09/18 - 8pm - Hating Kelce, Kyrie, Whatcha Watching

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Monday, September 18th

In the last hour we revisit why KC either loves or hates Kelce's antics.  And would it be different if he were in a different city?  Ron's officially done with Kyrie and his bad attitude towards Lebron and we find out "Whatcha Watching" for the night. 


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You show. This show was your own. Run this you know you please now all of this in his. Put those figures that ended ugly saloon soon. For allowing us to be a small part of your Monday night. From the innocence is produces this bad apple away and my left hand. Stevens. But that's next on what's been what's cities he would like you missed the last. That we were. We were saying case data weighted. Easily being. Really expands having an awful week. They lost on the road there's nothing worse than paying money to travel. Hotel tickets go on now Mars drinks all of their. They go what your team lose on the road but the only thing that was a saving grace for K state at least they were in Nashville. And I said. San Antonio must really suck for the Memphis fans at the de las national championship can seasonally. If from an Iowa three what city do you like well. Nothing can go to Dallas is. Used on a ticket Miami. And he handled. That has to be something that you're prepared for though when you're sending Sadr earning an entire trip around the sporting event. I there's always the chance that your team is going to let you down and it's not going to be as much fun. Is he thought it was going to be easy you have to have a backup and you better be prepared that mean is that gonna hurt lists and taken action today and went to Green Day. Aside again. Drowned in case they lost the game and way Austin convince effect which will abuse it though you would just look. The way I till now as quickly as UK are so that is and that's something. I've gone offline for. And you don't know for a fact that your teams playing in the national championship on Monday. He's probably have a contingency plan to get to downtown. Or at least have clinical to do you wouldn't need giant say they're tell Monday knowing full well my team was at play it and a. But what it would depend though what if you're in Glendale and it was an Arizona you would stay. And I'm telling and it's good to at the Bradley on house and I am my team on me is San Antonio here at Indianapolis where they have it's a done. But I doubt. Look at the way up my drive. But hey. They ended badly and. Chicago. And Ingram. And it destroy them out. Insert is out. Out of the question for. Dario are our top story today. In a good thing I'm sure he gets a lot of time home run. In a statement. Is that you. Here. But. Our top story and it is is Travis kills a situation that she's one yesterday 27 to twenty. And they're to a no that's it yesterday on the seventh street casino. Rates and post game show. I think that she's at the two this wins. In the league and have played the two of this boat but the big thing that came out of yesterday was Travis kills the game is an X. Com. Cecil was so they was expose it Oakland would be that bad because you can go to San Francisco. Anyway. Alex herb or I'm sorry a trip securities kills you in Sacramento proudly. A trend is to me I think the biggest issue is one for me. I think it's a little overblown because of the positioning please. I think if this were my quarter. If this was even by middle linebacker. Like that I have an issue it is but. He's the deeper position later. And you David for the as a player you get this I just don't think hear kids say the we really have a deep the player like is what we see them out the NFL the the last. Hill flat hit it to tweet tweet but years we've been a lot of players that are like Travis LC. That she said it the closest guy we've had is what Dwayne Bowe. But in the league Seattle haven't they yet. They got several cowboys have had ten or eleven of the last twenty years. But they're there is with these guys there are players. Who make their quarterback better and there's quarterbacks who make those players better Chavis Kelsey is someone who makes Alex Smith at. That's why he's important that's why you put up with these things from a guy like Travis Kelsey but even if it was the other thing Tom Brady makes. It's not like rock is making Tom Brady responsible. But. This is what you have at those positions that that. Ted Johnson reeled diva. Like today I think that was the biggest part is the chiefs that like at those closest person to that is it Dwayne Bowe. People earlier tried to say Andre rise in close yes his girlfriend was that the issue recipes. It burns Aston Villa. Out of it maybe maybe I'm very rise in. And maybe we never had Deion Sanders I wish maybe odds rise that it may be Dwayne Bowe is at the closest. And I don't know if that'll take Andre rise it was he would like Atlanta on the horizon. Maybe that. Maybe that symbolizes. The shift. In the front office and Andy Reid kind of managing this roster because maybe that's. Andy's saying. While this is this talent this this what you have to do to win like that like in Philadelphia. You finally get over that NFC championship game hump they had to go get TO. Evidently they already and it's likely might you put up with