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The Drive
Monday, September 18th

Hour 1 on a Red Monday kicked off with the guys' thoughts on the Chiefs win including the improved play of Alex Smith, the conundrum that is Travis Kelce, and how Kareem Hunt is creeping into Top-5 RB category after two games. They wrap the hour with "Fantasy Advice with Heis" on players to not sell on too early and a local college football whiparound.


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I added yeah. Look at that mouth but poor parched mouth so high. Was he relies shock dust enough cannon bone to a barrel moth balls. You're being awfully quiet is that because enough is like the business end of drama side is because amount is Rhoda hike to an all seventeen syllables or dry heaves. So parks you know I known the entire radio in the village. Rise presented by deuce saying geez how. It's. Just got kidnapped. Guaranteed Harrison. Where. Everything that moment. Dry. Let's do this another day another dollar and cheese wit another floor is spread Monday it is to drive kits and a senior being Chrysler producer of this thing and creator of the open. You just heard. From his golf tournament donning the red Ford cheese Wayne is the one the only right thing I don't have all of these. Now Floyd Mayweather. Treats that speed bag. What did I live this weekend so. Did field yesterday legs back but I'm good now. I'm happy to hear that you're getting back to a 100% I canceled today is going to be very funny joke because the tax line he's the top three topics on the text I was and that's not Sears about the text messages. Travis Kelsey. Firing very Odom and doesn't. In my case states that lose to a team like Vanderbilt so everyone is at a great mood all this beautiful weather and you can't ask for better weather in Kansas City in the fall weather we've had so far that it's a perfect nap days when it is. I mean seriously drizzly Monday kidney. You can't judge denied now when it comes to that. A lot to get into in today's show a cheese players already moved himself into a top five discussion we will get into that coming up at 2:30 at 3 o'clock the hall of Famer Dini Matthew will join us to keep us updated on the royals Ryan Lilja would be on the show today at 330. A lot of football as you would expect on a red Monday while the likes this sort today show it is. Like in scenes and see their suit divides of people when it comes to Alex Smith and the chiefs. 01 side it is people that put a lot of stock into Alex Smith's win total. He's almost five winningest quarterbacks over the last four seasons with the chiefs. The other side is people that put teams port got a giving real lot of credit the defense a lot of credits I refill. Quarterback our win loss is not a quarterback statistic it's not like they're two very different groups of people and how they have by await this ain't. But I think that everybody can come in the middle one this right here. The quarterback that we've seen played the first two games for the chiefs. Is the best version of Alex Smith that we've seen so far in his time in Kansas City. Wind with this quarterbacking you can win very important games with a quarterback that is played the first two games for the chiefs. Say about football they it is broken down and five to eight impact place. Who makes. Forces the fumble who gets the interception and get the critical sack on third down we all know what the big momentum. Shifting plays that happened in the game. The number one play in the game in my opinion. Was made by Alex Smith is third in full work the chiefs needed to school world that drive. Like Alex Smith was about to take a sack. He didn't take a sack in net. He wiggles out it looks like Johnnie Mae and sell back at Texas say and it even runs for a first down. Travis Chelsea and looks like a long jumper in the next Olympics touched down in my opinion the game was over at that point. Alex Smith yesterday wit from caretaker. For most of the game to a guy that went out there and made plays to beat the Philadelphia Eagles maybe your back and for the announcement that where you stay and put it yesterday Alex Smith was part of the reason why that she's won the game. And unique in the category that of the guys. That believe quarterback wins do matter to a certain extent and it if you sit here and say bit. The quarterback position is the most important position in sports but then turnaround and not give a quarterback credit. 40 win when he's quarterbacking a team I think it's a little bit hypocritical so I always been and yet if quarterback an NFL team your team wins you get credit. You lose get credit to. You're gonna have to do that as well but Smith is really good right now. Yet the deep ball to Chris coming late in the game and as you mentioned seed got. He escaped. And look phenomenal on that play in the two plays later he of course board Tony Gonzales was on college scholarship today. And Tony Gonzales the former chief he. You know one of the greatest into the history of the game had this to say I think he got it it got all of our attention today. How about it the way he's playing this year knowing it's the best play is the best ever player to suck my guys that are on there like. Patrick Holmes has posted this kit that Alex to to bring out his best. He is thrown that deep ball and I don't do this before and I say it half jokingly but I'm so used to. What is the difference between Alex admit it he's hit in his deep all the way is right now. Between him and her Rogers. What what