket chiefs for the first time. They'd play they've they they still do it they do that guys it's Sunday Night Football or they played the NBA and NBC's theme going into it and almighty god it's worked out perfectly too though with a montage and everything went. It was it was brilliant well ahead touchdown celebration was a basketball and they won the dolphins lineman Stan there was the ram in the dude sue sedan and scores and they go. Did didn't it didn't and it. The break I would the timing was brilliant by the truck I might AFC west song I'm. Just my stuff. It's such a god. And I think Clinton vetoed the song is I do not ramble on the movie to Disney movies so I bought a flock of flame. And Disney movie signs Disney bus shiny it's shiny and it's in the shells too tough can't break it as an AFC west right now it's I don't in areas like the shot might come offered at this point we got to get our shine box out the AFC west is very shiny. Because it. It looked. Look at this this entire division what we take shining. You're the best around in simply the best AFC west has been off the shorts thus far and in the NFL it doesn't look like anyone can beat the going to be a lot of fund raiders chiefs raiders Broncos Broncos chiefs Broncos I mean it's chiefs chargers too because of people in chief to get upset this week. One person does not seem mold you have Tony let's call them out its name names I didn't find a bilingual here it is what it is Hiroshi Mario and decided probably and I can understand aides have given to go against and Owen to. It's an easy pick for an upset because it's really hard to go three and now it is really hard to go and it is but it's also people are like see it they sent. Look anybody who has an 02 verses into you know happening this week is there's a potential for an upset I'd feel much better about this at the chargers one and one. If who hits the field goal against the dolphins and a PL 11 chargers team this week I feel much better about the situation because the last thing you want is a desperate team. Against a team that's getting all the escalade and accolades as a point of SharePoint a fair point but this team is coached by guy's been around for nineteen years understands how to keep cool. All right up next we have the finale. Of the new border war it is hide it. At Kansas ten. Missouri tan. They tied game in this thing so we have the finale the tiebreaker between Kansas and Missouri. And scary to hear us from the drive will be in studio as we fast go vs C got. Kansas vs Missouri next. And you're not then. Kansas will never ever show planned this decision ever in their lives you. Well please come estimates to receive beat. He chased. Lawrence rubble left wing progressive left wearing them it. Male lives in jayhawk you anyway. Okay this sucks I wouldn't step foot in that state. Sam Browne. Kansas. And it's best go in the morning I'm like Welch and Bob passcodes just playing the producers David Spector and in studio carry Tina Harrison from the drives he got. Going to play with. That's dove for the finale of the border war it's a tiebreaker. And the other might have. They got that tiebreaker so see god is in studio to break and I feel as Apollo creed and rock. He won the finale of the border war on two or three or four best go. Vs C dot ID get the questions yet kling is the only one that has the quest dad's house. I am not allowed to see them vesco is not allowed to see the seat outs allowed to see him only spec at me and him are aware of the questions so it's two questions for Bob about Kansas two questions for C Dottie about Missouri in the and it. Who miscellaneous questions one for each and whoever gets the most correct. East champion. And that state takes it down for the now 21. Installment of the new world war. I would I will give you go to show a lot of credit this is the only kid this entity does not afraid to play loser like every time is of great play on other does that that's the only. A lot of credit. Let's go to Mort I I don't think it's a great gets played Missouri it's teased the downright desire not to want to play Missouri and it's time and that desire analyst Alec Biederman football could do magic early for Kansas Missouri this year how great. Norm our. There's going to be controversy gets married of course because the tension here a few tough with a guy gets to be controversy and no way to poke fun at loser the loser still in power but school and it has to be EU. Is 42 straight on the road a caged. They won one game since Obama's been in office on the road like that takes a special level of football excellence to accomplish it really is awesome. We starting respect. I'm sociedad. OK we'll entertain the aura for Missouri nervous question number one. Who designed the plaza easy question JC Nichols. Some guy he's dizzy and giving giving it to Missouri Gil is wrapping questions out here. On the ball on the Kansas side of things to expect the first inning. Got the group. This is not right and I just wins the order that's what sort of two questions shares that's better. I pestered them this. Name all three nicknames for the state. Sunflower state it. Jayhawks stay in the wheat state. Correct I wouldn't have gotten that's currently Milan and I said there's not a chance I got that in the wildcats just you know kind of and ask broccoli street view it's it's. This pay off is on the day