it because those players are valuable does. I was doing puts you over the every what does that she's she's just never had got it up. I think it's because in the just under other regimes they they have of those guys they haven't drafted does is they haven't tried to sign those guys and create awareness that this. It meant it this slick here. I can't take this late this this is looking like Pat Riley. He's the definition of a breezy vacancies clearly got a new girlfriend something he's pat Riley's roller and is it right here trying to revitalize. The style. She brought against curly airlift from the eighties endlessly. Repeat loans but no I let me I think people are confusing. Hollywood diva on the field I think Russell Wilson's first wife and it's. Ed and off the field stupidity like let me just it was not Hollywood on the field Larry Johnson would do stupid stuff off. Dale Carter would do do stupid stuff off like the personally what is the way Boeing Hollywood because. This dumb ass got caught smoking weed at aside yes. I'm talking like penalties celebrates the over the accused of not head Richard Sherman's. And what now marks beaters but that she's had not had. But maybe people say Jared Allen's got to Jared Allen out of it Jared Allen to be fits the the thought and the the good ol' whatever of key NC he fits. He's not Ali eyes. Johnson was. I. When he stopped being insanely productive you think they like you think that was like. And in my memories lo I remember him he would. Like that as off the field issue wolf for me personally irbil told in the tape to take his diaper off with news well for me you know I. I've said before I love priest's home you know my favorite player and I felt like Larry Johnson stole his job he's really young at did you fascinated Larry Johnson is that you love. With the guys. In dip you probably thought he was holding back Jamaal Charles could that you felt alone would well yes. So Ares I had its yet so he he does not hold a special place about you Jared Allen is more o.s X. Then Ali. I I don't. I just think it's really it's really hard for people here to adjust and hey. Alice they hit urban. They hit Deion on the same team. They had Nate Newton. You know you've got us up when you get heavy people that are beat us. I think this is is this is that something that we are not accustomed to handling adding we look at it like. What do we do like ease up like to be I. I think even divas is strong think that he reminds me. More on boot the Specter of agreement. But I think that Travis. Plays with such an aids I think he plays with such an aids in that. He can be taken there and I I think Travis feels really bad after the penalties. Is eating it I'd be different if you're Travis. Talking trash about Alex Smith there. Or complaining weigh in. He. In those that get the ball enough for complaining if they lose you don't hear that it's generally all about the T. So. I feel like he's more like Raymond green to where he's so passionate when he plays he plays with such an age that. He kind of goes over the and it's in that it makes him. The player he but I just think the big deal is we're just not accustomed and someone texted title. Low. And his seat would get him to beat the house here for smoke break. A good smoke. In I don't know that is I just think that's a beat port one I think the mentality of people in the city. It's something it too I just don't think we all are. Use today its height so I texted earlier any Thompson. But the special teams players tops that a couple of you can be to. Beat a if it's not. That you can't get special teams demon NBA BAD. Utility I Jared Allen shared alliger top three divas in your for all you're kidding it's only is this true. And Jared Allen hadn't completely develops that personality. Quite yet when he was here I mean we we saw glimpses of an early on and then he got traded. Not. The we have rich. Who say he was at. The AFC championship game in buffalo I wanna know how upset you were after spitting all that money ambient stuck in Buffalo, New York. Well Middleton what will happen. That friend of mine again straight it was great intensity but. At the time that game I was actually lived in Denver. No and temperature for the Broncos even she was really cute. And his wife had come up with a a miracle blow air here. That he. At a Kansas City for a we. Flew on US air from Kim played at anglos anglos to. Butler to Baltimore his. And then there was US skier express. Dash eight turboprop plane from Baltimore. The buffalo. And and it doesn't count the adventure really target of the that point in time he. Deal that the prevailing winds are now on out on the north. And we run out flight and were aware of Pennsylvania and I'm looking out the window. Really agree it it gave it to the finish second I haven't had forgot were you what you guys like at the inn when you've lost the game that you're stuck in cold buffalo because this sucks you had. To fly with three connecting flights to get from kids to Denver to buffalo. Yeah alive I flew in from Denver the night before that. Problem though most upsetting aspect of it and it was her post in buffalo. Will rather insistent that we go across the border through laden. Niagara fall off Israel. And we then we'd we'd been part doing map with sorrow or let psyched out defeat. And we actually went over there in the next