what's different now makes plays at this late. He he doesn't throw interceptions. He's so patient he's incredibly accurate in the short game but you start on this long ball without incident he's becoming one of the best quarterbacks early puberty. He is playing at an elite level through two games he if he keep this up this is this is at odds with we've never seen. The comparison. Aaron Rodgers to me is a little bit extreme categories go it is when decrees are numbered. That's a little bit extreme like. Not down with that comparison I don't outside edges of the artistry to become mayor rod and I think this is yet. If he can throw the deep ball effectively and we see Ronald Moore this year. I'd be willing to run a little more than he did last year that was one of the keys for me routes them to get season if he can use his way exits another weapon. You combine that Korea not Travis Kelsey battery kill you got something there you know in and you're right Alex Smith is one of the reasons why they're winning football games. About yesterday's game two is not once in that game that I ever feel like she's gonna lose that game. Not once. I knew they had even when they were down 106. Armed didn't get much going offensively the first half at least than feel ovals. They had a tough break at the end of the first half when win. That Mitchell should've caught that. But I never thought. That the chiefs are gonna lose a football. No it certainly didn't have the feel like the that was a game that the chiefs were going to lose. Again Jimmy football just comes down to making winning plays and going out there in exe cute in those plays. And Alex Smith has done that he certainly made those kind of plays against the New England Patriots whether it be the past Tyreke Joseph Malone touchdown pass. The pastor Kareem unlike Alex Smith went out there and certainly was one of the three big biggest reasons why you win on the road and defeated the defending Super Bowl champion. Yesterday. It's like Alex played at the level he played against doing something meaning people fault that he was gonna go out there against that on seven and against that defense and play at that same same level. That's immediately comes down to do you make plays to go out there when the game when it's third down or are you going to be the reason that they convert. It all of this play audio courtesy of foxy was. Because to me that's what they're great quarterbacks do. Too much of the conversation about Alex Smith is will he doesn't lose you games. And we knew a super ball having a quarterback that doesn't lose games is not a recipe to winning the Super Bowl in my opinion. Unless you're going to have an all time defense like Seattle or Denver and she's defense is good let's see if their all time like we saw what those two defenses. Do you have a quarterback that can block there and make the throws like he date on the first track to Travis Kelsey. Or that big throw on the right side of fuel to Chris Tomlin or escaping a sack. In turning a negative in two points for your team. Those are winning play Super Bowl winning plays out I think it compares it to air lock does is ridiculous yeah I don't got to go through the winning plays that we see Aaron Rodgers makes where he creates things for the Green Bay Packers. That's what Alex Smith did right there on that play. Think about Smith to capitalize yesterday it it was a tough day for the chiefs offensive line Alex Smith got hit a tonne. Eddie and their got me that she showed one turnover this year what turnover. That was the very first offensive play the season three month follow the New England. That's it out Smith is taking care of the football he's accurate and he's throwing downfield I mean the chips. Are essentially top five top six in just about every category get the number two rushing offense that over five passing offense to over six and first downs. Number two a total yards. Number five at receiving. This really really good football team right now Alex Smith is a big reason why. I think right now you have to consider the chiefs the best team in the NFL they look of a they looked to be. At least certainly at the top well coached teams the author is playing at an incredibly high level in the defense is playing at a high level migrate we've just seen 120 minutes of cheese football this season. And there's a long way to go to decide but in a division the you're going to have to win eleven or twelve games in my opinion the wind how good Oakland looks the Broncos might be one of the bigger surprises in the NFL and with this chiefs team obviously in the division it's going to take it double digit wins the chiefs look like a lock to win one of those kind of games and X kind of go to what you're saying especially to turn over stat the chicks are not going to be using beats themselves. We've seen that over the first four years we've seen that over the first two games. You're gonna have to go out there and beat the chiefs and not meaning teams at least in the regular season over the last four seasons have been able to do that this team more times than not. They're gonna wait for you to make the big mistake or wait for you to rapid turn over or hold the ball too long to get its act. And we've seen I think this team is one when he for the last 28 regular season games they're going to find a way to win the these games. And the other part of that too is there's court judge does not fuel Sina. In I went through all the numbers today I looked at everything I went to a mall. They've attempted it made