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The Drive
Wednesday, September 20th

Hour 3 kicked off with the hits and Mike Welch from Fescoe in the Morning joins the guys for a little "Would You Rather" on Alex Smith and the rest of the league.


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Dry presented by deuce yeah did Germany. The times and Jin dean he got his units. Stock in you know wasteful. He got himself in in difficult situations a couple of young one person in Germany may have gotten intimate firefighters were sent today helped free a man who got a body part stock in the whole book five point five pound weight at a young. Thanks and a couple grinder and a hydraulics saw that he broke away part bringing the man's penis. The local fire department released the photo on social media their FaceBook post visit was very clear. It's sort of action that not marker which translates loosely to please do not in the takes attacks. That means they'll stick your unit and wait three hours hydraulics all your mind. My weakness yeah I don't want that. I don't under scheme and the thought process in line behind. Pigment. There's no. Eagle there take the way you can hand from the story aside from mineral years I don't know comments enjoyable I don't know how that's fun I don't know how he thought that was good idea everything about the story can use. Girls and okay. I understand you're you're late teens and early twenties got a lot of testosterone. Wind blows things happen. But and like put some work into it. You know doesn't that's what's good for you bet that if the winds Lotta times man and a significant win. How do you explain this moment since we need steam late in the second quarter won't mean that the loop there's a significant win. Harrington Harrison. That drive. Thank you so much listening congratulations on winning nine scene for got another hour we'll sold to me we are off at 5 o'clock today and the royals play the last two games at least during our show in the eastern time zones we back to a normal for our show. One Friday but today and tomorrow we're off and five. A clock but the service to listen to them. Byrd as he did you ready for. Tonight's baseball game Mike is gonna join us in studio coming up in ten minutes for. Big game that is sweeping the city in a very simple would you rather including. Everyone's now favorite quarterback I've ever back in the day kid is used be split divided on Alex Smith put out everybody believes in this new improved Alex Smith. Oval test that next to see how much you really believe in your news. An improved quarterback Alex analysis uniter not a dividers and we'll see we'll find out here in ten minutes nevermind what I want to have him come in because he has been very high on Tesco in the morning on this Alex Smith. Was now five player. When he's when he's been high on tests on more and he's been like Alec let's look at oh god he's been Ohio and Alex Smith only extra mornings you know he's been very high and Alex Smith on fiscal in the morning. One thing I'm Ohio it's been hit. Of the biggest stories of the day eighteen cities I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about that every day and bottled. Brings certain it's a little bit of baseball today with an audible com once you got Harris and take it away. I just saw this story so forgive me if people of solace and I was the one that was negligent I apologize. From the royals dot com from the one that only Jeff flake plan. As a manager Dayton Moore knows the question will be coming. Why did you sell at the trade deadline quote date more it is a fair question. Those are good questions and they should have been ads but. Where were we when July 30 well on July 30 the royals were 55 in 48 in just two games back of the Cleveland Indians. But the American League central and two and a half games out of the second wildcard spot. Ended in. A while I think we all know what happened he continues Owen. That in hindsight Dick Moore has no regrets about making the deal quote it would have been an absolute reversal of our philosophy to sell at that point it would have made sense. Well they are more for going for it at the trade deadline. To fault him for making a bad trade that ultimately hurt the roads. The decision to keep all your parts with what we know. That's taken the word of just passed and why I think is a baseball insider whom I trust his reporting when it comes to baseball. The rule has made the right decision when it comes to keeping those parts rose made the wrong decision they traded or work. I think that's what he should have hindsight regret about not the decision go four. Yeah me. He could you can't predict the did you get it would like to literally have the longest win streak in the American League either so it's easy to sit back it's a shattered on this you should've done that. Also in the piece to which needs to be pointed out aside from the trade. You can't predict it's operas like was doctors will rent that they Danny Duffy Kennedy don't build literary gonna battle injuries either so was it. It is it's like impaired man you make the best decision with the information you got the royals right the next they needed some arms they went out I got it and they added Melky Cabrera. He should regret but I guess I was they independently of what's happened with the Cleveland Indians like you have played good baseball since in the rose