09/20 - 1 pm - An Impressive Streak

The Day Shift
Wednesday, September 20th

Will Travis Kelce keep an impressive streak going on Sunday? Plus, we hear from Alex Smith, did the NFL kill football, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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I am. I can't taste just like yeah he journalistic since war reveals that since of course I'm having sex. Jason tasks. And that there's. Dad just. It happens. How old is shot earlier. 83. He got he was given their reasons only he got a little bit lit. When talking about chest or else he added talking about status does he started that. Beat Chelsea questions. He should be tired of the till see penalties. Does the Kelsey penalties is what leads to the Chelsea questions. This is called what it is now I get it. You know. You knew I did of course a couple of times asked in the body that it was going nowhere so at that point you can leave it alone. This was a good read earlier talking to media when he was being asked about. I told my only guess you know when I kick kick in my years here can be a writer so like you guys and that he can dual us. I take care take care you wanna ask me again. I've been giving the same answer. It's got it is it clarity he asked me the other day he got mad at me yet. Someone eloquent. So maybe it needs yeah. Not signing. He's tired of it and I understand it I I did it has ECU which is like. Mike Tom say it would assay. My problem with the rest of it at a press and on dealt with. He was talking the other a wildly beyond bell a anti war enemies yeah easy he's a mean because he this rate and the he told reporter Gretchen and about a missed training camps up use like. We don't give him a speech he'll be fine he's got a lot there it is you don't do war in the end there was another there was like a follow pieces SA what message. You can tell Reid is dumb is dumb. And zeal I was still sees what's up again which I'm not sure that he won't someone. Really he's got a stretch of games that he's working on what he slipped out. Here's bundle this has not changed it he read new woody was getting into when he drafted Travis skills. Crazy John or whoever this is the Indy read it. With Kelsey Kelsey well Colin Albert. Once upon a time he told the sport. Somebody be read the first time I met any Reid was Cincinnati. There was a temple game. EB course Travis went there and his son's strength and conditioning coach temple in they played in the eagle stadium there. So we eighty Reid have to be the game the listeners this Cellini reads this would trick skills he city reads that 21 on the phone to date -- and Travis as he gets called the Missouri number thirty sizzle crap I'm going to the rail. Great response wouldn't say that in the nieces I look at it and he says hey it's Cheney read in my my mind my life just got better. There's a trip skills he said that he be reits that. He goes listen shut up are you going to mess this up are you going to screw this up yourself this team can I count on you. Trevor says I'm like oh. You're thinking drafting this will be the best in my life work cited for you. He's like are you going to mess this up public though the instead of you know the draft days EB reads injuries on the other folks say you gonna mess this up man. Three redo the navy took trips skills and it was gonna be work abroad cities and these are we dealing with this. This foray into kills he season is these are things the rubbery back to this interview that Trevor said Colin coward. The sides there it eerie do exactly. Who used getting. On draft day and really nothing has changed since we expect things change overnight when it has that than today was drafted from Cincinnati. You're expected to be that quick. I think that the it is disappointed me though with a sold Travis Chelsea stuff is. Kelsey said that he was going to. Be a leader this year he said that he's Mosher. He hasn't shown it. I think that's the disappointing to me don't tell us it's him richer they'll tell us your different guy I don't tells that you did. And you haven't got yet. And when it comes to Travis does your teeny member of the seeds you wanna be held accountable when you make mistakes yes you should be given all the actually eats and props would you make plates and when you do good things but also when you do negative things. Hold yourself accountable. He is not done it another reason why this hasn't sunk in yet I like people saying I think that he's finally got it now it's sunk in what Travis dose. It hasn't in my opinion on take a lot. When he did we did this past Sunday in the post game you played the post game home all yell on the lead the post game show you Enron. And you know what happened win Travis till he was asked a ball EG read what he stated what occurred what happened. We do what you do basically he deflected. He deflected for you to game he he he pulled victory look at a game. He talked about everybody else but he didn't address the question. To me when you don't hold itself accountable and say my bad or signal I Augusta with the team at a best