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The Drive
Monday, September 18th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits and dive into all sorts of discussion on the Chiefs tight end.


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Good drive. Presented by don't say geez how. About Google. Guarantee and Harrison brand. I'm wearing a bit and let us know in the moment this. Lacey Seung-Jin tonight at five at all. Kansas City whatever the seeds. Win on Sunday and the homeowners. She's the best seat in the NFL this team needs of the NFL season they do so much publicity is a drive and there isn't. Chrysler producer of this thing and creator of open and it's just heard in crafting any fresh off his daughter turned into. Remember you've actually but it's quadriplegic plated golf term for him my get well mark camera on Friday at the day off. What until plume of Fallujah on Saturday so my liver to could be it could back it's good to be back out here on Monday and I can I can feel better. Well we're happy to have you back a lot Signet two in it did days it's steadily even of the biggest stories of the day game city I've been doing. That moment all my life we talk about them every day at 5 o'clock. He army. Join us this extent Sports Radio you pick them challenge sponsored by our friends over all of shoddy pizza you make your NFL picks. Tweet in you can win great prizes including holes not EEP c giving you. 100 dollars worth of free pizza makers of mobile pizza party for the sixth in sports that kind of register today. I don't know how good I would do in this because after just one NFL game done I already eliminated are survivable but you better. In this picture quality and is that you have an opportunity to take multiple teams and one of the teams that you did it correctly. Was the Kansas city chiefs of salutes you Schuster not to and on the season. And they didn't and now a little bit of crazy fashion towards the end. Kevin Burkhardt stocks on the call another solid day for Alex Smith got the go ahead touchdown drive alive with a terrific scrambling green line. Continuing to set multiple records in his first few games Travis Kelsey terrific on the field and at another not so terrific moment on the field as well the two games in its very adamant that the chiefs are in upper Echelon squad in the NFL so he doesn't finish the sentence. The chiefs are two and no because link. Oh. Well for me AME. Listen if I've got to pick one and I can give you a list of ten different things for me would have to be going on and is a rookie running back that nobody knew about lead the league in rushing. Five touchdown. He's scored so many different ways. It Obama's victory a month I've got to get that off offensive line a lot of gratitude because they'll puddles form he's doing a hell of job but the top of the list victory on. Secret weapon nobody saw common Spitzer where it goes down we did know what to expect so. Or not is my guy but I think there's there's a long list of the reason why the chiefs to win announcement is on that was well. I would say ain't he read is coaching as well as anybody in the NFL and stars are playing like solar. Of course set in eight most important she's players who's playing even at a deep level right now I Alex Smith probably deployments better than he's playing three month. I know it's just two games is as a career I doubt he played as well as Yang as. Over the next two as he has in these first two tired until I had a hundred yards negating its New England Patriots Travis Kelsey just had a hundred yards. The last game when deepens markets Peters has been fantastic doesn't jones'. And a door stars are playing like stars. Your coaches out scheming out preparing. Out accident and always everybody in the NFL ain't your stars are playing as well as they could possibly be. That's why did you can make you pretty strong argument this team is the best team in the NFL the first two games of the NFL season. I was in Kansas City seriously continue on in its. We'll say with the quarterbacks died. Including some rumors about Alex Smith and its future outside of Kansas City Adam shaft through ESPN reported chiefs will look to train Alice madness all season. This is sing about snippets on pays for more than 4000 yards and seed so announcements on his forty touchdown passes and more. Here's Andy Reid and his quarterback's toughness from Sunday. Yeah I thought Alex. Resiliency when he took some big hits there. You've rebounded. Kept playing. Like kept the guys around me. That's that's important trade. Quarterback in this league get ready only yourself that are very rapid rise up. Continue the way things are going great. Obvious some of those of those a production that I mentioned earlier settled that with tongue in cheek but we initially thought that when he came to the end of the season don't with the cheese you. In the future natural simply thought she has just released Alex. Bought it with these rumors that they're looking at possibly trying traded do you anticipate actual Alex actually putting himself in the position to be trait. I do. That right now just howl. Unpredictable. It some predict the quarterback position and as a week in week out basis are you expecting to play well. In so well that the absolute most. It had to put himself in that conversation we can argue ceiling with all with Alex Smith all day. But Smith is consistent and gives you a chance to win every single week where guys that you might argue or war. Talented at the ceiling just don't do so Flacco doesn't do that I mean doesn't do today in adult doesn't give you machines to wean. Every single week so I could absolutely see a team tree for Alex Smith. I distinctly how much money he's doing and knowing that it's fighting it's beneficial for the chiefs to cut them I just think it's he would just say well we'll wait till he clears waivers and it will