09/18 - 6pm - Hating Kelce, Body Parts, Hugs

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Monday, September 18th

In the only "Show" of the week, we open thanking Travis Kelce for providing such great material for us media people.  Should KC be embracing or shaming Kelce for his actions?  We also discuss how a man manages to get a certain body part stuck in a weight at the gym.  And close with giving out our weekend hugs to those that need them!


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You show. This. Yeah. Run as you know view. It's. NBA small mark your mind at evening it. Julio Sanchez produces is bad blow away and we're going to have some on. Tonight maybe this will mean without a shadow of a damp out. The best show of the week. Residents are only so but it is going to be the best show of the well has alma make you uncomfortable. About make you look mean and hate me at the state. I'm not gonna gloat about. A certain soccer take that was made earlier about Bleacher Report. About an NFL player being able to play soccer right now I'm not gonna go socket cycles. It's a red. Monday and I'm gonna go the but. It's six so one public get an early out like it was enough but this isn't gasoline LO fired at night. We do at this time every night. Let me boring is seizing granting. I can't wait to turn this button on deterred by my on. The degree by guest services. I. This thanks I think it starts today missed here. I get my hair has more often. Those have beards this looks kind of grown you know and he too scared I don't like how like this one wasn't dead there wasn't intentionally throw. I just know this allowances from Michael Jackson in and and our list of it to this movie gave a not gonna get wrangled in and year a year as much yours. Every young lad radio. So. I just wanna take this moment. And I think everyone. In this city that does anything like our profession. I don't care. It is you do radio I don't care if you're sitting at home and you've got audience of three doing a pot and it's TV what do. In eight of urged all standout. Even you mark is Peter's. Of those. We all need to stand out a grad skills around the laws it quite you know they knew. It thank you. Where did an excellent. I'm telling you it. There's not all these months that you can graphically track is still always. Is in there he world saving business. That is. Yeah sports peoples out of the top. Usually seen everybody in the lock massacre chiefs. Yesterday. Thank even though eat a lot of give Chavis chance again out of the shower before they swarmed him if you're if you're like. Yes we've talked about arsenal week in an area in about six. That's in things that people. Universally Anke it's a city really wanna talk about I'd on the tape right now. You thought we're gonna talk about the mid sports injury. Which is just come out and believed that security just announces not as bad as it. As it looked he was in his news yesterday that catches yet he's not gonna need surgery but if you thought we're gonna talk about me it's Morse is not to show. You all right and think about six to ten things that are really important and Alex Smith I just wanted to say. It looks like you might have a night off here with them because Travis Kelsey put on his Kate for all of us media people leery kids it's idiots it. I'm here fellows. That's or. So let's and I was on the nation today and this was one of my thoughts Travis kills. It is might take some of you off. It is excellent 69306. You know the number that is this is just a theory and I think an opinion that. At some credence to. I I said this and I totally believe this those. I think that threat is Kelsey. In Kansas City. All our. Aid. Difficult. To be nice mix of each. And I coined the phrase I think that is Kelsey is how. I think he's Hollywood is bill. I think keys. Last yesterday he. He gave us one. In the in the locker room it's sort of was trying to Warner's board but he is Hollywood. As it like this is that this is. This is a guy unlike anyone that that she's a pay it. They've not had divas like that is. It is at the old billed victims. The T moves the Dez Bryant's Zeke Elliott's they've not had this gap. And when you look at how Kansas City is made most of but the three of us we lived in your effort probably. Four delivered on the times of a lot. Kansas City is an area. Greatest road to the midwest about right. This is the midway is. We go to work you know we do our jobs. You know act like you've been there a full war. You know you do your job. And don't bring attention to yourself that's kind of how we are raised in this area and I think. Kansas City and this might rub the wrong way but I think it's true that he released. Think about Kansas City county has a mindset of like animal I've said this before. That got a mindset at the mowing you'll big step but you don't wanna have. You don't wanna do it needs to people told us a noticeable. We don't want a downtown stadium because a one way street. Like