buy all that's a deal with that. When asked about it. To me you have it you have richer. That's the sign the maturities showing it to digest. Horry just chucking it does the organ change you can change on draft night he now wire with a shocked I will say this we did say this those they're when training camp when he was talking. And he said this in I was like OK maybe turner believed he said this in a tit in Cingular after practice one day. Hmmm I feel like I need to be a little more accountable in terms of the locker room and just being being a leader on notice that we got a real young team and often found a ball. When you you a lot of leadership. To conduct and hone in the fun that we have you know so it's. It's a little more accountability I put on myself to to be there forever wedding and they should they're always doing the right things and be professionals. See the needy in that role they're gonna continue to need in that role. Because you don't what's the in the young polar they have grown flat but they're weaned on the lead the sideline like Carol pro tight end it. He's got to be better than that though it I think a very interesting thing came up to. From to rest paler on sixteen and cease insider. Is he beat reporter for the for the Tennessee Cecil B Casey Starr. This what Torres had to say what needs when he joined the drive yesterday. Everett Carson on what it will take four LC to change. And believe it dark or are. With these kind of things but what it is bitter views. It probably won't like. It up then it's one more stupid parity. Actually owed them right. And it went like more what it does and that's what problem in the city. I so he's essentially the would have to have something else negative come up this really gonna smacked him in the face. It really let them know that this is unacceptable when you can not continue to go down this role and done this past. It took the party your team. Beyond that other point and I remember here yet and you bought it to my since it is well. And it's some that to reservoir in the same interview set up the entire interview on the podcast basic stance force dot com. M or guards to Therese it has bought the ball all the seized. Let's specifically what Travis still see one thing that he pointed out. Is that. I think Chelsea global mindset perspective. He may see himself as untouchable. Why. It's trust LC plans for another contract. At it in the current moment know he just happy. Just tells he got his money. So he knows that he's. Not just images why the ball just orders or just big Jim. But he got his buddy it was all good stuff that's baby's still got paid after this behavior assault I don't expected we were also expecting him to change I don't know. He's never changed. He's maturity does bring it. But would you give these preconceived notions of the head coaching your drafting. Travis Kelsey you're you know your mind which also goes back to wondering. I. Dorsey put a good roster together. The credit read for Kelsey critic Ballard for Peter's. Credit beach for my home. These picks rather that. El Deen you all about Travis he'll see in these used to Fuel Tech is sometimes big Celtic players will lack a certain way and you can't rain that's the pin. I was surprised me he reads that some players that some consider war who were those players. It's going to be players that older and stature in May be higher stature in the league would just the news that you sing or buried the berries now play. You think we're not a hunter who we don't know that air is just had to just had issue with him in the playoffs it must Alex when that problem. Which he could have been out there. Dodson is viable guy. Secure the football don't hurt the team. I was I was little bit surprised but he's done talking about it I get it is don't booed again. You'll get a four straight games has been suspended for us in Diego game wise here which led in the Pittsburgh game with Susan and that was led into the doing in game there's an incident. Residents that last week. Your peoples talk that would great player that he says. Who wore him. Why do in the store T. Why not be the team player. Who wore ESP. Get a Gary dangle this what be glad to say about tells. For truck and he insisted great football coaching me all folks concede that. He's also great and I like watching play out course now the talk is. He can make plays since he's just eke out a you know great intensity what age and I I love that. Doctor Who he'll well I'm because you are you certain team by doing things that missile lack of discipline. Now. That's not that decides. And in the opulent shortly chief duties I know it's true freshman potentially great since you guys. No Q if you go to one of those calls could lose football force with every body airplanes seem like that she got some talent you have working. So what you know hopefully we can talk to move. Get straightened out but can accept some looking the other edge with no shortage you know it's useful for more. Yeah it ain't your reads dealt with this guy on the edge don't I know this would be proud to supply be the