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Wednesday, September 20th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, 17-year NFL vet Rich Gannon joins the guys, we hear from Chiefs DE Chris Jones, and the Angels are slippin! 


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There weights it's noon here. Try to get Jewish stuff. Then at sports. Field station brought to by the red that adorned real wood two locations in the third wonderful golf. So location will be over the bark for right now. Two locations outside and Lee Woodruff at the Camelot. I don't wanna ask you this question and I'm going to anyway banquet. Texture of the 816. Don't. Want my friends scheduled their wedding at three just Sunday during the chiefs' game what do I do. First he. This splitting them if people are trying to be fiscally responsible as they in my mind of venue Saturday. And should be an awful is it a booze free reception. I don't go to weddings scheduled right here she wrote. Nice job nice fresh iceberg. How dare they not take your feelings of a consideration when they made their wedding date yet about thirty dollars chili's gift card oh. There aren't gonna get married once maybe twice look stupid penalties are go to court I love a good way. What exert dashboard. We're no cash or. If any did not navigation bar I was very impressed it's here it is their special day and it is their special nor his specialty on Sunday. Evidently you do yeah ball special to some law there's it's very beautiful on the Sunday you are. Again this reality like Jay is it has no difference could be that mean he wouldn't schedule. Geez that a lot of these players Sunday off weeks. The bye week they've yet prime time games on Monday night with a weakens clear. I'd like for you people we know that look he's got just soundness he legitimately is the self look at the royals. In Major League Baseball. To get the royals their last home game. Cool guy in the chiefs don't like a month they get you know opportunity go. After the royals in sort of outline made out schedule ahead chief casual with Major League baseball's more relief here for an there's no way. Schedules have known that today. When you schedule wouldn't. Go check and sports get no I don't actually. Why anybody says jays right and cooperates there's and I watch golf if you well if you've never walk. That's we don't have a feature but does that I have feature. Right eleven kids that he sort of making crap off if you're living here fitting waiting during chief's game that's memories more because chances are a lot of your friends or teased me. It's like this particular nice gentleman here kind of pass the friendship I guess. Is she spent time to test the friendship Coral Springs of that shut your mouth this little. I'm gonna ask you that and you know Imus the other effects like this and this. Don't go I mean I'm with this extremely happy just to get a streaming happen earbuds and it's weird. Street keeps what day did you get an area. But Saturday. In the winter when nothing was going on. For the Super Bowl. Build it period the NFL has actually got it. For about the first time was even more tennis today sandwiched in between about the first time first time was in June. And again. Now during bubbles. But I've done it twice as voice right. They great record. Speaks it. Rational and that is. Go play your first get married one time you get sixteen games the year amid fading it's sort that out yet. You began may be our that's the it is perfectly that was the whales can be very rules for a period. The conflicts of baseball knowledge. Now light I don't watch a 162 of those aren't nowadays you can do all I know how dare he think of your feeling is that I Dugard and we date we got married on Monday it was July 3 ever one has today off dollars. And it was brilliant have whose name we're slightly you know you just solve the pitcher didn't get invited. Lotteries that'll be a real good time being we'd ever. Relatives not. Go after. I'll tell you legit next time somebody told Mary I'll make sure they run their wedding date by you'd have to make sure that you don't have any. You know conflicting engagement authority I mean I go to and I have gone. I won't go if I lose for an Soviet soldier only six. The figure guess I don't know I would still like for mental what are our life have been the trump sporting event. To work child. I'd sit. Graduation these trials about your mom's passed away all our staff of course he. So a friend get married a vast room. But finally good happen for Alex Gordon last night. That preaches. Pitch that scored swings and it's a pretty well right center field that's a way back get that ball is. God it's a whole front regard. Number eighth this year for Alex. And he cuts Toronto's lead to five to two. Alex Gordon headed to Cooperstown was that home run is the 5694. Home run of the baseball season. Breaking a record set back in 2000 NJ painfully without the support of evidence now is we'll continue to lead the pack. It out of all the issues it's really sad considering having two home runs he has yet. Consider this is to choose color. That he me indictment and outscored Weatherly go to Yahoo! read corporate jet fast. Undersea voyage yeah I believe they didn't see combined. In the previous three seasons. Yeah. Scooter Jeanette 35 career home runs for one game where police usually Gannett get it scooter Gannett where your oil from the annunciation where. Struggle that won my bet incidents they Minnesota's an upper peninsula and everything that. Blood by an audio Bible literally that fight in court this looks bad on Gordon Bennett. It is error in it air dried ice and has just three home runs less than you'd like that person. Tragically