negotiate with Alex Smith. Agassi that she's kind of doing what I was we're gonna do with mobile and letting him pick his destination as aside from telling him where he's gonna go. I do still olds we think you'll usually. I hope. Frustrated because he got traded and that he had a great year against city in which used to gets up the back or instead of just the guys so on is and I think you know we look. You know guys like Jeremy Maclin in other positions. Players did cut the quarterback position the most unique position or Ellsworth because everybody wants what are not very many people have won. I think Alex Smith that he plays continues to play well. What he's playing with the trade outs and that's the changed that it's he had a terrific season in Kansas City and the chief gets up Foreman retarded so he's got. Number three. It's that the rest of the AFC west but it startled look a little clips off. Made it a little bit tougher than we initially anticipated three of the four teams currently to an out with the chiefs. Raiders Broncos still remaining undefeated. I think most of us expected that she's in the raiders fighting out for the top spot for the Broncos defense on Sunday. Although Ezekiel while it's under ten yards rushing. This carries important matters little bit earlier in the show the NFL leader right now after two weeks at the end of the season and touchdown passes is. Trevor Sammy was just trees so which. That's too though the division. She chiefs fans be more concerned about is that there eaters. Is that the Broncos. For me it's clearly the raiders I'm not gonna buy into the Broncos until we see and hear on October period this at all by the Broncos and the rockets' schedule right now. That what exactly the charges at home they beat the cowboys impressively yesterday and I could take him away from there. They go on the road the bills get two more home games against the raiders the giants that there at the chart they got. Barely. Soft schedule. In terms of playing for the first five games at home so by the end of the Broncos be then. Super studs and unbeatable in typical Denver football until I see him play the chiefs on October 3 the raiders are legit period. And if if if the if the charge and have a crummy kicker. And that new guy on this to be a totally different thing we'd be talking to about the Broncos do potentially because sandy. It took him out of the wire in Denver on Monday Night Football so I think this division is clearly the toughest in football and I'm not sold on the Broncos still. I think the charges are better than they are now that the chiefs and I think the raiders of the last year some way. I think that's short change the Broncos a little bit their defense is still a leak in still one of the best in the NFL that's going to give them chains. I still believe in the quarterback this Trevor city right now leads the NFL in. Touchdown passes and has a quarterback rating of 106 point. Nine. Trevor sitting as the sixth highest quarterback rating in the NFL does anyone think that's going to exist right now. The numbers and stats or a little bit out of whack and they'll eventually regressed so the mean and Trevor city we'll go back to well being Trevor Symbian. This cared that on the tarmac until pumpkins soon enough for the Broncos are gonna win 67 gave up I'll be competitive and they'll be tough because of that defense. But no I'm not buying into the Denver Broncos after two games I'm still a believer in the Oakland Raiders I think their defense better than it was a season ago. But eighty jacks are making me Tennessee's offense isn't as good as I thought it was going to be as they struggled this week against Jacksonville Jaguars I believe it oaks and I don't believe in Denver swat hole. Very easily take Oakland. As the answer to this question enact concludes that it's four today. We can move often this really quickly I wanna talk about Alec. Smith put this question people ask insists it's funny to me because we all know the answer to this. Excellent 69306. Let's say for the sake of argument what Alex Smith wins the Super Bowl that she's going to extend him an offer. More teeple yes her like that's that's a very simple thing that. But don't have to do anything about Alice and maybe that's immediately we've done a poor job of explaining it to the Fayette. But she still has to do anything out now it's in their financial interest next season. To do something about Alex order didn't restructure his contract if they want him to be starting quarterback next season because they're not sold on homes yet but he's not free aged at the embassies. So when this horrible this season. It's just gonna come back and you'll just. Delay game Holmes for another season although it's going to start I would say at the latest in 2019. Like I doubt they stay in Alex missed Contra across of what happens I wouldn't do that even it was yet does wouldn't do without Smith. Let him play one more season and it's just financially Smart you removal from the quarterback in Indian player Patrick Holmes looks confused the argument. If you think this is the new improved out Smith but you continue to play the plane as follows. A week level quarterback play. Odds that the pilot or the five best quarterbacks in the NFL the first two games of the NFL season ticket playing like this home's gonna continue to sit on the bench. No absolutely. Yet. For fans that don't know he's got another year his deal after this year already is under contract. Guaranteed monies dobbs in content you want. Portrayed you know so. But yes if the chiefs and the sounds crazy to even be talking about this you know two weeks into the season but yes the cheese. Go to the Super Bowl or win the Super Bowl likely that's money well spent to keep out Smith here for one more year. I mean that you are really in a great situation. It outs and it continues to keep playing like this and