final. Hot take that we have a Bol Chavis Chelsea and all the stuff until he doesn't it it. Because I'm sure that at some point on will probably it'll probably come up again this will happen again get. That I don't think it's done yet out I don't think it's said he I don't think keys. I don't might be two years. I just don't think that this data in on him yet. It sounds those he'll look at that into any ads. I'm wearing my team. Like these I could you know I did some knuckle head job. Subordinated is a bad decision on my part the closest was Jack how he wrote it we gotta keep out of the game that's the closest. To understanding you almost urgency. He related that he was in doubt they lost their best I didn't. Quarterback. Yeah I just don't think that it has full Lee. Reza Nate resonated with him. Quite yet but I I think that eventually you'll like don't you'll brawl but don't tell us that you don't know right now don't tell that you Richard right now is it has on channel. Estes the reality is we Basie but based not all what you telling us we've had this year but a bowel. Your actual actions. Speaking of actions. A digest of forming get a high level on the football field of with this play quarterback Alex Smith were to hear from Alex Smith next. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. And moving us but yeah. The self finance. Show. Good news analysis here in just a moment. Official at the replay on the phone network. The chronicles in the countless. In a funny thing about them Twitter on Sunday. Was everybody looked not everybody but a lot of people are talking about Troy Aikman's eyes and how red they weren't. And big media cities because we've got to run those. Idiots on the night before. We liked the offering period. And it goes buddy of if he's got high blood pressure before he retired he would talk about giving Bob Costas the only choice was on our guys play. Yes big guy. Mean lose studied the game plan you know if it everything we've departed on spill they get in parent to have him. Is that true by the way no idea I I would know didn't do you near I think that's they get into this. Just spewing facts here. Are you making up facts. I'm pretty sure that's I found out. Fecal matter in your eyes. Well it's. By the way us a quick. Updated terms of score me some. Baseball. Currently we got a few games of progress. The bottom. The word. The Yankees hosting Minnesota is three nothing twins Oakland leads the tigers. One nothing in the bottom of the fourth debt via the Marlins beating the Mets musicals and anyway I didn't yankees. Let's. Let's hear from a quarterback. Alt. Packed my my my back on jump in the dark thumbs up in the we're not red house will be ready just wants. Will be rated just. The you you just say dole yankees right. Yeah I mean new gadgets you want you wanted. Did you need the twins to beat the team that's gonna fall bad it was a loss for the last five what's this thing that nobody wants that in the Yankees they beat the Yankees are the team that absolutely has earned their way into the post season right now. They're the ones that absolutely. Are in a way to the policies as if mouse. Yeah. Yeah I think probably in reality it probably juxtaposed. We've built. Yes and act you know the question. You. Yet it policies can't cut that down footballer. It. Doing and since then it's been there will. You have probably mean there's some. Yeah and the summary a lot of that is what something happened. It was a little different. You know and and nice for us to kind of get back in the doubt it and football. It is now extremely but it it's. It's. Open your. Yeah you know accidents. Is. It. Hostility that is it you that you're able to hear. And it won't. Be huge but. So. You know so. The reality was I think. And you definitely different situations. And that's. It will be yourself every so. Yeah you want to let us very patient with people who. Yeah it is so tough and so it is. All of these games that. You need robbery. They walk down the wire. A couple of plays that make a difference so. I checked it was stupid if it out and I think it's ultimately. All of us. Got it wrong for the smallest little victories that that that. In the difference when it means is that marquee. Small business units. On the road. I mean. Axiom I mean I've I've played enough down there. Yet in this of the new. Still charters were immediately and that the stakes are high enough. Wrote that the division. So. Who knows you ready for that reason units and stadiums surroundings. Some weird things. Is it soccer stadiums don't just get right don't let it detract. And focus attention yeah. It's pretty rare that a rookie running back of the passing game toughness quickly that's when did you see that in hand white. It's been a process you know I think early show that he was very capable receiver early it really enhance the routes. I natural catcher. But there's so many little things you know specific act routes you know leveraged against. Covered a lot of different guys you build it. I understand all that kind of on the fly. That I can combat. So. As the