Al stored in a moment last night for we know that we still the year. He's all of the Cupertino and lay eggs out next year October this decades. Back out will be getting it. Some money or you are to build towards a Andrea wanted Bryant to review well. It would make. Text line what happens if your mom dies on Super Bowl Sunday what takes priority I mean she's dead she won't go. It. I was shocked me is people at times that's the radio station in the middle as they agree with you kids. A lot of grief protect. Fiercely. It's odd they do another robbery that out of the mouth to spiral of the rose Los fire McKee you're last night. And he outplayed us they are. Brett Anderson gets the ball for. For Toronto I suggest you check out his photo of it mlb.com and pretty hilarious to me he basketball opposite Jake a few minutes. For the Kansas City Royals go royals. That's been a stop guys when you begin except the last you didn't think it was playing but he did shift unions down. I'm excited about Judith skip three and a back nine he has got to you but that was based on. It last night you missed it it doubles Thursday it is ultimately we stopped it is over. Because it's short it's a level speaking on blowing his Derek Karr balloon about what a month and a half ago whenever there was I guess we teaser for his new single drop where yesterday finally did an orbiter. Great. Great. For like I like that. Turns out that it turns out he was actually going in the music as we all anticipated it was a commercial for. Education employees credit union EE CU. And Derek Karr was too thin skinned to actually take it and keep the joke. To himself on a beer advertisements what is out mrs. When he gets back there bodies ourselves and our funds honey cycle Turkey got to get on the wistful little Johnny's feet to get it out Gordon. Bees and went are you. Urged that comes out yet. Which Alex corporal runs through a wall for UN no I know we'll got some construction outside the shop right now maybe he could tie together. Have a little walker always run through all you know run through this. Four runs through this construction for that's probably not a safe thing don't run through the construction of shopping. A nice Turkey's pizza Kolby Smith I hear a little bit more of there are there really does that. Tonight. Dance break. And I don't know I don't hate. So awesome personality that there are showing a man burst into song and I've Gregory we don't pan am special just for us now by the way Derek Kerr music dot com you can download a poster battered far and that date of our results. Summary is better. It is David talked there and do in this. They had to be right releasing data the lately I just saw a picture of this morning that stashed here back. You right. David turning to get India and money couple chunks of information from the chiefs. Defensive end Chris Jones. Continuing to dominate here in Kansas City second year linemen earning AFC defensive player of the week honors the we filled. Jones racked up four tackles three sacks through four fumbles and one interception against the Eagles. Make yet that mine ever as John a lot of our mind. Is our job man while Wang fell out for you know around and be a beast by you do wanted to meet wagons. Her style of the mile or whatever the best com by moments program we talked about the show but it is a I love the fact that this might say ox O. It his stuff by the way I want to finish this off former bares all through cornerback Charles Tillman was looking into a new line of work. He retired NFL start training to join the FBI. I'm actually has a degree in criminal justice he got that reminds you a lot yet the only thing occasions. His father was actually a sergeant in the army so he does I have a little military background. Comfortable last year working as NFL analyst for fox sports play. Special agent peanut. Could be could be a thing for them. Apparently there's a cut off of 37 for you to become an especially human the FBI is 36 and he's got to try to get under the gun. But sic council. It meant. Maybe gossage there on the on Mueller investigation. I I. I was gonna wrap up these expand this or six back budget by the red or grilled two locations brook side and we will let it. At the Camelot court. All the rigs and Danny and our interview he CBS. Sports like the NFL and what does he have to see about Travis Dell's giving silly penalties. And is blogs and on to slip every month now. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I cannot get back to season we'll call it. There from 83 line thirty minutes ago now it's time to talk to. One of our favorite guest on the show each and every week they'll be CBS. Analyst. And former quarterback in the National Football League average gain in. Who this week is only coal for chargers and it seats was going on rich. The guys that were cited legacy that he. Our development. Of their great. I am curious as we different is this you don't go to game from a soccer stadium and rich. That's really the talking to the chargers as I can call and see Diego chargers are wonder if you'll slip up what the over under should be on that. During the game that stuff the call but. There's the fate of support violated the NFL do the right they move the chargers Delhi. I don't know it he's you know I I hate the fact that he's late. You'll think vehicle or do now law and the target the raiders the lead and went all the way here to argue. You know what I'm an old school look for the war that would go into but I would say that. The talent that that the state of California had was bought this thing and you know build the stadium because fought it worked out for America father there the raiders. Probably the partnered with the organized to get