you've got the quarterback of the future. Behind him to rule I mean what's better than that. I mean if you're NFL team win. But the one guy that you need to be successful is a great quarterback. And that she's had Alex mentally at this level for this season and you've got a guy in waiting and pat also mean the chiefs are perfect in perfect. Position if you get two quarterbacks most teams don't have law and they don't end the chiefs if Smith into the does that too. So it wouldn't even to be honestly put put it past him even if they do make it deep on the glass is still trade. Tony Gonzales seems to agree with you this is what a future hall of famers. About announcements and am Colin Cowherd. About about Alex with the way he's playing this year knowing it's the best he's ever play is the best you've ever played a suck my guys that are on there like. Patrick Holmes has posted this kit that Alex to to bring out his best. He is thrown that deep ball and I told you this before and I sit half jokingly but I'm half serious too. What is the difference between Alex Smith if these hidden is deep all the way is right now. Between him and Aaron Rodgers. What do what what's the difference now makes plays with his legs he he doesn't throw interceptions. He's so patient he's incredibly accurate in the short game but you start throw in this long ball with Alex Smith he's become in one of the best quarterbacks in early puberty. He is playing at an early level through two games he if he can keep this up this is this is announcement we've never seen. Not sold on Alex Smith and as Tony Gonzales may not as you seem to be on Alex. I still trust the sample size argument and still need to see it over time but right now in the NFL. Be number one and number two leaders for chancellor. Raiding ours QB rating in the NFL Sam Bradford announcement not Bradford only play one game he got injured. That means the number one passer rating in the NFL as Alex Smith on the argument that he's played at this level I don't think out as the best quarterback in the NFL I think over time. He will regress to the mean a little bit. But focuses more on winning plays. Confuse the argument announcement and think that over the offseason he just turned into Aaron Rodgers hombre eager Drew Brees or the league level quarterbacks that. You know to have Alex Smith. It's about that you put enough pieces and talent around Alex Smith. And Jane he may quote winning place. The quarterback we saw yesterday made winning plays. The patriots game yeah Angola in April for 386 and four touchdowns. He was a big reason why that she's won that game. I'll put audio clip for. I remember this in the game yesterday. It is the third and for the game is tied at thirteen thirteen. Smith is about to get sacked and in this. That's winning play. What great quarterbacks do and what great players do it your team needs somebody to make a play normal one that makes the play. Like two dollars and naysayers have joking a series the difference between Aaron Rodgers and a lot of other guys is. Does the one that makes the play like she is the one that can put his guys in position to go out there and while the best offense in the NFL. Like in that scenario high ball game offense was kind of stagnant the entire day somebody on the office to block their make a play on third for. Their quarterback was the one did Smith should have been sacked on that play he was elusive escaped the pressure. Ran for six Georgia eventually on that same possession to a touchdown pass to Travis LC. Which was a big reason why you won that game. I'm all about your quarterback going out there are making winning plays you don't need Brady to win a suitable certainly great to ask you don't need Drew Brees to win one certainly great to have. Super Bowl would Joseph Flacco went one with you I mean. Peter good defense a good running game in your quarterback to make big plays in big moments that's what Alex Smith did on that it'll. Smith yesterday he was to get hit a bunch got knocked around pretty good is we knew that that defensive line the Eagles gonna get there and they did and they beat them. Are rightly millionaire he was tough he was Smart he was accurate yesterday. And may make this a good waited to compare Alex Smith is what it like baseball. So. Smiths like maybe a lifetime to 65 hitter it's just hit now it is mine right now elect a 500. You don't read that's the way he's playing right now maybe that's that maybe that's the comparison and any keep doing this throughout the course of the year elbow. But if he's so more close to it. Is she gonna be really good that's a good input as he he makes winning plays he made a huge plate when he had an he's making all the routine plays well. It caught up in spectacular place. That's what lunacy we wanna see. You know Kelsey jumping from the five yard line landed in the and so that's awesome don't get it wrong. We've also make the routine plays an announcement is done that that's what the thinks he's all been really good. Not making huge mistakes making the routine plays regular wedding now he's making the longer throws and he's being accurate with those throws twos so. If he continued to bet man and I know and some in attacks on the same list and its its to its two game slowed down. And I understand and edit right in and we understand that too. And that's important I'm not a on Alex because everyone else seems to be. He's certainly playing better there's no denying that there. I just don't know the numbers or real. I mean he's yards short time right now are nine point 83 his quarterback rating is a 134. What it is a 158 point three I would. Much of this has to do me as Andy Reid said is that the clip we played from the grand dancing your interview. I'm getting the keys the Rolls Royce you can make more decisions a wonder how much of that is Alex and listen. Here's what it's called I don't like it