this that's a troubling thought process like Saint Louis Minneapolis Chicago they have a different mindset some of parking now yes that part traffic. Let's not let you but that's just the months that we've commented in a different form a different ways this is how we think predominately in this thing out. And that does admits with a Hollywood. That don't mix with a guy out here trying to bank fifty girls at once Tony. That makes with a guy who just pulls up the stuff that makes with a guy. Editor view when you know you've got a fifty yard penalty for the third straight game in your ask questions did you feel like quoting Aaliyah. Myself. You. That mix. Myself. I don't mix I love that don't really mix with the thought process of people here. And what you look at that I think it rides and it gives people all the wrong way that's in all of I think a lot of. People here will say oh look we find and entertain. But the poll of people. The poll of people in this city we saw we saw with the phone calls as that things like he needs to sit. We saw with text messages sorted you told me and I saw some mess up you saw some awful things being written about him. It's just does that mix and I think that's part of. Well the the frustrating thing about this that it's it's. We have voted this forever as a fan base and now some analysts at as a media base I think a lot of us have said for years. Now Andy and Alex are so boring they don't ever say anything we make fun of them about it we have entire segments dedicated do it. I know we have a guy like Travis Kelsey who finally says things that are on his mind he's he's finally opened an entertaining and honest. We're bashing him for. When he took a five yard buying yesterday and opened the yeah that's worth every penny. Of what his mouth of what comes out of is not what gets him into trouble. Not just like when you look at players like this they are generally and race. Did they get other sports like it and I say I think it if Travis were in a bigger market. They didn't have the mindset that it was mindset like we had year. He would be embraced more. Look I see here in the tax let's say you must have listened to the drive and read some pots and that's that is not positive woods. But I doubt it there must not have been on Twitter and then during the GX game they were they were huge. They were hugely negative towards him. I've got them it's just wait cool lazy would be talking about it. An update. If you are at the Bay Area. Re not green I think trademark green except he's guilty of very similar enough sum that you don't watch it gave me an anode remind me. But trade Andre it nearly cost. The warriors. A chip it's. He is be loved. In Golden State. Like maybe even to the point where he is is popular S stepped current. Because he's a hard work he is. Guy who plays with a boasted. Great mom. It bigger cities it's it's it's kind of looked at differently in Detroit back in the heyday with the bad boys. That's right people were yelling and saying all. No led beard raw data recorder off because des aides say now holt did. Say holes. They got off on. It. And trap is the perfect. Because he's actually really really. He plays with that it now that's a bit spread this should not. Be a blame this is threats as well. Are addressed basically this that our kids if they didn't think it is net and got a personal accountability in three straight game architect and you do. There who feel this way you are entitled to feel that way I don't think you're wrong for feeling that way. I'd just aren't just lending the reasoning in your minds because it's only be. You're saying. All you must don't know can't see we'll just because the people you know or you're around. They Travis kills is in attaining that's one thing I tell you right now if the people that I were around. Okay. It sub people out there. Who were around the same people that you hang out. With this they'd be a red state the last however many elections my entire life. They all vote the same way you do. That doesn't mean just because you with the people around you thinks a certain way doesn't mean it. The predominant nature of the city thinks that way apart. Dates of the city as someone who has been able to see and listen to different people from the city is. You know that's got out of Hollywood. And we are not used to have and no players like this as some of the text laden and great point that's what Alex Gordon gets a pass. He embodies everything you that is the midwest values. And went away when people get. Truly upset at us as well more criticized. Scored or people because he's supposed to be the golden boy that you don't touch. It was and I and I and I say this from the text but earlier because it. If this person was stranded. Detail we were aroused Rome but it embodied everything. That what I I think is the case this person from early years it'd. I agree with your point. But Eric Hosmer is the same thing as Kelsey. The only difference is Hosmer imp is Bob