something done but it is. Wanna go and acquire. The raiders won a inevitable look very different than. The fact is that they will look at that you were certain that can be I'd electing a woman who has the will Ellis be effective in about mark here. And it really is simply use someone else's stadium. That that didn't work out really well the charges. Rick's list let's beyond a silent less says let's keep it real here what what is the over under set at. In terms those you'd call laying the Ellie charges to San Diego Chargers has come sympathy. Together Korea Horry in all. Omar monitored who have a great. They sciences partner some problems trying to referred to on the Indian or law and perfectly. And cook talked about in my work as hard physically are. You go to the heart is right back particularly. He knows that the nicknames and then not a pretty that the guy appeal OK but you know. You beat the effect shall we want productive you call. It's urgent there'll. You know it could happen open there are you know look. You attribute all looking to compete and compete every year. I don't know it eases it is bizarre to me rich of this whole thing works out and if Philip Rivers quarter quarterback from the chargers. Eight you Jesus faced a million times it's odd he still lives in San Diego city but this rig would as mobile quarterback room. Going back and forth LA and San Diego sorry that the players or you Stephen Cohen and LA. The other Padilla that would concern me by lower. That Carol the chargers and you know my quarterback or make it through our commute back and forth every day thing you know I know he as. It is believed look at film in the car with talent on the other. Quarterback also vote A in San Diego it. I that particular hole yet think of the traffic and you know district. Our virtual wallet each way. Out of that don't make a lot of sense to me but still got a large families a lot of at least at victory here. You know there really firmly established. In law and two vehicles fell. Look at it'll it is what it is vital that could say an ideal situation the first hour or back Percy as they beat people back and forth every day. We're talking to Rich Gannon former NFL MVP and current NFL analyst. For CBS sports here on the base of late debate him follow on Twitter at risk and and well. On Twitter and what are things that we've been talking about since Sunday's game. Rich has been in it and people atomic torn on this in regards to Travis to LC OK spectacular tidy and he's a star player he's a name guy in town. But he has accumulated some. Some penalties in each and every game polite the last three or four games now. In which. You know he makes us all a great grab or does something fabulous but did you get like a fifteen yard. Personal foul penalty or something like that in we're going on a stretch of both of three or four games now and eighty read on Sunday was not happy with the news he was. He was upset with a BS and worse oddity gable on the sideline in front of the guy in front of the cameras and he addressed it after the game he was asked questions about it today. How do you deal with something like that when you have a later that has sold once town like that. Which they head coaching you're getting frustrated with him not being able to rein in his emotions. And putting his teammates in a bad spot. We were put himself as he that that I was whatever you put Schuerholz felt sure and that she. Put herself in the group in. What he's an emotional player and know that but he also. It was at a part of that players of the game though that's helped coach of the looking at in point this out. That you and others can very easily. And you don't well we quarters you know he's demonstrated that play in court that 2000 last week well I'll put. Somebody in. That to a personal filed so. It'll look. What they're supporting actress or that you read in the future as earlier in the trees here that you burnout and integrated chat and talk. The leader the ball pretty. And then their carry on like this so hopefully. They'll potentially you you hope that a player like. While the figure that out but I'll have terrific. Talent. And an emotional guy. And it'll take battle on what you need to cover. His curtail some of the extracurricular activities that of course. Ritual and ask you this because you of course live in this town you played quarterback and I often think that did the two most talked about things in city or the barbecue in the quarterback position. And Alex has been talked about a lot the way that he's playing these last couple of games. I think the chiefs this will transpire pellets that continues to play like this. He is under contract one more year I don't know if you wanna sit at Patrick Holmes two years before your contract. Or do you trade invisible the market be there for teams to reach out trade him even if they think that she's okay make adding to save money on a salary cap. What do you think she's due gold for that position. The good player outlook our immediate plan a lot like he has passed electorate at the political player because they'll round trip home. Remember air about it he waited several years in green today and it will chase so I think it's you can afford to do I think galaxies is quite well. Accept what the date of the lack of success in the polls seasonal album called on the quarterback. But you know I I distinctive. Look what he's at I've quarterback rating right now but going to be you look at Kuwait operating auction. For excellent reporting great. Fact the bought the first. Yet he continues to sit in their particular ball make your decision to keep quite a lot of play the way he operates. The system on the local truck need they had a lot excrement and you