decidedly different apartments but do I have a two minute. Third downs. Really did anything to finish there but you know protections program where. Goal. Four minute there's so many little get a good handle all of those are just right. Job. Tax question it's part of that there was any one point that there was it in the music. It through that process you know as we added more mourning his plate you know it's just it's down markers on right and on the think it's supposed. It turned. Yeah a little bit like it's very bitter and upset about it is that it's deeply and said that somebody could get worked out. So those groups of channels. Some of them are you looking down you were being worked its tenth season and yet you know I think they're all different. Certainly you look back some could've avoided you know it all it names in news and if you respect as they had a different. Potentially in its place so. I mean I just think this predicate laid out in this book as a book that you. Against the best relations I think that would. That's happening there on. That required TU verse two guys like that as if more so putting or question that is it. Which to build. Out of its next menu. Entire division won't be passed Julie Posey is getting him that he tried. And there are division might if it says that it says it's every week it into divisions. You really good guys you have to faster in this. As noted that two guys like this in this as it is and most of those two guys both really really good players physical. Gaffe in the run in the past. That it has any any problem you too rich guys like that. They are. Makes it makes things. You know I president. We'll we. The. Actress and Minnesota visibility that he releases the in and test them. A lot of most is that an attack in the let educating. Its. This young guys. Capitalize on it for me they're Pena Catherine. So he's going to getting. It right. Yeah. It was a lot isn't it. A it looks. Once. That. Game. Yeah yeah you know I mean. That the the majority is us this one's QB. Use things like. It's. I think it's really hopefuls there's. No mystery that is according to. Vision. There's. Reporters. If that currently. And I'm. And divisions are always. Is it was hard but it's been. Paired. After all the smokers. It's been everybody plays the high level. I don't know if there's anything quite like this reform on this division right now. You know their own two. Two kicks him. So. Period talked about sleaze and in this division is so good I think that's what makes me. What. We'll be canceled or just do you know success. It's combination you know. Kind of good planning got to have good players go executed. There's got to be that plan's got to be tough well you guys have to understand on the field. There's a lot of adjustments spokesperson. For us in the fourth quarter. You give them in you know I think you're gonna make adjustments and then there's. You know this us because an example that you just big will place there's 22 touchdowns over total. Will power felt like extra effort plays that it found a way to get in the end zone. Eyes valves Alex Smith meet the media today here. On the day shifts and thanks all the guys who went out to period today. And sent back down to that audio gear a follow what we head into Reid lives we also heard from crystals as walls Alex met. I when he comes to the National Football League what they hate is all the ratings are down again for the force couple weeks of the season. Would dive into that topic next. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Plus wrong. Did as well. Was going all the national football. And more importantly or questions or score Albert Haynesworth. It's no longer. You tell me it was wrong color means birth. And his ex wife currently having some drama playing out. Spain's growth accusing his ex wife of being physically violent. Emotionally violent. Calling me unthinkable names. Says quote I have witnesses and bruises but for some reason still tried to protect your right Anthony murder jail because I didn't want to ruin her. She called. First so called career and my name's vote. According to a 663. Or fifty pounds. We talk for him to convince people that. I'd say it doesn't. Just because it's. He's a big guy doesn't mean she's not trying to law. Views of Norman and I'm not into name them all saying it's hard to convince people that it's hard to make and see past the factory. Behemoth of a man. I hear. It you jazz will buy life. But really all happens. If tied at the wins out I don't you call is 33 right now I don't. Judge saints is a home run he just horse man to get beat by as light and won't be the last twins don't want it. They don't know how anybody wanna lose today it's five out of six a passer a serious question if none of them wondering why give it to India I don't know. That was yet they know they don't you could just let the Yankees get a free pass. Yankees are the only one the one. Yeah on gather Yankee Stadium and watch a movie in the outfielder company. Otherwise have them beat the hell out of one of those crappy twins might be saved with