Murray embrace this city it knows how to act right. That's it. Knows how to act right. Because that's how we feel here I'm willing to bet Eric has some developers and behind closed doors. He's steady he's got Shelly everyone at Kansas City his entire person it's just the end the good soldier because he's choosing to be. That way I agree I think he is Ali I think Eric Hollywood. But Eric is choosing to act a certain way. But that's what we did pay a good Hollywood is well do you. Right. That's that that's that the thought process in other cities Charles Oakley. Used to cost the knicks repeatedly tell Charles Oakley is costing the mix if he's not even playing. He's beloved. But he got tackled by that security he was well. It's just the bat that type. Of attitude that Travis Kelsey is showing off. Is the type of attitude that a team like this needs a team that. Before the season started I said that they're very good football team their playoff team and I don't believe that they are Super Bowl contending team but so far they have shown me. That they have us wagged this season that I haven't seen from them before and Travis Kelsey. Is leading the pack. Right now Seattle over usual this are not saying they Yule ball listening to you fans in Kansas City. To end here and have to just be all right with not not saying. I'm just lending Al ate a possible reason theory that I took me makes it like. Think Travis Carroll CN LEX. They do you think. Of most every day people who go to work hole or. Here at Kansas City in the mindset of people here yet you don't wanna hear but listen I'm sorry Kansas City does not overall having a big city months. And we're fighting over this damn near port. Let's get re kids city doesn't have the Dixie that's a yes that'd opted to double headed terrific meal that I you can spot. I've been to DeMulling we have much court were much closer to double Wayne did we aren't as Chicago. And I NASA inning brawl with. You know do you. You don't newbies and a brawl was here. And his antics. But it busted he's a jerk he's larger. Beckham doubled up the phone lines there's 13576. And sixteen and if you agree or disagree we don't care we can discuss it. But going along with this. I think the position the position matters of why it's not that much. That big of a deal to me because of the position. Buybacks and year. Disabled enough phone lines at this cool field. We'll we'll see what goes on with that we're talking about is. The biggest thing we think gap has Joseph forgiven us. And he always seem to do this on the talk about air as I said I don't agree with woods brand is done. And he's got a penalty in three straight games I do think he needs to clean that up and I think part of if you dig deeper which is job of us. That's just. Say every eight. Years in your house speaker in high had a very nice round. Really put the game out of reach them. But if you to dig deeper under brought out blocking on this. I think it I think is passages. You know all he does dumb thing I I think it has to do with the mindset. Of people it if if he were in New York. If he were in Boston if we were in San Francisco if he were a bigger cities they have different mines its. Like mind sets of CDs where I wouldn't have people calling in were talking about a day until stated that they know. It's because there's one way streets. I mean like this is just it it it is nothing wrong with it is a different fronts it. And that ain't the way people here are working mid western values that much more resonates with. Allen scored if Larry FitzGerald were chief Larry FitzGerald would be. Love love to hear Yankee agency. They would people love. I tell you let. This is just a different mindset of we never even really had an athlete That's Hollywood like. Talk about if he were in Boston Belichick would have thrown a ma petite not because rock and counts. Rob Gronkowski continues to get injured and some do you want to say it's a freak thing maybe he doesn't take. Care of his body during offseason because he's banging women on boats which I have no problem with you go do you think. But and I'm just and I think the port of it is deeper than just oh no it's it's the mindset of people here. And what do you think they limit grounds interaction with the media because they know every time he opens about these and say something stupid. I got this you know that is I think a lot of it is like this is just how we are here. And I think that and I just think that's a big case of it in Kansas and misery I think that is that that is true. And I think that's why it resonates weight now will say this. If it was say you must be living in McCain and I'm telling you mean you wanna say living indicates you think it's far off that people in Kansas and Missouri would not be. Happy with this Hollywood person. The one. Look at others to states that vote. From I don't think it's far reach to think that it. Everyone I know loves him. I'd nobody everyone you know loves. But I would say this. I