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The Drive
Wednesday, September 20th

Hour 1 started off with a discussion of the baseball single season collective HR record being broken and whether or not the massive amounts of HRs are actually good for baseball. They then discuss Andy Reid's angry reaction to the Travis Kelce situation and discuss if this is becomming a distraction before welcoming KC soccer legend Jimmy Conrad ahead of tonight's Sporting KC U.S Open Cup Final and also played a little "Drive Catch Phrase."


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The dry presented by saying yeah did Germany. The Italians and Jin dean he got his units stuck in in a wasteful. He got himself in in difficult situations on the beloved young of one person in Germany may have gotten intimate firefighters were sent today helped free a man who got a body part stock in the hold up five point five pound weight at a young. Thanks and held a grinder and a hydraulics laws that he broke away part bringing the man's penis the local fire department released the photo on social media. Their FaceBook post that it was very clear. But those sorts actions if not mocking it which translates loosely to please do not imitate such actions. That means they'll stick your unit away three hours hydraulics all nearby. My weakness yeah I want that. I don't funded scheme and the thought process and logic behind. I mean who. There's no. The whole other take the way you can hand from the story aside from mineral years I don't know comments enjoyable I don't know how that's fun I don't know how he thought that was a good idea everything about the story can use. Oh yeah. Okay. I understand you know you're you're late teens and early twenties got a lot of testosterone. Wind blows things happen. Good and like put some work into it. You know doesn't that's what's good for you back in the day the winds Lotta times man and a significant win. How do you explain its momentum swing it's deemed late in the second quarter. Lobbying the loop there's a significant win. Parents Harrison. Good drive. Let's do this another day. Another dollar another edition of good drive at the home dame beat you through it. Today. Gerri is there a senior in high some producer of this thing increase hater of the open and glowing. From Alex Gordon's home run yesterday as the one the only red paint adults with. Let's use. See you did say he was coming out of broke the record is not Tirana you're absolutely right you did call it you did say that he was coming out of it. We got a lot to do two or on the show today coming up in just thirty minutes we'll talk to supporting Casey legend Jimmy Conrad will be in studio edit tonight's US open cup final viewed through a little fantasy advice with highs. In the NFL we would get into that you'll Smith will be on the show today mark Welch will come in we will talk about everybody's favorite quarterback around the league but. Where we have to start today's show. Is. Alex Gordon was. Involved in a record yesterday. Yesterday. More I guess officially now more home runs have been hit they've NECs and in the history of Major League Baseball. And again Alex Gordon hit that record tying home run we talked just ask him about this. If home runs or more home runs or good or bad for baseball. I struggle. With that question myself because it's like people like. Omar did you say hey unfortunately you like Hummer but at some point. Does a home run things become such an overwhelming part of the game that are almost jumped shock I don't think we've reached that yet. But what you do you understand Hillary is the and I think had a pretty well how. There's a lot of you add players. Or if homer and just the cognitive dissonance. That you find like I can get a god there's a lot of home runs but is it slick what does that say about the game today and and I think it says that. This preponderance of home runs. It's bringing it to really interest in place is and yet many strike out the idea of it is many Auburn they do now. They're just not a lot of ball in play and you know I wonder if people enjoy that as saying it. That was Jeff vasser and of Yahoo! Sports yesterday or in the show. I. Indeed chicks dig the long ball era. I win that's what we wanted to CU wit to the ballpark to see Mark LeVoir hit home runs what's the ballpark he Sammy Sosa hit home runs I remembered going sue the interleague series between the royals in the San Francisco Giants to see Barry Bonds hit a home run. I'm a bit surprised. On the opposite side that they all these home runs are now damaging to the game. I just don't I don't trust home runs. Anymore like I don't trust. Them I don't a law baseball. Lost my trust when it came home runs in in 9798. Whatever your was when. When Sosa and McGwire were deal and is then we fell back and loved the sport. After the strike and then. All is that we find out this whole thing was concocted and it was derelict in and owners knew about it. And didn't care and they just try to get as backe and hook is back in baseball so why don't I don't buy into. I don't I don't buy handed. The home run thing not to mention goal hit the 5694. Home run. Of the season. The novelty anymore the they're common like it's not a big deal to see a home run it's a big deal it was like you know but -- us in this. Don't know if we're talking about the rare young but I mean it's not special to see a slam dunking a basketball game anymore but it's still a really exciting play that gets everybody excited that if we were talking in the NBA context if last year Mort don't happen in the NBA the never before. No one would be arguing if the adult was bad for bass is an exciting place just ahead of