a bit the second worst team in the American League yet since trade deadline. Does nothing to do with the Indians does it say does they played the Indians but who was just not been a good team they have not improved since that point to a tee and I do not fault him for going forward. I think they made the right decision. The general manager absolutely has to take blame for the for the decision to trade but the part that you traded for you triple prepared for the Padres all of them have been negative you got to answer for that that's when you. Then I at least faults him for that I don't fault them for keeping the peace we. Also don't know the other deals were out there maybe there wasn't much else out that we talked to wait to that said hey listen and a level ought to trade. So I think it probably get the best deal available had to give up match drama major match from an ideal so jealous and I don't. Look back on get cheerleaders and got you think to be a fifth starter which is exactly what they needed and you're not gonna get that deal out of place so yeah. Some of the falls on day I guess because the trade didn't work but I understand he addressed this in what he did. Number 2000 McCain's wealth from one more parts of the day it's the new Major League Baseball left the home run record was Sunday night. Al exported. For her really at 32 pitch toward swings and it's a pretty well right center field that's a way back get that ball is. God it's a whole run for Goer. Number eighty this year for Alex. And he cuts Toronto's lead to five to two. That's our guys the physical act on the call her right here on six and Sports Radio last night that whole run was number 5690. Or a Major League Baseball season this year which surpass their all time record for most industries. We conversations beginning to show today about whether or not he's home runs this about a home runs it's good or bad for the game against an. I don't think it is personally and I get the chicks dig the long ball we fall in love with that blah blah blah get alexion home runs. But there is. How many eyes almost 5700 level hadn't. Right around 57 yeah I just don't trust home runs anymore baseball at a trust him since we got latest suckers when big Mac Sosa rightward. We're we're taking the juice man back there trying to jumpstart baseball and home run by the royals broke a club record. Moos is about to break I'll bullies record wit man as you'll hit seventy. I don't I don't trust home runs anymore they're not as big a deal to me I think. That he had that about a home runs I think it slows the game data makes the game more born there's other plays that I think. Are just as exciting says sit back and wait seal runs and sing did you in Morse strikeout. Arguing two different things before arguing if the whole run as Phyllis special and unique as it was 2001 its best so I think that the collective baseball would agree with that it certainly isn't the big deal that he used because we've seen it before. Like stay at home run chase right now for the Marlins isn't as celebrated because of what happened in the late. Ninety's and early two thousands what's happening with air judge is gonna celebrated because of the home run record. But the run is still one of the more exciting plays it you can have in the course of a baseball game and know what would save or dunks is bad for the NBA bad to watch. Just don't some really exciting play a lot of the best things in the NBA come from don't some of the big plays. That the home front should still be celebrated because it is a really cool place has an exit negative effects on the game I don't think you can argue today. I think strikeouts are up because guys have now put an emphasis more on hitting home runs. Because the public wants to see that and they know that with a big money is gonna happen and create some. But overall I think the emphasis hitting home runs has been more of a net positive for baseball than a net gain our net loss and you can say that they that we got more than 99 and 2000. So some of the most fun I've ever had watching baseball in my life so is it really that bad because I had a great time. Is this horse was. Based edged a fraud when she bowed out of fraud and then I was irritated because your life. But the titles. Is fantastic I loved. The breast Robertson big Mac is in social club. Right in your file is not true it's tainted so yet. I mean the games bloggers more strikeouts. Alexion diving catches and doubles in the gap. And plays the plate is much zealous in his soul of the third and we'll also part of the appeal that nobody ever seen anything like this before. It was necessarily a homer and it was the home runs coming in this. It's not like them in the nine entirely absolutely. And yet the big Mac landing in Saint Louis and they George's home run that Wall Street and these were freaking moon shots. You know any of the cardinals and cubs involved and to which made it you know. Much sexier so I get it. But to me etiquette followed with a home run in his I think eventually becomes terrible for the. Also apple machines were big grads starting get a little bit salty when he keeps getting pampered and Travis Chelsea Clinton yesterday today. I'm a year yeah I think there you wanna ask me again. I've been given the same answer. It's got it is it clarity you asked me the other day you get the message you get. That's those Andy Reid from earlier