think they want part that is laws that people are really what's it like to me. Go to junior and his second Aziz is being blunt force I think for me he's tied if he were black quarterback got to have a problem with him. Because I knew in my quarterback to be able bit toward Tripoli it's like cerebral. Edema quarterback to be a little edited Nolan not to. You know is the so emotional. I needed ideas it'll just like at five gold steadily. I don't needs to hurry to be losing it all the time like ray I that's why I'm going Miller criticizes Cam Newton is that he's. He's a baby gets too emotional audience to frustrate you I need my dad the that your time did your corners by defense of it. Jane -- EU member he went there at Justin used that they got popped. For marijuana. And at the top behind. The pastors. Of the that at the live with. My quarterback. I don't like the judgment. It's a different thing I think the position Desmond so go to gym first here in a place that never heard of gym work or the illegal for a. Oh. All right you have. I would much thoughts go it. Well I think it would below are just doing them a lot of reports. The New England game I'm nodding your bad about it that. Yes I'd Norman does not ours is a by hit him and is now. And then the guys were tricked out on the record that got a growing spate. Though I voted on the big thing I'm responsible conduct you'd go I don't want them in a coma state dollars that it. And you know. But I thought I hope they get doing well pretty well my opinion. That the that are being watched the game on TV that. I mean. We got an emotional players in the most correct and he's. Still new to lead a veteran but he build your own. It under control to be controlled the curtain on the Arctic could be. You know great player with great attitude. Present collagen I just to find it fellas like it isn't surprising that you'd think just think of other players even in other sports. That I like is. The way you would be little bearable lobbed at those bigger cities. Like even before to yield is try to rip apart the Eagles from the inside it was. I haven't cowboys ahead. Michael Irvin is probably as popular any of those guys on those teeth and he continued to do coat. That's the thing is it penalties there as long as they're valuable and their contributing to wins. It's fine they get away with those things TO started getting in trouble he started. Calling out Donovan McNabb when he started upsetting everybody else on the team Travis. Is upsetting anyone on the team ads are being read in my opinion right now. Like let's let's just be let's just be real here let's be real here. I don't think it's it's disrespectful here who'll as the player. It is royals run that we've had it who is the player. That kicked off the fans the most who was the player as this person texted it. There is some Hollywood put heat don't act right who's the player in this royals run that is tick people off. That was my point I was just gonna bring up Murdoch of inter that it's the same situation that we had a few years ago with your Bonaventure. And that's it it's the same thing it. Other towns it they even had baseball. All those cats for the Phillies in the nineties used to do were were easy stupid stuff. They were beloved did it. They were below a hell even in Cleveland. Albert bell used to do instead to getting so suspended all the time. They loved out he was he's a jerk when he's our larger. I know you're down oh enter a pass and we had huge love and everybody showed love to Kansas City and he was you know but he was a guy. That we use to feel halls at message is that would be similar to what we've field is all about that as you'll see yesterday. It's just the. Positives are always going to outweigh it on to say and especially for a guy that's never had any off the field issues that's that's what it's a problem. I chose him upsetting some bands on the field and getting a penalty here. I and Agassi M and a and and I go to David here. He believes his season family oriented city I'd just I'd just tell even which you're done though there was there was that same feeling about. I don't know if he fits what we feel ability. Yet they stick Mike on guys. It I hadn't seen the actual battle yesterday. None of us give us that none of us did David busted a tremendous job of not suing an eight. You know come from the G node on. There's a lot of respect they have for the organization and I think when you. Early in order symbolize. You know in the city like New York and where. You know maybe people of the more. A book all inner game we're hopeful all kind of like our sport but look where the lucky you know blue collar. Stop guys once you quit the right way epic. Track of the EU. Could do you know I think besides those that integrate. And community. I. Doubt there. It is it's such nimble and is competing. That's sometimes you know those. The things that come up in no way. So it. The scene what what he said about that or four beat but no he