played the protection than education. The third overall command the opposite and part of that that the war they would like those out there right now. I think he read at the great to have I think this year particularly a couple things wrote about. It for personal use it's the substitution patterns. Albright and that they present. An increase perhaps your emotions and beat it which state they operate well it'll give it a guy like. You know. You know. Travis Carroll people around before the ball never of one point one they see your your people out because frequently that you looked at. To deal with Tyreke you know vote in new battle back in Atlanta a factor blot out the verdict. It makes it really typical for defense we're trying to get their hands on editor of in and and then they involved in that direction words you know you say. You know obviously. Their current conflict in all of that is that are killed all of that rubble Chop Shop at the that Celtic an awful lot of confidence that their their route to fire ball over right now. Don't think to riches and good quarterback punitive play until forty years old bill. I don't know if it's the new rules to protect in the quarter read more move also seeing quarterbacks did better. In their thirties there's plenty of examples of guys light switch came on. In the got better could this be happening and for rise with Alex Smith it is old aussies didn't warmer trees get the processing in the game he's just gonna continue to get better. They saw me looked at I played my best football late late thirties and legislate it look at Brady's fortieth explain it it's great. You know Alex went through it a lot you know he talked about I think last week about dysfunction that's their that's just got the keys in the integrates system. I think he's the system revolved around him as players become more more culpable can handle more. And I just think that you look at how these planes and he's he's he's in total command of all of the offense right now I think the other thing about Alex. He knows a lot but made his offseason conditioning program we know that in Hawaii and the water with. Carry 55 pound boulder that all the treaty work out of the person's body to the Max and he's in great shape and it could get really picture themselves typically picture arm and so I don't see any sign director all of them. Rich. 66311. Pounds that is Chris Jones he currently. This some warning was announces the AFC defensive player though. Of the week this kid is only 23 years old men talk about his potential. On their defense of flawed deepened the ferocity and the cities. Politically in older people in many respects before probable when set in May of played Pete but he did get colder back in Portugal. You know a lot in the film yesterday. And structure late McCain wouldn't be the eagle trying to come back and the trick you'll like it couldn't go out there are two or three guys. You can double in every time we put double he could push the pocket and make it older than me. That's for all practical effect like that. They played well and beat your older. And effort and finish the old crap about. You'll and world report well there was quite well. Because I really played well for the stopping Iran really get after our one. In the that they too rich back on the offense what are your opinion on cream month. Is he the total package of woody be read looks for running back able to catch the ball backfield run the bowl would be seen from him in the first two games. And cried a little bit like Iowa record third of the legal weight at all believe Leo people for natural. They can beat the that you know I don't think he's you. It'll you don't have Carl beat. In the open field but he's he's got better because you're saying practicing keep. He shifted he he he could get the and easily go he gets a lot of yak yards per contact. You can knock on tackle the he looked like the real deal meter cricket Qaeda. Like it back to what a week or where in fumbled the ball went back of one. Film and television copy berg called come over the sidelines. Everybody's trying to get their attention you get. He made beat that player development OK you got running backs coming out of the aisle at the quarterback that you held up the it was purely by. But sometimes we could call you their toolkit that he thought OK you're ordered. And like him technical look at what it is you know I thought the way he handled that situation for me in a fine time. You optical gain the stark even against the former. You know. Super Bowl champions and the way he handled a as a western great poise and composure I think speaks volumes. The public that crippled going to be. I wrote quote we got a boss 45 seconds left ritual is is there a possibility for this to be a trap game. The fact date you've told us to LA you're facing a team this a win to. And people are already writing the charges all. They look great they took the Broncos the wire there are. Kicker but the kicker get get blocked the second here which what book game over black sleek. They tracked down the field earlier the game wore on and the kicker just pushed to kick for a four yard that it would have won that game against Miami held at the scene that. You really get the rapidly quarterbacks dual structure or that got the ball border well Gordon looking at your course of this. I hope it clear track attic you can mark the real well. That that to the the Olympic team that need to win. Reid's feelings when the best in the business gentlemen CBS sports that spans of really happy that rich Ian and will be on this call with you're inside the game. Thanks and have a good call rates. Remember. We're going to. Write me. It is better. It is late thirties that's another