today it is media press conference you know what I think our listeners may not know guys. Is that in the chiefs' locker room inside the Truman sports complex there's a sizable. That sign says quote. Eliminates. Distractions. The stratus tells the situation become a distraction. I mean at least that's the way I view it. It doesn't distract me from the the things that I do on a daily basis to what it NFL head coach as you repeatedly answered questions from the media about it. And players get asked about it and Travis skills she's created this thing. Yes it's a miniature distraction. Listen with a straight it's not Javon Belcher level of distraction but it's an all. When a coach has to sit there answered questions from multiple media outlets because they're not there all on the same day every day. Com yes keep it Brothers spent time preparing for the chargers did relievers games that have an answer for his knuckle it died and it can't keep his mouth shut during game. I think there is a little bit and he wants in this I think there's a difference between a distraction any inconvenience. I think people on the field antics of Travis tells the losing our it's being ejected from the game as the actual tangible penalty on the team it has a negative effect on the rest of your teammates. Answering questions in the press conference is just an inconvenience this is a media allotted time. It's not like they give us extra time and the calls special press conference to do this. You can ask any read whatever you wanna ask him during this set time on Mondays and Wednesdays the vehicle that has about. Hey what's your feeling on a that's that's not yet to be answering questions anyway so I agree with you in terms of Travis Chelsea in his actions put the team. And our distraction. I just think we in the media give ourselves to be credit that we think us asking questions about France's team doing. Nothing that happened today in the press conference whether he answered the most great football whenever you are talking about Travis Kelsey affects them on Sunday tried to defeat the Los Angeles are these celebrities sell to last that means that that place. I think he was salty because. He's answered the question about Travis Chelsea so many times that it. If you in the media are asking about that is Kelsey just go back and by the its results felt like if your wife asked me they're binding you say young goods and that she asked him five minutes later nothing's changed in my response axis old dog is fine. That's I think eighty Reid gets upset. You asked me about this guy being a voluntary mini camp I gave you the answer yes about this guy being there my answer for volunteer is always going to be the same. My answer for Travis Kelsey is the exact same on Monday no games that happened I told about talk to a this is how my feeling I think he gets into it with a repeat. Questions what that he's got to trust tells you about it traps trap skills he's not shoot his mouth about to get penalties those questions don't get asking them to ideas that Kelsey does it again. There's going to be networks here ESPN's going to be here fox is going to be here it's gonna be all over the place because it's been five dollar penalties in the NFL this year he's got to. Yeah meaning if it happens again McNamee I guess my deal is good to say it's a distraction because now for the third time this season. You've gotten it all in the dual headed to penalty that is affected feel just that. Yeah I mean do think that the game could possibly swallow one penalty at New England in the New England game absolutely it's certainly possible that can happen the next time you get it. Then it. You get a fifteen yard penalty after a touchdown did that affects field position. That's why I really think that matters I don't think it matters as much in the papers and in the media but but I disagree on that that's life. Up next Mike Welch from fast though in the mornings joins us in studio for a very simple game. What do you rather Alex Smith vs the other quarterbacks in the league we did an excellent job. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and truly studios sixteen and Sports Radio. Yeah I don't drive taking up until 5 o'clock convenient of the time over to job first. Mike Welch now this. Of fast go in the morning was it like now with the colts host a school when you're telling it like the Al extra back of that spill in the morning yes they're out to host defenseman morning began hours from now it's just it's different you know it's to. I I know is talking about math huh I'll say this though we have a lot of fun in the morning is atop the pets either patsy Jack. Pat say Jack would probably be a strong compared to help out in a white image yeah cling available. The satellite with for sure suspects in a white he has Vegas natural answers to make it work and that's the point. To have you come in here because the last time you were here who played a very simple game about Patrick Holmes due to press a button in the home turns into that quarterback which is now being crazy that you press the button on ED doll. I don't think you be happy right now tangible homes they don't get incidents a fair point better. Here's the thing though Israel wanna pick Danielle. And I was there are other I just say hey Danielle I don't remember if you didn't. Quarter and well that's not the same outlook. I've just a little surprised