two field goals and believe it. Believe and I'd say that that's a good thing the chiefs are scoring touchdowns not settling for field goals and I and I was skeptical of like. Did the best team in the NFL that she's really the best team in the NFL we look at the number of the way it played. I'm I'm with you on that right now they are the best team in the national football. Up next we are all riding the Trevor at the Travis tells you experience what we do about it well I'll tell you next on the address the dry presented by don't sixteens from the electricity into studios sixty and Sports Radio. I feel like I need to be a little more accountable in terms of in the locker room and just being being a leader on notice that we got a real young team and often solvable. And we you know need a lot of leadership. To come out and hone in the fund that we have you know so it's. It's a little more accountability I put on myself to to be there forever wedding and they should they're always doing the right things and Indian professionals. That was Travis Giles you've grown man. Dogs. Talking about holding himself more account of a medal for. Not good. I'd sweet the sound. Right when. That sometimes you are the problem. That I think a lot of times we have these discussions it becomes like it's sitting clients like. He hit you first well you find yourself in these situations what are you doing that tracks this energy that you always in the principal's office. Chuck is Kelsey is always in the principal's office. But I think the frustrating thing which she's there and I know you know I think Andy Reid knows there's absolutely no solution to the issue. Some people disagree number unwilling to listen to that side night on 357676. And there's no six what's happening with Travis tells the aside from hoping that one day the light turns. Marcus Peters. And the last season in two straight game market Peter not angered what is best Dustin Colquitt impersonation. It was obvious somebody talk to him. Whether it was read weather with Clark whether it was just news aired there I don't know who was the somebody got in that market Peters Joseph you've got to stop doing that. It kills us it kills momentum of the game whose field position. It's just not a good look you gotta stop doing we love the dog emotion that you go out there and play with the best corner in the NFL but you gotta stop doing dumb stuff. Peter yet. Not when it comes back. He's not kicking the ball as they had any more personal foul calls market Peters is still playing at a very elite level and no longer kicking the ball in the Spain's. Body or something has to get that message across Travis Kelsey. Travis tells you the best time in the U of I finally put them at a gras as he did rob walk like an old may. It got to stop doing this dumb stuff like human beings can do which I was told he just did on the football field. Do you all jump on the five yard line and scored a touchdown in lane three yards in zone it felt like. Not human beings his size his speed didn't do what he just did on the football field. It's a bad look for the chiefs it's a bad look for Travis Kelsey the person the brain who you know we image conscious it's just dome. Too good too Smart to repeatedly go out there and do dumb stuff we will let it go the first couple times it's happened. But now it has been a repeated problem by Travis Kelsey begging you are the problem. It's not officials not on Miller it's you you're the common denominator in all these issues. And sooner or later. That's fifteen yard penalty that he gets want to game. For taunting for unsportsmanlike conduct for whatever is gonna cost GC game I thought it costs in the game and doing that that's what was gonna happen. Travis Kelsey did it again. All right and that's gonna cost him out didn't and didn't Austin again yesterday so that's happened on fired up on irritated. Saw it on come watch and post game after the game like you know Travis tells he has to say. Find out. If he's gonna be accountable for his actions or what he's gonna do. I believe it was Bonnie Gregorian from the Kansas City Star that asked in the question and here's what he says. Where. The agreement which I'll name you. He plays football thing that we do we go hole I blocked it perfectly upfront. From their noses how. It. Kills you got to like an eight year old little brat or. I'm on I'm tired of this okay I'm done with it. Read those guys say listen and I appreciate. The fact that they want their players to be able to beat themselves on the football field shall personality which can I get a girl are. You can cost your team it's the same thing when your dollar venture was doing his thing 2014 when he was hit guys and start fights and everybody was going nuts. Eventually it really starts to affect the team. Are right now try to skills after games is even accountable refuses to answer the question. Don't like cobra the football field and irritated when somebody asked you about after the game. Aren't you get your cost your team another game sooner or later it will happen I'd ever seen Andy Reid's away angry. Add an individual player on the sidelines he's been against the city as it was yesterday. It was one of those you know I've told you multiple times. That was one of those like the way he got mad at how much he yelled yeah it's just like the same way you get mad at your kids. Though I told you seventeen times the guy you know age you're you're exactly right to deter others that we came off to me yesterday. Darted his act now I'm not trust Kelsey