here's what we're gonna do you want how much of that really is him. Quarterbacks you know wanna check really mean. Guzzling and their else's they wanna throw. So I'd be curious to know what role that plays in active. I mean they're often certainly looks different and they're certainly taking more chances without Smith I'm all for taking more chances with your quarterback. Does feel like to meantime the conversation around Alex Smith has been will he doesn't lose you games is certainly a good quality. Look around the NFL quarterbacks that make plays the luge the game any adult makes a losing plays for the Bengals all the time is the biggest reason why they are going to in my opinion. Which doesn't make winning plays for his team. What it for the chiefs to take the next level which I assume we all want this team to do you are quarterback to be the reason you win games. And your quarterback that cannot be a neutral all the time well you don't fifteen touchdown passes but what. If so what are your needs are quarterback in those in nine situations to go out there in theory your team to a victory. He did the patriots game now guys played well. If they offered 86 import touchdown pass and no interceptions jury big reason of why they won. Yesterday touchdown pass no turtle this big third down conversion big pass play to try to LC big pass to Chris Connelly. You went out there and you were a reason why the chiefs won games. If their quarterback continues to be that you had a change. The patriots we Saul certainly vulnerable. See what happens over the course of seventeen weeks what. Don't say you can't beat the patriots in a note to about a out there. If you play in the playoffs yet nobody can say you can't beat New England. So it. People in the you can be any team in the NFL so the chiefs have absolutely put themselves in the conversation of Super Bowl contender and being in that elite group of teams in the NFL. But we've moved past the argument of is there to your system and guardian tier one entered to. Third Cyril aren't sure what right now the question is senior quarterback elevate his play consistent enough to keep you at that level. Woolsey I don't know how did you know that two games to definitively say in the guest certainly will be seen for years this quarterback. Was up and down I would say inconsistent big time like he's been consistent but a league level play from announcement. I wanna Seymour I'm skeptical I think there's gonna be regression to the mean without an. That's fairly because that's what he's been right I mean you don't expected him that it did. It. Is average pass late deals ten yards and that's not what he does what it's always done over the course is where I get that amenities like this with those weapons. But the thing is to go LP and you lost two starters and Alan. How long mr. Morse is going to be out we have talked much about him today but if you lose your center for XP an extended period of time that's a concern of mine two yard loss your. That is basically the quarterback you're defense and are there. They've got to stay healthy. They've got you know and we don't talk much about center we don't. Talk about those guys monster the big nasty hairy smelly offensive line guys but the setters a huge part of that offense do. We actually haven't update all Mitch mores I'll give it to you next from NFL network plus. The Travis tells the experience continues to take us all for Riley debated next drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Some breaking. NN about him Bulger incident she's from Iran. It's more following MCI and CT scan no surgery necessary on his foot sprain. Just out a few weeks so that death will be tested on the offensive line due to the injury. Of mr. Morse a lot has to get an a plus the way Alex Smith is play with how Corey Hart is played. I'm a big proponent with how much money you spin on the offensive line and resources are better be able to see the fruits of your labor. You see the fruit summit this year Seattle league level quarterback play at least you have been the first two games of the season and you've had the best running back in the NFL the first two weeks of the NFL season. The offensive line has to get an a plus great. Yet they're really good and they get tested yesterday at that Eagles defensive lines so. The and so who Morse is gonna be out. Rappaport reporting a few weeks so that exact full levee in there at center more than likely and he's all of those guys to fill in and it at any position. And that's why he read likes those those. Those versatile offensive linemen to bring in because it's a folding guarding you mix in an attack of you have to do. But you've got to be able to have guys on the offensive line to come and infill because that'll happen right and and I. Playing setter in the national I don't know much about it but I never talk to will you about it when he had to fill in when he was still plan and molecular plates out of four is now never. And like it's not even like his little now lectures starting. You know Sunday is in the NFL it is now so it's. It's difficult you've got to make a lot of schools that offers a line you're talking about the the shotgun snap and a lot of different stuff to do so on the I hope that fool you can get that gig at least got a fully prepared this. No he absolutely has its time to prepare we'll see how it does. She's done a good job of offensive line again he's around about lot of town full of veteran did in the system in this locker room. There's obviously going to be a drop off but I think the trees will be fine. At that position I want to read this text because it kind of goes on line with Canada we treat drug associates to state. Athletic freak idea someone's accident Chelsea jump on the ten yard line knocked a five and securities in the break I looked it up. If you jump from the Daniel ayalon he broke the world record in the