offseason hi it goes straight to the policies and happens you know this person turns into an MVP and hey maybe this guy won't beat you bad and then the season begins you get remain a reminder that their quarterbacks in this league like something called Mike Glenn and that is allowed to be a quarterback in the NFL it puts things in more respect not your counsel your son and Agassi were two seconds at two big questions there are no. We're gonna play very simple game all river's gonna play I play along to I danced I do miss. Given everyone a list. Of every quarterback started last week in the NFL. We come some teams like Indianapolis I'll ask you what we should do because I would rather head injury looked announcement but it looks healthy right now so you don't really a judgment against the guys are playing right and the unifil. I always say it. Alice and it is like the fifteenth through twentieth best quarterback in the NFL some range and that'll be incorrect let's play the game right now. The jury is what is new and improved Alex Smith. If anyone has changed their opinion on Alex Smith how tired you really on Alex Smith how much are you a believer in what's happened here I may. The top and now in the NFL I'm very curious and now I've not done this exercise myself were all going to do with together. I'm not gonna ask you rank the people so I'm not saying hey you have a 12 sides and that. I'm curious of how many definitive quarterbacks you rather have an announcement I'm curious that but this change that is not from some of the quarterbacks have changed. With what I've seen the first two weeks. We can just start in the AFC west. Their car. And restating their contacted for this year we talked for you know it's hurt from now till the end of the season yet what are they obtained Oca. Early in the Gordon duplicated over the everybody's all right. Philip Rivers. Yeah acting folders. OK I am taking it I would say Philip Rivers as well if you believe in the quarterback wins stat that you're more likely to take outs. If you want the better quarterback you're taking bold yet I would I would take rivers had just gotten to oversee. I would takes herbs and you know routes and now I don't I don't. The first two weeks and I take service and yes just two weeks not overreacting to two weeks I come out over reacted to each of Alex Smith and it's been nice two weeks by. Mean let's let's not get too great I'm feeling nice about a pill optimistic about it but. Yes and a bowl practice in the same kind of situation returners in our high level waste our time debating Houston or Jacksonville's quarterback into shout lots and public portals. I feel like you would not take Marcus Mary Joseph over Alex Smith but I'm not sure if Brad Woodard on a wood us all stay with Marriott. OK so so you articulate yet yes. Okay in the colts to within that Angela over Alex Smith but I gotta go to Kobe percent. Scott holes mean whoever the elders trot out a quarterback this week on ths Jewelers and I'm not taking him they should. No I'm not taking anybody right now in India Arnold hell's going holiday Andrew Luck man and I wouldn't be shocked at all there was a that are really serious happening yeah I thinks its reader that secretive about an injury. It makes me think something a lot worse as happened in the Euro let you know they might stupid do like that might be a thing or not it is so it's run by Jimerson. That's true is stupid are and I don't waste your time with Brady. Tyrod Taylor. Mounting amount OK Josh McCown Whitman's ties to get Tyrod Taylor. He says it very different between a fan of Ceylon and realign at Belmont don't talk honestly fantasy and reality okay Sarah is double check I. I'm not taking Tyrod. Taylor taking Alex Smith I like a big announcement just count and Jay Cutler procedure so I'm sorry. Is it definite we are taking Tom Brady over Alex and so far we're only taking one quarterback Canada AFC south and one quarterback in the AFC east. Interesting and so are AFC north mood world we only taking Ben Roethlisberger. Take an announcement over the shock guys take them over Joseph Flacco and taken over in adult I. Until Joseph Flacco. Over Alex Smith he's. Big Orange Bowl winning quarterback. It right now the biggest issues you see in in Baltimore don't have to do which 040. I'm so I have Alex Smith at this as the -- you're notes on the issue R&R two and a football thing I have been at least as the sixth best quarterback in the AFC yeah you have them is the second you album is the sixth correct correct that's just the ASE. We take in five quarterbacks and I believe you take in six quarterbacks over a ticket for. I'd say I'm taken six a ticket for I've got a report again I yet far Mary Brady Enron all I know rivers are. That rivers who didn't have known you had known I had leverage and Flacco. So I got on top five in the Pepsi okay all right. It's in the NFC. Is Russell Wilson the only quarterback we are taking out of the NFC east RCB west over Alex Solis would okay. I am the same way I would take Alex Smith over for your golf in Carson Palmer golf just he's young but I think right now I think you lunatic. Alex Smith over him. Are we taking Alex Smith over any quarterback in the NFC south note. I'm taken off for those guys over Alex Smith that and he stacked quarterback division this. It's crazy man the only guy and I'm gonna take. Oh routes is Matt Ryan. I don't trust Cam