they called the Bill Snyder K okay you'll also needs understand like the jail is more than their mystical power okay. What is that a little bit of people who ran over to Kansas to you still mr. it'll actually you I was there I had to explain that to so I would be willing to bet at least 70% of the people currently attending case you have no idea somebody tell me like you goes after people they named her business like Jay hawks phone or something like that what you can't do that apparently is KU owns a trade act on it that we like the trademark on the civil war you can't own that trademark. Through their first he can hand this is the first of the help pay January donate extra to see darkness that's question number two. Three breweries are located in North Kansas City can you name two of them. Sound confident you know with us. Kerry general Peter guys that as a yeah and this is gonna be tough. North Kansas City I don't know I don't that it hasn't ever been more and fiercely diving in the city editor answered. I don't know you know now what can pass in north kids momentum calibration big grip. And senator I got one. Now partisan of like I've never heard the other two different outlets or exit equalizer with question number two for Q I got engaged east's second questions difficult. Her reason I mean I'm excited. I think Bobble at the sax on it this is right up odds generally yeah. I'll be shocked so use their request and not right up my Alley but of course they're right Bob Zeller is not the home and I'll be shot at the bottom velocity as the Ottawa Senators. Part question are different Kansas. The world's largest achieved just the world's largest outdoor concrete swimming pool is located. Had the leader Richardson's view in a way care. The isn't. Interact. Is a Wichita now. Garden City. Hutchison has a zoo and I was just guessing at Kansas there world's largest outdoor concrete suing pool I he knew that it seemed like we bonded a Stanley would do what you are. Southern Bob would make up. Second largest source is the dark city like Bob woods is here to go to school the Lee Richardson hasn't gone to the Louis bird cider mill is now and that leaves about the chip it out or change I mean leaves are changing baseball season's over that you don't get into an all seasons will result in a lot of free time on Friday and Saturday and there the chiefs are going Guinea doesn't get excited are it is 11. It's our miscellaneous questions this will be four. He got good. 2012 last and the royals finished under five moderate. Who led the team in wins and who led team in saves. Great caution. Winning us. The. Art saves. I'm going to guests. Greg Holland. My corrective eye award you know points and may god have mercy players in our eyes. Don't give him the answer someone to stand. Wins in 2000 into world. You can get one point for each correct answer all right all right I'm thinking than we think. No great college as it was ours I. It's too early in Tanzania at 1130 bottom line would be worried and not the in my mind would be working you can only guess who wins now. Now you can I'll just now saying wins in 2000. And allows them to sentiment clock you have ten seconds all right but feeling the pressure here. Yeah as you say and I'm gonna be so angry you are so few. Counties I've never been warned to. July was gonna go with that I was getting thrown out bad guys to line I so he took babies off the board I'm gonna guess the winds. And I'm gonna go on to be clear this doesn't Steele know this is just I guess I just I just interests on our tournament. Somebody goes haute savored saves a little Soria. Incorrect. Bond bulls winds chanted. God whom and saves. Broxton. It's. Did this. Love the double pants rack then yeah iso for the way it does go the final question all right Andy Reid's first euros and 4013. Who led the chiefs and rushing who led the chiefs in receiving. Move. Rush seeing us. Numbers 34. And amid an over thirty that's what finally answer the important points and got sick on and who have the tease us. Receive him. Nowadays. There aren't Baghdad and suggested I mean Dorsey directed others and if so then and then two days are here there is saying Saddam's second round outline just after Chelsea while on the go in receiving in 20:13. I am going to go with that Italian tied in from New Jersey I've never been more into education and pro league team well. Between both those if it's the that's the thing and one dollar value of steely and steal and are currently this thing tied what's the fastest way to do question quick. Who. Andy Reid's first year Torre thirteen who later she's rushing who led the chiefs and receive Charles and the idea that there's too obviously users. Well Charles. Obviously Jamal. In than it for receiving it. 2013. It got a Tebow the happy but based on the question will be to haul our site to see if it was Charles and bottle. Jamaal Charles Aaron and Jamaal Charles. I so it was a huge gotten if you would just said Jamaal charles' instead of number thirty yeah. I don't have one game for yours did so. Yeah all of our biggest saves when he spotted victory 34 so there are winners of the new border war ends and a complete. I really viscerally and this is I don't see how I like order or is right now exactly how I. Dollars and seven Diana wanted to be like and know that yet the play prices right it is K go over. What it needs