the sleep because. They keep blues Ambrose goes do. You say we have seen since then and got to start whether. We're being near out of that the problem twins lost for the last five and we just can't win oh we're out of new student town. From his you've not capitalize and unity. We don't have time we miss the split up zoom in really and all us what was would get someone in the table. Quite the union of DuPont or why do you mean why there's twelve games left. We're dobbs. Half Danes are seven men and not lose every single game then the space she never. Follow our. Was royalty and a solar helping. You eat your beard the biggest advocate. For Opel. You lulls ice ball you'd love outs. You called the national football right now through the first couple weeks. Ratings are down. When it comes that in itself. College who already is to fill ratings are down. At its slot people. It's what it is soccer splits the chiefs are so what's from a watch the score a solid third he's made some comments played though eleven years in the National Football League. In you'd talk to your two pro football talk. In he brought us open and I've actually brought this up with some of the chiefs players. It would he says business he's former office line. He's is I think we can now on the practice offensive line needs more practice and then it's one and as. Because there's so much stuff learn talk about the or up at the limelight which we've seen including benefits of one. This so many variables we have to understand. And he told this to a forty niners insider podcast the Bay Area. He was for one defense sometimes there might be. Three different ways the blocked a place we start adding gum practice schedules in DC you have this amount of time what he's talking about is Becky don't have two days. Lot of you'll realize they're permitted fourteen padded practices during the year. A maximum one per week. Problems there and ads pretty much the whole week. This and felt the reason today Brothers of leader Johnson before he was talk of a bad tactics achieves that districts that they were tackling. In mr. Johnson went attack so you down in the unit fell. You need said that you know guys are maybe. Lose and that it factor was stop the run because junior high school college or more teams govern spurred office. You don't stop the run particularly every day like you do. But used to let that be a beautiful used to contact I think there is something to that effective one padded practice. It is horror to get in sync which are Dolan. We're not practice and Emma and I think that's become a viper a figured he's a 100% right we have and one pad practice the week. You get there on Sunday. Also near expected performed during the week you haven't exactly been practicing in pads. And I think that does or can affect naturally thinks this offensive line play. It's so sloppy mean again pleading for eleven years industry and it takes more than just doing a one time during the week. In Indian ready to go on Sunday at the those pretty interest in theory about the sloppy play we've seen so. War iso ball charged in from a lead safe dot com and Sambo dot com he's gonna join us tomorrow. He was also lesson comes in regards to the old line old line play hurting the league. Did she still no problem that you know got right now they're all co authored the wind it in the week ahead. You know the draft are produced. You got response because all of. Right now we don't fight it that you can't do in been functional and all that. Are some doubles charts in its. But I'm just not I'm not ready to go here yet though and say because guys are having two days in because it not. So what they don't have two days. 88 Abbott did having two days or why. Emma Odyssey thinking that the quality is down because there's no two days. I did today in terms of like industry in gently analyst of whatever it yet also the closet until the longer they're together but some of these teams. They had all that is a guys together for why. And some click in some don't so I don't wanna just talk I still wanted to say it's a simple plans. They're not practicing enough because I'm not I'm not really fine I'm not. I don't think that the all that the lines of the Atlanta Falcons 7080 issues right now. I'll eat well. That leads to the days because it stops drinking a but the one padded practice week in some weeks you don't even have any. You only have fourteen how silly is that down with fourteen padded practices it doesn't bother you at a falcons. It doesn't buy the Dallas Cowboys. It means certain certain team that doesn't Bob doesn't bother this or Steelers. This is what it comes down to. It comes down to at least in my opinion. There's a lot of bad quarterbacks in. That that's what has to do. The new jets their court at its ways and Sox. Cleveland Browns quarterbacks that's why should not do any don't quite now it like to scrub. In Cincinnati is Beck exactly the colts back quarterback played the Texans I know they got it quarterback was gonna take some time. It it comes down to bed quarterback like get all that some lines some practice