Newton I think Jamison is unproven at this point Drew Brees is all I'm surprised you would say Mario it and not a game that's yeah. Or. Brees were talking about the the end of this season over the next ten I now I just I don't know I think breezes did not their man I'll I'll take Alex a take out some chicken Matt Ryan is the only one. A big Drew Brees I'm still watches I don't like. Over at least at least ten quarterbacks in the room I guess. I understand that I still put a top ten on crutches I don't trust am at all and James to me is still unproven batteries get all. I struggle with this. I would take Alex Smith overcame. I distrusted as the more consistent player. But that's an MVP this sealing up can't you cannot just. Years ago I think we're gonna go back and look at Cannes career and look at the 2015 season as like Steve Lorenzo Cain. It all runs that he's. I think that's how will look I came to season that that's the one year that just doesn't make sense with the other and really a shoulder problem last year yet surgery got a during the offseason he's clearly not recover from it as he came at the process of bar right now so Cam Newton. Over two games. Even though is to know he doesn't look good at all yet he's a squirrel to I just I don't trust him at all. I just don't trust Cam Newton because I would just think of how long came to be Indian FL today is completion percentage would take it jump. In today's NFL it is it is whole hard to not complete 60% of your passes info. He has completed 6% of his passes I know how to do that it's not like camps going for 4200. 4500 yards it is makes him such a great passer if he's gonna run the ball less dean that. I am going to pass on him. What do the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL because I'm juries where I have one question about everybody says that you don't want a game manager quarterback put it out in a plausible I'll explain next drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Check this out on a piece of political. We'll be watching the live we'd. Rest of the game go would you rather. I have a list right here as an enemy of every quarterback to start last week in the NFL. Everyone is tied on this new and improved Alex missile let's put it to the test how high. Are you on Alex Smith. We've gone through the list we had some divisions left you update the listeners that are just Chiming in. The quarterbacks I would take right now over Alex Smith. Are as follows. Their car Philip Rivers markets Mary go to Tom Brady been robbed of burger Russell Wilson. Drew Brees Jamison Wednesday and it Matt Ryan we have two divisions left the NFC east in the NFC north. Fitting I'll let you go next so listener who you would rather have over Alex Smith. In like over all my divisions are just the NFC's there's the least I got nobody in the east that would take that route Smith. Eli is washed up don't trust Kirk cousins Carson went to rock and listen I know everybody loves to act had a great season last year we had a great offensive line is get seat. It's now is going to be so I not taken any quarterback in the NFC east over. I would take that pressed. That's the only one I would take our salons long term but for the rest of this season. I would only take. Kirk cousins is someone that makes his team better when he doesn't seem kind of feels very Matt Stafford ish to me. Like you got it is gonna put up big numbers Buddy Guy it's not ultimately going to take you where you wanna go that I would pass on it. That I would take the consistency of Alex Smith over the ceiling that I think Kirk cousins as at a higher ceiling I don't know if you really makes you better. I'm curious I wanna go back to deck press got. He's getting expo will lose a big 47 it what sixty was a fluke. You saw what happened against Denver he threw two winners say turn the ball over multiple times you with eight interceptions this whole rookie year. So I digress guys you exposed right now he's an okay quarterback needed more time to develop. That nobody got tape on and add a year to figure him out and he needs to adjust at this point I don't know we can did you. It exposes you won't hear from last year I have zero belief in that press I see this port I don't really understand about deck is being asked this question yesterday. Indy first game of the season. Deck press got to 681 touchdown no interception. He then struggles against a top five defense and now has posted disregard old games I've seen that press played so far in his career. Scott has been in all the well being positive. For seventeen. Games of his NFL career he plays one now I think he's been exposed I don't yet people's rush. With Impreza got out going to do not believe it's day if you wasn't just a game manager last year he was carried. Last year he only had to make passes in the greatest moments and there's a reason why Dez Bryant fell towards the bottom of the second round of the vast majority of fantasy football weeks maybe only because we know Dag breast god doesn't have to put up big numbers I would take deck press got over Alex Smith that's an insane statement to me is it not possible then it's just over four Dez Bryant like us all in Kansas City everybody kept telling me. Made the label is Alex at this quarterback he'd be good. No interest in limbo as violence has been one of the best wide receivers in the NFL before deck press got. But maybe he's not anymore