long jump sides is good at the tell you like how people perceive Travis LC there's no denying the physical traits and gifts that Travis Kelsey has. A senate earlier I changed my opinion on who the best tied in the felons. They show you know I am the biggest Bronx new love across amazed at the Bronx the best I'd ever play any of these youth soccer. I'm about to do that does this watch every game until your dolls played issues beautiful I think grunt is better than they did rock is the biggest mismatch that we've seen at his position in the NFL. So I have the highest opinion of crock just feels better than him now. I think the injury in age and the deterioration of your body in the NFL happens faster than you think it's going to ask if I think rock circle. I'd be telling him to seniors they consider retiring. Ross ever gonna be 100% healthy he would. And the ugly get healthy and playing football. You've made enough money you don't need football anymore to make money I read a story that want Disney in spin his NFL he just lives off endorsements that brought indoors at the next ten years. Rocking go do you speak into moral and we all watch gold at a TV show tomorrow. Brock can go get residency at some Vegas club and be there every Saturday night in people travel to Vegas to party with Robert house. You don't need to play football anymore. It's just obvious watcher Ron it was obvious watching every snap of the game against the chief that his body is not the same and watching the game against the saints. And I think rocket be productive in the lead yet over a hundred yards loans on Sunday he let that game with injury he was banged up in the chief's game. Does the outlook wrong body can hold up anymore that's so much of the unifil is about eight playing at a high level and being healthy dose of healthy for at. Relatively aside from the ACL injury he had his first season. He's been hope he saw in Travis Kelsey is the best hiding in the NFL or Kelsey also you know. Had that that the micro fracture situations knee his rookie year. Com and so basically sat so that's one last year where it's air you know he's a funny thing to think about that. Crossed Fauria. And Kelsey is about to turned 48 QB Tony October. On October fit in that crazy like those guys the same age but Graf has so much more aware in Tehran and if he does. It's not even close like certainly not going to be the tide in place to old age but he's. Gonna be Antonio Gates it's it's 45 years old playing at a decent level in the like that's not going to be gras what do you think they brought was injured Arizona Herbert Dolan. The University of Toledo open up and Arizona is doing radio effort for the rockets and chronicles her. No outcrop was beat up Abacha was it was a big time talent Elliott joint it seemed like college football so there's some Wear and there. You know the the deal is as a college basketball player can't stay. So when I was gonna Asia of Brock vs Kelsey blow away the they're essentially the same age I mean in three weeks skills in this image is brought for the winter tires so much less with him and I'll be surprised he had two warriors yeah no it's not even close when it comes to this that I just think at the moment. Kelsey is the best idea in in the whole thing or sees me in the. FL and I think he's better than today that a hall of Famer who might I'd feel about. But. At some point enough is enough with Travis tells. Us right when half. At some point you are the problem got reminds me of kids in school. Where it's chip it's always in trouble and you're always in the principal's office there's so many times you can say well so it's okay bother me. You always find yourself in that situation is not. Ray and like do something to repeatedly put yourself. In these situations and extract this energy towards. Kelsey has had three straight games with fifteen yard personal foul penalty. But duke could live with typical football mental mistakes. All sides also are holding things that just happened throughout the course of a game under our controllable sometimes you know that's going to happen. But a point guard can begin technical fouls that's something you can fix. The problems with. Travis Kelsey seem bitter re collectible. What frustrates me is I guess twofold news the rules are always different but somebody when your team and if they're good. There's no harm in telling Travis told seat like the chiefs of told. It is stupid but I don't work in them and read is clearly told him that this is clearly said stopping. It's three games that row OK you can do this she's lost that game and New England actress penalty. I thought there were cooked I was sure they can overcome it here's the thing at some point they won't be able to overcome all right. Visit or talk about 48 girl tied in the it's done this his entire career. Whether it's the hand gesture of the refereed a national TV. On whether it's taunting a player what whatever is all right and you've got to grow up and yesterday you know any incident. Here's the thing. You know it people the tax level were were let me have a pretty good today. Because I said he did answer the questions he was asked after again and the civil after answering the media fair enough. But you don't do that. Don't act like an eight year old and they get mad when somebody wants to ask you why you act like they are old and her team on the football field just stop it OK to stop your better than. He's a terrific talent he's a huge part of this chiefs team at some point people are gonna get sick he's basically your dollar insurance 2014. Right you're got a picture of other drill guys. You know you hit them and then the batches would clear and in somebody's gonna get a fight some that's gonna happen Edinson Volquez as got suspended you know sooner or later something's gonna happen. All right and players get sick and tired of that. They get tired I said when