is all we want the quarterbacks it's wasted bed. It is trash like that Mike went in the gonna be back to the office of. Line affects the quarterback we saw that with Alex Smith even this week went into a couple series there that were very good as he was getting sacked indeed took or sacked. It became a different guy when he's running for his life and I think with quarterbacks. If you're sitting there reading all the time benefits of one plate you won't be playing the position back but if you. It as the starter for I agree with that but to negate that sold to negate. In milk and boy did entire political beat is we've had good quarterbacks behind trash lines as don't get it done. Example that. You've got quarterbacks alternate way behind all the supplies aren't big right and they still get it at the connectors that for. That is beg grade in Detroit. He's still he still gets it done. It's bond big nod that belongs in the last CB 2011. Is really changed all of this and we seem to steady decline of often sublime play in the last couple of missed opportunities in 2000 well. So it must stop this thing very long Justine start to see the effects. Of not practicing as much. Other business and they're battered the east because I see benefits of line play every see him ever come more probable if it was bad it was off insulin was dreadful. In Denver. Get a hole or. But the terrible. And the good wife polygamy is quarterback in that it's not like it's not like that the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Cleveland Browns they were playing the Denver Broncos levity and good defense. Also it's it's not like. You have to factoring all of their facing two. The Michael's Arnold sounds at least on the defense side of the Dallas Cowboys have the best for the blind Vietnam has been off 80 you were so bad he couldn't even get a New York running doubles once it gets old so I don't care that that was the big deficits in all it does your best at the unifil had to offer. They were here who does that do to raise up off the line you're was a record. Who now. To a depleted jets when those games twos and look at data off its mill. What the quarterback. I think it's more and it. All back quarterback played in the National Football League. At the polls golf is a plus this is me I'd buy a fuel video and better don't Smith certainly performs a hell of a lot better when he's in good protection I agree with that let me say this. Duke it out the best all it's a line in the world. It's their quarterbacks trash detracts. The real young you held what were your team when you about a month I agree it anybody to do better and better tap Jamaal Charles used to get audited the most impressive thing about Jamaal Charles the fact he got those York when the chiefs had to guard line capsule. Astle I've final segment we got to take two before to know we're done on the days. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I don't like me basically I think what else here. All on 610. Just kind of summing up. Ask your point dogging it I'd agree with you to a certain degree when it comes Q you also sublime play because you do need a mean. If you're gonna make runners Super Bowl you need it good off the line but there have been exceptions so you've had quarterbacks. That had been able to you. Just here either teams. To Super Bowls evil at. Sake offensive lines in the in the the best example in recent years was in Rodman human when the Packers lose all beat. He was able to duel now. To get to the super ball against his organ just in to win a game. Finds there's no one has ever won a super ball on that man that was agreed O line personally after guessing and speculation is here a lot of credit the office want dwellers now plus having been ninety's cowboys anathema to say about and would just imagine your own profession what about Washington back in today the thing is it's your professions which you do John Regan not at all. So is basketball players were going to jump shots in practice during the week. Beat you essentially just fourteen practices. It's a very decent sane fourteenth at it that's it. That's what the players gotten by CBS a big lead. 2000 the last they had two days taken away at the at a distant Alan seventeen now give it urgency starts to take it's a process. You see it because beatable is that we've duties to. In leader practice times Sony's senior trickle down effect watered down product. This world look at players' safety something's gotta give up now given are now excellent players player safety the actual quality of the game. Is suffering so the NFL essentially is hurting itself. You think it's gonna get worse. Everything's about what players want more money the NFL as the sell ads. They need to TV ratings they need to fill these stadiums they can't have these empty stadiums like it yet and LA. It didn't says rob. Jesus addressed as they mean quite sell out every game either. But we have declining attendance. Declining ratings for the all these good. The NFL's essentially hurt themselves players are here what more money that would just what the