it's like saying it's been stuck me with a quarterback change he is decided as a wanna be one of the best in the NFL after one of the best in the NFL for years for you and I mean I'm happens in Britain Marshall was good last season but right now British marshalls which teams and a lot of other things. That's different it's a different conversation your brand has been up and down his whole career does Bryant when healthy has been fantastic except when deck press scotsman is quarterback. I'm surprised people's rush over the last delays that you Ivan Watson and ask oh yeah it was an about. Obama side of that I just don't understand it for a quarterback in his career that is don't when he seven touchdown passes in six interceptions are thing was he was carried last season and the leaders caught up to a see you play more than sixty minutes against the Broncos which is running back rushed for less than in yards I got to see let us a lot more than that I just me that's not my. Deceived for more than one season. The guys it's a row I've got to see it for more than that you know. It does not change my opinion on this if he has another terrific year this year she for more than one year a lot of guys have one great year. And then add to that what happens. Do you get lazy. Or they give figured out one of the two like mats not a guy got a quarterback though like Matt Stafford did when Matt Stafford had his big time here wanna say it was 2011. That income in 2012 he was supposed to be some big time and he'd just fell apart. Now I was able to recover. It got it figured out the next year but this avid flow quarterback maybe deck press god does recover but right now for the rest of this season. Taking him over Alex Smith yeah I mean I'd be the only one that takes deck press got in this let's perfectly fine with me I think actress got is a slightly better version of Alex Smith. So I'll say Dak press got in this no one else is taking another quarterback in the NFC east and we all like Carson winds just in when he seventeen I rather have Alex Smith yeah. Then have them in the NFC north's. There Rodgers isn't I would assume obvious yes from everybody. Else. I assume case genome is they know yes. Sam Bradford. Now not. The thing Sam Bradford he's always been talented yet sure but I've never watched Sam Bradford play and the like man that guy's gonna lead your team is something especially he's just not these guys and that is adjust and ultimately it's stale that's the only reason why would take Alex Smith over. We had our ability becomes the big queer issue but even when healthy. Bradford good but I don't look at an MBA outlook it Bradford thing man if he stayed healthy. He be a Super Bowl winning quarterback Sam Bradford data outlets and I don't know Sam Bradford stayed healthy. He would be Alex. So I rather take healthier version. If you which I rather have I rather have Alex Smith they have seen him breath because of that reason but of course saying. Healthy Sam Bradford and help the Alex Smith I think there's say yes I will take healthy Sam Bradford to me just better sealing the Iverson is that his past I'd rather have Sam Bradford. Better people I recognized it but that's me another Alex because of the little things Alex Britain but here's the thing let's say they're both tough. Sam Bradford does have the bigger arm that's for sure he doesn't do the little things Alex Smith on the play third and 4755. Left in the game last week he has the Eagles he should have been sacked. Dead to rights breaks out of it gets a first down which leased to the shovel pass touchdown Travis Kelsey. Those kind of little things Alex Smith does it really be a quarterback the caliber Sam Bradford he doesn't do those things so I'm taking Alex Smith over Bradford. If if it's a quote 100% healthy if I were talking about the improved play announcement at age 33. If we're looking at Sam Bradford in a similar sense of what Alex mrs. Brett being 29 social look at more of an upside potential there even if he does become Al Smith an Al Smith and changing it better 33. A trip to apply that same logic to Bradford no because. Alex is a very unique situation where he needed a quarterback to be brought as a tenth overall pick to elevate his game which by the way frustrates the hell out of me. That it took all of that to get Alex Smith elevate his game to take a little bit of the cuffs off him grow a set. It does frustrate me that that to happen but. I look at what he's done it 33 I think that's very unique to the quarterback position very rarely do you see a guy who has twelve year's in the NFL. Improve as much as Alex as it is thirteen years doesn't happen. Still the seal I mean. Triggered yeah like it's like he'd ever been told before maybe my went through one of those wide receivers down their forty yards away like like percent to before Patrick a home showed up. So in the NFC north all real Rogers we have some variants all of Bradford but ultimately we take Alex Smith over Brandt for certainly case genome. Matthew Stafford I'd I'd take Stafford ya dig Stafford I announcements I'm really hi Matthew Stafford I've always really liked him because when you quit when you keep in mind affected. Detroit hasn't had an eating decent running game the entire time he's been there they can try and they drafted a beer to a I am above Amir. He isn't very good in the NFL it was great college all of covered in the column to Nebraska. But he's just not that good in the NFL he had a nice game last week his best game is a pro. Maybe he develops and gets better and then they have that running in the playoff of them but if you gave Karine hunt to Matthew Stafford the alliance yeah. Who who they boosted. It's a guy with a set. Matthew Stafford as satin. And. I love the way that. I kind of feel like she is Kirk cousins I feel like he's gonna just puts up a lot of numbers I don't know if he's someone that can elevate the play of other people around and so I am selling or Matt Stafford if we're talking physical traits and ceiling and all that stuff. I hear you when it comes to him but what is really changed my opinion allows missed the last couple weeks is watching the NFL. Mean there's there's a lot of ban in inconsistent quarterback play then opera Stafford. What does best seasons after Calvin Johnson. He's he's not improve in the wide receivers around. What's his record what's lions' record against good teams. I don't have it right fronted them like. Like three and forty with Matt Stafford against winning teams that some reflection on your quarterback pitcher. Don't the quarterback is I don't think they do but I think if every single time you play good team and you lose some of that half. Asked to be a reflection on your quarterback and coach put it past the beat them it was at its all coaching point. We'd like to call cycle when he had Jim Schwartz out their modern around having no idea what the hell is going on that was announced after. They make the playoffs last year Paul well even while management was trying to push him out because staffer was able to put together a really nice middle of the season. I'll I'm a big Matthew Stafford Fannie got better without Calvin Johnson he makes Golden Tate looks phenomenal. Even though Tate didn't and a great game last Sunday that it was okay. And it looked when you look at the skill set he compared to Kirk cousins Kirk cousins eight poor man's math used a 193. Touchdowns beard of 109 interceptions for Stafford averaged 277. Yards per game throughout his career with a bunch of bombs for a long time yet that's great a bunch of books. And that's the bulk. Don't. Tell us the rest of the T. It was a novelty wears a timer the only play they had was Calvin Johnson nine rout. Throw it up and pray like that was the only offense they had especially when Jim Schwartz was there people realize how bad of a coach Jim Schwartz was on the offensive side of ball. Phenomenal defensive coordinator. In Philadelphia. Wearable head coach anywhere argued she dissent your during the break I don't have a top in my head put the lions' record against easily riches dizziness that acts. It has to be some reflection of the guy. So yeah it out of interceptions are not moving the ball and throwing for very few yards that gather some reflection there but you can't say wins and losses equals Matthew Stafford isn't a very good quarterback Matt Stafford b.'s top ten quarterback in the sleep. Like I don't sign up probably number ten but still top that I sign up to the quarterback is they win loss that there's no like. It's not a coincidence that the quarterbacks that have the best win loss record in this or the good quarterbacks. Could because they leave their team in the I just don't I don't think it. That Stanford is someone that makes the guys around him better that you struggle with me. Why would pick apart the count it up though won't apply as a final tally here as we went through every quarterback in the NFL. Worry about Smith ranked recovery quarterbacks you take over pissed me Alex Smith is fourteenth. On this list temperament fourteenth in the NFL which is right around where most people would rank Alex Smith I've got a nine. And I've got yet and as the top importantly I do yeah right now are the answers I have a lead thirteenth announcement at Purdue was going opposing it is that on the other side to wrap things up on the drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio yeah. The debate is continue to watch the great. Is really hit it don't Alex Smith against men who staff these systems are digital quarterbacks like definitively would take over Allen's. Not factoring in age not factoring in contract right now. If I could add on to the chiefs what I swap the QB out. I had dare Clarksville reverse Marcus area to Tom bury bin rumpled burger Russell Wilson Drew Brees Jane is Wednesday met Ryan deck press got Aaron Rodgers. Indian I would take Alex Smith's lab as the thirteenth quarterback currently in the NFL. We can do this again in a month to soak this I'm curious to what changes based on how he's playing in if you would take another guy over. I passed on to him do and because at this point his career I think he's really complete 60% of his passes. He doesn't he's not gonna run the way he used to I'm pass it on Sam do I rather take the consistency of Alex Smith. I was on the fence about Sam Bradford but at the in I have to take the health inconsistency about Smith over Sam Bradford so note to him. And Matthew Stafford. Just think is a numbers guy that I'm not sure you can win with and I found is that Matthew Stafford. Burns down. In games he is quarterbacks the Detroit Lions he is quarterback 51 games in which the lines of face the team that has had a winning record. The lions are five in 46 in those games how many of those games were coached by Jim Schwartz. I don't know and others that I don't have the outfit that that has to be a reflection on the quarterback not a personal mass team gave all that and I'm 46 is not a very glowing endorsement for your quarterback if he is one of those a league level quarterbacks. I don't think there's many courts to have an outstanding record against teams are winning record if you play on the road. Good teams all that. Five of 46 has to be an indictment on your quarterback. I just would this have on Sports Illustrated account and let's win loss record since 2011 he's the top three guys. Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Alex yen and but. Yet so. So. That matters wins and losses that are. It matters but to say you judge a quarterback on wins and losses is disregarding other 52 who play on the Rosser frankly as disrespectful. To the other 52 players on the roster because Alex Smith. Should have lost the Atlantic game last year. Special lost the Carolina game last year market appears pale about Carolina Eric Berry B about Atlanta today to regulate it without them. No probably not well but again you that's why it's eighteen that game aid going on purely wins and losses to discuss quarterback. Is just ridiculous I guess in this though Brad would you say that's that is. You don't put a 100% stock because you just named other quarterbacks you would take at worst it's like you even a solid I don't think it's everybody I just think those are two pretty good quarterbacks to be docked in the same group in the top thirty. And we agree that Tom Brady Aaron Rogers or the top two quarterbacks in the NFL and and Alex Smith is right behind him in in its that it did. Has the three I was at the top three. And now or IE at me like. Guys I think have more physical talents than him like I think Kirk cousins is a better passer of the football they Alex Smith but I'll trust the consistency of Alex Smith. Kirk cousins will get you beat. Sometimes throughout the course of the season Alex has rarely does that even as bad game I don't think he played that well against Philadelphia. Buddy made some big time plays that's not a game you like me who went out there and one that. Football game four he makes a winning plays throughout the course of the game beat or not that's not a game to get your first team all pro quarterback. I just think those are average games for Alex heated water to winning plays at the end of the typing Kirk cousins don't pick in one of those by no big ass I give more credit that is yet he added a Blanche. I mean that. You know that's offensive line he was really good I mean Alex got knocked around pretty good game somebody given more credit. And now. To be able to come back from that means you're like yeah I'm not and it's incredibly idea saying is in that I don't think anyone thinks that was able to Al shrimp chili's I didn't think Alex. If we are you saying it put a month but the T on their under back kind of thing is Alice and put the team on his back to Philadelphia if you think Korean hunted. And that's probably the biggest difference for seeing this year's we talk about quarterback rankings and all that the biggest difference for seem for the chiefs is Korean hunt. That's the massive addition that they didn't have last year that is changed the offense entirely. And right now cream hunt through just through games has changed the entire outlook for this season in Kansas City. Agree on I brought this up to Carrington and he disagrees me out a little bit but I. We look back at say the Spencer ware injury might be in the best thing that happened that she's office this year it forced Andy Reid to stop being cancer well because he does a star rookies it's not so well he doesn't really policy and hits point three touches against against the New England patrons. So it. It is much you don't want to let you go down it's yeah it's really good point about running back depth and you don't want to lose any of that but I don't think we would have known how did Fremont was this. Well yet to keep going back to me that against the Eagles and any of five carries for six yards in the first half if you have Spencer ware on the sideline I don't know the Korean hunt gets more than two touches in the second half. You had to keep going to him because he didn't have another option and Danny busted through which is what great running backs do when they get shut down in the first half instead quit like Zeke Elliott. I mean the holding on me and Truman ran through two on the result pictures from Friday billboard oh you know you get that through the whole thing that's the first level the second level alert level first level hole is great. Pictures are nice but do you get past the first level through a hole there's a whole lot of other guys back there they're trying to take you down so Cory heart's ability to bust through on those runs that's Reebok. You gotta given that all eyes of the text organized your tax on six entries are six. Check out the number of Stanford's fourth quarter comeback the last two seasons tops in the league you can only come back in the game the door to. Losing in the game and the reason is that pops and it is the only. Losing in the fourth quarter partly because they knew that the drive to the podcast basics that sports knockout also available on iTunes check out well tomorrow on fast though in the morning. Are saying iced burden next yadier.