to be happy wins Bill Self and I kinda did an eye diplomatic just like that number it's very similar to the real well yeah. Yes. Predict a number of home runs Mike whose stock is and this season went 36 weeks. Woolsey the terror. Doug participating in the and well not well thought that the they're both brought attention. On the Garden City pool question was going to be an element of society of the top I'm not I don't know what it ought. You can't we have twenty seconds. How Long Will it be before Beriault Imus fired from Missouri. And Donna you want a against what he's got other walked out he goes no parts of it. All right skills had a discussion with Deion Sanders on the NFL network and you do not want them mitts when they had to say about one Alex Smith. Next. That's when the morning right. Wednesday. A Mike Wallace the Bob best go to John's putting their producer Steven Specter. They secede out for half an in studio where this track hell's he had a discussion with Deion Sanders on the NFL network and it was like about Alex Smith. Oh would you be a attorney guilty right now and represented quarterback because elements in that it's battling people talk about how can you not about what a lot of people they don't they may well so tell me. Tell me about this do members of Baghdad modes for him. Altima competitor. Altima competitor stranding men in our god is on there on the field off the field whatever you need a sanity is the gaps or you and you know what I've. About the death I can't wait to the third C did you transform. Oh with a ring on his finger just does says he deserves it. I think it's a year thirteen in in the in your your thirteenth form. And everybody dictator our members it has gotten the league and he's been nothing but consistent. And the leader and that's why you gotta love. Stratus Kelsey Deion Sanders Dion has ones. For Alex Smith lost the case amenity in L a decent movie it was at eight submit article the ace money I called ace midi. Well a senate race committee in BS as well as if your name is Smith here on tax committee insists that is where work so. He's has done nothing but be successful essence you know since Harbaugh showed up in San Francisco but there is some time before that where there wasn't success and what. Well at all what essentially I think would. Travis tells him a lot of players feel as that Alex Smith is unfairly criticized. In a lot of ways now. I think when you hear people like Stephen A Smith or Stephen inspector. You sometimes wonder is there anything he can do right or loser everybody's gonna hammer on him. And it's not necessarily people saying he's there is wondering can he get to a over the hump. Through two games. Looking like a slightly different Alex Smith I think maybe he could usually. I think the way he's playing right now he obviously candy chew over the company's show you he got you over the hump in New England in the game that nobody thought you could win because of ace maybe being your quarterback. And they need a way to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and that rush is coming out in ace mideast doing things back there in the second half the lead George team to a victory so I think ace midi is a guy who were shown that he is willing to change the way he does things. To become a better quarterback look at look at outscored changing the way he's doing things in his approach at the plate to become better he's got all ace britney's doing the same thing they are still in the same thing on the sidelines utilizing that rookie ALR. A lot more so I look we we got some guys their teams and their game to go out there and win reduce comparative. Outscored. That he change his game like like three days ago bear. Okay well I mean both the Mehdi extensive body were to show that this is gonna work rule that's cool now if he plays like he is now absolutely. Absolutely. As opera claiming he's done project but it but it they play like yes if they play like he played the first two weeks there's nobody that they can't eat. Which is nobody that can beat them which is a widget which is great time. This a great time but I guess. Through two weeks there's been at. Alison overreaction because it has been an overreaction to auto chiefs team that a lot of people expected to. Moves to the New England Patriots mean very few people had that she's too though right now and I had Pasko who currently has sixteen you know it's had them to go at this point before that New England game because most people looked at New England everything isn't it now but 110. This I wanted to want I mean that is a huge and you change your prediction as the weeks go to adjust if you have to want us. And why is taking a prediction because you well you could you could admit when you and I was wrong I should add sixty you know I'd jump out yet. But that win over New England changed and aired statewide Missouri should fire buried a get out realize despite. Or move the chargers back to San Diego and how to deal. I've identified at stake in the and you go straight to sixteen and so something like call an overreaction I would. The same time that was an eye opening win for the achieves it's going to come down to a situation where everyone's dissecting Alex Smith and how far can take this team. Intel achieves lose or Alex Smith looks bad is Alex he looked great against the Eagles but a lot of that wasn't his