venture was pulled the stuff I can't imagine outscored wife is seen him do not get hurt on a contract year. So sooner or later he's gonna cost him a game he needs to grow the hell he's too good east 48 now. Was four years into his. For five years into his career now he's better than his and it because this chiefs team a game because of his mouth what he's been told to shut the hell up on numerous occasions. Then that the teacher in big trouble at some point on this he's better than. Should he should know better this easily fixable. Excellent six country. Or 06 Kelsey is upon deal with that he's a problem but he's he's a problem but he's our problem use more colorful language when did you understand when I turn it. Why. Huge bad that eight don't understand about this whole argument. The cheeks are not excusing the bad behavior of Travis told C they are frustrated with the bad behavior. To make it seem like Travis told C and I are. Taught that just tells report just like you have just like ice has talked to a I assume he wants to be a good team. He's a Smart individual. I think she dole is that his decisions hurt the team his cost him 45 yards in the last three games. Your mistakes your mental errors yourself this news hurts every body else. It's not being good teammate. No one's asking you to tone down your excitement energy and enthusiasm for playing the game and read what these guys to be patched and showed the personality. Don't be an uncle that. That you're giving the biggest pass to a guy imaginable. Like with Travis Kelsey. I don't think that she's our little bit of a pickle here is no fixing the situation and negatively section I don't you convince drivers he'll tell you can. I don't think you bench Travis Chelsea in I don't know fining motivates them. Like finding he's been fine 69000. Dollars in his NFL career. Find a new call we changed my opinion if president of the old. Changed my opinions are really nice if you paid sick and deducted 70000 dollars from that. Would change my opinion I would change my actions. That obviously hasn't so far tribes Kelsey so maybe a light classical more than a different way lately for a series. Last year. And didn't say why that Edwards either the only way you normally hit two players is paycheck and planes that's it an illicit drugs Kelsey. I only know you can't do to someone it's excellence excellence the clintons are six where were you having the same conversation last year markets Peter right here same day. Ice can attest to ice was busting its markets Peter are not the exact say that as a whole. The positives far outweigh the negatives negatives are so easily correct the bull then. Why are you not correcting a and that's what coaching is coaching allows the big party argued coach AZ sun and you read taking the mistakes of York. Employees. Into fixing them. And manageable mistakes. Making it seem like he's bonds heads or pumping out about Travis Kelsey. His penalties are not endangering the livelihood of other players like he's not. There digging unnecessary roughness penalties this dumb mental mistakes that you are selfish in hurt everybody else. 45 yards of the opposition over the last three games well almost 70000 dollars in fine money or you're a problem. And the other part of that too is in in this is based on you know what he said of the steeler game of the playoffs last year when he said he got shouldn't work that reparation mile work it. Leap in footlocker. Freaking NFL officials saw that. All right so that means every official its work that she's game is gonna know exactly were night there were number 87. Right. The upset this before umpires officials got small cup that I got some Barney five if you get a mild to them just like as will you said. They're gonna Wragge they're gonna throw the day the flags coming out. So he's not only got a shot up when it comes to that stuff he's got to do a better and cleaner than anybody else. Tax on 69306. Kelsey. Is who use he ain't gonna change. That's just denies what we know about people. All Null the guy that used to do really dumb careless things in eventually figured it out. That's Travis tells you is that's markets Peter did the same art market Peters fantastic talent but you gotta stop tenable in the Spain's. And that we make these arguments like he's football players not intelligent enough to control themselves up there on the field that word that you can play with controlled aggression that's all it's. Football is a team of playing with control aggression impassioned. The game is based on you getting it done in flying in being reckless with ore body. A certain level of tech skills he's not anymore competitive than the other guys on the team the other guys on the team managed to not find themselves in a personal foul and that's. Every single week that's. My point is everybody else you don't like him Travis LC all right if everybody else can deal. Could you think Alter it to line their boss and her tale moved the football down the field and he mouths off and getting back fifteen yards that they like that. Well each Kelsey like the little kid when they don't put your hand on the it's not out. Told you don't put your hand on the outs later hopefully the doodle feel pain. All right and changes behavior Arnold that's gonna take a really have the internal fine uncle that takes an internal. Disciplining. Of him I don't know I don't know. But sooner or later can a bike that she's in the ass so. The people on the tax on what is it welter of skills he's he's immature he's our guy Lee Malone well neat way to lose your game because of his mouth. Tex on six countries are six Peters may not change she hasn't been in this situation while there are playing football. The situation to be aggressive and make a dumb decision is they are all the time he plays quarterback. You don't think the guys catches on markets speeders and he doesn't hear anything