was you know. Let the cat here and you know at what point usually trying to flip the switch on some levels of these. But you know credit to our guy. Maker I mean when he. That super. Yet today mean now all that Jesus melt on the support them four or so. I appreciate it I'm not saying that people won't support him I've just saying. He's. Do what it. What would rock have to do in Boston. And New England for people start calling in and are poke at their post game show like they did yesterday saying he should start the next week. Say something bad about Tom Brady but he didn't say that David. It rose and he just said racial things throughout a let's nobody did ADP OK it is. Palace what was directly David Ortiz simplest bet pick Todd last we'll let you get the last word on this of their credibility it's. I think that's for that mark caller I don't think that was Kelsey is poised. Like everybody but it is Travis skills they've got like this all stems from ma am happened around in what the referee isn't going to tell Adam. If you watch the game yesterday. And here's like the new. Bowling game I think our team was initiated totally different than arrest of the other team. Travis definitely is a marked man they are out there looking for. But both liked it why should that effect I mean outright rip the element also. I'm like I'm gonna blind in new England and and don't want him. And penalty called on that and it's like touchdown that they had heard or that they got the last of the day that would clearly offensive pass interference and. Is this still that is still live with you admit that he got off then I'll. Because Jessica. What about the actor Derrick Thomas in Kansas City that's what I believe in the damn demands. And you know what I love kids that. Well while I protect my call and I'm glad we're don't know. Raising its I love Hollywood outlook that Hollywood outlook who's not afraid to do is quote only belatedly. Coming up next guy just soaked up the bad headline today's. Man gets body parts that in wait at the gym. This was us. And enjoyed the conversation we had you lost and I plan about this will do will be happy with this if you hit via Twitter. And at Ronnie eight shill or owned it in I. A wanna go deeper than just owned Travis us. I think there's more to that of why we react in this city as a whole. The way we react Travis and we just political polls and people were screaming for pole. As Candice as Kansas City fans go assistance force that count as Cassidy fans doom your values relate more to check his Kelsey. Our Alex who were. Right now Travis Kelsey is which is leading I mean I'm sorry elves Gordon is leading 53%. Kill C thirty and mis. It is. 17%. So go ahead and vote first pole of the day. This is will we do every day at this time again it's so tough today. If I'm to act like you hear this dispute that respect I used the show topic of today. This map that is where. It's time to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. Japan. It's so topic of the day sponsored. I am absolutely no one's own with that step up excellence gutting Eli. From worms Germany and Tina blocks allowed our best yet. Firefighters and wires Germany were called to. Similar journey were called in to help free a man who got his body parts stuck in the hole of a five and a half pound weight. And a GM was at his word but with the help. A grinder and hydraulic saw. They were able to break the weight into five parts freeing the man's penis. On Friday were inspired. Fire department released a video on FaceBook don't let them down. Not that that the penis telling the dug down this throw it into Bobby's brother is video that patting game and deprive these. After three after the three hour ordeal because yes it was an ordeal. That took place in order to free the name. The message on FaceBook was very clear it is simply sit please. Do not imitate such action. The hill. Is only nine did little words Germany. Three hours Powell forty is this path. Question you ban that was my birth went well Ernie is this guy. I could have yeah it was five in this mostly that they. Could not just bugs often to us a lot at all. Aegis remains a good as well this is a hole. Maybe he just does some PCP in the Angus in Lois he. Lots of Viagra for hours worth it when I say hey he's really really and that's pretty were captured was he watching CNN Jamison. Was he thinking about Vanessa Del Rio. Was there someone in the gym that really took it there to take it to the restaurants where privately I Sony just wouldn't have decided red was built. So they would that is not a got it I think it's safe to say that he does not go to the gym to work because there's a ready market he went to the gym work and work now. And though stolen on words aren't. These cuts easily. How ironic if it means that you worms of all places and worms Germany. And this FBI's so they had to use a sock. That it directly with the Eagles all powers. The John Rollins song how hard. I had to cut because if you