is I agree with ease the best died in the NFL he's dynamic. He's must watch TV he's a terrific player. The things he can do and the passion that he has now love that part of it broke Ella man because they're gonna doctor Constantine game. And obviously he's not listening you re. So what's next Justin used that is the case. Alex Smith. Lou who did that recently an offense who's gonna listen to because he gets fines. And seem to bother. He would gel the coach didn't seem to bother him. I don't know the six year all knows that a target as activists as it costs the chiefs game on the beat this even more pissed that I am now. Tax on 6906. C got you sound like an old man chill it's fine another tax there. He's like he's accountable to the coach is not the media and he got he got chewed out by the coach. I don't have the problem that you have with the media apart like it it just it doesn't really matter to me I guess in that sense like it. Whenever I'd I'd I'd I'd personal care oddest and other people care about I personally don't care. Also like to answer questions if that's all I'm saying it's very immature if you're gonna go out there or do that and then basically. Not answer question or be offended when somebody asked you about it do that apple that he continually do it. Question all right you you you created this mess so don't say next question the other. It sure wanna start this what the media isn't cooking up something on Travis Kelsey he does it every single week. Tex on 6906. Obviously he's stopped you got to take the good over the bad but if he stops this but if he stops this silly stuff broke. This part of the argument that I don't understated to me it is just excuse making. No one is arguing. That Travis told C doesn't do more good than it certainly does he scored a touchdown yesterday. He had what a hundred yards receiving yesterday as grace that's again that's greater than the fifteen yard penalty. But at some point. Your best at puts the other 52 guys when your team any negative spot. No on our side of the argument is saying don't go out there and play with passion. Don't want there and play with fire in be energetic instill carry that mindset of no one feels that way. There has to be a way to have a balance between playing without emotion and putting or 28 yourself in bad spots. Chelsea's been fine 69000. Dollars is anybody that he's not gonna get find again. So cost you money. In doing. It cost or teams Joseph arts in doing it out of control you gotta be to get ejected from an NFL game did rejected an NFL if you like about it you know. Culture it's called being a pro. He's not 42 is 28. Be a professional. Do things to help your team not hurting because of things to help out what do you tolerate it right now. You gotta stop this is sooner or later gonna cost you game are right it in and when that happens you're gonna have coaching your fascia players in your face you may well. Excellent 69306. It off my line would that get off my lawn art get this. At batting here with that get off my lawn take do play the passion he makes plays because it makes mistakes because of you take what you get with a guy like Chelsea. Again I. All lie we excuse athletes for doing very very correct the bull mental mistakes. But this is a very collectible metal mistake that works the other guys or on the team. Some attacks on ass didn't Antonio Brown Travis Kelsey. Do last year when it's a brown to do in the dances and I told me it's just don't do those dances he's not doing it. Now he's sorted into endorsement deal with the biggest video game out right now. So he was Smart about it. Working smarter not harder just smarter when it comes this Travis Kelsey. You wanna be fun and you wanna play with excitement enthusiasm brought does that doesn't bind all the time for the dumb stuff doesn't. Put it to bed put his team in fifteen yard penalties all the time and if anything to me it excuses coaching. You read million dollars what are your responsibility as a head coach used to communicate to Travis tells how his actions everybody else. A fifteen yard penalty just doesn't hurt Travis tells the emirates and every body or on the team. Kicked out getting ejected from the game urge your football team we have the best and in league deal that Sony attacks on Reggie and I says what answer could you give it would have made you feel better. Accountable man. Accountable for your actions are actually gonna go up their act like a moron cost your team expect to get asked about it. All right and an answer at NB a man and be a pro an answer that's all I'm saying that he'll. Did you those questions here's a little advice for you trap. Don't do that on the football field that you won't get asked about tax on six. And losers six I can live with that he's a major part of our success people are New York. But people also can Pro Bowl in jeans and improve. That's all literally were asking Travis tells you to do is to grow and improve make its cues were Travis tells it like he's our team. Grown ass man. All all we're asking you to do is not halting penalties. Well now has created so many different things you can do not taunting penalty. Just result Dovonte Freeman used the football like a basketball ensure. That another player. I think you can yeah. And not penalize. After the playoff game he says the very thing about the raft and then it's buy out and out war. We see now consecutive game the Travers tells the incident the playoff game game one of the NFL season game to a you know policies. That's all we're asking you to