day to do the or Ryan and we saw a marquee that said Mitt Newt flexibility so that was. Didn't. The war. Ups I reached that was lord. This it. That's valuing the call. Does that unit that obliterates. Edit I edited it does that me and that's got that good as it is that it is only pet food. Lyle all those connecting flights to get back home to Denver. So I. I got to go to buffalo for one I applied the dip artists say well as the Baltimore doesn't necessarily mean that that is that's a law. That I've never had. Do that and I have to college and analyzing the Fides. I'm from 45 minutes outside of buffalo and I can tell you there's not their to do I have cooler you buffalo San Antonio I've no idea where your death. What's that utility your name's Julio stated we're Beck's. Coming up. Got somebody else the game who said he was it San Antonio and how the hell was that the DC admit that Spain's alerts about Billy Butler. But does that really diva got one. Julius is coming on I. Doing most of you know most of. You used to god Leo myself. I've played so many has done more things are going to be and finally. Yeah it's all of that. What an awful awful awful stroke. There was a little bit behind is tied at this that's a little behind him got a he said they're a lot more than one handed chatted with bullet that quality. As we get slipped out of my guess at K state had of this. That this. Forehands. Were almost having one of the worst things I talked. Almost have the worst week in ticket and a horse they looked out. There is there's nothing more upsetting to me when I've hit it about sports moment is. When your T you pay. Money. To go see your team as we just was target rich he went to the NFC. The AFC. Championship game in 1993. And flew. For stocks led Denver to Saint Louis to Baltimore. To buffalo. It was cold spilled it under our remember what it. At least he gets the seed Niagara Falls but analysts see it they. But there's nothing or ups that'd to pay all it takes to travel. Hotel. Eating the tickets. Ending your team lose but at least K state was an answer. At least that's the case because if you say iPad tablet. As we shouldn't you step in Salt Lake. I have solid experience. And you're stuck in Indianapolis for the final four. Your team loses Saturday at Indianapolis is are you serious hill don't wanna say they're certain sit until Monday. I. Back I'd stay there and action night and sleep it off at the college basketball team is that the one when they had those tournaments. But the Vick will turn missile tested here. The Vick to a tournament when you had to buy that session you wanna buy multiple sessions. A Yi. In your team loses and you still won with tickets that together try to sell if you're not gonna get the price or. And you just wanna hide Taylor then. Let let Iowa State they and lose the first round at the added notes. I mean I've gotten early get seats at big twelve tournament because that. Just get a does get a bad ticket. Hi at the sprint center. And then after that first wave of games when they don't when they still have a together it's good for the KU game you just go down and say. Trying to find somebody he's trying to hand out tickets or sell them for cheap they need to spend ten bucks get courtside seats. Avian the last word on this jury and you were and a San Antonio four K you lost all. President yeah. Out. Yet though I had the work were travelers ship and are that'll. Lose we're going to data Antonio at all. In during the sweet sixteen game here lately due out. In the music game we want my work in my life meet me back the war. Drive yet often why totally get why why props that. Are unique in respect that the doors. And we drove all night long ago work at 7 o'clock we are all night long at that early afternoon game. In Spain and Leo it beat the year. That we drive all night out forward stated really. Bad area about four words money. That I've heard here are being in the morgue you all. Walk. Words don't want you gave. And our own you it would work game. And no it never. Imagine that that would be that we. Lower level it. A hand. We have been all America hotel after party. Or. A oh. Look at it all the Ed insert thank you gave political circus that he's in the gay played gave the game at west apart. It gave us about details of it he's it but he thought better of Ollie wanted up it would again what it is lights. Like danger best and the bad part of Dallas. Is sick at its world. And he was looking for rich they beat the hell out of Richmond in the sweet sixteen it and ended the play with. I'm willing to that's not available here today they held they still drank after that game they were just Janning sigh I've asked that I not object to the cars drive well. And I asked and is San Antonio they had already tell the river walk I would like it. Advocacy drag its ads idea at a party dug the river walk in the Alamo what the hell else is a our guys thought it yup that pretty much as I. Is this letter by an in the San Antonio. That everybody about it it's insulin ruins where. That pretty but Hewitt says his real quick before we get out of this may. It picked Arnold Ali colleague whose rhetorical but I have completely. Washed my hands which carrier. Upped. I've washed my hands carriers in he has done a little too much for me. All right is this respected and I mean to the tilt disrespect LeBron