from the other side yet but not this happens what the course of the game but more is Peters. What was with yours maybe it was losing money maybe it was being sat down and talk to by somebody that he loves. I don't know what happened. But markets Peter since he kicked the ball in the Carolina game has not had a similar issue not a personal found not a taunting penalty. He has figured out a way to Glock there and play with a controlled passive aggression you need to be a really really great player. Kelsey is a great player no denying that. What you are stopping yourself for reaching the Lex level by doing repeated dumb stuff wouldn't argue that. Are we can't have this ball all the ultimate team game everybody matters 01 player clearly puts herself ahead it's all. Well is go to to overcome no you're not know and should be above the. Team in this you've you've got little Stewart Jimmie Johnson to get that guy named John roper. Mostly been a team meeting there about trade and again and say would you what do what do trade with mostly routine odds little c'mon try skills of the specialty where he be gone by. He'd be out. Trust Kelsey is taking advantage of the fact he's brutality in the best side in the National Football League. And knows that he won't get discipline at least to the point where it not enough to change his behavior and that irritates. Text on six countries are six cans of football players play with reckless abandon all the time right. Football players don't find themselves. Three straight game with fifteen yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalties which is tells us he's clearly doing something above and beyond what other football players are doing. This in every game so far this season he's cost him fifteen yards. And get a hold play all game he cost them fifteen yards and after the game got find by the officials. And excused or try to heal these actions what he's doing is dumb selfish in the rest of the team it's not being a good teammate. I feel this way Lee. Any Reid feels this way inning you read today's press conference said the players were mad and upset about it. At some point to me being a good teammate and being a good frame if you got it it was such a boy down and tell what he's doing wrong let me utterly reckless. You gotta make different decisions like if you know friends go and on the wrong path of doing dumb stuff you gotta be able to talk to you gotta have that honest relationship. And who that person is on the chiefs would try to LC or at that conversation Adler has not happened. But it happened after yesterday's game. This is the third straight time you've had this penalty you were fine in two consecutive games you've been rejected from a game. How W got Beatty did ejected from an NFL game what you need to do it's a violent game you get it. And you got kicked out of it we're talking about a seventeen year old kid anymore. She's my age now like you gotta. Some kind of stated to just say I we like what you're doing it I think the best high in the NFL. You just got to play it was some kind of discipline and not put our key in bad situation you wanna be a good teammate right. Part of it is meaning promotion managing your emotions and playing with self control. Not doing that right now and that's a problem for the rest of team coming up next the chiefs want a seven undefeated teams doing NFL how they stack up against the competition at wrap up the drive. Plus but she's already had a top five players in the NFL at his position I was surprised I think it is let's say who necks on the drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. Exclusively and on 610 Sports Radio. This conversation does make them think how some. It really does come down so like how good players. Like I'm sure we all remember remember the end of the KUK state game when brain injury the belly up at the end game. All my goodness. You would think that heat through all at K state players who went before acting about it. The clear for a move to do and no one was playing defense anymore you drivel you let herself got really angry about him. Pretty realistic struck LC. Just the way well liked by KU fans either so the backlash in the well he needs to get its act together. Was a different sentiment. Does Kelsey what most popular players in the team final poplar players on the team to try to have his Jersey they just pay and he's going to be your for a while he is very likable. Very fallen. Best player at his position arguably subtle passes certainly regrettable is wrong like call a spade is made it is is what a day. He's taken advantage of it though that's still apart irritates me just shouldn't get away it was something does he need to you know in just because you couldn't even keep pull on the stuff they're gonna put in there like. Grow as a man goes OK I shouldn't do that. Even though liking it all right I can get away with that I can hurt my team I can do this and nothing's going to happen. Is fishy can't doesn't mean you should trust tells you should be. Innings and I think people learn and mature at a different point I mean I've been suspended whites from the repeal. I bet my check dots from doing stupid things on the radio I'm not its young have been no one's gonna tell me what I can say I'm on the radio I don't hear what they sent there but the it checks a little bit lighter and a since that more and ice make fun sprint all the time. Brought in this sad case I told you repeatedly stop doing it. I got in trouble for it in a bowl click. I can avoid these meetings and these conversations if I just stopped doing public behavior it's odd all year I just need to make a decision sort I don't know when that light comes on for everybody in different points. Let me. I hated him taking the show way so I stop doing what it took the show away and I avoided the meaning and I haven't gotten trouble since. That's always happens for what works and what I would assume that. The same thing anything happened to Travis tells you at some point don't take enough money for you you'll hear from somebody who's opinion really resonates with. Keep doing dumb stuff and eventually that was keep taking money you're talking you'll wake up and they may want I'd give it a 150000. Dollars to the NFL because of a more. Hurt first don't things. Like some penalties I can look like it's like he's he's personal battles protecting other players. Like it died just a legally hits Alex Smith and he goes over and defends a teammate. And this argument. This is taunting penalty fifteen yards. Cursing at the official did it dumb stuff like. Are you got to make better decisions like there's there's no denying that there's no arguing or justifying it attacks like questions of my thinks Chris jones' top five that is position. Certainly making it very convincing argument yesterday was dominant like flat dominate yesterday at the chips right now have. Seven guys on their team playing about as well as you can play. Alex played as well as you can play Kareem hunt. Still argue reached on that we don't play that well in the last game but after game one absolutely he's playing as well as you can play. Travis Kelsey Chris Jones markets Peters just seduced and yeah I'd have guys playing getting. Eight and lost or left and right idea swords is playing great too. And don't apart yesterday rob Parker got that that's secondary call down a little bit you know you get any Parker and swords at eagle there are silly and you know because they're there is out you know in some really really good football you know filled days that had a decent game yesterday to. Gather their two weeks man this is. This is some fun football gets you thinking about what could be. No it it it absolutely does not his conversation with ice earlier I was thinking about it. Ice is running back the only position in the NFL where you become a top five opting candidate after two games like would say after two days. And pressed one of five as quarterbacks in the NFL. We wouldn't say that about receiver who say that about quarter we say that about pass rusher. In my opinion is the best running back in the insult is right now. I think based on the numbers you can go ahead and see if he's just immediate top three top five got it. There's still Ezekiel in pistol Melvin Gordon has the Levy on pedestals so many guys that have done it consistently at a position. There's so much volatility that I already going and make that argued just think that running back is what the position where you ride the hi Ian for as long as you hand and right now it is hot. In with how he's gonna be used in the amount of touches and opportunities if he's gonna be giving in this team. Think the cream on doesn't finish while the five best running backs NFL by the end of the season but what you want to those. I think is I would put it CQL over him. And I hope lately on Delbert and I'm Melvin Gordon orgy edge or Jordan how were or some of the other good running backs over in. Or flavors of the months just like three months so right now while the flavor of the month keep ordering it. You keep buying and you keep going out there in using Kareem. Didn't changing in seven weeks he'll go down to what to say it was just too good games. And we were all just a little premature our praise of cream right now there aren't many running back I'd take this is. Is part of the issue does there remember when JH I bounced on the scene last year he had to back. To back 200 yard games we waited for about the first year for Melvin Gordon do any not a word of sports action there's an idol season and then all the so inured to these are to come along so that's why I have to look at it. In two different types of back in because it yet is the running back do you feel great about right now but as far as and saying yeah I'm raid. I look at it top five NFL running back I have to look at deposition overtime in less you have the distinction saying he is a top five medical running back right. To the running back I'll continue to say is I think you gain. You can be a good running back right out of college in the NFL. Because its annual little. Lot of the cases right. The hardest part pick up the blocking scheme that's the hardest part I think it's the easiest position to transit transition to in the NFL you can't tell me it's like that on the offensive line. Not for receiver not for quarterback not for his safety not for a linebacker but back. Here's the ball you know we are supposed to go hit the hole and go and you've got to have Ives Lisa and stake in some ability to be able to do that I would say right now actually month. Is playing like a top five back up again as I've got to see more right now and he's good. The only reason why I don't mind to that belief when it comes to running back is. The top five quarterbacks NFL hasn't changed for six years. Brady Rodgers Brees rumpled burger it's a constant we do by best quarterbacks on the legal it's easier to be to be. More effective running the clicker that I was court argument saying is what I mean is he more time yeah with running back. We change running backs all the time and we don't at the other results. At running back. We think three months top aides are crazy to think he's top final and that's oral 120 minutes of seeing them like he's been in good and he's been that good yeah it just running back the position of the ease of which you can get in the at the position just makes it a very valid argue plasma David doesn't hurt. I'd rather have cream but right now governor David Johnson that's it. No brainer that would pledge to exit the podcast basic sense force dot com also available on iTunes or steak ice for me. For loads. These events Gatti. Presented by don't think it's from the studios sixty and sports radio and the heads up for any of south.