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The Drive
Monday, September 18th

In Hour 3, the guys got back to their conversation on how the Chiefs can try to get to Travis Kelce to stop making the costly on-the-field mistakes that could eventually cost them a g game before listening back to CDot's "Lock of the Week" from Friday and whether or not he was right (hint... he wasn't). They also discuss the production from Alex Smith in the first two games of the season before CDot throws out a Chiefs toss-up that makes you think about the plethora of weapons KC has.


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This sauce. We'll probably we'll play call last drive around just. Joseph was done reports on the report card making plays making plays a moment and you know on our side and then just give our. Judge who has lived out because of breath. I felt bad for James here's beforehand. Yeah. I recommend that you should even be able wears either here you forget. Should you do work and life. I was being right next to drugs tells me send them to ninety odd poor Todd Palmer. Start and they ask questions. And the in this. But she's PR. After he said dad into. I wonder if I looked at a light. I could sit back and no doubt he was done answered questions for the day I was stressed LC last year after the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff loss. At arrowhead. Coming up. In thirty minutes we asked the most simple cease question that every chiefs fan. Is asking themselves in in ten minutes iso wants to mocked me for. Well I don't think he needs a reason the mock me not how he does so far how I've been in predicting what's gonna happen in the NFL not good. Why. Really intrigued by the Travis Hulsey debate that people are having. We just not right closure on this is what he said about Travis else. It's hard because typically that's plans that will farm out. I just think he's preached how much it. It's able to like here it forms. Eric various auction. You know energy and attitude and unfortunately. In act ED panel of each match that a lot of times each group. It helps but. If you have the arms remember that was public citizen last year or in the dispute mark excuse as I'm aware that I'd I don't know white rabbit yet figured out. I trust Ryan Lilja is football analysis. Got it it's been in meetings with Peyton Manning a guy that hate meaning personally called to come out of retirement to beyond his offensive line. So I trust his a valuation. All of how to handle locker room and how to handle player I'll play one more cut from Ryan Lilja talking about the personality of Travis tells. The guys super super competitive. And you put them in a game situation and eat that's what you can yeah you can get the worries you mean the liquid. It's that I was low on played that way. Away from him if you don't be excited when you are and that would be a different story with this guy by all accounts it. He only celebrates with teammates or so urged once he can't. You know you can even the kid out there playing games is where we are right now. That's how I feel about Ryan. Once that can use my position all in Travis Kelsey but sometimes we treat these straw man arguments and no one's making. Everyone agreed that the positives of trendy Chelsea outweighed the negatives. Bonds has worked. He's repeatedly getting suspended he's not endangering the health of other players on the field these are happening with Travis Kelsey in the big scheme of it are very minor things that are happening. But the firm believer of in the ultimate team sport everybody has to carry their weight. In this the are not typical mental mistakes that happen. All sides faults are holding things that are just going to happen throughout the course of a game. This is take your self control issued a sex or set it perfectly people are confusing self control with passion. More passion does a violent game that you have to play with passion in my opinion to be a leap at. So going out there with a passion it takes to be a great NFL player and how well they're. But the compares he makes and markets Peters is a perfect one. Markets Peters played with that same passion and lack of self control points someone got two little ones. All of those he read I don't know it was just use opens aired there I don't know it was Johnson had no clue who was that eventually got through to market beaters. But it hasn't been an issue anymore. In the last three games that she's a played he has cost them 45 yards of dumb penalties. That's what did you beat at some point. Puts you. In negative situations it instead of having authority to recreate a borrowed an eighteen because you do something dumb and have to punt the ball that takes points off the board. That's all I want to eliminate which Travis Kelsey. I'm all with a dance at a mall or you have been on and go out there is now made it easier than probably any time afforded yourself. You can shoot the the ball like a basketball. And have all the fun of the world it is a game in the and other. But to play with control you got a good discipline and you got to