James who you know it's personal for me. He's on the gold. He's at the gold medal stand for me in my athletes. Broad range itself once those silver. Obviously Cody village of with the brunt put. I carried. Problem Tyree the leaving Cleveland. And forcing his way out with two years let them. Gotta go crazy it just disrespect decaying. This is ridiculous and now I eat and and he goes to shave his beard off it now I paired with Gordon Hayward now ITC's. That big because he has sold disrespectful. It is ridiculous right now. Let me ask this one last question about LeBron in this respect do you believe you can win without him. No thieves are ridiculous but I'm asking for the record do you believe you can win without Tom won't vote. Passions that much movement do speak to LeBron James and talk to LeBron James before you before you. You representatives. That would only shoot let them know that you wanted to. And while. Eagles to somebody about it might take it person that you care about that at all no. Now I. Like I is de LA tonight but he does being. A total baby and had an interview just refusing to answer any big night. Do I agree to go first take and that's why you're gonna act. I've just actually act act act and David I just got off. I do I do you enjoy it makes me excited. Not what we do. And I was LeBron James Woods a personal. But it's just if this was to any other player I would be loving it being dead is too late. I think he has not resume. I was like you personally attacked you is. You went 21 games first pick at their first they got there take your whole life. I blocked an eighth day. Tiger is not dobbs let's carry every interview he's very Smart thing that's obvious that there were. And a lack of leopard down. But he's that he's not a complete and he's really he's Smart he's actually very well spoke it and he was just refusing. And to talk him at all maybe you don't maybe got books are being yet comments it. Our boss earlier is it who leaves. Abroad and other it's about Charlotte runs that's and so this is what outlook for athletes out one athletes to realize the power they had. That don't mean you got to the finance. You don't have to go in dancing and clicking your feet made it out of Megan videos the staff Currie. You told rods feelings about stint. You and it is waiting blackening clack are. Pat pat pat pat dance in the kicking at. What does he do you not take. But try to be nice in the U win team beats. Big even a debate if you had to play deep it's. Bret Stephens will out there playing right now open the season this the first game of the season. And I hope that guy who was a bit golf cart or and it crosses all the guy that was a bit Volkswagen and Happy Gilmore of that hits. Carriers yes. LP hits carrier a unit votes away Irina the Celtics in the second best team the Saint Catherine. Jobs of I really catch me up. They are laid this entire thing into a championship ring and then getting sad to hear a team and these are I rented it's going to be very good for the next several he'd like us that he devastating body else I would be. It could be different as he has partly this. This blinds that they just refused to have a conversation when LeBron. LeBron keeps taking the high road out would he step below Michelle Obama edges it low with. LeBron James not stewards stop acting like Sean. As completely nuts. It's. Well I don't try to was easy. Steve Curtis Steele hates Michael. I bet is I haven't had that kind of hours got a wood got his answer out. Obama I think got this is beyond death. Knell. Why did I have to. Up the phone. It got the day Apollo. Do you believe the earth is round or flat. 44 what have no. Force many years. And it would I cannot believe what I've been taught. Is that there it is. The blue route. On the project I think he's you know it is. A sticky subject is being England's six showed it to keep anything out of the interview with you are right now. So. It. So. No limits in this attack relent because those who have run this team is completely. It. No problem with Ty re in its decision to to balance. Because I hear it I've not got to be here in Cleveland would bot world. What everybody else the delegates stuck here with Kevin Love. I hear. Did you got did you say oddly to just be to jerk of the year it cease communication with the Brock had to eat. And he's just shine to create his own brain is tired. Of living now I don't have they didn't and that is paged shadow. That's knocking me I was talking to Stanford about this on Twitter earlier today. Because he said he felt like carries he'll turn. Was like the odds yields inning game with brown now. And I said it's all it's like to hear you jumping sockets. Which is a completely different side of the spectrum on the Shia. Too far or how long. And how long you hold any talent attests there that was true honor to answer some pretty. Yet days of pretty serious things to get out from under is not shadow that's exactly how he is doing what brought you this week. What's it. Like 59 seconds he will leave it leave that would hold. He's every night around. Probably where should I am so glad though not. Operating it's ugly it's absolutely it live then. This they have a YE. Like I know I know. It's coming from I don't think he'll turn came from the hill to our game when he started taking the advice of one of the worst people in the