do. That's that's that's like a rocket science like I'm asking Travis Kelsey it's the catch for 2000 yards disease. I'm asking you in in game three non. Get a penalty that's not on mental game mistake all of all star. It. Happened yet that's what you keep getting you got five that we want for putting the ball in play growing. It seems I'm fighting you for what you just did in game two I consult with her man if everybody alike comes Dolan does reach a point you don't. It's not that hard to stay out of jail it really is. It's really not that hard to not get it taunting penalty every week shut up man walk away. Walk away and go do it on the field keep contraption. Next there's only one position in football where you can become a tot saint candy after two games we tell you what it is next on the ground. A drive presented by don't safeties from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Listening on the go get the 610 Sports Radio land. Okay. I want to talk about three moments of the book there's so many text messages coming in about trust LC and I think it's worth talking about. So on the tax I thought. Said it very very perfect. Basically work in building not having self control that's not passion. I feel like in this argument people are confusing and making it seem like we're asking for something that is completely unrealistic for Travis tells you to say the same player. I talk to sense tells you talk betrayal was LC prices talked to is a Smart individual. He's brain conscious obviously he cited to do a TV show he cares about perception in what people think of I think she is smarter than the dumb stuff he's doing on the field. I think she knows deep down that it is bad look for him that it hurts his team. That's the last segment how hard it is to get rejected from an NFL game you gotta do to get kicked out and Othello game. And yeah. Don't predicted that FL game he does a lot of dumb things on the field I think part of Indy Reid's frustration at the god is yeah alert. Was that. I'm tired of telling you this. This conversation in private multiple times whether it was mean Webber was Tim leaders what do we need to do to get you to correct these stupid penalties that you did. Or playing with excitement. In doing stuff. Marshawn Lynch pizza on the sideline. The NFL is change the celebration rules to our guys they have personalities. Or going out there having fun. Until either cost you money. Or cost everyone else on your team. He's crossed that line so they need to be done I'm not an excuse that well let's just part of his personality exit. A lot of people have all tendencies got a part of their personalities. Exit improve. It's not I. It's. Asking. And it or until it changes personality right just don't get tonic penalties don't be a moron. It on its excellent you really think Everly temperature change yeah I do. It's not that are right all goals to win a game we start dual stomach consistent basis that. Goes against that and could lead to a loss then he got a change it. Like what's that it was between that and drop in footballs are that it gotcha game at some point you so was this that's the way I look at. The fact that they read what she's got to go out there showed the personality that's bloody action. Absolutely you want that to be micro managed especially in an emotional sport like football can't be a more on either. The more at least once a game are right an and it's gonna cost you at some point any sick people there taxes right now and what's that about well he's passionate let him go he's. Well wait till gotcha game and NC you say that our. At odds with eighty read. I'm with him and the students got. Change is is his behavior and I mean I guess what confuses me most about that stands as we can move on talk about cream on introduces. The cheeks I agree with us yet it's like the chiefs are just fine would like you read after the penalty. Seeing be fine with that he beat them close a couple of times and then you talk to him privately and it's right. I clean this up a little bit the same thing I think that would mark is Peter's. Peters was emotional and he was always you don't kick almost gave the couple times somebody got to. Somebody was it would rain and it a little bit I. He's a veteran player I think he's just Houston somebody like that scares you about a veteran all right. Rookie here are right he's a veteran and when veterans do that what does that do to younger players to would veterans do it and veterans don't change your behavior. Justin used it needs to get his face Eric Berry needs to get as they saw body needs to get tuned because he sure as hell it was in the coaching staff right now. She gears talking about Renault and I'm sure will be detritus Kelsey at some point. Throughout the course of additional finance rambled and veteran player. The teachers are doing all right the best team in football and in this knuckle it it gets another penalty that's we're talking about today. It's a it's the thing that stuck in my mind the most yesterday pretty much have a hell to start to a season. They're the best running back in the NFL right now and we're talking about another free agent on the penalty from a more on tight end. Kareem hunt when it comes to him the top five running back in the NFL. Let's put this out right when it happened Corey Hart is example number one why teams don't wanna pay running backs that she needed a running back it was not is last season the chief meter running back. They found a top five running back in the third round on a rookie contract. They're gonna use a lot of Korean muck and wood for months and year five minutes they don't maker remark and didn't find another one specially this organization. This teams been finding running back the last one year's other Leslie Johnson what was Jamaal Charles Priest Holmes. Spirits are way like they just fine running backs like to sell the royals couldn't find that third day street. The chipset the running back Sri out of no where it is I don't know why Seattle can't find it right now yeah but the chiefs are able to find. Let's go back and forth with ice about this. You can say today Corey Hart is the third best running back in the NF. The best running back. The only position that we think that about no I would say a rookie quarterback got the two good games and eight or best quarterback in the NFL. No say at all wide receiver no it was not pass rusher but with the turn over running back I don't think it's a crazy thing to say. The running backs I've for short thing or Benedict auriemma. And the season it's even hard to argue with how bad as the Q Ellie wasn't his last game. RC LE delay beyond. What is said David Johnson David Johnson hurt and I don't know if he's got a plague in the season Woolsey. There's another running back I would definitively say is better than Kareem. Now do you like Melvin Gordon do you like. Why it's odd that you have Kareem is like the eight best running back so last two games you already have a pop. In running back in the NFL but he showed overwhelming turnover at the position. That's why wasn't worth it went Spencer ware I mean it's Oxford from depth purposes. For sure but. Is irreplaceable. In the NFL young guys to come and see you'll it'll go you don't get a pass protect and they'll catch the football out of the backfield. You can easily transition to a good college running back into the NFL you can't say that about. Guard quarterback receiver oftentimes. Tied in the mean price I've talked about this a bunch when I was was really high and OJ Howard. At tip of the share nicely listeners were key to that is it'll catch a lot of balls in because got to learn the system. You know safety is another doubles well I think. To be running back at corner are two spots it did that you can live on pure athletic ability and have experienced right out of college so when we're. We're Ellis and I know Kareem what was gonna be this year's version of Ezekiel well. We'll give Iran. But I knows irreplaceable position what he's deals to ripped. What he's doing is absolutely terrific cannot get any real lot of credit for this. I think sometimes. We in the running game is not working early in the contest. Coaches have a tendency to get away from the chiefs did the chiefs continue to speak Korean money and they knew eventually be cable player his talent his skill set the ball. Deputy time for the course of the game. He's going to break one or two of the same philosophy you'll live Travis Kelsey we keep going his direction eventually he's gonna make a big play the same philosophy you have whenever you thought the ball attire retail. If you give Kareem when he Carrey's about the course of the game 20/20 odd touches he is going to make a play three or four of those times. Running out it's a very average to below average before you square that first touchdown now you know eventually if you can give it remarkable he's got a break when you've got to wait for it eventually act. Got the second touchdown he does the little in those celebration illogical talking about today. I think today it's very safe to say that you had eight top five player at his position. That actually just popped up overnight we seem to NFL games and no one can argue not even just a homer Kansas City take. No outside of Kansas City can tell me that remark today. At this exact when to turn over received the position is not a top five player and it's position. I lead the NFL rushing right now. A month is leading the NFL rushing you know it's funny weird coming out of the draft to mean one of the things we talked about was in this team. Is trying to get better for 2018. But that's the that's of that let's have issued draft is all about they gave his sucked auriemma and the impact it has happened now. Was more impressed with the touchdown where he would lose his balance had three dudes hanging on him and muscled his way into the end zone and I was too. That the one that broke in the off it's a lot to help job open all from forming out ran everybody on that but the fact that he was able that. Yeah I swisher. I didn't know he was that straw. Good to be able to keep his balance and get the ins and outs so yeah right now two games into it again grant were two games into a house yet you argue that she still have a tough out. Up next media status he advised the highs and well we got exactly what the local college Jackson from this weekend that was not good next to drive the drive presented by doing sixteens from the electricity into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up and sing managed to get a chance to play thirty dollar trucks involves scratch the ticket we went up to 50000 dollars. Or eight new truck of your choice between this lot of either of took 4017 Ford F 150 raptors point seventeen ram 2500 power wagon from there the sounds like an amazing vehicle. Horry to when he seventeen Chevy Silverado today's pop quiz is a movie we will give you a machines to win that prize coming up in the pop squeeze in just a bit but. I'm not sure why he's give me a fantasy advice because with the second week in a row I've defeated him in our fantasy league but I guess you can say eyes of devices. Thank you for that rousing introduction Anthony fantasy advice that I should be serious about as you can't. US should be don't. Literally I I'm not gonna be here Thursday or Friday you wanna take over the segment oh my guys need to beat anyway they say is asking about survivor. I now. That's trio. That is being tampered with it anymore. Who have. Either way fantasy advice advice is sponsored by fantasy sports markets dot com fantasy sports markets wants you to try ideally fantasy football on that. Just go to fantasy sports markets dot com enter the promo code six and Benny begin fifteen dollars to use in any of their contests you can traps you want because there is no. Salary cap. He just choose the players you want to play that's only. And fantasy sports markets dot com week two was almost over in the world of the NFL and a lot of people. Are freaking out some players that they drafted relatively early. Our hope it's not the first two weeks of the season it's what you guys right now do not freak out just yet don't sell too early. On these three players a certain quarterbacks by Kirk cousins. 'cause of the top five to seven projected quarterback this year. Right now he's currently ranked 23 in the NFL in fantasy points according to and it's heated app is vigilant he's been brutal. And he didn't edit to it would be huge sharks in the year. This hasn't happened yet for causes but there's so what you believe to think that it will Terrell Pryor hasn't gotten going yet we'll talk about him in the second Jamison Crowder still recovering from injury. I don't Krista Thompson has been your best. Pass catcher he's your backup running back. Wash has the weapons to be a top ten Tennessee offense especially through the air rob -- the running back you just cannot rely on the running game that off and what was Sean McVeigh now that helmet Washington. I just a lot of this is a matter of settling into a new offense with the new coordinator. I look for them especially this week at home on Sunday Night Football. The start to turn things around me tiger wants to play approximately two weeks I'll split the last two weeks because what my things but Daly Davis is. I like people think certain guys are gonna have good seasons. They don't play well in the individual gave them away if you still think it's good value. You got it up and down weight woods or Oprah will throw prior in just the cycle through dozens and red and at Redskins often been killed so let's. Running backs we'll get to throw prior in just a second. At the spot there's a lot of people that are you ready to release chill makes. In the snatch the first two games are not pretty at all he has seventeen carries for 45 yards and two games this year he also has four catches for twenty yards let's putrid I know. The Cincinnati to their credit has recognized that they have a problem admitting that you have a problem is always the first that they fire there offensive coordinator Ken and easy. Marvin lewis' job is absolutely on the lines of the reason for them to start featuring their most talented back I fully expect helmets and to be that number one running back. Moving for it acquired. Eagle. I don't they can do that and people were. Illegally and not nag all of them that level yet but he's blossomed easily zero. My hip late portals and Michael and in my few hours that they are worse. I and then the wide receivers got the guy Carrington is starting to get a little bit frustrated when an Indy team. Mean Terrelle Pryor is also looked terrible you know week one. Why should have been of that conversation for one of the top ten wide receivers in the NFL but a deep touchdown drop took him away from that conversation. He was told target eleven times finished with six catches for 66 yards. But week two we just didn't do himself any favors she catches on the reverse the rams hit cousins is haven't gotten on the same page yet. But like I said before they get Oakland at home on Sunday night this upcoming week. So so prior will be featured heavily. Against a bad pass defense by Oakland. I think if you want a sneaky snag a very under the radar snacking daily. Of cousins the prior action on Sunday. It's still got away from me that's Benazir advise guys don't give up on these three guys just knowledge of Ireland would be. The one week I don't play on water and forty yards and three Dutch ISS this a plumber is the Monday after where he gave me five point eight points a dumb with Terrelle Pryor is what's the music guys. Back a bit at the park. And as we can't sue that we can wanted to keep the Stein in college football. Down on the kings they've lost what other people seem to be. I don't hold people up and off with Vanderbilt in the SEC and it is it same old in her. Approximately 89 games this season and that you win the SEC east and he certainly I want the top in defense is in college football. Don't think there's any shame in going all the rode into the team if anything all we learned from K state is. College football playoff team it was a good team if you aspirations of the team winning the big twelve. Winning the big twelve I know that the vehicle lost doesn't hurt. But that offense driving without good Oklahoma look how good Oklahoma State look the first games of the season I will surprise Casey went twelve. But this seems to ultimately eight games this season seems to its mobile of the bulls game they still haven't seen as having really good season and I wouldn't be