example would manages. Continued to get better I think than Smith liberal boulders and added added elevated it. The laws. That given. So it's an opportunity to be a store though it took all the latest from the get that he should quarterback here India development deals work. Minnesota saint saint Olson responds well Corbett and I got earlier picked that wound Orman and our team and I. Told them first they had talked about this team here and your routine senator herb I don't know with the goes to supporting a thing that ever happened my sport it usually does it or did you get to its union. Room what that's cool to win MVP who got over. It is we don't need that troubles insanity. You arguable slip of two he also looked at 60. Yeah that's. It'll probably capitalism he says he's been charged as an Anthony Lynn. And now it's at we'd get more information on these boulders that oats liberal and mutilated messed it up this opening press conference so well coached. LA tour now. Mass groups. That instinct thing at the Indian and said is via. He think it's gonna idea that the old reverse commutes. And think that's good for the for the for the quarterback to do. You know I hear from the AFC defensive player of the week Chris Jones from the seats next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I. Yeah I thanks again to reach an end to join us. Yes I would guess 1215. And he is on the call. This we can't seats. Up at this chart. By the way could chat two our guy Keith. And his lovely wife Katie celebration third wedding anniversary. Nash is gonna be for three years you went to resolutions by the if she wins than bringing give it to death. And shared. At least it. Do you reject these huge segment resume such things can have an amount. Out of here as well. Barbecue that's just edged up supplies. Us. I stockings all of royals royals tickets every year it wild lose it at chili's gift cards and. That's us speak you know winds. Chris Jones. He won the AFC defensive player of the week. And he just spoke to the media this is Chris Jones in the seats AFC defensive player of the week. Hey Chris Hope. Let's play against Fletcher Cox inspired you on Sunday. Cougars. You know obviously. Who don't believe them. You know very competitive. But she's somebody I looked up to her Byron. Noses you know the competition you know. Mitsubishi. That is. The get go back and passionate. No let's not this news events you know taking hammered game. That didn't help our disposal in the existing competitiveness within the game. Within a week. Singh said after the game is very nimble enough but he still. Of course ties in quarterback or receiver DB. Winner moment. Did and there. Yeah. But gotta feed okay. OK don't have to make it certainly you know about the crew is being this time ahead for them. There could be in you know the room today when. You know in I mean Erica I don't think there's a long approximately coming que me clean you know. If that in an hour flight. I have a sneaker moment. And there's an air of these things in life and what's do so if you see me when I hit the ground lost permanent backwards. In the development or can it keep keep these banks say. And you know I was fortunate that the kids did this thing instant. When he yet at this because my hands you know and or maybe you know something you don't assume that their hands and heading to the top. Leo cause you isn't you can use them that it's likely to have in did you those skills is on this stunningly it. Do you take that home home he'd been getting the involvement first time I ever get a loan you can do high school. Well. But as we. Yeah. From my room and it's it's you who didn't regain get in this and so. What who's and his. I still lived in different. What you have a pretty good. My those river you know. This not a this movement is. Deciding if but. But working on them that they had that recognition. Have you heard from there won't part I don't. I haven't my. America in the my. You know these he's on the road for us please. The leadership qualities. In the story being ugly you know. He agrees. So we'll opening periods I started going even though I agree is certain. So anyway they are and don't. It's not something I'm the you know I hope absolutely we'll solve this very cute and all kind of neat thing. His Middle East let things units. Yeah. He's lottery. This year I'm kind of focus and we're that's probably what he can predict this will be here and and nothing they you got smaller and everything. Almost sounding a little bit he's nothing like being somewhere he did and you've got to peace we'll. Over. That's the you know. And we did you put order. In order yes that he likes. Catalyst event was. And yeah. For the rivers you don't Paris. You just talk a lot of crap together they've they've got a week ago quarter does that throw you off it's always talking a lot of binoculars and and because obviously this stuff it's only you know campaign. How the hope that the unfortunate that the I have got no Cameron accountable and keeping it away. Wouldn't you know I talk though there was offended please me and small. RNC house. We did things in this moment. I guess we. What this hour. Was the difference. Just not me you haven't been insane. And that's okay. This'll do for face adversity. And they just face them but we're a smaller crowd you know they know. War crowd so going to be we saw the field. Well let them soccer field gets up and got it now into interest in that Syria let it. What's out there who play an omen or the elderly Gaza only soccer. I don't play you have to say you know there's the rams minute through Q how much how much easier. And another Wimbledon and it was a software. I mean you know. No myth do you like my thinking the