the game everyone enjoys. Like apparel run to compare reported a three point three pointer all right. So you if you watch a basketball game viewers is once you guys can go launch threes and missed the majority of the time and they go back and let the other team launches threes and it goes back and forth when you don't. And it's great. You know if he had a game winner boy that's awesome but to sit. I have to wait for home runs all the time you see a ton of strikeouts you see a handful walks. Guys restated their balls are put plates and don't run. Honored it's kind of like it's like heroin or Matt Wright very addictive. We get you know people I am but be able to get Botox. And then all of a sudden ruin your life all right. I'm not saying that the home runs can ruin baseball but just seeing guys stand up there and swing for the fences every single time and hit you know I mean Gordon's got what eight and he's the guy that broke the record. Which got seventeen this year most he's ever hit sit around wait for home runs to me is boring is now Alicea lettuce isn't to me triple in the gap. Is it is a really entertaining any bullet entertaining player played the plate is fantastic wrong. I don't like seeing home runs but sitting around waiting for home runs to me is bad for baseball. You know and it goes today was asked about it obsessed with a morning here's what he's said about the fact that the home run record has been broken. You know I accept and act and a lot and I just I don't know it players longer I don't know what Walsh murder. Eat eat eat out we eat you look at it all aspects of it. You know it pitching better I think pitching gets a little better every year you know pictured her little stronger. You know the players get a little stronger. I don't know. Yeah I think it's a pretty big mystery poll results. The mystery is the baseball. You know I didn't believe the juiced ball theory back in the day we found out it was not the Jews all the Jews player. I think it's got to be the baseball because geyser at home runs in ridiculous. Fashion right now I wish I mean you talked about this what maybe a month ago we particular art Whitner field. Seventeen home runs the order of the miners knows that he comes here and seventeen bombs. You know moos is on the verge of breaking ball but he's record the royals have broken a club record. In home runs owe much to me become boring. All of stay doing it every day right. You know what ice cream deleted every day. Home runs to me the water now because everybody gets mail and on and there's got to be so until an odd odd odd given that the bigger faster stronger thing absolutely. But I think pictures are better too so what gives to me it's got to be the baseball. But I this and that since I. Were arguing some different things. Is it is scarce in a special Sissy as it used to be absolutely no I would say because of steroids and now we know about baseball that. Mike Stanton are skewed and Don Carlo stand who is it 55 home runs this season it isn't as impressive as it would have been in 20012002. What Erin judge is accomplishing for the New York Yankees because how small that ballpark is it because of the home run numbers is not as impressive. But. A baseball fan in me where we ranking a home run and comes up exciting plays that can happen in the course and maybe is not. Number one most exciting play maybe you'll say a triple ball hit nick apple play at the plate for blank. It's still one of the more exciting things that can happen throughout the course of a baseball game. Doing that more often I guess I don't understand how vacuum BA bad thing for the sport. I think that's part of the reason why people go to the games juicy after lettuce as the more displayed is off all our guys can hit the ball. And we all sit in marble and hasn't had some negative effects. Absolutely are strikeouts up because guys or waiting to hit home runs more absolutely sort certainly had some negative effect on the game. I would say all in all the emphasis on power has been a good thing in attracts more people Bennett loses. Maybe maybe. I I just think. Column they just I think ever since the bonds are skewed this Sosa and McGwire thing home run records don't matter anymore. All right and then bonds break it and Hank Aaron cabinet didn't show up in San Francisco. The ultimate records which doesn't even matter anymore because baseball in care. Baseball's like yet juice up needle up you know take steroids do all that. So once IC home runs I don't trust him anymore edit and and and and for me to get criticism at home run it takes it don't get me wrong. But it takes up lettuce isn't that writer south of the gap and got to make great play I mean help sell his first candy Kansas city of the last 34 years. I mean you know yet you got a home run hitter and Henry Rollins hits a single here comes gore here comes Dyson that's exciting. He's gonna steal back. You could also argue the most exciting play it's happened for the royals over the last three seasons was a home run yet ladies amid the point could be made up. All the third inning Jimmy doesn't mean anything all the bottom and I think game one of the World Series to tie it up absolutely. I think we would have been just as excited. If it was a ball in the gap that tied the game in that situation I usually home runs or watered down right now I do think eventually it is bad for baseball. And it just of more boring game and we talk all the time about you want games to go quicker. Well strikeouts take a top pitches. And we got home run hitters and block kids up they're trying to get bombed the entire time they can't play defense there's CNET on a pitches. It takes one pitch to put the ball like a great that's all right great. But it takes one pitch to put the ball play its export law takes at least three to strike out what faster games. Then you've got a bunch of freaking me heads up their try to add ons games are gonna slowdown. I think that baseball has very wrongly turned its back on one of the more exciting times it's happened in its sports history that. We can admit that baseball has become a very regional list export and nationally maybe the conservatives and they are because people only care about their team. How many times since bonds and Sosa and McGwire kiwis say that the nation cared about baseball and the collective. It was a seat at the fraud. It was it was it wasn't real man who got. It wasn't a real thing I think we care if it's real but it. But those were real but those were saying he shows his rookie year yeah like forget mark is dieters. You know look like with deep. You know in the leg of a home run leader that it was a fraud and that that's that's what irritates me about. I just I just think back that was the time as a kid I was most excited about baseball and the memories were real that you have does kind of look at it like. USA my. Our US seem out of took away Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy big intake when he watching him play in the games you might tell me goes home runs were a little bit steroid induced I remember every day coming home to watch sports and or to see a Mark McGwire hit a home run. That most people's national acceptance back to getting into baseball after the strike. Was with home runs I feel like the hardcore diehard surest baseball thing and has I think wrongfully turned its back on one of the more exciting times in baseball there's. It's like fill level at the time as a sportscaster which we are watching that thing all time it was great I loved. And then I found out it was it was it was it was a fraud it was real it was chemically enhanced about Reggie Bush. Israeli house from Boozer had nothing to do what his play on the field. That and enhance admitted making faster than they can catch better it make him you know jump higher. Warning track shots in baseball. Yet a needle to it that's a home run to help Brady Anderson hit fifty home runs for the Orioles won. Become so yeah I mean I just think the home run things watered down and I take I think it's got to be the base why don't trust home runs in baseball anymore so I see this. I automatically. I think something's up. Up next Andy Reid was asked about Travis tells these actions from last Sunday and he was none too pleased about it but coach of the chiefs' necks in the draft the prize presented by Duke's case from the electorate into studios sixty and Sports Radio. Backhand on the drive talks sporting KC legend Jimmy Conrad coming up. In that in a minute also give you a chance to win tickets to tonight's game so be listening February sporting KC fans or soccer fan of wanna see some quality soccer tonight. Out at children's mercy part this is Andy Reid when asked about Travis Kelsey today in his media availability. I take care take care you wanna ask me again. But it is the same answer. It's got it is it clarity he asked me the other day he got the message you get. So eerie we talk about distractions a lot of she'll what is distraction was not a distraction is mark is Peter's. That actually at the distractions colleagues apparatchiks. Stuff that distraction is. You know who's the guy has Lawrence Timmons from the dolphins that yet. What's distraction what's not a distraction to me this has become one. Way and and it's all history actually your boss thinks it is and obviously Andy Reid is started answering questions for Travis LC DA here. Was something that he's addressed multiple times but five panels penalties in the NFL this year Travis skills he has to sooner or later in the cost of a game. Because he acts like a knucklehead out there even though he's I think you and I both agreed the best night in and in the NFL right. So yeah any reads tired when any three guys to spend part of his week preparing for his first divisional game dealing with Travis Kelsey. Something that he's had to do multiple times before there's an answering questions about it today. Yes it's a distraction is it a major one well is that the Javon Belcher think well. But is a distraction that's becoming that you see the reaction from Hungary was similar to one way and you was asked if they are buried deep for just used where those guys were OTAs that just spent time don't something like that. We try to prepare for the for the LA chargers it becomes at least a little bit of a distraction. I'll disagree with you a little when it comes through this I think the all on the field nature of it is absolutely a distraction. Keen. Puts the chiefs in bad situations. Field position lies because of his penalties. It's cost them 45 yards he's been ejected from a game I think that park is the distraction. I think that distracting is the during the course of the day. I have to sit down with Travis Kelsey and talk to him what I can be better utilizing my time to game plan and coach beat Kansas City Chiefs. A very unnecessary meeting with Travis Kelsey about fixing your problems. In the mental mistakes you continue to make throughout the course of game. I would consider that park just an. I'd use the term distraction I would say inconvenience throughout the course of the day I think the things that happened on the fuel our distraction can they take away from winning. I don't think the media stuff is a distraction. If anything if you listen to the clip one more time. He's just tired of being asked the same question. I take care take care you wanna ask me again. I've been giving the same answer. It's got it is it clarity he asked me the other day he got mad at me yet. I think Andy Reid is the guy that whenever your wife ask you something you say I'm fine. And then she ask you the same question do in the and you get to know. I just answered this question twenty seconds ago when US and untold dollars fine. He spoke very openly candidly about Travis Kelsey on Monday very pointed comments today. I don't have any other experts pedestals and I talked to a I gave you the answer the last time you're gonna ask the question a different Dallas media people love to try to be creative because some new way to ask the same question. I answered her question for same thing with a two days he did talk about page there is not here it's voluntary bubble block. Next person it's voluntary. I don't have to be here yes the third I wouldn't think it's it's going to be it's voluntary so I think that's what he kind of lashes out I think his problem or use you media people keep asking me the same questions and I'm clearly answered. But it's not the same media people we know is fear of blowing for a day it. You know you'll have different. Newspapers in certain days that people are here on Monday that need stuff for a column. And they're here today you know I mean that's just the way it's gonna work. The reason why I think it's a distraction is the drugs Kelsey created. His behavior created this and now his teammates and how it eerie yet to answer for from the media to blame the media all in all want that should answer questions. He's he's answered well in answer to that report. And different reporters committed different waves and the role could restore the dollar to distort it tells you keeps us and Russia there's nothing. And we don't have a problem injury doesn't have to answer. So I understand the frustration within haven't answered the question multiple times but let's go back let's take it back to the source and the source is Travis kills. Repeatedly average repeated bad behavior on the field are right it's the same thing I take it from a parenting aspect kid that polls are right. So is the distraction when it happens or having to deal with it in my opinion it's blow. Because depending on what kid. You've got your pit stop because it happened first and foremost and then second all you've got to deal with. And he got a follow up to make sure it doesn't happen again that's were Andy Reid's that would Travis Kelsey is his repeated stuff this onetime thing. The onetime thing and again Reid get asked about this multiple times well skill she brought this on himself he brought his coach he's brought about his teammates so it's becoming more. Like it's picking up steam because he keeps doing. And that's the part right I think you and I just differ at least when it comes to be off the field at least answering the question about it that's rabbit has chosen media to be more creative. I know his opinion on Travis tells you how he affects the team. I can just Google it's on the website right now she's got you could hear the answer to the questions of what they're just asking new question. In challenge yourself to provide new content for the listener. The listener knows what and you read fuels a battle average it to somebody you problem in that sense so similar to vote yea I don't really have any problem with the snap back when it comes to the oil on the field and Travis Kelsey needs a crowd is actually do a liar under persona that. That he is being a negative at times to the team is he more times than not a positive for the team displays. Absolutely but in these very retractable mistakes. It's only so many times you need to tell somebody this is it helping and I don't think it drives kielty is being a good teammate in those moments. I think when they have these conversations like most people jobs felt he says all right I'll do better all fix it. While many times we need to keep adding that I'm going to fix a conversation but that's the part when I hundreds and agree absolutely if we're talking about the war in the field stuff. I think that park is a distraction any detriment of the team. But I'm just different when it comes this I don't think what T shirt somebody Weyers I don't think it they have a hat locker room. I don't think these things are just distractions to win a fellow players I think we've just seen too many times. These guys is having insane amount of mental focus that they're able to deal with the stuff all the time yeah. Talking more from a coach pinpointed any. I mean. NFL players are available every single day that she's. Make damn sure well that that there's hardly anybody in there. When there's an open locker room during the middle of the week right there they're all launch so don't have to deal with a head coach doesn't read that's part of his game. It's not like he's out there evident running jacket that's not what he's doing all right so I'm not suggesting that Andy Reid's got its oats up. When you're a detail oriented guy we only have so much time to get your work done during the week knuckle head doing this like Travis Kelsey has done. That irritates a coach not a distraction is when your boss says it. That is in theory is that enough and Indy Reid's had enough of these questions and he knows if it happens again it's gonna be even worse there's going to be networks here. Not just local guys not just the occasional ESPN guy. It's going to be a lot worse because Travis Kelsey is a pattern of behavior in any reached the guy with a microphone that Travis Kelsey gonna doctors wait till now. You know did you think. What you think players notice that there answer Travis Kelsey questions all week win ESPN or fox or whoever