don't he's got to date on. Why I've not read. I've beaten to lube it puts them out of what an idiot just told us and waited it out this. Imagine he could've run in the bathroom and tried to figure this and a zone and apparently he did this kind of just about reaching out of the iron court. Let the fire department maybe they might still a little bit later in the books because they need. They used to how well you. Know he's got to see shields them. Is that time what are you show guys Mays doc probably. Probably. Are yeah. He made our shell. Houston. A girl and a that's his name me Damon with it but but but look on. Lawrence. Live it is. So it's a big deal Lawrence dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons and it. Missed out on his team's season opener against the chargers in Los Angeles Sunday because of what his agent called a private matter. Timmons was a ballet but he never reported to the team and was listed as inactive. To dance after reported that Timmons. Has dealt dealt with whatever caused him to miss the game yes. According to TNC the dolphins filed a missing persons report. Well with the local police Barry Jackson later confirmed the report I clarified the team filed reports with several local police departments. The dolphins reportedly noticed Timmons was missing during and a book written into Saturday night. What is a positive smiling at LAX Sunday morning is cracking as he's running TMZ. We're told Timmons had spoken with his baby mama. Who lives there and had told Larry he missed the baby and wanted to visit. I could never ever listened to save him again. He's kept gay in a regular skis and name not be just concede it. Why lies that sound the way you've had a so they may as Obama I said baby mob that is what. Like well let this go so far over the gained a little taste. They've it favors Obama. This person Voller hit it showed that they can't hit this that they're bros dirt roads to scope yes again what whereas it. It's. A jets linebacker Jordan Jenkins was asked how he felt about raiders running back Marcia minds when she dancing on the sideline as Oakland with the doors of the jets Sunday. It cult infuriating that the wins his actions showed infuriate the whole T that you have that divorce only splitting its city. You think you can't stand for an skills. ESPN picked up the quote unless the part of it out where he said that they probably deserve that because they got killed in the game. And Jordan Jenkins wasn't happy added tweeting that ESPN saying gotta love sports editor for not mentioning that I said that's what's happening when you lose. And also me saying that I said that's a part of football. That was that was flames once again what do you think chiefs would be like Orson. As many penalties and his Nazis ever won loans Marshawn Lynch. People here. People you I think the U he would bet that act which would weird thing was antics don't hurt anyone. He doesn't penalize him just filthy I have my Johns Ali is ban on the West Coast where. There's a report that we what. But this time of death but that doesn't count about it well obviously I'm playing awful lot of trying to block that out out of him writing that. That motorized color that really became an issue that was it that was in college doesn't count. I think something happened like that buffalo you know maybe me now out of practice you're not even looking if this. I'd I'd I I'd observant unedited edit I think he yeah I was back out now spirited out the national football I know there was this thing stands. Are ridiculous and I probably would. That when they get hammered they like to party you build I don't know with a lot ours alleged cruising around a golf cart media that. There's there's verified its just acknowledge their stars it I've actress you'd expect that the when will never forget what we're raptors came up with their names you don't get the benefit of deaths don't think we forget all of science and there while science. Governor. We do this every Monday we can't it's lowered those are submitted to choose of this week in getting to get six lives six and 3066. Did your weekend. I'm back added. But segments of the week. The hugs at that we can't hunts. It doesn't have to be just relegated to sports anywhere. In the world and city in the country what have you personals. Elect the person who sent in a couple weeks back that somebody they want somebody who needed it and they get attacked by their own line more. Like any things ended in it to its excellence has 306. People who need it's because they need it's. Over there were many this week he would. That needs them right now Randy Moss. Good lord. He look at this green suit alleges that a fist underneath to. That is if I mean you've got either got to go. That's in who's coming out I yeah of course you do I look at it believe that this is hit and him trying to. And here to the media members who will vote him in. The hall of fame and try to Wear a horrific suit like the I don't know what