fault man house of running for his life a lot the first in the first half. Running game wasn't working to balance out the dolphins defensive line which is really good for Philadelphia was in the years back and coming after him. Alex didn't look as good in the second game a lot of that wasn't because of Alex Smith. Well I I don't think it was at all I thought Philadelphia was good had a really big game player and I'd I'd did the board I think about that game and go back and watching it the other day. Or more impressed Philadelphia I think ultimately the end of the year were gonna look back and realize how big a win that lies acting by the time November December rolls around. Philadelphia's gonna start to separate themselves a Morgan understand what a big time victory that was even Mel was at home and it's coming off the big New England win and people are sure how to feel about Philly right now don't sleep on the Philadelphia Eagles that's one hell of a defense. And I Carson insisting held a quarterback duty may be the best quarterback in the in the division right. We look at the quarterbacks in the division may have Carson went he would Eli Manning. Dak press gotten Kirk cousins or Kirk cousins if you ask general manager that's right so. You can make the argument went is one of the better quarterbacks and their views it's not like he's worse than all those guys by some kind of margin I mean it feels like in the NFC east everyone's really clumps together whom. How about that today who's going to break away from the pack I would bet on the net Eagles heavily then on the Eagles yeah Zeke quit on the cowboys last week stacked breast looks like last year was kind of a freakish fluke ish year yeah. And then I don't you call an outlying give up the play calling duty in India Redskins just whatever is the aggregate train wreck I don't know why it is there's and they look they're doing fine it's like to terrible. But geez you expect a lot more than this year you never had expectations for the Redskins ever ever because they always a sense that I guess that's my mistake. Our before things appears to put a game at what would you do it found a wallet stuffed with 15100. Dollars in Maryland. Any returned it here's ABC too Good Morning America. Most of bank posted this video to FaceBook it just is an eighteen year old Tyler is wait and I don't wallet filled with cash at the camera in front of reports. Thanks as a husband dropped it with 15100 dollars and national this credit cards in their driveway. I'm about who he's going into college and everything you know like awesome some cash and I just really felt like you know like. This is this is an online you know and I don't know they're filming I don't know what they're going to. The Bailey did report the teen as a thank you in the post is now going viral with hundreds of shares I think if my 150 Bob. A 150. Boxes percent finder's fee that's. Put it in perspective your role with 15100 dollars cash in your damn wallet. To order return this this kid had to go to there house and hold it up to a camera outside because they have cameras surveillance cameras. Surrounding their house and show them hey. I have this ball before they let him it. They come back 150 I'll let him keep all the cash is democratic cars my my driver's license is no legal or else. I just didn't I didn't fined 15100 cash right there but the question is what would you do or you're turning this. Or you. Maybe snatch that fifteen on it it's my neighbor's house is at the situational they say it was a neighbor and I says that he found in any driveway to driveway and the neighborhood as he's walking through so I guess presumably he could be in it yet you know. Yeah I had that it what. Look at this cameras this story and viral and everything Amanda at 515100 dollars us or to think about. Who's 15100 dollars cash slain around their wallets to a little money clip on the weather thing like. I don't think they need there if you're 15100. He founded in their driveway Goran story tell me does make you a news they've learned. But it sounds great yeah he's like I don't know I don't know what their own situations like. In and I needed money more than I did you know. The people real brown fifty renders a little you know they had humanity that's that's that's true of him from the bigger standpoint it is faith in humanity like there's somebody willing to do something nice. We did in half the story easily could have been on men as well returned as credit cards there fifteen dollars cash has gone right now I'd like you should have lost right sorry that I knew that I lost my phone lifetime three times. What's somebody actually found a way to get it back to. It is it able to return things ever actually found a way to get it back to me it was like. While I gonna happen like you sir have restored my faith in areas like yeah as the medium I would here's media displays a get antsy on like that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done it's like when party steal signs Bell's car and Andy says that the constant what are the odds of me giving this back we'd never seen these things return yeah aren't black. Putting now are still the car. He did now. I'll do it right on great monitor Roswell are and that's again the McCain literally stole the blocking was far yeah. All installed and get back. I can think that the shift in two minutes.