09/18 - Ian Rapoport

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Monday, September 18th

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We lied to crack jokes. On this show but that got us on the hotline basically he's in the breaking news. It's a network in and told that count rap sheet. On Twitter Furl your latest information. On the National Football League Ian did chiefs of course a great performance deep pocket the National Football League gets patriots. Did they do would have to back it up in the encore performance against the Eagles this weekend. Yes I think so I felt really great game I mean it was a very very tough team its one secret to. Pretty good team. You know it's. Actually remains to be seen weird and it's kind of all of that but there pebble make the team that little. You know will be there aren't the quarterback. He senses get in offensive line the position that they get to challenge different places I think people's. Which means to me she chipped it and now I'm not sure. You know people agencies and talked about how sweet it up so we will see. Know that the quarterback and of course back and all that well coached some great. When black that are running accidentally. It is effective immediately found. That team in probably the best position football. It don't watch it also something that said and our dog made this statement and I'm not trying to save yours say that. Marine life is the next Ezekiel Elliott but when I look at both guys' games I think that there are some similarities. In terms of the you know all the extra yardage that the -- it after the initial contact. The speed that each guy has the plot to steals in the in terms of predict a protecting their quarterbacks. When you look at two remarked how. How do you think that he is right now when word you rank him in terms of some of the running backs in the AFC or in the NFL. That the great question because if you just look at new skills on the actual lately he. Not the fastest guy in the world does not it's no vision. You know I think. Not like he jumps up to teach these guys the guys. One of them can do weird deal you know where you can have. Supremely talented people. For some reason rather it Margaret sister out of it the right way. And it cannot be successful its citizens as general Nixon probably more talented in Korea pundit had to gain much much much better start she. You know. So whatever. And you know I think she is a great job of putting in the position as she is equally offensive line looting which mores is an effort. O watt as chief good bye. You know I think right now clean on it's it's one of the week. Young accidentally. Left in the category like our differences. Well maybe not quite seek only to deletes track record is a lot more. That quotes Nelson did and went to about one actually no gas and I. Were you won't want to get in the league and he's. When she finds it's certainly. The way you address that matter. Ian you mentioned the AFC west. MB degree division we've been talking about his chiefs have two good wins pages and Eagles. The raiders and jets not a great win but many did what they should to them but they beat the titans on the road with the Broncos the cowboys. They raise some eyebrows around Kansas City because. We're wondering about Trevor Ximian warned about the defense but do you look at the AFC west as the best division in football. Absolutely we'll blow that question that it is that bad charters its still pretty. You know did they probably. Need to keep you don't know that you know analyze it and there. No I don't think the chart is at the currency they had. Starting out you know I mean formal even back in and then you regulate the jets split. They also took care of business like in the you know they've beaten soundly in reforms that we won't go. No Symbian means. Sort of play nickel out of just gave. Each cube development. If it's continues I think you take the darkness like. Pretty good potential loss as he mentioned. Maybe one of the better teams in football but that is their defense there so. You know it's going to be one of those things where someone's probably couldn't get out of the outs. As much more talent and a much better team then it excellent another good. Docket in rap or from an assault net ward him follow on Twitter at rap sheet. Palm let's get to some of the news you've been breaking year in the last stone walled sometime this morning Jimmy just a short time ago you said that big Beasley is expected to miss about a month and he was apart on a night game last night with the Packers in the stop. Yeah and you know this assortment underrated. Injury that could lose. Speaking the way. Big you know hopeful supplies travel for the public's list. Yeah he's one of the best players sect leader from last year and apparently he missed about a month it's extra level by that help so they. Three gains made before games you know probably backed by early October 4. The first team that. He's human he. The front seven you know I think that it purchased the ticket. And you know it's interesting too if he's such a special it was just answered what he does as well. And losing him. As they try to initial game losing in those states. What is going on in Seattle because I know that they were able to get past the niners yesterday and I didn't see got a month from being transparent I didn't see a look at a game and NC. India via Internet game but. It just seems like Seattle is kind of a team that a lot of people all going into the season could bounce back people are concerned about the Marlins. I'm not one of those people. I know they have definitely not great. I think all of you know like. So every year ago this situation where everybody wants to fire on cable offices aligned approach. And they look kind of mr. legitimately tough both civilians and locate. You know their own sort of like yeah they want and what's is that what it. And then by the end is well. So cal leave the category people think there can be absolutely fine. We definitely haven't looked great you know like. They're. In on Sunday loans you know in the fairway of the capital. It's just what Russell has not great and they haven't been great but. I have. I'm confident that it will get together because failed to. One thing you in the you've been all over in. It's three individual players in one units. I'm talking about the Green Bay Packers wide receiver unit with Randall Cobb Jordy Nelson talk about the situation was Z. In talking about the situation with the bill Beckum. Just really quickly on these three items Herbert Hill Vijay is it wincing and plays he gonna play tonight what's the status of their own. There adopt one of organizing the protest. Situation say it looks a little. Or perhaps weeks or something. Think he felt that ankle sprain that could take six weeks or more that it would totally healthy. But the eighties infield you know we'll test but I think there's optimism there. And Jordan though it seemed like a major injury. Maybe we could have gone back game. Just kind of quiet. The way it took why should now see it but he really has it. He has been banged up and you know obviously a quoting him because you know he you know potentially devastating to me. In this is for Ezekiel Eliot war what's kind of the latest on Indian. Wolf just a couple minutes ago the judgment on in Texas the federal judges yeah need to totally cute just denied work miracles motion. To get the injunction keeping warm milk thrown. So basically now yet so we'll into the fifth Circuit Court appeals the federal court to try. Get Eliot to serve a suspension right we don't know when that what is gonna actually rule. Could be today or tomorrow or. Next Monday. A lot of people decks that you know does. All the court just decided that the wind didn't just a suspension right now and they say evil that the public consider. Hey as long term as possible to consider any doubt that mr. suspension of vaccine. One final question for you because I think a lot of you are ten a look at the situation and trying to figure out what's gonna play out our. It seems like this Sean Payton horses Adrian Peterson being that we saw last week on Monday night the ball a lot you kind of wondering. This agent because of release stated to what the saints do. And you look at the game yesterday and Angela got out of hand and the patrons were up early. And by Al lot like. It doesn't seem like he's abuse is a great bit beard do you think that he's gonna be a part of this roster beat tiger a year DT today and they try to look to move him at some point. Well it's always guarantee that she. War games. A personal I don't think it and be able to move I don't know where to go it is free agent now. Into the job. Sure I can't imagine these soft money so I don't perceive he's giving up the drastic fort. War unfortunately unless something quite yet. I just. Think this is with the envelopes. Yeah hope I'm wrong that that's that's what. And it's. I'm always ready okay. Yeah it's never pretty. And you know Putin sometimes it comes to injuries. Like Princeton student run action to launch so like I thought this would probably be entering turn that's probably not he got help. You know Putin saying it's not related injury which is titled it's. Maybe catches fire but right now it looks like the Packers running back to back at it does. Good stuff is always Ian Rapoport in a film that more pitiful dot com rap sheet on Twitter exit to the minute. All the latest injuries in the NFL where she NC the latest on big BZQ school outrage. On Twitter thanks audience or.