play Smart right now he's not playing Smart at times what seems very easy to affect. It's not that it's a very fixable thing is keep Russia. Right in in that in that moment when you're mad at you wanna say something you would've fired up to tonic guy wanna get rent space you shut up. All right or have a teammate grab them which they should even have to do you skills he's not 2122 at least one night. So he should know better and that mingled talked about to add on last hour on. Was the fact the marked man all right tell me every reverie your average issue the NFL didn't see him say number 51 should be able. Bleep and work it footlocker. Is she that so there look at four. He's got a track record he's got a history he's that kid right he's that kid and schooled his BA it's in detention a lot so he's the guy you know you gotta keep an aisle. All right so that's what he's become your program lets it be pro love the passion love the way you play. And I'm with you he's the best ideas in the NFL right now and the and eighties as athletic. I mean the stuff he did yesterday it was unbelievable plays with passion wants to win loves being achieved love being against I get all that. Sooner or later fifteen yards because he game all right so so for the fans that are on us about being critical of trapped skills today is quite. Wait till toss again because eventually. It will if he does it changes every part of this too is it to tell you does Olivia asked about it after game stock deal. The problem goes away. I mean we saw the interview before the Thursday night game about how Andy Reid went to Albright and and wanted to be captain in and be more responsible. And want to do and in enabling the same stuff. He says one thing he does another. That's what a little kid does you say what you need to say. To get out get in trouble in the you don't change your behavior change your behavior before you cost his team a game. This don't really really good football game and as our football team as a as a chance to be really special this year. Don't cost him game by being in an uncle. What you said just a little bit ago I think is the best appointment. Hey it cost you fourteen yards and it hurts your team's chances of winning. I committing dumb penalties and not hope you'll before so much don't do that. And when it comes to. The coaching and all that but a yours too tired of it. How many times you've seen Indy Reid's so animated on the sideline I don't remember to think of the time in team the city that he's been so animated. But she's done pretty dumb things on the silent in markets Peters capable lesbians one time the next time was told to stop doing it. Dick and ended at the next game against Carolina after a Hague fumble. So we've seen the mental mistakes and mental Ayers in just a lack of self control and awareness from sheen's players. This time Andy Reid seemed very subtle with it came off is very parental to me it came off like. We talked about this time and time did you told me I'll be more accountable. For the first game of the NFL season. NBC sports runs this whole package about how he's more mature and how he's learning from his mistakes and it goes commits a dumb penalty but it the last three games he has had a personal foul call and cost them forty. Five of you all hearts. He's a captain on the team he's talked about being more accountable and having more self control and being more aware but you gotta stop doing. Dumb things that hurt your team. The he's just don't hurt you they hurt everybody else part of being a good teammate is acknowledging that and correcting you or actions despite how much you might personally feel and that. It's hard to consider yourself a great teammate if you repeatedly put your team. In bad situations this is another former NFL player bill lost. It's renewed questions how do you handle someone who was so talented but keeps making the mistakes tribes Kelsey. The higher in page it is ready for track was chosen to forego that the mature trips just exit here. Look at the tired of gas that it censored yesterday actually in I. We never had any of the other team like and like you cover. Apology changed as you or gesture of mobile content GO. And checked Johnston of the Cincinnati saying look in this thing and the players it is it bother because it secured here's the deal. Everything you're trying to accomplish as a team. It's thrown out the window to those individuals from trying to make shelves. And it shall everything trying collectively be to be calm and as you've seen in the world. These sort of dwindle to wouldn't individual ones and make your shelves in Tokai aero you're right. Cute about it what that penalty in this week. Turned the game he ultimately. Very well could turn the game and it is fault but they've lost that. He found a way to beat themselves out of his mr. But until it happens and it's also. And it's it's really currently exceed that target target aren't so what does happen is gonna have also suspected support. And that order constituents and realized that devastation. Billion U write because I was out of the game yesterday in the crowded and everybody had the same type of reaction like usually when it he's a player does something it's okay because they place for our team. But yesterday's reaction to the Travis Kelsey they were well fails aggravated bit irritated not ever remember that being the reaction. For one of our guys you don't say like like to the 170000. Fans like I do enough to stop acting like a child out there on the field. Yes they got after drew you you know it was kind of cute gamers first couple years what would your. At this stage of the game you're looking for with the tour or should. Position all the person. Locate the city's great big looking watched threat that struck years watch them roll. Welcome corruption doubtful it let it get ready for a signature. That still. It's it would hit his pinkie that you that you're gonna outgrow right and then. All the sudden they're nine years old when they're still suck on the bomb right that's what Kelsey don't. Yell go man. You know we talk a lot about on the show about what it exactly is a distraction to a team. And I think it. The definition is different probably every single team to me this is a distraction and I'll tell you why. These things this week. As the chiefs get ready for San Diego they got to deal with this injury that's been part of his week dealing with this. Veterans on the team after spend some of their time dealing with this that's a distraction. And it's such an easily at least it appears to be leased for most people such a fixable issue. This is a distraction. It's a very easy very fixable problem with Travis LC that again I don't want people to confuse the argument. No one is arguing at the positives and negatives outweigh the positives Travers Kelsey. Is a great player. What part of being in a team like almost just say it is being able to put everybody else ahead of yourself. I repeatedly getting personal foul penalties and making it about you. You become a target for the other team because they know how to get too emotional how to get you to react. It's just dome it's not winning football not Smart football it's not good football and it's some what you have to figure out what I'm a firm believer. For most of us the light comes on at some point that I was called the scar face moment like it was obvious and scarface and it was clear he was moving way too fast is boy was trying to tell the stop he wasn't listening to him like he would. He had reached the point and overturned by the tigers and stuff but when you know you just reached a crazy point. Kelsey this is the point to me. And you've got hold your coaches yelled at to have fun and everybody is third personal foul penalty in a row what are you gonna do. What's the decision here. I don't know of another meeting is they have between him and Andy Reid if it's Brad Childress if it's and other veteran on the team. Something needs to happen like you can not continue to cost fourteen yards in fuel position. The way that you have. Travis Kelsey up next there's a debate that at least for now has indeed in my mind that's what that is next drug. The drive presented by those cities from the VD electric eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up and sing man it's a very simple question that every she Spain is asking themselves. Today and I have a toss them. That has no wrong answer. Saudi with that is in just the bid but is always the show with his propped up. They hate on me. I don't know how to back I don't know I've done expect out of that doesn't either one of you that you guys just go in search. Out these opinions intakes that I use here front Helm intra like how well is it. You heard the great I want hosts on my kitchen he's the sign I mean you listen on the you know I don't know all I know is I work so hard to try to give the listener. This incredible content which I'm grateful enough to get to the audience for so we're here to giver. Enough to get to the certainly entertain. May not be right I think is trying to bring out the tax break it down about as. Bringing down about something it's not a question of bringing you now you'll. Just have to bring some added adding that it was in here Friday so I wanted to bring an end it now to get his attention to. It's just been truthful if you're where it's an honest should go to try to present you know correcting. Logical information in insanity where you're at you're your buddies also yeah opt for a great cause but it. The problem about the shows and that is that. We tend to say things in. In radio and I need to be held accountable for the things said Calatrava skills. Beyond traps tells you social actions and his remark to see we have to hold parcels that singing stand seeing the Travis Kelsey de shields. Turns. What does that signal back to Friday. I care Anthony's given away ticks left in ride in. Aching survivor picks that. Arnie able to survive the animal dead in week two of the NFL. But he when he tells the listeners that something is going to be a lock. That's something you've that he says from his all the scandal right to the paint. It's to be more seats in this is what he said on Friday about a certain she. Maurer and beat down but this is not lock of the week. Every Joe's gonna have at least a hundred yards against the Philadelphia Eagles. I don't think Eagles match up very well with the chiefs defensively. What really to use their quarterbacks now withdrawal start eating out. Jalen mills razzle Douglas. Patrick Robinson. Decks and McDougal. Said it would lock. Now we talk to Therese Taylor earlier and I do respect the fourth set in of the Philadelphia Eagles I think they'll be able to get pressure or in the Alex Smith once he gets the ball magazines are these guys covering Tyree till now put me down for at least 800 yard day sports I refilled. Take that went to the banged. Maurer. I hope people and take it to the bank. The ticket at that whole bottom left in the bank. It's unfortunate and if by. It got five touches 49ers 49 yards and had a lot is not a hundred now it's 51 less than a guy. Getting to say mr. Adams Ayres I admit Travis tells it as misspoke. You know how loud I Travis Kelsey. That's diamond. Obviously you guys all don't happen this season enough year optically. Connected. I as does not just over a hundred. It. Did you see you also speak. And do you you're basically being trapped skills here not being accountable for your match that's it I admit treasures you'll see you're not you're blaming the media. You know that can listen to see how big guys you named tyrant title it got Travis Celtic I can we complain a game called don't. I mean you know it happens. You know it happens single count own you don't finish what happened. About the media. Because it's a it is one on the spot in the end it's about the ball into that you've just not commit the penalty you explain it to me just doing. You know and among its us and the kid don't be sorry just don't do would you view him as fair but that's all I need drugs apology I don't need this going to be better just do it and thought you gotta do they won't get asked to pick it up try to LC. I think I have officially. Officially come onboard with this not I'll. And I don't do. I don't grudgingly. But I think tribes Kelsey is the best item in the unit. Now if you gave me dropped or Travis Kelsey I would pick tribes tells. What does Chelsea did you on the touchdown every jump from the odd yard line. I don't want to do anymore. This is more McGraw point that a tribe tells you point it had a second before this is not like a candidate ninth and all of a sudden in two games are now drastically change my opinion on drugs else. McGraw has done what I'd done I mean from a physical stand point. I think he's going to battle injuries every single week. Don't think we will ever see fully healthy Rob Gronkowski and LT gras is the greatest tied in to ever play in the NFL in my opinion. I'll never gonna see that anymore I think it best you see 8085%. The first two games we see new ground this season when he supposedly healthy was game one of what I thought he clearly was different after he tried to dive in and make that catch from Varian didn't catch it. The way he got ups all the way he walked off the field I it's obvious that the injury took a told him in that situation. And then watching double and saw it against the saints the speed is not there anymore he slowed it up the way he walks. The ground should retire. Rocks advertisement pure health simply. Can do a lot of things rocket go work any media outlet that he wants to. Rocking get some residents in Vegas and have the greatest party that you've ever seen before I get paid a lot of money just to be Graf. Put rocks body to me is discreet football's over for you. And so much about football is being healthy and available. There right now the best side in the NFL is Travis Kelsey he treats the biggest the biggest mismatches for teams and he's healthy so the argument doesn't exist anymore to me. Kelsey the better tied in the rocker cows used to. You've got to be on the field a crock got hurt yesterday he gets hurt all the time. Yes it's tough like you can't. You you can't have an impact if you're on the training table without it the little stuff he gets grimy what he said today I'll be fine I'll be back out there. The guy eat he looks like. It looks like a robot. With a brace the estuaries and on his arm to I think strictly from a health standpoint. Is that trap is Kelsey is the best night. What he's not running his mouth at officials were tonic. Now if it. Get a jacket you know in fifteen years you know get it and Jack could put it we can't get him bonds if it didn't get that stuff cleaned up on what. Tex on six entries are six spread please read this period was. China's Chelsea but dropped just caught six catches for a 115 yards in a touchdown this week had a sixty yard touchdown I was done. I think growth even like this can still be a top five tight in the NFL. Crop is going to hurt at some point this season and missed substantial time. I don't want brought move on and think that that guy is healthy. Like it is just a matter of time I'm a believer in the NFL it's a body lets you know when it's time. Bryant's body is screaming it's over. All the surgeries all the injuries all the time missed. Like she is tight end Steve McNair receiving there was her every single week in it was just obvious again I think 80% rump. It's still a fantastic player showed yesterday I agree it's it's the saints' everybody has a good off its biggest site I'm not gonna knock his day. But grounds bodies on the the best fight in the NFL the healthy is the young version. Estrada's Kelsey right now I know what that's enabling I am the biggest opponent dropped that their race I think rocks and rays tied in to ever play wing he's healthy. And he's not healthy anymore I don't know if you can beat that same dominant force consistently like he used to. I mean this is this an eight year he's played in both games got hurt yesterday. Later they came last year fifteen the two previous seasons seven and 2013 112000 well he has issues with health men and just watch try skill Kelsey is so much more athletic than Barack is right. Up to bigger and he's a beast but brought can't. Freaking high jump for seven yards and score a touchdown and it brought did that rock who get hurt crops used to be able to it is. While you with the senseless isn't because you knew the matchup problems that he that he posed no one could stop that you can stop this ground you can you can stop the chase did it. In the physical play us all from Travis Kelsey jumping from a five yard line and tied in the NFL can do not Jordan reed. Not Delanie Walker receiver that can't do that I mean that is just an amazing. Athletic play there again I loved wrong as much as anybody knows. I think that rock when healthy is your best offensive play in the NFL with not a quarterback. What it is over for that are still really good draw it's not a drug that we used to have that you has got passed up. That age and injuries catch up to everybody not to growth and easy at a earlier age but clearly drunk is not what used to be up next. These simple question that every she Spain is asking themselves. I ask you next Woodruff. The drive presented by don't sixteenths from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Exclusively on 610 Sports Radio. Coming up at ten minutes my cheese sauce up. That all makes you think but I'm not sure thing has a wrong answer or not will get to that momentarily. But since all of Famer first ballot zoning and solid very high on the quarterback you're teensy Jesus was him more power earlier today. About about Alex with the way he's playing this year knowing it's the best he's ever play is the best he's ever played a suck my guys that are on there like. Patrick Holmes has posted this kit that Alex to to bring out his best. He is thrown that deep ball and I don't do this before and I say it half jokingly but I'm half serious too. What is the difference between Alex Smith if these hidden in his deep all the way is right now. Between him and Aaron Rodgers. What what what's different now makes plays with his late. He he doesn't throw interceptions he's so patient he's incredibly accurate in the short game but you start on this long ball with Alex Smith he's become in one of the best quarterbacks in the league you are. He is playing at an early level through two games he if he can keep this up this is this is an out with we never see your. Hi I don't go and what's called down just to speak just as it. We play this last week and I do it's golf that a little bit now are two weeks maybe I was wrong. When your turn guarding gone through the driver trailing just cringed and got no idea as well again. And then you get the point you're eight. You know CNN at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock. Be safe so that's kind of what you do with a quarterback you teach them and they start off pretty had a kind of human freedom and and you're controlling most of the action there. As far as what freedom they have at the last scrimmage has changed place. And they just get to a point where you go you know what he's got the keys in the car and the longer they go goes from. A beat up his sixties model to then pretty soon you're you're driving the Rolls Royce and so that's he's at that point in his career now. But I saw the debt because I said after four years and eleven seasons in the NFL what you need to see differ from out Smith black and it. That's all it does look different. They're certainly taking more shots downfield like the more encouraging things yesterday was the long incompletion entire region. Tyree till she's really hard to do. You at least a shot downfield. All of that first series that double move by Travis Kelsey was a thing of beauty well executed well thrown ball. It'll long pass on the sideline to Chris Connelly. There certainly. At least right now appearing to take more chances and throw the ball down field. Outlast the very simple question. Are you buying this new improve it Alex Smith. Or do you need to receive more. Humble and I'm not gonna go with Tony G and say you know. He's basically Aaron Rodgers right now and I'm not I'm not go on that I don't IBC Alex Smith does now that archer all right. He's not Aaron Rodgers but great football right now. And EEE doesn't have the artistry to throw the deep ball. Like Aaron Rodgers but he could throw a deep enough right in the go downfield more and in this she got. The chiefs really had. Weapons like they have right now since house has been here. I don't like you get a bird Tyree to yeah Kelsey Pickering. I mean those are three. At least two games into the season you're like okay. Out got some toys you know and he can do some things. I disagree. On this and are referred. I'm not buying it yet because I think the stats and the numbers are very wacky. I am a sample size any regression to the mean believer. Alex Smith right now in the NFL is just in passing yards. I would think that's going to hold up. He's second in the NFL in passing touchdowns. Does anybody think that's going to hold up. We could see a new and improved Alex Smith. Just not gonna regressed a little bit as your second in the NFL touchdown passes with 38. Announcements on 38 touchdown passes this season let him let him pace right now like fifty years of their yeah I mean something ridiculous I just think he progresses to the mean a little bit. I am encouraged by the winning play is that I've seen. And the ball is taking chances down the field or winning plays the play makers that you have. The play on third down were started for you avoid the sack in you run for burst down which will eventually do a touchdown pass. Those are winning plays. If anything I think my confidence right now if we're gonna argue sample size my confidence is an Andy Reid in the guys around. I have been a firm believer of this without Smith they do have a quarterback like Alex who we agree isn't going to consistently make those plays an air Roger's level. Urgent and as main part is humanly possible. You've given him a legitimate number one wide receiver when the fastest guys in the NF. You've given him eight top five top ten offensive line and not good enough to rank up in the lines but opens a lot of certainly good enough no argued all the lies incapable. To get them a a legitimate number one wide receiver you've given him a legitimate offensive line. A top five running back at least as of today in Kareem hunt in the best tight in the NFL. He doesn't lack for weapons would like more weapons were elected and Abbott a legitimate number two wide receiver a light at Jerry Mac was so what team west two touchdowns this season absolutely. But the cheats do not lack or weapons and options announcement does not lack for support whether cosmic coat weather comes from the play makers. So like this level and Alex is based in the parks around them. You have everything you need good offensive line good running game good passing attack in options to throw the ball to. I just believe in this team I believe in the scheme I believed in the coaching of it I believe in the individual talent they had in. The defense. That I think is encouraging at least two games and again I'm with you on the sample size two games in Italian I buy. Outs man. Is third in yards per pass tan and he's only third because Sam Bradford played one game. All right so he got like 22 fewer attempts. Alex net yards per pass attempt is almost 109 point three to obviously gonna regret yet. More than likely absolutely. It would be identical Debbie crazed premium meter race I would make a olds that 07 Payton made you forget it touchdown pass like. The seat on the use that knowledge and a lot has the big plays today they reeled off a New England as well but they are taken more shots right. And I'll be curious to see you are really really good running game and and and the emergence of auriemma does for the passing game to. So on at least for now buy into comedy about who's. What a credit here I have no idea is the pat on staying behind him is motivating him I don't know if it's. The fact he was to get another job next year somewhere. It's essentially a video resonate for his next job next season when that she's got him. I got out there is key player in this way because this is far. Like this is legitimately. For unflappable lot with those kind of weapons Alex Smith being out there. I think you know what Alex Smith is at this point that'd been to meet with Alex it's some numbers base like I don't know bituminous bull with a quarterback polish are gonna have an all time defense like continues to be Astrid. What's gonna have the Broncos defense a couple of years ago I don't know do you want out the ball with a cord those fifteen touchdown passes. Like that it's a numbers based day it's a quarterback driven league in which the better quarterbacks their team in the cream rises to the top. You can win with a quarterback play you've gotten the first two weeks regressed forma. How does not gonna go fifty touchdown passes and see he's going to throw an interception and make mistakes at some point. That's why continue to say is about making winning plays throwing the ball downfield to tie retail is a winning play. Challenging teams down Pugh with Chris Collins at what a schism is a winning play. Dumping the ball off to Kareem on. Is they winning play at 134 using your legs in an escape ability to avoid a sack in create a first down for your team. That's what wins playoff games that's what gets you to the symbol the difference is the defense and you have 34 elite players on defense even with the aired bear injury the day it's gonna be solid in his going to win you war games and is going illusion. In the biggest argument I've had for so long about Alex Smith did you want a quarterback goes out there and makes plays to help you win the first two weeks of the season he's done that. He's met a lot of them on the terrific at least thus far you know and L and you know. She say this validation. Every Monday with that with wake and bake and they go crazy. I think it went without Smith and that you deeply Alex Smith that being said. You know he missed a regular a couple of times that Pittsburgh play out he's not missing guys at least the first two weeks in the season. He's not doing so on if we did. This Alex Smith the majority of the season. This chiefs team is going to be really really good shape now getting all the road to San Diego this week. Which I'll league is going to be as he is excuse me LA thanks nice. It's a San Diego. Unbelievable right yeah. It's gonna take you want you to ride but on. Yes I mean if it's going to be tougher but it's Smith this got the majority terrible we see the first two weeks she's in great shape. Up next a tossup that no matter how you slice it is a great benefits of the chiefs we get it that next address the prize presented by don't think it's from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Then it's coming up at 5 o'clock. Top stories of the day fitness and got a feeling they'll be very chiefs century. What seems to know and I think she's the best team in the NFL I I did my way. Weekly thought stolen the weekend football and I've achieved as my. Number one team in mind very very light NFL power rankings I have the chief's ball by the Oakland Raiders as my one to the AFC west. A very competitive vision obviously power rankings don't mean thing in the chiefs and Broncos ours in the raiders all play each other at least two times this season suit happens if all those he made the playoffs if they plates of the playoffs but I think right now with the chiefs in the way they defeated enemies are just took down a New England Patriots. I think the Eagles are good team I think people of kind of oversold the Eagles. I think there 89 win football team but that's a good team that you play in Philadelphia that poses a matchup problems whether it's at the quarterback position or with their defensive line that. That's a good win I don't wanna solid tibia later this week and hope you beat a good team. I think with the level of competition how the chiefs of look I've been achieved had proven to be the best team through in two games of the NFL season but he's David she's a best in the league. So to me based on what we see for two weeks and you know the patriots seem to be getting less healthy with Gruntal and down. Yesterday I don't know how bad is he said he going to be okay. Mean if you're that brought your of that settlement in doing what I mean sooner or later Tom Brady can run out weapons. You know so. That's just the way it's going to be on AFC west of me is fascinating get three teams that are. That are to go and help San Diego so the Broncos down to the wire and Denver on Monday Night Football week one so this divisions going to be why. I was of this tossup as I was driving in today and I'm curious orange you guys opinion on the think. Is the third best option on the chiefs' offense tossup plague of we had to rank the three offensive weapons that the chiefs have. How would you rank it as starter because oddly enough I think the answers Travis Phelps. He's the best tied it in the NFL that's the third optional when your offense. I'd rank it tyra till conniving he is the most unique player on their team this size. How fast he is in how we should stay Mitch on a mismatch and matchup problem for everybody. I think retire regionals there best weapon on offense. Second is Fremont who right now was the third best running back in the NFL you can argue the first I'd still give that Susie Q Elliott in Libya Belgian based on what we saw last season especially with bells track record. But Kareem hunt is I think proven to be at least a top five running back in the NFL. And try to tell you get I think is the third best RC and the best side in the NFL. But that's a deep I think this team is with offensive weapons at the compliment I think the answer is Kelsey but I think there's the sound arguments he made for all three. Yeah I'm I've I start looking at the Steelers it's a really really good question. It Kelsey Hill like those are but that's cured that I would he'll win it again the sister to two weeks but when running back and and and a player like. Kareem hall an easy catch the football of the backfield he can break a big run. He can retain his balance and push his way into the end zone like he did yesterday that changes everything for everybody. But we due up and running game with a guy like three month. The defense got to take notice and every single play. Travis Kelsey too because I think he's such a matchup nightmare for everybody I. He is as light ease up as athletic as a wide receiver but he's at the body of the tie in. And then third Argo Tyreke you know but again I mean they can all tied for one really mean that that's how good those three weapons are right. Not agree that's what I was saying I don't know if there's a wrong answer that really makes you think about how you rank them ultimately it doesn't matter the role in the same Tina and yeah it's not a big deal I just. To me goes to show how deep this team is offensively at the top it I would say how dependent they are on this like we reached the point that. It's a real missed a substantial amount of time out of this he makes the play well for them to think about how about Freetown when Jerry Mac and cut. And Spencer ware went out and our look at the three guys you hear me that still worries me bill I think I'm just a little bit different when it comes to you but what I. But to be as good without Jerry Mac or Spencer where I think it would be that good putt and I think it's a little bit of samples that right now. Ellis at the five best quarterbacks leading you have the best running back in the NFL you know in every chills what. Fifth in wide receiver regardless he's liable he's your options are just like so far behind in grade do you give Alex Smith and A plus you decree on an a plus every kill you plus. And Travis Kelsey that you have all those guys are gonna play at pretty much the ceiling on what they can play they're gonna be a pretty affective office. I think the belief in Alex Smith. Is largely based around those three guys and how talented this team is at the top. Few teams can match the high in weapons that this team has bet the barrel and zone achieves absolutely. I think Atlanta's offense is better I'd still take green Bay's offense I would still taking New England Altman's over the trees but I didn't name better Austin's is thinking of the city. How many teams you think you match up with you. Defensively you're gonna have those kind of weapons like you got to do the stuff about tyra kill it at that that's the job. Against all three problem. Now like that's gonna have a good day whether it be Tyreke Phil's gonna have a good day impeaching 400 yards with a wrist I was Kelsey catching 400 yards he did against the Eagles. Ort Kareem it's gonna beat you whether it's actionable or running the football pick is peachy when so many different ways and at the soft until line's gonna continue to protect Alex and play the way they are. This is one of the more well rounded offense in the league. Albert Wilson of like the way they used him to be out Wilson Chris Conley in doses can really ditch. You know me the respect that shovel pass yesterday were I thought. Now the double rules and all. You know. They said that played great so. It you've got to depend heavily on girls as your number two probably in trouble. But if you're getting is in the way that she should use him as a number three or number four guy. Or five option in the chief's office just eat bright. That's just scheming coaching to me camera practice down during the game as I was gonna get ready for the shall writing notes down. The chiefs offensive scheme and how they get guys open they create match ups the second and I'm like that's what great coaching news. Great coaching is finding mismatch is on the field and taking advantage of like it's clear that the chiefs on that first drive. Works as well prepared for. You traded a mismatch at Travis tells you a linebacker double move over the top forty yard gain. They came out with a clear arbor and it's a target Travis Kelsey three targets on the first like to play design and scheme and execution. It's just second to none that threat out lost the satellite receiver Chris Connelly. Like it with this all that's how they keep guys off balance they are to find ways to make it work like this team have always argue why team should you shovel passes more often. But the way they're using motion and shovel passes and Smart missed correction. Which which I retail and in Fremont. I just how do you defend with how many different weapons and options they can do in the speed and how all those guys just treat their various mismatch problem. Great job of getting. Yeah you're you're so focused on hall Kelsey and Tyree kill an all a sudden you get out Wilson I'll give him in this match secrets coming down the sideline to. Really with the exception of Kelsey get penalties are very little complain about this team the first couple weeks in a teases here you know and there's that as a hard time buying into this team being this good over the course of the entire season. I'm sure that can happen. And and they got off to a good start and and they got a gravy went right out of the date against New England team that we didn't think the least most people didn't think we're that there are going to be. 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