he's doing it that hard green I hope the paints. That's that is that is. And I ain't gonna vote for and I don't own it looks at aren't as I headed down the hall of fame voters have fired he checked but it's not easy it's not even like. Masters attested green jacket greed it's like. Didn't read it well it's got its little bit of fiber in the that it does that and we're. Shines here. As a zig the team is six 69306. Got a couple texting your weekend it's indeed it does everybody need to. We feel bad bush. Will not give an out cases. Bad they can use a little. It's. I've developed a sense that means that allows them to get physically and appropriately so but the other point. Michael. Did that. Yeah. Loads expletive it let's get started. Anyone out there note that with the New York Giants starting middle linebackers being was Calvin months. No clue I've never heard of that person in that my entire life. They note. I'm I'm kinda surprised and know that that they haven't had a good linebacker in you never heard outlets it lower sting. I. First what is evident that can't we give the rule book. To the gym coach Jerry Odom in the car salesman David Beatty. Yes is that the GOP needs of those I mean maybe there lasts the bigger. As they administered to administer look at Olympic labs and as somebody who. Also yes that lady. That lady deserves out of DC deserters that lady who had the hoods rose's score card. One AT and went in in the triple GE. Alvarez Alvarez fight that goes that that was off. Do you have week. Julio. I did good like you can lose them. And that and is that can you break. Lane. It was a political and she does not deserve a break at all oh my we cannot goes out to yeah. The Philip Rivers in the San Diego Chargers improved. At into the game blew it. Stadium was filled with dolphins fans as opposed to chargers fans how that happens in socal. A milk the feel like driving three hours to a game to lose in years the opposite team. I mean Phil rivers into our fans are favorites to Philip Rivers was down about him with a bit. It's last edited out of him as a player doesn't look at ex applicable how they do this over and no I don't know it's not like every. Ever seen and I've sever its basic at least he had time outs is that they would six the united just to build her 78 that would fix your seats cheerleader who got taken out. Less than people thought that was Jessica Hardy and a guy red believed it was not him he's. On the it is not as I've sat somebody sit there lately and a good answer what's it. But I this week is actually from the chargers dolphins game is well. I'm gonna hug too. Young way to. Be the chargers kicker no. I his dreams crushed last week when he nailed a game tying field goal only to be ice and and have the second attempt to block. And then this this game in this day. This game up in it he pushed it to the right to another field goal early on in the game he's so my fancy tic here and I'm going to. Have to cut in this week I am not happy about that. Cody but to preakness is he still needs because he had to David Johnson. It and I agree that couple on improvements in steered. Elena give to sit on spices. And Melissa. That is their list currently McCarthy. Those soon seek public about metabolism because seatbelts alone comfortable but sons Isaac came out at the Emmys in analogous let's. You've got to roll out there and everyone in the buildings left the game that would say eighties and it motorized. If it was fantastic for me. And an attitude about it off the eight it also. On movements in. Two Jason wit my thoughts. He is the card did he is it and Shane was talking about in the zone. When he pulls up and assume it's. Because that yet means a but it's beyond she. So I'd be out watched it at that that's gonna go to the beds and it was nothing that happened you know he knows it isn't it. But he is. My oats out this week. We talk about the lighter earlier it goes out to Teddy it. They sit Teddy atlas if you missed it in his prime time TV at these fight because he led to hang out and he tells really feeds us this tape. When the administrative. O'Donnell did what place. And on Wall Street does come around to put did not oversight and go nice guy content with the calm down hold it steady winds did. It's via pets to be the voice of reason. I can't do it at Smith estimates that he's that like a smoker trying to calm the Bentley and young people when the administrator. Sports space yeah. But in the annual San this Connecticut would I would like to go out that it happened with the calm down polls going to Obama. Oddly with Stephen Payne is the guy. Four it tell you that down to eighty dedicate take you pulls us even an arm Stephen A did make ticket take this man. He's been an Atlanta street lights had just been horrible what wasn't a real fight. Idiots if orderly at this current when he T one T. I would just yesterday judge appear. Coming up the best 59 seconds still in Sports Radio primarily because it's the only. Enemy.