comes in there are Sports Illustrated or some Ryder. You know from Yahoo! word or whatever comes Porsche they don't trap as Kelsey created there's an eerie sick and tired. And I guess is you're not the part that we disagree on is I don't think answering questions during the media allotted time of fifty minutes is a distraction from your day you're already got to be answering questions anyway during that time. Does don't really think it matters what questions are answering during that time. Coming up next sporting KC legend Jimmy Conrad isn't studio at a ten nights US open final. Talk a little sporting excellent draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. Wait for Jimmy John. To come in stimulus by the first white person has been on time they're interviewed in a long time on the drive he's not doing a good job the white delegation wasn't like that about life and as if he was black and I would be you I expected he would be not on time you slice this has been on time saloon meals 5060 when a guy. Neil Neil is 5050 when it comes through it though. So we will talk to Jimmy Conrad whenever he wants and today I said he's walking in with the trophies maybe that is why he is a little bit late today it's not like one. Those little bowling trophies guys right it's a dozen big F and deal the US sell huge. So it was kind of a cool deal mean if you if you are 99 teams that did play in this tournament soccer's different. Than any other sport and play tournaments inside there regular seasonal time which to me kind of blows me away but that's they do is there's 99 teams in this thing. And if you're affiliated amateur or pro team. Ice is that right and then you can play in this like it's it's a chance for the little guy actually have a chance to beat the big boys. I think so I don't think you're spot on so I think it's you get little guy gets shot. Yes so that's a. Fun to talk to Jimmy Conrad what ever he gets here we can wanna ask you this question real quickly while we wait for him get up I just saw this tweet. Courtesy of the chiefs Twitter account that said. That arrow head was top game day experience. And I asked the question do you and heist during the break at all it was at the same answer. Where is it better to go see Damon Allen fieldhouse were aero. And we all Ansar Allah. My biggest reason for picking Allen over airhead in this is. It's like that Alan every time Ugoh. Now sometimes Allen certainly bigger than other times like every venue a if you go CU and Jaycee played Kansas it's a different atmosphere than when K state plays Kansas. In Allen fieldhouse but it is always a special fund time whenever you go to a game there. I liked Errol I like that once maybe twice a year but I think gives Alan the advantage in the. Yeah public yet and there's a story of this is inside that ranked like. Out of the top 25 venues in all of sports in the Allen field house an error that we're both on but by the big one of the two ongoing Allen. What it's not there that should have been sporting bar. I think that's Elba plays Tennessee game sporting bark. It absolutely is and we invite Jimmy Conrad into the studio Jimmy you were the first white person to be late. In 27 and a half ago. So gradually I'm so sorry about that I didn't realize said it was on the dot 230 so I I'm from California fashionably late -- I don't kind of what we that's what you guys do see him actually early and I am pretty early it's lakers and she'll want fourth quarter pretty much we just wanna see while at the time magic when I was a kid you know do his thing in the showtime and income answered more a status thing you'll say you were at the game out guys that actually watched exact got axle deal with the rims of the charges right now Alan that's and I like that it. Congress unrest are saying that whenever I'm late to meetings payout is being fashionably late as likable and it again for my unsolvable was writing a threat that's wild was an on time for the she's at 930 to come on I can't look my best of social and I don't think it's not at the meeting third out of the meeting itself about to say you are at this integrity yes that's very California. I know that makes perfect sense we were just talking about what place the better place's the game Allen fieldhouse or arrow head. As someone who's been here for awhile yes your answer. I mean I'm biased American mounts him biased but I think -- it's probably the best place to watch a game it's it's win everybody's. In the and involved and engaged on what's happening on the field he can't top. Now I Allen fieldhouse obviously has seen a lot of great plays great games but you can't touch ninety something 1001 stadium get after it. You know jamaat candidates openly back and that. If a young that the throwback by the the last nobody could tell. That that is a throwback if you had to eliminate the local scene so take out the local colleges they got the local teams what's the most on in Miami played. For me personally I've had the benefit plan for the men's national team for a number of years. Got to play wherever she Dortmund plays Christian who was sick is the big American hero who's playing in Germany right now and that's the home stadiums on the west fallen study on. Is incredible this statement the fans are right on top of you yet so I would say from a epic its Real Madrid in this stadium as well sewed those two scenes are iconic and a lot of different ways since you have this kind of while occupant complaint here has its own life and and perhaps now here in the states. Sporting Kansas city's park is. Is pretty incredible and I think that's a hatchet to the fans as well because it brings so much energy that that brings that place the life. So really set if it against. Everything I know about soccer got from playing fifa so you can earn up forgive me in my ignorance on this but I was watches sports and a couple days and had Alexi lawless there and he said he felt that USA soccer peaked a couple of years ago and they didn't breakthrough. In use the World Cup momentum in further the sport of equal it's off to their name budgets had to learn millionaires. I yeah I wish he he definitely took a big swing and I appreciate what he was trying to do. I hurts I just hope he was referencing when I was playing for the national team as the peak you know that's really is there gonna know but I would say that. We haven't performed like we should have fun and we're also waiting for that that big bounce that big jump. For us to really start to dominate our region and I just think it's it's. It's not as easy as people think it is you go down to Honduras to go down to Panama you're down to Mexico City and those are easy places the gay games as a places for the fans are calling your hotel room at 3 in the morning and making noise you can't sleep the trying to throw stuff value through earlier after game. Now music player I loved it I love that people care that much is trying to throw me out when game I embraced it. But there are some guys that don't embrace it and it does throw them off their game in and I don't think that's exactly why we're not playing well. But but it is a cause for concern and you have to wonder I think it's always open you guys could talk about moving forward. Is it better for soccer in this country if we don't qualify for World Cup will that accelerate the process for us to be like all right wait wait wait wait wait. We didn't qualify what are we doing wrong you have to take a hard look in the Mir as to what we need to fix to mention that doesn't happen again whereas if we get and we kind of back go to the back door to him then do we really address the problems that that are rising at this moment. What do you think the ceiling for US soccer is because I think we're just being honest about the landscape where America isn't soccer it's not Brazil it's not a sport that soccer is its country's number one sport priority. So what do you think the ceiling is or what USA soccer can be given those limitations. Like your question I think why it needs to change on a fundamental level is to pay to play sport. And so you get a lot of privileged kids that are the only one to have access the best coaches in the best fields and all that. And I think when you think about Brazil uses them as a contrast. The it's a way out for those kids if they can be good that the way out of the favela that's the way out it's a way to get popular and make money and provide for their families. For heat here in this country that's more basketball or or so all I would say right or they all right in and in his that's intriguing and as well soccer just doesn't have that seem. Attachment to it as it does everywhere else in the world as a way out and so. There has studio an opportunity for our kids we have plenty of kids that wanna play now here. It's a matter of our coaches getting more mature and evolving so weakened and an anomaly identified in but bring these kids along but also identifies scouts say listen. You're too good for my team now. And you move you want to somebody that test of that will be further problem is in this country for all sports is it's always winning first emphasis is winning all the time. And I try to tell parents and my coach it doesn't matter if you kid wins a trophy ten years old it's not gonna get a scholarship I need him to know how to do the fundamentals in the sense this is and just soccer this is for everything. So there's a lot of lot of things that have to happen but it needs trickle down from the top and I don't know if that's happening fast enough for rust in the soccer world. Talking to Jimmy Conrad sporting KC legend he's in studio the US open cup trophy. That's our role I know you just with trophies would that be tough related to carry all the time. Sporting KC takes on the New York rebels tonight 8 o'clock at exporting park. The concept of the USO. I think it's really cold that the little guy gets a chance to order team. Well as the night I teams I think the US open up and and if you're affiliated letter or affiliated professional team to have a chance you got a shot and edit. The fact there's not only nine teams in this thing and the final is once again back in Kansas City and sporting KC point four. Well that's pretty incredible he can only compete for two trophies here in this country one of m.'s the open cup the Netherlands and Alaska the domestically here. And so to be able to buy for one of it was a big deal and it's if you follow any international soccer if you win the double right you when your cup competition and you win your league. That is like you consider one of the best teams of all time if he can pull off a double and now Kansas City having that chance and obviously the rebels to certain we're gonna squash and it's it's. It's a unique opportunity for them in Kansas City to do that now 2004 when I'm on the open cup loss in the analyst cup finals we were so close we lost 32. I'm not bitter. A little bit better on the better but it's it's it's. An incredible as you say an incredible event I think Dempster is going to be great as it always is a sporting park and I look forward to have seen intensity holding the trophy over the. Well tonight check out the US open cup final at 8 o'clock against the New York Red Bulls were gonna give the listener chance to go to the pretty pretty caller right now I'm not 135767610. I'm about to dominate you and gain a disorder had a bad drive and it's not soccer. The dry presented by Duke's case from the studios sixty and Sports Radio. His game. I'd catch phrase. Sure her kids. Chrysler world is. A category. So colors and then I named blu in the new name read it does go back and forth play out it's okay there's three callers online Bobby. Is on your team about it. His name is belt and ice ultimately some. That's his name got in at least some that is damn well got to live debt that was a little surprised. Well it does I thought maybe you messed up and fumbled their but ultimately some is on my team. And Mike you know late that it is on things team offense that game works is he will give us a category price you'll kick things off. If the buzzer goes off all while it is your turn you are eliminated double elimination of the last man standing beer. A case of Bobby Bobby is my guy yeah. So you winning tickets for both Bobby he's not actually playing you are zoom yeah how I'm playing you're playing this is pressure now so assault since completely this Isaac gives category name pops up that that we dollar icici. All eyes are really kicked things off your worst in this great. Picking stuff with the I category Jimmy that I should be there in year endeared your heart I want you guys named as many famous people named Jim. Or Jimmy as he can point seconds on the clock Jimmie we'll start with you and go. Jim Carrey Jimmy Conrad. While you're going Jimmy. James Stewart isn't James work with you Jimmy Kimmel and Jim Morse Jimmy Fallon James. Jimmie Johnson. This is. Bobby. Coleman. Can't name the sandwich that's not a general zinni's. Clara silent yeah yeah I've got to let that go because I was on the hot seat you guys both Adams said. The guy his name is Jimmie Giles actually think it'll. One guy was a legal Jimmie Johnson. Guys it is when it's time. I sit here on the all outlets like the guy Zanardi found there is actually and Jimmy John there's you know actually Jimmy vasser who Nasser called herself that. All right so that is one strike that tonight. Don't try to select the sudden I wasn't near and dear to my heart had it's on exit does so Jimmy got laws that Jimmy who unfortunately now we lost a bit of rust there have been plenty of opportunity rebound. Did it hurt your big music guys have we heard that some of your favorite artist but unfortunately periods had no idea who Hitler out of school on that in the credit card industry had so we will go instead with need another category launch against name as many music venues Kansas city's you can genuine again I'll start with you fifth that's when he seconds on the clock and go it's. Sprint says there. That's the starlet. All right I. I lived here though so it's been a so I'm so sorry Bobby but I don't even know I'd really don't know. I'm done your goods and cuts Alitalia was vicinity units of that first that would have been out that you. You could play out here say eight years they arrowhead and you could continue the game it's just sort of did slap. Last week and buzz these have Kaufman to area and you meet you heard the bayonet later added him to play according consider a cats suck at this game. I'm sorry guys are body when you go do you play again I do okay are these guys are. A ideas from Obama yeah that would. I'll give them the so sporting Kansas City tonight US open cup finally played in New York Red Bulls. You guys names decaffeinated drinks twenty seconds on the clock standing this time we are starting with you and go. Cappuccino. Want to. Espresso. Lots it doctor pepper. That's. Karma alive today mr. Pitt. Doctor pepper but Nell alive and seven. Does that camping that it doesn't know so I stuck with it does not. You know what. I've done out there which. Is they get their. Go in the gay guys that bears that is Bobby and myself if I am blamed sporting Kansas City community. But did you use as seeds who might call it. You're done I'm done you know I was gonna watch to see you guys there yet again. That means the right. Yes and we do we haven't necessarily done this category and through. On about what happens Z. Eliminated right away but yeah deceit of the category I don't I don't know that there's just not know the categories aren't so this'll be sunny and does elimination challenge to determine the winner who is going to US open final. And children's mercy parts nights. Children's mercy park located in. The alleged it's the illustrious names many different shops or restaurants in the legends with twenty seconds on the clock C got this time it starts to you and go Arthur Bryant's. Longhorn steakhouse night. Five guys Tommy Hilfiger and gap triple play. Looters on Cheney's. But sit yard house full of leave damp. Eddie Bauer bullied. I'll little yeah that. Builds Indian leaves them. There. Well in the lives of these subtle that's where there's again as his exit strategy house to drop a call Africa for your calls. Deflecting call him a winner Jimmie I an excited to tell you this story yeah tell me a girl that I used to date. Her Wi-Fi password when jewelry name in number. Why so this is how is this is a big deal in my life that I finally got jeans loud and tell you this get together and mark no we're not together you know heartless dirty lies by imprisoned her and I found out that there. Get a new jetted it away and he's got a lot of incredible you gotta do what you gotta do what shall we here in Spain interaction. I think the ones where they just. Want to talk for two hours in the Canada's wanted to follow me home and then that I I love talking to everybody by. Some of those git. A little bit over the top in the sense of the appropriate what it's he had just just off the chairs this year. That I did it I I I would