world to take advice from minutes Kobe. If he's pulling at this looks like Kobe it's yet to be right these fully co Ed. And I mean any companies and build your don't build your own T Elliott added Colby sailed around happy to build a road team and did stop talking to people build own legacy don't have to recognize that the enemy. Calgary fret as at build an empire. It's just stepped off PP. But what LeBron he's got a team here is what LeBron left. Dowayne weighed in let me as I stated it they had conversations. Abroad did just avoid talking to bill. Like they were like he was breaking up of his girlfriend in the sixth grade. Manning just went down apparently. That's what these days ago. Eagle forgets what he idiots well hope you really believe you're running with the likes of coordinate. Who's the next best putters Al Horford. That's their eggs that are they've been talking they've had nothing to get things to say about Jason Tatum. You you better hope he gets ready. That's the way they've got relaxed at the ball in his hands. He literally got to come to play Cleveland and didn't have to play deep. Or pat. I mean that is it's not he'd just had to hit game changing shots like he did in the finals the help them win a title. Meanwhile. LeBron is leading every player in the series in points rebounds assists blocks the but does anybody remember that chat to carry have a couple I'm not gonna say they'll for they don't remembered I know the MVP of Carrie at that turnover that led to that blocking. They remember 'cause he did it this year and her game or down or down one. Carried to seventeen dribbles it took that step victory that had nothing but there. He had everybody looking at a light in not add another team movie. When Mr. T was sort of experience the quarterback threw the ball out of field is it what the hill with about it. Since. It is that time it must show. Stop especially. Pashos. I. On a day where the chargers honored their latest hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. Another legend cemented his place in the history in the third pillar of LA's game against Miami Antonio Gates. Got his 102 month period touchdown pass. Passing Johnny it solves the most ever by tight end earlier on Tuesday gates also became just the third tied and ever get nine on. And career receptions. I think gonna go home tonight I'd like the best of us can state vs India in the in the elite eight. Paid Antonio Gates with the power forward for kids that he. It is sad that a threat but I can't find it all the time they beat top they lost time Coverdale in the lead Indiana Hoosiers and aid food. Boy yeah believers of the while watching it's usually 8 and boy am I think cornerback. Maybe it he's been sick that is it AJ and play and Indiana basketball players and so it. Appreciated if you like believes slowly lose out. AJ belief upgraded to go ahead of the. They say the eagle eye yeah of Twitter user Harrison and see if I let's say I mean he. We get to enjoy these sensibly is tweets from Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant. Mr. that was asked for a reason I'm leaving okay see on Twitter. It would appear JD either has started referring to himself in the third person or has multiple Twitter accounts that he uses for applies and forgot to change. Accounts before replying. To this person's specific comment. Spot in the week bay he criticized Billy Donovan and the organization for giving him a bad roster saying it was just him and ross'. Followed up by take us off that team and see how bad they weren't take he can win a championship with those facts. There really do you you know. Apparently he doesn't eat. Several fake instead Graham accounts. I guess those shoes weren't enough. That he made glad that he had about last week is is this the Cady was going to look forward to he's really self conscious. Why you want Brazilians like. Let YouTube's. Is it what about Alina data field for a former Indiana Hoosier AJ bullies suffers a stroke while playing at her feet quick of them. But I you know it's of appeared today. And how they sent them that's what I think that may seventh 2000 that he. Opened our eyes and a cash ethics. He's living in Detroit I Howell is. We'll I don't care and move on the next let's get off of this indignantly. A billboard. That is doing. Brent Carter Germany visit their. The bracket as man handle the cowboys 42 to seventy. That just a thorough annihilation and every aspect offense and defense but almost immediately most of the blame for the loss or at least you loudness of the criticism fell upon BC Bill Elliott. Who had the worst game of his young career. Alley it's averaging four point nine yards per carry in his NFL career at just nine yards on eight Carrey's yes. A third court of cowboys down eighteen Alley chose not to pursue Chris Harris after the Broncos. Defensive back intercepted the football he put his hands on his hands as he watched Harris eventually get brought down by one of his offensive line. I don't think it's a big deal but it doesn't look good. It's not a good look for him you know I generally don't give a rip about stuff like this but yes it I don't think it's a big deal if they. Bye week we're talking about Travis feels like that's an outside and there's a difference like. That is at least acquitee like out of that I've ever seen Travis doesn't just quits. On