problem is of the product is so watered down it's a catch 22. People are saying that the level will play in the quality of play is bad this year. The nanny if you wanna say last year. No one was seen that in 2015. Nobody was insane and 2014 I think that's a cop out for the people that are talking about how bad the unifil is right there's a lot of other factors. The mean so many things to do some other options. For television watching the product on I think I did yesterday's date it was being stadiums have been battling with the count perverts these networks upper these gained so well. It's tough to even go up against what she's been to the renovations. In the hall of fame that you can walk through the show highlights of the game. I think the number one thing is. The NFL for all that they little bit with their product all their products out there on the market had just gotten back to what gives you keep her work. It's what baseball completely rules that. What. They're doing things that her work in the name of safety they hide behind me but it is all has hurt the sport. And it's helped the button is big knowledge it exists at all if they're very important. Put talk about something here that I can hear about it anywhere else because the media doesn't want to be here. Everybody's got their agenda this is one of those agenda based deals because all you've ever been polled so dangerous the sport of football. But sport the world holed up with two kids play. Well as the story and Yahoo.com and you can check it out in its title and the Braves scientists and let my son play football that's right. He Nero pathologist. Is letting his kid. Play football wise is different did you hear stories like this goes the other way around it what was it like football he would approve of the story. It affected you're not hearing the story is sometimes he didn't do you have in the media. We want even though the sport is dangerous we'd like to tell war stories we like Detroit red. We'd like to take a look at the car wreck this is the type of stuff we look. Matter fact from the article he says this. Contrary to would have appears in the headlines multiple researchers have found no significant relationship. Between played football and restricts the violent suicide dementia. In the general football playing population in fact studies have shown a lower rate of death due to violence and suicide in NFL players. As compared to the general population. So you don't hear that. Stuff like I'm not alone number of members of medical research communities are also voicing serious doubts about the current state science. Linking concussions he CP. He's not saying it doesn't exist he just said that. You need he'd played some things that you want here. The values you won't hear the fact you go here's the other side of what really happened. Here's a of rain stays healthy teeth here for the chiefs it was ignored the plays football. Talking about how football is becoming safer Gary Johnson said but these are at school. Professional reflection play in the sports talk about the sport didn't favor the one listen through why. What they want me here in the media won't perpetuate this kind of stuff. Wrong. The best kids in that based reporting that we that on this day. A year and it adds in the bay is important. Corporate database supported I. I was feeling fat and out bags well. You don't wanna hear the fact that the Georgian every. Actual Internet hours. Everything was actually came from ringside. Well then I will not about the subject. While but. Doctor Bill Mueller who. I am finally that movie's done. Well like you know listen to Will Smith not this neurologist how it would give him that told us. CD eat seats in itself. He knows nothing about the subject. Not wrong Paula. I dealt with dealt was funny good job by that affiliate there rupiah to the base report. Are right now would Columbus zoo look at this week kids. That's that's a matchup between McCain is a BC's. And the the only charge the one thing that we had to continue to focus on is the fact that. Isn't what's look at the charts and who we feel like it's artist or a good team. We have to be brilliant and and this did eventually fall into that category of being a trap game because you have a team that's still no everybody is a low. Everybody's talking about like one of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl and the other he would go. Well a new head coach with the white dignity. A good quarterback a good one and bag and a couple dozen defense to meet that has all the makings more tried game in the that's he's at February. Support America what you do eventually turn your microphone off till edited and it's in the leave the sport alone could could result in secret only responded to one personal attacks let in because nobody really isn't it. Start practicing there at eight. Sport back. Our better stop your kids play the sport we used to watch video of them not to snap bubbles that people bet it was good football. It and its products that day. Yeah. Oh. It felt good you know it didn't it feel good you know going man.