too down on the market. Casey had a chance that game but going on the road and SEC school they get B. Fourteen to seven we had a chance he would add me two good football team got a great team they're a great team they would have been ranked nineteenth go into the not too freaked out about it is fine season for K state probably should've won that game but it's not like you went on the road loss to I don't know Ohio. Then I'd be concerned that happen. They spent so far this season available has allowed thirteen points now ingrained deeply mid Tennessee State and Alabama Maine and thirteen points thirteen points or you play Alabama this week so we'll find out how good that defense is. But again I would not be too worried about if I'm a case based Amy Vanderbilt I think very easily could win the SEC east they play at. Florida a two game you can certainly went fortunately do too much offensively you played Georgia home this season. Missouri at home Kentucky at home Kentucky's one of those sleeper teams bitter pill could win the SEC east there that's no shame in losing to that team on the road. That's RK state talk. My text message to my direct messages friends family. I went out to go after Saturday's game that's a little bit down four people at the bar walked out so we asked by far it's gonna happen with Missouri. I think they are going to finish the season now for burial them. As of now. Be dealt with he will coach next season but I do not have a good feeling about it ISP two and four games this season. It does seem I was born eight or three and nine in SEC play. It's coming back this season he needs to show you didn't move very quickly he was your coach and for tiger lost. Look at the schedule right now. Okay your home it's all over all the road Kentucky at Georgia no no no. All the kids that I'll probably on the road against UConn maybe. Get Florida Tennessee and Arkansas. Is to be 23 win team. It is it still in the wrong direction right now and he's given up forcefully called the Missouri State to start with. And then you get beat by Purdue. 35 three. At home. Why did you guys eat Big Ten schools from Indiana. I don't hear homestand I don't know what it is that the big thing with Missouri to abide importantly could he saw was last against the South Carolina game is show where Missouri is better. They're not better offensively they're not veterans special team that still can't take extra points I guess there's an exceptional score touchdowns in the public sector points and haven't been issued. The way that it was last season and you high. Or eight defensive coordinator in your defense is tragic. If you can't coach took the defense what exactly do you do here is like your some recruiting the bond that the talented just coming in waves of your bears go to. I know it's been Tutsis or a season and a half and I know the belief in college football is you don't want and that kind of turn over what I don't want Missouri do is keep a coach they don't feel like can take them to the next level. Because the some appearance of continuity. Coach that you think is the best fit I think they overreact to little bits of the protests and made it very safe and easy high because they knew he would take the job and the players will likely. Well what the play like more is winning. I think are hurting recruits off in your turning in state Allen away because right now I don't know how you can have confidence in the coaching staff to be the ones to turn things around. Fire burial and at the end of the season we'll see what happens with Missouri I'd put it and it is very Kim Anderson yet. Ezekiel Anderson status of these originators and says but he is it easing is inching very he's didn't dance club is inching close to end the part about him innocent status is it became very obvious to be Ayers and we're not gonna be the one to fix the problems that loser I feel that this fundamentalists say absolutely the one to fix the problems at Missouri I don't know if that's the case. You're fighting chances. There is that the same guy with the same guy right. He does he progress and that's unity school the mass the only take away I think you have from the KU game aside from just. Piling on them about the road losing streak of losing to the Max we'll I don't on what. Well that wide receiver screen while they called for all five offensive linemen just lay on the ground never Paula. If I'm sick and bigger I'm telling David date you call that play did you no longer works here. Hitting a key card handing your playbook. Back the company call our all of that you've done it was the worst place I've ever seen drawn up in mind that it's desperation is what it is. Is not the were Dylan's work and we gotta we gotta get hokey. We can't stop my. I'm going to wait. The pop quiz brought by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand the prize a thirty. Dollar trucks in bucks just pressured ticket project of one of the 50000 dollars or in your trunk of your choice including the new Ford. The new Dodge Ram forty ship in the Silverado today's pop quizzes and move it behind us. I'm David pocket well and kick in after. That I am made it. And with so I doubt. Chicken out. That's why you search and it. DA. But what is it Diaz is that. That pop quiz was by our. Governor did soup next all of favor 49 years he's been the voice of your team zeroes it is Denny Matthews what do you think about. The royals convincing Eric house with a stick around all we asked him next drive. Presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.