the team what he makes us think he gets emotional stuff like that to meet it especially everything that seat is going through right now and hasn't self involved in. That's not a strong. How often have you seen a quarterback. Do that where you see Eli throw pay hee-seop Payton's throw a and they just kind of threw their hands up at the end they won going after the gadget trying to tackle. And end. One some of them are told to not go after that so they don't get hurt like it adult. Added to some of them. And most of those quarterbacks are going through oh I don't know the league attempting to suspend him for six games. And it's easy like that out to say this isn't a good look for him I understand that and he needs to get his stuff figured out. But I did I tell us they get out that you could fault him for not. Chasing down Chris hair is make it that that's a frustrating game. For them as a whole like he's the only out their frustration you can definitely fault that states and down on dissent is not that I don't think so he's just as important here franchises deck is that this. The that you can fault him badly and that was completely stagnant yesterday because they could not run the football at all. Though. You could possibly so he did is it that whenever there's an assistant. Throne they just go privacy and audio. Primarily found that the Phillies are coming up next segment that sweeping the nation. What she watched it could be two to six 693066. Did. What's who watched the night Netflix Hulu. Amazon crime which was up for a lot of awards last night at the Emmys which Angeles text and what's what's. Becoming the king. Is that not live. There. Needs and Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to get my. It's too late to catch weight touched down at Super Bowl fly first class plane people walking by our connectors. I'd like remake movies with you on your word for it. Mustn't lose my. I am Google's it's been up front so it Brett hole. Triple and I think that. And sirens. It works against gays what a rather be feared or loved. Are being felt. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Woods who lives sponsored by. Absolutely no one's someone that's that book you to get six six 306. Text dead. What's he watched its net flicks. That word movies whatever last night I. Be nice right a little warts those of the big awards event. I don't every year anytime BET awards in Latin words to them about when he was too many followers there. Every time. You know we need. Ed last night was the needs any of these were fantastic beasts on spices. Was in bears. Zone. But I watched a lot of saw a lot of things and Lotta who assumes the Amazon really clean. What is it spilled the rule through. Up from mad mad is that one of England this problem. Aides. Hold. And made it hell yeah hammy that at one time and I think it's now. Lie I'd ends. The crown was one much on the L one. The ground if there was this. Ahead goes ahead watch that might have been. We always let you respect to the first listen boots terrific would. I'm really into this room was it vice principal did you quit watching. There's only been one season hasn't he sees other than most I didn't think you watch. A that's a plus any and Lee. It's funny but it's also life. Insane in the dark and we. Feet kept waiting she keeps winning this. I need to get back on its relief. If they are. Atlanta even though they're taking two years. He won for best actor in a comedy series is unmoved stuff he's got movies but I guess he's gonna be doing a lot of work ethics. Phyllis that it was your favorite who fractured. That it lots assessment in a football game that night. I have Golden Tate but it doesn't matter I saw the pleased with his doctor does look to. All I picked up lots to do soon that someone handed out to life. Of friends from college and it believes and knows that's it thing I had to a the first episode. The first episode the opening scene. Owed to them he appealed the skating was his thinking. This woman that's not his wife but they're all threats that are all close and see sort. And we are launching entourage. Ileana I don't think that's one. Avenue lots office at times I lost from the original and me being new to launch and just want what you need a hole I got a pretty neat you know having. I do have stuff that I need to watch just having gotten around to me and I serve once in the obvious to those Ford one man and now on this. Filing your apps that counts it's what you know apple really wants to falsely to. When falsely watching new show. By the way a side note. Feeling Gallagher C. She did introduce Susan and introduce or whatever they're called. Former war lied to us. All of its seamless just some of this word. I got to see her in that risk I saw her in some verbiage. Double team with van dam it did is rob that's absolutely one of the worst. But still lost in Vietnam zone that's not of those that bad that like time. In judgment. Is it this. Time passes and vice principals that it c.'s decision. And now says yes. Now back oh yeah the hip hop honors is to that now might sit I think that in the record. Incidental the well. I think Hillary Clinton's on this week on we'll Baird and if it. John I'll leave that to us at the start watching it on. Did you say when John. And we had fun as early those sort of run assume we are out and it gives them.