fifth book with the police or I can make. Okay good counter next six Paris got. What's this don't. That's a bit on the team was good god bless you were you in this. Mets' second 'cause thank you Jesus for Crist you know he did. That's not demeans lightly it's like actual soccer stadium it's like you played in the top. Oh yeah. The corner. Team member economies grow. Rumor and our leader. Based personal moral or your whatever it. Chris Jones. The man to review and all right we hit. It or about June. Eats grits Eden with bananas and you like either that. He said. He set the ball on an angry at us. Yes he's. He's sick as grits and ease it really doesn't agree it's a much. Apparently his recipes from bonanza regrets. Signals and and a maple grits. Peanut butter and banana great moment. Was last on your wife immigrants right now my wife. And I think ever ever. While plastic back and thank all by us. All right good stuff from off from Chris Jones. When's the last my wife cooked creates. Involvement is one company on the boards are slipping with their Major League Baseball promotion that they're doing. We get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And and and and and and being old and I. I don't funny stuff good stuff and mountain time and interest now. What do you guys think about this particular story here it is up on a duty to get text are six on the result six. Sold last night in the angels it. It was the it was angels facing via Cleveland Indians. And Justin Upton. He hit home run. And the home on them. Bounced. From the grass. Into this ten foot tall Sherwin-Williams. Eighteen. Now there's a promotion that sure Williams done. It's a million dollar stadium promotion. That way you hit a home run into that the 88 hand. Somebody's gonna win the on the money right. Well it's a million dollar donation to the angels fund charity which goes to a fund children's charities throughout Anaheim Los thank you for the clarification. The angels said after the game that the homer would not count for the promotion because it did not land. On the flock so so. That is the tricky part about it is. Is that. It's not just you hit a home run it is a grass it bounced into the the paint can. It actually has two lane and into the right hand on the flock. Now many people will look at this and say. More. Just go hand in and out the money do a good. It is a good point it to dole and McCain even though it's not on the fly. What's the best best the technicality. So we don't have to do this because a technicality. Only talking about a good deed here. Oriented and off. Well where would you stand ups and kids charity yeah yeah but they. Chills canister it's evil money here let's. So the things they've been doing with soil over pool 114 million dollars so this does not surprise me that the angels did it did not advocates are more Fleischer warned Williams that did this not the angels because it's natural Williams promotion. And it was done under a different names like the parent company Sherwin-Williams they do that they started 2004. He and in doing this for three years now on the rules to dictate. It has to be on the fly if you yeah I agree however. And arbitrary here. Literally none of us relate what you're from it's totally a tell all right exactly and look I understand your rulings they don't have to actually come off any dockets if you pay. I don't know how much spending and its sponsorship to put that stupid big ads paint him out in the middle of the outfield but. I guarantee you if you just took that money and donated the charity right now people would go all would have great Sherwin-Williams books. They got two great publicity you can't I missed him by at the Maytag washing machine and it is clear image to be those answers with six of those around Major League Baseball. You've ever had in the Olympics and now. We've been. It's either way. Not saying give the million bucks but that surprised me the angels were able to peel off a little money in pro at their way good faith gesture by election. This is the same team that started Bud Norris. Who's 57 relief appearances owns this. That's what people say they are according did spending at this out here but he was gonna get 500000 dollar bonus but north. Via the sixty relief appearances. They decided to start him instead. 500000 dollar bonus. If he gets the sixty relief appearances. Now he still could but I don't know what they're going to do in in now with job as they into the start him. And Hershey becoming our bullpen and he was a reliever form. They started him kids as he was in a similar situation potentially 250000. Just one more start. In 250003. More. This guy started when but endorsements started. So there reversed the roles to save some cash this radius Israel for about 750000. Dollars in the looms here. In there in the chase for the wildcard. In their polish and union. What an F teams from the twins missed the crap report. Could surprise me his full story came from the angels. Going on out there. And then to and they denied they say it's just a coincidence and or in sequence of. It incidence coincidentally we screwed this guy over being baseball's league so yeah there was a done deal. Baseball by the way to save some bucks in the spindly trees you know the giants that are not always group Chris Bryant over for. A good month to month the seasons that way they can get an extra year of eligibility or an extra year of club control. And start his Major League service time at a certain point rushing eighty. By all. Angels so Williams. At UMass. I Doumit in two minutes. There's a current streak for tight in Travis Kelsey continue this weekend we get to that it two minutes net. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio.