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The Drive
Monday, September 18th

Hour 2 began with a visit with the HOF'er Denny Matthews before the guys discussed a concession stand toss-up and went around the AFC West. They then talk Chiefs with Ryan Lilja for his weekly visit and end Hour 2 with Fanning's suggestion on how to "make boxing great again."


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Ultimately for the royal not to hear very loud noise. Narrative. And open to deep right field and a twenty dollar bill you go to Los Vegas. Denny Matthews. Is back. Paul Goldstein royals broadcaster. Gary different computer with the. Oh no this is terrible her best pitcher in the rotation could put him on the disabled list of worries this guy. Beautiful game for. Stones and every. For the tour only two win again. Voice of the royals since 1960. Guys are hall of fame broadcaster Denny Matthews begins his 49. Season with the Kansas City former standout hockey player. Number the fact in my mind if I think there's maybe a little. Surgeries likely unavailable on Twitter made no more golf we have whether Denny Matthews. Here hide on the drive. It was blue screen yesterday was the eighteenth anniversary. Of that movie being in the future school fund that's about my life blue streak was the first who never went to those who feel about myself. Yeah friendly to go see blue streak and if I disabled by almost five favorite. I'm a lovely tree gang colors we mean by yourself like that nobody else no note on the well is it OK guys that my parents let me see them myself and I. Was a big fan of Lucia and it's really really fun have you seen it I have not had not seen blue streak and it is more awards is funniest movie aside from life which is just and I'm it was great that. That's my tournaments that remark warrants are like that was too I like who's this is something about blue streak at the lines and in his right I'm a big fan of blue streaks I appreciate. Hi is making that today's pop quiz ice really quickly what's the feeling old photo Beckham if you add him in your fantasy lineup today because Chris Carr who knows them fairly well. Thinks he's going to play today. Adam shot there hasn't confirmed yet I trust his wisdom as much as anybody's when it comes to NFL reporting but he still is the second best wide receiver in the NFL. Usually tend to be a little bit more conservative the nice part is that you at least know. Going into this game whether or not what you're here to whine of situation is going to be how much you're down and how much her up. So if you need a miracle and nodal back in the scheduled to play that you can absolutely feel free to play because your party can lose anyway. So you muscles around out there but if you're if you're winning and you're just look at reload the more conservatives and nature. You can go with the Brandon Marshall or sterling Shepperd someone along those I was always the Smart roll the dice and someone like him because if he's healthy he had a strange cat those teams see that where he's gone out and he's played not 100% he's given you not so you can really go either way. And display I mean that's probably a pizza partly. If he plays poorly anyway. Looking into the job right now is digging man he's 49 years all the same voice has been the voice of your Kansas City Royals he's brought you buy in BP electric heating and cooling it's always good to talk to Danny Danny. How you deal accident. Perfect Kerry can I assume bread traditional. Patrick FitzGerald. They always happy to talk to you let's start with this were down for the last few weeks of the Major League Baseball seasons what question would you like to still see answered by the royals team as we close things out. Well just see how they close things out there concluded and you gotta keep competing and everybody is. I think to the task in the understood the approach and they'll compete until via the final game in the final out so look. That would be great because so it's been tough here in some ways and education those guys are playing great bill that they'll work in turn their checkbook. Jenny if you had to go back and someone asked you what went wrong for the 2017 royals what would your answer there. Well pitching that's always the case almost a 100% at retirement starting rotation and bullpen and we talked about so often with. The cute guys and you know that in. Here's the starting rotation isn't consistent than the team will not be consistent. In the bullpen has not been. It was and how could you over the list territory years so you have to anticipate that a little bit with not a significant upward. Yeah yeah we're talking about Jay Jonas I think after had a couple really good starts in. And and they carriage and made askew like OK when do we know if it. Jonas is legit use not get about fifteen starts fifteen appearances but he CN opted to get a really good feel for. What kind of pitcher this guy can be the big leagues. Well I think he can be worker this guy in your starting rotation that he still unproven. I think fifteen to eighteen starts a consistent version through that stretch of time I think continues to throw strikes and be effective uses defense. I think he's got a decent feel for what he's trying to do quite. Markets that he could be a very. Valuable guy he could be your rotation. Right now talking to Denny Matthews 49 years being used in the hall of fame voice of McCain's heroes. Did you ever ask you this question all the years that we've taught you buy into the contract your theory. There's a belief in sports that athletes will play. To their capabilities are as well as they'd seen in in their free agency walk year do you sign up to that theory. Well I think it's an individual saying the motivation behind each individual what he's trying to accomplish. There's something to that I mean it's human nature if you are going to be appropriate agency and you want to approach that is prettier picture could I possibly can. To your agent to prospective buyers so pure I think it's human nature that took place. As well if you can within the team and slept on the really good players do that. And I think we've seen that on the royals this year so yeah I think it's human nature and I think there's a lot to that and you're gonna look at I think anybody that's coming into their free agency is. Which could be triggered a little bit in the lineup. In the line with that theory with Eric Hosmer who was obviously played fantastic this year is the one of the better players and all Major League Baseball. When you look at him do you think he's at his ceiling of what he can be this season or do you think there's another level of what Hosmer can be. He's put the Brothers as well as we expected and I think he has achieved just about what you would expect. Other himself individually not from the team and board that took yeah he's done very well I think he has learned a lot. He knows. Adapted his swing. From early in the year I think that people when he was really scuffling. I think he's really learned a lot about until this year so he's in pretty good shape right now that. He's very very good player he's a great clubhouse he's good defensively. He's Smart player that's pretty national practice director. What's your sense and cause potentially staying Kansas City. That's impossible to say because I don't know what teams are gonna come after them what their needs are. What they're parameters are with regard to money offered. We we don't know any of those things so it's very hard to answer that question there are teams out there that would permit a playwright has now why not. That it needs it's money. Is the motivation of the player. As far as well wanted to stay here how bad that you wanted to stay here I think it. The general manager Dayton Moore feels like he still has a shot now you can only go so pars. Regards to operating costs were a decent contract out another team blazers really induction but they've been on the table one area that's equated decision that. Again it goes back to the motivation to play or the motivation of the agent in the needs of other teams and put the royals could offer that would. Being with an arrangement of I'm in church. Toyota Denny Matthews you're the hall of Famer Denny portable a lot of moose a little bit and you know he's got it's it is watch you had a terrific year had the knee injury he still. I'm Steve Bell pony in here years. Doom guys bitter herbs are tied for or about to break the record how do you think that affects all play. Very little I think read the Yankees every time because double play music and about Steve their abilities. On the record I don't think at all and if you think fairway. I think you're going to be lesser sport. And can't afford it I don't I don't think senator just might exist if it comes it comes it's. If it doesn't it doesn't. He's just struggling to me that the and they don't find it in his body and and as part in his mind in the opener to I would hope so organized work. Denny you've seen a lot of great things in baseball where would you put Cleveland streak up there especially in today's game with the changes of it. Starting pitching isn't what it used to be bull pens are a little bird greater in the pitching changes how do you rank Cleveland's very impressive streak. I think should be in the Tucker reports are true. That's pretty impressive let me no matter what league you're in. When you reel off 22 straight wins especially on that level boy you've got to tip your cap. And there's an element of luck involved and we saw that in their comeback win against the royals on Thursday bit. How many times that the royals UCL a political Lufkin and all the fears of the royals were coming from behind and throwing. Walk off wins front there's an element of luck involved but there's a whole lot of skill involved in the so yeah that's really integrated treatment and I think that should be a he could tip your cap to them. Did any of like a football standpoint especially at the same team every time you yell out there yet the same quarterback. But in baseball and you've got a different starting pitcher every night to win 2.2 erodes and he just blew me away like I couldn't I couldn't believe what they're doing. Yeah that's impressive there's no doubt and everything has to fall your way to win pony can straight now. The opponent at times. Can't be very good and connected and you being here and there happened to the royals. Yeah but it's it's everything domestically everything has to go your way every element of luck involved in the game a British parliament's. It's on the presenters luck involved every time to take the field. It is just one of those states it's almost a freak thing politically that's important pointed out regarding. A different picture return and so in your book and obviously is gonna have to be involved they're gonna have to be almost flawless. So there's a lot that goes into that and and stop and think about it that's pretty darn impressive. Humanity for 49 years he's been the hall of fame voice of the royals presented by MVP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. Did we stay dry. Up. Denny Matthews probably enjoying this off today enjoying the nice weather pride will gardening or some digging Denny's did he's definitely that he India around the house made a Denny is excited for the race is telling him before the interview that you just put down as crises and he's way ahead of the well ahead of ever got to be yeah we like the rain in the I would imagine things along. No you did a DT definitely seems like it is busy body around the house wakes up at 630 reads the paper traditional not tell it on line definitely needs good traditional paper does not use and it theory. Grounding the coffee beans for himself and his having a nice cup of coffee as he reads his morning paper. So based in Matthew our conversation and him coming to a close as baseball's he's coming to a close always an honor thought they still got a Chancy I mean he's still only five back Communist. Nobody on yeah. I saw us up inspire from the first Los Angeles chargers game and team in the AFC west and interested interesting storyline between its national drug. A dry presented by don't sinking us from the electric eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Jalen strong why isn't your sex just at least I was thinking it's funny Al during the rank. So much time reading and learning about these guys in the when they go get your teams never keep up with them a jail and strong was a lot received a lot of cheese and baloney Cody Latimer. That went to ices cool Indian and addressed by the Broncos cheese well we hammer when he was coming out of Indian and he's gone on to have a vary vary. Black sports Missouri and it'll mean a lot of people tortured and I'd throw. Now there'll technical and torched misery to guess it couldn't stop anybody not relief to a different right now can't stop anybody. It's seven Coleman's an actual legit NFL running back in colonial gamers. Throwing it down on special teams for the Broncos Missouri State torch. Yeah I mean that's for me they did when I am not the only one when the season is that Idaho which models ounces to Winslet. I'm not gonna just I'm not gonna shortchange. The fighting payers out of Missouri State to struggle be a bear they have. 0%. Source origin one of those to you it's one of those seats easily I would ask you guys this question peak. It is you two are stadium concession guide Nouri whatever they're given. The royals make in the hamburger topped with two donuts in mayonnaise on it sprinkled with certain you guys will give it to try not ST I'm not dude man is sir you guys are not let. Yeah don't you say you guys are not against the high prices at the stadium like shellac. Absolutely so. Let me come to you to what those attacks line as well. The chargers play their first game and their new state sounds bank to build but it is their stadium debut and that building boom. I saw a sign yesterday. For beer prices. Fifteen. Dollars. Or tall boy Bud Light. Fifteen dollars for tall boy Mondello. Fifteen dollars for beer. Right next to it they had by dollar waters. You can get at this sunny lot you can quench your thirst out net LA heat for five blocks. Would you rather have 35 dollar plotters at the game. Or one. Fifteen dollar a year fifteen. Walker in bigger you're you're two birds one stone here man. The applause of water no change at about one there are resilient fifteen bucks for beer it's got water it. I'm doing the Beers. I don't know that that's your logic yeah I don't know episode I don't know if that's clinching first bow legged under a minute. An extra ten dollars for a little bit more wheat little alcohol in the odds you give me me. It'll tall boy and a hot day any year do you live in in grew up in Kansas City the home. Of tailgating the absolute quintessential parts you're chief's experience. You're telling me that if you had to. Save your money. Why not use that money towards three waters keep you I did throughout the game. Knowing that you could bring whatever bigger you want to tailgate before and it's a better deal for. Do you have to make sense here and sang them -- a little game I'm more the stuff that I pay five dollars for a water. The ID of fifteen dollars for beer you go to a game no stuffs expensive. But that's part of the deal that's the deal you make you buy your ticket you pay. Fifty dollars to park you pay seven and for the ticket you know you go in there and you know most of you to be expensive. There's no way. I'm paying five dollars for bottled water creek however fifteen dollars for a beer. When he did it seem easy at eighteen dollars from one year I satellite team is like it took us greens priced out. You you know when you go into a sport I don't know what the movie theater popcorn gonna cost you nine bucks for poor kids popcorn with a small yeah do that. When you go into it. I you've got your college days beards that you've got fifteen dollars lots you're telling me. For one hand of Bud Light you happily spend fifteen but water and I highs right. And this just the issue argument I first quarter I got the water with the smugglers. Thursday in the second quarter are being yell and scream at my chargers let me get some more water. I can space throughout the course of the game but what I'd like fifteen dollars only going to make being. Let's gonna wanna buy another ones yeah thing. You tell them in the bathroom faucets and right. They do OK so these kids account that's not the but that's nothing else for a sunny out free water. About the same dog in the back probably you know get the garden hose fill those files up anyway and seventy for five bucks. This and you free water if you really love free water you get it it's been your money on beer and again a repeat it. There's water in beer you're not gonna to Burt once though. You get twice the twice the deal. I don't just drop the hammer down there and nothing else arguing your highest up well that's what I'm very serious note between now the end of the show what people would do because beneath the waters for fifteen dollars and now granted just getting fifteen dollars for three bottles of water there's not we're just pretty ridiculous to me gonna get applause from threw bottles along fifth. It's 41 but why is also criminal like. They were terrible options are for being out Abbott bought a bit I mean beyond your your getting water in both. Jason didn't want to in the Bud Light getting water in the body model and once just colored differently than neo. Let me ask you this those that say it'll bar. It of Republicans and yet few cocktails in their for a few hours spent thirty bucks. It's coupled what was the game meant so. Freeze freeze well water about it at dependent on the trial got. Well I'm okay I'm I'm saying no to either one of them I don't know what you want the options but I believe that the water. Let's go to on the NC less for a little bit because and let's spend the least amount of time Oakland Oakland it would Oakland was supposed to do it like the jets at home the jets are not good you beat the jets pretty handedly. Marshawn Lynch had a good time in his home debut. That's what they're supposed to do to a team like the New York Jets that are going to get one of the first three picks. In next year's NFL draft there was nothing surprising about that I do the offense though is pretty interesting in our brain game your playing the jets know when a surprise that you put up points against them. Man offense just looks better than they did a season ago now they do Clark looks better than he did last season. I've been Highlander car the whole off season and you've been island to. Just unless he gets injured this season with obviously you can't predict this is just they 4245. Touchdown kind of see that coming from their car. Well you know that they were supposed to yesterday it's an even more impressive win last week when they're on the road beat the titans and not that win right there. That's usually go about Theo traders are really really good football team they stay healthy and the Broncos like you look at them and I wonder and ask the question do it all on the Denver Broncos I don't think we got it wrong. We talked about this last week I think it was pretty evident in play in the NFL is just wildly inconsistent. I ask both of who leads the NFL in touchdown pass will widger its Alex and extra percent. No quarterback in the NFL is Pelosi would happen with you getting amassed effort today I doubt they'd. Have more than six touchdown passes which are Symbian does Stafford for his first game. It's possible assent for me to treat possible us. Trevor Ximian has the most touchdown passes right now in the NFL. Mill that's not going to last like you are buying into this new way to improve doubts and second in the a sponsor of the best spot. Buying into new and improved servicing us shortly got to see more than that maybe I desperate in this defense. That made Ezekiel at least look absolutely terrible and really shut down cowboys' offense I do think it's pretty prolific. The it was our seventh when football team like I'm not going to let the first two games at Trevor singing confused me and think this team is anything different that I thought. I just don't think they have good quarterback player I think that's I think they're certainly going to regress to the mean at the. We knew the defense is going to be right in the got a great secondary and yet Von Miller and the defense is gonna be really good. I'm also you look at the schedule they play for the first five games at home. So I don't know for really gonna. Find out how good or how bad this Denver team is until we did middle part of the season on the road the bills in their home against the raiders and the giants are right and make it very easily be. Four and won the first five games you know and I still don't know that are really tell the true story. Of what the Denver Broncos are STC. You know have we just assumed that that press broke that press got is the guy. And you know we just reached it automatically assume he's gonna give you two or three touchdowns and almost 3700 yards like he did last year I had maybe maybe that's part of you know maybe the cowboys are cowboys and make it easy easy to Eliot thing does have an impact on two. Yeah I mean I believe in that press and maybe I'm just maybe I'm prematurely comfortably and that press got. Last year completed 68% of his pass just like three touchdowns four interceptions look good in week one. I'm not going to let a struggle against the Denver Broncos and these air. The first time we see this happen to the cowboys cures to see how our our church to see how they bounce back yet you're going to suggest some poignant thought happens at Tara Brady happens Packers. It about it what the inside football in front of everybody. Let's see how the pack. Our student how the cowboys come back from this let's see how Zito elite comes back from those who mentally seem to check out of that game at some point. Let's see what that does I'm not ready to add that to broker on the cowboys after one bad performance on the road against India by no can inducement. Crazy like Italy to sign a cure anybody says that can affect at least have an effect on the outcome I just odd. You were two games and this thing we're seeing the chiefs of the best team in the NFL base they appear to be right now but I'm not sure if they are. Everybody's two games into the season I'm not sure of the cowboys of the cal was of last year if Jack is that same guy or to Denver Broncos are. No actually exceed expectations but I will say this they get a really easy schedule right out of the gate with the exception of the raiders in the first five weeks. Last thing on the Los Angeles charters. Some teams are the reason they loose. Was this that was chartered their us five in nineteen in the last 24 games decided by one school. That's whether there close ball games which is going to happen 53% of NFL games are decided by one possession you rarely when those games. You do things at the end of the game like last week to shoot yourself in the foot. Loss at home to the dolphins a chartered the chargers I don't care who's healthy I don't care who's there the charters that went 56 games this season they'll be dangerous like they will give the chiefs game this week in the but at the end they will find a way to lose like they normally do in these situations. I guess I could very I think it's hard to do what the more disappointing teams in the NFL without it's not like they have the talent to be in ninety when team. But this team went six and one kickers those costs and at the end of the games of first two weeks makes it different stores around talking about the same way. Up next former chiefs offense alive and Ryan Lilja joins us what do you do as a veteran player with Travis Kelsey will we asked the next hour. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio. We'll talk to run by Ryan Lilja momentarily I just. I couldn't move past this quote not want to share with everybody including wild. Is from the head coach third night. I'm gonna say is name. Very quote even though with three games and there's plenty of outside negative but I liked the plot the climate of the locker room. Positive about it the Missouri tiger thing. They gave up 43 points the Missouri State in the first day. And the last two games against schools that people heard of South Carolina and Purdue. At home they have lost 66 to sixteen. And had been competitive in either one of them in the Purdue game. Am fourteen and nothing in both for you got a fifteen dollar beer. It was over thirty positive about all for finding positive things. I can't be pro doesn't this in the losing 66 to sixteen South Carolina and Purdue at home and I. The loss to USC Alabama at home I ate a big deal. South Carolina and Purdue. If you won ten games the last four seasons and they just beat you 353. At home to thirty positive about it your Missouri tiger. I don't know there's not pretty positive about to talk to me about outside negativity coach better Ryan loads joins us on the drive right I'm sorry had to get that out of my system. I'm not duel well and to keep their eye and my school lost in your school losses weakened so. Albeit your team's gonna actually went other games this season you should be downton. Well he wasn't until I heard you were you brought it might want cats but. You know. I mean. There's much to be plot problem now Coachella set. Yeah that's what he says he's he's lying to me into you battle let's talk about and more mileage are quickly. And they are wanting to please give them the winning its Missouri State there in that. Our weekly visits Ryan those are presented by villas village west discount liquors a start congress is this right. You obviously are seeing what's happened with Travis Kelsey he's had three straight games of personal foul penalties what do you as a veteran players say to him in the locker. Knowledge rabbits rabbit. Man. We bright Smart with tiger about form idle at the platform last week so that dirty. It gets it agent when he took the football and strategy in any shot that was left out the woods was playing away wanted to about the I thought that the law officials loan which mortem I'm sure that we honestly what it. Ought to get yes. You know he's got to understand that quote. I certainly. Not have a challenge I'm sure guys. LP it's not very much so tail lines equal. But it blood pressure was side. By. You know trying to well. You know listen Travis. It's phenomenal. But he made it player in two years. You cannot do that especially after last season when he insults at roughly. What got her. In Chinese won't be. I guarantee at least one of Ketchum hooking foreign describe how at all and it doesn't even more urgently he can call to questions reality. You know. He made that he made that he's got a sweet that he got tight out there but what began. It's hard because that's trying to step that would arm out. I think he brings home the able to like here. There are various portions. The only energy and attitude and don't expect it. Got to eat. Each match that. A lot of each of movement. And it helps but what she just gave up arms remember this conversation last year in the orchestrator markets to just the word I'd. I don't know like Travis yet figured out well. Will. Is it is take that the chief was a football game as he's been a knucklehead for him to change means that. Basically it. And I don't know that would do a and so he's intelligent. I think the guys subject competitor. You know Hewitt found that this stopped both will be about. What they would do. What they were growing a little. While aid but it would others note. Super super competitive. And you put them in gains situation and be back which you predict it you can get the worries. You need to. In two it's that I was low on plate that we wait for him if you don't be excited we are and. You know I I that would be a difference or the guy on all counts and see how he celebrates with teammates and urged union. Now you can eat at the kid out there playing games where I. Talk to Iran will have forward she will do let me ask you this. Do we like immediate geyser or handful of fans to overreact to this stuff or inside a locker room our guys more OK with that then. Then maybe we are. You know what eager to be Brad. I certainly know what happens and I hear that every art where yesterday it was that stock. And most important like their long. Which is built on from Ethiopia have felt like we shall quickly. And the media. You know anything in. These things you can't get it right. It is it is yet so I just say let's watch her it was at the moment feel. More. Unforced if they're gonna continue to follow him because I. Being banned on sportsman like. You know the way it'll last season and it. Locker comment to me. That I problems with sabres. Think two was that he was asked about it after the game he just he gave a different answer. By Gregorian from the star asked him about the penalty and exactly what happened just try to clarify. And these are talking about Kareem hot that it would take questions about it so in my opinion that makes it a bigger story than than that sell. I mean he's not even handling this part of it right accountable that's all I said. You know. Yet it is you know Brad. Where is that seems to be something in the NFL. They're not as good Italy crisis and crisis management and maybe some other sports which are maybe. Maybe it's the bigger aren't out yet well but you know. They are to be some crisis they're informal. And it is he somebody needs to coaching and Saint Louis and now all vehicle well I just I think you. Should know guys like me. I love guys like you know you choke in the mall in shuttle. All our competitive it's an insult to all in shock competitor. If he loses track of of exactly but the pros some on how to speak out or. I'll be shocked if this one. Out in the that was a tight ball game you know actual com. Thought at the white. You know I would be shocked if she could loan occupants well that it's it's the same thing I'd at least like. Or are. Right now talking to Ryan Lilja who is brought you by village west slickers Ryan a little play this audio really quickly it's forty seconds it is from soaring in solace is what he said on Colin Cowherd about Alex Smith. About how about a out with the way he's initially knowing it's the best he's ever play is the best he's ever played as some might consider higher like. Patrick Holmes has posted this kit that Alex to to bring out his best. He is thrown that deep ball and I told you this before and I say it half jokingly but I'm half serious too. What is the difference between Alex Smith if these hidden in his deep all the way is right now. Between him and her Rogers. Would it what what's the difference now makes plays with his legs he he doesn't throw interceptions he's so patient he's incredibly accurate in the short game but you start on this long ball with Alex Smith he's become and one of the best quarterbacks in the league you are. He is playing at an elite level through two games he if he can keep this up this is this is announcement we've never seen. Obviously high praise for Tony Gonzales was eventually going to be a first ballot hall of Famer simple question do you believe in this new and improved Alex Smith. Well I mean I can't that remove I can argue it's. To be at the same you know if anybody knows this which she got. You know park in Q samples. Well. Talk that he's an okay yours. And it's sort. As being at the end of we. Now Atlanta itself or actions. There's not as many games you're out so so. You know as a ballplayer. Like several coaches he'd been their formula they're talking about listen. Great yours. Now. Halloween break itself. Brown thank you very so around Christmas show being. A couple of months of the season won't even start to. All. Raster case and really want your opinion actually gone on how the war because. It's not a lot. Kareem I mean listen that is sustainable what's going on and it doesn't mean it's probably impressive. You know and should be just completely excited more club. What they're doing with them. Persecuted and called on the carpet conversation that will talk about this awful. A column but is that the college is playing right now man in chip but it's one. AG's right there. He actually it's in either you know the only difference. You know that the games shall pass major open. That's why a cop that's about it doesn't mean I know the subject that is why she doesn't seem to be playing right. He seems to be. To be playing with more care I don't mean he has here I'm out a deal. And I are saying that Kyrgyzstan. Is a conservative. You know. He should be that states form. You know in the war because he's you know they act is that it. Now I mean he's he's got some. Sort. Wait. To see let's start to chew him seemed to catch up so right now we're used to being out in the topic. That we're back in the. Looks a last question for you by the fact is that went well until he said they'd. Part of the reason why Alex is up to such a good stars because Patrick Holmes is backing him he binder that. What if there's not necessarily know that's causing it but it's it's certainly a courtly and it's certainly something that. I don't know and let's see started in 83. Saying the mayor. Actually. But will. Though the air in this town. Problem is obviously such a small in the excitement. All. In knowing knowing what I know about him which isn't much he's a competitive game. And if you if you take that guy like that. Why everybody's so excited they know they're telling me they've believed in particular my sources this year among the few social we're limiting my. People went into the stretch. They pulled him out of the that we haven't seen him and but again it's gonna take a few more games for us to remain. Conclusive. Are you on that but let me the challenge of quote. Making. You know he's English scored a couple place yesterday and yet make those that one. I'll insult you'd be difference maker right now that. It's cheap so let out of luck you know dabble want to make it easy or. That's trial is our conversation with him or bronze by village west liquors Ryan always good talk NC thanks lemon. They've meant that is Ryan Lilja joining us on the drive up next. Feigning has a 641. Of the biggest sports in the country we tell you what it is next draft. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up. O'clock game more into Travis Kelsey. And talk about his game in all its glory because there's certainly some great things that take away from stratus tells his game on Sunday. But certainly there's some bad things to take away as well thought Ryan Lilja sits really interest in things who'll get into that coming up in ten minutes. The first. A lot of you I'm sure like myself who watched the canal a triple AG fight this week the united pay Fort Collins would edgy get you watch their scope. Got to ease parents' sounds illegal now it was illegal prayers go dot com and just do a little bit of a search next time you're looking for your paper you fix when it comes box at northern. And I enjoyed the fight. But it's always boxing I remember just a couple weeks ago workable months ago now at this point the last I mean backyard while and he bought Geoff what the group of friends are watching. It was going into the twelve round. And I remember one my friends Jeremy was over he doesn't really want spots is his first big boxing event that he never watched. Yeah I've got this easy my free instead means boxing you never know yet much Virginia just completely dismiss it didn't know a whole lot about it. Then the decision happened. And he was just like you told mr. Claus wasn't real like it was it. That's it for you does an excellent and we built like I've seen this enough to know. No are you surprised me about the decision between this weekend's fight between it and LO a true apology but Teddy us this. Look I could take ten years. They've gone. The same stretch I have no Joy Division has been forty years of life will put it all the political plug. It right did I get. I did that I made. Why do you find it could put up. Yet putting wedding had his kids don't know quite what to challenge but we're excited that inevitable but still alive but sick of it. A sport that has integrity. Is not one that you can trust. You don't trust the outcome and the results of boxing so it's very hard to take it seriously and by we go through the different reasons why boxing isn't as popular as he used to be. The top of the list has to be. The viewer is convinced that it's fixed now what next boxing any different from the WB. Are pretty weak note that could be staged. Wrestling too. I watch the characters not for the outcome of at this point to watch boxing for the outcome of what it. Supply I'm not paid money first something that I think is probably rigged. All launch McGregor and Mayweather because it was definitely predicated what is it to circus man I mean it was. You know the car so I mean it was a mess that's why I wanna watch trust boxing for number of reasons elders a medium weight classes silly and divisions are no governing body. It's not like in it in a sports league where OK well that's the number one guy. Okay now at what daisy gonna fight the number two guy where's that guy on the schedule it's not the way it works you don't win the fight and the otter box you don't trust the outcome. And it's a draw. So this with a drawl it should have been because of a crummy job right. Really mind the draw part of that one. It isn't just watching the fight to fight was barely clung I think that triple Ji won the fight you can make an argument back and a low one by I would make garden but can make it. Does the other three people that sat there at the table all lost the same fight. Two people at the fight pretty close it was pretty close. The fight at 1181 team just tells me either your next. Are you all are not paying attention during the bye which is pretty messed because it's short job and a lot. I asked you that you know more about the night they'd like thirteen rounds does that mean it can't be a draw because it try to figure out how to do because I. I hate seeing a tie in anything we bitch about ties and soccer relied ties. We rarely advertise in the NFL or college football we don't have him in baseball not basketball. Who were OK with one saga of ideas to fix this that make boxing great. Ready for this item if it's at a draw to draw these two did you stand there can't hit him in the onions but man each got to take a shot. Intel one of them goes down and you just tradeoff he gets one executive between boxes you can choose to cover up whatever part you want. The standard got to take it first got to go down lose. The biggest shoot out exit is getting fish and this is a punch out is what it is that's exactly rulers. Listen botched joke anyways we might make it entertaining at the end. I mean I mean this is why don't. This is why don't want to launch. A watch McGregor Mayweather but it's everything rigged to Nestle has followed it set a shoot out punch out. Last man standing wins W and once. Audited. To protect its voice out of robot officiating take more than that. Really what the two guys are giving it to other brain damage. You get a chance to cover both the head of the of the body. What you want India apology issued coming up next. But Stratton is Chelsea experience in the great divided is causing among she Spain's we talk about it next drug.