love to talk to me to Hamas some putts Justin I just that there is there is dad I guess is a little bit of a line where. All right like we've gone past that the you know pleasantries giving them to be forty slug people get excited we're up to a. Well like whenever that happens you got to shake kids' and I'll see you that's like the clear I'm done Hawkins next time you're in a situation and you got to do right now policy right yeah that's a good one. I had a mom. I was fresh in the league so spots when he soon. She had a daughter so I just all the pay for everything we just want you to marry your daughter oh yeah the devils again we think it that there was stabbed him to sign off. Well yeah hell she was eighteen and the time so was living with school let this girl with the last as well maybe it certainly could have Dahlia does girl with a one but that was that's Danner now I do any I didn't doesn't follow on the but that was. That was pretty intense. Yeah I don't know if you saw this story it was on line a former Major League Baseball player was in this chat room message board kind of thing he's crossed that bring to say. Hey I wanted to decides and stuff you wouldn't sign it and he kind of went through all of that you have any autograph stories. That. Maybe you either got all and didn't wanna have someone signs something had you ever had any kind of out grants if it. It's funny because I try to be open to everybody at all. Turn down anybody for an autograph or anything but I'm sure there's been a moment where. Somebody had an issue with me that I just immune even hear them and see so I'm sure there's a couple people out there that you think on the biggest jerk around. But I'd like to think that and I also. Yes committee judged later once I leave you guys can talk behind your backs are perceived attitude that the social media that's what I will say though though one of cool things about our sport is that we switched jerseys with other players so when I putting its Argentine and the Copa America back in the day MSU was playing which is a big thrill. A wind up losing but I asked one of their top playmakers were Cal-Maine if you it's Richards is with me afterwards that you descent now. Sears. I don't like OK well thanks them bomb. I think you out you guys in soccer started that and other sports now we just added you know when he went she's played the Eagles we Travers tells you his Brothers watchers now let's go I've seen at a bunch now the NFL right every Cecilia and it's all because soccer. Yeah that like to think so I mean it's it's a tradition not every player does it but it's out there if you wanna do it in and for me just shorts if you help us like that's going to be kind of weird yes yup but it's like a token of of the game in the battle that we just went through so when I see that Jersey now. In my. My house or by look in the boxes and provident. I can tell full story about what happened in the game what you know who the player was that had this Jersey in his like a nice story line a narrative behind all. This is dumb maybe it's dumb question are now on the boasting about his legacy as operators get to pay for that like his team like billion. Elect is listening with fourteen you're. How much it is still you all was we tally this up we're gonna doctor page. No that happened to at some point if he gets egregious and yet elbow charges for just like it's fine I'd rather have the story than than one minor injures is out there. But I was gonna tell you one of the trees things that ever happened I was playing and in Poland on loan. Collect those on who's one of the bigger clubs there at the time. Ands. We had a goal keeper who I think. Through the game we gave up he was great kids we that we whose great break the whole time I was I suppose one game he gave up two of the worst schools at home that it ever seen check cleared and I was like. I'd say well maybe it was an ally or may be with us that one anomaly where he's had a bad game but ours to millions jumped over like that the barbed wire. Went into our locker room or trying to beat him up he was in the second half a lock myself in the shower and was trying. And it's. Yeah I think he respects did you ever I never found out by it the goals were so bad yeah there's just no way couldn't certain supplements that when there's little. Europe you can you can gamble legally over their eyes yeah. Pretty sure there's legally or you ladies it's happening I mean there's a lot of Russian mafia imposed on the times that it's so that was a really interesting and scary and they were looking to get me back. These guys are massive arms and guys I don't know anything that was him I was out of the you know so and I was kind of I was tempest do. Because they give up these tools like the loose again into rough from a good. But not that was a pretty scary experience. Tonight US open cup final 8 o'clock against the New York Red Bulls Jimmy Conrad thanks become an incident Tom thanks Tom thanks Jimmy I. We can spot my. I'm going to win. They pop quiz brought to my victory Chrysler dodge Jeep ram winning thirty dollar trucks in bucks scratch your ticket Rico went up to 50000 dollars. Or in new truck of your choice for the Kansas lottery today's pop quiz is a movie and a nice. Well I think everybody is tough people do Vicki Phillips now a public normal life and yet it hits the what you eat. Yup that's what the. Can you make it. If you know what that is column eyes right now be caller number six and you win that these scratches ticket. Up next the AFC west is starting to get a lot of recognition as the toughest division of football we get into a national drug. Drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.